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Reinventing You


Reinventing You


Transformative Understanding


“The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” ~ John 6:63

When we receive the words of the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of the Christ, our soul becomes assimilated to that Spirit, the essence of eternal life. Words of this nature are the creative power of God acting upon creation. When received into the soul in spirit and truth, then the soul is transformed into the immortal spirit that those words reflect.

Intertwining conceptual frameworks initiate a shift of consciousness. When the Spirit of Truth constructs frameworks of immortality within the soul through his words to the soul, they lead to a shift from the self-determined consciousness to the divine consciousness. In this, the human disguise of the false self falls away and the divine self is revealed.

The Awakening Soul

As the soul’s perceptions begin to fill with greater intensities of awareness (light) bringing deeper revelations, the soul awakens from the dream of the self-determined consciousness and into the reality of its divine soul state.

During this awakening, the conceptual frameworks of the Spirit of Truth that the soul gained throughout its soul journey reenter its awareness in new depths of understanding that carry a regenerative power; transformative grace. Conceptual frameworks including: inherent divinity, impermanence, oneness, transcendent weaknesses, perfect cause, and eternal present mindedness.

By this grace, the soul’s state of consciousness is altered and forms an eternal integration into the divine consciousness. The false self falls away and the divine self emerges.

Inherent Divinity

As the soul awakens, it perceives the divinity it has always possessed. In the final stages of the soul’s dream state, it enters into the deepest darkness of its eternal pit created by the self-directed consciousness. Here the Spirit of Truth speaks words of life to the soul, and the pit begins to fade as the soul sees it was only an illusion of the self-directed consciousness. In this moment, the soul knows it was always divine for it was always connected to the Spirit of God.

There is no separation in divine love. It’s one of its glorious defining attributes. Thus, the soul, no matter its state, is always connected to the Creator, because of his attribute of divine love, like a child in its mother’s womb. The child came from her and always was a part of her even though his beginnings were an experience of darkness and perceived separation (for in actuality she completely enfolded him). Thus, in a heightened awareness, the soul perceives it was always a divine soul. Only its perception was darkened, for a moment in eternity, to learn what it couldn’t in the light; the attributes, power, depth, and vastness of divine love. In this transformative understanding, all the soul experienced that was created by the self-determined consciousness fades like a passing shadow as the eternal light of divinity awakens it from its laborious sleep.


Another transitional understanding the soul experiences is the inherent impermanence in all things, including death. Only one constant remains, which ironically the soul lacks in its self-expression until it’s born into the light, the divine love it is created in and will forever grow by.

The soul realizes all it experienced was a string of temporary experiences, created by its own soul state, to bring enlightenment; the necessary instruction to become a fully functioning divine soul. Only its belief in permanence made those faulty characteristics a part of its being. This conceptual framework enables the soul to let go and release all that was created by the self-determined consciousness. The fears, shame, dishonor, pain, suffering, selfishness, jealousies, suppression, affliction, sadness, anger, heartache, and tears are bathed in the righteous reign (rain) flowing from its center, now openly connected to the Divine, the Creator. The soul is cleansed from its blood stained garments (as in childbirth), and the divine soul manifested by the workmanship of the Spirit of Truth is revealed.


In the dawning light, the soul perceives a oneness that has always been there between itself, its reality and others. Separation was only an illusion created by the errors of the self-determined mind. Nothing is fixed or static, thus separate, but all is a continuous fluid movement governed by the dynamics of the soul and its consciousness. The soul begins to know its reality as an experience of energy flowing in a continuous interactive whole that constantly creates the inner and outer experiences of the soul. In this, the disharmonious energy of the soul and thus in the soul’s reality is reoriented into the crystalline perfection of the divine energy, which brings healing and regeneration to the soul thus to its reflective reality.

In oneness, every element serves its opposite. The darkness serves the eternal light. The blindness serves the eternal awakening. The weaknesses serve the eternal strengths. The separation serves the eternal oneness. The suffering serves the eternal love. There is no longer this or that, but an energetic interplay manifesting eternal oneness. There is only divine energy, and its opposite is but an illusion that is bound to a dream state to facilitate the formation of the developing soul.

