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The Final Four Leading to

The Land of Milk and Honey


One of the first lucid messages I heard from the Spirit of Truth was: life is a game. At the time, I had no idea of the depth of meaning of that statement, but even with a simplistic understanding it was a powerful moment, for everything in my life began to be reframed by this construct.

The game-like nature to this reality doesn’t take the seriousness out of it, but it does put everything in a more accurate perspective. Through my years of seeking for absolute truth and divine love, I came to learn that this life is a projection of our soul and its self-determined consciousness, which science has shown to be the case. It’s a simulation, a training ground for our developing soul. It’s an altered state of consciousness (like a dream-state), thus it isn’t real but a fabricated state in order for the soul to learn and grow, which I’ve shared throughout my blog.

The object of the game is to learn from this dream-like state, which is the shadow of death, in order to abide in eternal life. Thus, to wake up or resurrect out of the death state and into life (as revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ). It’s to learn from the shadow state of the self and its life, and then end the potentials of death we experienced in all its many manifestations. In other words, it’s designed to manifest a sublime oneness with the Spirit of God, thus his divine consciousness, which is life.

The Final Four

This past week, I entered a new depth of clarity in my soul journey. The words may not be new as to what I experienced, but the depth was. Everything that I had judged in my life as “wrong” was exactly what was needed, thus it was right. My mistakes and errors came out  of divine love because they all led me to divine love. Thus my mistakes were necessary and perfect. Everything brought me to the final four soul qualities that usher in life: divine gratitude, divine desire, divine faith, and divine trust. When each is shaped in the soul by the Spirit of Truth, they produce a magnetic pull into the divine love energy of our Creator. Because we are in a dream state, it isn’t that we possess these qualities, but through the instruction of the Spirit of Truth our intention in each quality is pure, lucid and genuine. All we can have is intention in this dream-state, for without being awake in oneness we can do nothing, we’re asleep. John 15:5

In seeing this perfection in everything (every mistake and error), the soul perceives the sovereignty of God that was working in its life all along. Among the seeming randomness and chaos of life, he was creating the most beautiful harmony. If the soul progresses far enough down the path of enlightenment, this awareness is gained. As the soul draws near to the light; it perceives things as they truly are. In this light, all mistakes and errors are perfection creating a perfection beyond perfection. Perfection beyond perfection is an eternal state of growing and expanding while in the harmony of truth and divine love (symbolized as “the land of milk and honey”). Without the soul journey of mistakes, divine love wouldn’t exist in the soul. The mistakes create and manifest the fullness of divine love in all its beauty. However, to remain in this suffering state isn’t our eternal state, for it’s of the unreal simulated state. Thus, it ends.

Peace Surpassing Understanding

This awareness of the workings of perfection among imperfection creates a peace that surpasses all understanding. Phil 4:6-7 Peace doesn’t exist in imperfection. Imperfection causes fear, pain, suffering, and heartache and all the soul states that steal peace. Yet, in this depth of trust in this perfection, a peace comes to reside in the soul in spite of the imperfections. It’s a peace in the face of whatever happens; because the soul knows whatever is happening is what is suppose to occur for the glorious manifestation of oneness. It doesn’t mean the soul is in truth, but everything that it does and all that happens to it is to craft the soul into the truth of divine love.

This understanding shepherds in the transition of the soul’s trust becoming a child-like trust. It flips the soul’s reality from darkness to light by switching on the light (truth) within the soul’s perception. What was once judged by the soul as wrong or bad in the darkness, from light’s perspective the soul perceives as purposeful and serving the highest good. This new perspective frees the soul from the prison bars of inferiority, fear, shame and guilt that its ill judgments manifested. Instead of these four core destroyers, divine gratitude, desire, faith and trust fill this space in the soul, which begins to transform the soul into life.

Through this heightened awareness, the soul becomes aware of the following four constructs: 1. It becomes divinely grateful for every error and mistake. In the sovereignty of God, the errors were used to unite the soul to him in a bond of divine love. 2. The imperfections created a consuming divine desire for his divine consciousness and nothing of the self-determined consciousness. 3. Through the lessons learned, the soul received a divine faith built and established by the Spirit of Truth. A faith vast and dense enough for the soul to solely stand upon and let go of all counter to it. 4. The imperfections propelled a divine trust, by which the soul can release all control (the strength of the self-will) and be governed by the divine will. These four qualities of soul are part of the soul’s condition prior to transitioning into life. They create the necessary energetic field that raises the soul’s vibration to embrace the divine energy of the Creator.

