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Spark to Substance


Spark to Substance

The Faith Journey


Belief is the creative mechanism of the consciousness to create an experiential reality.

Faith is the progressive act of manifesting the substance of a belief.


These two spiritual laws take part in creating our experiential reality.

Believing is seeing. Seeing is believing. These two work in unison in a back and forth push and pull. We see what we believe. We believe what we see. Though seeing isn’t necessarily or only in the physical sense; but the perceptions of the mind. I see a situation one way and you another. Seeing is subjective as our beliefs are. This dynamic forms our relative truth; yet, this doesn’t mean our relative truth is aligned to the Truth. This particular alignment requires an active role on our part to seek what is the Truth, which I believe is found through understanding a pure, unconditional, and divine love.

Forming Relative Truth

A concept comes to us; it sparks a seed of belief. If the spark is strong enough, we act according to that spark, and either it will be reinforced or not. What is reinforced or confirmed becomes our belief, what isn’t passes away. This is the formative process of relative truth.

The Progressive Act of Faith

Digging into the mechanisms of this process; faith, the progressive act of manifesting belief, is the movement of the soul in responding to that spark. If a budding belief is reinforced, we act according to it again, which is faith. We do this until what we believe gains the quality of substance in our perceived reality. Thus, faith is the evolution of a seed of a belief into an established knowing that creates our experiential reality.

For example, when I first heard, from within my soul, the Spirit of Truth, a seed of belief that I could hear him in this way was born. In faith, I acted upon it by taking time to listen each day. As I learned how to listen, what I heard became reinforced by my reality and the interlocking wisdom I received. The seed of belief became a knowing that I was hearing him. Now my interaction with Spirit is a part of my daily reality. This is what faith does; it brings a spark to a substance.

Faith in Divine Love

A belief that creates a oneness with our Creator begins with a spark of that belief followed by faith in his divine love. Since faith is the precursor to belief and belief to creation, cultivating a faith in the divine love that creates a oneness with our Creator is the starting place.

Faith in divine love is a very personal journey. The Spirit of Truth through our experiences and growing awareness sows it in our soul. So, here is a bit of my experience.

My Faith Journey

It’s my belief that our Creator’s synthesized expression is divine love. Thus his love is always extended toward us, as is the nature of love. His love is present to our soul, but not in this simulation because we can’t yet express it. Since he is love, he is intimately known through my soul; which is able to know and experience love. So to connect to our Creator, I seek and desire to know, thus connect, to his love in my soul. In learning about his love, I learn about his other characteristics, which make up his loving nature. These understandings are part of the preparation a soul goes through to manifest a oneness with his divine consciousness.

Since our outward reality is a mirror reflection of our inward reality (another spiritual law at work), as I seek his love inwardly, I’m taught about it outwardly, thus my love expands and increases for all those around me. This increased love is a reflection of the work of faith within creating love where there once was none, or a mere imitation at best.

Currently, I have faith that divine love, thus the divine consciousness, is making its way into my soul to form a oneness with my soul. I don’t yet have the substance, so I’m still in the progressive evolution of it, thus faith is at work within me. The faith grows stronger as my relative truth aligns to the Truth. My Creator’s love has always been there, so my faith journey is one of me coming back home and along the way I learn a myriad of priceless lessons that enable the very oneness I desire.

So I’m progressing through a soul refinement into an experiential reality of no longer, I, but we. This is the meaning of “Christ in you” or “You in Christ”. Christ is the divine consciousness in a created soul. Jesus possesses this divine consciousness, thus he is Jesus “Christ”.

I’m continually experiencing the progressive work of faith ushering in this oneness into my reality. As the awareness of divine love grows it purges all that is contrary to it. I have no idea how long this road is. I can’t know because then faith couldn’t have its perfect work. The unknowing enhances my faith that is the precursor to and the facilitator of this oneness being actualized. Thus, the more faith, the better, until this oneness is manifested. Thus, my reality has been throwing all sorts of circumstances my way, which cause me to stand upon my faith in this divine love and nothing else, thus increasing my faith. My reality is revealing all within my soul that needs to be overturned by divine love. I often feel I’m up against my own personal Goliath, and like David, all I have is faith – yet this faith in divine love is infinitely powerful.

