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Our mind is the one Divine Mind.

There is no other mind but the divine Mind of God. (God is a name given to our Source who is above and beyond all names and who, in the purest sense, we know as absolute Truth and absolute divine Love.) Like drops of water in the ocean, our minds are individual components of this singular Mind. In Truth, there is no separation between what we experience as our mind and the Mind of God.

The divine Mind is like a tangible living Light that gives shape to creation. It’s the eternal thought of God that possesses all the divine potentials we will ever experience. It’s complete, perfect and reflective of his nature. It manifests a perceptual vibration to the soul that is experienced as ever-present joy, peace, beauty, vitality, holiness, creativity, abundance and divine love. It’s also our true Mind.

As a fractal of this one Mind, our individualized mind extends the spiritual attributes of the One Mind into creation, giving it form. Holding a magnificent role in the Mind of God, it’s through us, the individualized components, that these attributes are expressed, experienced, and their purpose fulfilled.

Like a drop of water, our individualized mind has no definite borders or boundaries. From moment to moment, our mind manifests particular expressions of the Divine Mind, thus we are limitless. These expressions are created through the God creative act of emergence, in which we are in a state of being/rest within our fractal mind. All our ideas of specific or particular outcomes are relinquished to the supra-conscious, and we experience a continuous stream of divine thoughts that creates the best possible outcome for all to our surprise and delight.

Conversely, when we are asleep and in an unreal state of consciousness, we are unaware of our oneness with the divine Mind. In this dream state, we experience a separate mind from our true Mind in which we have our own thoughts based on our relative truth. As a result, we create a dream of an unreal reality. But as we awaken, our sleeping mind begins to fade away and we arise to the experiences of the divine Mind. All our dreaming mind imagined and created, all erroneous past learning, sins, doubts, fears, anxieties, lack, weakness, guilt, judgments, the false self and the “life” it created dissolve as we experience our true Self constructed by our true Mind. There is no sickness, attack, lack, littleness, guilt, error, or finiteness in the divine Mind. These were beliefs and manifestations of our dreaming mind, and our “creations” do not leave our dream, because they never truly existed.

What we once thought of as our mind was only a framework of our dreams. Our body/reality was only a product of our dreaming mind. It’s similar to when we awaken from a night dream and everything of that dream dissolves; so does this dream of our embryonic soul as we awaken to Truth by Truth, to be the expressed Self of God.

Through the passageway of universal forgiveness, we transition from our dreaming mind to the divine Mind. God’s creation is perfect and changeless in its perfection, even at an embryonic stage. As we awaken to our true Mind, we begin to see through the illusionary veil that our sleeping minds laid over creation and we perceive the holiness in all because all extends from God’s holy thought. Our sight changes because we are waking up. As the “creations” of our dream fade, all things become new. We experience and know our Self as limitless, immortal, invincible, peacemakers, joyful, and perfect love.

The one divine Mind is a beautiful limitless cosmetic treasure house which is our very own to express as one harmonious whole as the living Self of God.

I am awake, for I perceive and know my right mind, the one Divine Mind.


And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. ~ Revelation 21:5

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. Rachel! Praise Yahweh!!

    I was thinking about you this week and how your banner is the Love of Yahweh, I came across a people who are called Twelve Tribes, it took me over a year to comb through the people to see if it was just a ‘cult…But these people are the very bride living in community just like our Master Yeshua commanded us to live. They have a living spirit running through their midst in the morning and evening worship song dance and teaching that is beyond description. Please consider this letter an invitation to you and yours to visit one of the clans and ‘see and ‘hear what cannot be described in mere words my sister. I know I haven’t spoken with you in some time but don’t underestimate this invitation my friend. Google Twelve Tribes and find one close to you and contact them for a visit, you can tell them Ben Nabiy (Sonny) who is living in the Courtnay B.C. clan invited you. It has been given to me to build a bridge to the outer courts of our Master’s people, we will call many but only few will have been prepared for this living Ruah life right here on Earth now.

