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Wrapped “Presents”


Wrapped “Presents”


As the divine consciousness establishes its constructs in the soul, the past-future mindset of the soul is transitioned into a state of present-mindedness. In this, the ill effects of the past created by the false-self end, and the future becomes an infinite space of wrapped “presents”, which enable the soul to fully abide in the present moment. 

False-Self vs Divine-Self

The false-self grows out of the self-determined consciousness. Within this consciousness, all the soul’s experiences are dictated by its unreal imaginations. It can’t perceive what is unreal or real, what is false or true. Its judgments are all off. Once unreal imaginations (lies and illusions) are believed and acted upon they create the soul’s reflective reality, which further blinds the soul from the truth.

The false-self is a soul state based on the inherent separation created by the self-determined consciousness that in turn creates the core characteristics of inferiority (whose flip-side is pride), shame, guilt and fear (which drive the false self’s creative processes). Because these are at the soul’s core they affect every choice and decision to some degree, which in turn shapes the soul’s life.

However, along the path of enlightenment, the soul gains truth from the Spirit of Truth. These truths establish the frameworks of the divine-self; like an embryo forming in a womb. In these new frameworks, the soul no longer perceives just a false-self, but now a divine-self. While the false-self operates by the self-determined consciousness, the divine-self operates by the divine consciousness. It’s pure and without blemish, though in its embryonic state it was developed and matured by receiving wisdom from the lessons of the false-self.

End of the False-Self

The false-self ends its reign over reality, and the divine-self begins as the soul gains various transformative understandings. The two overlapping essential constructs that enable the divine self to materialize are 1. realizing that all the soul created in its false-self was based on its imaginations of the unreal, and 2. its need for divine honor that is inherent in divine love.

The false-self and divine-self dynamic is like dreaming. When you are dreaming you are in a different state of consciousness (false self). When you wake (divine self), you know it wasn’t real, but you can learn from your dreams.

As our dreams at night are products of our imagination, so is our false self, thus our entire experiential reality. None of it is truly real. When we begin to awake from this dream by gaining the new frameworks of the divine self, we realize our false self and all the reality it created wasn’t based on truth, but illusions and lies that created our suffering. Thus, the truth can set us free. We realize our divine-self, who the Spirit of Truth has been constructing and revealing to us, is who we truly are. In this, the false-self begins to lose its power over us little by little. As it loses its power, the soul begins to be set free from the bondage it created by its unreal imaginations. However, this awareness in itself isn’t sufficient to free the soul.

Divine Honor

Along with understanding that it has suffered and caused suffering due to its unreal imaginations, the soul needs the inherent quality of divine honor to replace its inferiority.

As the Creator’s divine love enters the soul, inferiority is replaced by divine honor whose flip-side is true humility. By the Creator bestowing honor to the soul, (which is the weaker entity), the creation reaches equilibrium with the Creator, (which is the stronger). In this union of frequency, a pure exchange of divine love energy can occur. In receiving honor, the weaker entity returns honor to the stronger. Without this honor at the root, the soul can be aware that it is governed by lies and illusions, but it remains powerless to truly live in the truth until a substantive honor is received.

Like divine love, this honor is received into creation when it is given from one individual soul to another. Though it is the honor of the Creator, it is manifested in creation when it is exchanged between two souls. When the soul unites to the divine consciousness, the soul begins to pour out this love and honor and thus manifest it in its reality. By desiring to give honor to others, the soul is able to receive the divine honor from the Source and give it to others, thus receive it from others. Which is beautiful beyond words.

Future of Wrapped Presents

As the unreal imaginations come to an end, the soul experiences a shift in its perceptions of the future because the ill effects of the past are no longer in play.

When the soul is governed by the divine consciousness (the will of God), the future appears as an infinite bright white light full of infinite divine possibilities, and yet at the same time it appears as a vast unknown. If you look at a future with unwrapped presents, it looks full and desirable because you know what to look for. If you look into the future of wrapped presents, it looks like endless white space. So, unlike the predictive, controlled and planned outlook of the self-will, when in the will of God, the soul experiences a wide open space where anything could happen.

