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The Metamorphic Awakening


The Metamorphic Awakening


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1

As the building truth grows more magnificent, my soul is overwhelmed by the perfection. Truth forms the constructs of soul that enable oneness with the divine consciousness. Thus, the frameworks of truth reflect the incredible and integrated handiwork of the Creator.

As understanding deepens and expands construct by construct, the ability to perceive overall truth increases. This depth of perception strengthens the beliefs those truths convey, and as beliefs strengthen and expand it causes changes in the soul’s reality, as belief is the creative force of the consciousness. This deepening understanding and strengthening belief takes the soul out of the mirage of the unreal and into the real by means of a metamorphic awakening.

Below are seven fundamental phases of the soul’s metamorphosis into an expressive divine soul state. These seven phases entail the entrance of the divine consciousness into the corruptible mortal reality and clothing it in incorruptible immortality from the inside out.

1. Completion of the Inner Temple

As the soul reaches the zenith of its path to enlightenment in the mortal realm, its divine soul structure (the temple of the Spirit of God) located in its sacred inner chamber is ready to manifest its expression into creation.

Through the soul’s journey, the Spirit of Truth constructed the divine constructs of truth that shaped the soul’s ability to give and receive divine love. As the soul’s understanding of divine truth expanded so did its understanding and desire to divinely love; for divine truth shapes divine love. In this awareness, the soul possesses an all-consuming desire to divinely love all of Creation all the time; for this is the Creator’s heart. Knowing it can’t achieve one drop of this love on its own, the soul begins a final letting go of all it has known and been as a self-willed personality that it may rest as an open gate to the divine consciousness, which can accomplish this desire. The soul’s entire journey has been for the establishment of an inner sacred temple (the constructs of truth that give rise to the divine soul), which the divine consciousness can fill and govern to give the soul and all it touches divine love.

2. Death of the False Self

Once the temple is complete, the soul bows down all it is to the sovereign will of its Creator. In this act of divine desire, faith, trust, and gratitude the hand of God severs the soul from its false self once and for all. And the soul enters a very deep rest (death) as its self-will becomes completely forsaken. The soul’s self-determined consciousness shuts down and all is surrendered to the Spirit.

This temporary personality of self provided the medium that shaped the understanding necessary for the complete formation of a divine self. When its purpose is complete, by grace the soul sheds this false self. The self-made mind, which created a dark shadow of separation from its Source, dissipates with the incoming eternal Living Light.

At this death, the soul is completely emptied to prepare it for the filling of the divine consciousness. Upon experiencing its death, the soul lays between the dark void of what was and what is to come. It becomes entombed in silence and stillness. In this deep acquiescence, the comforts of the Creator begin to fill its soul and it senses that this is the beginning of its birth.

3. Birth of the Divine Self

As the soul surrenders to the demise of its false self, words of life fall upon its ears breaking the silence. As layers of its self-directed reality begin to fall away, the manifestations of the inner temple of the divine soul prepare to come forth. Through a restful state of soul, moment by moment the soul’s consciousness shifts (thus its reality), as the divine consciousness begins to take over its conscious awareness; the place the self-will had reigned.

The divine consciousness begins to flow into the inner temple of the soul. As it moves through the soul, it manifests a divine reality around the soul; a reality that will continue to expand for all eternity. The first touch of the divine reality is the divine breath of life moving through and back into the soul, which is a divine love exchange.

The inner divine soul begins to consume the outer (self-created) soul personality. As the two become one, the divine consciousness fills all.

“For the Lord has created a new thing in the earth— A wo-man shall encompass a man.” Jeremiah 31:22

4. Divine Soul Growth

As the soul transitions into the light from within out, it grows by the nourishment of the Spirit from within, and by its desires, which are now divine (the land of milk and honey). No longer does the soul grow by striving, toiling, suffering and pain, but by the will of the Spirit of God moving through it as its desires.

The soul abides in a child-like trust and rests as the divine consciousness shapes every aspect of its reality in an ever-expanding immortal harmony. Instead of grasping for riches of life, the abundant life of eternity blooms in and around the soul.

