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Empowering the Soul

Empowering the Soul

To Create Divine Present Moments


Divine love empowers the soul to create a desirable reality.

Though the Spirit of the Creator enters creation in a singular present moment in a flash of divine light, in this moment the divine consciousness is established as a part of creation. The flash of light is the reflection that is created in reality when the divine consciousness unites to the core of the soul; the origin of all creation. Once established, it spreads to fill all in all, so that every present moment and all it contains becomes governed by the divine consciousness. Every moment builds harmoniously upon the next so that creation transforms into a divine reflection. So where the reflection of the Creator begins as a flash of light, it comes to fill all in all, so that everything, animate and inanimate, bears his likeness.

Each moment created through the soul by the divine consciousness creates a divine present moment. And in the Spirit of Oneness, all present moments are harmoniously linked together to create the eternal divine present moment – total oneness.

Empowering the Soul

This entrance of the divine light into creation transforms the soul into the following three elements: 1. to be present-minded, 2. possess the intention to divinely love all always, and 3. perceive all by the light of truth and divine love. When the soul abides in these three elements then it’s empowered to create desirable divine present moments, thus a desirable future.

1. Present-Mindedness

As the soul’s consciousness shifts to a divine consciousness it begins to function in a state of present-mindedness, which keeps the soul in the present moment and not a past-future mindset. Present-mindedness is the time and space where the soul connects and unites to the Spirit of God, where the vibration of his divine love energy exists, and it’s a state of fearlessness. Thus, from this space the divine love of God flows through the soul and manifests a reality that reflects this love.

Within this space, the soul begins to enter its rest. It’s now a conduit and no longer the creator. It isn’t in control, but the Creator governs the soul from the soul’s point of origin, so that the soul maintains a sense of “freewill”, thus the ability to love. In this, the soul rests in a state of TRUST knowing all its decisions are perfect because of the ubiquitous perfect orchestration of the divine consciousness. This understanding removes many layers of fear, which enable the soul to create divine present moments.

As the soul unites to the Spirit of God in this time and space, its vibration synchronizes with the vibration of the divine love energy. When the soul is functioning in this frequency, its only emotional response is within the array of divine love. Again, absent of fear, shame, guilt, and inferiority (all core creators of a lower vibration), the soul is able to create harmonious and desirable present moments.

2. Intentions of Divine Love 

In divine love, the soul desires to sincerely divinely love all; always. In this, it possesses an eternally open heart. Every encounter, action and thought manifests divine love energy. And, the divine love flowing from the soul creates a reality free of fear, thus free from harm.

Divine love empowers and protects the soul. It empowers the soul to always create a desirable present moment, thus protecting the soul from undesirable ones. If the soul possesses fear, then the reality manifests harm. If the soul possesses love, then the reality manifests harmony. Present moments layered in harmony are what the divine consciousness produces from the soul outward as the spark of divine light transforms the soul.

In divine love, the soul’s relationship is invaluable to the Creator, and equally so is its relationships with others through whom his love is manifested in creation. The soul’s intentions to divinely love others enable the Creator’s love to manifest in creation, by his grace. In oneness, the soul is a conduit of the Creator’s love. The soul can’t self-contain one drop of his love. It can only be a channel for it to abundantly flow through. Thus, divine love manifests when it resides in the infinite space between two individual souls, which unites them in oneness. Both the soul’s connection to the Creator and to others are necessary for divine love to exist in creation, so one can’t exist without the other. This dynamic is how what is eternally One is able to manifest love, which takes two, yet still remain one.

3. Divine Light

As the divine consciousness begins to take over the soul, the soul begins to perceive all in the light. In the light, the soul perceives all in love and truth. The soul connects to the divine seed in every other soul and the infinite value of every aspect of creation. From this perspective, all the soul’s responses and decisions flow from its Source.

In the light, there is no more blindness. Blindness comes from not being able to “connect the dots”; to see the oneness in all things thus their relation and impact on one another. This darkness leads to a myriad of ill judgments and error. The lucidity of vision created by the divine consciousness enables the soul to act in wisdom and thus make the right responses and decisions.

In the light, the soul resides in transparency. The soul lives in honesty and integrity with every intention driven by divine love. It feels no fear, shame, guilt, or inferiority, which causes it to withdraw into the darkness. Instead, it stands in freedom in the light, and in liberty in its individuality.

Understanding these conceptual frameworks of divinity is the forerunner to receiving the divine consciousness. Meditating on these truths is part of the process of the transformative shift into the divine consciousness. What priceless gems they are to the soul.

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The Living Present Moment

Moving into the

Living Present Moment


As the consciousness shifts from being self-directed to the divine, the soul moves into the present moment; its new inventive space where it’s a creative witness to the Spirit of God.