Ironically, faith in this divine love is the only real part of my reality, which is also why it’s so powerful. All that is sown by the self-determined consciousness will pass away; it’s finite. All that is sown by the divine consciousness is eternal. Divine love is of the divine consciousness, thus faith in the divine love is more real than what has been sown by the self-determined consciousness. In this understanding, my reality has shifted from the seen to the unseen. My perception is turned from the simulation of the shadow of death to the eternal light of life. I’ll be in this ever illuminating place, like the rising sun, until my faith is complete, and my belief becomes substance.

My faith in divine love manifesting in my soul started as a seed. But as my understanding grew, the faith expanded to where now most of my consciousness reality is set upon this faith foundation. Everything I do and experience serves the purpose of manifesting divine love in my soul, thus in my reality. I think, respond, and act based on the concept that divine love is at work in me. Even when I act counter, my faltering illuminates deeper understandings of divine love, which in turn expands my faith.

When my faith is complete, then the divine consciousness creates an inseparable union with my soul, and oneness with the Source and Center of divine love is established.

Faith is the Victory

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

15 thoughts on “Spark to Substance

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    Awesome Article in Faith & Divine Love

  2. Sonny is greatly misnomade about the facts I showed… He used many manipulative ploys to try and make me doubthp my self… But seeing some more of his post, I see why he said the things he did. He disposed the message I share… Not because its wrong but because he hates who gives it. So much first temptations came because of the slander I faced on here… But now I see more clearly, it has nothing to do with me as a person, nothing to do with even what I believe. It has to do with whom I bear the message from and it isn’t from a person… But the Creator who gave it. I don’t know what GOD had in store for Sonny. But I know the things I saw are truly not of God but of self Righteousness.

    • Misnomerd*

      Self Righteousness from Sonny.*

    • You need only to go back and read who it was that called others wicked and lost deserving of hell fire and damnation. It certainly was not Rachel or myself. When others answered you kindly and attempted to show you another side of what you were saying, you attacked the more. It was then…and only then….did I answer you in rebuttal. Yes, I realize it was zeal of wanting to do the right thing, but you did not do the right thing or use the right words having respect in them.

      In seeing your youthful zeal I attempted to answer you, having been called everything with such harshness and of unmeasured words. I waited patiently thinking if we showed you respect you would get it and try a different, more kind approach to your beliefs. Still the attacks came. I’m sorry if you got your feelings hurt by what I had to say about your manners but I felt such inconsiderate arrogance (and yes self righteousness) needed a blunt and a reply that was direct, truthful and to the point. Was it the best of language, I don’t think so but what do you expect when you read the comments and perspectives of another and call them wicked and will burn with your little symbols of burning flames. Really?!

      So, someone answers you, telling you, this is not the way of truth or maturity and “you” turn it around as though we instigated calling you self righteous for “no cause”. Be honest and go back and read when I replied to you and the language you used toward me when I did reply. I was going to ignore your obvious disrespect until you continued your name calling because you were being “ignored”. Any one that speaks from the carnal side of their mind instead of the mind that Christ is trying to instill in you, speaks as you do.

      You asked not to be ignored for your insults. Do you think your going to help anyone or have a meaningful conversation with them approaching them as you do? If you really think this way you need to take a good look at yourself. It is rarely I am this matter of fact with another. It is only when someone thinks vileness is Godliness and they call good evil and evil good. As I said I see one who wants to do the right thing but is not yet equipped to do so. You admit yourself you have a lot to learn, you apologize “to Rachel” for doing and saying wrong things and then you turn around and say your right and I am wrong. If you are willing to give forth your brand of “salvation” with the kind of rhetoric and hostility that lies within your soul, expect no less bluntness when one such as myself sees the need to confront their accuser.

      You acknowledge Rachel’s kindness and the “way” she speaks and instead of appreciating it, you judge her not according to her spirit you like, but a difference of doctrine you don’t like. Jesus makes it very clear that a kind spirit is more important than the opinion and “meat” (knowledge) of another. “If meat make your brother offend eat no meat in his presence”. This is telling us we should serve one another respectfully because of the love we have for the other inspite of the doctrinal differences. I understand everyone has to start somewhere and you are starting according to what you believe and how you see things. You will come to the place where your doctrines will take a backseat to “the way” of Christ instead where you love others and talk with them with respect regardless of difference.