5. The Divine Consciousness Expands into All

As the soul expands by the workings of the divine consciousness flowing through its being, the divine consciousness fills all of creation. (The divine consciousness was always governing the creation, but the corrupted mind of the self-directed consciousness hid his workmanship from the soul. And in the soul’s corruption of judgments and self-direction manifested a soul state of separation thus suffering.)

What the Spirit of Truth shaped inwardly in the inner chamber finally finds an outward expression through the soul and everything the soul perceives, thus all of creation. This expression transitions all of creation into the living light of the Creator. As one soul personality encounters this light in another soul personality, it is consumed and transformed by it, thus the divine consciousness spreads throughout Creation.

6. Regeneration

All of creation, every pixel, begins to reverberate at the soul’s awakening. Creation ceases to bear the resemblance of the self-determined consciousness that produced its entropic state. Instead, it takes on the vibrational life force of the divine consciousness. Though the divine consciousness was always governing creation, the creation, while perceived by the self-directed will, was contained within a dream-state. In this awakening, each aspect of creation awakens by the energy of the divine consciousness, thus transitions into the living light energy of eternity; divine photons.

Like the individual cells in a body, each holding their own consciousness, every quark of creation begins to be governed by the divine consciousness. In this, a visible immortal harmony begins to form. As the soul gazes upon its reality, the present moment begins to reveal the presence (presents) of the Creator. Each moment becomes a divine present moment filled with divine attributes.

7. Oneness

This temporal reality is built on entropy and order. It’s a dream within the eternal. The entropy reflects the chaotic self-determined consciousness that is like a continuously disorganized warehouse. The order reflects the divine consciousness that supersedes everything and is like a perpetually organized warehouse containing all individual conscious expression. The order in randomness reveals that the human soul isn’t in charge, the Creator is. The perception of the perfection of truth supersedes the soul’s ability to perceive it. Yet, the soul can know that this perfection exists by the marked perfection in this world of seeming randomness. The illusion of randomness imprisoned the self-directed mind and created a false sense of separation from perfection.

When everything the soul perceives in its reality (including its own personality) is filled with the harmonious attributes of divine consciousness, then it sees God all in all. In this light, oneness is revealed within all of creation. And the “Word” (divine consciousness) becomes clothed with an immortal creation in an inseparable oneness.

And the Word became ALL flesh.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

46 thoughts on “The Metamorphic Awakening

  1. Aren’t you blooming?

  2. It is spring time.

  3. Someone can give me a great sum of money on a profit on a job, I simply put it in the bank, it does nothing for me. Give me an outlet for a Godly understanding and an exchange which reveals God’s truths and it doesn’t get any better, it really doesn’t. The best high in the world is when understandings connect.

    I really meant to say “aren’t you blooming !!?” I’ve seen such an amazing transformation in you in so little a time. I think it is when we understand that all things, and I mean all things work together toward the same end…toward the pinnacle of the love of God. When we see this “oneness” how can we do anything but soar?

    I now walk with a never ending appreciation and gratitude for my lords kindness toward all and especially for letting me in on His true nature, one of undivided love for all. This revelation of His kindness is very humbling. It’s a continuos warmth that we learn to have for all we meet. It’s really a sweet feeling to have when you see “the least of these” and know we will be all whole one day, the one and the ninety nine, 100% complete. It leaves us with no fear of what lay before us.

  4. rachel you have grown in the lord in leaps and bounds omg!!

  5. superwoman indeed amen

  6. the perfection of humility thats a stage in receiving pure revelation from on high most amazing rachel uv become a true godsend a pure vessel for gods love to flow to others as a blessing from the lord i am very very happy for you!!!!

    • Truly it’s the unwrapping of the perfection of the ways of our Creator that cast such a beautiful light. My soul is so greatly blessed by them and to share them. May all our adoration be to the One who is all in all and who desires us to be washed, overwhelmed and renewed in His words of life, construct upon construct.

      • your words are pure inspiration of love being made transformed into the glory of the kingdom on earth my beloved divine sister amen

      • your words have such a poetic beauty to them 🙂 … I feel my words are a pale reflection of the spiritual realities I’m seeing from within out … so for you to see their beauty testifies to the Spirit shining brightly within you. It’s an incredible dynamic to witness and to be a part of… and all do to the magnificent grace of our Creator, it’s all his workmanship … every last bit.