    I Love you forever in Yahshua! Please bring your daughter and husband of course, Your brother for all eternity, Sonne-Ben Nabiy *~Sonne A. Ermocida*

  2. Mind. What is mind? Is it not your soul or your spirit? The truth is that the soul’s mind is your subconscious which can be both non-physical and physical and correspond to air and water and your spirit is your super-conscious mind correspond to fire and your conscious mind is earthly correspond to your body. The soul is the individual and the spirit is the whole. Your soul is a spirit but it is called a SOUL once it is separated and become individualized (because GOD wants companionship, see?). So what i am saying is you can call the soul, the spirit if you want…it’s the same thing. The reason we call it a soul is because we have become individual. The spirit need the soul body in order to dwell and growth just as soul-body need the physical body to growth themselves. The seed does not grow unless it is planted in the soil, it is the same with the body and the spirit. If you expose the seed to the sunlight, it will not grow. If you expose your soul or spirit (separated) to LOVE (which is God) it will not grow…so that’s why the spirit need to incarnate into a physical body to grow. It needs to hide behind it and then grow outward…like trees and branches and into fruits. Is the fruits good or bad? Depends if you’re a good person or bad person…if you commit sin or not, ect…it’s the same thing. Understand that everything is connected through the mind which is your spirit…that your mind is your spirit and it needs to grow. Your body is simply a vehicle that move by your mind and does what the mind want. Without the mind, your body is dead or without the spirits, this world is dead because everything exist in spirits before they manifest into physical. Every single atom in your body has a spirit components and are being regulated by the angels and communities of angels in the spirit and the heavenly worlds. If one single atom exist without a spirit component, this world would not have existed because everything is part of the whole. God is infinitely in variety. If you find one single person the same as another, this world would not existed. Everyone is unique because everyone is their own heaven in the making. Heaven is not a place where you can go to and it is not created by God. Heaven is a state of mind created by human, the same with hell. There is no such place as hell, it is only a state of mind, just as there is no such thing as darkness. It is simply the absent of lights or in our case, love because lights come from love (fire). And so when men created hell and manifest themselves into evil spirits, they begin to afraid of them and started to run away. Hell and Heaven for one person is not the same for another because everyone has their own state of mind or love (relatively speaking) and as result, heaven and hell are infinitely in variety as well. God is a Divine Human and we as individual and angel are miniature copies of that Divine Human. Our body and everything within is reflection of the Divine Human. We live in the world between heaven and hell OR between earthly and fire (Sun=Love) physically speaking. Notice our feet (hell) touch the earth and our head (heaven) is above the earth and in between is our body, a symbol that we’re living in between heaven and earth (hell). Our body, a symbol of water and air and this is why it needs water and air to stay alive. This is why Jesus said you must be born of water and air to enter the kingdom of God. Water symbolizes our subconsciousness mind (physical) and air our subconscious mind (non-physical). Water united with Earth and Air united with Fire as Love and Wisdom are united as ONE because God is LOVE and Wisdom. Heavenly people are fighting for your subconscious mind or SOUL and so are the hellish people. It is up to you to allow your subconscious to be guided by the TRUTH and LOVE or guided by the Earthly Consciousness which come from our five senses, they’re called snakes. Do not let the woman (your outer-self) deceived by the snakes because the man (inner-self) might follow her.

    PEACE & LOVE!!

  3. amen…

  4. The mind is spiritualized through love. Love God with all the mind and it will begin to receive the power to comprehend and behold the Light. Enfold the mind continually with this love. Bathe it in love. Send love only through it. Let only thoughts of love enter or go out from it and watch it begin to fulfill its glorified destiny in its expanding power of divine vision. As one learns to love God with all his mind, its blindness will be overcome. It is then that those great powers of inner, spiritual vision will be opened and one will begin to comprehend all things — and all things will be overcome in him.

    A “Seer” is one who has developed that great Spiritual eye that is contained in the mind. He can see through people and know all things concerning them, whether they are sincere or base hypocrites. He will know their intentions and even the stage of their development — and their purpose in life and how well they are fulfilling that purpose. He will have the faculty to see through conditions and circumstances and will know the answer to all problems. He is divinely endowed to comprehend all things for, with his exalted vision, he truly walks with God.

    All the appointments and offices and callings in this world will not make a man a “Seer”. Unless one has, by humility and prayer and loving diligence, reached the point of contact with the Spirit of Almighty God, or been filled with that divine Light of Christ so that that eye becomes opened, “he is poor and wretched and miserable and blind and naked.” There are those who pretend to have such gifts and powers and have them not. Their advice and their council and their actions issue forth from their own unenlightened thoughts. These are “The blind who are leading the blind — and they will all fall into the ditch and perish.”

    Yet, within every man is the embryoed faculty to become a “seer”. When one’s eye becomes single to the glory of God, the gift of seership will come. It is such singleness of purpose that develops a gift so precious and so divine. Some, through pre-existent development and progress have this eye trained to a partial extent. The prophets of old had this divine gift and by it could foresee the future, for in the Spirit, the past, the present and the future are all one — eternity.

