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A Star is Born



I saw a star, shining in the night sky. And God spoke to the star saying “Be still and know that I am God. Rest in me and know that I am your Light.”

The star was not aware that it was shining, for it had not yet developed self awareness. Instead it dreamed a dream in which it wondered to itself, “Be still? Why should I limit myself when I could move about the universe in infinite ways? Surely it is better to move about and explore the wonders of God’s creation.”

So the star dreamed of moving through a world of time and space. It dreamed of space so that it would be able to move. And it created time such that it could recall where it had been and conceive where it might go. In its dream it wandered infinitely far from the place where God said it should remain.

Soon the star realized that no matter where it moved, it always experienced fear and lack. Every move created the same dark experience. “How can this be?”, the star wondered. “Surely it is because I have wandered away from the place God said I should be. I have violated God’s will to ‘be still’, and I have sinned against him.” The star’s dream became a nightmare in which it was “guilty” before God. And it created death in order to relieve its guilt.

God looked at the dreaming star, shining brightly and resting comfortably in the place where he had placed it. God could see into the star’s dream of guilt and knew it signaled the awakening of the star into self-awareness. For how could the star understand that its light would always shine in accordance with God’s will to “be still”, unless it dreamed it could find its own light by moving away. For God used the dream to create a star-son with self-awareness of its oneness with God’s will.

And with that the star awakened and understood its Self. Never had it moved, never had it done anything it believed itself to do. Instead it understood it had always rested comfortably, forever shining its light and creating the perfect reflection of its Creator.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. Now I don’t wonder what you are~

  2. A very good analogy indeed.

    Yes, we are those stars fixed in our place of God’s choosing. God had to create a situation of us feeling the effects of being disobedient to His will, thus the dream of failure, loss and heartache. Thank God, it’s not reality but only a dream state of what could happen if we became self willed in our God given freedom in creating things ourselves, as has our pattern, Jesus Christ. So instead of disrupting things on a large scale by trial and error, we are confined to this minuscule speck of earth and confined even to a lesser degree within this earthen body in order to be tested, tried and disciplined to become obedient to His will.

    So, we haven’t really given up anything of reality permanently, we have only been restricted just long enough to understand it is better to go by the rules and stay within our perimeters than to “go into our neighbors field” and take their livelihood from them. We must remember the natural stories in the Bible reveal the things of the spirit.

    When we look at the earth from a scientific point of view it is mind boggling to see the size of our planet in relation to our galaxy…and then to the totality of the universe(s). It’s incomprehensible for the human mind to grasp all that lay in store for us. It is my belief that with just a thought we can be from one side of the universe to the other in the time it takes to must think it. There is a theory called quantum entanglement where an object is shown not to travel in time, and not even at the speed of light, it just disappears and appears without any apparent traveling. There is much argument in the astrology, physics and science word saying this is not possible because nothing can travel faster than the speed of light…or so they say.

    If these scientist included God into the equation the answer is apparently very simple; God being all and in all, it is He which allows us to travel “within” Himself where the rules of nature and physics simply do not apply, for they are spiritual. It’s just a thought process with God. In these experiments of “entanglement” it is shown that as an object disappears in one location it “spins” in one direction while it spins in the opposite direction when it is appearing. In my opinion this is because we have a spiritual coded “dna” which no other being is assigned, just like in the natural. That’s our unique number and as we will travel within this great vast universe, our “dna” can only exist in one place at a time,,,thus the rule of “spin.”
    It’s quiet an interesting thing to learn about and when we include the fact that this is just the way God designed it, we don’t have to argue the why of it all, we with faith just say…it’s just the way God created it.

  3. The simplicity in Christ.

    1 Corinthians 2:1 And I, brethren, when I came unto you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, proclaiming to you the testimony of God.
    1 Corinthians 2:2 For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

    This above statement should be the foundation of all who share their understanding and beliefs with others. It should be meditated upon on…and meditated upon until we get to its true meaning. It is at the very core of my intentions when I speak, write or even think of the scriptures. It sums up all of what our true intentions should be about God, His word (both spiritual and natural) and our conversation with another.

    It is saying that we should not be so concerned about using great swelling words to impress those who we converse with, nor about “telling” of our wisdom of the scriptures, nor proclaiming and telling of great events and testimonies of the law… without in how it relates to forming the Christ within us. We as Paul, should have no desire to impress but only to present Christ to all where it has meaning, clarity and substance. This crucifixion which Paul is describing above is not speaking of Christ and His crucifixion on the wooden cross, no not at all, he is speaking of the first Adam being crucified within ourselves so that the the second Adam…which is Christ..will come forth n His likeness into our very being. He is to take up His abode within us…so that as we are crucified of the old man “within,” we also will rise in our resurrection to Him. He completes us as He crucifies our fleshy, carnal nature by the consuming fire of which God is. One part of us must die in order for the other to live. We must be crucified in Christ, just as assuredly we will also rise with Him in His resurrection within us..where reality exist. The dream must dissipate as we awaken unto Christ…in the full likeness of God in all the ways that describes the love of God for every child our Father has created for His pleasure and ours.

    This statement of Corinthians 2, 1 and 2 is a statement of humbleness that we should all acquire for it has nothing to do with any self glory, rooted in the law or to our great wisdom of the scriptures in what we “know”..or who we know..and what natural person we identify with..outside of Christ. We can love one another, care and carry one another’s burdens but this is all we can do in keeping with the priorities that God establishes for us. What these few lines tell me, and should tell us all, and I agree with whole heartedly, is that; if anything that we say or do is not to promote the very love of God and His likeness within ourselves and as well as in all others…we speak with carnal vanity.

    This is because the whole purpose of this creation is for God through Christ to conform us to His own likeness and character. This is why it is not a hard thing to discern the difference in the five wise and the five foolish. Now there is no condemnation we can have for these self admiring ones for children do eventually grow we patiently “survive” these well intentioned ones with a long suffering of “waiting” for Christ to be further and fully formed within them…and us…for we each have our own calling and order.

    These two verses say it all as to what is important and there is so much to be said about reading the “white” between the lines…in the spirit of the thing. Love is the end of all things for this is the very nature of our Father God. It is not about the knowledge of the law, or of wisdom, intellect or self admired greatness, it’s simply about desiring sameness for all.

  4. It is the increase of Christ which brings about the decrease of self so we do not resist the evil, for we cannot do way with it within ourselves, for it is to be swallowed up by the increase of of our Lord and savior within. It is the increase of love which dissipates the darkness of the carnal mind…it is not the other way around. So think upon what is,,,instead of what is not. We move forward by participating in the likeness and character of God…

  5. If a vessel has a lot of “hot air” within it, how do we remove it? The simplest and the easiest way is to simply pour in the cool waters (of the spirit of God) in it therefore we will need to take no thought of what not to do, for in doing the right thing by receiving the good spirit, the negatives of removing self is by pure default…without taking thought..just as it says…take no thought…..

    We serve a good and gracious loving God, there is no evil in all of reality. So let us pursue only that which is real…the likeness and character of our Father…which comes through our brother..which is Christ.

    I would like to take a moment of say and acknowledge that as we each share a thought, it invokes another thought within us…as we “add to” the thought of another to help make us become closer to the source. So let us not take any of our differences to heart, for the heart of God is not in our differences, but in our Him. There is law and there is grace…the elect of God chooses grace over differences of the law, as forgiveness covers all sin. God is merciful to all who sin..let us so be likewise.

  6. enlightened genesis spin off”a star is born…and goes into a sleep dream phase of awakening that leads to full remembrance of knowing its godhood ..very good i must admit indeed ..awesome rachel

  7. “These are the great and marvelous things which have been hid up from the foundation of the world.” These are the things which eyes have never seen, nor ears heard, nor which have never yet fully entered into the heart of man. And even now, that they are made plain, so plain a fool need not err in fulfilling them, only the righteous will have the spirit of understanding which is required to behold the greatness of God’s unspeakable blessings which He has in store for those who love him!”

    These TRUTHS have never before been unfolded because man has refused to believe anything which his five mortal senses could not verify or which his orthodoxed mind has not been conditioned to accept. They have been hid because man has refused to believe them as his scanning of the Word has opened to his eyes only the things he desired to behold in order to verify only that which he has already accepted. And so the great truths have remained hid up from the foundation of the world.

