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The Path of Enlightenment


The Path of Enlightenment


When we connect to the Source and Center of all and embrace the divine truth and love it offers us, then we begin our journey to becoming enlightened. A path of enlightenment is one into a divine soul state.

It’s often assumed that a truly enlightened soul state is reserved for a chosen few. But it is only this belief that keeps it so. True enlightenment is available to every soul; for it is the eternal soul state for every soul. Truth is owned by no one, and is available to every one.

Enlightenment is an awareness of the truth, light, in such a way that it continuously alters our state of consciousness, thus our creative potentials. Light is awareness of what is true and real. Darkness is blindness by what is false and unreal. Enlightenment comes from being connected through the spirit to the Source and Center, our Creator. It is a soul state of heightened and expanding awareness of truth and divine love. It’s having the eternal light of life turned on in our inner soul’s perception, instead of stumbling around in the darkness of illusions.

Becoming Enlightened

As I begin to see the light among the shadows in my own journey, the understanding of an enlightened soul state grows more lucid. It’s a condition in which souls possess a certain amount of truths that define their being, others, the creation around them, and their Source. It’s a heightened and expanding state of awareness, as the soul is being set free from the illusions. It’s a path of seeking, following and embracing the truths in faith that are presented from the Source of Creation.

As certain truths become personal beliefs, which is the struggle of our soul journey, then inner peace, centeredness, calmness, and insightfulness are manifested; truths surrounding such concepts as present-mindedness, energetic vibrations, and soul responsibility, and the complementary dynamics of love and ego, real and unreal, truth and illusion, oneness and separation, life and death, perfect cause and self will, spiritual and material, light and dark, individuality and conformity, judgment and compassion, humility and confidence, responsiveness and creativeness, true self and false self, and so on.

We all possess the potential to journey the path of an enlightened soul. It’s found through a doorway in our soul that connects us to the divine consciousness of the Source, Creator and divine Father. It grows by a sincere desire that creates responsive actions in us that lead ever closer to the Source and Center. The closer we are to the Source the more enlightened we become as we move away from a mindset dwelling in outer darkness; which has very little awareness of truth, to a mindset governed by the principles of truth; light.

Those who learn how to access this realm of truth are on the path of enlightenment; which consists of endless gradients of growth and expression, as it is a path that never ends. How people access this inner place varies and it’s related to their individuality, personality and background. Though there are similarities such as; stillness of mind, quieted spirit, being receptive to listening, learning, and embracing the truth perceived, and a sincere desire to become that truth. Those who develop this connection reveal similar core truths; truths like the ones I mentioned above.

Our individuality is expressed in the facilitators that help us to enter this soulful place of connection to our Source; such as the varieties of meditation, melodic movement, music, nature, writing, journaling, supplemental reading, and guided practices. We borrow and share ideas from one another discovering what assists our own personal connection. The goal among all these variables is the same; to connect to the Voice of Truth that is beyond us and yet heard from within us. All these modalities of connection serve to extinguish all exterior voices that tell us, who we are, who we should be, or what we should do. They provide an ability to focus on the one Voice of Truth that flows from our loving Creator, a Voice we’ve all heard whether we realize it or not.

Enlightened souls spend amble time cultivating this connection to the light, thus how they become enlightened. They follow its leading and embrace the truth offered as they push through their own illusions and lies. In a humility, transparency of soul, and willingness to learn, they allow the truth to continuously evolve their beliefs setting them free from static constructs that prohibit soul growth. They allow this Voice of Truth to continuously bring them into a clearer and heightened perspective in all things. Their continuous movement away from judgment, control, fear, criticism, complaining, unforgiveness, ego, pride, arrogance, vengeance, greed, jealously, self-pity, and apathy, creates an expanding soul state of love, of which the entire human soul benefits from. They serve us all in the most profound way.

I extend my gratitude to these souls and the truths they share; which I only understood as I connected to the Source myself. Their souls create beautiful and powerful ripple effects into the overall awareness of the collective human soul. We honor them and ourselves not by holding them in isolation as an elite group, but by coming along side of them and embarking upon our own journey of enlightenment. Not to copy their path, but to discover our own through our unique individuality. The greatest gift we can give to our Creator, ourselves, those we love, and all of creation is to journey this path of the peacemakers into divine truth and love.





Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “The Path of Enlightenment

  1. Rachel, your quote speaks to a few statements I previously made in my last response to you. They remind me of what you say in your line….

    “It’s often assumed that a truly enlightened soul state is reserved for a chosen few. But it is only this belief that keeps it so. True enlightenment is available to every soul; for it is the eternal soul state for every soul. Truth is owned by no one, and is available to every one.” End quote”

    Although we know that all will not come to see this same level of enlightenment as do others in the present age and time , it is a blessing to know their destination is no different from that of our own. To have the scales of “difference”, “condemnation”, and “superiority”, fall from our eyes is a blessing that far exceeds anything a person could desire when in their created state of blindness. If what I see you saying is correct, and I believe it is, it is that we all will enter through the gate, …eventually. Knowing a person cannot ever be as bad as the fallen mind would have another to be is a wonderful “enlightenment ” as you say, to have. There is no “lower” fallen condition of the mind and soul to be in than to think and to have such a high regard for oneself as to be deserving and going to “heaven” while this same mind could divide God’s plan into two destinations, heaven and hell . One place for self and another place for those we compare ourselves to.