Moment by moment like drops of water, our consciousness creates our reality. The past consists of a myriad of reflections of those accumulated drops, and our interpretations of those past reflections determine our future drops. Full of error, the self-determined consciousness creates muddled and disharmonious pools of water that are brimming with heartache, suffering, afflictions and pain. Bound in this destructive creation cycle, the soul continues to manifest error, thus suffering.

Governed by divine love and absolute truth, the divine consciousness creates harmonious drops that create eternal and ever-expanding joy, peace, rest, wisdom, and love. Each drop of this consciousness that is released into the present moment is in harmony with all the others because these drops are divinely governed from within. An ever-growing expression of a divine soul emerges as one moment perfectly supports all other moments. This dynamic creates the living and ever-expanding present moment.

As the soul learns from the Spirit of Truth, it begins to gain harmonious conceptual frameworks from the truth he imparts. So, within the soul’s experience of the dark disharmonious and chaotic waters of the self-determined consciousness, a harmonious bubble of truth methodically forms as a divine soul structure. The soul’s present moment is not only filled with its disharmonious waters, but also it’s pregnant with the conceptual frameworks of truth that are waiting for the breath of life of the divine consciousness to become active in the soul’s experiential reality.

When the necessary conceptual frameworks are gained so that this inner part of the soul can unite to the divine consciousness, then by transformative grace the Spirit fills the conceptual frameworks and brings the divine soul into the light as it manifests the light from within the soul. The light is created moment-by-moment as the drops of divine consciousness create a reality reflecting the Spirit of God. It’s the ever expanding living present moment. Like the rising sun, each moment layers upon the next in perfect harmony with all other moments, so that the present possesses an eternal living nature allowing it to become increasingly more glorious. In any one moment, the interwoven perfection of all the moments is seen. In this, the soul takes on an immortal reflection. The soul ascends to abide in the present moment where the Spirit of God dwells.

The Present Moment

The present moment is fleeting to the self-determined consciousness that is confined to mindsets dictated by the past and its future. But to the divine consciousness it is home.

As the soul begins to transform into a divine consciousness, so that the bubble of truth becomes filled with the Spirit of Divinity, it begins to enter into the present moment through shifts of awareness in its consciousness. The present that was always fleeting begins to open up and become the space in which the soul dwells, because it’s where the Spirit of God dwells.

The past is memory and the future is imagination. The only real moment is the present moment. This is the space where the Spirit of God encounters his created reality as his Spirit streams through the soul. Yet, in the self-determined consciousness this moment is ungraspable. It’s impossible for the soul to fully live in it, thus in oneness with the presence of God. However, with the divine consciousness that creates harmony between every moment, the present opens up to be a moment where the soul can abide with the Spirit of God.

Opening of the Present Moment

When the present moment opens as a dwelling place for the soul, the Spirit of God enters into the soul’s expressive reality. As the Spirit is divine love, the soul experiences divine love flooding into its essence, and out toward all of creation in one continuous movement; a love with the ability to end all suffering. These fluid and cohesive droplets of the divine consciousness begin to manifest reflections of the Spirit of God in reality. Thus the soul begins to experience living present moments, which create the eternal light.

There are various transformative conceptual frameworks at work within the consciousness as it shifts into the divine consciousness. The constructs below enable the quality of present-mindedness of the divine consciousness to exist within the soul, thus for the soul to exist in the present moment.

  1. Divine Forgiveness. Divine forgiveness is a characteristic of divine love that enables this love to always extend itself in its fullness when emotional pain, thus separation, has occurred, as if the pain never occurred. The grace that flows in this love produces a supernatural release of all pain so the soul can receive and give love as if that pain never existed. Thus, in the present moment the soul can divinely love in all wisdom. Emotional pain is manifested from the soul lacking divine love and truth. When the soul is full of divine love, then that pain can no longer be created. This forgiveness is the active ingredient of love that severs the negative affects of the past upon the present and makes it a non-active ingredient of the divine soul, which is essential in creating a harmonious present moment.
  1. Memories Refashioned. Related to divine forgiveness is the past being reframed by the divine consciousness so that instead of having a negative impact on the present, it has a positive. When the divine consciousness begins to take over a soul, all the soul’s past experiences are reframed and perceived from the framework of divine love and eternity, which is facilitated by the understandings mentioned in the previous post. This reframing enables harmony to be constructed within the present moment.
  1. Cycle of Restitution. As the soul fully desires to divinely love all creation at all times, its inward desires align to the will of God, thus to the divine consciousness. In desiring to live in this pure love, the soul realizes it can’t in its current state of consciousness, thus recognizes it can never be “good”. Recognizing this inability to receive and give divine love and yet desiring to, the soul is led to the door of the kingdom of God within its soul; the internal divine governance. The soul releases its willful drive of the self-determined mind, which enables its transition into the present moment where it’s divinely governed and all is restored and renewed. (True Repentance)
  1. Cultivated Trust. Reliance on the Spirit of Truth is cultivated along the path of enlightenment, which puts the soul in a state of being spirit-reliant versus self-reliant. For a soul to shift to the living present moment, it relinquishes all its expectations and ambitions of self-determination. Instead, the soul trusts in the workings of the Spirit of Truth to manifest its divine desires in its reality through the perfect orchestration of one present moment harmoniously supporting all others. This depth and level of trust manifests an immortal harmony that the soul can’t create on its own and that is necessary to fully abide in the present moment.
  1. Divine Governance. When the soul is governed by the divine consciousness, it’s governed from within by the divine attributes of the Sprit of God, which flow from the soul’s point of origin. These attributes dictate and motivate the soul’s decisions moment by moment. In this, the soul willingly releases all control and its various emotional tools it utilized to sedate the fear, pain and emotional imbalances, and moves into the fluid restorative movement of the present. Through this internal governance the soul resides in mindful awareness in the present moment, which enables it to harmoniously expand, versus remaining in the endless cycle of an erroneous past and its future manifestations.

