Living Light

Stirring The Deep

Wrapped in Weakness


Wrapped in Weakness

And Infinitely Powerful


When absolute living faith in divine love is wrapped in absolute weakness, the faith is complete. And it’s infinitely powerful.

My weaknesses, which seem to stand ever before me, compel me to rely on my living faith. As long as I trust in my false self of self-determination, then my faith is incomplete. So weaknesses serve to increase my faith until every aspect of my life is grounded upon it. This may not sound like a desirable soul state, and coming to this place is a very challenging road. Yet, this soul condition, living faith wrapped in weakness, enables a oneness with the divine consciousness. So I’m thankful for my living faith and my weaknesses. And I’m finding my living faith provides a different type of strength.

This is what I’m learning about it …

Without this living faith, weakness is just weakness. It can be a debilitating state of mind. But with living faith, the mind is transformed.

When living faith reaches its fullness so that every desire of the soul is governed by divine love, and when the inherent weakness of the self-determined consciousness is fully recognized, then the soul resides entirely on living faith. Thus, the false self’s illusion of power and strength is stripped from it. In this, the soul utterly forsakes the self-determined consciousness (death to self), and the soul through living faith becomes anchored in the realm of eternity, where the infinite power of our Creator is grasped.

Our Two Selves

In our false self, we are in a dream.

In our false self aware of our true self, we are awake in the dream.

In our true self, we are awake.

The experience of the false fabricated self is an alter state of consciousness; like a dream. Our soul experiences this counter reality to instruct our true self with the understanding necessary for a oneness with divine consciousness. This oneness is our “second” birth. The first is the birth of our temporary false self. The second is the birth of our eternal true self.

A soul is born with a self-determined consciousness. In this, its connection to divine love is stripped from its awareness; because its journey is to choose this divine love; fully, completely and unceasingly.

Out of this purposeful perceived separation, fear is spawned that begins to form the false self. The false self’s entire reality is built upon a speck of fear, which is unreal, for fear doesn’t exist in presence of divine love only in the perceived absence of it. It’s only a speck because it’s simply a perception of the separation from divine love. But before the soul can become aware of this dynamic, its self-determination constructs a consciousness and reality of fear and makes fear real to itself. Thus, fear becomes the soul’s foundation, thus experiential reality, and divine love remains the distant hope.

However, the separation is only a perceived separation; there is no separation in divine love. No matter the condition of the soul, it possesses an internal connection to the Spirit of Truth that can be developed through spiritual practices such as conversational prayer, listening prayer, meditations, and contemplative writing. This connection with the Spirit isn’t found within the workings of the false self; its mind, emotions, desires, its consciousness. For it isn’t a Spirit of fear but love, thus it doesn’t exist in fear. And the false self doesn’t actually exist, so how can the Spirit of Truth connect to what doesn’t exist? Only the real can connect to what is real. Thus, the connection to the Spirit of Truth resides in a place in the soul before the expression of the false self. It’s in the sacred inner chamber of the true self. From here, the soul is observed from within the soul, so that the true self may grow and be shaped by what it learns. This is why all spiritual truths are grasped from within by the workings of the Spirit of Truth.

In this simulation, it’s like we are in a dream in which we only experience our false self. When we begin to experience our true self within our soul through our connection with the Spirit of Truth, we are awake in the dream. When we experience our true self in our experiential reality, we are fully awake. Living faith in divine love is the forerunner to fully awakening. It’s the semi-awake state when we realize we are in a dream, and know what is true is divine love, not the absence of it, thus our living faith.

Living Faith

All that is real is of divine love. All that is unreal is absent of divine love. Living faith is anchored in the reality of divine love. Thus, faith in divine love stems from beliefs of the true self, which are constructed by the Spirit of Truth. When living faith becomes absolute and consumes the soul’s every desire, creating divine desires, the soul is moving ever so close to awakening or oneness, because faith precedes creation (substance). What propels that movement is divine desire, and the awareness of the soul’s inherent weakness apart from oneness.

The Completion of Living Faith

When awareness of the inherent weakness of the false self enfolds absolute living faith like a shell, then this faith becomes complete.

The more living faith we possess the more weakness we are aware of within the false self. One increases the other. Thus, with a living faith in divine love, weakness is greatly felt, yet this is a great asset. Understanding this weakness causes the soul to shift all its trust to the divine love, the real, and no longer the false self, the unreal. The soul’s desires no longer support the false self, and living faith in the divine love becomes the soul’s foundation and strength. It’s a soulful move that allows the divine consciousness to connect.

When this shift is complete so that all reliance of a soul’s life is in the living faith, then this faith is complete. This completion of faith enables the true self to manifest, for the false self has met its end (death). In this the soul stands solely on faith; which is the most powerful stance against this alter consciousness. Faith is the bridge from the realm of divinity to the realm of our soul’s experiential reality. When the faith is complete, then the divine consciousness can connect to the soul.

