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The Resurrection of Joy


I wrote this July 30, 2013, yet never published it. I decided to publish it today.

The Resurrection of Joy


Our Father’s love returns us to our youthful glimmer.

Remember the carefree days of summer as a child? Lunging through the screen door and your mom telling you to slow down. Breathing in the fragrance of the freshly cut grass as the distant roar of a lawn mower filled your ears. Scaling up the tree in your front lawn, and reveling in your accomplishment. Wondering what you were going to do as your mind went swimming with possibilities, especially the possibility of swimming in your friend’s pool across the street. Oh, to be a child again.

What if we could live every moment in this youthful spirit? This gift of soul is one of many we experience as we move into the kingdom of our heavenly Father. To be under his governance of will is to be a soul of a youthful spirit like a child.

As the years pass, we “grow up” and lose our youthful spirit. Our self-made mind crafted in judgments, fears, and lack starts creating a different reality. We start judging ourselves in approving or disapproving ways. We enslave ourselves to unfulfilled expectations. We strive to achieve some likeness of “success” and “happiness”. At some point, we figure our wellbeing is up to us and we need to “take control”, so our striving and toiling begins and our youthful spirit ends. We may even strive to nourish our soul, but it seems to be like filling a bucket that has a hole in the bottom. We have moments of experiencing those carefree days, but what lingers beneath is the pending “realities of life” that keep the experience of a continual youthful glow beyond our reach.

Though those carefree days seem like the distant past, they actually are our birthright future. As we enter our Father’s realm, we become a child once again and our youthful spirit returns, though far more magnificent. And for those who didn’t experience the carefree delights of childhood, our Father is waiting to give you the childhood you never had, yet far better for he loves you perfectly, and his love is yours for eternity.

Our Father’s love is close as our next breath. Although his love is ever present, it feels beyond our reach, thus non-existent in our experiential reality. We may know it in faith, in fact so much so that we are overwhelmed by it at times. And I think he gives us these tastes of his love to keep us pushing forward on our journey. But the experiential reality of his love is fleeting. Thus, why we keep reminding ourselves of his love for us. This seesaw experience is because we know it through faith and not through a oneness with him. But, if we will continue on our journey into truth and divine love, we will find this oneness, because it is the desire of our Creator, our perfect Parent, and his will prevails. His love never fails.

Our Journey

We experience our soul-life either governed by the consciousness of humankind (limited consciousness lacking divine love) or the consciousness of our heavenly Father. When we are a part of the consciousness of humankind, the self-made mind (created by the self-directed will), governs our soul. When we are a part of the consciousness of our Father, the spirit-made mind (created by a God-directed will), governs our soul. We all start in the former and when we are ready, we start on the journey into a transformation of soul that transitions us into the latter. The choice is ours, once we realize we have a choice of course. While, our journey through the dark waters of the self-made mind is important (because it serves many purposes that enable us to be a child of his reflection), it’s not our final destination.

This process of soul development is expressed in many analogies: a narrow path through a narrow gate, the growth and birth of a baby, the seed in the soil, and a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The imagery of these analogies reveals why we are here, how our soul transforms, and our journey into oneness with the Source of life. Though these messages surround us, they often remain unheard because of the distractions of this reality. These images that our Creator put into creation are to help us to understand the process that our soul goes through as we experience this reality of contrasts, then leave it, and be united to him once again.

When we come out on the other side, we are a soul of light. We are a “soulbaby” growing in the reflection of our heavenly Father. This new reflection shines from his essence (or consciousness) that now governs our every breath, thought, expression, experience, everything. We have come to the end of one soul state in order to begin another, which is dwelling in our Father’s kingdom where his will reigns our soul.

Upon entrance into his kingdom, one of the first differences we notice is the glimmer of a child-like youthfulness in our spirit. At first, we are a little apprehensive of this new experience. Coming out of the torrents of birth pangs, and struggling out of the cocoon, we are a little hesitant as we come out of the billowing waves and upon the shore of a new land; the land of the promised soul and oneness with our heavenly Father. Yet in our soul, it feels like we are returning to the days of our youth, yet far superior, for this youthful spirit is a gift flowing from the eternal embrace of the divine love of our heavenly Father.

The youthful spirit is dim at first, but continues as a steady glow ever increasing. Like the dawning day, it starts faint and continues to expand filling every crevice of our awareness. As the light dawns, the darkness fades. The lingering grogginess passes, and we realize we are in our Father’s home and his home is now in us. A new joy and delight begins to underscore our days. Self-judgments dissolve and constraints once felt by our soul are replaced with increasing comforts and freedoms of expression. Fears are exchanged for courage and anticipation. Striving and toiling are exchanged for creativity, passion, and play.