Initially when the soul begins to shift in this perspective, it experiences a certain doubt of what will happen. It’s like a butterfly taking flight for the first time. It’s a bit unsettling and exciting at the same time. But as each moment continues to unfold in growing beauty and harmony this questioning ends and the wonderment and excitement and of a child take its place. When the will of God is in control and the self-will isn’t, the soul never knows what a moment will bring.

So instead of the soul trying to control, it resides in a place of fluidity and trust. Trust is essential to be able to start operating in this new way. Yet, the soul is perfectly prepared as this level of trust was developed on its path of enlightenment. In trust, the soul rides the winds of the moment, as the sovereign will of God manifests through its seven soul elements. Though the soul doesn’t know what the future holds or how its desires will manifest, it knows who is in control and finds peace in this divine governance. Thus it enters its rest in the present moment with a beautiful child-like trust that honors the Creator above all.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Wrapped “Presents”

  1. I love this discussion of the spirit and souls interrelationship for without this fundamental understanding we really can’t understand what we are about, nor how we grow from the carnal to the spiritual… and finally how we get to our final destination. Watching this clarity and understanding evolve in our dialouge from a couple of years ago (has it been this long?) it is gratifying to know time heals our hearts…and understanding. It brings us into an understanding of the oneness that “is”. What a wonderful place to be.

    For several months I really have meant to move on or to at least cut back on my comments for you need little help and support as I thought you once did when you were being bombarded with negativity for your positions on things. This is a good place for one to get understanding and encouragement and my only purpose was (is) to reinforce this to you and to your readers. I am somewhat straight forward in my approach on subject matters but directness with kindness (I hope) is best served without much leaven.

    I remember your self explained confusion and “derailment” of what was going on in your life some time ago but I felt I could see the dawn rising in your life and it seems as though I have seen the sun rise brightly on your coming together of understanding the soul and spirit…and how they go from being separated to being one again. It has been a wonderful trip and observation. I hope you continue as you have and I know you will. You have much love to offer and many will receive a true understanding from your kind words. Love is the meaning and fulfillment of “all” words in the scriptures, we just have to see the part of the puzzle each word represents. All words represent a part of this overall love and we will realize this when we see that there is only a oneness to be had when all these word meanings are revealed. You are one being given the ability to reveal much truth…for truth is simple…and that is to love all without condition.

    I think I also share in this same projection…I suppose this is why it is hard to leave such a lovely presence. I will be…being much quieter on here for you say all that I can…yet your words are spoken with such sincerity the spirit witnesses spirit to spirit. I know I am not the only one who sees this oneness rapidly developing in you and I know this is what you desire more than anything…and people should not criticize you but listen…and if they do they will do well.

    Your friend in Christ


    • Sonny, your words really touched me today as I felt your heart in them in a very special way. They reflect the work of God in our lives…and how perfect and beautiful it truly is. They reflect a spirit of love that holds honor for our individuality that I so desire to see reflected throughout the human soul.

      It is interesting that I spoke of this oneness in my very first blog post … though what I spoke was true, I obviously had no idea of the journey that laid ahead or the depth of what I was saying. The journey, the truth, and the changes in all I perceive were ones I could have never known, obviously. And its a journey that never ends, but only grows more beautiful and rich.

      We have shared much in our exchanges over the years and I know as you are led it will continue to be as it should. Just as I continue on in grace. We get to a point where we look back upon our lives and see that everything was perfect for our growth and understanding – its a reflection of the sovereignty of God interlaced with our experience of a “self-will”. Everyone in our life is used to teach us as well as be taught by us, we are all teacher and student to each other in a multitude of ways, and often not in the traditional sense because often it is in ways that we don’t expect. We intend to share something, a particular concept, etc …. and what the other receives is something different that the dynamic itself taught and revealed. It’s fascinating beyond words. We really never know how we are being used. And often initially we don’t know how others are being used in our lives until we receive the lesson from their lives interacting with ours. And as we learn and mature we eventually come into a spirit of oneness with one another through an exchange of divine love. I feel this is where we are at. It’s an incredible journey of the heart.