  8. The Straight and Narrow Way — the Pathway to these dynamic PROMISES and the door to the Path is LOVE fulfilled and made perfect! Love for God and love for one’s fellowman.

    Truth itself is the great reward for those who are willing to ACCEPT IT, WHEN IT IS REVEALED TO THEM. But most people would rather perish than change one preconceived belief, regardless of its erroneous deception. It is easier for many individuals to relinquish their lives than one cherished false belief. However, he who desires to KNOW TRUTH must be willing to pay the price for it. He must be willing to open up his sealed mind and his hardened heart and to “ask God for knowledge to comprehend TRUTH!” Then only can he rend the black, dismal veil of unbelief which does cause him to remain in his awful state of wickedness, through which the great Truths can never penetrate. Few on this earth, at the present time have the stamina or the COURAGE to seek to Know TRUTH! But the Promise is and has always been: “KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE from error, false beliefs, doubting, darkness, negation and evils! “AND HE WHO IS FREE SHALL BE FREE INDEED!” He will have the freedom and the power to “Come and go as the wind and no one will know from whence he came or whither he goeth!” Yes. He will be born of the Spirit. And, unless you have been born of the Spirit and have its great powers YOU DO NOT HAVE THE TRUTH, no matter what your claims may be.

    Then God gave this information: “No man is ever damned for believing too much, but only for believing too little!” It is in the narrow, conformity of all skimped little orthodoxed ideas and petty doctrines that man is DAMNED or his progress is stopped, which the word “damnation” means.

    The great miracles of the future will not be to awe the minds of men or to impress them with one’s gifts and professed powers. The great miracles will be the miracle enacted within each individual as he rends that veil of unbelief, knowing that nothing is impossible with God. As one rends that veil of darkness he will have overcome the evils of his life and he will henceforth be clothed in Light as he acquires a body free from sorrow or affliction or pain. He will receive a body filled with Spirit insomuch that the flesh will be transformed into the glory of its own true, spiritual substance.

    And as God is loved with the whole soul or entire being of man that individual will be transformed or translated into a “new being.” He will truly be “born of the Spirit” as he becomes a divine instrument in the hands of Almighty God to help redeem and save individuals — and the world. He will be a co-worker or a co-heir with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself — a joint-heir with Him, having OVERCOME he will be co-equal. The physical, mortal cells of his body will be transformed and will take on immortality or the fulness of their divine counterpart.

    • A Star is Born

      I saw a star, shining in the night sky. And God spoke to the star saying “Be still and know that I am God. Rest in me and know that I am your Light.”……TO THOSE THAT HAVE A TRUE THIRST FOR GOD AWARENESS, THIS IS EYE OPENING SWEET AND VERY BEAUTIFUL AND SAYS “REALIZATION IS JUST A HEARTBEAT AWAY”…..AMEN

  9. You say:

    “And with that the star awakened and understood its Self. Never had it moved, never had it done anything it believed itself to do. Instead it understood it had always rested comfortably, forever shining its light and creating the perfect reflection of its Creator.”

    Upon reading this, this particular part stood out as relating to a parallel in the make up and structure of Moses’ tabernacle in the wilderness. To substantiate and for one to agree with this truth as you state it above, one need only to understand that part of the tabernacle where change did not occur, it “rested,” comfortably, forever shining its light, and “being” the perfect reflection of its creator. This “place” where the star resided with it’s maker is the place of the “Holy of Holies.” For those who understand that the tabernacle is but a “type” of the true temple in which we are and understands that the outer court is our body, the Holy place is our soul and are both places of “change” also understands that the place of the Holy of Holies is the place where God dwells, where change did not exist, for God does not change but remains constant.

    There is a place within us, of the spirit which is the true Holy of Holies, “WHERE GOD DWELLS,” and it is the part of us that never went to sleep, never changed, and never did anything the soul was responsible for of being disobedient. This understanding of the tabernacle gives us clarity that just as you say, nothing of reality really changed about us, however it is the darkness of the soul which obscured the light of God…for a season. God within, our true self, in “our” Holy of Holy place has never moved from its rightful, permanent and eternal place. It is a place, as in the type, a place where it needed no “artificial” light as did the place of the soul or the Holy place.

    This is a wonderful picture that makes your point one that cannot be argued for the ones who need a bible reference in type to make it real. So much can be revealed to us of how the spirit, soul and body functions together within us, and how they are interrelated, if we will study the order of the tabernacle. This is because it “IS” the type of the anti type…which is us as individuals. It gives clarity that God dwells within us and we in Him. ( where He has always been and never left being a part of us.) There were the two Cherubim and the mercy seat between them where God’s existence hovered above them all. This “mercy seat” awaits our move into this realm of the spirit as our veil is rent, thus allowing our soul to move back into the realm of the spirit from which it parted during the fall in the garden. Thus the two (spirit and soul) becoming one again..making us three, …one again in likeness. The mercy seat (within us) awaits our soul to take its rightful place with the spirit for the two to become one…again.

    I suppose this is a good example where understanding the hidden meanings in the Old Testament is beneficial in helping to understand the spiritual. All of the created realm is but an explanation of the spirit realm as I understand God’s purpose in doing so…it helps to put things in the proper chronological order as well as prioritizing relationships of spirit and soul. In this case it is the soul which will be swallowed up and move “back” into the union with the spirit from which it came. Adam, the type of the spirit was separated from Eve (his soul) during his deep sleep. This separation was to remain in effect until Christ came and rent this veil of fleshly blindness at His crucifixion making a way for our Spirit and soul to be reunited again.

    The spirit and soul was separated for a time as they were expelled from the presence (garden of Eden) of God in their fullness “together”…but just for a season. This separation of Adam and Eve, or our spirit and soul, was to last until the dream of separation does it’s good work and we awake from believing we were ever separated from God..and like you just never happened. Building together takes coordination and patience, as we encourage one another as we “add to” and build upon the good foundation which is the “ways” of Christ..that is called the beatitudes of Christ….of which there is no law. For laws are written against something which is carnal, whereas love and grace is for something, where there is no law. There is a difference.


  11. Let’s see?

    To condense it…do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love your neighbor as yourself. If your neighbor at the time happens to be one of the “least of these” as was the gentlemen being crucified next to Jesus, then we are to love them as we would have Christ to love both them…and us. The supreme principle is seeing that the love of God is on all without separation. It is without separation into factions, parties, and divisions….which we call religion. There is a oneness in God that the very nature of religious divides. When we come out “of her,” we come into Christ and therefore there is more us and them or us vs. them for we are all one in Christ. The seed was planted in ever man, whether one is privy to this knowledge or not. It is but awaiting the calling of the voice of God….to come forth.

    A denomination is anything that dominates and separates one from another. If my or your knowledge of a subject had the ability to change the boundaries of our love for one another we lie, for the truth is not fully developed within us…for God’s love has not and cannot have boundaries. When we come to our maturity or to our perfection in Christ, it is not something we can prove to another..nor should we even try, for each must come into their own place as God draws us to Himself. We may share a word, or tell of our experience, to encourage, and “try” define light from darkness…but it is God who gives the increase.

    Again: To condense to let a pure unadulterated love be our guide, without condemning no one.

  12. you just made it applicable in “everyday language” very cool 🌹🌹🔥❤️

  13. The gift of divine appreciation is the very perfecting of love and obedient acceptance of all that comes or goes in one’s life, with all the powers of the soul alerted and singing in sublime, joyous ecstasy. This condition is not a dead, dull, stupid acceptance of misfortunes and evils. It is a condition of dynamic power as love is released. This attitude holds no possibility of self-pity. It is a power which exalts every calamity and dismay and evil as they are totally disarmed of their destructive forces. And “ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD, TO THOSE WHO LOVE GOD!” This “being thankful in all things,” holds no resentments, no groveling, cringing attitude of abuse. It contains the dynamic powers of godhood released through a mortal being as he lifts himself above the grubbiness of mortal adversities and sends his song of glory singing out across the universe. This is power in action. And this is man’s privilege to use at all times to dispel the darkness until it is completely overcome in his life.