We exit the rule of the consciousness of humankind and enter the governance of our heavenly Father’s perfect love. The dark waters below become a memory as we are enraptured into the eternal embrace of his love. This embrace sends a wave of release through our soul and we realize that the sufferings of the lower realm, though necessary for our soul formation, pale in comparison to the glories that await us.

Out the screen door we go soaking in the fragrance of life. What will the day hold? Who knows, it doesn’t matter for it will be wonderful. Our Father is here, and all that he creates is glorious! He is now the driver, not us.

Aren’t we glad we never gave up along that narrow path but kept pushing to the end through that narrow gate and into his kingdom?

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “The Resurrection of Joy

  1. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter Rachel!

  2. Still good today.

  3. So relevant in timing and content. Back to the Garden. I love this.

    This next thing I am not sure this is related. Just needed to type. Listening to Budah spirits on Easter was rough for many around me and myself But we Jesus followers just listen as we realize when there O moment comes the stuff that was being layed out today will make it even sweeter for them when all that gushing shame turns to the most beautiful thing one day.

    When I am driving back in a friends car and they are speaking about something I know is misguided thought coming at me from the dark itself thru the ones you love who are not aware that they are used in this way. It hurts because it hurts the only way it can for someone so strong in Christ. It’s repetitive reflection. It hurts because it will be the very thing the dark knows will either get you to water down the word that has already been given to that person while simultaneously saying the thing that could hurt them in the highest. So far I know spiritual battle that happens in plain site. Full body armor of God. Here’s the cool thing. While witnessing the enemy trying to crush you. The crush I am talking about is on the spiritual level. I in no way allow anyone around me to know what is truly happening. That’s the paradox of it. So I listen and don’t speak. Freeze. Talk to the Lord directly in my thoughts simultaneously . Then The cool thing happens. 5 different cars on all sides of the one I am in have angels in them. That or either God himself of course new what was or is already done and being on that divine path I was just aware of what was already before me. For all I know they could be just normal folks being used by God to show me that He’s happy with my silence and silent suffering for Him for others by what would be impossible to happen with what was on all 5 cars and the location and what was written on the wall while we were stopped 15 cars back at a light. It brings me such comfort that we are so loved by Him in this way. Of course I wouldn’t even bother telling anyone what the details are because only my unique communication with him allows me to know what is for me for that moment only. Wow. Talk about not just small little signs which he does for fun just to make sure we don’t get spoiled on the once in awhile big stuff They are both equally awesome. Then to come home and see that I can just type this to you is pretty awesome. Of course today is just one way he speaks. It’s thru everything as you know. The very thing that I have been witnessing for the last month are His angels. You can never know in the normal sense but where we are now spiritually . Yes you can. It’s so subtle. They have the best cover. This has been happening while being in the Budah crowd and the universe people. It’s been 2 years of patients but just recently I have witnessed the Lords patient work. Crazy awesome testimony. I have been journaling every detail of it. I am going to Thailand and Peru around April 1st. You are the one I will share these works with because I know you connected to all of this. I have big ideas but being patient because of the snare of rushing anything I think by myself is correct. The divine patients you have spoken of has really taking my spirit to the place of Gods works and how he does it his way and the way that costs you the most because how else would he keep this train going and serving and growing. I am going on to long but it’s the most I have stopped to think about all day and it helps me to get whatever it is out to someone who knows. I just want you to know. When I say someone. I am speaking to with all do respect for your husband and you who are one spirit. That’s what marriage is. That has got to be the most awesome blessing ever what you both share as one. He must be amazing because the only way he doesn’t feel the a shift in the force I’ll shall say is if he is not getting his truth From God First. I have thoughts on the marriage topic for myself and others because I do believe there is a flow in direction but I wonder if someone that has been chosen to be a prophet as yourself which in no way you say this and lead anyone to think this about you because one can see this or not. Baby prophet or prophet in training for tomorrow or when your 120 Who knows. But being that type hypothetically, Him being the man and you being chosen. or I guess since your one, your both as one chosen? do you both receive equally the divine truth from God separately and then you share what was given. I am not budding into your personal life like it probably sounds right now. But for any other couple experiencing this scenario. How does that work. In Normal spiritual marriage a true man only has integrity with his wife if He is the Spirutal leader that his wife believes in him because she witness is it and adds to the flow It says that in the bible in versus in other words. I understand that flow and in today’s society some men are not men and they pay the price and the women are so jaded by them that if you speak of this direction of flow out of the blue, one would seem like he is a male choveniist. Spelling. Whatever. Lol. I do know the true deep meaning of marriage. It’s a beautiful subject and you have probably covered it. I mean there are negatives and positives to batteries and they work if one understands this flow. I vision two children holding hands that are the married couple truly seen for who they are.

