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Our awakening power is divine gratitude.

Gratitude is the power to change the forms in our reality. Divine gratitude changes finite forms into eternal forms.

The creative power inherent in the divine gratitude of our true Self is limitless. When this gratitude is given in unison with gratitude for emergence, we awaken the power of the resurrection within us. Emergence is the shining of God’s will, as our own, into the present moment.

Divine gratitude for emergence acknowledges we correctly perceive and therefore know God’s love, and fully embrace our will and His as one in the same. When we recognize the true nature and Light of his love flowing through emergence, we respond in gratitude, which returns this love back to him. This completes the perfect gift exchange with our true Source, enabling the Spirit of Truth to manifest in creation through us.

In our transition from the illusion to the Real, divine gratitude is our creative choice that engages the resurrection power. This is the power of the Spirit of Truth (Christ), whose Spirit dwells within our true Self. Through gratitude, this life-giving Spirit awakens our true Self through whom a reality of eternal peace emerges.

Emergence is the creative act through which we experience our Creator’s ever-present divine love. It is the one Will of divine love perfectly orchestrating our present moment to perfectly fulfill our desires and our purpose. It’s the only way to manifest our desires without sacrifice, compromise, conflict or loss and for the highest good of all. It engages the supra-conscious Mind of God which creates in a perfection far beyond our conscious awareness. As we give gratitude for our true Self and emergence, our present unfolds in divine harmony.

Emergence is how we create in unison with the Mind of God that we share. As we rest in the eternal present, the supra-conscious creates through our thoughts in a magnitude, detail and intricacy that infinitely exceeds our conscious capacity. Our conscious awareness is a very small part of our creative Mind, yet a highly significant one. Our conscious choices lead to the creation of Light or darkness, Truth or illusion. Depending upon our choice, we either create harmony from the supra-conscious, or disharmony from the sub-conscious, the storehouse of erroneous past learning. One choice manifests reflections of our true Self, and the other images of the false idea of our self. Both choices ripple out to create, either a reality of eternal peace or a dream of fear.

Emergence allows us both to receive and give divine love, which are gifts of infinite value. It’s the experience of receiving divine love through the perfect manifestation of our present moment, and the experience of eternal joy as divine love flows through us for the highest good of all. Gratitude for this emergence is gratitude and acceptance of the divine potentials inherent in God’s love. It’s the creative act from which our thoughts emerge from our true Source, altering the forms of reality. Where universal forgiveness opens our mind to the Mind of God, gratitude extends the divine potentials from this Mind creating a reality of eternal peace.

Yet, in the dream, we learned to fear emergence. When our source of truth is past learning, we believe fearful outcomes can happen unexpectantly in our present moment, causing us to fear and resist emergence. Fear cultivated from the past overlays the present moment like a thick fog, it obscures the divine nature of the present moment and makes it something to fear. Fear causes us to enter into conflict with our present moment, blinding us to God’s love inherent in it.

Resisting a divinely orchestrated present moment layers it with discordant energy (control, fear, conflict, resistance, anger, blame, attack, and complaining), which creates what we don’t want because we aren’t seeing rightly. In response, we hoard up all kinds of armor to protect ourselves from what we fear emergence might bring. This protective stance feeds fear and we continue to experience fearful outcomes. With a state of mind opposing emergence, the true nature of God’s love isn’t seen or known, therefore we can’t experience what emergence has to offer and our oneness with God remains only a concept. However, divine love never shies away from childish rants. It remains unwavering and every moment affords us an opportunity to make another choice, to give divine gratitude instead of giving into fear.

Transformative grace illuminates our vision to see through imagined fears and recognize the Light of divine love inherent in the present moment. In response to the Light, we give gratitude for emergence and all fear ends. High vibrations of divine love extending from our gratitude consume lower vibrations of fear and begin to change the forms of reality. Through gratitude we transition from a fear of emergence into its joyful acceptance, until eventually we no longer perceive fear, and peace is all we know.

Emergence, without the layering on of fear, enables us to partake and give of all the gifts, blessings and eternal treasures the present moment offers. When we give consistent gratitude for our true Self and the emergence of divine love, we experience the power of the resurrection, and the Kingdom of Peace is created through us.


