Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Fractured to Fractals


Peacemakers heal the fractured mind so it returns to its true state as an immortal fractal of the Divine Mind of God.

A mind established on a false image of the self produces only faulty judgments. Faulty judgments create blame, guilt, attack, fear, weakness, separation, etc that manifest a fractured mind which endlessly wars against itself and creation, creating sickness, suffering and death. All pain comes from believing a false image of the self which creates a multitude of wrong judgments about our selves and others.

Healing comes as we perceive ALL by the Light of Truth, beginning with our self. When our mind is healed, this healing is reflected in our body and our individualized sphere of reality. Divine forgiveness heals the fractures, while divine emergence rebuilds reality according to the Truth of Oneness.

Faulty judgments fracture the mind, forgiveness heals the fractures.

True forgiveness is the extinguishing of all our faulty judgments (lying thoughts), and the acceptance of our true Self so that our perception is restored to Truth. In divine forgiveness, we only accept the Truth, therefore we deny any false attributes not worthy of the Self (Son) of God as a part of our self or another. This transformative act dismisses past illusions and establishes the Truth as the Perfect Cause for every future moment.

Forgiveness recognizes the journey of the Self (prodigal journey) as the Self’s maturation into the Likeness of God, such that it is one with God. Therefore there is no condemnation, but only acceptance of the true Self’s purposeful path into Oneness. Forgiveness brings the mind back to Truth, thus back into Oneness with the Divine Mind, which heals the mind and restores it to eternal Peace.

The voices of the dream reality would have us deny the Truth. In divine forgiveness, our will is firmly set upon the Truth. Our will no longer serves faulty judgments because they aren’t our Truth. As the governing presence of our sphere of reality, what our will serves, we create. This firm stance for Truth is taken by the first peacemakers, who perceive the Light before it is outwardly expressed, so that a harmonious reality of Truth can be created for all through emergence.

Divine emergence perfectly orchestrates our thoughts which in turn orchestrates our reality. In emergence, our will is one with the divine consciousness, creating an ever-expanding sphere of Light. All lingering habitual thoughts are meaningless and no longer possess creative power. Our thoughts become fractals of God’s divine thought for our individualized expression, which rebuild reality into an experience of divine harmony, joy, and peace. 

The peacemakers bring this transformative thought system into the collective consciousness. Through the luminous expressions of the peacemaker’s spheres, everything within the collective consciousness not of Truth is revealed, removed and rebuilt according to Truth. The entrance of Truth’s Light into the collective mind is gentle and yet infinitely Mighty as the rising sun is to the night sky.

Through the peacemakers, every mind returns to the infinite Divine Mind. In this the mind is no longer fractured, but healed into Oneness. Each mind as a fractal of the Divine Mind serves the highest good of all, by which the Divine Love of God is expressed in every aspect of creation.

Whenever see we something not of Truth, as taught by the Spirit of Truth, it’s a reflection of our faulty judgment. As we recognize our error in perception, we exchange the false perceptions, thoughts and feelings with gratitude, opulence and Infinite Intelligence. In this, we reclaim our Identity as One with the Great I AM. We do this for ourselves and for others because others reflect our judgments, thus ourselves. Through this divine forgiveness, the Light of Truth within us extends powerful healing Rays into reality, so we no longer see fractured pieces but immortal fractals of God.

All is brought to the Light of Truth to be healed. This shining role belongs to the peacemakers of God.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (Truth)” ~ 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” ~ Romans 2:12


Divine Illumination



As our manifested reality becomes a Sphere of Light, we become peacemakers for all of creation.

As the divine illumination of spheres of Light shine into the sense realm, they awaken others to the Great I Am Presence within. These shining Ones are the peacemakers of God who manifest His full expression into Creation, the second part of the reward for those who diligently seek the Truth.

