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When our will fully embraces the God act of emergence, the living power flowing from the Altar of Truth is released.

Divine emergence gives expression to Truth and our Divine Self in the ever-expanding present moment. In emergence God’s thoughts flow through us as our thoughts. They extend into reality and create expressions of Truth; ever-present peace, joy, love, harmony, and abundance. Emergence is the power of God moving through us in magnificent and unexpected ways. However, as we approach the Altar of Truth, despite its promise of wonders beyond our imagination, we feel the gravitational pull from the fear of emergence holding us back from moving forward.

Our sleeping mind imagined a counterfeit to the altar of Truth, which four pillars are the source of all fears: past learning, time, false image of our self, and sacrifice. Because of the many potentials of fearful outcomes from this faulty source, we daily serve fear with many sacrifices.

Therefore, many of our choices and most of our energy are spent mitigating, reducing, controlling, and avoiding fearful outcomes, and in protecting and defending ourselves from fearful outcomes. We build idols to protect us, unaware of their silent betrayal. Our man-made idols designed to protect us from fear keep our belief in fear real, which in turn strengthens our need for idols.

The fear of emergence multiplies when we look back on our own lives and the lives of others and believe anything undesirable that happened in the past can happen again, not understanding we are the creators of our dream. Past learning within the dream teaches unwanted events emerge randomly and unexpectedly; sickness, loss, suffering, pain, rejection, accidents, abandonment, loneliness, depression, reckless anger, etc. Although we’ve known some good experiences to emerge from our lives, the potential of fearful ones keep us striving to maintain our defenses against this creative stream of the unexpected. When we examine why we do what we do, it’s incredible how much our will is steered to avoid the fear inherent in the unpredictability of emergence.

Fear arises out of incorrect thinking. It comes from attributing an incorrect source to things and not seeing the true singular Source to everything. Because what we see with our mind’s eye we project and create, when we perceive the counterfeit altar’s four pillars and believe in their ability to manifest fearful outcomes, we create a fearful reality. This mis-creation requires all our energy in attempt to control it. As a result, our will becomes a servant to fear, preventing us from freely giving our will to divine emergence.

Without a willful choice for divine emergence we remain in fear, because our will is free even when it is misapplied. However, our true will is God’s will. A contrary will is the temporary illusion of our sleeping embryonic Self. As we awaken, our will begins to shift to our divine will that is one with God’s. The recognition of oneness with God’s will is a significant aspect of our awakening because it reveals our contrary will could only have been an illusion. Therefore, we go through a willful transition from resisting emergence to resting in it, pushing through the one thing we feared the most.

This mental gap between controlling our reality and resting in divine emergence seems impossible to cross. It feels like an infinite chasm because we are coming out of a dream where witnesses to fear surround us, even in our own bodies, strengthening the fear of emergence. Though we know the Truth, we still experience the dream’s fear inducing illusions. Yet, in this moment we are not alone.

At this life altering moment the Spirit of Divine Love enters with transformative grace. It’s our first experience of the power of our divine Self. Divine love consumes the part of our will which still resists emergence. It miraculously brings witnesses of divine emergence into our reality that enable our mind to systematically release fear’s grasp upon it. In its peace and comfort, we look at our fears head on and see their foolish, illusionary nature and we begin to let go. In this ever-brighting vision from within, we consistently counter the fear by consciously resting in emergence, where fear takes its last breath. This heightened luminosity, which shines from the Truth obtained during our journey to the Altar, lifts us above the illusion in a perception of divine love that drives out all fear. It brings us to the Altar of Truth, where we make the only sacrifice we will ever make: our illusionary fear.

We are constantly creating reflections of what we believe we are; whether a false self or a true Self. But in this transition from the illusion to the real, we experience a supernatural awakening, symbolized in the resurrection. Despite our lingering thoughts bound in fear, in divine grace we are awakened from the nightmare we created and into the Kingdom of Peace. As witnesses to the Truth increasingly surround us, our minds fully engage divine emergence. Once awakened, we recognize our thoughts create our reality as they flow from the Mind of God through the Altar of Truth.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. ~ 1 John 4:18

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” ~ Matthew 11:28

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

15 thoughts on “Bye Bye Fear

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  2. When we believe in the fallacies of God being able to fail, we fear because of the uncertainty of our understanding His true character. When we see “in part” our beliefs are in part, however as we awaken to God’s love within we see a different God than what our carnal mind believed.