  7. sonny i see u are a advancing soul urself thats beautiful all wut u said concerning the topic amen

  8. amen and amen to the glory of god wow rachel ur on a level thats making me truly blush hahaha ur inner beauty is absolutely angelic indeed and another thing is were is all ur friends that i use to see 5 years ago that were always supporting you ???

    • good question … here is my thought on it … because spiritual truths build layer by layer and through all that we are and all that we experience, we each have a unique path and journey in how those truths (which define the love of God) are constructed in our lives to be “our truth”. Over the years with my blog, I find most people follow for a time but as the understanding continues to build, I find a branching out in different directions so that our paths are unique expressions crafted by God versus all having the same reflection. So people come and go (and even then to different degrees) and yet we are all united and headed in the same direction. It reveals God’s perfect workmanship according to each one of us as well as to us as a whole.

      • Why do many fall away from the path which leads to the highest place and reward in God?

        It is because “Straight and narrow is the way and few there be who find it”. This is not talking about finding the path to life without end…but a high calling in Christ Jesus which few will follow to the very end of their desire. As we all go through life and we desire or at least we say we desire love to it’s fullest, there is a price to pay…and it’s a lonely and tough rode. We may have good friends “in the Lord” even have spouses who cannot see into the depths of our own calling…so we walk alone within…while no one sees the true journey that is for few in number.

        And the more you expound on this path to love, it is more times than not, met with resistance, contempt and anger. But with having understanding those who see this higher way to God cannot join in and return evil for evil, but must extend only kindness for whatever they may receive from another.

        This is why people drop off and fall away, when a higher truth is spoken of and when knowledge is more important than respect. When people hide behind a bible phrase to justify their righteous way of looking at things and scoff at the expressed love of another which is higher than knowledge it is because these cannot enter into that which is within but can only express the shadow or the description which is without. To enter into the realm of the within one must give up the ego and pride of knowledge. For some to give up knowledge to gain love strips them bare. This is because having a lot of head knowledge prevents one from passing over into the realm of substance. It is the fear of the unknown. So we must throw caution to the wind and present ourselves to God to strip us of our pride and ego and completely trust Him to lead us through this valley of the shadow of death.

        When we are weak in ego and pride we are stronger in Him. We must sacrifice ourselves (these traits) to gain His greatest and highest calling in Christ Jesus.

        I have watched many come and go also…and not that any are lost or will be lost, it’s just that they cannot understand the most spiritual things.

        In myself I feel like I should go on and leave this site for you, Rachel, have came together so well…but how can I leave such a friend in Christ Jesus that sees as I see, and does as I do. I know as you, all the reasons we cannot speak of all that we do know and understand…as all things are not for all people…it’s not that we feel above any, it’s only that we feel and know we humbly except a lowly way of existing and going forward which requires a greater sacrifice of the things of this life for the things (love) of another.

        We often tend to restrain how we say and what we say out of fear of offending another. When love is expressed without restraint it scares a lot of people. I see you Rachel restraining and cautioning your words

      • Hi Sonny

        Before I respond I want to ask you from your perspective in what way or in what understandings do you feel I am cautioning or restraining my words?

  9. There have been so many that have came on here in the past and you have reached out to them as you spoke your heart to them only for them to rend and accost you for being honest about the truth you seek, as we all should. Therefore , as I mentioned above all understanding is not for all people and just because someone says or ask a particular question we are not obligated to answer if we discern, it is asked for the wrong reasons. While Jesus restrained His words to the multitudes, He also expressed the deeper things away from them for all that He could say He didn’t. Jesus would have loved to have spoken to all without restraint but He knew He couldn’t for it would not have been well received.

    My last sentence wasn’t finished when I accidentally hit the send button and it should have ended with , “your words…..just as Christ withheld all He could have said….because He discerned how it would be received.”

    I believe if Christ actually told all, all about the love of God and how good His Father ( and ours) actually is people simply would not have believed Him and walked away. This is because they simply could not accept love stripped of all that hides it, the flesh.