    The only perfect, sure way to develop this great inner vision is through learning to love God with all one’s mind. This faculty, or gift of inner vision, is contained within the mind and can be developed through love and prayer and a divine reverence. Every thought must become a prayer of praising glory, a song of love and thanks and exquisite rejoicing.

    • This text is copied from the book “The Temple of God” by A. Skarkin.

      • I try to see humor in everything, and I see humor in this because I say ‘how can people believe in this?’ Now you can believe anyway you want, but if you believe in a translated being named Annalee Skarin, Nancela Matthews or any of the six other aliases that she used, you have been hoodwinked. And this is my testimony

      • AMEN AND AMEN..

      • Her book proclaims that Annalee is a translated being, while the Internet proclaims that she is dead and buried. What should one believe? Was Annalee a liar about being translated? I have chosen to believe that she was translated and the reports of her death are false. “WHY?” I can hear people exclaiming in alarm. These might be people who have never prayed, asked GOD, and listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit, as to whether Annalee’s writings are true or not – nor have they ever read all of her books. Instead they have trusted in the arm of flesh and a few internet sites that depict Annalee as delving into the shadowy hallways of darkness. I am a witness that there is no darkness in Annalee Skarin’s published books, as she simply teaches the life and commandments of Jesus Christ and invites and entices all to follow and serve and love Christ, and pray to HIM.

  5. The mind is super-sensitive and powerful beyond anything man has been able to realize. It has been man’s misuse of mind that has caused all the problems of the present day. Insanity is caused by the great ignorance of men regarding the mind and its powers. The mind, instead of being used as an instrument of creating, in love and perfection, has been overloaded with all the negative thoughts and forces of this darkened earth. Fears, jealousies, hates, discords, greeds and lusts have taken possession until it has become only an instrument of the evil forces of negation as they have been permitted to rule.

    If the mind is perfected, through love, it will never become unbalanced, never age, never fail, nor become senile. The mind is a glorious, divine gift of unspeakable power. It is an instrument of unimagined strength when used correctly. And, as one guards the mind from every negative, evil thought, he will begin to comprehend the wonders of eternity and to create the dreams held, in hope, within his heart as well as have the gift of vision.

    And what is It that can guard the mind in this manner? Yes, what is It that must stand as guardian over this precious mind? Must it stand guard over itself? No. It cannot guard itself. It is you who are the guardian of your mind and of your being. You, the great indwelling, spiritual you must guard it and by so doing will also guard yourself. You must become the master. Let no man, no church, no dictators, nor powers take over your mind. Guard it with your soul and it will serve you unfailingly. It will help to glorify you. It will become one of your greatest instruments of power. It holds the seeds of creation in which are contained the life-germ of all fulfillment.

    The mind can link mortality with heaven and contact the very throne of God. Within the mind is the power to connect the physical being of man with the Spiritual powers of eternity.

  6. And Christ declared: “I am come that ye might have LIFE and have it more abundantly! Even Life Eternal!” This information is glorious indeed!

    “Man is that he might have joy!” Joy in his life! Joy in every moment of his living and his being! Joy in the new-found glory of “BEING BORN OF THE SPIRIT” for the transition is literally an advancement from that worm or mortal consciousness of man into the Christ consciousness, with the “power to come and go as the wind!” “Life more abundant!” It is that and more! It is life glorious, beautiful and in its full complete functioning. It is man evolving into a higher state of existence without descending through the gates of death.

    That divine capstone — the superconscious mind within man, when developed, perfects that pineal gland and opens that “ALL-SEEING EYE” of divine understanding so that “he is able to comprehend all things!”

    This holy, spiritual center in the brain is the realm of the superconscious or divine mind in which one gains contact with God. It is the realm of super-understanding, super achievement and super or full-knowing! It is a realm and a condition as far above the worm, or mortal consciousness of man, as the brilliant colored, soaring butterfly is above its former inclinations and thoughts.

    And within that middle gland, located within the great, living heart center, is the one that can help transform the physical cells of man’s being into their required perfection that he might “BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT!” as Christ explained to Nicodemus.

    This is the true heritage of man. This is the purpose and the plan for man’s true existence, that he might OVERCOME mortality. And “If your mind and lips lose the power to hurt and wound your voice will be heard among the gods,” and you will henceforth associate with the higher beings.

    The wages of sin is death. But if one OVERCOMES ALL SIN, THEN DEATH HAS NO CLAIM,” so declared the ancients in their divine knowledge as they were “taught of God!”

