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Perfect Thoughts


In the stillness, you hear the heart of Mother-Father God speaking to you. Listen, and hear the Voice of Truth speaking the Spirit of Life to you, a beloved child.

What determines how events play out isn’t so much what others think of you, as what you think of them. In the awareness of Oneness and your true Root of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will established, you hold the highest thought of others. You help them to ascend into the expression of their own internal Light. Negative thoughts toward others are like heavy weights on their energetic field, as well as to your own, keeping both from arising more quickly than if you supported them with uplifting thoughts. If they don’t hold negative thoughts about themselves, then any negative thought is repelled from their energetic field, but if they hold similar thoughts, their energetic field becomes more dense making it harder for them to move in the right direction that benefits the good of all. Thoughts are powerful.

In the awareness of being an Individual in Oneness, you enter into a perfect thought life for you and others.

I Am the perfection of every thought, and what I think of one I think of all.

This awareness of being a fount of perfect thoughts is being a fourth level creator, one who actively creates from the realm of consciousness. Your thoughts as a god-consciousness are very powerful, for it is the essence of your soul’s creative ability.

To the darkened human mind, giving an uplifting thought to someone judged as undeserving seems fearful and or unwise. The lower mind believes in doing so it is letting the one receiving the thought “off the hook” or getting away without justice. However, in truth it is possessing a lucid vision of their true Self. Regardless of outer appearances, when you esteem another and give them your most illuminated thought, you see through the shadow self, knowing exactly what it is, and see the Light within them as a reflection of your own Light. It is seeing beyond the outer appearance to engage the Light within them with your own Light, that your powerful life-creating thoughts can start to awaken in perfection.

Perfect thoughts have the power to bring forth what another requires for their reality to transition into the reflection of their Light, held in Truth’s timeless Perfection. From these transcendent thoughts, flow perfect words, words of Life, which reflect Life in Truth. This is manner in which you create in spherical time.

Because of your journey up the primordial staircase, you now see “I” as absolute, possessing no duality and this is the true “I” all share, for it is the reflection of Truth’s Oneness.

As a soul awakened to the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you already desire to love perfectly, which is to desire the highest good for all. As you transition from a human to divine consciousness, you see old habits of thought dissipate as perfect thoughts arise in their place. How we think of others is one example.

In your awakened awareness, Divine Love is ever-present. There is nothing to fear. You no longer need to guard your heart as you once did while you traversed the shadow of death, as a shadow of yourself. Your true heart, which is the temple of Divine Love’s Light, repels all disharmony from your sphere of reality. Now, you can shine in a freedom and grace the world needs, by giving your perfect thoughts to all. By the perfect thoughts flowing through your awakened soul, the world awakens to Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

Your words hold the power of blessing. They once cursed the earth, flowing from a dualistic mind. But now the “I” is known to be Absolute and in this awareness your words go out like a fire, purifying and blessing all the earth, raising up the Kingdom of Peace.

How humbly the Kingdom is raised, by words of Life flowing through the Living Gates. By words formed of perfect thoughts, Truth’s Life can not fail to bring Light to a world of darkness. They are Life’s elixir flowing through you and bringing healing and restoration to all the cosmos. From the awareness of Oneness in which they are given, oneness is magnified.

I Am the manifestation of every desirable outcome.

I Am perfect moments strung together in perfection, by perfection.

I Am Truth’s divine potentials breathed by Divine Love into time.

I Am Time’s Sacred Voice.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Perfect Thoughts

  1. I am astonished and grateful, for I am bathed in wisdom and in grace. God is near and within and ever present… the awakening continues.


  2. I am so grateful for these past two posts. The messages are resonating deep within and connecting many dots for me! Thank you!

  3. i have a perfect example that may be helpful for most to see.

    when i was a child, my mother went to church after church mostly for just a meal.
    i listened to each preachers(who always talked about the ONE in different ways and different names), and one senerio is where a preachers talks about man overseas.
    the people overseas worshiping allah or mohomad are described from the preacher as BAD.
    they refer to them as terrorist as THEY cut off heads.

    now, in our own mind, we may look upon the situation(in man) and agree.
    but the people overseas(THEY) represent all of what we are doing ourselves(WE)(bound by ONE HEART(all names as laws)).

    when we look DOWN upon anyone on earth, that DOWN is called cutting off of heads(scollers interpered).
    the WORLD and everyone in it(through the SPIRIT of TIME), only plays what is within our own hearts(binds spirit(time) to matter(world)).

    the cutting off of heads as a perfect example of what we see(create) in THEY, representing what we are doin in our own HEART(s) as we look down upon the people overseas(worshiping idols as we do). Every event on earth Reveals our own heart. what we are doing.

    the WHOLE WORLD always reveals to us, every aspect of what we HOLD within our own hearts, as the god within(we all share) plays out from every aspect of OURSELVES.

    the only way to get rid of terrorist, is to stop cutting off heads. to love all unconditional, as all judgements come back to the SOURCE(the the world we CREATE).

