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Empowering the Soul


Empowering the Soul

To Create Divine Present Moments


Divine love empowers the soul to create a desirable reality.

Though the Spirit of the Creator enters creation in a singular present moment in a flash of divine light, in this moment the divine consciousness is established as a part of creation. The flash of light is the reflection that is created in reality when the divine consciousness unites to the core of the soul; the origin of all creation. Once established, it spreads to fill all in all, so that every present moment and all it contains becomes governed by the divine consciousness. Every moment builds harmoniously upon the next so that creation transforms into a divine reflection. So where the reflection of the Creator begins as a flash of light, it comes to fill all in all, so that everything, animate and inanimate, bears his likeness.

Each moment created through the soul by the divine consciousness creates a divine present moment. And in the Spirit of Oneness, all present moments are harmoniously linked together to create the eternal divine present moment – total oneness.

Empowering the Soul

This entrance of the divine light into creation transforms the soul into the following three elements: 1. to be present-minded, 2. possess the intention to divinely love all always, and 3. perceive all by the light of truth and divine love. When the soul abides in these three elements then it’s empowered to create desirable divine present moments, thus a desirable future.

1. Present-Mindedness

As the soul’s consciousness shifts to a divine consciousness it begins to function in a state of present-mindedness, which keeps the soul in the present moment and not a past-future mindset. Present-mindedness is the time and space where the soul connects and unites to the Spirit of God, where the vibration of his divine love energy exists, and it’s a state of fearlessness. Thus, from this space the divine love of God flows through the soul and manifests a reality that reflects this love.

Within this space, the soul begins to enter its rest. It’s now a conduit and no longer the creator. It isn’t in control, but the Creator governs the soul from the soul’s point of origin, so that the soul maintains a sense of “freewill”, thus the ability to love. In this, the soul rests in a state of TRUST knowing all its decisions are perfect because of the ubiquitous perfect orchestration of the divine consciousness. This understanding removes many layers of fear, which enable the soul to create divine present moments.

As the soul unites to the Spirit of God in this time and space, its vibration synchronizes with the vibration of the divine love energy. When the soul is functioning in this frequency, its only emotional response is within the array of divine love. Again, absent of fear, shame, guilt, and inferiority (all core creators of a lower vibration), the soul is able to create harmonious and desirable present moments.

2. Intentions of Divine Love 

In divine love, the soul desires to sincerely divinely love all; always. In this, it possesses an eternally open heart. Every encounter, action and thought manifests divine love energy. And, the divine love flowing from the soul creates a reality free of fear, thus free from harm.

Divine love empowers and protects the soul. It empowers the soul to always create a desirable present moment, thus protecting the soul from undesirable ones. If the soul possesses fear, then the reality manifests harm. If the soul possesses love, then the reality manifests harmony. Present moments layered in harmony are what the divine consciousness produces from the soul outward as the spark of divine light transforms the soul.

In divine love, the soul’s relationship is invaluable to the Creator, and equally so is its relationships with others through whom his love is manifested in creation. The soul’s intentions to divinely love others enable the Creator’s love to manifest in creation, by his grace. In oneness, the soul is a conduit of the Creator’s love. The soul can’t self-contain one drop of his love. It can only be a channel for it to abundantly flow through. Thus, divine love manifests when it resides in the infinite space between two individual souls, which unites them in oneness. Both the soul’s connection to the Creator and to others are necessary for divine love to exist in creation, so one can’t exist without the other. This dynamic is how what is eternally One is able to manifest love, which takes two, yet still remain one.

3. Divine Light

As the divine consciousness begins to take over the soul, the soul begins to perceive all in the light. In the light, the soul perceives all in love and truth. The soul connects to the divine seed in every other soul and the infinite value of every aspect of creation. From this perspective, all the soul’s responses and decisions flow from its Source.

In the light, there is no more blindness. Blindness comes from not being able to “connect the dots”; to see the oneness in all things thus their relation and impact on one another. This darkness leads to a myriad of ill judgments and error. The lucidity of vision created by the divine consciousness enables the soul to act in wisdom and thus make the right responses and decisions.