“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” ~ John 17:3


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Our Awakening Power

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  2. A very enlightening understanding of reality….beyond words, beyond knowledge. This enters into the realm of those pulsating vibrations that expand out from us that defy definition. Which word of which language can really do the feeling of being grateful favorable? Yet we do our best to use the tools and the gifts God gives to us…and you have been given a depth of understanding beyond what words can really do justice to explain. However as you do such a wonderful job with your choice of words, beyond the norm, I see you reaching for that perfect explanation which is just beyond your grasp of the letter…because it is of the spirit, beyond having a perfect word for a perfect spirit. It’s like being in a zone of no explanation. Yet, we can understand for we too…are reaching for the same realm of the spirit, trying to find a perfect word explanation for what we “see.” It’s a magical place where it is in silence that we seem to “feel” the existence and a presence of the spirit that an attempt to put the glory of God into a written word, we end up staring at the page wondering if it could have been said better. As good as we can sometime do in our sharing….sometimes we see all words escaping the reality of “ being” and feeling this love and gratitude for God. I say these things because I know many understand what it is I am “trying” to explain with these mere words of mine. Yet, our true conversation is from spirit to spirit, as we just know what it is beyond the letter we are trying to convey because we are gradually leaving one world for the next. How does God communicate at a higher level with us, is it by audible words when He speaks to us, or is it by a higher communication and vibration where no audible words are ever spoken?, yet we understand the silent “voice” within better than the spoken word. If we never spoke or wrote a word would we still not understand the reality of the spirit? I think we do. Yet, while we are in this world reaching for the next, we use what we are given until….we fully enter in…where all things are understood from a spiritual perspective. Let us be grateful…as we give thanks…for all things.

    • So perfectly stated … I’ve said before and certainly feel with this post that my words are like stick figures compared to the magnificent Truth, Light and power these words reflect. This post in particular holds a very powerful truths that are incredible to perceive with our mind’s eye.

      All Truth and certainly what I’ve shared here is received through revelation, the manner in which we receive understanding clearly because it isn’t limited to words. I always find it intriguing that as I attempt to write or verbally share what I have received, I realize what I received was beyond words. It is the language of the Spirit, spirit to spirit, as you said. Yet, I know the Spirit can use mere words to enlighten our minds. As I’ve experienced and I know you too, as we read mere words on a page we can simultaneously hear his instruction – so our understanding goes much deeper that it would without his ever-present Voice, another incredible phenomenon.

      • Amazing grace is what comes to mind.
        Have you ever took a walk with a like mind and said nothing but communicated everything? There is nothing to say when two walk together and a feeling of unconditional love blankets the air between. All has been said, it is time live.

  3. “After this I looked, and behold, a door was opened in heaven…” (Rev. 4:1).

    John the Revelator, as he entered upon the marvelous visions recorded in the book of Revelation, saw a door opened in heaven and heard a voice as of a trumpet speaking with him, saying, “Come up hither, and I will show thee things…” The door opened in heaven bespeaks of an entrance granted into a realm beyond the flesh, beyond the physical and psychical senses, into the realm of the Spirit. That is where John entered and that is the character of the things John saw. He beheld heavenly things — spiritual realities. He saw a throne set in heaven — he perceived the authority, power, and dominion of the Spirit. He saw living creatures in the throne, the principle of manifest life in the Spirit. He saw the four living creatures in the midst of the throne and twenty-four elders round about the throne, the King-Priest ministry of the Melchizedekian Order after the power of an endless life — the ministration of the redemptive power of the divine life unto creation. It is being seen by a vast company of people that hears the voice of the Lord in this hour that a door has opened in the heavenlies through which those who are obedient shall enter into a state of being and a ministry of unsurpassed and unimaginable glory — in the throne zone!…..OUR AWAKENING HOUR..

  4. What kind of door would Christ open? It is the door of heaven, the entrance into the eternal realm of the Spirit where our mind, vision, and experience go beyond our human understanding. It is here that we enter into a heavenly understanding, into the divine perception of things, into the mind of God by the Spirit. Here we are raptured into a new glory, raised up into a higher dimension of life and reality…..

  5. Divine things are a matter of revelation. Man in his natural state cannot see heavenly realities. The beloved apostle found himself in a prophetic state in which the wonders and glories of heavenly things were perceived by him. The words point to the blinding limitation of our natural minds and state of being, in which the heavens have no door open for us. For long millenniums man was debarred from a clear vision of the eternal, incapable of apprehending the spiritual and divine. At his first calling to the apostleship, Nathaniel received this promise from the Lord: “Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man” (Jn. 1:51). To the Lord Jesus Himself the heavens were opened at His baptism, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon Him, and lo a voice from heaven saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Mat. 3:16-17). This opening of the heavens to Christ was His public introduction as the SON of God! The opened heavens declared His sonship! It marks the beginning of that full revelation through Him, of the mystery of God revealed in sons! It is in that capacity from the throne of His exaltation in the heavens of God’s Spirit that Christ now reveals to His many brethren the power and glory of their sonship in Him! Have you heard the voice saying to you, “Come up hither”? I have heard that voice! All who are called to sonship have heard that voice! IT IS IN CHRIST THAT WE HEAR THE VOICE BIDDING US TO COME UP HITHER. IT IS IN CHRIST THAT THE HEAVENS ARE OPENED. IT IS IN CHRIST THAT WE ASCEND THE THRONE OF POWER AND GLORY TO RULE AND REIGN OVER ALL THINGS. Oh, yes, HE is the door!

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