As the Law of One (Truth) begins to govern the spheres of those who sought the Truth from within, it becomes the supreme Law within the collective consciousness. Because this Law governs by Truth, it works in accordance with oneness and impacts all individualized spheres. By the divine harmony and outer beauty created though this Law, the lies upholding the fractured spheres are revealed. Without the Light of Truth, lies can be believed as true. Once Truth is outwardly expressed, it exposes the lies so they are no longer believed, bringing freedom to all. 

The sleeping mind’s source of truth is the voice of its external reality. It believes what it sees and hears, because it trusts it senses to reveal what is true. However, all the dream’s external voices support beliefs opposite to Truth. When we recognize we are creators, we clearly see the physical realm reflects our beliefs. The outer reality only conveys Truth if the Truth is awakened within and then projected outside of us.

In a reality of illusions, Truth is only received from within. Awareness of Truth requires persistent seeking beyond the illusion from the Spirit of Truth. For those who hear the inner call, during their pursuit of Truth they learn to comprehend the Voice of the Spirit from which they receive increasing revelation as they ascend the primordial staircase. Once a new belief system based on Truth is established within, it projects a new reality outwardly, creating a sphere of Light.

Divine emergence translates the inner revelations of the Spirit into magnificent, beautiful and joyous perceptual experiences that can not be attained by any sleeping mind. All who look upon these spheres of Light will desire their reflection as their own, inspiring them to seek the Source. Those bound to the senses and unable to hear the words of life from within are now given them freely from without, and by their desire will be transformed by their free will choice for Truth. Whether we awaken from within or from without, we will choose Truth because it’s the will of our true Self.

The sense realm that once deafened the Voice of Truth in sleeping minds is now used to lead them to this Voice. As souls awaken by outwardly perceiving the Light of others, their spheres of reality also become a Light to others, and so the Light of Life spreads like a consuming fire. The ever-increasing peacemakers, who reflect a divine state of consciousness, will cast glorious reflections that will fill all with awe and wonder awakening all to the Light of Truth.

God’s peace is complete when every soul expresses His Peace, for He is the source of every soul. If there is even one outside of His peace, it is incomplete, and because we are one with Him our peace is also incomplete. It’s impossible for the peace of God to be incomplete, therefore no one is excluded. When the peace of God is expressed in each one, we obtain the greatest of God’s gifts, the fullness of Himself expressed throughout Creation.

All will return to their true Self. There is no condemnation in Truth, only growth. For a moment we got lost in the darkness and forgot our Self, but as much as the darkness put us in a deep sleep, by the Light’s contrast we see Truth’s magnificent beauty in ways we otherwise couldn’t.

As we each awaken as One into the Great I Am presence, all individualized spheres unite in divine harmony and eternal peace as all are governed by God, the Source of Truth and Divine Love. In this divine illumination, God is all in all.

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” ~ Matthew 5:14

“Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all.” ~ 1 Corinthians 15:28

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” ~ Matthew 5:9

“But these are the ones sown on good ground, those who hear the word, accept it, and bear fruit: some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some a hundred.” ~ Mark 4:20



Sphere of Light


As our true Power awakens deep within, our manifested reality transitions into a Sphere of Light.

We each create our individualized world within the larger world, a creation within the creation.

Reality is comprised of energy. Thoughts organize these energetic frequencies into what we perceive as our external reality. Our mind translates thought energy into external sensory experiences which then are interpreted through our body. In this, our mind creates and governs our individualized world or sphere, which contains all our experiences of reality.

These energetic thought vibrations either come from the Light of Truth within or the darkness of unawareness. Depending upon our source, our mind creates two different spheres of reality; a sphere of Light (Truth) or a sphere of darkness (illusions). The sphere of Light is created by the Power of God that operates by the Laws of Oneness (Truth). The sphere of darkness is created by the power of the separate self which operates by the laws of separation.

The Great I Am presence within all is the origin of our individualized spheres of experience. When we are awake, we are one with this Presence, and are able to recognize it as our true Self. In oneness, the Power of God is our power and creates a sphere of ever-present peace, expressing all the divine attributes. It’s a sphere of divine love governed by the Power of God according to Laws of Oneness, through which we are limitless.

