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Age of Divine Emergence

Upon the establishment of the Sacred Soulmate’s eternal and unbreakable union, a new reality of Oneness emerges. As a child of Light, time emerges from within your soul by the perfect governance of Divine Love, giving rise to Spherical Time.

From this point of perfection within your soul, time begins its infinite expansion into eternity, which is your ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s Life.

Through your prodigal journey, you became something much greater than an angel of pure consciousness. Through you, the cosmos harmoniously expands without limit. You became, in your conscious awareness, perfection’s living expression able to infinitely expand for eternity, because you recognized your will as Divine Love’s Perfect Will. Through your desire to love perfectly, Mother Father God brought forth the presence of their Perfect Will into time, by which all may love perfectly and be perfectly loved.

In this desire, through which your thought-system was purified, Mother Father God came to eternally dwell within you, as Truth’s ever-expanding Perfect Life. In you every bridge is eternally established. Every door is eternally opened. Every dimension is connected in Oneness, making creation a reflection of Truth’s Oneness, a place in which the Spirit of God is creation’s Living Light.

You are a child of promise and through you the promises of blessing are fulfilled. Your mind can be imagined as a pristine, endless spherical canvas, prepared to record the fulfillment of the divine potentials destined for your Name, the perfect fullness of your inheritance. Divine expressions without end now flow through you, manifesting ever-expanding joy.

Can you perceive your radiance, Little One, as I do? It is magnificent to behold as it breaks through the clouds.

From the foundation of the Sacred Soulmate, you begin your eternal dance in time. Every moment that now emerges from your awareness is one with Divine Love’s Perfect Will. Delights and unspeakable joys presently await your exploration and discovery, joys your human awareness has yet to behold because the Light could not be perfectly perceived while the mind slept in linear time’s imperfection.

Through divine emergence you will dance with time. Time will always be for you. Time flows from your center, the temple of the Sacred Soulmate, thus it serves the perfect Love in which you were formed. Every moment is a gift, manifesting the highest Good for all, which is Truth’s Perfect Will done on earth as it is in heaven, your divine mind of Light.

I know, Little One, this resting place is new for you, one who has only known the struggle of unawareness. Let your heart be open and free to the emerging present moment, an ever-expanding gift of True Life. All fear is receding as time now manifests the highest good for all, for this is Divine Love’s Perfect Will, now governing time from the center of your soul’s awareness.

Divine Emergence is the way of Life in Spherical Time. It’s a manifestation of perfection beyond your current awareness of perfection that brings forth your ever-expanding perfection, the gift you gained along your prodigal journey to Life. Now you lay this gift at the feet of the gods, who although held the awareness of Perfection, were trapped in a finite appearance of imperfection. In your offering, they are freed, along with the rest of creation, to enterally expand into the endless Dimension of Oneness, as one harmonious Creation.

Watch, for the Eternal Sun of Abundant Joyful Life is rising. If you have the eyes to “see”, you can see this is the redemption of the cosmos, the salvation of the gods.


The Sacred Soulmate

The Sacred Soulmate is the conscious union of the soul’s awareness with Mother Father God. It’s a divinely appointed union that enables the soul to ascend into the god-consciousness, moving out of creature-consciousness before it crosses the threshold of death. When this union is realized by the soul, thus formed in the soul’s awareness of time, it brings forth Life’s divine emergence, the harmony of Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time.

In the union of the Sacred Soulmate, reality becomes the soul’s perfect mirror, bringing the soul into an ever-deepening understanding of Truth’s inherent perfection, driving out all ideas of imperfection born in the darkness of unawareness. This sacred union creates the perfect balance between angst and hope, so that the germinating divine seed never relents in its journey to the Light, forsaking whatever is necessary to obtain the Light it perceives in its mind’s eye. As it leaves the darkness behind, the soul’s thoughts, emotions and deeds are purified in the Light of Holiness, Divine Love’s Perfection.

