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Spiraling Upward


In any moment, the soul is exactly where it needs to be.

The soul is an ever-expanding center of awareness. When the soul increases in the awareness of Truth, it transmutes timeless Truth into an ever-increasing experience of LIFE in time. The experience of LIFE created by the soul’s awareness is governed in perfection by Truth’s Universal Will, hence each soul is exactly where it needs to be.

Time is experienced by the spherical self when the soul has a change or increase in its awareness. In this, the experience of time is relative to the movement of the soul’s awareness. Without an expanding awareness of Truth, the soul’s awareness is confined to the belief that it is an “individual in separation”. It’s awareness circulates within this dimensional awareness, which is like repeating the same day over and over, because it hasn’t begun its upward ascent to the next dimension of oneness. However as the soul’s awareness of Truth begins to increase so that it begins to perceive its an individual in Oneness, it begins to eternally expand as Truth’s LIFE. The soul’s LIFE continually spirals outward in spherical time as it expands into the Infinite Awareness of Oneness.

As the soul’s awareness elevates into a higher understanding, the spherical self’s time-based reality follows. The mind isn’t in reality, reality is in the mind, like a night dream. And like a night dream, there is an aspect of mind that projects an individualized self as the center of reality by which the soul experiences what its awareness created.

When the soul begins to perceive its individuality in Oneness, it progressively accepts Truth’s Universal Will as its own. In this initial awareness of Truth’s perfection, it accepts that its current state is exactly where it needs to be in order to advance into the next dimensional awareness. The maturation of the soul’s awareness is a path that is highly individualized and architected by Truth’s Universal Will. The soul’s increasing awareness of Truth is Truth’s LIFE being expressed through the soul, thus Truth’s Universal Will governs the soul’s level of awareness so that Truth’s perfection can be expressed. Therefore, the soul is always exactly where it is supposed to be for the perfect expansion of its divinely governed awareness.

When the soul is unconscious of itself as Truth’s LIFE, the perfection of the moment is hidden and the soul judges it imperfect, which it is not. Yet, even this obscurity is purposeful for the soul’s maturation, for through it the soul experiences free will as separate from Truth’s Universal Will, by which forms its awareness of individuality.

The soul starts to be become conscious of its oneness with Truth’s LIFE when the desire to manifest the highest good for all, therefore an end to all suffering begins to command the soul. This desire to manifest Divine Love comes from Truth’s Will, because Divine Love is Truth’s expression. This governing desire leads to the soul’s contemplation of Oneness, through which Truth’s Universal Will expands the soul’s awareness, consuming the soul’s free will, so that they are one and the same.

To maintain the soul’s individuality, an eternal aspect of the soul’s free will lingers, which is the soul’s eternal choice for Truth’s Will to fully govern every aspect of its awareness, thus all its LIFE, so that the highest good for all can manifest in every moment. With Truth’s Universal Will at the helm of the mind, the soul’s free will becomes an open gate through which Truth’s Will fills the soul’s awareness with Truth’s divine attributes of Divine Love, so that the soul emits them into reality. In accordance to this eternal choice, Truth’s Will continually expands in and through the soul, manifesting Truth’s ever-increasing Perfection through the expansion of spherical time.

Through the soul’s expanding awareness of its inherent perfection governed by Truth’s Universal Will, the soul’s mind lets go of trying to change or control the moment, but instead divinely trusts and rests in Truth’s Universal Will to guide its awareness, manifesting an ever-expanding experience of Truth’s Perfection. In this letting go, Truth’s Will increasingly consumes the soul’s free will, disempowering the illusion. The soul’s vibrational signature begins to change from fear to Divine Love. Discordancy leading to energetic entropy shifts into a harmonic vibration that leads into Perfection, and the soul begins to express the Fullness of Truth through an ever-expanding spherical self.

As the soul abundantly emanates the light of LIFE into reality, it experiences Divine Love in time. Divine Love is the governance of spherical time by Truth’s Universal Will. It’s Truth’s Universal Will governing the movement of the soul’s awareness in order to manifest the highest good for all.

As the soul remembers the increasing depths of “who I Am” in Oneness, Truth’s LIFE begins to bud in its reflection. It becomes an expressed fractal of Truth’s Abundant LIFE. As a result, the mind serves the highest good for all, and the soul’s LIFE begins to spiral for eternity into greater and greater reflections of Truth’s Perfection.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Spiraling Upward

  1. Hi Rachel, I’ve been listening to your YouTube channel and have read all of your blog posts. You have forever changed my life. Thank you so much for bringing me back to God. I love your inquisitive, passionate and loving spirit.