    I find myself continually doing the same things not because I don’t want to express my beliefs as they relate to God, it’s just a balancing of what I want to say and what should be said and how it may be taken or not taken and misunderstood…

    I suppose the only place any of us truly speak to and with God without restraint is when we enter into our closet and shut the door…within.

    I do understand the questioning of the question.:-)

    • Thanks for elaborating …

      It’s true with anyone in life in most topics (and especially spiritual ones), we share in dialogue to the extent and depth on a topic that the other appears to be receiving (understanding). Otherwise, there is no connection. We begin our journey thinking we know when we don’t know .. but when we progress far enough along our spiritual journey, we will learn true humility and realize we never know as we ought. And in this humility we are willing to admit we don’t know and thus learn. But even then we can only learn the next step in our understanding … we can’t jump 10 steps ahead. Our current level of spiritual awareness or development determines how much depth we can receive from another. Because truth builds, if there are too many gaps of truth between what someone knows and what they hear then they won’t be able to receive it; and often reject it as they aren’t ready for it.

      This dynamic of interacting or dialoguing with others becomes interesting when we have a platform like we do now with the internet, where all levels of spiritual maturity can converge in one place. And not being face to face makes it more difficult to assess where someone truly is at .. or at least it takes a bit longer, in my opinion. So, it is natural to assume that there will be differences and that those without enough truth won’t understand higher or deeper concepts, thus often reject them, as these concepts are revealed to one further down the path. Thus, there are those who have crossed my blog who couldn’t understand or receive what I was saying at the time. They needed the gaps filled in. Yet the perfection of it is I learn from each person and know each person that crossed my path was purposeful in a myriad of ways. And conversely, I’ve read other works that at the time I didn’t get, but as I grew in awareness I came to understand their meaning. For me personally, I speak according to how I feel led by the Spirit, versus by the audience and I let the Spirit bring whom he will to this platform; trusting all is perfect and purposeful.

      I find it interesting how the words of Jesus are recorded as they are in simplicity yet profound depth. True understanding of their meaning comes as we learn from the Spirit of Truth (the same Spirit that was in him and speaking those words.) Until, this Spirit internally teaches us, we can’t fully comprehend his words. We may think we know, but as we continue to mature and grow by the Spirit, the true meaning begins to shine through.

      Some thoughts came to mind from your previous comment …

      All we received of truth is by grace and nothing of ourselves. So we can take no credit for where we are … we are a work of God according to his purposes. As Paul said, I am what I am by grace. We are his workmanship and not our own. Thus all we know or don’t know is according to our purpose that is being crafted by him that is specific to ourselves. So some know a great deal about one thing and others another. It’s all according to our purpose and our place in the whole of humanity. And when we walk in truth, we find that there is no “sacrifice”, (though it may appear that way to someone on the outside), for the only things we “sacrifice” in our journey with God is that which we don’t desire (everything of the false-self or or self-directed will). To feel we are sacrificing (in the sense of giving up something we may not want to) means we still feel there is something of our self-determination worth holding onto to. But if we give up what we don’t want, then it’s being set free; liberation.

      Some good thoughts here Sonny …

      • i love how you speak rachel the spirit of truth it just flows and feeds and comforts all that belong to the true and living god !! amazing sister of love you are amen

      • Our Creator’s love is so very great and as my awareness continues to expand into it, it amazes me over and over again. God has a purpose and plan for every soul. Every soul is precious and will come into the perfection of his craftsmanship. As the shadow of self-determination falls away, grace reveals the gem within each one of us. It is amazing to see the uniqueness and oneness of us all as we are united in him by his sovereign will.

      • You say:

        “All we received of truth is by grace and nothing of ourselves. So we can take no credit for where we are … we are a work of God according to his purpose. As Paul said, I am what I am by the grace of God. We are his workmanship and not our own. Thus all we know or don’t know is according to our purpose that is being crafted by him that is specific to ourselves.”