Initially, when we are spiritually asleep we are unaware that this Holy Presence within is one with our true Self. Instead, we believe in a false image of our self that is separate from this Holy Presence and consequently we believe we are separate from all other selves. According to this belief of separation, the mind mistakenly believes the body is the center of its creative power, thus the mind serves the body instead of the Spirit of Truth. Because of this belief, the mind seeks to operate through the destructive power of the separate self, which is an outer dominance over others that is expressed emotionally, verbally or physically. This governance through the outer sense realm confines the mind to many perceived outer limitations and lack, which are supported by arbitrary laws of separation that the mind believes are true as a separate self. Nothing but wrong beliefs sustain this sphere. Therefore by the continual pursuit of Truth it can be transformed into a sphere of Light, which is our purpose.

As darkness is to light, everything pertaining to the sleeping mind is backwards, upside down, and opposite to the awakened mind of Truth. Our concept of self stands at the center of our sphere, whether the True or the false, and determines what our mind serves, the power by which it operates and the laws that govern its creative ability, all of which create the experiences within our sphere of reality.

By belief (faith) in the Words of Life we receive from the Spirit of Truth, we awaken to our true Self, our true Power, the Power of God. Through divine emergence, these Words of Life are carried in our thoughts and translated into our reality so that our sphere of darkness transforms into a sphere of Light. We no longer operate under the limitations of the external reality according to the power of self and its lower laws. Instead, through emergence, our reality is perfectly governed so all our experiences reflect the Truth. In this, our sphere of reality becomes an ever-expanding expression of the Divine Mind.

When we operate by the Power of God, we reside in unshakeable Peace. Anything that could disrupt our peace doesn’t affect our individualized sphere because our peace is immutable when we rest in divine emergence. The Power of God perfectly sustains us because through His power we only give divine love, therefore this is what we receive. A sphere of peace and freedom becomes our home, the Kingdom of Heaven.

This manifestation is the first part of the “reward” for those who seek God, and it greatly “pleases” Him because it creates a sphere that enables the Light of Truth to be shared with all, completing the peace of God, the second part of the reward …

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” ~ Hebrews 11:6

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” ~ Matthew 6:33


Cosmic Shift



The Spirit of Truth’s Infinite Wisdom leads us to the pinnacle of the primordial staircase, which is the awareness of the One Self, not many separate selves. In this awakening to Truth, reality makes a cosmic shift so that it reflects the likeness of the One Self, and not the illusion of many separate selves. This shift commences as the creative Power of the One Self replaces the destructive power of the separate self.

This cosmic shift toward the Light of Truth is the awakening (resurrection) of the one Self (Son) from its dream of death and separation into the dawning Light of Divine Love and Oneness. It’s the return to our true Self (Christ) in which we recognize our changeless, divine I Am, as the only Self.

This shift is a continual advancement toward the Light within the collective consciousness. As souls awaken to the Internal Light within, their creative governing power shifts from the separate self’s power, which takes at the expense of others, to the Power of the One Self, which serves all in Divine Love. This change in creative power alters the energetic vibration of creation which causes reality to completely transform.

The separate self’s power governs us through every vertical of society. As our eyes open to Truth, we see its wide spectrum of manifestations throughout religions, healthcare, political systems, education, financial institutions, environmental, animal farming, news media, entertainment, family/marriage, etc. The cumulative messaging from these establishments gives voice to a deceptive intelligence which enslaves us when we accept their lies for Truth. Absorbing these lies takes our freedom and steals our peace. Nothing has been untouched by this power’s thievery and destructive ways.

