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The Highest Honor: Thrones of Trust


The Highest Honor:

Thrones of Trust


We honor our Creator when we trust him.

We trust him when our will is at rest.

We rest as we acquiescently sit on our thrones.


Our Creator honors us as the weaker vessel who is dependent on his divine love. As our soul matures in his love, we return honor back to him in the form of a child-like trust. In this exchange, divine love, which encompasses honor at its core, is manifested between his Spirit and ours.

In oneness with our Creator, we reside in a co-creator dynamic with him. In this simulated reality, we are experiencing a reality manifested by our self-determined consciousness, which he covertly governs for our highest good. In the eternity of the real, we experience a reality manifested by his divine consciousness working through us in radiant glory. To obtain the latter, we first experience the former unreal state to learn many lessons.

One lesson, which is paramount to them all, is that we can’t breathe without creating harm and suffering, regardless of our intentions. This depth of awareness in conjunction with a growing awareness of divine love begins to manifest a divine trust within us. In this trust, we willingly relinquish our self-driven will, and desire our Creator to govern every iota of our being. In this trust, we draw near to him in genuineness, love and gratitude. Thus, we honor him above all because we trust and desire him above all.

Establishing Trust

Along the path of enlightenment, we grow in the awareness that at every turn in this reality, there is a pertinent reason to trust. It’s not a trust in anything of this world or of us, for there is nothing in either that can help with the depth of our need. It’s a foundational trust in the Creator.

To come to this state of trust, we first become acquainted with the Creator’s true reflection, otherwise our trust is in vain. In the wiles of the darkened mind, the likeness of the Creator has been obscured with many false images. When the soul sincerely seeks for his true likeness, the Spirit of Truth reveals it bit by bit. It’s revealed little by little, for in revealing the nature of the Creator, our soul is transformed.

The Creator is the essence of divine love and absolute truth, which holds every possible divine potential for a created reality. He is beyond images. Including, beyond the word “he.” As we commune with his Spirit of Truth in our sacred inner chamber, he reveals himself to us in spirit that only our soul can comprehend. Through this engagement we come to know him increasingly more intimately, according to our advancing divine soul state.

Through this ever-growing awareness, divine trust forms in us. Trust is the fruit of this sacred engagement. It can’t be manufactured outside of it. For trust to be authentic it has to be cultivated in the real; in the pre-creative space of our soul; the only real place we know in this simulated state.

Regarding this simulated state, true separation in divine love is impossible. Thus, we are in a simulated state that isn’t real that our Creator created for instructional purposes; like a training simulation. When we awake into the real, all our thoughts are one with the divine consciousness, the only way they truly can be, thus they always and only serve the manifestation of divine love. Until then, we learn through this dream-like state knowing all is serving this end.

Energetic Exchange

As this relationship grows, our trust matures through a fully repentant heart beyond the vicissitudes of vanity. We desire to fully relinquish our self-will and instead embrace the divine will, which we do through the sacred trust crafted in us by the Spirit of Truth. Being in this state of consuming trust is a pivotal state of consciousness that facilitates our will shifting from being self-driven to divinely driven.

This matured trust leads us into an energetic exchange with our Creator. Through a deep inner trust (a profoundly powerful energetic state) we lay down our self-directed will, and in doing so honor him. In response, his divine honor enters the core of our soul. This energy exchange forms divine love within us and transitions our trust into a child-like trust that leads to the materialization of the divine self. In this our “thrones of trust” are established in place of our “thrones of lust”, and the Spirit of God fully governs our lives from within our soul through our oneness with him.

At the Soul’s Edge

Our oneness with the Creator is fashioned over many exchanges between our soul and the Spirit of Truth along our soul journey through the wilderness of the self-determined consciousness. These exchanges reflect our oneness from the beginning. He calls, we seek. He teaches, we repent and follow. He crafts, we trust. He governs, we rest. It’s through these exchanges that divine love is formed between us.