        If you’ve ever been in a potters production business who makes different things according to a predetermined plan, they will take and measure out an amount of clay for each individual type of vessel they plan on making that day and as they mold one type they use one pressure (heat) and one moisture content (spirit) for one vessel and it will vary according to type. The clay has no say when the lump is measured and thrown on the wheel, it takes on no shape, no pressure nor any water until the maker moves His hands according to His purpose, all predetermined before hand. As you say and I concur, we are His workmanship, we are not our own. When the clay is shaped and its glaze covering is put on it is put in the fire to harden it into a useful vessel, some for this purpose and some for another, as God wills.

        So we should be still and trust and know we are in good hands. We can go about blowing a trumpet that is not ours to blow or we can humbly accept that we are being formed into an image and character of the choosing of the Master Potter, our Lord and Savior. It’s all a gift, we just need to learn how to humbly accept it without crowing about how great we are for having freely received it instead of being its author. How we view our perspective of the gift is according to how appreciative and grateful we become for having received it. That is all we can do and all that is expected of us. A gift that is received with a genuine loving gratitude and appreciation within is God’s purposed goal for when we receive the gift as such we accept it knowing everything for us has been provided…and ….given…not earned.

        It’s all good.

      • I love the word picture of the potter and the clay .. it is amazing how much we can gain from this simple illustration isn’t it? And I love your comment about gratitude .. as our spiritual eyes awaken it begins to be such a significant part of our spirit. And as it becomes a part of our spirit it begins changing what we perceive around us.

      • rachel the renewing of the mind by the process of the light of christ is a profound experince of great joy and incredible suprise an adventure beyond thought. a wonder love ride into a dimension of soul awakening into the reality of gods kingdom .enjoy the metamorphosis beloved soul that you are .and i hope u come back on utube real soon i want to see what ur vibrations have become i read faces lol

      • So beautifully said.

    • Yes. This is true. Of course. I have not responded to someone I love completely because it does them more harm to them as they are not able to see and be harmful to themselves and others. When one can truly receive the wisdom for each one of these unique perspectives it just is good for a no Breeding ground of dark matters that has no use in repetitive Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie a brown every time Groundhog Day loops. That’s where judgment plays for the good of not watering down the word of God. All with patients becomes transformed by those strong willed knowing from wisdom actions. As we grow its not just the same wisdom that works but what was given for the moment with the wisdom of yesterday. Of course not for everybody but can be. The simple words love as Jesus loves or loved. Some may think yes. I know that. To really know how he loved. For instance. 120 years. 99 yrs. 86 yrs. 57 yrs. 47 yrs
      44 yrs 37 yrs 34 yrs. 23 yrs. 12 yrs. 7 yrs. 3 days. 2 days 1 day. 3 seconds
      2 seconds. 1 second. Or how about real time forgiveness. O seconds. What’s your best time. Or even time travel with understanding and forgive before it’s needed. Jesus Loves us and the enemies and all like that.
      It’s singular. The threatening groups of this world are just being led to the slaughter by the blind or the dark. It just takes one to give them the good news that could change everything. Love hate but never hate the love. Sacrifice your comfort for others. To the nations. Love.
      That doesn’t mean I don’t have a hammer. 🎤pray

  10. Another thought to answer your question; As amsolee asked why all the people had left your site, I believe you answered correctly but out of modesty you simply did not say what another could. It has always amazed me how one could express their love for all people and reach out to them and then be rejected by them for doing so. However given time understanding will come to all.

    • thank you both very well said ,many are called but few are choosen thats how i see it .the time for real spiritual growth always weeds out the ones that are not really on the path!!!

  11. Amazed and settled in for the business at the right hand and n silence containing the over abundant joy and pain this brings. You truly have to believe it to see it. Stay strong to whoever out there and know that He for simpler terms is limitless in imagination. So know this. Yes it’s all true.
    Thank you to the deep. It’s unbelievable what’s being said here, so know you just have to believe what is truly happening to you. It’s been so incredible that I almost believe I am not here. There is always the opposition that makes you stronger and eventually believe. Be strong.
    I can’t possibly type what is happening but Rachel and sonny can. What a God giving gift you both have been and are. I’m just another part of you.