In the light, the soul resides in transparency. The soul lives in honesty and integrity with every intention driven by divine love. It feels no fear, shame, guilt, or inferiority, which causes it to withdraw into the darkness. Instead, it stands in freedom in the light, and in liberty in its individuality.

Understanding these conceptual frameworks of divinity is the forerunner to receiving the divine consciousness. Meditating on these truths is part of the process of the transformative shift into the divine consciousness. What priceless gems they are to the soul.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Empowering the Soul

  1. You say:
    As the divine consciousness begins to take over the soul, the soul begins to perceive all in the light. In the light, the soul perceives all in love and truth. The soul connects to the divine seed in every other soul and the infinite value of every aspect of creation. From this perspective, all the soul’s responses and decisions flow from its Source.

    I see the “divine consciousness” as the spirit that begins to take over the soul as this is how the scriptures relate to spirit and soul or in your sharing the “divine consciousness” is the “spirit” said in a different way. We have a spirit and soul, and it is this interaction which grows the soul. Is this what you are saying or are you saying the soul has the lead? If I follow you correctly the soul takes on a “divine consciousness” ………that the spirit gives it…..little by little until the soul is fully consumed….again by the spirit which is the whole of who God is.

    I think we are saying the very same thing only using different terms. It does confuse some as I have discussed these things among others using the “spirit and soul” and their ultimate oneness of melding into the same one spirit.

    I’ve noticed in the last few weeks and months your clarity of this subject has become more and more cohesive and clear which speaks more and more of the cleansing of the soul…by the spirit…or in your words the “divine consciousness”. I am asked what’s the difference and I say “nothing”.

    A good read.

    • Hi Sonny, Yes the Spirit takes over the soul. It’s different ways of saying the same thing. 🙂

      • In my sharing with others these things they get a little confused as to the our different terminology. I knew but I just wanted you to clarify for yourself. It’s all good.

  2. I had someone say this to me yesterday. >>> Then whats your soul then? and and and… << {uh oh loop time} ((((( (key is to go to the Lord in silence about those grapes without responding or defending or trying to make someone understand the position of I am for you at the sacrifice of myself but really is not a sacrifice at all when you know what I am saying here, lol thats why you dont defend that but its in most cases the only thing people could understand (PARADOX). I know you know what Im saying ))))))) < and brings me again to nothing, that the Lord can fill up with the Premium Good. whew Done. Sorry bout dat there Lord. I could use all your prayers that the Lord hears mine extra loud because of you all. I have never asked anyone this but it works. My prayers are for others around me during there trying times may see Jesus like they have never witnessed Him before so they can be true relationship thats amazing and real time.. They are in the tough stuff and I know the Lord is working, In Jesus name I pray for you all also. ~OXXO~

    • Hi Travis, What beautiful sentiments you share for others. As I responded to Sonny, I’m finding that all spiritual understanding holds paradoxes. This dynamic of spiritual understanding can make it a challenge to explain things to others, this is why we need to trust the Holy Spirit, who was given to teach us all things. So I get it. 🙂 I feel one of the most powerful things we can do is to have sincere loving intentions for others … that comes from an understanding of divine love. And these intentions are the essence of prayers for others. When you look at it energetically, you can see the significance and power of it. And when you see our reality is a reflection of our own soul, again you see the power in our sincere desire to love others with a divine love.

  3. All my writing got cut off So weird None of this may make sense now. All for reason I took a screenshot before I sent it. I think Im just gonna let it be this way. Lets see what happens. May be the Lord said Too much Info traV

    • Hi Travis,

      I’ve been thinking about this dynamic … Often I write more than what I publish. I find often I write for my own understanding or purposes … and then what I share with others is perfect. What you published is perfect.

      In all my words, I’m learning to trust the Spirit’s edits. I used to wish I said this or that .. or wondered why I didn’t. But I’ve learned that what I said or didn’t say was perfect for the situation. It’s all about trust as we desire to let love flow through us like a constant stream. 🙂

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