In accepting this unholy power, our true Power remains hidden thus denying us the divine harmony, ever-present joy and eternal peace that are ours, NOW, through the Power of God. For example, religions establish the workings of this unholy power by including suffering, sacrifice, and death as part of their doctrines, as well as attributing guilt, fear, sin, and condemnation to the self, which oppose our true Likeness. These beliefs create a false image of God, the Christ, and our self. In believing this false image, we reflect this image and project it into our world and onto others.

Because what we are conscious of being we express, this unholy self projects itself upon the screen of our sleeping mind, but it isn’t Truth. These illusions are the result of a dreaming mind unaware of itself. Believing in the power of this false image keeps us from being who we are in Truth, the expressed one Self of God. In Truth, we can only be what God created us to be, one in His Holy Likeness. We are being called to awaken to this Truth, which is our true freedom.

The undoing of this unholy power and its multitude of manifestations only comes through divine emergence, by which the Power of God flows through us, and this by the knowledge of our true Self’s Oneness with God. Again, the power we use to govern our lives is the same power that governs us. Our true Self, revealed to us by the Spirit of Truth, is established on the Great I Am Presence within all, whose Power gives Life to all. In this increasing awareness among awakening souls, creation is released from the separate self’s power and into the Power of God.

As we awaken, we clearly perceive the separate self’s power and the extensive destruction it created, reflected in our dream reality. In the Light of Truth, we return to our true Self, the glorious Self (Son) of God, and the Power of God within us begins to renew all of creation.

There has always been only One. As we awaken to our true Self and Power, which is one with God, a cosmic shift occurs throughout creation that creates abundant Life for all.

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” ~ John 10:10

“We know that whoever is born of God does not sin; but he who has been born of God keeps himself, and the wicked one does not touch him. We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.” ~ 1 John 5:18-19




Power of Oneness


Rocky Sunset

I Am the Door, the Way. I Am the Truth, the Light. I Am the Life, the Resurrection.

Upon knowing our true Name, we step into the Power of God.

Awareness of our true Name is the capstone of our prodigal journey into enlightenment. We’ve returned home to our true Self, who is One with God, thus one with His Power.

The attributes we attach to our creative name, I Am, is what we are conscious of being, thus what we create. Therefore, our creative power is inherent in the attributes associated with our creative name, I Am. When we return to the awareness of our true Self, we return to our true Power, the Power of God, and we forsake the unholy power of the false self.

The Power of God extends from the attributes of our true Self and serves only the highest good of all, divine love. Therefore to be this Power we return to our true Self and unite with the purpose of the Most High, which manifests divine harmony, ever-present joy and eternal peace for ALL of Creation.

The false self exerts its power over others in ways that aren’t for the highest good, which include inducing fear, guilt, shame, aggressiveness, arrogance, belittling, disrespect, controlling, victimization, attack, etc. This unholy power deceives the mind into accepting these false attributes as a part of the self, which corrupts the self’s expression. All these characteristics lead to actions that take life for a life, such that one seeks gain at the expense of another that it may expand itself. The false self holds the belief that it’s more valuable than others, thus others are “sacrificed” for its own growth. These corrupt characteristics create a wide spectrum of unholy power, from a belittling comment to extensive suffering and harm to innocent children and animals.

The sleeping mind only knows unholy power, in which we either have destructive power over another or they over us. This mind is disconnected from God’s Power because it doesn’t know its true Self, and instead accepted a false image of itself. It operates by its own idea of goodness, in which it must take life to maintain its life. This is a state of mind under the power of death, in which one believes one gains at the expense of another. Because we are the giver and receiver of what we create, when we operate according to this unholy power we imprison ourselves to suffering. We function contrary to God’s purpose to create the highest good for all, therefore we don’t experience it.

Once we return to the awareness of our true Self, we engage our true glorious Power that comes from the Light of Truth within. As our mind transitions from the unholy power over others to the true Power of God, which is service to others, it begins to rest in emergence, through which the highest good for all is expressed into reality. As the power of the false self is forsaken, the limitless Power of God begins to work within us. Once our mind makes this transformative shift so it is one with the Power of God, our Power becomes limitless and over all lower powers, like Light entering the darkness. This shift in power begins the manifestation of divine harmony, ever-present joy and eternal peace for ALL.