As the divine consciousness fills the pregnant present moment containing the conceptual frameworks of truth within the soul, these five transformative understandings move the soul into the present moment to embrace a oneness with the Spirit of God. This metamorphosis of consciousness manifests the soul into an eternal finite being. So that even though at any given moment the soul is finite; at the same time it is eternally expanding and growing. In this formation, the Spirit of God, who is infinite, is able to abide within his creation in a beautiful harmonious oneness.

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Reinventing You

Reinventing You


Transformative Understanding


“The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” ~ John 6:63

When we receive the words of the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of the Christ, our soul becomes assimilated to that Spirit, the essence of eternal life. Words of this nature are the creative power of God acting upon creation. When received into the soul in spirit and truth, then the soul is transformed into the immortal spirit that those words reflect.

Intertwining conceptual frameworks initiate a shift of consciousness. When the Spirit of Truth constructs frameworks of immortality within the soul through his words to the soul, they lead to a shift from the self-determined consciousness to the divine consciousness. In this, the human disguise of the false self falls away and the divine self is revealed.

The Awakening Soul

As the soul’s perceptions begin to fill with greater intensities of awareness (light) bringing deeper revelations, the soul awakens from the dream of the self-determined consciousness and into the reality of its divine soul state.

During this awakening, the conceptual frameworks of the Spirit of Truth that the soul gained throughout its soul journey reenter its awareness in new depths of understanding that carry a regenerative power; transformative grace. Conceptual frameworks including: inherent divinity, impermanence, oneness, transcendent weaknesses, perfect cause, and eternal present mindedness.

By this grace, the soul’s state of consciousness is altered and forms an eternal integration into the divine consciousness. The false self falls away and the divine self emerges.

Inherent Divinity

As the soul awakens, it perceives the divinity it has always possessed. In the final stages of the soul’s dream state, it enters into the deepest darkness of its eternal pit created by the self-directed consciousness. Here the Spirit of Truth speaks words of life to the soul, and the pit begins to fade as the soul sees it was only an illusion of the self-directed consciousness. In this moment, the soul knows it was always divine for it was always connected to the Spirit of God.

There is no separation in divine love. It’s one of its glorious defining attributes. Thus, the soul, no matter its state, is always connected to the Creator, because of his attribute of divine love, like a child in its mother’s womb. The child came from her and always was a part of her even though his beginnings were an experience of darkness and perceived separation (for in actuality she completely enfolded him). Thus, in a heightened awareness, the soul perceives it was always a divine soul. Only its perception was darkened, for a moment in eternity, to learn what it couldn’t in the light; the attributes, power, depth, and vastness of divine love. In this transformative understanding, all the soul experienced that was created by the self-determined consciousness fades like a passing shadow as the eternal light of divinity awakens it from its laborious sleep.


Another transitional understanding the soul experiences is the inherent impermanence in all things, including death. Only one constant remains, which ironically the soul lacks in its self-expression until it’s born into the light, the divine love it is created in and will forever grow by.

The soul realizes all it experienced was a string of temporary experiences, created by its own soul state, to bring enlightenment; the necessary instruction to become a fully functioning divine soul. Only its belief in permanence made those faulty characteristics a part of its being. This conceptual framework enables the soul to let go and release all that was created by the self-determined consciousness. The fears, shame, dishonor, pain, suffering, selfishness, jealousies, suppression, affliction, sadness, anger, heartache, and tears are bathed in the righteous reign (rain) flowing from its center, now openly connected to the Divine, the Creator. The soul is cleansed from its blood stained garments (as in childbirth), and the divine soul manifested by the workmanship of the Spirit of Truth is revealed.