    • Hi Travis, the truth strung throughout your words is beautiful. Yes, you do have to believe it to see it. All is consciousness and the scientific understanding is that what manifests comes with observation, which is determined by our consciousness that in turn is determined by our beliefs. Otherwise, these reflections remain as a potential in our personal reality. But thanks to God, I’m learning that his consciousness (the divine consciousness), which has always been governing all beyond our consciousness awareness is surfacing so that where we saw the predominance of our self-will, we will see his will instead (though it always his will .. another paradox). (Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven) So your comment that it isn’t just about you, but it is at the same time rings with much truth, for his consciousness flows through us as he raises us in his likeness.

    • Travis, amsolee…Rachel

      When one’s one desire is to …love…and one has no desire to look for fault in others, even though they can be easily seen and who loves, loves in spite of all fault. This is because one who loves, loves without condition knowing that not only their own faults will all fall away someday but also every fault of every person will also…in their appointed time. Not all can see this absolute goodness of our Father but when one is allowed to “see” this love, you really do pass into heaven without leaving this planet. Heaven is a state of mind just as hell is. We can choose this day in the direction we will walk, and if we err, God is there to guide our desire…for with desire we desire…Him.

      Since my wife passed a couple of months ago as I have shared with you, I have hardly grieved for the “double portion” of understanding and peace that has been given me. It pushes out the sorrow and pain and it seems to be replaced by a gratitude of appreciation that she has went on where we will all be soon…for this life is but a breath but that life is a continuos stream without end. Instead of the overpowering grief I see so many suffer losing a love, I feel a sweetness in my soul for her that she is where I want and will be someday.

      There is no here and there when you have the love of God in your heart for it connects us all, whether we’re here or there for love cannot and does not separate us from the other…whether we see or not the other. Even our words over this internet connects us in the spirit when the intent is there to reach out and give that we have. When souls connect through the sanction of the spirit it’s not about distance or geography, we as With God we can be no closer in spirit.

      Well, I guess at times we can let restraint wane…and let love for the other pass through more freely. It’s all good.

      Love you all

      • Hi Sonny,

        I love the workings of the Spirit through our lives … just now I finished writing a letter to my Mom for Mother’s Day. As I spoke about the passing of my brother John, I wrote very similar words that you expressed in your second to last paragraph — it was a so beautiful to have shared and received this beautiful truth as I did. Thank you for blessing me by simply being you. How perfect our Creator is. There is nothing more powerful than love … and as I’ve been learning more about the grace in divine love; it has grown even more beautiful.

      • I want you to know that I can’t respond in the spherical thoughts that I feel because of that you have shared. Hearing you truly, I know your words in there depths, you as I know most feel you can’t really make someone truly feel what your endless waters cannot type. Just know that I know that and I believe we are in a place noHere that is divinely connected to say that.
        I don’t believe we look for others faults but we may be trusted to serve The Lord and find that only happens when one we didn’t know it was a beautiful disaster. It’s like. O you got me~ again. Losing your wife is the thing that would make you even stronger than you already are. That’s just my perspective. I see it all the time. I know you are who you say you are so live strong and know that I know as well as you do it’s going to be one of the most painful blessing you can do. We have to back up out tongues. He chose for this. So I am try,y not sure where you are In the big little picture of this world but I am thinking he Has plans for you. Why would he not. You serve His purpose. Keep healthy and take cRe of you temple so you will do even more than He who has sent you. He said that. Not me. I’m just saying. I feel like the few are soon going to be out there in the physical space. I know that’s presumptuous. I don’t really know anything. But I do know where I am now then where I was in my spirit mind body now. It’s starting to feel evident. This is where the pancake gets flipped on me again.
        Stay tuned to that crystal clear signAL, connects us all like the web does now. Thank you Jesus. Forward~. You know what’s funny? There’s a surprise party. Now usually when you tell someone that there going to have a surprise party, it ruins the surprise. That’s because it’s just that a surprise that you were getting a surprise party. But the one I’m thinking about. No one can spoil it no mAtter what because at the surprise party there is a actual surprise. Lololol. I love that. That came to me a few weeks ago. Just the explaining part. Which I have not explained it to anyone but myself in my head and now. The surprise party someone mentioned it 3 or 4 years ago. It made me go hmm. just like the word Rex that kept popping up in subtle ways. Year later bam. No rush to know anything. It all comes perfectly at the best time. This single file line exiting plan is probably to make sure you have a packed party. Just being light. I never joke at someone else’s expense. So this is as funny as i get. You are loved by us. Peace. Love you Sonny.