      If you think I am angry and judgemental in my speech, I am not, I am answering you according to how you approached me for my views. My comments are not on what you personally believe but how you present yourself to others. It is not Christ like. If you think rebuking is something that is reserved for one of your particular denomination you are wrong. I decided to tell you exactly the fool you are marking of yourself for your hate toward others knowing it would be some time before you grew up but my sharp rebuke may wake you up a little sooner. You may not appreciate this reply but neither do I appreciate the mannerism is which warranted it.

  3. O… Rachel you had done good by showing me certain Scriptures…. But later you did do harm, and Sonny especially. It was a quasi personality I would have lived with if I listen to the latter things you said about my judgement…. I have much to learn, but that judgement of mine is to stay (it is what makes me love GOD more, knowing His justice). I can be more gentle with that judgement though… I must be. I feel more free, realizing truly why Sonny said the things he did, when I read his comments which I didn’t read before… I can live with him calling me self righteous, knowing now it truly is untrue. It’s not me he slanders but the one I beared the truth for… Which is no created thing.

    • Jedi, I thought you weren’t going to reply anymore? So, once again I ask you not to comment on this blog. You may mean well by your understanding, but you are very young in your understanding and do more harm than good. I know you don’t see this, but this is the very reason it’s a problem. Again, I only wish you the best, but I can’t allow you to continue to dishonor others on this site. It’s not good for anyone, including you.

  4. Rachel,

    When one is given a desire to seek by faith what you herein describ, it can only come from the fact that it is instilled in one’s mind and heart by none other than God Himself. To have a vision and a desire to love without conditions, or having to agree on a like knowledge, or be in “my group” has been one of the most freeing conditions of my own experiences. To desire to be in this oneness and to desire to love “all” people is a “gift” that comes from only what God can give to us. “Without a vision my people perish” says God, so He gives the vision. My point is that it is all a gift, even our pursuit as you describe to understand our deepest desires is a gift given with the strength to search, and as this strength wanes, more strength is given, sometimes just enough to survive the fog of the enemy. As you described previously we have within us our David, the spirit which in our youth as his was dwarfed by our Goliath, our carnal nature. It is by faith this dominate nature within will fall in the battle before us. All we need is a belief that God is stronger than our Goliath within and the victory is assured if we will only keep the faith.

    As faulty as David was, he was an example to each of us that though we fail repeatedly, giving into fleshly desires and are pursued by the enemy, if we remain in the principle of faith regardless of our weakness or the “seemingly” strength of another we will prevail. This is because we have come to have no faith in our strength, only in His. As a young man I had a high confidence in myself in that if it could be done then if I want to do it , I will. I contemplate things probably more that most others but when I thought I had a good grasp of the situation, I didn’t look back, my mind was made up. This seemed at the time to be a good attribute to have, after all it was about being successful in an endeavor and how could one do anything without one having confidence that one could do it?

    However, as I grew in the Lord, a new understanding began to emerge and establish itself in my heart. It was not easily established at first because I had this confidence that “I” could overcome any obstacle that was put before me and I had a determination that giving in or up was not going to happen. “I” had a very strong will and although this is not without “some” merit I slowly began to take on a different mind set where “my” strong confidence in my abilities started being transformed into seeing a confidence in knowing that God was going to make things work by me having “all” confidence in “His” ability to transform me into His likeness. My confidences over the years has morphed into a knowing that it is nothing of my abilities I have independent of my Father in heaven. This gives me a strength or a knowing that it is all about waiting on Him to complete me as He promised to Abraham about His seed being found not in works but by faith, a simple belief that He is…and will complete “all” in our order and time.

    So we give up our “self” confidence that “we” can get the job done to a complete surrender to understanding that we are His workmanship and we must have faith and a patience to wait on Him to complete His work in each and everyone of us. “Now”, I have all confidence and faith that this will happen, not because of any virtue that I am the author of but in understanding it is all about God completing His plan and promise through His Son and our pattern. I came to a place where I no longer believed I could do anything outside the grace, kindness and will of God. My stubborn, independent, confidence in myself gave way to a peace and contentment in having a new confidence, a confidence in another that would give me all that my previous vision entailed. It didn’t have to do with wealth and riches of this world or seeking fame, it has always been about seeking a better way, a better life, I just used to think “I” could do it, now I know with a certainty my confidence lies with another who will bring it to pass…because it “is” His will.