In the dawning light, the soul perceives a oneness that has always been there between itself, its reality and others. Separation was only an illusion created by the errors of the self-determined mind. Nothing is fixed or static, thus separate, but all is a continuous fluid movement governed by the dynamics of the soul and its consciousness. The soul begins to know its reality as an experience of energy flowing in a continuous interactive whole that constantly creates the inner and outer experiences of the soul. In this, the disharmonious energy of the soul and thus in the soul’s reality is reoriented into the crystalline perfection of the divine energy, which brings healing and regeneration to the soul thus to its reflective reality.

In oneness, every element serves its opposite. The darkness serves the eternal light. The blindness serves the eternal awakening. The weaknesses serve the eternal strengths. The separation serves the eternal oneness. The suffering serves the eternal love. There is no longer this or that, but an energetic interplay manifesting eternal oneness. There is only divine energy, and its opposite is but an illusion that is bound to a dream state to facilitate the formation of the developing soul.

When two “opposing” elements collide within the consciousness, they form the energy of divinity. The temporary serves the eternal as it was created by the eternal to serve its creative purposes. In the soul’s transformation the eternal quality consumes the temporary one and births an eternal individualized soul.

Transcendent Weaknesses

As the light fills the soul’s perceptions, the soul perceives that all its weaknesses are now the greatest strengths of its unique individuality. Its most challenging faults were related to its particular purpose predestined by the Creator. The frailties and struggles trained and prepared the soul to become what it is to be.

Out of the struggles with weaknesses came the ability to be a conduit of the power of God. They created the necessary sincere humility that is forever incorruptible, deep dependence on the power of the Creator versus the individualized soul, and eternal gratitude, for the soul inherently knows without oneness, it can do nothing … truly good, thus it can’t fulfill its purposes. Seeing the perfection of its weaknesses, the soul sheds them along with the false self and gains the power of the Spirit as a divine soul.

Perfect Cause

As the light highlights the soul’s journey, the soul perceives that the Creator sovereignly governed every detail of its existence, even when it was in the inescapable binds of self-determination. Perfect cause was always in play, as the Creator is always sovereign. In this perfect cause, the perceptions of the past and future are brought into a harmonious eternal present and liberated in the soul’s perception as a perfect orchestration from beginning to end.

Though the soul lived in error, the error was purposeful and meaningful. It was serving a divine purpose that couldn’t have been accomplished with out it. The soul experiences reconciliation and closure with all it experienced, which enables a release of all it once was that was counter to divinity.

Eternal Present Mindedness

Liberated from the womb of governance of the self-directing consciousness, only the present moment exists for the soul as everything is pulled into the eternal present through its learned trust. In this, its new reflection commences. The present moment is the new creative space by which the soul begins to exist through total trust in the divine rhythmic governance of the divine consciousness. In the present moment, all its expectations are set aside and the soul sits as a creative witness to the creations of the Spirit of God through its being. Moment upon moment brings everything into perfect alignment and harmony.

The limitlessness, present-mindedness, and holistic nature of the divine consciousness enable the soul to fully abide in these transformative understandings instead of passing in and out of awareness of them, which it does in the self-determined state. In these understandings, gratitude for every twist and turn of the journey in the darkened womb fills the soul, for this trying experience enabled it to be of the divine love in all its characteristics. It’s a divine gratitude to the Creator for his perfect orchestration, governance of all things in serving the highest good, and his perfect cause in error as well as in righteousness.

Happy New Year.


Tough Days

Tough Days


As my spiritual journey takes me into the higher echelons of the awareness of unconditional love, it also takes me deeper into the depths of my own darkness. I sense I rise into the former by descending into the latter, for one reveals the other.

The increases in the awareness of unconditional love possess a flip side. They expose the infirmities and afflictions of my soul until I’m left feeling completely undone. Where all I can do is breathe. In riding the relentless whirlwind into my own depravity, I wonder is this normal? How after all these years of walking with the Spirit of Truth, and with the awareness he has given me is it possible to descend into such depths of despair, despondency, and discouragement? The answers come as the clouds clear and I realize these tough days are a part of the journey.

To traverse an honest, real and soul altering journey, it’s necessary to travel into these shadow places of my soul that I’ve spent much of my life running from, hiding from and hiding from others for the shame I feel in them. In those places reside the seat of my weaknesses, insecurities, imperfections, and all that makes me feel unlovable.

I gave up directing my soul journey a long time ago and put it into the hands of the Spirit of Truth. He reveals to me splendor upon splendor that is beyond amazing to behold, and yet he also takes me into such depths of darkness. These descents often come upon me as an unexpected torrent as I come head to head with various levels and forms of my illusions, lies, fears, insecurities, sadness, depravity, and cruelty. Though traversing these depths create very tough days, facing the depths keeps my journey honest and from the entrapment of superficial spirituality. Ironically these trying days take me into a deeper awareness of unconditional love. They reveal to me what it means to give and receive this love in the realm of faith, and in the realm of substance.