Severing the Chord

What keeps this self-determination active is the self-will’s generation of control. The opposite of this energetic force is divine trust. You feel the strength of the self-will when things don’t go your way, or when they don’t go as you expect. You feel it when they do. You feel it when you try to control others or yourself. You feel it when you feel controlled by another, for when you try to control then you are controlled. As within so is without. When the soul intentionally trusts, it forfeits the self-will (thus control) and embraces the divine will. This energetic exchange is the precursor to oneness.

Divine trust is powerful and significant. It’s abiding in the present moment in the spontaneous flow of life. The soul isn’t trying to govern the twists and turns, but instead flows through the present moments with a child-like trust. This trust is the highest honor the soul can give the Creator from within in a finite and limited soul state. Thus why it is so energetically powerful, and why it’s the predecessor to oneness. Divine trust (containing divine honor) enables the energetic divine love exchange between the soul and the Creator, thus establishing a manifested oneness.

As the soul releases all control by the counsel of the Spirit of Truth (the soul is blinded by its self-will thus doesn’t even recognize where or how it’s controlling until the Spirit reveals it), then the soul invites in the Spirit of God to sever the root of the self-determined consciousness and establish the divine consciousness as its new operating system.

Land of Milk and Honey

Through the wilderness of the self-determined consciousness, the soul grows by thorns and biers (mistakes and errors, thus pain and suffering). When the soul unites in a sublime oneness with the Spirit of God (no longer in a dream-like state), the soul still continues to expand or else it couldn’t contain the infinite Spirit of God. In oneness, it grows by comforts and nourishment of the Spirit (milk) and by what the Spirit manifests through the soul (honey).

The former state of growing by hardships was necessary to form oneness, but when it has served it purposes it ends. And, when this state ends, so does death. Game over. We wake up. Arise and Shine.


So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.
1 Corinthians 15:54


Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
Isaiah 60:1

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

20 thoughts on “The Land of Milk and Honey

  1. Rachel

    As your ending quoted vs. of Isaiah 60:1 states, this is the fulfillment of why we are in this shadow of death dream like state. It is as a natural dream, it’s not real. It is like looking at the natural to understand the spiritual. It’s just simply not reality….but a time of adjustment, a time of making us more than we ever were without this earthly pressure.

    The one thing that you said in the above sharing is that you see even your mistakes as a part of the good. As you and I have shared there is nothing evil for evils sake from God’s point of view…and if it is from ours…it’s because of “our” misunderstanding what the will of God and His plan of “salvation” is. The only thing we are being saved from is our own weakness’ and even those are gifts from God. This is because all things are given to us for our ultimate good. God is only good and the instruments of evil are only for our correction. One but needs to read the book of Job without a predetermined agenda to see that God created evil and Satan for the purpose of making one whole as Job was. Paul, himself turned one over to Satan “for a season” for what purpose? To give the devil a new convert? No it was to teach the transgressor not to transgress. When the person learned his lesson, Satan released him and he was returned to the Corinthian church and was accepted back…after him being corrected by Satan. Satan did not keep him as some would suppose but was in fact instrumental in turning him back to righteousness. We need to pray and listen to what God is saying to us in these stories instead of listening to traditional false teachings. The bible says what it says…but we must read it through a vision of seeing through the lense of God’s desire and plan for all of us.

    Satan is a tool to bring us to a redemptive, resurrected state of being just as any other person or purpose listed in the scriptures. We must learn to see the love and intent that God has for each of us in our own order. Once we see the plan in His reality we no longer see evil as a destination or a permanent fixture in all of God’s reality. Evil is but a means to an end, a good and Godly end for all. We must not look at any other as being separate from us but as one of many. Many may “seem” lost or too evil to be worth God’s love but give God time and He will call them also in their own order according To His timing.

    So…yes….even our faults and mistakes are as much and a part of our redemption as anything else. “All” things work together for those who love God…and if you don’t love Him now, just give God time and He will draw you to His loving nature. If He leaves the 99 and goes after the 1 does this not make 100% of us. To see this life and it’s journey as a means to an end…and planned from the beginning as such…we see no evil…we see only love. This is truth, this is God’s view and this is His intent and purpose for each and every soul that has been born into this journey.

    If we can see that God is only good and His plan is only good as He intended it, it is impossible to see evil as a bad thing but just another tool in the hands of our Father to correct us, to turn us from “our” evil nature back to Himself. We will have come full circle back to the love of God, but now with a wholesome understanding of what this journey is all about. It is now understood that we will have life with a gratitude and an appreciation we didn’t have before this lowered journey. God created a plan to make us aware of the gift so that we could enjoy His love to the fullest extent possible. We all will mature into this love, some 30, some 60, and some 100 fold. Seek love without partiality and nothing will divide us from this same love. Do not categorize people into groups, good and or bad, but see all as children of God…some in their infancy (evil) but all to be called in their order.