  14. As any individual advances into this knowledge, or begins to live it so that he actually PROVES Christ’s words, he lays hold of the powers of eternity and begins to “evolve from the man kingdom into the God Kingdom.” And he learns that every adverse condition is but a privilege or a stepping stone into the higher realms of existence.”HE WHO IS THANKFUL IN ALL THINGS SHALL BE MADE GLORIOUS!” It is as one perfects this law of appreciation that he becomes attuned to the enfolding glory of God and begins his advancement into the everlasting realms of Light. He truly becomes GLORIOUS! And within himself is released the singing love and gratitude and praising ecstasy of heaven….

  15. He who is thankful in “all” things sees God in everything.

  16. Positively.

  17. And ….Positively so.

  18. We are a Metaphysical mormons and my sister told you earlier, teresa “we will be traveling soon,spreading the teachings of the pure gospel of JESUS CHRIST…I AM ROSE THOMAS ROBERSON..EVERYONE HAVE A VERY BLESSED THURSDAY..

  19. Nice to meet you, it’s a little difficult to know if we’re speaking to Amos, Teresa, or Rose. However the phraseology (and pictures) usually gives us some direction. I hope you guys in your travels are done so safely and under God’s guidance and direction.

  20. The status of becoming a “pillar in the temple of God” as one becomes a mighty, upholding power in supporting the whole, divine structure of eternal truth and Light is sublimely beautiful. One realizes that he was destined to become a very part of God’s great Light and eternal truth as he reaches his own fulfilment.

  21. the pathway of “overcoming.” It is beautiful beyond anything man has ever dreamed and easy beyond belief. The whole pathway of glory is the road of discipline as one becomes a disciple. As one places himself under discipline he soon becomes a master. A master of what? He becomes the master of himself by mastering his own vibrations. Vibrations are the living forces of entities of his own creating. As he becomes aware of his dynamic creative powers they become subject unto him and he becomes the master.

  22. “Faith is the substance (or material) of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” “If one is without hope he must need be in despair and despair cometh because of iniquity.” When one learns to control the vibrations he normally releases through his dismays, set-backs, misfortunes or even unanalyzed thoughts and feelings, and holds himself in a state of inner calm and peace the evils and vicissitudes will be disarmed and become powerless. As one works to control vibrations he truly becomes a disciple for he places himself under the wondrous discipline of learning to control the very powers of creation. This indeed is mastery. This is the evolving from the man kingdom into the God kingdom. This is the beginning of divinity.

  23. “If any of you lack (hope or faith or) wisdom, let him ask of God Who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, without wavering, for he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea, driven by the wind and tossed.

    “And let not that man think he shall receive anything of the Lord!”

    Unwavering “hope” carries the attitude of expectancy. Expectancy is the perfect container held out for faith to fill full. “Hope” is the pattern. Expectancy is the container. And Faith is the substance out of which all desired things are formed.

    Faith is hope carried to the point where despair cannot touch or mar or destroy the pattern held out for fulfilment.

    “Hope promises all things and Faith fulfills them.” Faith and hope are in a way synonymous. Faith is hope matured and made perfect, like a child grown into manhood.

    “He who is without hope must needs be in despair. And despair cometh because of iniquity.”

    Despair comes when uncontrolled doubts, fears, despondency or any evil vibration is permitted to assail one and feed upon his strength and devour his radiant powers of glory. Dark, discouraging vibrations are completely demoralizing and will utterly destroy the perfect works of hope and faith. These intangible, elusive, almost unthought feelings of doubts and dismays and despondency are the flickering flames by which the true “gold is tried.” These flames of despair, of inadequacy, of lack or fear or doubt may be only flickering little flashes. But there is no human being on the earth who is not tested and tried by them. These little seemingly harmless flickers can leap instantly into a consuming conflagration that destroys the pattern of hope held out in the divine container of expectancy.

  24. The ability to truly worship comes with the God given ability to see God as He is…and to see His plan in His reality for all of mankind. To be able to worship with all of our heart, mind and soul, we will come to that place where we see as He sees and do as He does. When we leave this illusion of a world out of control or is in a lesser beings control, we will come to see a very fine tuned and detailed plan where “one jot or one tittle” will in no way be out of place or was ever deviated from in the foreknowledge and predetermined plan of God. It is a plan where our beginning and our end was established in its finality before we were ever introduced to this plan of “good and evil and had ever done anything, evil or good. The purpose of being exposed to good and evil has the same outcome, and is to be exposed to all things that will develop and m9ld us into His image and likeness. One cannot practice what is good without the tutor of evil…and when evil has done its work, it’s scaffolding will be torn away revealing our true image. “All things” work together for the completion of God’s work and it is we ourselves which is God’s work. God uses all of His created tools to finish His work. Isaiah 45:7 includes evil as well as good and darkness as well as light in describing who is responsible for creating “all” things to accomplish His plan.

    Being saved as in the religious world has to do with being saved from a future fictitious “Hell” of damnation where people can only see the symbol (shadow) of a thing but not seeing the reality of the truth of the thing itself. When we see truth, or God’s revealed likeness in us, it puts God in the best and most favorable possible light. Any thought or belief that may enter ones mind that causes one to doubt or place God in an apparent negative light, we need to rethink our thoughts until we see only the positive purpose in all things…the evil as well as the good. Truth is not revealed to a hateful and condemning carnal mind, it can only be revealed through the spirit and it is only to those whom God has called to come forth in their order. We can rest assured we will each be called and come forth in our order, as He says “come.”

    There is inspirational light in every parable, symbol, allegory and mystery in the bible and as dark and mean spirited as the allegory or parable may falsely appear to make God or God’s plan out to be…it is when the truth of the symbol is revealed, that it puts God in quiet the opposite of light…one of mercy and grace, a Father of love for each and every one of His creation. There is no failure in God…and if one thinks God is going to fail even one of us, we worship an idol and a false image of God because anything or any thought that is not in unison with the true God is from the fallen, false image of ourself…the carnal mind…and this is idol worship. To take the character of God and besmirch His true identity is in reality blasphemy. Yet in our ignorance God forgives all such childish and immature boasting of “ knowing things”.. while He is establishing Himself within our being.

    We have known people with little “knowledge” of the law, yet possessed the most humble and loving spirit… If one possesses the thing (love) itself why does one need a description or a definition of it? Love is what all the law and the prophets hang on…or is teaching us about. Had we rather posses the truth itself..or only the description of it found in the written word? One is to know only “about” something and the other is to become that very something. So when we think to be highly esteemed for our much learning and knowledge, and our understanding and wisdom of the written word, let us be reminded it is not in the knowing of a thing that completes us, it is in the likeness of becoming and “being” as “He is” that which completes us. It has nothing to do with carnal intellectual reasoning and in the endless quoting of past testimonies of exterior events.

    When light comes to the place within “our” tabernacle it will not be the place of artificial light as in the Holy place of the soul in having obeyed laws, knowledge and rituals, it will be in the place of the spirit, in the Holy of Holies…where we will have walked through the place of the soul in this journey of life…and will have arrived on the other side of the veil in the presence of the spirit to see God as He is. This is because we will have became as He is when we get to this place of the Holy of Holies because just as in the allegory, no sin was allowed behind the veil….so it is , and much more so in the true tabernacle…in which we are.

    We could write volumes of articles and books about the true nature, life and love of God…yet as best as one may be able to write about it even with a true revelation from God, Love will never reach its final resting place…until we simply become it. It must and can only come to us from His spirit poured into ours, as Love cannot ever come by the letter. Letters and words can give hope of a thing, yet it is only faith in the spirit which can give life. Just remember when one is looking down at the written word thinking they will find life in searching the scriptures, they will finally come to the realization that they should have been looking up and not down…and away from the “shadow” of the thing to the thing itself. The written word cannot be our “covering”, it must be the spiritual Word…which is Christ.

    We write and speak many words trying to express what we have and understand however knowing as good as it may be words alone cannot give life, however we have hope…the hope of the shadow one day morphing into the spirit in becoming the reality. Words can inspire, yet it is the spirit which gives life. Let us leave the devotion to the letter and move into the likeness of the spirit. Again, this is because we will have moved beyond being so absorbed in the “explanation of things” to coming into the reality of standing in the presence and likeness of our Father. This is the purpose of all that has been written in the scriptures. If we have died in Christ we have also risen in Him. Therefore let us no longer follow the old carnal man who died, the first Adam, let us not any longer deny and hamper the resurrection of our Christ within. The only resurrection in reality that will ever happen is that one which happens within ourselves, in His true temple.