The deeper my faith, the deeper I go into these places, which at first you would expect the opposite. I wrestle my ill beliefs, lower mind, illusions, and lies, all that challenges my expanding faith. Most of my “stuff” is buried deep. Thus the deeper I go, the more difficult the encounter until all has faced the light carried in my faith of an unfailing love. It’s part of the immortal light penetrating my entire soul, thus the entire human soul. For once I see my own state as a self-determined soul, I see every other soul with a deeper and greater compassion and love.

Someone once stated that unless you are willing to go all the way in a soulful life journey, it is better not to begin at all because those who walk honestly face all their Goliaths in the midst of all their weaknesses. The journey requires a steadfast faith that in the end the soul’s hunger for divine truth and unconditional love will be fulfilled. True spiritual practices are raw and real and are beyond mindless ritual, conformity to pre-determined thought or anything pre-determined for that matter. Though they can sooth they soul, they also tear open the soul with the purpose to let in the eternal light and create something new. It’s a journey where the Spirit of Truth is your guide, and you go wherever he takes you, high or low.

I find my spiritual guide along this journey, the Spirit of Truth, only takes me into these depths when I have the corresponding faith to face them head on and move through them. For you only face what you can handle, though it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. You feel you are at your breaking point because you are breaking. Sometimes surviving these moments is just that, you simply survive to the next moment. If our journey is an honest one; sincerely seeking after divine truth and unconditional love, then we will receive the faith we need to carry us through every whirlwind, every dark abyss, and every soul torrent.

Why journey at all if it is so difficult? Why not live in the bliss of ignorance keeping everything buried? For me, through this process, my desires are re-shaped by the hand of the Creator; desires that enable me to connect to him in an immortal oneness. I sense this journey, every high and low, is part of becoming a soul who can be one with his spirit, thus, a soul who can express the boundless and infinite potentials of divinity. A deep work is being accomplished in my soul from something beyond me yet connected to me. The Spirit reaffirms over and over that this path of dying and rebirth is the way to immortality and the greatest path I could ever traverse in this brief existence. Despite all the wrestling in my soul, the Spirit of Truth continues to say; this is the way, just keep walking in it.

The mercy of the Designer of the journey is that often the morning light brings relief. Sometimes I know if I can just make it through the day, tomorrow will be better. I stay in the inner struggle long enough to gain whatever is necessary and what that experience intended to reveal, give or remove. I stay long enough to gain the awareness that once again the only answer to every question, problem, or heartache is unconditional divine love. And only a oneness with the divine spirit of the true God fulfills that answer. And he is the only one to manifest that oneness. And thus my desire for both grows stronger and more consuming.

So if we struggle with ourselves, good. We are getting somewhere. But we must remember that the Spirit of Truth is in our corner. We are not facing anything alone though that is how we feel in those boxing matches. As we pass through the core of our deepest darkness, in the end we encounter the heart of God. He is found beyond our soul and thus, at least for me, going through all the grit and grim of my soul is part of the journey of getting to Him, the essence of truth and love; my true Source and Center. And along the way, I learn his love is the answer to everything, and that is worth everything.


Prophetic Utterances

Prophetic Utterances


I’ve learned that when we speak, with an honesty and realness, to others, we speak to ourselves as well. If we listen to our own words, we are usually saying what we need to hear, admit, recognize, learn, and/or accept. These are our personal prophetic utterances.

August 1, 2014 I posted this video; The Gate into Oneness



When I did this video, little did I know the depth I was about to experience of what I had prophetically described. Only recently did I realize how “inspired” this video was in the revelation it held for me. If you are in a similar place as me, it may speak to you as well.

This dynamic of our personal prophetic utterances is why I believe personal journaling in the form of a conversation with our spirit teacher can be so powerful. For me, in the stillness, privacy, honesty, and openness, my soul encounters my spirit guide and teacher of truth and love. I connect with him when I desire to be honest and real with myself, which in itself is a process, and as I desire to listen to his still small voice. In this inner place, he instructs, counsels, leads, guides and builds truth in me through a language of the soul.

I’ve also learned that we are unique in what we learn, how we learn, and the manner and words in which we learn. What we learn and how we learn it is specific to our purpose, individuality, and background. Our spirit teacher uses anything and everything to teach us. Thus, what I share and how I share it is based on my perceptions, my experiences, and what I’m learning according to my purpose. The words I utilize relate to how I was taught. If I had a different background, culture, and life journey, I would be using different words and expressions. So when we connect and share with one another, it’s not so much the specific words that matter but the underlining “truths” they express. And when we learn a truth, then we are able to see it in another’s life and words.