    This type of comparison is evil. While being in a mindset of parties, factions, and divisions as quoted in scripture, this mindset sets oneself apart in an evil way for this kind of separation (in the temple) has a rejective attitude as it’s base. However, coming through the door, which Christ is, brings us to the place in the “temple” where separation has been taken away, for now we “see” the veil of parties, factions and divisions taken away in our own temple where only a oneness can now be seen and dwell. While the veil is being rent in our own heart and soul so that we can see into the “holy of Holies” ( the spirit) from the holy place (the soul) we no longer upon entering the tabernacle see the veil or wall of separation….for it is rent. We no longer see ourselves as two compartments as in the natural example. The veil is rent, taking away division, our soul and being not being factional any longer. Until Christ came and hung naturally upon the cross thus signifying a new age and beginning, we could not move beyond a two room temple, one room veiled off from the other. The natural temple shook in the great quake and thus the “falling away” of the veil took place. Now…upon entering the “door” of the temple you only see one room, not two. You can now see all the way through to the holiest of Holies where before a veil was in place. This veil was and is our fallen condition of fears and predujices in the flesh.

    To have this veil and wall of separation removed from one’s being is the most enlightening thing we can experience for it brings us from one side of the veil right into the other side of the spirit where God dwells. Where we once struggled with “double” vision of seeing the soul as one thing and the spirit as another, we can now see these two as one since having the wall of separation removed. No more confusion, no more one kind of love for one person and another kind of love for another ( saint and sinner). We have truly entered into God’s temple where the temple veil of separation no longer exist. When we see every person that has ever been born or ever will be born as on this same path of being redeemed, we can now see what it means to leave the 99 and go get the one, making it as God predetermined, a plan of 100% inclusion.

    We cannot have true peace and love until we have only one place (room) in our being, for until we see one as all and all as one we remain behind the veil of separation. When this veil is removed from within it takes away two ways (confusion) of looking at things. The soul is no longer kept from the likeness of the spirit for the spirit and soul are now together in one room, not two. Now when we speak of spirit and soul we are speaking from one point of view and not two. Our marriage has taken place. The “one” man child can now be born from the union of the two, spirit and soul. When we are fully mature we can no longer speak from a soul perspective any longer for our soul has been completely consumed and made one with the spirit again. Where our one spirit was made two in the fall of the garden experience it will once again regain this conciousness in a oneness through our regenerative, resurrected experience.

    While there may be a chosen few to head up the government of God as is spoken about, this choseness excludes no one from their particular calling and order. While God speaks of callings and orders for each, the evil mind speaks of some being saved and some being damned off from salvation. When we are allowed to see as God sees, we see all included, all completed in our own order. An enlightened soul will see as the spirit sees when “all” means just what it means, “all”.

    The simplicity in Christ.

    • Hi Sonny,

      I do find at times that you reference concepts that I’m about to post prior to me reading your comment. It’s interesting how that synchronicity occurs.

      Some similar reflections on your comment … when we are directed by the self-will which we are while in the “corrupted” body, which I think of as our instructional state, we can’t create anything truly good. (all our righteousness like filthy rags) Its the limitation of being our own “point of center” instead of our true Source and Creator, our heavenly Father being our “point of center”.

      In this temporary alter consciousness we are learning many truths through its imperfections that we couldn’t learn otherwise. We are all in this condition, so to judge another is to judge ourselves. And one day we will have our Father as our point of center … so that his perfect divine consciousness flows through our inner perceptions, connecting us all in a beautiful oneness. In this we put on “incorruption” and immortality. We gain the governance of a divine consciousness and no longer a self-directed one. In our self-directed consciousness, there seem to be limitless variations of the types of disharmony that a self-directed consciousness can create. Again, all serving to teach us. When we step back and realize that we are all driven by the self-directed consciousness … (though some are learning in faith about the true point of center) … we release all judgment, even of ourselves. Instead, we seek to learn what we are to learn in this temporary condition and help others as well.

      When the spirit and soul are united .. or when the divine consciousness (spirit) flows through our soul (source of individuality).. we become an expression of the divine love and truth of God. Until then we learn of this light by faith and walk in what we learn of it by faith.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

      • And you know, when we realize what all this means; the “corrupted” state, the corrupted conciousness, the fallen soul, the condemned soul, etc, etc, etc, we realize all these “meanings” for the corrupted state of man is not something to fear or even feel bad about anymore once we see the value in all things. We begin to walk and see everything in the light and love of God….No more fear…it is all good.

        It is a hard concept until we see God created “all things” to bring “all things” to a good and loving conclusion. We “must” come to see all things in the concept of God’s intent from the “beginning” of this plan to conclude all people and all things in the one state of His love. There is simply no other way to look at it once we step from darkness into the light, which is love, which is God.

        The simplicity of living is simply loving….all.

      • Hi Sonny, Your last sentence … so beautifully said. I began to understand this truth of the ubiquitous nature of our Father’s love as I started to see it in my own life, which is how all these concepts of light come to us; from the inward out.

  2. Awesome! Indeed, We have a Loving and Faithful God. Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 21:18:58 +0000 To:

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