    When we come to the place where we realize God is completely sovereign and “all” things that we experience is within the scope of His will and creation, we cease to fear because we trust that He knows exactly what He is doing…and everything that He Is doing is because of His unconditional love for His creation in which we are. Fear is believing the wrong things about our Father and His plan for us. When He reveals His plan for “all” of us fear of failure ceases to exist. Our strength comes from believing His promises to us, life is not given according to any merit or works, but from His promises to us in spite of our sins. Sins do not decide the end of us, God does.

  3. Free will choice for Emergence
    Gratitude for Truth

    Fading illusions (Miracles)


  4. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. ~ 1 John 4:18

    “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” ~ Matthew 11:28….THE LIGHT OF CHRIST…This Light of Christ, or Spirit of Jesus Christ, is the “WORD” that was made flesh, or placed in the physical body of every mortal man. It is also the TRUTH that will make man free if he will only seek to know It or comprehend It. “Know the Truth and the Truth will make you free, and he who is free shall be free indeed!” And he who receives this freedom will be released from every mortal harassment, every lack, every physical defect and worry, every determent, sin, weakness, all negation and from the powers of darkness which include his fears and ignorance. This is the great freedom that comes to every man who knows the TRUTH. And he who possesses this freedom will likewise desire it for all. His life will receive a new dedication that will reach beyond earth, beyond mortality and into the divine as he steps forth into the Light of knowing. And knowledge is power.

    This “Light of Christ that is given to abide in every man who cometh into the world” is an essential to man’s well being, his happiness and true development as is the sunshine to the world. It is this Light from within that, when understood and brought forth, contains all the powers of joy, happiness, abundance, success and knowledge. It is the greatest gift with which every human being was unreservedly endowed. No animals possess this gift, but he who rejects it is more closely related to the animals than to the gods. Every man has his right to reject or develop and use this Light. It holds the keys to every problem, the answer to every question and the power to overcome every difficulty. This Light has access to all abundance and to all wisdom and all power. And it is every man’s to use.

    By turning to this Light of Christ, within, one will reach the point of excellence wherein he will speak no word except it is given him of God. At this stage one is given wisdom and direction in every move of life. This is the point where one has truly learned to “Ask, Seek and Knock” as he turns within for council and direction. This Light of Christ is the “Wonderful! Counselor!” mentioned in Isaiah chapter nine. It is this Light of Christ that becomes more and more wonderful as one uses it. It is also the greatest Counselor, first as the “Still Small Voice” of one’s own conscience, and finally in Its complete, loving companionship of divine power and constant direction. This divine Counselor has the keys of all-knowing and the perfect knowledge concerning all things. It is pure Wisdom and Light. This Mighty Counselor will direct every word and act when called upon and permitted to do so.

    This Light of Christ is the WORD that will be made flesh as It becomes a part of one’s own being. As one accepts this Light and brings It forth he will become as mighty as It is.


  6. One thing that keeps getting lost in the words is the UNITY OUTCOME… As i am over here, and you are over there, we tend to think that between 2 people’s, there is 2 “I AM”s….. the IMPORTANT THING OF GOD that we have to wake up to, is that EACH PERSON IS AN ELEMENT OF GOD. That means that we SHARE IN ONE “I AM”(holy spirit)… ABOVE GOD is the ETERNAL(infinity amount of ongoing BIG BANGS)(god is the door in which we all must walk through together).

    we have to SEE ourselves in each and EVERY PERSON(annoint the world).(again we are ONE BODY)(human heart within the ETERNAL HEART)(result being the whole world)..
    THE LIVING WORD is PHSYICAL EVENTS(thoughts manifesting through the holy spirit(one body)(heaven/hell on earth).
    again, when we speak of CHRIST, we tend to label CHRIST as HE or HIM. but the HE and the HIM is each and every READER(seeing HIGHEST HONOR in each-other knowing that each person is a MANIFEST OF SELF(christ we seek, yahweh we seek, mormon we seek, johovah we seek, allah we seek, and all other names)).. if you choose any one name against all others, then you are rejecting the name you choose(yet you wont see it that way)..

    if bad things happen, we must know the good within those bad things. when i know spirit speaks through everything, and i get a flat tire(as an example), i look at the good within that flat tire. what i found out when i get a flat tire is that my brake pads were depleted. if it wasnt for the bad things, worse things would come. i would thank the spirit for giving me a flat tire…