    Love & light to you always,

  2. Spiraling Upwards reminds me of LISTENING.

    what is it that we are listening to. The HOLY SPIRIT(holy bible) aka DEVINE(outside of time : aligned with VIBRATION OF THE WHOLE WORLD), is our HEART which is OUTSIDE OFTIME(through the WHOLE WORLD(I AM).

    when we LISTEN to what the devine says(which is bound to all our identitys: as one energy), Our own heart is always SPEAKING(through every event on earth). when we act with the DEVINE, a path is always being presented.(vibrations we present(all together(we eather rise together, or we all FALL together).

    You can never ESCAPE YOUR OWN HEART(which the devine is an expansion if I AM)(which we are all elments(through the ETERNAL LANGUAGE)..

    Each and every one of you have MORE STRENGTH than you know.(ARC OF THE COVENANT:through the eternal langauge)

    LISTEN TO THE DEVINE(which is I AM:gods children)

    • Listening…yeah, I like that. Soon all will hear.

    • so beautifully said … I see the same

      Our awareness of Truth expands by diligently listening to the Inner Voice of Truth, a Voice that will always come a higher awareness than our own. By Listening to this Voice, our awareness of “Who I AM” and “how I Create” expands, which leads to the expansion of Truth’s LIFE through us. Truth’s LIFE expressed in time is Divine Love. Because the soul resides between timelessness and time to be the gate from the uncreated to the created, Divine Love (the eternal, energetic heart of Truth) is expressed through the soul.

      Divine love is the timeless perfection of Truth manifested through the soul in time. When our soul is consumed by Truth’s Universal Will as its own, it becomes a gate to Divine Love, which is Truth’s beating heart in the earth.

  3. that is it… now act upon it…

  4. The awareness of Life only exists in time, which is another way of saying Life’s awareness is finite. Since the fullness of Truth is infinite awareness, God is eternally beyond the finite awareness of Life. Yet Life only exists in Truth, which is timeless. How then does truth exist in time, separated from its timeless nature, so that its Life can gain awareness? The answer is by the working of Truth’s will, which is simultaneously finite and infinite, serving as a bridge between Life’s current awareness and its timeless perfection.

    God is the infinite awareness of Life in Truth. This fullness creates timelessness because infinite awareness contains the eternal end of all life and the finality of perfection. God’s awareness is both the beginning and the perfect end of all life shall ever experience. This is why God is the source of Truth, for all that shall ever be, already is and that which is, must always be. The love of God is this: God remains eternally beyond Life’s finite awareness in order that his infinite awareness can go before to establish the perfection of Life’s eternal end. In his love, Life’s awareness does not begin until its perfect, eternal end is known and therefore established in Truth. Divine love, which is the working of Truth’s will, ensures that Life’s beginning can be nothing other than the cause of its eternal perfection.

    To clarify our understanding, let us now address the following question; what is time? We have often stated that time is an illusion and yet now we say that the awareness of Life can only exist in time. Since Life only exists in Truth, how then can the awareness of Life exist in illusion? The answer is that Life’s awareness is formed by the working of Truth’s will, which Life experiences as time. Therefore, to understand time, we must consider the experience of Truth’s will from the perspective of dimensional awareness, which can be considered a “moment” in time. To begin, let us return to the analogy of dominos.

    Imagine the oneness of Truth as a single domino, which represents the infinite awareness of Life, or what we have often described as the Fullness of Truth. All Truth is contained within this one domino, nothing can be added or taken away. The domino stands complete in perfection. This single domino represents the timeless awareness of all that Life shall ever experience, representing in its oneness the eternal end for every beginning in its Life. Now imagine that the oneness of Life’s infinite awareness divides into two dominos, creating a finite, beginning awareness and its final, infinite awareness, forming a beginning to its perfect end. In so doing, the Fullness of Truth has been divided into perfect cause and effect, by which Truth’s infinite awareness is made finite, yet always one with the infinite awareness from which it was formed.

    The single domino now appears as two distinct dominos, yet they remain one in Truth, reflecting the finite beginning of the eternal end already known in the original domino’s infinite awareness. Now notice, the two dominos appear identical, for they are each reflections of the whole, yet only the final domino, representing the infinite awareness of Truth’s fullness, has awareness of the other’s existence. The first domino, being a beginning awareness, is finite, possessing no awareness of its end and knowing nothing of what it shall become. We now see that in order to make a beginning, there must be a separation from the end. It is for this reason that the first domino believes it stands alone, even believing the finite self awareness it possesses is the fullness of its truth.