    It is my desire for all to see and understand the spiritual side of the scriptures where they describe a love and a oneness that completes everyone, by the end of the ages, where the final harvest takes place. It is not a matter of who will be saved but only in what order and calling we will be saved in. We will also come to understand that it is only our inward Goliaths we are being saved from, those obstacles of the fleshly nature of our soul. Being that it is a fact that we will all bow the knee to the will and likeness of God, we need to understand that love will prevail and be made complete in every heart, soul, and mind. So from natural birth to natural death it is being decided by our obedience (or lack thereof) where we will fit into the kingdom. We will all be changed where we will leave the fallen nature of seeing things in ruin instead of the glorious reunion of our spirit with our soul. If we can all begin to see that this completeness pertains to all we will cease to see others as deserving of being subjected to a literal fire, but being subjected by the consuming fire that God is…and He will burn all the wood, hay and stubble (vanity) from our life until the fire has left nothing but the pure gold of His spirit. There is no evil purpose in all the scriptures thus there is none in all the plan of God. God has no evil intent for one to suffer endlessly, but we must suffer for a little while so that when our freedoms are given in more abundance (the double portion described in Job) we will understand that with this abundance we do not harm another or another’s “space”. We stay within the boundaries set for us by God. We suffer to learn obedience and the consequences for not doing so. So we in repetitiveness, like night and day, cycle through the highs and lows until we reach the “spiritual” sabbath of the Lord where we rest from our works, moving into His. This day becomes one long unbroken light where there is no more darkness. This day of the lord is a spiritual day which has nothing to do with the natural and with “time”.

    If one could see that the natural was written only that we could easier understand the spiritual we would always look for the spiritual meaning of the verses we read for there is not one verse that only has a natural meaning. What seems cruel in the natural word, when understood in the spiritual, becomes a blessing and explains the love of God.

    Rachel, I am always so determined to answer briefly but each time you write something and I start that “one liner” it becomes not only a confirmation of what you say but reinforcing the same with a different perspective. As I have said before, God has given you an understanding beyond your peers and this gift is for a wonderful purpose. You speak frequently of your times of darkness and becoming weak to the point of despair but this is to only establish Him in your life as the author and finisher of your faith. Great things do not come without great preparedness. I speak for myself for having experienced like experiences for we experience the same things for the same reasons. It is easier to see once we get some distance in our rear view mirror and although we may not be finished we can certainly look back and having gone through much more of the journey than another we can offer sureties of the peace that will come and a hope becoming more fulfilled.

    I believe we are approaching the natural biblical “day” of the Lord where it speaks of the day of the Lord and Armegeddon as being one and the same thing. Well it is night for some but at the same time it is day for those who have kept their wicks trimmed and looking for “His appearing” in us so to speak. Armeggedon in which we have entered into naturally is the signal of good things to come, the kingdom age, and we are witnessing the transition through it. By the time the natural Armegeddon (WW3) comes to pass some will have already experienced their spiritual Armegeddon which prepares them to survive the natural one. (If they live in this time)
    The natural is far less important than the spirit because the spiritual one has no time table as does the natural. Jesus went through His personal Armeggedon as we will all. All the natural elements of “self” will have a falling away, a burning out, our mountains ( carnal kingdoms) will be brought low as the morning star rises within. Just remember for every natural verse in the scriptures there is an antitype which reveals the spirit. The only way to “see” this is to seek to love all without conditions being placed on this love according to the actions of another whether good or evil.

    We just really need to have one thought, and that it is all for the making of us into His image. Every single one of us.

    • I find it hubris reading your comments Sonny. I know you flirt in subtle ways with the author and jest from time to time “Rachel being your editor” these things are not according to God, its of the world… Familiarity between married women and men who are not thier husbands is a very dangerous thing to do…and is not what GOD wants. Trivial and fivris talk.

      • I think your going way overboard here.

      • I think your making a mole hill out of a mountain. I think your “minimizing” which is obvious.

      • Go back and read your original comments and how you turned away from me and toward Rachel when you found out I was a male. It was amusing and it was there for all to see. It appears you went back to dig up a comment you could construe as my intent being the same as yours. Finding none, you use this “editor” comment. What was directing your desire for further communications. It seemed as though my male gender was not to “your” desire for communication. You make allegations it seems out of some boyhood jealousy. Your 23, I’m 63. I at this age cannot say I have no further growing to do, I do but I I would go back as I say and read what you actually said and your admission of infidelity of mind watching the videos.