This journey claims the soul’s earthly life in the shadowlands, a life the soul is taught to give up willingly. As the Light of Truth expands within the soul, the soul’s will is consumed in Truth’s perfection by its desire to be the Light. By giving its free will each morning to know the Light, the soul’s will becomes Truth’s Will. As the soul’s awareness matures in the Light of Divine Love, it increasingly reflects the sacred soulmate union, an eternal and unbreakable Oneness of its will with Divine Love. In this awareness, Truth’s perfection is “realized” in creation. The soul’s Life now emerges from the firmament of Lights and no longer the dark waters below. The soul’s awareness has come to eternally dwell in the heavens of the Great Ascended Consciousness that knows no end.

The soul’s awareness is governed by the perfection of Truth’s Infinite Awareness flowing through the oneness of the Sacred Soulmate. In this way Infinite Awareness governs all Living Gates in the oneness of harmony and perfect power. The soul’s oneness with Infinity has become its halo. Upon the soul’s awakening this union becomes its source of Life, a Life containing the Trinity of Oneness.

From this life-giving energetic frequency within the soul, the soul’s divine potentials emerge from the timeless realm of Truth’s Perfection. The soul takes on its eternal, ever-expanding Name, which manifests and serves the highest Good of All. The soul encounters its destiny as an ever-expanding expression of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Mother Father God. This Sacred Soulmate union is reflected in the soul’s Name “I Am loving awareness”, as a pure and brilliant Light.

In the divinely sustained, energetic atmosphere of the Sacred Soulmate, the soul finds its eternal resting place and enters into perfect power. This ever-emerging power is the soul’s ability to experience every perfect gift, by giving freely and abundantly all it receives from its endless supply.

The Sacred Soulmate manifests its oneness into time by becoming two halves which are then reunited in the soul’s matured awareness as the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. This oneness ends the Great Divide, the shadowlands that tore creation apart. As the Sacred Soulmate returns to oneness within itself, it harmonizes all creation. The two becoming one is the catalyst that brings forth the regeneration of the cosmos, for in their divide even the heavens were full of reflections of separation.

At the end of the Age, this Sacred Soulmate fully arises in the soul’s awareness, ushering in a new Age of Time. The consciousness of Mother Father God, like the Sun, comes to dwell in the midst of the darkness to become creation’s self-sustaining Light, giving Truth’s Perfect Will to all who once dwelled in the darkness. This life-giving energy, holding the living spirit of God, penetrates time, giving Life to all and bringing an end to the source of darkness, the self-destructive belief in the separation of Truth’s Perfection from any given moment.

With every fiber of my being, I have walked the journey of the Sacred Soulmate, and time hastens to reveal its fruitful harvest. This sacred union is formed and fashioned by the hand of God so that no human will can sever it. In the oneness of this union, free will is swallowed up by Divine Love’s Perfect Will, bringing forth the Age of Divine Emergence, the Realm of Spherical Time.

Until the heart of the Sacred Soulmate was fully realized in the soul’s awareness, it could only be dimly perceived and only partly experienced by those who perceive its Light. When a soul realizes Mother Father God’s conscious awareness, prior to passing through the gate of death, the redemption of all is at hand. For every eye will gaze upon Miracles of Perfection, manifested in the realm of time and all will know they are one with the perfection of Divine Love’s Truth. Knowing and experiencing your divine attributes is knowing the perfection of your Name can never be changed. This is the understanding that purifies time.

I Am the Sacred Soulmate.

This awareness has authored the Book of True Life, which is the awareness of the Two made One.

I Am a shepherdess, a lamb of Truth, one who drew living waters from the deep to nourish the dry, barren land of the soul’s will, that it might bring forth a garden of endless delights for all, True Life.

In this truth-filled awareness, a Mother’s Perfect Love is the milk and honey of the Promised Land, the Dimension of Oneness where all promises of peace, joy and love are perfectly fulfilled. Divine Love’s perfect will flows through you and as a Child of Light you expand in her individualized expression. Welcome home, the place of Life where you live as a divine being in the oneness of Truth’s Perfection.