    Let us not place any boundary of our love for that of another. It matters not what the place or condition of another is, which defines us, it is where we are in Christ. It is not what another thinks of us that defines us, it is our relationship to the only one that defines who we are. There are to ways for man to seek God, one is through religion and religious views of intellectualizing about God and then there is the simplicity of having a direct relationship with our Father through Christ. Let us choose to have this same relationship with one another as we do Christ where we choose unconditional love over what another may momentarily believe. I say momentarily because we know that every knee will bow to the same calling and will of God…in our time, to each in our order. The best love we have ever experienced is when there is no need for words, we just know and enjoy.

  25. None of us are as far apart from the other as we think we are for it is our “way” of thinking which gets in our way.

  26. We are not actually separate from one another…we just think that we are. It’s part of the dream from which we will soon awake from.

  27. It is when you accept this revelation of Jesus Christ that you see why it is that “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.” Not any—do you begin to feel how it is—because you are “hid with Christ in God?” You have entered into the consciousness of your true self, and are stepped up— out of the human limitations of the John Smith who is so mutable and so easily destroyed by the weapons which are formed against him? You will begin presently to understand that we are not bringing to you a new religion, but a deep revelation, and this will certainly put the seal of silence on your lips and you will go within and give thanks as Jesus did when He said, “Thank you, Father —I knew all this was done but I said thank you so that they would know something had taken place.” It is so glorious—for in the midst of human warfare you will be delivered and the cloak of invisibility will be thrown about you. You are “Hid with Christ in God.” All sorts of wonderful and strange things will happen to you the moment you find your true identity.🔥❤️🌹

  28. i dualy express myself as knowing the greatest truth in my Soul to be, as I May.. whenever I AM..🌹 ESOTERIC LADY OF LIGHT AND LOVE🌹❤️🔥

  29. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to travel the world 🙏🌎 sharing with people about the value of staying grounded in the physical body in order to fully explore what it is to be human – threading and aligning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. There is so much freedom, joy, and expansion when we start to fully express our uniqueness!

    Enlightenment is not about transcending the physical body – it is about including and truly nurturing it – grounding in our physicality and opening the heart. It is about allowing our life force to move through us, with its extraordinary power to unlock unprecedented levels of awareness, divine trust, love and intimacy.❤️

    • Yes…As Paul said all things are permissible if done in obedience to the spirit, it is not doing away to speak….but bringing ourselves into subjection to the guidelines…and in so doing….we can enjoy life to its fullest.

  30. When ones such as Rachel, Will and you others on here express your individual thoughts from your own various perspectives, it always makes one think of our likeness’ more so than our differences. At least it does for me. We start to answer with just a sentence and one thought leads to another. So as we share let us share in the spirit of Christ.

    There is nothing that was created by God for any possibility of any failure to happen to any one of His offspring. The failure that we see is not of any enduring length for it has it’s limit and it’s limit is only for the duration of the created plan of God we are being subjected to. We live in a parallel of spirt and soul, masculine and feminine, strength and weakness. The spirit within us is constant, although blinded for awhile, which permits God to do His work with us. It is the feminine part of us which is the weaker part of us, it is the one, as Eve which erred in veering off course to go her own way in the type of our soul. (In Christ we are gender neutral for we are all spirit and soul or male and female in reality). So we should not look at any as being of the weaker sex, for we each are as weak or as strong as the other, spiritually speaking. In the kingdom of heaven if there is neither male nor female then when does this realization of heaven start? When do we enter into heaven? If the kingdom of heaven is within us then are we not walking in “heaven” as we mature and realize the Christ within?

    It is when our spirit and soul reunite as one will we then walk again as one. We will return to the garden existence and walk undivided in our obedience to God as did Adam before he was lowered into this illusionary dream state of separation. Within us we have a husband and wife, allegorically speaking of our spirit and soul and it really is of the truest of a love story that I personally have ever read or imagined. Through the scriptures we read of the faithful and the unfaithful woman (or our soul). It was the Shulammite woman who remained faithful to whom her soul loved…and was not persuaded by wealth nor fame. We must remember that when studying the scriptures that all that naturally happens without, happens within us, in our spirit. The battles, wars, tragedies as well as the blessings…all happens within our person…and we will triumphantly gain victory in Christ. There is no other plan nor outcome that a spiritual mind cannot see. The carnal mind is death, while the spiritual mind is life and peace. Let us think with the one and leave the other.

    So it is our spirit which pursues our soul and it will not relent until “he” has drew “her” back unto him and she returns to her husband in complete submission and obedience to him, the spirit. We must understand though that the true husband is our Christ within and it is He who will reunite our spirit and soul as one. (Bride and groom) When this happens we will no longer walk in confusion or divided against ourselves for our soul will come to see as our spirit sees which has remained constant behind the veil…waiting for “her” to come into “Him.”

    There is nothing in the scriptures that has any negative ends, not even the death of the carnal mind itself for when it dies it will free the spirit to become one with Christ. One ind will die the permanent death of self..and the other will live unto the permanency of life eternal. There is nothing to doubt or to fear about this wonderful plan of God to grow us unto His loving nature. When we fully enter in, we will see just exactly like our pattern sees for a pattern is first created to make all other likeness’ by.

    There is nothing to complain about nor to speak ill of anyone or anything when we see and understand that all things do…work together for those who love God. This is because when God opens our minds to His truths we see Him as He is…and there is no death in any thought or word or deed, only life. Death is part of the illusion, the dream…and when we awake we will awake where we see only that which is of God’s love for all. And the wonderful thing about it is we do not have to wait for some ethereal place off out there somewhere for we can start now as our eyes are opened, for the kingdom of heaven is within us. It is a most blessed existence when we see this heaven happening within others also in the present…as we see all coming to this same conclusion…in their order. There is not much to then say to the other, but just to be still…and enjoy the presence of this oneness which God has allowed us to “see.”

    It is good.

  31. All aspects of science whether it be quantum physics, metaphysics, psychology, astrology, or numerology, allegories, parables, types, shadows and mysteries of the Bible are all under the quest to know “truth” of whatever sort one may imagine it to be. God allows man to explore many areas of this natural life to see what is “not” in order to see what “is.” God calls each of us according to His measure of Himself. We grow by the degree of growth just prior to our next step.

    When it says that all the law and prophets hang on the two greatest commandments (which are in effect the same one) it should tell us all that everything we desire to know that is of any ultimate benefit to us is found in the simplicity of the very fundamentals of God’s love, His character. What is His goal for us, is it to know or is it to be. We can’t be “explanations” of the sciences nor can we be allegories, parables, etc., as nice as these are to know. All these things we are interesting to know and study, …and are not necessarily good or bad things to know within themselves, for it is not the knowledge itself that enlightens us but the indwelling spirit. There are different requirements and rules for acquiring knowledge vs. the spirit. This is the reason for the statement that we “think” we have life in the much study of the scriptures.

    We grow into the love of life that we desire by simply desiring this love by faith without a law to tell us anything. It’s not science…it’s not a hard concept. It’s just that the carnal mind and heart in the beginning of our walk is just to hard to see this…however we are not to worry…for our change will come, we are assured of this as we are taught that ever knee will bow and “all” will come to the stature of Christ…each in our own order. All these subjects that we read and study about kept in their proper priority can be instructive and revealing and…good. However it is the goal of “being” God’s Love (image and character) that is or should be fixed in our mind which should always lead us in our thoughts, words and actions.

    When we come to this truth, we will have discovered nothing really came by understanding any of the sciences or of things in the Bible, no matter how great the knowledge or the Revelation…if they do not bring us to the simplicity of love. Love is not a hard thing, it is not of intellectual prowess, it is not of having great knowledge, it is not in possessing the greatest oratory….it is simple not denying the love of Christ to come into our being without rules, doctrines or rituals….These things really stand in most people’s way and hampers this love from “becoming” them. It is the “leaven” of these things (the things we add to that makes the word of none effect) which obstruct our view and prevent us to see.