Regardless of the way we are taught, there is an aspect of our souls’ journeys that unify us. I believe that a fundamental purpose we share in venturing through this mortal experience is to learn of a pure divine love that is and will be ubiquitous to our lives, whatever their specific purposes may be.

We each have our soul journey to traverse, and truth comes into our souls by revelation and experience. Words alone from another can’t “give” us transformative truth. But I share my words with you in the desire that you may be encouraged, inspired, comforted, and even confirmed in what you are experiencing.

As for my journey, last year was a year of concentrated craftsmanship within my soul. In the video, I prophesied what I was about to experience. I had experienced it to some degree, and that is why I could speak from a place of understanding. But in the five months after the video, I entered into a pungent upheaval in my soul. So much so, I felt like I was coming undone to the point where even “my words” escaped me. In future posts, I hope to share aspects of what I experienced and learned, and am still learning, during that time for those experiencing similar changes.

Presently, I’ve never felt so weak in terms of my “self”, because of what I passed through and still am going through to some degree. Yet, as we’ve heard, the power of our Creator, which lies beyond ourselves, is made perfect through our weaknesses. In our weaknesses, we have no choice but to trust in a strength, power and ability that is beyond us because we can’t rely on ourselves. This ironically makes weakness a gift; for how much greater is our Creator’s power, wisdom, and love than our own? In weakness, our confident ego is set aside and we are able to do and act in ways that our ego would have hindered. So like many things of this reality; the reverse of what appears to be true is true. Our confident ego is our true weakness, and through our frailties comes our true strength.

Though I’m not yet the expression of what I perceive, I want to share what I perceive, for it is transformative to the soul. Soul transformation begins with soul perception, so this is where we begin. I stand with this love in a knowing that its very nature will one day bring me, as it will bring all of us, to be its beautiful expression through and through. There is no greater gift we can give or receive.


Spiritual Training Wheels

Spiritual Training Wheels


In my opinion, there is nothing more important than our soul development, for our soul is the only aspect of this mortal realm that we take with us when we journey to the next realm.

This is a bit of a playful analogy, yet quite enlightening for a maturing mind  … we are all children, after all.

Remember your training wheels and how you loved them when you first got them? How proud you were of them? You thought you hit the big time. In a sense you did, they gave you experiences of growth and achievement, and they trained you for the next phase, a bicycle, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. But what was once the greatest thing in the world, in time became a limitation. You were ready to take them off and ride like the big kids as they zipped around the neighborhood in an even greater freedom.

Religions, their labels of personal identification, and their manuscripts that identify their belief structures, like Christianity, Christian, and the Bible or Islam, Muslims, and Qur’an, can serve as our training wheels in our soul’s development. I say “can” because we can possess them but not grow through them, like letting our training wheels gather cobwebs in the garage, or trying them out a little here and a little there, but not going very far. But if we really use those training wheels, in time we experience their limitations and move onto the next stage. In case your wondering, my particular wheels were Christianity, Christian, and the Bible.

As our souls develop, we lose our dependency on training wheels. We are naturally loosed from these spiritual attachments that we once “couldn’t live without” because they prohibit the needed expansion of truth that an advancing soul requires. They don’t allow us to go into truth where we need to go and in the way that we need to go. Thus, we transition from a system without to the Spirit within telling us what our truth is and who we are. And in letting go, we simply are who we are, no more labels. In the transition to the next stage we experience an immense exploration as we learn from anything and everything, thus extreme growth. Yet, like our training wheels, it can be a bit fearful at first because we think we lack support, but we discover a greater support flowing from within that not only gives us what we need but also allows us to go and do what we couldn’t before.

A defined religion is by its very nature is full of boundaries and limitations, for its particular limitations and boundaries are what make it that particular religion. As we grow, we discover that beliefs aren’t meant to be concrete and static, but rather flow in an evolving rhythm. Like our training wheels coming off, our spirit out grows the confines of concepts sown in a finite understanding. Though our understanding is always finite, it is expandable and if it isn’t expanding we aren’t growing. To grow we need to allow our awareness and understanding to grow. Thus, we are loosed from foundations of belief defined by the outside and our foundation becomes the immortal Spirit of truth and love. This Spirit carries and supports us forward upon our soul’s journey. In this transition, our beliefs become living because they are no longer confined to static formulations. By their growth, they advance our soul toward an immortal state, which is of a continual expansion.