The Power of God in us is the result of the awareness and acceptance of our true creative Name; I Am the Truth, I Am the Way, I Am the Life. When we recognize these characteristics as our own, we’ve returned to oneness with our Father, thus our true likeness, and His holy name as our own.

In His Name is His Power, when His Name is our Name we possess Power of the One Self.

“And I have declared to them Your name, and will declare it, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.” ~ John 17:26


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Shining the Light



Through every open door, the Light of Truth shines upon Creation. This divine energy is like a consuming fire, as its radiance falls on one it consumes all.

Living Light is Truth’s expression, which is divine love. This holy Light is the energetic frequency of the living Word of God, extending from the Supra-conscious into our mind as the governing presence of Perfection. It’s the active presence of God within us orchestrating each present moment, through divine emergence, for the highest good of all. Its power bountifully provides all that Creation needs and desires.

This holy Light manifests itself within us through the Holy Altar of Truth, where the Light is translated into each soul’s individualized Ray of Light, which shines divine love into the world. Divine love creates divine harmony, which leads to ever-present joy, which establishes eternal peace. When this living energy consumes a mind, it awakens into the Mind of the Most High, and through that mind the Light is awakened in all.

This holy Light abides in every soul waiting to be known, for when it is known as all that truly exists, it is expressed. A sleeping mind doesn’t perceive the Light’s active Presence. However, as we grow in the awareness of Truth, we begin to perceive the presence of this holy Light, because it is the source from which we receive revelations of Truth. Once this inner Light becomes a sacred pearl of infinite worth in which we gladly exchange (sell) all we once believed as true for its eternal Truth, it’s fully received by our mind as the Source of Truth, replacing the outside reality of illusions. In this awakened state of consciousness, the living Word of God finds expression into the world.

This holy Light of the Word of God reigns in our mind where the illusion of darkness once stood sovereign. Thoughts of death (fear, attack, pain, suffering, lack, weakness, littleness, arrogance, etc) begin to fade in the radiance of Truth, leading to the gradual dissolution of their manifestations in reality. The Truth sets us free from all that corrupted thought created.

As we exalt this Light within our mind, we give no concern to the outer reality, but trust in divine emergence. This sacred rest allows the active Presence of God within us to perfectly assemble our reality based on Truth and without our foolish interference based on the past. As we rest, let go and watch, our reality transitions from darkness (illusion) to Light (Truth) according to the governing Intelligence of God.

The I AM Prayer of Oneness gives a voice to the Light of Truth, which is its entrance into our conscious reality. Thus, when we speak this Prayer in faith, we speak from the Light, and not from the false image of our self. This Prayer reflects the living Word of God spoken to us and through us to manifest His Spirit in Creation.

As we give the Words of Life to others, expressed in the Prayer of Oneness, unhindered by space/time and judgment, the energetic frequency of these words extends true Peace into their realities. Because we speak in oneness with the voice of the true Self (Christ), we speak with infinite power making what was impossible, possible.

As we perceive the Light’s active presence within, we become the Light of the World. We give as we receive, and what we give we receive, completing the Circle of Life and expanding the Light of Truth throughout the earth in bounty and blessing.

In oneness with the Voice of the true Self we say, “I Am the Light”.

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” ~ John 8:12

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” ~ Matthew 5:14

For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” ~ Isaiah 60:1



Rising As One



We believed we were born just to die, when in truth we were born to go through a metamorphosis to eternally Live.

Instead of learning about our self from our true Source, we allowed the outside reality to define our self. We are what we are conscious of being. When we trusted the reality, we empowered past reflections to create our current likeness, so that with every passing generation darkness layered upon darkness covering the Light of our true Self. It’s like a caterpillar seeing itself in the past as a worm and believing this reflection is all it is, and therefore continually manifesting the same likeness over and over, not realizing it was created to be a butterfly.