    As i create a thought , and you create a thought, they will BIND TOGETHER(bread = TRANSFUSE)(FLOW OVER).
    what we all create together the most will have say over all THOUGHTS(where feelings come in) in this world..
    we cannot forget the ETERNAL LAWs as we speak our words. we cannot forget about law of opposing forces, law of unity, law of gravity, law of Infinity and the others. when we speak, we tend to still speak through the language of man instead of the langauge of eternal.

    if i oppose you in satisfying my own ideas, then i create opposing forces. As every person opposes everyone else, we bring out opposing forces into the world(result of the holy spirit)…

    JOY is the OUTCOME of seeing the best in others(knowing they are of self). If you try to be compassionate, then you are not living in compassion. but if someone puts you down, and you see nothing but the best in them(knowing they are an extention of self), then you are living in compassion(feelings manifesting into others(flow over)(time is different within the eternal LAWs)).

    think of joy, happiness, abundance, success, and knowledge not of results of doing things , but of SELF in the world(through all things)(frequencys of life).
    if you have to tell yourself to be these things, then you are not living in pure heart. but if you set aside the frequencys that affect the world in bad ways(such as fear), you will find strenghts within the word of god(manifest onto the world(through all people and all events)(flow over)).

    you cannot live in joy if the whole world around you is crumbling.
    to listen to the eternal heart means to listen to everything around you and the whole world, as that is how heaven flows through you(listening to eternal self in the world)..

    lets use MONEY as an example. what money shows us through the eternal laws is a MISPLACEMENT OF SELF VALUE.
    we tend to make money a high priority rather than the people(trust all people is how you trust god(through the door)).

    even as i speak these words, they could be misinterpered(even as we are growing). i know that when another person becomes awakened, the HOLY SPIRIT becomes stronger within even my own individual life(i shall not seperate myself from others).
    my intent of this words is to widen the knowledge of others as that is how i become stronger. to know this knowledge and not be able to share it because people become inprisoned within a religion, shows me even a weakness within myself.

    when i see this weakness, it isnt to say that i am weak, but to show me, that my heart is STILL GROWING(from the influences flowing through the holy spirit(as i am the world)).


  8. The veil that we must rend is this very veil that seals our minds on this physical or mortal plane. It is the veil that lifts us into the Superconscious mind, or into the great Mind of the Spirit of Almighty GOD. that loving, flowing, enfolding, protective, directing force of our Father, in which we live and move and have our being. No one can rend that veil for us. We have to do it. If we are children of God, then we must do the things that He has done, even as Christ did. It is all ours to accomplish. He is the One who gives the blessings, but we are the ones who have to prepare ourselves to receive them. Note Col. 3:4 from the Emphatic Diaglott translation: “When the anointed may appear, the life of us, then also you with Him shall appear in glory.”

  9. These are deep things I am trying to share with you—they are way beyond the ordinary thoughts of man to question or ponder. Go directly to God for your information. That is done by learning to contact this Holy Spirit of God, and learning to listen to the knowledge of truth as it is brought forth to you. This is the Atonement, or At-one-ment that Christ dies to give us—that we could be one with the Light, and thus ONE WITH CHRIST THE FATHER.

  10. As I read “Anti’s” comments it prompted my thoughts along the same lines.

    When we label ourselves by any name or label that sets us apart from all others, we are “not” one in Christ, but one in a small number of a division, faction or party. (Galatians) This “isolationists ” mentality is what keeps us all from seeing in the oneness of the spirit for we must see that the destination “is” in the “oneness” of the spirit, in the likeness and character of God…”eventually” for all people. It is when we see God’s plan in it’s reality of not seeing others in a greater or lesser light…do we start to see life as a progression of the unveiling of the spirit in the Most Holy place…within us. (The tabernacle)

    When one person sees another they may think of as being destitute, undeserving, carnal, vile and evil and their condemning mind judges this person as being fit only for a fictitious “hell” this person does not see God’s plan in reality nor do they have the love of God which is key to understanding what it is to be as “one” with others in the mind of Christ. This is because if we cannot understand the finished plan of God we cannot love as one “in unity” because we see one person going to a lesser place than oneself. This is not love , it is condemnation and condemnation is of the evil one, in whom the full love of God has not been fully developed. When we see in part, we are confused in part, and when that is of Christ fully comes we see as He sees. This is when unconditional love sees all others as oneself…

    Yes, many of us see at different levels according to our spiritual maturity or our doctrines, knowledge, perspectives, and of which “separatists” label we assign ourselves to. Setting ourselves apart is not of seeing the truth that we came into this world as one and we will leave this death experience as one when our redemptive process has been completed. Again, one cannot see the oneness in God’s love for all when they judge and compare their own righteousness to that of another…this is eating of the tree of knowledge…which is forbidden. We are to eat of the tree of life which includes all in the plan of God, and the tree of life unlike the tree of knowledge (of the intellect) does separate God’s love according to who’s sins are greater or lesser than others. This is childish, self righteousness with an air of arrogance that can only be found with one possessing the carnal mind, yet calling oneself spiritual.