    The carnal mind cannot just love, it must size someone up, it must analyze another’s thoughts, words and actions. It must judge fits, the decide to love or not. This is not love and it certainly is not unconditional love. How can one truly love and help another if they put laws of do’s and don’ts first? Is this not this the thinking and works of the law in which the Pharisees and “legalistic” put on the people that angered Christ? Must we do the same? No…we love in spite of sin…for we see Christ in them…and as we encourage the life of Christ to grow in them…there is little need to address the sin nature…for light will dissipate darkness simply by being exposed to it. Unconditional love is the greatest medicine and healer ever known to heal the heart.
    Should we minister pain and suffering by finding fault only to turn and heal one of the same? You see how subtle the carnal mind is?

    As we may read and study much of our time, as many of us do, we must understand that the greatest of the gifts come not by this observation of much study , but from a simple humble desire to be in the presence of this thing we call love or the likeness of
    God…of which there is no real explanation. We just come to “be” as we have been given…and for it to be real to us…we must make it real to others…by also giving. When two are gathered together in this same awareness and mind set…and understanding….what is there to really say?

    So when “all” come to this same awareness of unconditional love;…knowledge, understanding and wisdom…will have done their work in us and will cease to be. If love is the end game of all things, there is no longer any need of its description, or knowledge of how to acquire it…for when it’s done, it’s done, we can now throw away the description of the accomplishment (law) when we become and are the accomplishment..a finished work.

    We who see nothing but good things to come..will therefore see that we will have entered into “His” rest, and will be found waiting patiently in faith for we to become as He is…just as He promised. Those of the first fruits will come to see light where others will still see only darkness…because God has shown them the true meaning of the statement that “all things work together for those who love God,” of both good and evil for there is only light in our most Holy place, the place of the spirit…which in reality is within oneself. There is little to know…and much to be…

  32. “YOU search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

    “AND YE WILL NOT COME TO ME THAT YE MIGHT HAVE LIFE.” So spoke Jesus to the multitude, as recorded in John 5:37-40.

    In the thirty-ninth verse of the King James version of the Bible it reads thus: “Search the scripture: for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” This is a mistranslation. The word YOU was left out. But according to the original Greek writings, from which the above reference is quoted, it is not given as a command to search the scriptures but rather as a rebuke or an accusation, this constant searching of the scriptures.

    And thousands down the ages and thousands today have searched or are searching the scriptures, thinking that in them they will find eternal life, while they ignore Christ completely with His continual outpouring, personal information and loving direction for the constant emergencies of life. It is in that personal contact with God, as one opens up his soul to be “taught of God” that all power lies. The great power to do the works which Christ did is not contained in the scriptures but in the living contact with God. And those who hold their minds continually within the pages of the Bible will become word-bound in their thinking and their lives will become as dried and brittle as parchment. It is these who have failed to go to Christ, in a love of devotion that will reveal the TRUTH and go beyond the dead letter of the law, that remain in their dead, orthodoxed conformity of unprogressiveness.

    The tragedy of the thousands, as they have accepted of the mistranslation “to search the scriptures,” is that they are living only by the letter of the law as various passages have appealed to their unopened, uninspired, unenlightened understandings. And their views become narrowed as they go forth to preach their own private doctrines with a fanatical, often self-righteous attitude of intolerance.

    And there are those blessed, misguided ones who have overburdened the minds of their precious children with memorized verses and passages of scripture which the children comprehend not. Such over-zealous ones believe the road to glory is paved with dogmas and scriptural passages. They assume that the more passages of scripture one has stored in his brain the farther he will be able to ascend into the kingdom of heaven.

    The most regrettable part of such erroneous conceptions is that those who believe thus have LIVED none of the things with which they have crammed their minds even while their souls and hearts are empty of everything except quotations.

    Any individual who constantly quotes scriptures, which he has not PROVED by the living of them, and so obtained the powerful fulfilling of the PROMISES, is like a man who has eaten but has not digested or assimilated the food, then spews it out — as “VOMIT” “to defile the banquet tables of the Lord,” as Isaiah proclaimed. Unlived scriptures is as unacceptable as undigested food, spewed out. It is not only defiling but an insult to those who are invited to partake of it. These spewed-out, hashed-over words that have not been digested or lived, are a mockery. And from this time forth they will be totally unacceptable, for those who profess to carry the powers and authority of God will be required to prove their claim by doing the works which Christ Did — and GREATER WORKS. “For my kingdom is not in word, but in POWER saith the Lord.”

  33. Yes, “YOU search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. AND YE WILL NOT COME TO ME THAT YE MIGHT HAVE LIFE!” The great command is to learn to go to Christ who will forever pour out the LIVING WORD of His enlightening power to all who will seek for it or who request instruction. The living, eternal invitation is to: “Come unto me,” (Not to the scriptures) “all ye who labor and are heavy laden” (with mortality and its earthly burdens) “And I will give you rest;” (“which rest is the fulness of my glory!” This is according to the fullness of this divine spiritual PROMISE.) “Take my yoke upon you (for my yoke is love) and my burden is Light!” It is the great Light of Jesus Christ which He offers to share with any who will only ask or who will go to Him, the great LIVING CHRIST with their burdens.

    This near-sightedness to the scriptures was a failing of mortals even in the days of Jesus Christ upon the earth. He told how the letter killeth, that little written letter of the word. But “THE SPIRIT GIVETH LIFE!” Or that contact with Christ, which maketh alive all things.

    In those ancient days they kept their eyes so centered upon the letter of the law they failed to behold Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God — and so they crucified Him.

    Here is Paul’s explanation of it as given in the second chapter of Galatians and the sixteenth verse, which is as follows: “Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, BUT BY FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, even we have believed in Jesus and not by the works of the laws FOR BY THE WORKS OF THE LAW SHALL NO FLESH BE JUSTIFIED.”

    Then in verse twenty-one of the same chapter, Paul adds: “I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ died in vain.”

    Also in Galatians, chapter three and verses ten to thirteen, Paul continues: “For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law TO DO THEM.


    “And the law is not of faith: but the man that doeth them shall live in them.


    Then in verse nineteen, Paul adds: “Wherefore serveth the law? It was added because of transgression, till the seed would come to whom the promise was made.”

    Paul then explained that: “Abraham lived under the glory of the PROMISES, BY FAITH.” It was four hundred thirty years later that the laws were added because of the wickedness and transgressions of the people. And the law is: that those who are wicked must live under the CURSE of the law.

    The wicked not only must live under the curse of the law they must be judged by the law. They must be ruled by the law instead of by LOVE and FAITH and TRUTH, which comes under the direct contact with God. When Christ came it was again granted unto man to leave the law and to live according to the power of the PROMISES by FAITH. And again man failed to accept the PROMISES in their literal meaning or to exercise the FAITH TO PROVE or fulfill them.The scriptures are to be used to PROVE and to verify all instructions received and to establish TRUTH, for no newly revealed truth will ever contradict the Bible. But the Bible does not contain ALL of God’s words, nor can it bind God down to eternal silence for much of it can only be fully comprehended by a continual outflowing of the divine Spirit of God.

  34. I agree, Very good. It is as if we were to live on an deserted island with no script, nothing but the spirit to confer with, and yet we would have everything…to succeed.

  35. These books which God has commanded “annalee skarin” to write, have been written under the direction of God, to reveal the great, dynamic PROMISES OF THE ALMIGHTY! There are no new revelations in this work — no new PROMISES. These books only contain the PROMISES which God has given down the ages. And at a casual, unthinking glance there will be those who might proclaim them to be the most beautiful Fairy Tales ever written. But this is not so. Every promise quoted in these books is one of the ETERNAL PROMISES given by GOD HIMSELF, or by His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, or by some divinely chosen prophet. None of these promises has been made by me. I was only appointed to hold a giant magnifying glass over them to make them apparent, yes, so that “ALL MEN MIGHT BE LEFT WITHOUT EXCUSE.” These are God’s PROMISES and He will fulfill them unto all those who BE-LIVE.

    Too many have sat back with their hands folded awaiting Christ’s glorious coming to fulfill all PROMISES for them. These mistaken ones, who have become the blind followers of the blind, will be the ones who will have no oil in their lamps when He does appear. Christ left these words behind for man’s guidance, “If ye believe in me YE SHALL DO THE WORKS WHICH I DID AND GO ON TO GREATER WORKS!” Every professing Christian is required to exercise Faith in the PROMISES until he is able to do ALL the works which Christ did — then go beyond them. And “Without FAITH it is impossible to please God.”