In our spiritual youth, we cling to our wheels very tightly because they are our points of references for truth, which form our foundation of truth in which we find stability. They serve to anchor our wayward minds bumbling around in the darkness. Like our training wheels, they stabilize us in the whirlwinds of relative truths that lack a common point of reference. But we aren’t meant to keep them. They are only meant to be an assistance to our soul journey, not the goal or end of our soul journey. In time, we learn to trust the Spirit of Truth, our new point of reference, and let this Spirit that extends from our Creator guide and lead us. Thus, he alone becomes our foundation, and with his breath of life leading us as he wills, our souls travel to new places of truth that expand our awareness and enable us to continue to change into his likeness; one of a simplicity and purity of truth and love. We need nothing to “identify” us, we simply are who we are of his reflection. When we feel “ready”, we let go of the training wheels and we find new experiences awaiting us. When the Spirit is our foundation, anything and everything is used for our continued growth and expansion. For those not yet free of their training wheels, it’s hard to understand how one can function without them. We only truly understand once we do it ourselves.

Some may ask, how will people know what we believe? How they always know, by our life. Our life reflects our truth. It is and always has been our greatest testimony because it is the most honest reflection of our truth.

This transition deepens our relationship to our teachers, like Jesus Christ and others. We’ve learned to be taught by the Spirit of truth that was their source of enlightenment. Thus, our transition from the static to the dynamic actually draws us in closer relation to them because we are attached and growing by the same Source. Thus, we find even a greater connection and communion with them. This transition is the movement toward what they desired us to learn; we are to become one with the Source of life by allowing his spirit of truth and love to govern us from within.

Some of us go through several pairs of training wheels of different types. Some use them longer than others. It all depends on our purpose and rate of development. We don’t judge our training experience, but if you are still using them, know that there is more, much more that is only truly discovered by trying to ride without them, which you will do when you are ready.

~ Looking from my perspective, and given in grace.



The Perfect Gift Exchange

The Perfect Gift Exchange

Tree Soul


There is no greater or more cherished gift for ourselves or for our divine Father than for us to freely, willingly, and desirously give him our “free” will to govern. He accepts it under no other terms. In a joyful release of this gift, an immortal bond of love is established between us and the Spiritual Parent of our souls. From this immortal choice, we eternally expand by his divine harmony.

Our will is the power to control our actions, impulses and emotions. Possessing control of our will is like being a dormant seed in the ground. Our soul remains encased by a hard shell of confinement as our governance of will is fraught with limitations and illusions. These create a perceived separation from love that lead to pain, suffering, guilt, fear, judgment, pride, and decay. Our Father’s will for us is boundless as it flows from the perfection of love and truth. In his governance, we become a tree of life of abundant growth. In his magnificent rays of eternal light our souls expand branch by branch.

With our Father’s divine love guiding every movement, our finite soul that was encased in a tiny shell of limitation breaks open and starts to grow into a magnificent tree of eternal life. As our roots of understanding reach beyond the limitations of this earthly realm into the consciousness of our Father, they drink in his truth and divine love. Over time this nourishment cracks open our shelled soul bound by the confinements of our will as it takes on his will of divine truth and love. In time, we witness growth pushing out of the soil. Our external reality is changed in ways we long hoped for during our seemingly endless days of cultivation. But as the seedling sprouts, those days of traversing the wilderness of our soul as we sought for his living waters to flow through our dendritic roots pale in comparison to the glories that his loving husbandry creates through us.

We are soul. Our soul determines all that our spirit, mind and body reflect. God is soul. In the connection of our souls is where our oneness is fashioned. His soul through a metamorphic oneness with ours becomes the progenitor of all that we are; spirit, mind and body. We open up the door of our soul and welcome him home when we realize there is no greater gift; none more desirable and precious than for his will to consume our own at a depth in which we experience his will as our own. In this oneness, every transgressive potentiality is extinguished and we find the fulfillment of all our hopes and all his promises.


Transforming Connection

Transforming Connection



Monarch Butterfly stages 02


The uppermost place is encountered in our innermost place.

To connect to “above” is found by connecting deep within. This connection moves us into and through a beautiful transformation of our soul. When we are ready through the infusion of truth and love, we make our final severance from the foundations that we use to traverse upon and our soul experiences a metamorphosis.

This higher or inner connection grants us new perspectives as light starts to fill what was darkened by illusion. Fear, judgments, and pride begin to fall away as a purity of love not seen before, yet was always there, takes their place in our humble abodes. By the workings of this love, we experience a welcomed harmony forming within. In the movement of change, our bodies, which are the expressions of our souls, reflect an increasing radiance as love’s light starts to fill us from within.

With increasing clarity, the eyes of our soul begin to see our Father as he truly is, and as a result we start to see ourselves as we truly are – beloved, cherished and precious in his sight as he is to us. We are the beautiful workmanship of his loving hands. In this awareness, our judgments of our souls’ progressions and others’ fade. We each uniquely experience the journey of a soul who is born in darkness and is moving into the light. Though unique, the creative force of change is the same, divine love enfolding truth. As we honor ourselves and others’ stages of transformation guided by our Father’s all-knowing hand, we learn, inspire, and grow and in this our love expands within and without.