At the height of living faith, the soul faces the magnitude of its weaknesses. Yet, with living faith the soul is anchored in the rock of divine love. In this, the soul experiences an increasing fearlessness as divine love drives out all fear. In this peace fills the soul giving the soul a different type of strength.

It’s like David coming up against Goliath. David stripped of armor, small in stature and totally weak, stood against a giant of pounding fear. Yet, his faith was living because it was grounded in the real. This combination of weakness and living faith is what defeats the soul’s Goliath; the false self that stands as a giant of fear. The power of divine love through the bridge of living faith strikes the eye of the soul, the origin of fear, and implodes it with divine love creating an open door for the divine consciousness, the light of God, to flow in.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Wrapped in Weakness

  1. Thus, the marriage supper of the lamb is depicted as the resurrected “false fabricated self” or the fallen soul (Eve) which has been placed on a “journey” of searching to find her way back to the spirit. To translate this statement into biblical terms; the soul is blinded in our fall from the spirit realm as depicted in the allegory of the “garden of Eden.” Our soul as was then depicted and allegorically described in the garden is now revealed as in our own fall from grace through our natural fall of our natural birth into this natural carnal world. Our soul is now put on a path of being redeemed, seeking her way back to the spirit realm from which she fell. It is only the created part of us, the soul that can be fallible and fall for the spirit within is stable and sure although hidden behind the veil of flesh.

    As we sojourn through this journey of the “valley of the shadow of death” we are to learn all the things destined for us to learn from God through the example and pattern of His Son, Christ Jesus. As a result of this (unwilling) fall from this “heavenly sphere” we were and are temporarily fabricated into a false hope of self to be exercised and participate in it until our soul then comes to a place where she realizes her own blind, fallen condition.

    She (Eve, our soul) participates and continues to function in this arena of the “false fabricated self” until she finds and turns to “whom her soul loves” (as in the story of the Shulamite woman). The unction that is given to us in our turning, is the turning from this blindness of our fallen soul to our soul longing for her husband, the spirit. When she finds Him, she grows in learning to obey His commandments to finding His complete and divine love in the spirit. “She” obeys to the fulfilling of the soul’s “new birth” of awakening to the desires and of the full potential of the spirit…her husband.

    This same path that you also describe is not only a story of Christ and the church, it is also a story of the Christ “within” us, wooing the woman back to Himself. The soul is the woman in each of us, regardless of natural gender, which became naked (unclothed of God’s likeness in the garden) and therefore we are to be “re”clothed ( reconciled, regenerated, “re”surrected, rebirthed) with His righteousness as we progress through this journey of the fallen soul as you describe as the “false fabricated self”. By hope and faith we progress until our “giant” of vanities and evil desires (our Goliath) is conquered by the seed of Christ (as David depicted) within us. As David went on to become king in the natural people’s lives in Israel, our immature spirit (the small mustard seed within) grows up to become king in our own spiritual life, now having a faith that it can overcome our dominate soul (the big Goliath of self) and grows up into the strength of the spirit to conquer not only “our” Goliath but to drive out all the other “ites” of and in the “promised land” as well. The different “ites” were the Hittites and all the other “ites” in the promised land that had to be driven out or put to death in order to inherent ( possess) the promised land…or the kingdom. The way we put our inward “ites” to death is to deny them any voice so that little by little we are driving them out and putting them to death. When we deny condemnation to rise up within us by showing compassion instead, we in effect are driving out this “ite” and putting it to death. This goes on until we have expanded the kingdom as did King David until he conquered to the highest point in Israel, Mount Zion. When we reach this pinnacle of maturity we will have attained to the highest degree of God’s kingdom within. Again, the natural is only here and recorded to explain the spiritual. There is a positive side to every seemingly negative story in the scriptures. From God’s point of view everything is good and positive to the fulfilling of His plan and will. We therefore can see no less and any different to be in His will and likeness. To be and have the same mind…we must be and have the same mind!

    To add a slightly different twist to clarify; The natural promised land in the story line is in reality that spoiled land which is spiritually within us and in our land of “Goliath’s” and the various “ites”, they must be driven out or “killed”. It is not a good visual picture as in the natural story in the bible but in the spiritual counterpart it is a story of the spirit overcoming all the vein dominate forces within us. For the spirit to conquer all of the enemy in the promised land within us, and save our soul by freeing it from our natural minded captives, it must go through the promised land and conquer every evil until the King reaches the Holy Mount Zion in our hearts and establishes the kingdom in the “highest” place in the pinnacle of our being.
    Rachel, I understand what you are saying using the terms you are using. For those who are having a little bit of a hard time with it, I am herein saying the exact same thing revealing some of the allegories and parables which validate what you are saying. Many want to attack and criticize you and others, including myself for using language which says the same thing from another perspective however using a different terminology but with the same meaning. We must be guided by the true Word in Christ which is within us to understand that word which is without, the letter.

    I do not see that what you are sharing here as interrupting or deviating from the knowledge of the scriptures which explains what you are saying albeit of using different terms.