    Those who do accept the PROMISES of God and who begin to LIVE by them, THROUGH FAITH, are no longer under the law. Such as can reach beyond the law unto His divine PROMISES, AND live by them, become the true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ for they go to Him for fulfillment as they accept every promise ever given and LIVE according to these dynamic, breathtaking PROMISES, by Faith, even as Abraham did.

    It is not by the law or by quibbling over obscure passages of scripture that one is justified or exalted. It is only by fulfilling the PROMISES as one LIVES by FAITH that he can possibly be glorified and exalted above earthly mortality.This Spirit of understanding, or of revelation, if so you choose to designate it, or the ability to be taught of God, or to receive that power to have “The Word of God come to you, that you might be called Gods” is something which any humble, searching soul may receive. “The Spirit of Revelation is in connection with these blessings. A person (any person) may profit by noticing the first intimation of the Spirit of Revelation; for instance, when you feel pure intelligence flowing into you, it may give you sudden strokes of ideas, so that by noticing it, you find it fulfilled the same day or soon; (i.e.) those things that were presented unto your minds by the Spirit of God WILL COME TO PASS: and thus by learning the Spirit of God, and understanding it, you may grow into the principle of revelation, UNTIL YOU BECOME PERFECT IN CHRIST JESUS.” This can only be achieved as one opens up his soul so that the LIVING POWER OF GOD can instruct him personally…..🔥🔥🌹🌈🌈

  36. There are many wonderfully written works in the scriptures written by Apostles, prophets and other disciples and ministers of God. These have written great and inspiring words and they contain many truths we should take to heart and live by. There have been many greatly inspired people down through the ages that have written as they were led by the spirit to do so. We know many saints today who have these gifts also. As we understand it, the Bible is not the only inspired work of God, for I have read many Godly inspired works…as I have also read some of the works by Annalee Skarin and others like her. All good.

    All these had and have many wonderful truths to share and no doubt they were and are Godly inspired works and we thank God for them, pray for them, and wish for them the best that God can do for them, even unto having the highest calling in Christ Jesus. How else can we pray? Yet, what another had and has, for example as we read in the works and letters of Paul, we cannot follow any of them as we each are called in our own order to be all that “we” can be. We, as they, can have no cover between us and God, no matter the level of another’s spirituality. As Paul pointed out, there were people who wanted to follow him and Apollos…and others…because of their great and Godly inspired words and deeds. People knew that their words and teachings came straight from they wanted to “worship” the person for the God they saw in them. This cannot be done.

    Yet we cannot be of Paul, or Apollos, or of any modern day, greatly inspired people of God, and there are many in the “Sonship message” who have great knowledge of the Sonship calling and message, however without judging them, they lack the spirit to accomplish the high calling. Many of these as knowledge as they are still do not see that is is more than in the knowing of a thing. However we observe, without complaint. We who can “see” as they “see” and understand as they understand…also have a deep understanding that we each stand before God with our own God given and inspired spirit which He has given to us Himself. We do not take away anything from these others who have been inspired by God to be all that they can be…however we must by the same spirit, come to be all that we can be in our own right. It will be by this same calling and God given ability to grow into our order as was Paul, Apollos, Peter, Skarin or any other. Skarin wrote many works that could have only been inspired and given by God Himself…and many have benefited from her writings, yet as we search the scriptures while reading many of the prophets of old and their Godly works, we can only agree with them in spirit that they as we must take the same mantle as any other, and walk the walk that God has given to us independently from some others.

    As we have read many wonderful works by many Godly inspired people, we must keep in mind that in whatever calling and order God has revealed to us as for these others to pursue, is of no private interpretation, as what we have comes from the same source as what they have. We who have an understanding of the high calling in Christ Jesus must also realize it is not a “position” as in an office to hold, it is “a way” of thinking and of “being.” It is a sacrificial way and a place of service in order to bring all to Christ in the time of their calling. Christ the first fruits then they that are His at His coming. This “coming” is a coming unto and into Himself, that happens all within ourself…where the reality of heaven resides.

    We are all we have ever been, as the gift of life resides within us. What we need to understand is that what reality that exist of God, exist within us, it has never left us, and will always remain within us. We had reality before the world was, we have it during this worldly existence and we will continue to have it once our disciplinary experience is over with. It is the illusion of the dream we have been given to “think” we are lost and without God. Darkness has come to us for a night, but as assuredly as night has came to our minds it will also most assuredly fade away as Christ, the morning star rises within…dissipating the darkness of our carnal mind.

    If there were a hundred of us to meet that have these deeper understandings of God knowing His wonderful plan, I doubt very seriously that any two of us would see all things exactly alike. What people seem to fail to realize is that being accepted by God is not in our agreeing and seeing subject matters and doctrines alike…it is how we love and respect all people regardless to what level another has accomplished in Christ. Being “righteous” is not in being in agreement about doctrines and law, it is about being in agreement about and in the “ways” of Christ in the description of 1 Corinthians 13, and of being in the spirit of the beatitudes. We can never convince another to see as we see and to understand what we do. Each has their understanding in whatever “measure” it is until God changes or increases His light in them.

    We share what we have, and that’s all we can do, and to be very honest about it we should not be concerned about the level of maturity of another, for if we judge another and belittle them, it says nothing about them, but rather much about us. Did Christ, Paul or Peter, go around determining His love for others according to their knowledge of the scriptures or the doctrine of the Jews? This was never the dialogue, it was always in the spirit of teaching the beatitudes, to “do” unto others as…. to be patient and to be kind to those who see things differently, and for us to encourage others in the “way” of Christ.

    We can never convince the carnal religious legalist of the higher way, so we are to just give and share what we have and what another agrees with or disagrees with, shouldn’t matter to us at all. If it were paramount that another see as we do, God Himself will see that this happens. We may speak the very words of truth and display the utmost of kindness toward another but it is God who opens the mind or keeps it closed. Instead of being condescending to others who are poor, blind and naked of the truth, we should pray for them, wish them well and move on, leaving them to God…as the disciples were also instructed to do.

    We each have to answer to God for how we think, speak, and do unto others….Some of the people that we love very much, hasn’t a clue about the deeper things of God…and their inability to understand what is not for them…in no way should cause us any second thoughts about requiring them to see and believe as We do…in order to love them. This way of thinking is completely without understanding as to what a son of God should be. God loves the “least” of these…and so should we do likewise. We should not be agitated in the least, of where another stands or falls in their relation to God. God is patient and will have all men to come before Him and submit to His will (not ours).

    As of you wrote above, I think Rose, pretty much summed up my same sentiments about squabbling over incidentals and I couldn’t agree more. We do get a little perturbed sometimes at people when they are so dogmatic about defending “their” doctrine with the most non Christlike attitude. What one believes is one thing, how one treats others is quiet another thing. Christ didn’t judge one according to their knowledge or lack thereof, however He had quiet a few words for those who placed law and doctrine over the beatitudes. There are those who remain under the curse of the law, being dogmatic about it..and there are those who walk in grace free from the condemnation of the law for grace is sufficient, covering our sins, until Christ comes…within.…without limits.

  37. The powers of heaven are the great Spiritual gifts, gifts beyond anything that man has yet dreamed of. These holy powers and gifts are the pearls. They include every gift and power of creation, even the power to create from the great universal substance all that is necessary to fill one’s needs. For as one seeks diligently the kingdom of heaven all these things will be added. And, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” You do not believe it? Then you do not believe the things Christ spoke, neither have you lived His laws that you might know if He spoke the truth.🔥🌈🌹

  38. Revelation reveals Christ and eluding to heaven being within…which it is…so is all the book of Revelation. It is all a spiritual book about both Christ…and heaven being within. It is a fascinating and delivering revelation of the carnal nature dying out as Christ comes alive (or revealed) to us. It “all” applies to the spirit…within. We share a lot of words and “knowledge” however it is in the quietness of the spirit we find our best gifts.

  39. Another way of expressing it is thus: “To him who loves much, much is forgiven.” True, divine love carries with it the powers to forgive and so to be forgiven.