  12. One other note. Sometimes It’s not just about you. But it is. Paradox. Lol

  13. the so called christian world has not woke up to the real glory of how supreme a unspeakable wonder the gospel of jesus christ is!!! but the ones that are called out and are his sheep have to blow the trumpet in zion to awaken humanity to a gift beyond measure amen and amen

  14. Did I have to say I carried a hammer. What a day. Used the sword of truth that with patients the Lord does the rest. I love them. It was an awesome day and will be even better the next days as that truth surfaces for them in the Lords time. No popularity vote for me today. God gave me what I could almost handle. Tomorrow it’s the butter knife with wax coating. Whew. The bird you can never catch is good because you can’t it’s as if He is the good pancake batter and He flips the script until it’s done. Wow.
    Thank you Rachel for being here representing who you are to me.
    Reflections don’t lie. Now wares that maple syrup. 🗡🐠 111 out. Thank you The blood of Jesus. Herald it is.

  15. The blessing is mutual, I am so blessed by the friends that I have and you are as precious as any I have. I do want to thank you for being a true friend in Christ…and…you being you. It’s all good.

  16. Rachel…all

    I have often said to others, God makes no mistakes and that “all” things that happen to us is for not only the good of ourselves, but also for those around us, if we let this mind be in us which is also in Christ Jesus. I am learning so much these days about the sovereignty and love of God. The recent event(s) solidifies a lot of questions I had at one time, wondering about the future, and my remaining future natural life on this planet.

    Looking at my loss from God’s point of view it has “established” beliefs and trusts that I could only once have conjecture about. Do we actually believe what we believe or do we merely by rote say things because we believe them superficially and/ or do we actually want to come to “be” them. We all must come to be, that’s our purpose here and though I have not achieved all that I know each of us can achieve…and will…in time…I know we definitely will in our own order as He wills us. This is not because I believe that I am special over another nor do I think highly of myself. Quiet the contrair, it is because I have come to “know” Him inspite of myself, my weakness’ and my faults. I have come to know I am His child and He loves me (us) because of who He is and not who I am…or was, or what my faults are. We are that nothing that the clay represents on the potters wheel, but when we understand that God’s plan is already finished in His mind for us and we are but unfinished vessels awaiting our turn on this wheel of life…life becomes precious in the “knowing” of the end of all things. To know God’s plan as a completed work cannot leave one but in awe, an absolute wondrous awe. Peace comes to exude in us, no matter the outward appearances and storms. Our cups can “runneth”over.

    When we truly and honestly come to know Him in a better way, it strips us down to a humble, awe inspired child, to know that inspite of our frailties, He mends what He once broke. To see an unwavering love for us through past youthful, stupid and vein mistakes, wondering why the love continues to grow when we believe it deserves to fade. The presence and knowing of this Love, believed, is a most wonderful gift. This is because we come to realize it is not about us alone, but we are a part of Him, which makes us as special as another…and it is not about our weakness’, or our worst faults. It’s about a love that will win…and contrary to popular belief, it will win and fill each and every person that has been put on this earth. We will be finished in our order of calling. None lost.

    It is all about His predetermined plan He dreamed into existence that included each and every one of us, the one, and the ninety nine, the Saint and the sinner…for a sinner is but a future Saint… a cake half turned. We will be turned and the fire will consume all that is not of Himself. These things I know, they may be opinions to others, and I respect all and their opinions…however there comes a time when we must mature and not deny Christ that He has come where it really matters…and that is within us, for Him coming without on this earth does nothing for us. We must not deny Him but let Him come into our heart and let that love so permeate us that all that we become is in Him and like Him…and all that we give from our hearts to others is of Him. We can only give what we receive and as we open our hearts to all, some restrained and some not so, we do it according to their need of this same love we have been given. We do not look for faults but only want to see all faults banished not only from our life but in the lives of all, just like our example wishes.