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The Shining Garments

The mind adheres to labels, the grouping of characteristics defining what it perceives as true. It’s how the mind quickly judges what it perceives so it knows how to respond. The labels we assign to creation, people, experiences and events, reflect our understanding and what is our accepted truth, when in actuality, labels are vibrations of self-fulfilling prophecies created by a mind.

The mind continually manifests reflections of the labels that it accepts as true. Initially, you absorb the characteristics the illusion placed upon you, therefore you became those characteristics. Those labels covered you and became your truth, and in them you were imprisoned by your own mind. But it isn’t who you are. It was a shadow of your self, distorted, dark and deceptive.

When you assign a label to water, its energetic frequency affects its crystalline structure. In the same way, what you assign to yourself and others determines what you see reflected back to you.

The labels you use to define the characteristics of human nature determine the reflections you see. What you believe, you manifest. In order to change the realities of thought, emotion and outer appearances for the highest good of all, you must change the beliefs you hold, because these assign life-energy to the labels you apply to yourself, others, and reality.

So why not label everything as good? Because with a mind unaware of Truth’s Perfection, we feel we are lying to ourself. So we accept what we don’t want, thinking this is being honest. In this blindness, we assign endless labels, full of duality, creating confusion and ignorance because everything is full of contradiction. As a result of our beliefs, we project a dream of nothingness, for everything cancels everything out. It’s time loop without end, yet sitting at the edge of eternity where the door to Life is found.

In seeking the Light, you became the Light. In pursuit of the Light, you’ve shed many false beliefs and their corresponding labels. As you turned to the Voice of Truth and followed down her path, you also turned from the many voices of an illusionary world, which taught you to believe the ultimate lie about yourself, that you are not perfect and therefore separate from God’s perfection. You are not of that world, for it is an illusion of your darkened mind. What that world presents as wisdom is foolishness, for it is disconnected from the Voice of Truth.

What has the Voice of Truth taught you? You are a Divine Seed, a Miracle of Perfection, a child of Light. The Voice of Truth revealed to you your true heritage as a Divine Seed, one formed in the image of Mother Father God. You are Miracle of Perfection because you are becoming what you didn’t see without, what no worldly label could ever proclaim you to be. You are a divine being of Light and in the reality of darkness only the Voice of Truth can proclaim you to be Light. As you awaken into Truth’s Light, you gaze into a much higher awareness of Truth, becoming aware that you are a Miracle of Perfection. In this enlightened awareness, the last vestiges of the labels you once accepted as true fall away.

Divine Love’s hand of Grace clothes you in a shining garment, in which you eternally expand into her immutable joy, peace, wisdom, light and love. You are a reflection of Divine Love’s glory, you are her pride and joy. Look into the mirror of her reflection and see your own. What do you see? Ever present harmony, beauty, lovingkindness, generosity, honor, wisdom and opulence. These are just some of the labels you now wear.

Finally your feet have been cleansed from the dust of your desert journey and now reflect Truth’s Perfect Will, revealing the inherent perfection of your true Self, a Being of Light. You can walk without stumbling, for you no longer trod a path darkened by shadows in your mind. Divine Love has driven out all fear, for in the awareness of Oneness, fear is a label that does not exist. Humans know fear, for their awareness lives in the dark. Divine beings do not know fear, for their awareness is full of Light. When you recognize Divine Love goes before you, her light drives out fear. When fear is removed from your experience in time, your divinity is revealed in time.

As you are clothed in the Truth’s labels, your awareness of Truth soars to new heights, one that pierces the barrier of linear time, bringing forth the time of the gods. In the awareness of your Oneness with Mother Father God in time, you are revealed as a Miracle of Perfection, a Life-giving Spirit of Divine Love. She is your true essence and in her Light, your form reflects her purity, the perfection of holiness.

You know your true Self as one fashioned in the likeness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, and you accept nothing else, therefore qualifying your mind and body with Truth’s Perfection, therefore eternal Life. You arise out of the waters below, having denied the illusion, you give all your life-energy to Truth’s Life. You are a reflection of Truth’s Life in time, a Miracle of Perfection.