    Yet finite self awareness can do something that infinite awareness can not do. A finite awareness of truth can expand, giving it the awareness of Life. It is not actually expansion that a finite awareness of truth experiences, but rather the progressive and perfect recollection of that which it already is. The two dominos represent one awareness, a beginning and a perfect end. However, a finite awareness can not know its end and therefore only the infinite awareness of the final domino knows of its oneness with the first and because this truth is established, the first domino must ultimately gain the awareness of the final domino. Therefore the final domino creates an endless number of dominos between the infinite awareness of itself and the finite awareness of its beginning, representing a perfectly ordered recollection of awareness, causing a never-ending, perfect progression into the final domino’s infinite awareness of truth.

    As the first domino’s awareness of truth increases, it recognizes itself in a greater awareness of truth and discards its previous self awareness, which falls over so that its truth may stand as the next domino’s increased awareness. The perfect recollection of Truth, which is preordained, level by level, by the Fullness of Truth, is the working of Truth’s will and the shedding of one’s prior self awareness for the new, like the progressive movement of falling dominos, is the proper understanding of time.

    • An incredible awareness of Divine Love …

      In the soul’s awareness of oneness, Divine Love guides Truth’s Universal Will within its soul. This continually increases the soul’s awareness in Truth, which brings the soul into the experience of spherical time (one domino falling into the next), which is LIFE without end. The analogy really helped to ground what is seen in timelessness into time.

    • The concept of time is an illusion in the sense that in the fullness of Truth there is only timelessness. Time is created by Truth’s will as it progressively moves a finite self awareness toward its perfect eternal end within the fullness of Truth’s infinite awareness. We can now understand that God, the Fullness of Truth and the infinite awareness of Life, exists in timelessness whereas every finite awareness of Life contained within God’s infinite awareness, exists in time, the realm of Truth’s perfect will. Time is the realm in which Life’s finite awareness makes its eternal journey back into the infinite awareness of Truth from which it was formed, in the perfect guidance of Truth’s never-failing will. Truth’s will creates an ever-increasing awareness of Truth, which Life experiences as time. Without time Life’s awareness can not be experienced.

      These concepts help prepare your mind for the proper understanding of your Self as a center of dimensional awareness, led through time by the working of Truth’s will. With this end in mind, let us return yet again to our analogy of dominos, seeing them standing on end in what appears to be an infinitely long row, each placed perfectly such that every one represents perfect cause and effect. Imagine you are looking down, seeing the first domino from above, with countless others lined up after it. As you move higher and your awareness enlarges, you continually see more dominos. The higher you go, the greater the number of dominos you see lined up and arranged in perfect order, extending from the first. It is apparent that while you can clearly see the first domino, you are unable to see the final domino, for no matter how high you go, more dominos continually appear. Should the first domino fall, it would create perfect cause, setting off a seemingly never-ending series of predetermined cause and effect.

      As you observe the endless order of dominos stretching out from the first, consider that there are two eternal states which exist for each domino. In timelessness, all dominos stand motionless, eternally frozen in their perfect order, each existing as potential cause and effect. As long as the first domino stands, so do all the others, for while every predetermined cause and effect is known, none yet exist. We can use this simple analogy to perceive the manner in which infinite awareness exists in the eternal state of timelessness.

      Timelessness is a perfect, eternal moment in which the progression of Life’s awareness is perfectly orchestrated and fully known, from its beginning to its eternal end. Each domino represents a preordained level of Truth’s awareness that must be attained in order to receive an additional layer, which is the requisite awareness needed to receive the next layer and so on, expanding the awareness of Truth layer by layer, in perfect succession such that Truth’s awareness continually attains the infinite awareness of its perfection. Each progressive layer of Truth’s infinite awareness is established as a perfectly ordained series of potential cause and effect, which are all fully known in the timelessness of Truth’s infinite awareness.

      Despite what appear to be countless dominos, each representing a finite layer in Truth’s infinite awareness, there is only one awareness. In timelessness every progressive layer of Truth’s awareness is fully known in the oneness of Truth’s infinite awareness. It is the oneness of Truth’s infinite awareness that creates the eternal state of timelessness. Yet, the moment the first domino falls, a second eternal state is created within the higher realm of timelessness. In an endless line of dominos, only the first domino, as it falls, possesses the awareness of movement, creating a finite awareness in the midst of the timeless infinite awareness in which every other domino stands. As the first falls forward, it causes the second domino to receive the first domino’s finite awareness of movement, the effect of which is to cause the third domino to receive the awareness, which then affects the fourth domino such that the finite awareness of movement progressively leads to its preordained end through a never-ending series of cause and effect.

      The eternal movement of a finite awareness through perfectly ordained layers of Truth is by the working of Truth’s will, and the manner in which this awareness moves through an eternal cycle of perfect cause and effect is the experience of Spherical Time. Therefore in addition to the eternal state of timelessness created by the oneness of Truth’s infinite awareness, we can recognize that Spherical Time is the eternal state of Life, which is better understood as the movement of Truth’s ever-increasing, finite awareness.

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