    • It’s real!y interesting for a time… To see how you think about me who followers GOD and the SDA which is a biblical movement. It just shows your straw men fallacies, and inaccurate knowledge of the truth. Exc!using many of the misrepresentions you did of the Bible alone… And not course your condensing talk and slander, but that’s something any true followers has to live with, eh Jesuit Sonny?

      If everyone spoke well of Ellen G White then I will be worried.

  5. If Satan’s plan is to “ingeniously. . . unsettle . . . confidence,” how does he do it?

    Since the Garden of Eden, for reasons not always clear, a person’s confidence in the truth about God has always been the special target of others who are not comfortable with divine authority. That is the way the cosmic controversy began, and that is the way it will end. To break down confidence in the trustworthiness of God and His gifted prophets has always been Satan’s chief goal. How does he do his work? By subtle insinuations, out-of-context allegations, planted rumors, and exaggerated assertions borne out of an incident that often could be easily explained.6

    We should expect that the same methods used by Satan to “unsettle” confidence in Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, or even Christ Himself, would be used with practiced precision on the ministry of Ellen White, or any future messenger from God.

    When any issue arises today (or will yet arise between now and the return of Jesus), we should immediately ask: (1) If the allegation involves Ellen White as a person, what are all the facts? (2) If the question concerns her theological teachings, what is the theological or philosophical presupposition that underlies the questioner’s (or “unsettler’s”) point of view?7

    That difficult-to-understand technical questions and isolated points should arise in a writing ministry of 70 years is not surprising. Similar questions confront students of the Bible. Many people through the years have lost confidence in the Bible because of real or apparent difficulties.8

    Why does this happen? Those who lose confidence often place more emphasis on the container than on its content, on the messenger rather than on his or her message. How does one focus on the content rather than the container, on the message rather than the messenger? How does one focus on Ellen White’s message rather than on Ellen White herself?9 By listening to her clear, prevailing message that illuminates the Bible’s focus on the character of God as manifested in Jesus and about His simple plan to change rebels into restored sons and daughters. The message of genuine prophets is consistent, whereas their lives, although exemplary, may not be without flaws.

    Even when a group accepts Ellen White as God’s messenger, differences of opinion will exist as to how to apply her principles to present circumstances. However, an honest, shared commitment to divine authority warms the heart of those who differ; differences are not magnified to the point of open contention. Those who focus on the content, not the container, seek to draw near to those who differ; they emphasize the principles upon which they agree, and minimize their differences.

    One other way that the writings of Ellen White (or the Bible) can be made “of none effect” is to misuse counsel. Some would call it the “woodshed rod” whereby the phrase, “Sister White said . . .” kindles deep resentment rather than appreciation.10 Sadly, for many, both young and old, the “Testimonies” have suggested dread rather than blessing, a chill rather than warmth. Out of context and separated from intent, the writings of Ellen White can easily become a whip or club—just the opposite of her purpose when she wrote messages of warning and challenge to those who knew exactly the truth of what she was saying.

    The best way to thwart Satan’s attempt to make of “none effect” the ministry of Ellen White is to “listen” to her prevailing message about God’s side in the great controversy, to read her published works11 as the final statement as to what she believed on any given subject, to place every word that seems discouraging in its original context—and then to sit back and marvel at the coherency of a remarkable messenger whose ministry has accomplished such profound worldwide results.

  6. She had some wonderful truths given to her as whoever the writer is of this comment about her you just shared. None of us should build our faith around another human being, whether Saint, prophet or teacher for these may be messengers of God but they are not to be put on a pedestal. Paul explained this clearly when he said “some say I am of Paul or of Appolos….etc., meaning they were just men with a message for others to emulate from within themselves and not another which is outside themselves. Many books have been written about many beliefs held by White that came from within the Adventist movement, both from within the sect practicing Adventist at the time of her writings and many afterwards. She had some knowledge according to them which was correct and some which was not. This is debated within the denomination even today. I leave this debate to those who think it matters. We should study the substance and way of the example, our pattern and example, Jesus Christ. I can reference others who may have believed a certain way and this is ok to a point but to build a religion around them is apostate, and in error.