    Kindly Travis


    • Hi Travis,

      This went quite long as well…

      I am so glad you shared your experience with me. It reflects what intensely struck me this past weekend … everything is perfect and as it should be as everything is leading all of creation to abide in a sublime oneness with our Creator/beloved Father. As I look on my past and all my “errors” and “mistakes”, they were and weren’t mistakes. There weren’t born out of divine love and yet they led me to divine love/truth, so they served divine love’s purposes. So they were perfect. Everything I experienced, every wayward path was the perfect path. When we move closer into the light of truth, we see this in our life and what is true for us is true for all. So no matter where someone is in their belief system … it is exactly where they need to be at the moment to come to oneness. Thus, we don’t judge, but we honor them as sojourners on the path of life that God is sovereign over, thus we honor God as we honor them. Again, it doesn’t mean people are walking in truth, but they are walking in the way that will lead them to truth. Their path, as our own, provide the necessary lessons they need to ultimately come into the Father’s love. Our individual paths teach us essential lessons that all flow into the creation of divine love in our lives. We all start out in different places … different belief systems, yet we’ll all end in oneness. For we already are one. (another paradox)

      This doesn’t mean we don’t share what we have learn if we are beckoned to do so, for it is love to do so, at times. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we are silent. Sometimes we are the next step of awareness that someone needs to hear or witness in our actions or feel in our love. We have to rest and trust in both expressions (whether sharing or being silent – for they both communicate something to others) as you mentioned because as you witnessed by the angels in your path … all is perfect. To see this perfection leading to a perfection beyond perfection is to see the sovereignty of God and his perfection among our imperfection. As you often say, it’s all good. Thus, I’m resting in my trust that all is perfect. This is the peace that surpasses all understanding. Not that learning by errors is the eternal way .. it’s not. It is the temporary way of thorns and briers. The land of milk and honey, growing by the spirit in comforts and delights, is the eternal way.

      As for my marriage .. my words aren’t sufficient to express my heart and depth of understanding in this arena. Its beauty is beyond my comprehension as it grows more and more beautiful each day. Honor & humility that is found in divine love is an essential key to all relationships; especially marriage. Marriage represents the likeness of God in so many ways; the role of king and priest, soul and spirit, the inner and outer parts of our soul, complementary sides of the same attribute, the stronger honoring the weaker thus creating equilibrium, and the oneness created from honoring the different roles and expressions when joined in divine love and honor. Every relationship is a reflection of our soul state … and to see God shape his reflection in ours … well words aren’t sufficient.

      My husband and I have a very special relationship, which I’m eternally grateful for. The Spirit of God has crafted it from the moment we met. The depth is beyond my words … there is much here. We brought each other into the bosom of the Father. We started diligently seeking together 15 years ago and today we abide in a divine trust that our journeys created. Our paths paralleled from the beginning in such a way that brought us the perfect instruction and refinement we both needed individually and collectively. Truly I learned the depths of divine love and oneness through our relationship because of all it requires and asks of a soul, and for all it taught through its companionship and challenges.

      We both were quite blind when we met and stumbling around in the darkness, but at our first meeting God sparked his light in us and our journey into the light began (though we didn’t know it at the time). As the light increased we faced all your own darkness and blindness and what it created. (which is very tough and challenging to say the least, yet essential for true growth). All was purposeful. All we experienced and learned brought us into a consuming desire for his divine love and the realization that is was always there (everything spiritual seems to hold a paradox.) Through our experiences together I’ve learned and witnessed the power of the intentions of divine love. We learn things at the same time because we have the same teacher, the Spirit of Truth; but it always gives me chills. We complement each other in perfect equanimity in our words and prayers. We play different and yet complementary roles in spirit as well as in our relationship. Our journey is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever beheld for it is a journey of us uniting as one with God as our center that extends to all creation. I hold it in a very high honor. My words don’t begin to express my heart or my perceptions, but it is my delight to share a bit for it is all God’s workmanship, every iota, … that absolutely blows my mind in its perfection. I look back on the neophyte trust I had in God when I struggled with some of my deepest darkness, and to witness his faithfulness … is incredible.

  4. Thank you for this incredibly eloquent, response. Those words really solidified the peace that was stringing thru the chaos of my email. You took all the dissonant harmonics and just aligned it into a beautiful harmony.
    This topic you have shared is refreshing for others who struggle with this in their relationships. I remember couple years back someone questioned about there relationship and you had to go sidebar with it because it would be very time consuming and open up a flood gate of counseling for everyone who needed what they think is a special relationship problem that’s unique that really isn’t when you just read the content of your blog on your awesome path. I think your response because it’s your own perspective within the frame works of who you are that is a blessing for all.

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