    Only as one begins to use these great powers abiding within himself can he prove his belief in Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. These are the words that must be accepted — and lived. Their power is contained in their being lived. Only by such belief as is required by the giving of one’s life to prove His words can one possibly honor and glorify God. This is the supreme dedication. Give your life — your great living life to live His laws and you will know of their power, for only in this way can His promises be confirmed and fulfilled in you — the power to do the works which He did — even the greater works.

    • Forgiveness is the greatest witness to love..for of you can actually love those who do you wrong, and those who are your enemies, in words and in deeds we have “pretty much” arrived in His likeness and character. In order to have this unconditional love and forgiveness we must have an understanding about what “all” means and encompasses. When we see one who is full of hate, self righteousness, and ridicule for others for doctrinal difference…and understand and discern their end in Christ, we can therefore be long suffering, patient and kind with them knowing that one day they as we will stand complete in God.

      In contrast if we believe that such a one is doomed to a literal burning hell, and they deserve “justice,” we who can only see carnal and literal things are hardened toward these because we see an end to them that isn’t so. It is only when the symbol is translated to the reality of life do we see that “all” means “all”. When we understand that “As in Adam all died so as in Christ all shall be made alive, however each man in His own order,” we see completion in “the least of these,” and if we understand the mercy, grace and unconsidered love of God…we will also understand that “but for the grace of God there go “I.”

      When we can see the “all” inclusive plan of God in it’s reality, it is a wonderful thing to see that “all” we see throughout our days of going and coming we are looking at brothers and sisters yet to be completed. This gives us a love and a peace that we can have no other way than having the true understanding of what “all” means. If “all” died in Adam, “so as” means it is the same “all” which will rise with Christ. In fact at the crucifixion all did die with Christ as to the first Adam and at this very same time, this same all rose in Christ. In dying to the first Adam there were no rules placed on whether they were believers or not, as this is God’s plan and will, we had and have no say to his rules. By the same sovereignty, God did not place any conditions on mankind when He declared that “all” would be saved in Christ.

      I have came to understand that when we read and understand something only by natural and symbolic language and it puts God in a bad light, and seemingly unloving, we do not understand the full picture and when we do, we see God as He is with an unconditional love for all. If believe that doom will come as a finality to anything and anyone, we have yet to understand that God is “only” a loving God that knows His own meaning of “all” and just because of the blindness of some, does not change who and what God is. To come into his “rest” we must see as He sees.

  40. “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.” And mankind has thought that to ask for some gift, or pray, then close the petition with the phrase, “In the Name of Jesus Christ” it has been fulfilled. It is not just in the spoken Name that one must believe, for it is not in the physical Name that prayers are granted and requests fulfilled, but in that great ineffable Name that cannot be spoken. It is the Name of power that will fulfill all things. This Name is the Christ Vibration of Light. This is the Name that one must take upon himself. The scriptures are filled with a record of the dynamic powers of His Name that have never been fulfilled.

  41. This glorious “Gospel” of Jesus Christ therefore is not just a message of words, printed in the scripture or otherwise. It is the penetrating of that Spirit of Almighty God into the center of a man’s soul to awaken love and praise and thanksgiving within his heart. It is the FEELING of the glory of TRUTH, not just the HEARING of it. It is the breathtaking “SPELL” of the power of God being released into the human soul of those who permit their hearts to be opened to that love and in turn send it out under divine control and supreme majesty.

  42. Therefore this glorious “Gospel of Jesus Christ” is not just a message of words, printed in the scripture, or otherwise. It is the penetration of Truth and the Spirit of Almighty God into the center of a man’s soul to awaken LOVE and PRAISE and THANKSGIVING within his heart. It is the FEELING of the glory of TRUTH, not just the HEARING OF IT. IT IS THE ACTUAL KNOWING OF TRUTH! It leads to the KNOWING OF GOD, WHICH IS LIFE ETERNAL! And this alone is the fulness of TRUTH — or the PROMISES or of the COVENANT! It is not a Kingdom of words or preaching or haranguements. It is a Kingdom of joyous understanding as the doors of one’s mortal intelligence opens the gates to his own spiritual nature. Then such a one is prepared to “COMPREHEND ALL THINGS!” It is the manifestation of God’s POWER being brought forth in the fulfilling of His Holy PROMISES. “For my kingdom is not in word but in POWER saith the Lord.”

  43. THIS IS THE EVERLASTING COVENANT! PERFECTION Itself! And as one takes hold of the Promises he lives by them, according to his own perfecting FAITH, as he fulfills all the laws in the dynamic glory of his own perfected LOVE FOR GOD! In this perfection all the principles and the doctrines are set aside in the fulfilling of those TWO GREAT AND DYNAMIC, BREATHTAKING COMMANDMENTS OF LOVE! And the living of these two laws alone can bring one into that Straight and Narrow Path that leads to PERFECTION — even into LIFE ETERNAL!

  44. LOVE contains the power to bless and heal and help restore a world as one moves into the GREATER WORKS, ordained of God, “as all things become subject unto him, both in heaven and on earth.” In this achievemen
    t he becomes a divine instrument in the hands of God.🌹🌹🌹🌈🔥❤️

  45. People must come to understand God is not words written on a page, neither is love spelled from letters in any of the languages of the world with any reality of substance to them. God is not of the natural realm as the carnal man may teach of humanism for as man may struggle to define love by any written or spoken method, it just can’t be done with any semblance of reality . God is truth , God is spirit, and God is Love for which there in no natural word to actually define Him. Literal words may attempt to vaguely define Him, however He is spirit and we must come to walk in the spirit in which He is. When we are loosed from the confines of this carnal mind…we will be as He is..without laws of do’s and don’ts and without any letters of any written law to follow. We will just “be” and radiate His same likeness and we will no longer need to take thought for we will only express who “we” are from having come to the same exact nature of our Father. We will not have to wait until this body is laid to rest in its death for those with eyes to see, see that we have already died and rose with Christ…to “now” walk in oneness with Him…and those who have maturity.

  46. In this holy accomplishment of perfecting LOVE one is cleansed completely from the inside. Only this great, spiritual accomplishment can achieve the physical change so that “the carnal flesh is transformed into flesh divine without descending through the gates of death.” And in this fulfillment the resurrection and the judgment will have no part in his existence. This is indeed the fulfillment of Paul’s admonition: “to go on unto PERFECTION!” And as LOVE is generated and perfected one knows that Christ is Its Source. It is as man learns to LOVE and to take hold of this glorious vibration right within himself that he becomes cleansed and purified and perfected. Man is the channel through which this LOVE, or the Rivers of Life (or LOVE) flow.

    This course contains the full process of “The purification of the heart.” And as the heart is purified one’s whole body gradually becomes cleansed and renewed. This is how one “overcomes the evils of his life and loses every desire for sin.” This is how one “casts out the darkness” and the negation as his mind is conditioned and trained to “think only the most beautiful things possible!” And as the writer of those sacred Odes of Solomon testified, he will cast out the darkness and clothe himself in Light and acquire a body free from sorrow or affliction or pain.

    This purification alone can prepare one to “Be Born of the Spirit.” This great and marvelous accomplishment was Christ’s own experience upon the Mount of Transfiguration.

    From that day forth Christ had the power to “come and go as the wind and no one knew from whence he came or whither He went,” as when he disappeared out of the hands of the mob on the cliff of Capernaum as they were going to hurl him over. Christ displayed this power many times in his life, the most noted one being the night he appeared to His disciples walking on the waters of the Sea of Galilee. And no one could take His life from Him unless He willingly relinquished it. Thus “the LIFE became subject unto Him.” This was designated as “transfiguration.” Or as Christ explained it to Nicodemus as “Being Born of the Spirit.” Or as it is known today as the law of “Translation.” It matters not which term is used the meaning is the same. And the dynamic PROMISE of its fulfilling belongs to those who will “purify themselves before Him.”

    In this great LOVE is contained the complete “purifying of the heart” as one travels that sacred “ROAD TO ZION.” Then it is that the soul, or the entire being of man will be quickened and renewed or transformed or transfigured or translated or Born of the Spirit. This is the fulfilling of Paul’s command to go on unto “PERFECTION.” When the great LOVE becomes the living essence, or the River of LIVING WATER that is shed forth through “the belly,” then one has fulfilled all things, and henceforth he will be able to “come and go as the wind.” This is how one makes that glorious transition from mortality into immortality. “This is perfection!” This is the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or the fulfillment of it within the soul of man. And this condition contains the effulgent splendor of the completion of every PROMISE in the great unbreakable, everlasting Covenant of God to man.