    We are led astray when we delve into the search of truth and we start following this person or that person, whether of western, eastern or of some other “religions”. A religious order or a denomination is “formed in us” when we turn from the spirit within and start following another human being such as ourselves, placing them as our guide instead of the spirit. Whether these other “spirits” are teachers, preachers, mystics or of any other sect and regardless of what “faith” they may profess, we as followers of Christ, should not follow any other because it can then becomes very dangerous for us.

    To read and agree with what another may say should stay at arms length as we grow in God. Many as you know that we encounter are damned off from the true love of God by our weakened soul having been subtly led away from our Father and the guiding spirit within by these that “stand in the gate”. They stand in the way by wanting to become our covering and or guide to the spirit. They and we err by letting them become our “head covering” meaning we let them become the path to God instead of the indwelling spirit of Christ. We should grow in Christ with our head “uncovered” meaning we should have no one between our spirit and the spirit of Christ. We follow Christ.

    We can read and listen to “all” things and they will not hurt us, however if we turn from the spirit of Christ and follow a “familiar spirit” we fall prey to our soul being led away from Christ. These religious spirits are “familiar” to Christ but are not of His way and direction. These familiar spirits use the same words as the truth but the motive is to gather unto oneself.

    Many religious sects “and none religious sects” of the world use the language of this oneness we speak about and possessing this divine love whether they are western or eastern religions. To speak about things while having no desire to possess them is knowledgeable and foolish while seeking to possess them spiritually within is wise. And while many speak of this inner self in using like terminology and language they cannot climb up “another way”. Christ is a way as much as He is a person for we also must come to this same way as Christ taught by His example expected in our person. He is the only door we can pass through for narrow is the way that leads us to this life we seek. The scriptures speak of various callings and various requirements for making these callings. We must not equate the rules of the hundred fold with those of another order. When we are led off through another “door” we are not forever lost, we only suffer loss of not following that narrow and straight path that leads us to a higher calling of a particular “reward” in Christ.

    Again, as we are confronted by those on the outside in these religious realms, while we may listen to “their” way we cannot become a follower of any and anything outside of what lies within us, our inner spirt which is of the Father through the oneness of His son. There is simply no way outside of our spiritual tabernacle (within) where God takes up His abode where we worship Him in spirit and in truth.

    I see where people come along occasionally and want to categorize what you (or we) share as “other wordliness”. This would be true if we followed “another” but when we understand what our terminology means….there “is” no other. I am pointing this out because so many mistake what you share as coming from “this world” from another place of mysticism.. What I am saying although it is from another world you and I speak about it is a world which can only exist when one connects to that “inner” world within ones own self where all spirituality in reality exist.

    We find ourself when we lose ourself. We find the spiritual, while we lose the carnal. It’s just a matter of having a proper spiritual perspective…

    • Hi Sonny,

      Yes the soul is finding her way back .. “separated” from her divine love, the very spirit of God. Only this is the life-giving spirit. In her reunion they are one and she is full of his spirit, and it transforms her soul though she maintains her individuality through the uniqueness of her soul. It is a beautiful love story.

      I whole heartedly agree and speak often of following one … the Spirit of Truth, who was in Jesus Christ. I feel you can gain spiritual truths no other way .. only from this inner communion and work of the Spirit. Others can spark new ideas, confirm and build upon what we already know, but to follow one on the outside will always mislead us. It must come from within. This is why Jesus taught one was our teacher, the Christ. I think this is true in following an organized religion as well, if we follow anything outside of what the Spirit of Truth has taught us from within we are following the wrong “shepherd”. Our loving Creator gave us the perfect teacher, guide, and he speaks to us from within our soul. While the words of others certainly confirm and encourage … His inner words transform us, they write his truth on our hearts in a way that someone from the outside can’t. People couldn’t even understand Jesus’ words. It is an inner work of the Spirit that was in him, teaching us from within.

      No one owns the truth, though every religion would like to you to think so. I see seekers of truth coming from all sorts of backgrounds .. and when they are learning from The Spirit of Truth there is a similarity of concept and understanding, though the words and terminology differ the concepts mirror on another. This is how I know when someone is truly learning of the Spirit, not by the label they wear or don’t wear. It isn’t about labels, but about who is your Teacher, and there is one. It is easy to put on a label, but a deep dedication to learn of the Spirit. When the Spirit of Truth is our teacher, then many people from many backgrounds can bless us with their insights and understanding.

      • It is a wonderful thing to “see” and to share the spirit “within”, for there is no other way. The only way we can truly become “friends” with another is to individually be one with Christ. He is the bond that makes us to see as another. When we do it is a sweet communion of God the Father, the son, and us, seeing as one. It is good.

  2. It’s a long suffering that hurts so good It is not of this world. It’s hard. It’s beautiful.

    Thank you for continuing to share. Your words show that yes, it is in this world and we are all spread apart. All for reason. Your bro always

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