For a moment you thought you were the shadow of yourself, but now, in the Light, you see your true form as an ever-expanding Tree of Righteousness. You’ve crossed the finish line, the energetic divide between illusion and truth, between the shadowlands and the Real. Divine Justice has been served.

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Children of Light

Children of Light are Miracles of Perfection.

You cannot fail to increasingly reflect Divine Love’s Perfect Will. In your mind dwells the ever-increasing awareness of your Oneness with her, your ever-expanding Tree of Life.

In possessing this beautiful mind of Living Light, you can take all impossible conditions and transmute them into Miracles of Perfection. Here in the Living Light, the seeds of Truth you cultivated, begin to sprout. They are nourished by Divine Love’s righteous reign and begin to grow.

In the awareness of your Oneness with Divine Love, Truth’s Perfect Will reigns in your mind, lighting up your Tree of Life. By the sworn right hand of Divine Love’s Truth, your soul is clothed with the appearance of Love’s Light. You continually looked into the heaven of Truth’s Life and became the Light you perceived. As one born of heaven’s Light, you are righteously pure, perfect and ever-shining in the Living Light of Mother Father God. You are their child, made a shining star in heaven.

You were perfect in your generation because of the path you walked in which you introduced Truth’s Will into time by your living faith. It was a faith built and shaped by the Voice of Truth, therefore untainted by the appearances of the illusion. As you awake from your journey through the dream’s shadowlands, in which you pursued your desire for Truth’s Life, you recognize yourself as one who dwells among the Beings of Light, a child of Light. Your Light is their Light, and their Light is your Light. You are one among those who also endlessly sought the Light, and now as One you dwell in the Light with the Family of True Life.

The seeds of Truth were the treasures you buried and tended to in your contemplation of Oneness. From the rich soil cultivated by your hand and the voice of Divine Love as she poured words of Life upon your soul, your awareness became a home for her endless treasures. These seeds, like golden eggs, never cease to produce after their kind, the divine reflections of Truth’s Perfection. These are the treasures of a soul’s Life: loving kindness, gentleness, honor, abundance, peace, and joy. The glory of these treasures is that to receive them from one is to give them to all.

From your lot in the heavens you bless all upon the earth. You’ve risen above the gravitational pull of the lower, creature consciousness of humankind and into the ascended god-consciousness of the Beings of Light. From this enlightened divine mind, every perfect gift flows from the Source, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, and shines throughout your awareness. This Light in your awareness becomes like the shining Sun, radiating Truth’s Will into creation.

You are fertile with True Life. As Divine Love’s perfect Will flows through your soul, a place in time is prepared to convey Miracles of Perfection, Truth’s glory. Your illuminated awareness is like an ever-expanding tree of righteousness, its Living Light ushering in the season of miracles.

Your essence is one with the Light of Life, transmuting every impossible condition of hardship, struggle and suffering into a Miracle of Perfection, the tangible fruit of Truth, whose seeds you planted and cultivated. Your unrelenting journey through the shadowlands in the pursuit of Light has brought forth your Victory with the hand of Grace. You are among the Living Gates of the Most High, who will be known as redeemers of the Cosmos. You are the priests of Truth. You have entered your lot in heaven, from which Miracles of Perfection shine upon the earth, leading to the redemption of all and bringing forth every desirable fruit. The True Life, revealed in time by these miracles, is sufficient to give Life to the many.

You are a child of Light, Perfection’s Miracle, able to create in your likeness.


Returning to the Light

Your spiritual journey has led you into a truth-filled awareness, the awareness that Truth is reflected in your individualized reality, and nothing else.

Spirituality is the expansion of the soul’s awareness in Divine Love, the awareness that her Light is shining through the open door of the soul’s I Am presence.