  7. We move from the ways of self to Himself, from the carnal to the spiritual, from darkness to light, to become all that He is of the divine mind. It is a metamorphosis of change from the natural to the spiritual. It is a wonderful plan of change, the harshness of it is painful but for a moment. We must see that pain is a result of doing our own thing outside of the will of God. Once we learn from our disobedience and taking pleasure from living in the dream, we will awaken to see that His plan for us is a good one and all the pain we suffer is only for our understanding that thinking only about self is destructive and divisive. It is when we see others on equal footing with ourselves do we see God as He is. The divine mind comes awake when “it” sees all included in His divineness.

    There is no loss, only gain when we awaken into His realism. The most beautiful revelation that one can see is that when we look at another that “appears” in the eyes of others to be the least in the kingdom, and we see them in the way we see ourselves and all others as equals. It truly is a heart felt blessing to understand that as I am, so are you. Why would I not want you to be my equal so that we can enjoy life together looking straight across on equal footing. No looking down and no looking up, we just see another with an equal love and appreciation for the other. We are here to learn about this oneness of likeness where we respect all others where God chooses to place them. To have this divine mind we must look at all of God’s children as being divine in His image. If we see others in any other way we are merely giving lip service to God in muttering words that we don’t even believe ourselves…because they are filled with judgement and condemnation for others because we believe the illusion of eternal death for some and life for others.

    We were given eternal life billions of years ago without conditions. This life of being exposed to failure is only to teach us that we must work in harmony for all to share in the good life God has prepared for us. Sin changes nothing as to our life for it was forgiven on the cross “before” any sin was committed. When sin has done it’s work we will stand before God disciplined by the very sins we fear. There is no fear in love so we must also love the process of sin and see its positive effects in our life. God did not take Paul’s fault from Paul what he so prayed so hard to be released from because the “sin” was doing its “good” work…for “all things (including sin) work together for those who love God.” Let is pray and desire to see that “all” that God allows in our life is for our ultimate good. (Jobs experience) There is no failure nor loss in the plan of God for any, the only loss in us will be that of the carnal mind, the only thing that falsely accuses God of failure. Every knee will bow to God’s will for us, which means that when we bow we will become submissive to His likeness and character. A carnal minded person sees people going to hell for making mistakes, while a spiritual minded person sees all people forgiven as themselves. Yes, there is a literal hell as there is a literal heaven, it’s all in the mind and attitude we choose to live in. God is only good and only does good things…through “all” things. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. This is so true. May we all come to this peace…and this divine mind.

    • What are ~”The Ways of Yourself”?< in your first sentence?


      • I don’t think that is specifically what he means, because you can’t have a metamorphosis from that. to spiritual. A metamorphosis, would be from the same creature. But our understanding, would be completely different from spiritual understanding. Two different creatures. From my point of view.

      • you just said what i said from your perspective …the metamorphosis is deep in the spiritual core…the soul DNA LOGARITHMS…THE CHRIST..the light that lightenth every man in the world.THE PERSONAL REDEEMMER..

      • To all.

        This is a very fundamental understanding that one must have to know the difference between “self” or the carnal mind and the spirit of Christ. The ways of Christ are found in 1 Corinthians 13 and in the beatitudes listed in Galatians. These are the ways of Christ we are instructed to pray for and to seek after. We are also instructed to turn from our carnal mind, the mind of self that calls itself among other things “Christian,” and righteous as did the five foolish. Read the rebuke of the “religious” five foolish and you will get a good picture of who self is. Self is a type of person who cannot see what I have just described for they are so full of a false religious self view they cannot see the difference in the attitude of the five wise and the five foolish virgins. (Virgins being His church, both mature and immature) The foolish spoke (speak) from knowledge and spoke to draw men unto themselves while the wise pointed ones to Christ. The foolish were always argumentative about the scriptures as they were being with God in the parable and not conciliatory, or loving toward their fellow man in spite of any knowledgeable differences. Their dialogue was (is) always at variance with others thinking their words were justifiable enough to make them “self” (s) appear intelligent while being nothing but arrogant and “proud” and “self” righteous because they were always using knowledge to justify themselves. People such as the foolish show little if any of the beatitudes when discussing the scriptures in not understanding that respect and love should be shown as a prerequisite to discussion in spite of another’s current understanding. This is because the wise understand that God grows people from where they are and where one may be at the moment is not necessarily where another is. So we are to be patience allowing others to grow as we ask God for the same forgiving leniency toward ourselves.