Only by looking within, to our true Source and Creator, do we learn we are designed to be a magnificent expression of Life. We weren’t meant to die, but to live, and bring life to all of Creation.

These two opposing beliefs, that we are born to die versus we are born to Live, create two totally different belief systems, one of death (illusion) and one of Life (Truth). These two belief systems assign opposing attributes to our creative name, I Am, and whatever we attach to this name, we create.

The two belief systems create different energetic frequencies, that manifest vastly different realities. Reality is shaped by varying frequencies of energy. Our thoughts with their corresponding feelings determine the nature of these frequencies, which in turn give form to our body and reality. Therefore, if our thoughts change, reality changes.

Our thoughts change by transitioning from one belief system to the other, which is our metamorphosis. Through a growing awareness of our true Self, we begin to attach divine (true) attributes to our creative name, I Am, and deny false attributes we once believed were true. This exchange dramatically alters all our thoughts, not only about us, but also all of creation.

If constantly held in our awareness, these divine thoughts associated to our name, I AM, raise our energetic vibration. Thoughts of Truth manifest the divine energy of God, His power. By continually holding these thoughts they become habitual and our energetic vibration elevates to the divine vibration of the one Self (the Christ). As these thoughts are sustained in us, their energetic frequency regenerates us, manifesting eternal Life. We rise in oneness with the true Self to the changeless state of the Great I AM, which manifests ever-present peace, joy, holiness, loving kindness, vitality, abundance, etc. This divine energy flowing through us alters the particle (sub-atomic/energetic) structure of reality to reveal (resurrect) the Divine in Creation, as light into the darkness.

Accepting our true nature as one of Life, in which there is no death, enables us to become a new creation who manifests a new reality. For the first few of humanity to make this transition it’s very challenging because they must come to a transformative faith in the Truth without seeing it first reflected in reality. But as these few begin the metamorphosis, first inwardly then outwardly, all will follow because they will see that they are much more than a mere human, but a glorious Son of God. And, we rise as one.

We came not to simply die in our illusion of corruption, but to transform and express the changeless divine attributes of Truth. Through us, the open door, the words of Truth manifest the imperishable and incorruptible into Creation. As our energy elevates by the divine energy of Truth, we become one with the power of God (resurrecting power), and our bodies transform to reflect the Spirit of God within, and our reality transitions into the Kingdom of Heaven.

In unison with the Voice of the true Self we say, “I AM the resurrection and the life”. 

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.” ~ John 11:25

“From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” ~ Matthew 4:17

“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” ~ Romans 8:19


Opening the Door


Our soul is a living door to the divine expressions of the Most High.

God is beyond creation, and our soul is the means of His expression. Our soul rests between the uncreated and created to translate one into the other. It’s the doorway through which divine potentials from the Mind of God are expressed into reality. Therefore, Truth is expressed through us, which makes us infinitely valuable in our role and purpose in creation.

Every living soul’s purpose is to convey the immortal Light of Truth in individual Rays of expression, so the one Self (the Christ) possesses endless manifestations and yet is still a harmonious whole. Therefore opening the door of our soul to commune in oneness with the Presence of God is the birth of our true expression, which is also an aspect of God’s expression. This door opens when we deeply recognize and know we are the door, because we are what we are conscious of being.

This understanding of the purpose and nature of our soul is our true Power, because in this awareness we are consciously connected to the only real Power, Truth. We initially connect to this Power through the I Am Prayer of Oneness. This Prayer is the conscious movement of the Light of Truth, through our soul and into reality, such that we become an integral part of Truth’s expression flowing into Creation.