When two “opposing” elements collide within the consciousness, they form the energy of divinity. The temporary serves the eternal as it was created by the eternal to serve its creative purposes. In the soul’s transformation the eternal quality consumes the temporary one and births an eternal individualized soul.

Transcendent Weaknesses

As the light fills the soul’s perceptions, the soul perceives that all its weaknesses are now the greatest strengths of its unique individuality. Its most challenging faults were related to its particular purpose predestined by the Creator. The frailties and struggles trained and prepared the soul to become what it is to be.

Out of the struggles with weaknesses came the ability to be a conduit of the power of God. They created the necessary sincere humility that is forever incorruptible, deep dependence on the power of the Creator versus the individualized soul, and eternal gratitude, for the soul inherently knows without oneness, it can do nothing … truly good, thus it can’t fulfill its purposes. Seeing the perfection of its weaknesses, the soul sheds them along with the false self and gains the power of the Spirit as a divine soul.

Perfect Cause

As the light highlights the soul’s journey, the soul perceives that the Creator sovereignly governed every detail of its existence, even when it was in the inescapable binds of self-determination. Perfect cause was always in play, as the Creator is always sovereign. In this perfect cause, the perceptions of the past and future are brought into a harmonious eternal present and liberated in the soul’s perception as a perfect orchestration from beginning to end.

Though the soul lived in error, the error was purposeful and meaningful. It was serving a divine purpose that couldn’t have been accomplished with out it. The soul experiences reconciliation and closure with all it experienced, which enables a release of all it once was that was counter to divinity.

Eternal Present Mindedness

Liberated from the womb of governance of the self-directing consciousness, only the present moment exists for the soul as everything is pulled into the eternal present through its learned trust. In this, its new reflection commences. The present moment is the new creative space by which the soul begins to exist through total trust in the divine rhythmic governance of the divine consciousness. In the present moment, all its expectations are set aside and the soul sits as a creative witness to the creations of the Spirit of God through its being. Moment upon moment brings everything into perfect alignment and harmony.

The limitlessness, present-mindedness, and holistic nature of the divine consciousness enable the soul to fully abide in these transformative understandings instead of passing in and out of awareness of them, which it does in the self-determined state. In these understandings, gratitude for every twist and turn of the journey in the darkened womb fills the soul, for this trying experience enabled it to be of the divine love in all its characteristics. It’s a divine gratitude to the Creator for his perfect orchestration, governance of all things in serving the highest good, and his perfect cause in error as well as in righteousness.

Happy New Year.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Reinventing You

  1. Happy New Year too Rachel! Thanks be to God for His Love and Faithfulness!

    • Yes, so very thankful! … we would be lost without his love and faithfulness, in every way.

    • My Dear Sister in Christ this is perfect, I am at the highest ascendant state and your words are fully true and beautiful as I was given exactly what you express and I talk openly and continuously with all 3 elements and I have never felt better in my entire life. Regenerative indeed, I survived a car crash at 75 mph on an Interstate and a 3.5 Hour life saving surgery. I walked out of the hospital 6 days later and I am healthier and happier than I have ever been and I can out work Men half my age. My connection with the Divine is precisely as you describe, I found myself shouting Hallelujah as my Soul rung like a bell when reading them
      You Truly are a Woman of God and perfectly aligned as God and the Holy Spirit taught me personally!
      God Bless and keep you always, to me you are an Angel!😇

      Rev Steve

      • Hi Steve, thanks so much for your comment, for it blesses me and means so much to hear others are moving into this space of awareness and experience. I’m constantly realizing how much of an impact our beliefs, perceptions and understandings have on our reality … and when they are aligning with truth they are transformative. I’m so thankful to hear about your recovery … everything is for a reason and this was a opportunity to be divinely grateful, among many other things as you know.

  2. Thank you for Stirring the deep, God is using you in a mighty way .

    • Hi Mary, The beauty, magnificence and power of his divine love constantly takes my breath away … how I long for it with all my being … for all to experience the fullness of it always and forevermore.

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