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A thought of infinite worth and limitless creative power is: the living Altar of Truth, the gateway to the Divine Mind, is the Source to every thing – no exclusions. This one thought stirs in our mind until we fully arise to the New Day.

Our awakening is the final transition from believing thoughts of our imagination to being thoughts of Truth. Therefore during our awakening, this holy thought of the altar of Truth as our only Source challenges and overcomes every lingering false idea whose source is the past. Because imagination and Truth construct opposing thought systems, this transition can feel like a battle in our mind as the Light of Truth breaks into the darkness of illusion. But seen in Truth, it’s actually our miraculous birth.

In the dream, we believed the source of our being and all our experiences was something in the past, which was determined by our “past learning.” But as we awaken, our source for everything is no longer the past, but the living altar of Truth, where God expresses himself as our Self. Our source will never be of the past again, because the past doesn’t exist, it isn’t real, and why belief in it as a source created a dream reality. Our true Source always has been, is, and will be in the eternal present moment at the altar of Truth.

This magnificent thought is the genesis of healing unto regeneration. This thought awakens us and liberates us from a past whose effects were perpetuated into the future because we believed the past held the sources of all we are today. It brings an end to the false image of ourself created through past learning and enables the emergence of our true Self, kept in holiness. This living thought, that reflects our will and God’s as one, manifests our perfection, completion and wholeness in every moment.

As the past is no longer carried forward, time ends as we know it. Time, which extended the past into the future, held us prisoner to a past that determined our lives and dictated who we were and what we could or couldn’t become. It laid heavy garments of past mistakes upon us, even going back for generations, from which we couldn’t escape because their source was held in an unreachable past. Time became a cruel father who bound our present to past errors, loss, separation, and brought us to an end in decay and death, yet it was only of our imagination.

With this living thought of our true Source our mind is set free and no longer creates according to the past. The past no longer determines who we are, but every moment we emerge out of the present perfection of God’s eternal thought of us and we are clothed with Light.

When we hold this thought for ourselves, we simultaneously hold it for all. If God is our source in everything, then it follows that he is in everything and everyone. He is all in all. In the vision made possible by this thought, everyone is seen in the incorruptible innocence of the present moment and free from the binding effects of past judgments. In this eternal holy present, we see all in their true reflection. This is the holy vision of the Christ.

Though the potential for this Day always existed in the present moment, it was unseen because the mind’s eye slept in a dream of time. Dreams of illusions and wild imaginings darkened the mind’s eye, which in turn projected a reality of perpetual judgment void of Truth and divine love. But when our mind’s eye is open, the altar of Truth is revealed as the open gateway to God’s thought and our true Source. Holding this living thought awakens us to the eternal Light of the present moment and the New Day dawns.


“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” ~ Psalm 118:24

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “A Stirring Thought

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  2. When we “let go” and enter God’s rest through emergence we are tempted by Fear of the Past. Past learning rises up, bringing to mind all that would remind us of the danger inherent in emergence. The past teaches us that what emerges in our lives eventually harms us and will always, without exception, lead to illness, decay and death.

    Past learning created fear in us, that we would step out of emergence (where it proclaimed danger resides), and instead strive to create a multitude of idols to save us from fear. The Past desires only that we turn from emergence and sacrifice to the inevitable fear it proclaims.

    Yet, as we grow in the awareness of truth, we recognize that emergence is “light”, and this light is life and carries in it the thoughts of God, the bearer of divine love. We realize we but let go of illusion and of the belief that emergence will create harm. We hear the altar’s gentle voice, calling from deep within say “Rest in Me and I will be your God, strong and sure, able to do more for you than is possible to ever think or imagine. I will be your creator, and you shall experience ever-expanding joy and the wonder of my creation. Be still and know that I am God, and as my thought flows through you, I will give you peace.”

  3. In order to travel this straight and narrow path into the divine realms of Light one must learn to “hold his eyes single to that glory, even to the glory of God.” It is in vision that one first glimpses the wonders of such beauty as his soul awakes to behold “those things that can become” — not “the things that might have been.” In adoration and love one’s eyes automatically become single to that celestial glory of God.

    To attain to this vision of divine beauty one must go into the center of his own soul, as “he becomes still.” Within that center of himself, the very stillness of his own soul, one will learn to abide within the vibrating, exulting praise of divine love and thankfulness and spiritual rejoicing. In this holy, high vibration, which is the pure Christ Light, no darkness can abide. In the vibration, as one learns to hold himself within its divine glow, one is naturally filled with Light. He becomes clothed in this Light and will begin to comprehend all things. To such a one God will unveil His face, according to His divine promise given unto the children of men. And His promises cannot fail. “If ye do as I say then am I bound.”

    The promises and the information concerning this Path and the glories to which it leads has been there for centuries just waiting for man to begin to LIVE the laws He gave that they might KNOW the truth and the power of God’s fulfilment.

  4. There is a saying “Take no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.” There is much stress and anxiety in living in the past or in the future.

    All the past is like a dream for it isn’t real, it doesn’t exist…anymore. Tomorrow isn’t real either for it hasn’t yet happened. The only thing that is real is “this” moment in time we share. The present is all we really have so this is where we should exist.

    Our only desire should be… to want to love…as God loves, for;

    This is…and the end of “all” things.

  5. Those divine, glorious Promises of our Almighty Father of glory were the WORD. They were His WORD! And each individual who reaches into the depths of his own being and brings them forth as a part of his own living existence becomes the WORD. This is how the WORD BECOMES FLESH! Our Flesh! This is how Christ became the WORD. It is how each individual can become that WORD as all things become subject unto him. In this fulfilling we are truly co-heirs with Christ. Yes, joint-heirs with Him. And this great and holy status can be earned according to the power of the Promises as we take hold of them. This state of achievement must be earned. One must grow into it by effort and desire.

    And since God’s WORD cannot be returned unto Him unfulfilled or void it can only be returned unto Him as we ourselves fulfill it. And as we take hold of His Promises we become those Promises or His WORD made perfect and fulfilled. And only then and in this manner can we ourselves return back into His Presence.

    “We are to purify ourselves, even as He is pure. We are to sanctify ourselves” and in so doing we glorify God and become exalted in an effulgent splendor of eternal radiance and power.

    The Devil doctrine, which lulls mankind into carnal security, is that we need do nothing, that Christ did all. And the fallacy of the doctrine of “THE GREAT RAPTURE,” in which Christ is expected to come and lift us up glorified into the highest exaltation is a lie! It is a soothing syrup of narcotic deadliness. And he who partakes of it is being cheated. It is the sounding brass music, the tinkling of chiming cymbals to keep mankind lulled into a state of quiescent childishness. It has lulled mankind into a state of stupid passivity in that infant crib that has grown too short, and with a covering that is too infantile for comfort. It is for those who are neither weaned from the milk nor drawn from the breasts, as Isaiah declared.

    “The Great Rapture” comes only when man himself has matured into manhood and is weaned from the milk and drawn from the breasts and stands up in his own divine right – A SON OF THE LIVING GOD!

    This WORD being made the actual flesh is when those divine, glorious Promises are brought forth as a living part of every cell and tissue of man’s body. This is the WORD MADE PERFECT. And God’s WORDS must be LIVED in order to be fulfilled.

    Self-righteousness brings not the inner fulfilling or the glory of His WORD made flesh. Only the devoted LIVING of His WORD or Promises through FAITH, can possibly perfect an individual. “LIVE MY WORDS AND YOU WILL KNOW!” “You must be doers of the WORD, not hearers only, thus deceiving your own selves.”

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