    If we are to take something we are offered and we miss it, we have “mistaken” it. This mistake is but a temporary “missing” for when we miss it for sure we don’t ever want to miss it again…we have therefore learned from this mistake and we are brought closer to the very love of God.

    Your right Rachel God makes no mistakes, not of you nor I, nor for any other…we are all loved. It is a comfort and a joy to have this understanding…and best of all is to share this love and understanding with another until we all see as one…may we help those to see this absolute love.

    Warmly, Sonny

    I haven’t seen William on here in quiet awhile, tell him hello and I hope all is well with him…and his business…it is a tough and trying one.

    • Hi Sonny,

      It truly is a gift to be able to see how all serves the highest good of manifesting oneness with our Creator throughout creation. And when you can truly perceive this in your own life, it is incredibly freeing. Until you perceive this from within your soul by the true everlasting light, it is difficult to see. It is my belief that Satan is an analogy used to describe the collective self-determined consciousness, and when you understand the workings of this consciousness then all the references to this allegorical presence begins to make sense. The same is true with the usage of “hell”, hell is a soul state that in this reflective reality manifests as our reality … a state of “separation” (thus “outer darkness” or blindness of our self-will) from the apparent oneness with God. It’s all part of the simulated state; because this reality of separation and darkness can’t truly exist in divine love. When we begin to grasp these things … it takes us deeper into divine love and truth. It’s all about love … everything serves love which is an amazing thing to say in a world of so much suffering … yet it is the suffering that leads us willing and joyfully into the consuming will of our Creator. It’s this understanding that formulates a divine trust that honors his likeness and character. Thanks so much for your comments Sonny. 🙂

      And, Will always reads the comments here .. but I’ll send along your thoughtfulness.

      • God, Satan, heaven and hell…yes it is all within us. The entire bible is but a description of all that lies within us. What is explained “without” in the bible exist in reality “within.”

      • So simply and well said Sonny.

    • Wow Sonny. I had not read your text until right now. I replied thru email.
      Again, the silver lining of what flows thru you is so cool. I was like. How awesome. (Here is the human snare) sonny must have read a couple of my lines and responded with those words. ( my lines!? Right) time does go away and I have to admit I looked at your time stamp which was one oh our before (mine his your us) and realized even while typing this. Stop being so excited about the frameworks of the divine that happens and like a samurai use the gifts silently. Well we do, but I have to admit this is the place I feel free to share what brings me Joy in the long suffering for others. When rain or water shines thru the holographic lens of Our Father at a 42degree angle it reveals the rainbow. So saying that and revealing the nuts and bolts of that divine science. I que the song by level 42. There is something about you. 🍏

      • Correction. Are Fathers sun light

      • Sonny. After I typed this response to you I was sent this link. It’s a year old. But when it comes to time as in the example of timing in Rachel’s resurrection post, I have no bias. It’s all our story and one. I just thought this was beautiful story. Level 42. Lol. No that’s not code. But one funny thing is that soon we will be able to use plain cursive writing as code. Haha.

      • Travis,

        Thank you

        Often what I write about originates from a conversation or a thought from another. Sometimes a small spark sets off a fire…of words…for God’s fire does cleanse our speech. We really have the same desires to speak, and share what lays on the inside of us. It is all there alike…but it is manifested from where we are, from where we have been led from to where we are and on to where we are going. We’re all the same eventually. The same hopes, dreams and desires. We have this thing called a veil in us hanging between our spirit and soul. This is the flesh and the flesh is hard to see through and obscures our sight into the spirit or the holy place. But…we will all have it removed in our appointed time. For those who “see” with the veil removed or at least close to it, sees God’s plan for what it is. The same love for the so called greatest is also for the “least of these.” There is no respector of persons in God’s view as He says so we must also learn to see all others on an equal footing as ourselves. Life is a long path, some in front and some behind but all are on the same path. Others may seem to be the worst of sinners now, but they will come to know God and will come to be complete in ones own time…patience is the key until we see all resurrected into the life without end.

        In our verbal exchanges the respect of the other must be paramount and our intentions Godly, without guile. Let our intentions to one another find no place higher than God’s intentions for us…and we will do well.