Lack of Truth keeps this door shut. The sleeping mind, which lacks Truth, blocks this doorway keeping the Light of Truth from shining into reality. The sleeping mind believes every mind is separate and isolated unto itself. This belief in separation from the one Divine Mind creates illusions of lack, fear and a false image of itself, which hides our true nature as a soul gate of the Most High. Because the sleeping mind doesn’t know Truth or itself, it abides in darkness and creates darkness (elements of death), clothing reality with corruption.

Through communion with the Spirit of Truth we awaken to our divine nature as a soul gate, through which we receive and give all things of divinity. This inner awareness begins a deep and comprehensive transformation in us, which translates into a transformed reality. The opening of this door is the end (crucifixion) of the sleeping mind, and the resurrection into the singular Divine Mind we share with God and all our brothers and sisters in Truth.

Through this open door, our intimate connection to the Most High is reestablished and we convey the divine thoughts of God into created form. The realm of consciousness governing humanity changes from darkness to Light because we now create in complete oneness with the Supra-consciousness of God through emergence. The earth transforms to reflect this shift, purging all the elements of darkness and filling it with reflections of Truth. This cosmic shift causes reality to alter, shake and transition until heaven and earth are joined as one.

When you see a reflection not of Truth, stir this holy power within you by assigning to the creative name, I Am, an attribute of Truth in place of the opposite you see. Let the feeling of that attribute sink into your being, then rest in divine emergence trusting it will manifest as you’ve consciously willed. Persist in this faith until your mind fully accepts that oneness with the Most High is all there is. Then you will begin to step into your true purpose as a soul gate.

In oneness with the Voice of the true Self we say, “I AM the door”. May these words find their home deep within you.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”
~ Revelation 3:20

I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.” ~ John 10:9


The “I AM” Prayer of Oneness


Through the “I AM” Prayer of Oneness the one Will of Truth is expressed into Creation.

This Prayer of Oneness is a deeper awareness and therefore more powerful expression of the Prayer of I AM. It’s the activity of God within our mind as God’s thoughts flow through us and into others to manifest divine potentials in Creation. It’s the recognition there is one Self of which we all belong, therefore it’s the end of the illusion of separate selves and the resurrection of the one true Self (Christ in us).

This Prayer is our conscious expression of the one Voice, one Will, one Desire and one Word, which we share with God. It’s the energetic movement of God’s living word into Creation. God’s word enters our conscious awareness, we continue its extension to others, and then it’s reflected back to us as an individualized expression in reality. Its movement is the eternal circle of life, so that God’s extension of his Self is completed through our extension of His word into creation, and in return He experiences the expressed joy of his Creation. In this, our function as a creator within a Creator, a living gate, is established.

An example of the circle of life created by the I AM Prayer of Oneness: (You can replace the words “divine love” with any divine attribute.) 

  • God’s word to us: “I AM divine love in you, manifesting its expression.” (God’s word enters our conscious awareness)
  • Our word to others: “I AM divine love in you, manifesting its expression.” (Extending God’s received word into creation)
  • Creation’s response: “I AM divine love in you, reflected back to you.” (The manifested word of God)

This Prayer of Oneness is the marrying or unifying of our consciousness to the Supra-consciousness of God, and in doing so creation becomes our “son”. All we experience, even in our own bodies, is a result (son) of this union. As we are God’s son, creation is our son (why we are referred to as the “bride” of God). Through this Prayer we recognize God’s word in us, we give the word we received to others, which creation then reflects back to God within us. In this, all is one, and God is all in all.

Once spoken with conviction in the inner chambers of our being, this Prayer outwardly manifests the word through divine emergence. In Emergence we trust that God is orchestrating the perfect and divine present moment through us, therefore we accept whatever occurs without complaining, knowing it’s for the highest good of all. Our true Self can only be expressed through emergence. In emergence, as we rest from striving, we express the divine potentials held for us in the mind of God through our Prayer of Oneness.

By consistently holding this Prayer’s circle of life in our awareness, our true Self (the Christ) takes its rightful place at the center of being, the Altar of Truth.