        So if we follow the beatitudes we are patience and kind and considerate and long suffering towards all people. We love others not because of the current condition and knowledge they presently have, but rather we are able to see by a Godly discernment behind their present prideful “self” and see them in a future perfect tense when God through Christ will have matured and perfected them. We are all moving from a self (soulish) perspective of life as we walk through this valley of the “shadow” of death experience headed for Mount Zion, that place of perfection where our temple exist within. We cannot arrive there until we stop putting conditions and rules on others that we approve of before we can admit them into our love. If one cannot presently discern between the self of the carnal mind and what is the mind of Christ, these are infants in Christ and the fundamentals must be taught to them. This is what Paul meant in telling the disciples they could only be fed the milk of the word and not strong meat (knowledge) because they could not digest (discern) the difference in a higher understanding and only one of knowledge.

        Being on fire for God and having a lot of youthful zeal will do a lot of damage to oneself and to others around them for their tongue is a sword used the wrong way to cut and maim and blame. “The zeal of thine house hath eaten you up” meaning that an infant in Christ does not have an understanding of God’s plan and is immature in handling the word of God and should be listening and not speaking. When it is said that a woman should not be speaking and teaching in the church, this is not speaking as to the gender of a person but as to a person’s immature “soul” the feminine, weaker part of us speaking in its undeveloped stage of maturity. The soul (woman) should not be teaching for although it is the holy place within, it is not in the standing of the Holy of Holy place “within” which is the mind of Christ. This is where the true matured gifts of the spirit should speak from…and not from the soulish realm of “self.”

        Let us follow Christ and let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus, meaning as when He was in the flesh while walking this earth with the matured mind of God in Him, let us likewise allow this same loving mind be in our fleshly bodies as we walk this earth also in the same way. It said nothing of having to wait until we pass from this earth to start becoming “as He is.”

        Blessings to “all.”

      • So, how do you see yourself? If all these other people you look down on are foolish, and not worthy? How are you viewing yourself? And the “ways of yourself”?


  8. Rachel, greetings from Tyler Texas.
    I was wondering if or when your book will be out?
    Can I arrange for copy? Rick Kerr

  9. The metamorphosis of a butterfly is nothing more than our development from the lowly worm that never thought it could fly as it observed the other butterflies soaring in the heavens above. The worm didn’t even know this ability even existed within its “self” until God took it through the developmental stages to get to that place in the heavens. “Everything” created in this life as we know it is but an explanation of the spiritual. This is what God said. The butterfly is a story about us and it as we do not struggle to be free from our cocoon we sill not gain enough strength to be able to fly. The worm is the time of self, the time in the cocoon is our wilderness experience and our struggles in this time of darkness is what prepares us to see and to be free. Everything in God’s plan is for our good, there is no long lasting evil that will ever keep us bound. So while we’re the worm, let us hold our tongue and not ridicule what we don’t understand for the worm will one day be up “there” looking back where it once was with a repentant (changed) heart sad that it ever complained and ridiculed those where he now a higher (humble) place in God. The view from the heavens is so much more full of light than in the lowly earth dwellers of “self.”

    • So, when is one day? “for one day” the worm will be up there? How high are you up there with God? he is now in a higher place in God? What does that mean?

  10. We start out a vein creature as it says man was created subject to vanity, not willing, but subjected to the Sam in the hope of also being free from it one day, as our change, our metamorphosis was “to come.” When the scriptures talk about putting off the “old man” and taking on the mind of Christ this is “the” change, the metamorphosis of being changed from all that we “were” to all that we “will be.” The whole bible is about conquering the evil within so it is all about change. The book of Revelation is a book of change, revealing the Christ within us, it is a revealing of the ultimate metamorphosis that one can know and “become.” The book of Revelation is about putting to death the old carnal ways of self and taking on the new mind of Christ. This is the ultimate and final revealing.

  11. When we take on the mind of Christ we can soar no higher…and that “day” will come when we see the light of God for this is the day of the Lord.

    • the true seekers ..the elect of God …those that will be sealed with the love of god ..will make that day THE NOWNESS OF THE LIVING GOD IN CHRIST JESUS!! I AM THAT I AM!!

  12. We are “all” the worm as we will “all” be the butterfly. The point is as I clearly have repeatedly stated on this blog we do not look down on anyone for we are all on the same path from the negative to the spiritual. Describing life’s journey is not a condemnation, it is an observance. What applies to “me” applies to “all” equally. When I describe the worm, I describe myself as well, and I as I describe the butterfly I describe where I will be as all others will be…so we shouldn’t be so full of fault finding. Read what I say and one will understand completely, it is plain speech. One really has to parse my sentence and take them completely out of context to come up with a derogatory new meaning. This type of variance does not come from one seeking the mind of Christ, it comes from the old man of “self.”

    • very well said sonny ..if those still wish to argue with this wisdom ….they are most foolish indeed !!