    To understand God’s matured plan is to see others as ourselves on a path of being reconciled to a place of oneness when we shall all stand in the likeness and character of our Father. If one can believe that God will fail anyone of us, it is the one who thinks as such who is in this failed condition of the heart. We must all cross over from the carnal mind where evil dwells to that of the spirit where all will dwell and come forth in the order of our calling. Does anyone really think so foolishly as to think God can fail anyone of us and place Himself in the same category as a carnally minded man?

    Study the “plan” of God’s redemption for all people, and what the year of Jubilee means in the feast of tabernacles where “all” that was lost was restored and “every” debt was forgiven and cleared for “whatever” reason a person lost their possessions. It is a wonderful natural story of how God’s love is given in the spiritual world, in reality…where all is forgiven, and all are reconciled to their place of innocence…for sin has done its work and taught the lessons of disunity vs. the unity of us living in spiritual oneness.

    Knowledge of the scriptures has it’s purpose and it’s only purpose is to understand the spiritual parallels of which the natural is created only to reveal. It is not the “knowledge” of the way we are to embrace but to the reality of the spirit that the letter can only point to…which is truth. We must come to the place in our minds and hearts where we “are” by whom and what we relate to. Is it the dead letter of the written (word) which gives life or is it the true word of the spirit which is Christ “through” whom all of who God “IS” is revealed? We must not become mere legalist where our only purpose in using the scriptures is to maintain an appearance of righteousness… but use the scriptures “only” to show what they represent…which is the revealing of the likeness and love of Christ within us. There is no other purpose of the scriptures. This need not to be explained to those which can see, the natural is for the natural mind which is making the transition from the carnal mind to the spiritual mind.

    Let us see the “spiritual end” of all others and God grant us see their full destination in Christ likeness, not just in their present condition for if we see them as someone not to be completed, it only reveals we are not yet made complete. If we divide our love up between the haves and the have nots, we are of a split personality or put another way, we are yet still carnal.

    Love has no conditions, nor boundaries as to who is worthy of God’s love and who is not. We need to leave the realm of the “high minded” intellectual of self and see our self as one of “all.” Then we enter in to the realm of oneness where there are no factions, parties and divisions of a duplicity of mind. We “are” one….in spirit.

    “Everything” we speak, write or do should have no intent of division or ill will in it, for to point out the carnal from the spiritual should be for the purpose of bringing us together. We are not to divide, we are to see all others as ourselves, being reconciled to the love of God…each in our own order. When we see ourselves as divided or “better than,” we are divided and cut off from His oneness…thus when we see ourselves as one amongst “all” we are one in spirit. This understanding is a matured understanding. If one’s love has boundaries, their love is bound by their own lack of understanding of what love “IS.” We will all stand in the likeness of our Heavenly Father as He wills us to…

    God’s purpose is to complete us in His image. And He will.

  11. God’s purpose is to complete us in His image. And He will……NOT WITHOUT FAITH BEING ACTIVATED…AND HIS LOVE BEING PERFECTED…TO GOD BE THE GLORY..

  12. John 12:32 and I, if I may be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto myself.’

    Romans 14:11 for it hath been written, ‘I live! saith the Lord–to Me bow shall every knee, and every tongue shall confess to God;’

    1 Corinthians 15:21-22 for since through man is the death, also through man is a rising again of the dead, for even as in Adam all die, so also in the Christ all shall be made alive, and each in his proper order, a first-fruit Christ, afterwards those who are the Christ’s, in his presence,

    God will accomplish what He promises, and faith itself is a gift from God…and when God calls, we will answer His call each in our own order. (some with a few stripes and some with more stripes of correction) Life is not by chance, it is by “His will” according to His purpose. We do not give ourself faith, because faith is given to believe in our order, at His beckoning call.

    Without faith no one can “come forth” so God will give when He decides to give. And when faith enters, our knee will bow to that call. We are His workmanship, we are not our own. It is said we do not even know what to pray for, so again, we are given “all” things on His timetable.

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