This Prayer isn’t a magical formula. It reflects our true sonship with God, that we are a creator within a Creator, where divine thoughts are shared by all. It’s an understanding of who we are, how we create and using our creative power as it was intended. The Prayer extends from a mature soul ready to be what it is created to be, Truth’s expression. It’s the means by which our God given nature, gifts and desires are expressed and fulfilled.

This Prayer extends the living word of God to all so that all move, live and have their being in the one Self. How this prayer is individually expressed is the effect of divine emergence. During this resurrection season, March 22-April12, this is a very powerful energetic Prayer to participate in.

“I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.” ~ John 17:23

“for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.'” ~ Acts 17:28

The Prayer of Oneness


The Great Deceiver

Lavender Ocean

Our true Self is not a spirit of fear, but a Spirit of Power.

Truth is changeless. Fear is dependent on change. Thus, to fear is to deny the Truth of who we are. It’s to deny our power as a creator within the Creator.

The divine attributes of our true Self are changeless because they are the eternal Spirit of God expressed through us, as our I Am (his Son). Fear comes from the belief that these attributes can change at any moment due to outside circumstances. It denies the changeless nature of our divine attributes and assigns false attributes in their place. Therefore, fear lives in a sleeping mind whose source of truth is outside itself and not the Spirit of Truth. Because we imagined and believed we are something we are not, an illusionary reality is created reflecting these false attributes.

Fear deceives the sleeping mind into believing it aids in its protection by identifying perceived threats. Fear causes us to build and hoard up idols we believe will protect us. In believing they bring safety and protection (attributes of love), fear now associates itself with love. This false image deceives the mind into believing love contains fear, when in Truth divine love knows no fear. Idols of protection and defense perpetuate and uphold the very fear they try to mitigate. Fear demands we serve these idols and in so doing makes real all that we would defend against. This deception convinces us we are vulnerable to our external reality, therefore denying our true Self.

Fear, the great deceiver, sits like a thick dark cloud hiding the Light of our true Self and the power we possess. If we accept fear as a part of us, it will belittle our greatness, steal our joy, disrupt our peace, clothe us with vulnerability, dishonor our Creator, and dismiss divine love as weakness. It beckons us to serve it with idols and sacrifice our true Self’s expression. Our true Self (the Christ) remains unexpressed because we have denied its likeness as our own. As a result, we create a reality based on fear and not divine love.

To break through the illusion of fear, in faith we go straight through it without idols. Fear is only a deceptive voice until we make it real by serving it with our thoughts, words, actions, and idols. In the Light of Truth, we stand on the Truth of our true Self who is one with the changeless nature of God. In this faith, fear is cast out from our minds and we advance into the higher consciousness of our true Self, where divine love is manifested into our reality. As we exalt Truth with our mind, choices and actions, we experience its peace, radiance and abundance.

Fear has a very loud voice. It demands defense, protection and attack. If we heed its voice by defending ourselves against it raging rants, then we’ve made it real and forsaken our true power, therefore our ever-present peace. As a creator, we hold the power, not fear.

The true “I Am” is the Almighty Presence of Eternal Peace from which nothing can be added or taken away. Our true Self never changes from its eternal state of oneness with its Creator. When we are conscious of being this Great I AM, the one Self, then this is what we express.

In Truth, there is nothing to fear. In oneness, we are masters of our reality. To stand in Truth is to live by our true Power, which overcomes all fear’s deceptions.

Don’t deny Truth, for Truth is your freedom. Instead, let your Light shine through your inherent creative power for the encouragement and blessing of all. Reclaim your Identity as the Great I AM, eternally secured in the oneness you possess with your Creator.

“For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” ` Romans 8:15

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” ~ 1 John 5:4

“Now do your eyes belong to Christ, and He looks through them. Now your voice belongs to God and echoes His. And now your heart remains at peace forever. You have chosen Him in place of idols, and your attributes, given by your Creator, are restored to you at last.” ~ Course in Miracles