Soul Gyrations

Soul Gyrations of

Entering into a New Reality


The attribute of divine love is a great revealer, healer, and liberator at work within our soul. It moves into our soul through the workings of the Holy Spirit, who reveals this love to us, and through the instructions of the Spirit of Truth, who teaches us the spiritual laws that express this love.

As this love takes up residence in our souls, it reveals the will of our heavenly Father in ways that we couldn’t normally perceive, because clarity of his will is found in the workings of divine love. So, when we perceive a situation or relationship from this attribute’s perspective we move closer to what the will of God is for us, which is the perfect will for us, in those circumstances or relations. Through this awareness, we start to deepen not only in our understanding of his will for our individual lives, but also for humankind and all of creation.

In this understanding and work of the spirit, our lives start to conform to our Father’s “image” by partaking of his substance. In this realignment, our healing commences that regenerates our soul from one encased in the attributes of lack to one flowing in abundance. It’s all part of our individuality forming through this mortal experience.

Our Father’s will is expressed to us through spiritual laws pertaining to our created reality. These “laws” define for us the inner workings and various aspects of life until eventually we understand all our experiences in relation to these truths, thus the attribute of divine love. These spiritual laws reflect not only this love, but also many of the attributes of our Father that are incorporated into his love; beauty, harmony, goodness, sincerity, honor, righteousness, perfection, grace, mercy, forgiveness, purity, holiness, etc.

When we start to think and act in harmony with these laws, we not only learn more about our Father’s true nature, but also we start to partake of his substance, thus becoming a child, who reflects his likeness. Laws pertain to cause and effect, and the cause and effect relationship is a core aspect of our experiences. Therefore, as the spiritual laws are revealed, the relationships between the causes and effects occurring in our lives become more self-evident. This awareness is what creates a ripple effect of transformative growth in our souls and in our choices leading to a rejuvenated and liberated life; a life of his reflection.

However, it’s not all bliss at this point of our individualization formation. Though we know of his love and our spirit is transforming toward his likeness, during the process, we experience temporary upheavals in our souls. Sometimes they are quite cataclysmic as our temporal natures sown in perceived separation are replaced with everlasting ones sown in divine love. It’s much like the pains of childbearing and when they are particularly intense, childbirth, as we become souls born of our Father’s nature.

These disruptions come as the spirit of love and truth shines as a light in our soul, like a lamp on a dimmer switch illuminating a dark room. Little by little, it exposes everything in our soul and in our lives, and it leaves nothing hidden from its gentle yet targeted rays. In its illumination what we “see” within ourselves may lead to eye-opening and sometimes heartbreaking awareness as our fallen nature becomes apparent. At times during this process, it feels as if our life is being turned upside down from the inside out as everything that isn’t harmonious with his nature is shaken out; inclinations and natures of judgments, fears, worthlessness, pride, greed, hypocrisy, self-pity, useless cares, vanities, etc.; everything based on lies. And at these times, we realize we are totally dependent upon his work in us and not our own efforts, which he faithfully accomplishes. Though it may hurt a little or a lot, through these deep soul gyrations we are freed in ways we never knew we were bound as the truth takes up residence where the lies once dwelled.

After a series of these disruptions, we realize we are moving into a new reality; one founded on an abundance of divine love and no longer on separation and lack. These seasons bring a sprout of growth and we witness that he is making all things beautiful in time. And these intensities, which are leading to transformation, are part of the regeneration process. Also, we recognize that we are being transitioned by his spirit from a child coming out of a void caused by a perceived separation from our Father’s love to one who is springing forth from his love. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. The kingdom comes within you.

Our Father’s will for our individual lives and humankind is beyond what we have desired of ourselves. It’s far more beautiful, bountiful and blissful, for in his will is our ultimate peace and freedom.

Establishing our soul to be in harmony with his soul is a work that our Father does with extreme care. It isn’t instant or done in haste. It’s true, real and everlasting. It’s the work of a diligent Creator and his carpenter making everything beautiful; every motive, desire, inclination, thought, and every expression that follows. As we push into his love, desiring it to consume every breath, he refashions our individuality in order to create a true and everlasting oneness with Him. This experience for us is one of a total transformation in our soul because no area is left untouched by his attentive spirit. Thus, it’s our ultimate freedom. In his will that is expressed through his truths of love we are totally free.

This “freeing” of our free-will is the irony of this journey. Left to our own understandings and ways, which we think is our freedom, we create a twisted personality, thus choices and lives that imprison us. In his will, we are individualized souls who find immense freedom in all our expressions and all our ways. And what we are, we give to the world.

I’m ready to be in this place as I know you are, but until then may we encourage one another in our personal expeditions of becoming who we uniquely are as children being wonderfully made by our perfect heavenly Parent.