    I spoke about restraining our words to others in certain circumstances, or not saying them at all. If we see our words are meant for one or two friends we know and the stage is set in a multitude, we must speak as to all…and let the seeds stick and take root where they will…and let the other children throw stones if they must, but we will gladly take the buffeting for those God has put in our path.

    My wife’s passing has closed a chapter in my life but I do see a purpose in it and will have to see what and how it unfolds. I should feel loneness in an empty house but I really don’t, I feel more connected in some ways now and closer in spirit than I have ever before…for God has given as He has taken away. God is in this as He is in every step we take. So it is all good, because God is the author and finisher of all things.

    I thought not to speak about my loss here for fear of people thinking I may be seeking sympathy or attention. But as in anything else we say and do if our heart and intent is connected to doing the right thing, things will connect to those which it is intended and not to those it is not intended for.

    We have just addressed and spoke about restraining our words in certain situations, taking into the situation and the forum in which we discuss some things. I myself keep thinking I should not be on here taking up space and “interfering” with the thoughts of Rachel. I think of how indulgent one may perceive my words and my thoughts on here…and as a result I have determined many times to cease being so obvious on this site. But to no avail, not yet anyway. There is still a trust to be established…in some….

    But there is a need and a direction that is being perpetuated from this site and a love that is beyond knowledge. This I know. Now if I force myself to go so as not to offend, would it be any different if we had actual bible studies each week in a room or in a building and I got up and walked out because of a weakness I had in not wanting to be perceived as not belonging there. Where God is, we are to be there also. We must forget our ego and pride of how we may be perceived and let God work through us as He chooses. No one owns the truth and where God is there is liberty to speak without fear.

    So who does God’s love belong to? Is it a private thing and is it to be protected behind vanity and do we respect this vanity over love? Or do we push it aside and hope the truth in the love of another sees and connects each of us to that which binds us together in God?

    We can only wish and hope for the day when love is not restrained for and to any…nor will we any longer lay caution to the wind and fear to be thought a fool…for letting our words speak where our heart is and is to become. So yes, Travis, I am starting to see what restrained me before it letting go of me…and I will gladly be thought a fool by others if I may win Christ and maybe in some small way also help others to see what I see and know to be.

    As I started writing this on Rachel’s site I copied it over to my notebook as I saw it may be something I would not share when I finished it. It’s less “filtered” and less restrained than things I have written before…but…if it is something that can and will open the heart of another to receive a better understanding in the way of God…it is good. So if this does end up on Rachel’s blog and if there is just one who sees only a part of what I have written and it brings them understanding, I can then hope we are truly helping another.

    It is indeed a most difficult thing to express in natural words what one feels when connecting in the spirit. But when another is elevated to a similar place there is no need for the spoken word to bind us together for God is that bond and He speaks to us without the natural breath flowing through our vocal chords but instead it is a settling of a peace which contains all the substance of who He is…within us.

    Where two or three are gathered together……..

    • Hi Sonny,

      I enjoy reading your thoughts as I know others do; I especially enjoy reading your words when you speak so much from the heart as you did here. It’s true that our experiences test and refine our “stated” beliefs. It makes our beliefs real thus all the more powerful. It’s through our experience that a concept grounded in truth becomes our truth and when it does it alters our soul state to prepare us for the next phase of our journey and development. I too see how everything works for good and when we can see this among our most trying trials it’s a testimony to the spiritual eyes we are gaining.

      When it comes to sharing, in whatever medium, – I seek to refrain what is of my “flesh” and let the spirit be absolutely free. This discernment between the two develops, refines, and corresponds to the Spirit increasing and the “flesh” decreasing in all areas of life. As our hearts become pure, so does what comes out of our mouths. For when we share from the spirit, it can be powerful beyond the mere words spoken, as you mentioned. And often times what someone receives from our words is beyond our implied intention … and I love when that happens because it makes the working of the Spirit through those words all the more apparent.

      Good thoughts …

    • An excellent read again Sonny. Love you brother.

  17. Wow. It’s amazing when I read my responses. I sound crazy. Lolol. Cause it is. Love you all.

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