    • I think in reading your sayings there are many different interpretations you could come up with, without any adherence or venturing into any kind of parsed suggestions. No one is responsible but yourself for clarity of thought, and you are of course on one side not the other. But absolutely you were putting peoples down. It was your whole subject matter, revolving around a description of peoples errors, and their, inabilities to understand and to see your way. No. I don’t think so. You were not saying people are right, but rather wrong. So, that is, your commentary. No commentary from me at all. I was just asking about your degrading people you don’t think are on your level or whatever that means in God? But you never answered the question? As to how you see yourself today?
      Who are you saying you are, to comment on people’s paths? That is merely a question, not parsing at all, you know, who are you on this path to tell people what to believe, is a question I was asking.?
      Reading what you say, does not lead to understanding completely. It’s a bit of universalist theology, with your commentary. Not clear at all as to a total understanding of spirituality. Just to your, particular arena. Something you understand, would not mean others do. Variance would never come from what you’re seeking, because you had stated that everything is in variance because of Metamorphosis. That is the variance. At least as you understand it. If you’re all on the same path, for instance, where are you in this path? I may be on a different path, at least so I have heard it said. The definitions you give may not apply to others at all, so, your commentary is for you to deal with and understand, not for others.
      Until you are willing to share, at that point in time. Their are no givens.

      • No, I said, No one who knows the Lord has to fear illusions. You, have commented that you do. You are running from illusions, that is your belief system. Illusions are dispelled through God’s Word. Your whole mindset is ‘ the fear of illusions’.
        That is exactly what you fear, and exactly what you are involved in. Running from illusion.
        Everything in the mind, that is not based on the word of God, is definitely an illusion, and it is what you are afraid of. Because your mind is devoid of the Word.
        With the Word, no matter what the illusion, you will see clearly and not be afraid.

        Every comment you made is about belief. All of it. It’s all what you believe.

    • There is one path that leads out of the the world of illusion and into the reality of Truth. It is found by continual, diligent seeking.

      There is a world sustained by the belief that all are separated from God, cut off because of “sin” and therefore in need of the many forms of reparation in order to be reinstated into God’s “good standing”. It is a foundational belief that God’s love is not present, creating a reality of fear in which divine love’s power does not exist. In this world people do not realize that beliefs create thoughts that in turn create their realities. The belief in guilt demands that others be punished and these thoughts create a reality of never ending problems and continual suffering. This is the world of illusion, and death is its only escape.

      There is another world fading in, projected by the divine mind and even now grows brighter by the day. It is our “awakened mind” and conveys the realization that God’s love never fails, that sin does not exist and the past is only an illusion. It is a mind capable of Truth, able to project true thought in order to dissolve every illusion of fear and reveal the Kingdom of God. It is the revelation that we are not at the mercy of a world we did not create, but that we are creators of our experience. Those who are called into this understanding know that they can create peace in accordance with God’s will – and give the Kingdom of God to all. Salvation is not coming from outside of us, but is instead given freely to all by those who have sought for and obtained it.

      • the straight and narrow ….to those that are truly seeking …will rejoice and be exceedingly glad!!…you just rocked it…..”thoughtware”…..

      • Your mind can and will only take you right back where you started. Take an experiment, and broaden the scope of your thinking, to proving why what you are saying would be true. Your mind is just that only mind. Spirit is outside the butterfly of the mind and is an Eagle. In your first paragraph you criticized a belief that God gave of himself. Try giving evidence that there is a world fading in and out. There have always been thoughts of all kinds fading in and out, but they have not produced a better world. God’s love and the spirit much more than mind. It’s the difference between, head belief, and heart belief. All mind and no heart.
        If you have ever believed that you are in an illusion, then the same illusions will lock your mind into a new illusion, of perfection. It’s a constant circle. Experiment with getting out of the butterfly syndrome, and into the spirit of the Eagle. No, one in this realm has to fear illusions, but what is real is real.

      • Its pointless to discuss beliefs – but constructive to discuss truth and logic.

        I’m sure you are familiar with the saying: “For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ”. God, being the creator is by definition always beyond his creation. Therefore, as God’s creation he can only exist as an IDEA within your mind. To have the mind of Christ means to have awareness of the Truth, and the therefore the correct idea (and thoughts) of God. The truthful idea of God contains the proper understanding of divine love – which is the very nature of God.

        You have dismissed mind as if it is nothing at all. How do you understand the reality of Spirit except by the ideas formulated in the mind? You may also be surprised to discover that even science has discovered that truth that “matter” does not exist and is only formed in the conscious awareness of mind. Mind is the real – matter is the illusion.