      • Yes, God brings other people into our lives with a purpose in mind. Sometimes He does not tell us why and sometimes He does. 🙂

  2. This warms my heart to no end. Thank you for your outflow of divine love to me Rachel 🙂

    • Hi Carmen, I’m so grateful to you and for all you shared with me. I can’t tell you how much you blessed me and continue to. I look forward to meeting you when I move. 🙂

  3. I will look forward to that wonderful day! 🙂

  4. Many seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the “scriptures” in a legalistic way to teach, debate and argue their point of view among others. While this mindset wants to do the
    “Right” thing although thinking the right thing is thinking knowledge is gain wisdom is truth and understanding is wonderful. While this is true, it can also be a false concept. Although Solomon had greater wisdom than all the other kings that came before and after him he didn’t have and maintain “Godly wisdom”. He built many alters to his forbidden foreign wives which became part of the reason for the downfall of Israel.

    We desire what is in our heart and what we long for. If it is knowledge, understanding and wisdom as Solomon it won’t get you far.

    Desire love. Pure and simple unconditional love for all and all things that perpetuate the kingdom of God within ourselves s well seeking a good heart in others and…you will not only receive the truth. You will receive the understanding of the knowledge also but without love for the least to the Father we have nothing. Seek simplicity, let your debate be ye and nay without controversial talk and you will mature into all that is of God. Seek peace with all.

    • Hi Sonny,

      When I started my journey I started seeking after truth, versus seeking after love. Love remained somewhat in the background, though it was there to some degree. Then one day after seeking for several years, I asked God to sincerely reveal his love to me. As the Spirit of Truth started to lead me into the truth of love … it redefined and reframed everything I had learned. I realized it was all about love, which at its fullness was when I took down my blogs/videos. I saw its magnificence to such a powerful degree, and I wanted to do everything from the intention to divinely love. It was like a new beginning for me .. thus the “clean slate” but over time I saw the perfection of the Spirit’s work in my journey and to honor his work in me .. I put them all back up, and so glad I did. I wouldn’t be where I am without all I learned and he is such an amazing and faithful teacher. Also, we are all at different places and I felt my previous postings would be helpful for others who are at different points along the path … for I know each post was Spirit-led from where I was at. Now it amazes me to go back and read my older posts and how everything builds … truly a testimony to the perfection of the Spirit of Truth’s instruction in our lives.

      When we truly understand divine love and what that entails we are truly beginning to understand truth. Without divine love, we can never fully get to the truth and without truth we can never get to divine love. Instead of one being principle over the other, they are beautifully intertwined in perfection where you couldn’t have one without the other .. not truly. And as we come to this realization, then we understand how it is through love that we help others come to the truth .. if we are “self-righteousness” – about right and wrong and lacking love … then we continue to harm ourselves and others.

      • All we progress through is a building block to the next step so all we go through is divinely appointed by God through the pattern of His Son. When a person suffers through loneliness, trying to fill it with worldly desires and ego attention seeking services we are on a lower level which must be passed through…to learn…that when the true spirit comes we will know the difference. We are here for the contrast….to know the absence of love…or having had a false lustful (physical) love…for a time we have light and dark be for us…so we learn to choose a higher life.

        When you took down your “past” I understood why but did not agree as I saw much truth in the knowledge you had. I agree we must move into the substance from the “knowledge” but knowledge has its place though on a lower plane, a lower level of understanding. When we understand that all knowledge is a description but not the substance of love…we seek love in a oneness we never had before because we see beyond the shadow and look to that which cast the shadow…the reality of who God is. It’s all good every step we’ve taken.

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