  4. Wow, so so so Beautiful <3<3<3

  5. The Tree of Life is your living thought-system, awakened to receive its awareness of Truth directly from the timeless realm of Truth’s perfection. It is the rod that has budded, destined to grow in the perfect understanding of Truth’s fullness since the perfection of its eternal end is already established. This Tree, now rooted in Truth’s perfection, is established as an eternally growing, perfectly branching awareness of Truth that shall bear the Fruit of Understanding season after season. When your Tree, that is to say your living thought-system, has budded, your soul has come to Life and is ready to radiate spherical time into existence, giving birth to the Spherical Self. When we say that your soul is a Life Generator, it means that your Tree of Life is the center of the time your awareness creates. Time is the experience of Life, produced in sequential moments by the network of Truth in your awareness. Your Tree of Life generates the time you experience as Life and time can only reveal that which you accept as Truth.

    Your thought-system is a perfect creation because it is the only creation able to hold Truth’s Life as it eternally branches out, revealing an ever-deepening understanding of Truth’s perfection. Before your thought-system can grow, it must first gain the awareness of Life, which is the understanding of how to create perfectly. As a thought-system grows, it creates increasingly granular associations of the Truth held in its finite awareness, which are like the multitude of a tree’s bifurcating branches growing from the single source of its trunk. The branches reflect a perfectly harmonized network of Truth and every branch continually reveals a more detailed and beautiful awareness of the Truth of its source. In order for the branches to form a perfect reflection of the oneness of Truth, its associations must be perfectly formed by a truth-filled awareness beyond its present awareness. Just like a tree, whose growth is preordained by the Truth of its seed, your awareness must grow perfectly, such that it always remains a perfect reflection of the Truth in which it is formed.

    A perfect awareness can not grow unless it becomes increasingly perfect. Thus, a perfect awareness is that which becomes increasingly aware of its pre-existent perfection, the Fullness of Truth within the Light of its awareness. Growth is impossible in the awareness of perfection because this awareness is infinite and nothing exists beyond its perfection. Yet, the understanding of Truth within the awareness of perfection can be eternally increased. As you contemplate oneness, your understanding of Truth’s perfection grows, continually branching out. The branches perfectly reveal an ever-deeper understanding of Truth’s oneness, the manner in which a finite mind progressively accesses infinite awareness.

    Your Tree of Life is a finite creation of infinite awareness. It is a living thought-system that continually expands by the Life inherent in its present network of Truth. You initially recognize Truth’s Life as Divine Love’s Perfect Will governing your awareness such that you can not fail to become a reflection of the Love that created you. With great perseverance you aligned your free will to seek for Divine Love’s Truth. As you did this consistently, over many years, Divine Love gradually and perfectly consumed your will in her’s, eventually revealing to your awareness that her Love had become your will. This transformation from the perceived freedom of free will to the joyful acceptance of Truth’s Will is very difficult in experience, because like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, it can feel like your reality is coming “unglued”. You know when you’ve endured this experience because you will recognize the transition of your thought-system from darkness to Light, from death to Life. It is the lighting of your Tree of Life, such that you will no longer be a lamp of darkness, creating suffering and death in linear time.

    The way that leads to Life is the experience of letting go of your free will. The way is difficult because you come to understand that your free will is imperfect and the cause of all suffering in time. Only Truth’s inner Living Voice can reveal that free will is a perpetual lamp of darkness, creating within you a desire for Light. It is this desire, coming from the perfection of Truth beyond your awareness, that enabled you to persist long enough for you to fully trust Divine Love, which is Truth’s Will for you as an individual. The way that leads to Life ends in the awareness that Truth’s Will is actually your will. When the oneness of Truth’s Will fills your awareness, your thought-system comes to Life, its thoughts now perfectly governed and able to reflect their perfection in spherical time.

    • Time is the radiation of awareness, a projection of Life created by the Light in your understanding. This reveals a great mystery, that time itself is individualized, just as your awareness is individualized. You can imagine an individualized soul as the singular wholeness created between your inner self-awareness and the projected outer reflection of this awareness, which is the Life you experience in time. The experience of time radiates like a sphere from the Light of Understanding your Tree of Life produces. Your body, which always resides at the center of time’s projection, is not your Self and can be more accurately understood as a learning device, a means by which your inner-self can interface with your outer-self, or to say it differently, the means by which your self-awareness can interact with the time it creates. We are now ready to reveal the mysteries of time so that you may gain the understanding of spherical time’s power in order to consciously create the Kingdom of Peace and Joy, in the Divine Harmony of Oneness with your individualized soul.