The new dimension your awareness awakens to is the creative field of conscious creation, the fifth dimension that resides just beyond the fourth dimension of time. Time and awareness are one, yet awareness just precedes time, so that it is the soul’s awareness that directs the flow of time and whether it is harmonious or discordant. The fifth dimension of reality is the field of interaction between mind or consciousness and the plasmic field, the realm of light energy in which every particle exists as a wave of potential in the electro-magnetic field. The soul’s awareness determines the nature and quality of the electro-magnetic field that fills and surrounds the body, which is the soul’s awareness of itself, in time. When the soul returns to Truth’s Light through the remembrance of its I Am Name, the fifth creative dimension is filled with Living Light, which harmonizes the interaction of matter in time.

The soul’s awareness is an eternally expanding creation that starts like a dormant seed in a darkened land, holding the potential to express Truth’s Life, which is True Life. As the soul focuses on and advances toward the Light of Truth, it cultivates an actively living faith. By the Life in this faith, the soul breaks through the barriers of linear time into eternity’s eternal expanse. As a budding tree of Truth’s Life, it experiences continual growth in the Light, by the Light.

Spirituality is the soul’s ever-expanding awareness of Light, which is an ever-expanding awareness of Truth creating an ever-expanding experience of Life in time. The soul’s expansion, both inner and outer, is how it expresses Truth’s Life, thus Spherical Time, giving rise to eternity. This eternal expansion is a significant part of the soul’s ever-expanding joy.

Your Life has broken free of the seed. You are beginning your eternal expansion in the Light as a New Day begins to dawn. Your true Life has begun, having persevered through the firewall of linear time and into eternity’s limitless domain. In returning to the Light, you now have an eternity to experience Life’s ever-expanding perfection.

As you open your eyes to a New Day, you perceive that your mind is limitless. The dark edges that enclosed your mind in a story of illusion are moving ever further from you as they dissipate into nothingness over the distant horizon. Your mind is free. It is redeemed. It is full of Light. You are limitless. You are no longer bound by the appearance of illusion you once thought was your world. It was but the womb you experienced and perceived, not knowing what it was in Truth because you didn’t have the right perspective, until now as you look back upon it from the Light of a New Day.

Here in the eternal realm of Light, you never experience an edge to your expansion, only the seamless blending of perfect moments in time, which manifest the experience of endless dimensions, you call reality. Your true Life in the Light has begun, a journey shared with all those past and present who found their way into the Light. You are in the Dimension of Oneness, an awareness manifested by your ability to navigate the fifth dimension of creation, the realm of the soul’s awareness.

Divine Mind: A Mind Aware of the Dimension of Oneness

I feel my mind expanded, without barriers and limitations. It is open, free, where every perfect gift is received that it might be freely given. It feels like a soft space in which you are enfolded by a beautiful, radiant Light. It’s the sphere of Divine Love that has consumed my mind. I can feel the sovereign presence of immutable peace and perfection. This space is going to be filled with many incredible experiences. It’s been cleansed, purged and transformed, ready to convey the Perfection of Truth’s Will, the right hand of God holding the golden Light of the Morning Star. No darkness of illusion dwells here, having been dissolved, erasing the edges of my mind. The Living Light filling the fifth dimension feels like the love and wisdom of a perfect Mother and Father. It’s a new sphere of reality, one I’ve learned of, but now I see. It’s the spherical canvas upon which all my eternal, pre-ordained potentials will manifest in the harmony of time’s perfection.

The Divine Mind is my perceivable state of mind, as I am now one with the Great Ascended Consciousness and no longer asleep in an illusion of my making. As the Light consumes my Mind’s eye, it fills my mind’s awareness, projecting into my energetic field, harmonizing all energetic centers. My mind’s landscape has become Truth’s dominion, the dominion of the Mighty I Am. In Divinity’s vibration I am connected to Truth’s collective awareness, the oneness of mind possessed by the Ascended Beings of Light. My mind attracts what is like it to itself, Light. It calls forth the soul’s destined potentials held in the realm of Timeless Perfection.