        Lastly, you state no one has to fear illusions – and yet it is only illusions that can be feared. Since God is love, (as you stated) – and God’s love drives out fear, fear does not exist. Only the sleeping mind, that believes it is separated from God’s love, can experience fearful situations.

      • Nothing is pointless about beliefs. Everything you are is about beliefs.
        No, I said, No one who knows the Lord has to fear illusions. You, have commented that you do. You are running from illusions, that is your belief system. Illusions are dispelled through God’s Word. Your whole mindset is ‘ the fear of illusions’.
        That is exactly what you fear, and exactly what you are involved in. Running from illusion.
        Everything in the mind, that is not based on the word of God, is definitely an illusion, and it is what you are afraid of. Because your mind is devoid of the Word.
        With the Word, no matter what the illusion, you will see clearly and not be afraid.

        Every comment you made is about belief. All of it. It’s all what you believe.

      • A simple..Amen.

      • There is nothing to fear.

  13. YOU have a interesting twist on wutever is said concerning any truth WOW… you like to remain on the outside and evialuate everything but to never draw a logical conclusion for anyone to have a common ground..u love to intellectualy tear down understanding on all issues to make anyone seem to be WRONG!!…ITS STUPID HAVING A EGO WITH A MOTIVE OF A SHOW OFF SUPER EGGHEAD!!…if iT truly fullfills you…. i guess its cool …GOD BLESS!!

  14. No, none of that is true. In essence you demand people to agree with you. If they don’t, you, accuse them of not having the right to disagree, and broaden your viewpoint. Again, turn the issue to yourself. Ok, if you were so confident of your beliefs, why would my thoughts, or suggestions, make you feel so unstable? Ok, that’s just a question.? Ask yourself why my comment would make you think, that my ego, should be adjusted to your insecurity? Can you communicate without paranoia? Have you never been to school, and heard different opinions, thoughts, teachings.. Ok, no school, is tearing you down, by teaching. Relax, and think, about your own insecurity. That is where, God may be wanting to speak to you. ???? Thoughtware, spoke to me, and I answered. That is courtesy on my part. I am not his or your Parrot to agree with you. Break out of the butterfly, and be an Eagle.

  15. i feel u so good, but i dont think so..when a persons motive is clear .your vibrations will always will always be in excate tune with any information coming from the speak discord as you always are ..from the beginning of u speaking on this website and to right at this moment…the same DISHARMONY…GOD BLESS YOU NEVER THE LESS ..

    • If that were true, then anyone you meet will always be an enemy to your mind, and heart because, if you rely on vibrations, you may misread that, and then you will react from your own vibration, and live a completely false intuitive narrative, created by feelings, and not my feelings, because you don’t believe or have the essence of thought being expressed in words. When you say disharmony, that may be disharmony in Your heart. Because you have a predilection, you have created to protect yourself, from others, and actually it’s coming from how you have been treated. If you apply that to me.? Then why wouldn’t I do the same to you? If I am doing unto others as I would have them do unto me, then that would show and verify to me, that it’s more important for you to feel loved, than to actually be loved.
      What wouldn’t I say “you, have disharmony”. So, no. Someone would eventually have to tell you the truth. Disharmony, is your shield to push people away, that you feel will hurt you. And that wasn’t created by me, but by the people your living with. Yes, don’t ever blame a stranger, for what is hurting you. If I were in compassionate, and hateful, I wouldn’t be able to say these things. I would agree with your hurt. I don’t agree with those who are hurting you. ??

  16. the confusion can be summed but understanding the DIFFERENCE between mortality and IMMORTALITY..


    in short, the definision of SIN is DOUBT..
    once an energy is created, it always exist. the world reveals our own hearts, and MISHIA plays out our DOUBTS(sins).
    this isnt a means to degrade mishai, but an awareness that we still have demons within us(doubts).

    mishai’s only issue is he is trying to satisfy his own religon and he spent his whole life telling everyone that their minds are bad, and their hearts are bad, and the world is bad, and each person is bad. that way, his IDOL can have a validity.

    when it comes to describing things, and others disagreeing, we tend to fall prey to our own LANGUAGES… every word, every letter, every event, every idea that everyone has is something we all have in our hearts(outside of time).
    to get rid of demons is to LOVE ALL as yourself. i always thank the spirit for showing me my own doubts(sin), as without it, i could not know what i know..