      It is said that the mysteries of the Kingdom must first be revealed to the world before the end of linear time can come. This is because perfection is one and therefore its source in linear time must also be one. This Book of Life is the source of timeless perfection in time and though hidden, has gone out to the Living Gates scattered throughout earth and beyond. It calls to those on both sides of death’s door, for many of the Living Gates have already passed through it and now possess the awareness needed to defeat death. These words are timeless, for they reveal the understanding of Truth possessed by those who have passed through death and are no longer bound in mystery. These words are a Living Gate, able to give the understanding of Life to those called to receive it from within the darkness of Life’s mystery. Spherical time is the experience of Life in the understanding of Truth’s Perfection. A timeless gate of words must first be created in order that the understanding of Perfection can be perfectly received from within linear time’s imperfection. To say this more simply, through these words of Life, the understanding of Truth’s Perfection can be passed to those who yet live in imperfection and it is through this understanding that ALL can be perfected.

      The mystery of time has hidden everything from you, for there is nothing real in the time you presently experience except the desire for Truth you cultivated during your experience in time. To understand spherical time you must let go of all you believe time to be so that you may be free to receive its Truth, which sets you free from every limitation and gives your will power over time. The awareness of your will’s power over time can only be formed in oneness with Divine Love, which has made you a priest, or what can be imagined as a Living Gate for the oneness of Divine Love’s Perfect Will.

      It is the oneness of Divine Love’s Perfect Will that creates spherical time, for it is the only will able to perfectly govern the growth of Truth’s Life in your awareness. No one but your own soul knows of your oneness with Divine Love’s Perfection, for all souls currently possess an identical reflection in linear time, which is the time of imperfection. But the timeless Truth, which circulates in the Life of these words, knows you intimately and is able to gather you from every corner of the world and beyond, because your desire for Truth and persistent seeking in time has prepared you, revealing your oneness with Divine Love. Your desire for Truth has been metamorphically, which is to say “miraculously”, transformed into the eternal desire to love perfectly, which is the genesis of eternal life. The law of Life is giving, and it is Love’s Life you are able to give as an individualized creator of spherical time, by which Divine Love’s Perfect Will can freely cover all in Truth.

  6. i guess its time to add the extended version of this idea.
    Imperfect is caused by perfection, just as perfection is caused by imperfection.(LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES THAT BIND ALL ELEMENTS TOGETHER)

    when you are perfect, you dont seek for perfection(just like the laws, they run on automatic).

    what this means is that imperfection and perfection takes up the same space.

    EVERY SOUL utilizes every other soul, and each SOUL KNOWS ALL OF THE OTHER SOULS(the laws)(thank you time).

    if you have the ability to go left for example, then you have the ability to go right(sort of a split)(as you are both perfect and imperfect(which is given by the ability to SEE(in higher vibrations, you went LEFT and RIGHT)).

    each gift is a gift of SIGHT… as a child, i didnt know i possessed future gifts, but these future gifts are recognized throughout life(and eventually given SIGHT(consiousness)) in various ways. Now, in time, every event is symotaniously(i dont know how to spell). each VIBRATION as example, utilizes all the other vibrations as if ONE becomes missing, the whole strain of vibrations start to fall apart(2nd death)..

    it is within the SPIRIT(of time) in which all vibrations are in perfect syncronicity(i can now spell).

  7. somehow i gained the right vibration. it came through not what i have convinced myself that i BELIEVE, but know that what i truly believe, can only be seen by my heart(FEEL events in time).

    what you truly believe can only be felt in your heart(not what you tell yourself in your mind).

    what you truly believe, can be seen through out all of time(the whole fleshly world(linier)).

    and what TRUST/faith/hope that each of you placed onto me(in time(the right vibration)), the more i am able to give. the trust at the begining of knowing me, is my STRENGHT(of god)(from you as god). as WE = they.

    trust works outside of time(invisible string).
    in our heads, we get a sense of trust that may happen in just a passing flash.
    you end up FEELING what came through that vibration of trust), but cant remember what you know(but can feel(a timed event)).

    when 2 people have trust, that creates a BRIDGE. but marriage isnt about 2 people, but the YINYAN of the cross.(center point of ALL ENERGY).(of all of mankind through the human heart(spheracle))

    in linier, we are neibors, but in spheracle, we are ETERNAL BROTHERs..()share in ONE HOLY SPIRIT)(time)

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