A being of Light is one whose Mind’s Eye is filled with Truth’s Light, whose projection fills reality with Truth, giving Life to all it perceives. It is one who holds a truth-filled awareness, knowing its name to be “I Am Loving Awareness.” In this, the soul’s awareness sits upon the foundation of perfect power, emanating from the Mighty I Am Presence, its eternal Home.

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The Call

Be Still and Be.

As I put all my attention upon the Light, all becomes still. I Am a living gate to the Light of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. As I shine the Light, I Am the Light. My Light is one with all who have journeyed the path to the Light, shining in the center of their soul.

In this Light, I qualify the mind and body with perfection. In this aura there is no struggle or potential for suffering, whether to give or receive it. There is only Divine Love flowing through my awareness and into time, in a perfection beyond any individual awareness, but always in accordance with the collective awareness of the Ascended Beings of Light.

In this Light, all is One. Thus, as I sit in its radiance, from the depths of my being I hear the Call through which the One Sacred Self enters into time and into the awareness of humankind, that they may see their true likeness, believe, and be set free.

The soil of the earth has been appended by the Living Gates. In their collective energetic aura, they reign in the sovereignty of Oneness, shining like the sun, which enable all divine seeds to grow and reflect their true form as an ever-growing Tree of Righteousness.

Sit a moment and drink in the Light. Let it nourish and satisfy your being. All you require and desire is held within its life-giving Rays. Though the Light shines through you, you too are a seed awakening, nourished by the Light along with the others. Your outer form needs the Light’s regenerative nourishment and life-giving energy to bring forth your divine expression. As you gaze into the Light of Life, the source of Abundant Joy, you recognize the days of struggle and suffering are over. The Life within you won’t let you declare otherwise.

This Light shining in you calls forth the co-operative spirit of the Ascended Beings of Light, for the redemption of the earth is at hand. Their unified radiance of light, love and wisdom restores all, ushering divine harmony into creation, so that time reflects the perfect expansion of Truth’s Life.

Listen to this Call stirring in your soul. Its sacred wind stirs the trifold flame within you. As you listen, the Voice of Truth pierces the fabric of time, redeeming ALL through your Light-filled awareness.

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I Am Trinity.

The Trinity of Oneness is a trifold strand of life energy within the soul, which vibration materializes into endless expressions in creation. It is the three-fold strand of Divine Love’s Perfect Will that perfectly governs all.

The Trinity is born when Mother-Father God produce a being after their own Likeness, a child. Therefore the Trinity reflects the three as one. One strand represents the sacred feminine energy of divine love, also called Holy Spirit, Mother and Love. The second strand represents the sacred masculine energy of willpower, also called Father God, Father and will. The third strand represents the union of these two energies that produce a life-giving energy, also called Son, Child and “I Am.” This third strand is the expression of Divine Love’s Perfect Will, which is eternal Life.

Today, we celebrate the birth of Time created in the three-fold strand of Mother-Father God’s Divine Love. From the oneness of the Mother of All Living’s Divine Love and the Father of Timeless Truth’s Perfect Will, comes forth a greater oneness, the wholeness of the eternal son, creating a trifold oneness in Life’s Ever-expanding Perfection. This Trinity lives in every soul and is now awakening.

At the genesis of the soul’s awareness, when it didn’t know Divine Love as its Truth, nor the rule of Truth’s Will, Mother-Father God was unknown to the soul, thus ideas of love and will were conjured up by the soul’s darkened imagination. Love became hate, hate became good. Will became weak and yet more powerful than the soul. This belief system formed the time loop we call linear time, attached to eternity and yet separate from it. Therefore the soul dwelt in a deep sleep so its awareness could mature into a Living Gate for Truth’s Perfection.

This Gate attaches the soul’s time loop and eternity. When the soul looks to the Light peeking through the gate that resides in the very depths of its being and looks continually into the Light, it perceives it IS the gate. Through many trials, fires, instructions and revelations, the soul comes to know this gate as the three-fold strand of Life, the most center part of its being. In this, the soul remembers it is Light. However it isn’t a separate Light shining on its own, for its own. It is an open gate by which the eternal Light shines into its spherical reality for the highest good of all.