    • So, if I was ashamed of my religion, (whatever you think that is?) I would have to hide that, so you could have freedom from thoughts of badness? When you enter the room, God is suppose to vacate because you can’t handle His Holiness? And all created beings are supposed to only say ‘good things’ so you can have peace of mind about the World? When anyone steps into their personality to express their God given rights, that ‘just trips you out’, that they, could be so bold? Your idea, of faith and existence is this box of goodness delivered to you, for free, and if anyone hands it to you, it better be “good for you”, and fit the ‘box of your understanding”…and how good that is “for you”. Make it be ‘good for me’, and if anyone steps over that line, I’ll straighten it for them. I don’t want any vibrations that say, I have to work among others to find God, just let me determine it, and say what it is. I don’t need God, unless I can control everything. Don’t say this, and don’t say that. Stay over there, don’t come over here. Leave me in tranquility, until I can figure out what good is. or do I have to relate to people, real people?




  17. And yet…we are instructed to love the “least of these” and as Christ asked our Father to forgive the religious for they no not what they do for putting Christ to death, we must do the same to all who spiritually condemn others. It may seem difficult to some to do this, however knowing the true unconditional love of Christ, how can we not say and mean the same. When we look at the evil of a person in the present tense we seem to want to judge..however if we understand the true love God..we forgive all for their “temporary insanity.”

    This dialogue is very interesting, however such discussion and dialogue as this is by fruitful and full of meaning. It amplifies our choice of who we follow and what we believe..and with what measure we meet…it will be decided by God if we are to advance or to be held in our illusion ..
    This dialogue is very good for although some of it comes from the carnal religious mind, it helps us all to understand how some call good evil and evil good. Let us pray and ask God to guide us “all” away from self into Himself. All things do work together for good if we can but see all is a learning experience which brings us all to the love of God without exception. This may be just a test of what the meaning of unconditional means. Love you all..

    One day we will all set around the table of redemption and laugh at our childish stupidity. The left hand washes the right hand and when it is cleansed by the negativity of the left hand and it in return cleanses the negativity of the left hand “all” will be cleansed. In other words the negative “religious “ people will come against those who are true in Christ and buffeting them and trying them and when these overcome the negativity of the carnally religious just as Christ had to suffer through, these 144 will turn and bring forth those who have just put them through the test of hell so to speak. It’s all a learning experience however love will win out in the end…I am certain.

  18. God created this plan for the ultimate good for “all” people. There is no evil in the end result for if we see evil as an end result we do not understand anything about the redemptive plan and the unconditional love of God. There is no evil intent in the mind of God for evil is a created thing by God to teach only that which is good. If one does not believe that “all” things do not work together for good then these are yet still carnal. This life is a positive experience regardless of all we have to suffer through from the self righteous.

    It is…all good. There is nothing evil about God even though he takes full responsibility for all things evil. Isaiah 45:7.

    When we get in tune with our Father we see “all” as He sees “all”.

  19. On “One Divine Mind”:

    This is the purpose in this lesson of futility on this earth . It is to teach us we will live in oneness with the mind of Christ…and if we choose not to…we will suffer for we are presently doing. There is only one true mind. We are here momentarily on this earth to learn one thing…and that is…to be one with Christ.
    We are living an illusion of what it “would be like” if we went against our Father so that we can be given His best for us. With great freedoms and blessings what must come with these blessings is the understanding of what would be the result of being disobedient.

    There is no mistake in God’s dealing with us. There is nothing left to chance. Our beginning and end was long ago decided as one unit of thought. God is absolute. When He created us all, He created us “finished.”

  20. In the future perfect past tense.

    • this applies to everyone of you so listen dearly plz whenever any of you get fruit will be well with you ..and your ever word will be heard by the GODS ❤

  21. also yahweh(bad at spelling) is also part of christ. and all names go through christ(as law). not to worship christ as an idle, but see christ in all others.
    to trust in god(i am the door),and to trust in christ(i am the key), and to trust in every person and event on earth(i am the eternal heart), that is how we trust in god.

    again, the whole world is a reflection of our heart, and when we can love eachother onconditional, and from heart(as mind will support), then that is how we give full faith in the god(door to the eternal)..

    our words can be twisted and mean anything else that our heart doesnt represent, but still, from heart, we cant decieve ourselves as the WHOLE WORLD will show our heart to us..

    • “Christ” comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning “anointed one” or “chosen one.” This is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word Mashiach, or “Messiah.” “Jesus” is the Lord’s human name given to Mary by the angel Gabriel (Luke 1:31). “Christ” is His title, signifying Jesus was sent from God to be a King and Deliverer (see Daniel 9:25; Isaiah 32:1). “Jesus Christ” means “Jesus the Messiah” or “Jesus the Anointed One.”

    • thats a GIANT AMEN..

  22. YES !!!

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