        Thanks for your kindness

      • the bible can only be truly understood by the power of the holyghost. the faith that produces fruit and miracles and allows us to be the light of the world the second coming of christ the sons of god amen

  2. Music to my whole being. Words and phrases and meanings just plucked out of the or given by the divine conscience of our Loving Sovereign God. How could I say that? Today’s parallels and deeper were also in the days Life is a game, a movie. Thru lens of Our Father. He has taking your life and showed you the beautiful harmonic that you are to the whole Harmony from all of our (yours) dissonant ways as humans. Such scalable system. That flow you speak of at this point I believe is all the way and this system being so divinely connected runs all the way down to the lowest roots and vines of are beginnings and understandings and back up. You know. As you pass down this musical game of strings Rachel in our lives to complete or at least take part in the untangling of our strings or flat notes to help us be in the symphony shows that it is scalable. Infinity in to infinity out. Thank you. I will probably frame this one on the wall for me and others who may ask what’s that? I’ll just have to say. It’s how I feel. ⚡️🎼🐣🔑🙏🏼 Peaceful night to all


    • Hi Travis,

      Nice analogies to music, for our lives are like a melody in so many ways. There is much to learn from this comparison. 🙂 I was just saying yesterday how our life is like a movie – another good analogy. These framings of our reality help us to see it from a different perspective and thus learn something new.

      As we are energy, there are no boundaries between any of us … at some point we each touch all of creation, which is incredible to think about. It causes one to desire even more to be the divine love energy, for that is all and only what you want to manifest. It also reveals how much impact we have. So when our intentions come from the understandings of divine love; what a blessing it is to all by the grace of God. If we focus on the exterior images we don’t perceive this impact, but if we see all as energy as it truly is, we do. And I do know what you are saying about the connections, roots and vines, etc .. what you described, I have also seen this by the Spirit. So I loved that you shared it with me. The Spirit is taking all our disharmony and making something absolutely beautiful out of it all.

      • Nice. The movie becomes spherically nonlinear experience which we will see in oculus technology AR t VR in the very near future.
        This tech as in a battle between metal and clay I am very much invested in for the children not to be damaged by this new framework that is actually what we as humans already experience within but think we need the tech to do so. Deep subject. Not the place but kind of is. It’s metal and clay. Love Travis

  3. Thank you for this message today , I have lived in a prison of condemnation forever . God has given me FREEDOM because of the truth you have written , oh how beautiful . Taste and see that the Lord is good !!!!

    • Hi Mary, I’m grateful beyond words! And how you have blessed me in the freedom you have felt. The truth is so very powerful when it can be received into our soul and understanding. When I posted this blog, I felt, if others can receive this truth it would set them free on many levels and your words were a beautiful testimony to that. I’ve felt this with other blogs, but this one particularly so. I’m beyond grateful for the Spirit of Truth for sharing these things with us. My heart is rejoicing with yours!

  4. There is so much you say that is good…and correct…that to comment on it all would take much space…however as I was reading this I made a mental note, yet did not comment on it when I replied.

    It is about making mistakes. In the positive light in which you put it, I agree, mistakes as all other things are part of the whole, part of our training and understanding. I have often said, maybe not on here, but mistakes are not a measure so much as our lack as it is a measurement of our successes like looking at a glass as half full instead of half empty. So in all situations we are to look for the positive side of all things and address that instead of the negative. Instead of concentrating on the “woe is me” attitude for having made a mistake, we should look at the mistake or failure as a measure of our accomplishments this “so far”. It measures or marks where we are in the process of our gradual Christ given nature. It shows how far we have come and how much further we have to go.

    It’s like shooting at a target with an arrow. If our aim is at the “inner circle” and we are new to the sport “our mistakes” register completely off the charts but as we try and try again our aim becomes better and better and we begin to hit the “Mark” consistently. If we gave up on the first day because we thought we were terrible at it we would never get better but if we hang in there continuing to make the mistakes (although we had rather not) we become better and better until we master hitting the mark consistently. Actually when archers of old missed the mark, the spotter would yell out “sin” which meant the mark aimed at was missed. So, we “sin” not because we necessarily desire to but it is in our nature to do so just as the apostle Paul explained…we do those things we would not because of the presence of inherent sin.

    So as grace covers our walk as we sin, making our mistakes, we look to the “lessening” of their grip on us. We are born by the grace of God into sin, not willingly but subjected to it in hope….of further having it removed from us, little by little until we have been refined and we come forth in the whole of the spirit without measure or without dross (vanity) of any kind.

    God has given you depth Rachel and as deep calls into deep with each passing moment, love is solidified in the hearts of those who hear. Our paths keep getting straighter and straighter as we stand still and get to know who God is. God is all good and once we see the meaning of “all” this place is never the same. Wonderful, wonderful peace.

  5. Hello Rachel, this has nothing to do with this posting. I am a subscriber to your stirring the deep blogs and am not receiving them any more and really miss them ,is there anyway you can help me with this ? Thank you .

    • Hi Mary, So when you submit your email (through the link on the right hand side of my blog) to receive the posts you aren’t receiving them? Have you tried to re-submit your email recently?

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