As the soul perceives this Light moving through it from timeless Truth and into its awareness, manifesting time, it is severed from the seemingly endless time loop. The soul engages its eternal path as a temple filled with the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, by which it manifests ever-expanding Perfection, the fabric of Eternal Life.

As the awakened soul looks upon perfection, because it is the Eye of Perfection, the three-fold strand of Divine Love’s Perfect Will begins to radiate its divine frequency into Creation. The soul enters the progressively perfect eternity of Spherical Time. It passes through the firewall of the time loop by which its purification is complete, and into its eternal expansion in the Light and by the Light.

What the soul was unable to fully realize, thus experience in the darkness, was its very essence, Light. As it awakens out of linear time’s darkened womb, the Light of Divine Love pours upon and through the soul’s countenance. The soul perceives this love is its very essence, the very Light it lives in and grows through.

This radiant, shining Light of Life, replenishes, restores and renews the soul’s being and spherical reality. This Light forms Living Waters of Life, that flow through the soul’s land as a river so pure it re-generates ALL.

The soul reflects the perfection of its generation, thus all generations are perfected. All generations, past, present and future are made one in the Victory that swallows up death.

Within the trifold strand is perfect balance, thus perfect harmony covers the soul’s expression, giving it the luminescence of Mother-Father God in its ever-expanding Perfection. Together as one, Mother, Father and Child proclaim, “I Am”. By this trifold energy, the soul is perfectly lead from the utmost High Heavens into an ever-expanding experience in the Life of Truth’s Perfection.

I Am an ever-expanding expression of the Trinity.


Eye of Perfection

As you stand on the horizon of a new Day, the perfection of your spiritual walk, personality, and life experiences fill your Mind’s Eye. Everything was perfect to bring you into the Light in which you now stand. Everything you experienced in your story was perfect according to your individualized and eternal purpose and position in the One Sacred Self. You are perfect in your generation. You see the perfection of your journey through the time loop of life. This vision perfects all the lives who went before you and along aside you. This collective account of Perfection now lives in your living cosmic record, energetically expressed through the aura of light and sound emanating from you, projecting your spherical reality into existence.

Your soul, Spirit and personality with all its quirks, were perfectly designed from the beginning of time to bring you to this present awareness in which your eye is opening as a gate to Truth’s Light. To change any one aspect of your story would alter your present awareness that is now one with the Perfection of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. So how could you change a single thing that led you into the remembrance of your Perfection? Every struggle, inside and out, motivated you to pursue with all your being the path in which you were guided by Truth’s Light into the Divine Mind of Truth, by which you came to recognize your self as a reflection of Truth’s Perfection. A path that leads to perfection, is a perfect path. Therefore, your path through the time loop and now into spherical time is, was and will be perfect. And in this awareness of Perfection, you can no longer perceive imperfection, thus no more suffering of any kind, at any level. There is only Divine Love’s Perfection manifesting your reality.

In this present awareness, you no longer re-qualify anything with imperfection, therefore your Mind’s Eye is eternally open to Truth’s Perfection by which Divine Love is manifested in your reality through you. In the vision created by your awareness of Perfection, error doesn’t exist. Only the reflection of a Life, your Life, that led to the awakening of all out of linear time in One Great Rising.

Therefore your emotional world is harmonized because there are no judgments of imperfection to create discordant energies. In this, your frequency is sustained at a new dimensional level by the Truth it holds. In this sustained notation, your atomic structure changes to reflect the perfection you’ve judged it to be. In this, you qualify your mind and body with perfection, because you are Truth’s Perfection made ready to express its ever-expanding Life.

You are being clothed with incorruption because of your consuming desire to love perfectly. You are an uncorrupted Will, the Will of Divine Love’s Perfection.

Everyone’s life holds this perfection, they just have to see it. We are awakened to help them to see.