At the close of our soul journey, we come to the edge of ourselves. In this place, we look upon the infinite chasm that separates us from unlimited divinity. This chasm is defined, created, and sustained by the possibility of one wayward thought. One thought not in accordance to divine love reveals a separation from the divine consciousness; thus a soul state of darkness.

There is nothing of ourselves or of this world that can deliver us from this wayward thought, thus the infinite chasm. It’s in this state we, once again, face the depth of our need for the consuming nature of the divine consciousness to govern every aspect of our being. We can’t even trust as we should because of our contrary thoughts that discredit its purity. Yet knowing the nature of divine love, we trust that even our lack of trust is covered in the more than sufficient grace found in divine love. This trust is the highest honor we can give him from our current soul state.

As we gaze into this infinite chasm, our trust cascades over its precipice. It’s a pivotal moment in our transformation. As we face the depth of our depravity as we experience the darkness of our soul, we trust. We trust him with all we know and don’t know. All the journeying of the soul comes down to this moment. A moment where the soul has sold all, desired to turn from all that isn’t of divine love and is overwhelmed in its desire for oneness, and yet all it can do is trust. Yet trust is exactly what is required because it returns a sincere honor and love back to the Creator enabling a divine love exchange to occur, thus establish a root of divinity.

Child-Like Trust

Trust takes effort until we are sublimely one because we struggle against our self-determined consciousness that puts us in the throws of doubt, fear, and abandonment. When his divine consciousness reaches across that infinite chasm through his divine love, our trust becomes a ubiquitous knowing (a child-like trust) and we are awakened to a new day as a child of his likeness.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “The Highest Honor: Thrones of Trust

  1. Rachel:

    Love what you said and more importantly as always how you say it. Love does not look at the differences in us that are,… but the oneness that one day shall be in us making us as one ,…thus we trust to our mutual end. We trust in that no matter our individual calling and order, we see all becoming one…in the same spirit…although with individual rewards according to our loyalty.

    Trust at it’s pinnacle is believing in a love of and for the highest calling in Christ Jesus. The highest form of trust comes from knowing the absolute truth of who God is, who His first born is, how the first born relates to us…and how all of these things fit into the one plan of God. How can we trust unless we know what truth is? We cannot truthfully trust in believing a lie that God does not love all and will see all. We trust in part because we see in part but when truth is fully revealed “in us” we see Him as He is. This is because we become as He is, in the character of the “I Am”. We “trust” and believe there will be no distinction in the likeness of God…and with His Son…and in time in each of us with “them” in our own order. The climax of trust is knowing and believing we will be found in Every way as Christ is…thus we are to “let” this mind be in us which is also in Christ Jesus. Trust is a peaceful…knowing presence.

    We trust that God will finish His work in us…for if we know His true plan…there is no doubt. We trust that our soul will lose her own identity and become as in the natural, taking on the name of the spirit, her husbands name for the spirit is the husband, the soul is the wife and the carnal mind is who the soul turns from in her deviousness of playing the harlot, to mind the things of her husband, the spirit…what you call the divine consciousness. As peace comes in our true nature of the spirit it is because the soul is giving up her own identity to take on that nature of her husband the spirit…or in reality the nature and likeness of the Father in Christ.

    • Hi Sonny, So true, what beauty these revelations hold. Just meditating on them brings a delight and joy that is beyond anything else I’ve known. Nothing compares. To see the fullness of his divine love … how it reaches to every soul and every aspect of creation in order to bring them into his bosom sends joy and gratitude pulsing through our being. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him and at the reward is him. To be united to him in oneness …. and in this you realize it isn’t your oneness, but oneness for all. His workmanship is perfect in us all. As I see this in my life, I see it for all.

  2. Happy Easter to both of you. Amazing to see the child of God trust manifest sparks of light for others that just spark you back. Excellent post Rachel. On a funny note. It’s the chicken who is now on the right side of the road. 🐣🍪🐰

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