    Cordell, if you search for truth instead of answers to doctrine you will find peace much sooner and will learn what truth is fir truth is a way of being, a way of possessing the fruit of the spirit. Faith is believing it can be done while a person’s fruit is that it is being done “in earth as it is in heaven”. His heavenly spirit dwelling “in” us is the anointing, it is not biblical knowledge for as the scriptures yeah, knowledge will cease but His spirit within will remain.

  7. The whore is the denominational church system revealed in Revelations and as you like to say it is in the scripture. You say you have the right to call others wicked and judge them to hell because you find it in the bible. What I am telling you is also in the bible so debating and arguing is unprofitable. I have tried with kindness as has Rachel to get you to understand your erroneous manner. I have tried warning you with scripture as you say you do. While all this has led to this point of you wanting to confront another on every word they say to the point where you go back and read every comment they have ever said on this blog so you can find an equal fault and rebuttal is not healthy. Cordell, if this is your way in life and you refuse to see a better way their is no more discussion to be had from me. If you choose a more respectful dialogue then we can have it. To go on further is to only bring out the worst in you but then again that could be a good thing if you will take stock of it. I believe I perhaps have tried past the point of where what I am unacceptable for to keep on is debating and truth cannot be debated, it has to be lived. Going on in this manner is against God’s instruction so while you may be wounded and lashing out, it is best you go and heal, think about what kind of demenor one should have in conversing and apply those new found principles of Christ likeness to your speech.

    As you will notice in your research of my words here on this blog, I never instigated one condescending remark which led to my rebuke of you. My rebuke came from defending my character against your attack on what I believed and was sharing. You without being asked inserted your judgment on others on this blog and they ignored your hateful demeanor until you demanded answers from those you demeaned. Others did not want to enter into this dialogue with such a one with a spirit you display and while I understand why, not speaking for others but for myself, much of my 63 years have been spent with no other desire but to please God and learn to discipline myself to do His will. While I know how this may sound to some and knowing you certainly won’t agree I have also learned to deal with babes in Christ who think they do God service by using language as you do. Your right age has nothing to do with maturity, it is God given, but being in the way outside of the systems for as long as I have I have been exercised in truth vs. doctrine, knowledge vs spirit, anti type vs type. I am still growing but occasionally dealing with an unruly one of having some knowledge without fruit is part of the ministry given to me. Love is unconditional, meaning God loves the sinner without loving the sin as we are instructed to also do. And I do. Whatever the world’s attitude toward me I am who I am by the grace of God and I place my finishing in His hands. I am not part of this worlds systems whether religious or political, I am not a member of any secret societies that hide in darkened buildings with no windows while being gullibly manipulated by political leaders. Since around the time of 1973 God called me outside of any and all worldly systems of man and I Have remained in this personal relationship as such since. Although I would have rather not gone through some disciplining and straightening that I have I know what has been put before me is for my good purpose as I believe this for all others. I am not saying anything to prove I am right and you are wrong, I share what has been and is for me so that if another identifies with it and it helps fine, but I do not need another to agree with me for my faith to keep me in the way. Using these stern words does not change me nor do I use them in malice in any way. I use them because I decided to confront my accuser to have at least tried before giving up. I believe one should go with another to a point before moving on. I am at this point with you, my accuser of being wicked and lost (your words) and will burn for my beliefs.

    So, is one not to address such an accusation and with as good a answer as they possess? Or do we just let it go, ignoring the insults, hoping they will move on or at least see there is an attempt to have good conversation with all about the word of God. It does not have to be in agreement of like doctrinal beliefs at all but if we have respect without getting into the name calling, much can be discussed and considered.
    This is my desire and my way. You admit you have a lot to learn and I agree as we all have and do also. Try a different approach and see if it doesn’t work better. There is a time for all things and although we do not like being the bearer of the rod, we use it as instructed with no guile or I’ll will for another for “all” things must be done with the furtherance of the kingdom in mind. This is the goal we must have for all others, whether they accost us or not, we remain true to our calling. I wish our dialogue could have been better but it is as good as it can be given the circumstance of my accuser. I know you will grow and look back on this encounter with a different perspective than you have now when your zeal has been displaced by the love of God in your being.

    Again I don’t think it constructive or wise to continue in this emotional realm. Oneday you will understand. I hope soon.

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