    Yes, “Write the works of Enoch as Prophet, Priest and Seer. Write of his works of purity and love and how he changed his carnal flesh to flesh divine without descending through the gates of death.”

    This is how Enoch accomplished so great a work and how you too may fulfill so glorious an achievement and bring forth THAT WHICH IS PERFECT!

  47. Yes, that First and great Commandment does fulfill all the laws and the prophets insomuch that one receives every PROMISE and COVENANT complete which was ever uttered by any of the prophets, living or dead.

    As one fulfills the laws of the prophets the rewards of the prophets will automatically become his own. All the promises the prophets ever uttered will belong to him who will fulfill the laws pertaining to them. Thus one fulfills all the laws and the prophets insomuch that all the honors and credits attained by the prophets will belong to him who perfects that fundamental law of LOVE. On this law of LOVE are all the rewards and the honors of fulfilling based.

    It is the love for God that qualifies one to become a prophet. It is the fulfilling of the law of the prophets, or of LOVE that exalts one into the status of the prophets, though such a one may never prophesy. His calling may be far different from the prophets, even to the higher honor of the Patriarchs. And then, through the inner perfecting of himself, he may go on unto PERFECTION! This is the ultimate goal! This is the reward of all striving. It is love made perfect! It is the complete accomplishment, for though one may have prophesied in part and done all things only in part or in half-way measures, he will now bring forth that which is PERFECT. Then all the things that were only in part will be done away, the prophecies that will fail and the erroneous self-righteousness and the inadequate displays of incompleteness will end “WHEN THAT WHICH IS PERFECT IS COME!”

    Man can develop that divine gift of LOVE through living the law of LOVE in thought, word and deed. “And when the mind and lips have lost the power to hurt and wound his voice will be heard among the Gods.” This is accomplished by going on to PERFECTION as he evolves into divinity. There is no seal upon man’s possibilities except those which he places upon himself. Man’s own individual UNBELIEF is the retarder of his own perfection.

    As one moves onward and upward the Spirit of the Lord becomes the glory and the light and the joy of his existence in its tender directing. And this increases through his own expanding comprehension.

    In that precious Sermon on the Mount there is the story of human parents giving good gifts to their children, though they themselves are evil, and “how much more will the Heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him?” Then in Luke eleven, verse nine, is given this positive information: “Or if your son would ask bread would you give him a stone? Or if he asked for fish would you give him a serpent? Or if he asked for an egg would you give him a scorpion? Then how much more will your Heavenly Father give the HOLY SPIRIT TO THOSE WHO ASK HIM!”

  48. This precious, priceless, glorious Gift of the Holy Spirit is therefore offered to everyone who asks for it! SO ASK FOR IT! “It will lead you into ALL TRUTH!” And you cannot possibly be deceived or led astray if you have this Gift! “And God’s WORD cannot return unto Him unfulfilled or void!” “Ask and you shall receive!” This is one of the eternal Covenants of God to man: “For everyone who asks receives! And he who seeks finds! And unto him who knocks it shall be opened!”

    As one travels this glorified road to Zion, or to the complete purification of his heart he is traveling the “Straight and Narrow Path that leads to LIFE ETERNAL!” And none can travel this road without reaching the full destination of his own complete fulfillment and the fulfillment of every promise or covenant ever given by God to man. And the Highway to Zion is the road to the complete purification of the heart; and it is so simple a “fool need not err therein; though the wicked can never cross over.”

    As one travels this holy Road to Zion, or to the perfecting of LOVE right within himself, he will reach the point of FAITH in which his FAITH will be transformed into KNOWING, FULL AND COMPLETE! And he “WILL COMPREHEND ALL THINGS!” And “ALL THINGS WILL BECOME SUBJECT UNTO HIM, BOTH IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH: THE LIFE AND THE LIGHT: THE SPIRIT AND THE POWER, set forth by the will of the Father through Jesus Christ, His Son.”

    “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us.

    “And if we know that he heareth us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions we desired from him.” (I. John 5:14-15).

    Then is given this precious scripture that must be engraved deep into the souls of men. It is contained in I. John 2:3-5:

    “And hereby we know that we KNOW HIM, if we keep his Commandments.

    “He that saith, I know Him, and keepeth not His commandments is a liar, and the TRUTH is not in him.

    “But whoso keepeth His WORD, in him verily is the LOVE OF GOD PERFECTED!”

    • This is so well said. It’s so in line with the higher order of the spirit. Nice. It is so beyond the letter and it is beyond all fear, for love does cast out fear, absolutely.When we enter in, we no longer fear reading anything contrary to our beliefs, we don’t fear what others may think or say about us because we “know” that our life “rest” outside of the law of works. There is freedom in the faith in Christ for we are free from condemnation by the grace of God to grow, not fearing that our weaknesses will dominate us. In Christ, we have freedom from the fear… of loving all. This “is” the greatest freedom. Again, very well said.

  49. to God be the Glory…

  50. Love is developed through expression, through exercised vibrations released from the depths of the heart. It is generated by thought. It is power and holds the keys of fulfillment. Use it constantly. Use it through prayer. “And he who prayeth continually without ceasing shall be given to understand the mysteries of God and the power to reveal things which have never been revealed.”

    Pray for the earth and the inhabitants thereof. Pray for every living soul and remember: “Of you it is required to forgive all men!” This is a big order! A BEAUTIFUL ORDER!

    Pray for your loved ones and dear ones. Pray for your associates and pray for your enemies or those who have criticized you or persecuted you or despitefully used you.

    Pray in joy and blessing and send out your love on the glory of your own exercised FAITH in rays of healing LIGHT — “THAT YOU MIGHT BE THE CHILDREN OF YOUR FATHER WHICH IS IN HEAVEN!”🌈🔥🌹

  51. To add to: You say “Love is developed through expression, through exercised vibrations released from the depths of the heart. It is generated by thought.”

    God says “If you love me you will keep my commandants.” What are His commandments that are under the law of grace in the “New Testament” which is not of the old law? Obeying is living according to 1 Corinthians 13 and of the beatitudes. These attributes are not of the laws of the old rituals but of life. As you say these are “expressions” from the depths of the heart..which is the same as saying in the likeness of Christ.

    We express it well when we are in agreement that all things work together for those who love God. If we love God it means we are paying attention to what is important to ask for and therefore…asking and praying for His nature and likeness to come within. It is only then that we have something of importance to give. It is a good thing to know that even though one may make their bed in the depths of the carnal mind of man (hell) that God is right there in the next compartment of our Holy of Holies “within” and He has always been there…bringing us back to life gradually as the veil has been rent and lifted.

    The simplicity of not judging by condemning is a lot lighter load to carry than trying to decide who and not to love.

  52. “The letter (or written word) killeth. But the Spirit, giveth LIFE!” — “EVEN LIFE MORE ABUNDANT!” Which, in its fulness, is “LIFE ETERNAL!” This “life more abundant” is developed and brought forth as one learns to LIVE pure and holy, with a spirit so contrite and humble it can continually receive more truth, “until it is glorified in TRUTH and KNOWETH ALL THINGS!” And in this development one naturally grows into the powers of “LIFE ETERNAL” so that “he need never die!” This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the message He came to give. This is the Promise that awaits those who LIVE the laws He gave. This is the “God-spell” that fulfills every Promise. It contains the very fulness of the Gospel of the Kingdom that is not in WORD — but in POWER. It is contained in man’s fulfilling Christ’s commandments and in the vibrating KNOWLEDGE of the UNBREAKABLE COVENANT which they contain. “BE YE DOERS OF THE WORD, NOT HEARERS ONLY, THUS DECEIVING YOUR OWN SELVES.”

    “If ye do as I say, then am I bound; but if you do not as I say then you have no promise!” With each and every PROMISE is the unbreakable WORD of God. In every PROMISE there is contained the unbreakable Covenant of its fulfilling if man will only live up to his part of the COVENANT. Every PROMISE contains this irrevocable Covenant of God contained within its fulfilling. Each Covenant or PROMISE is eternal, unbreakable and everlasting. Each PROMISE or COVENANT is new to every individual who takes it upon himself to LIVE by the PROMISE IT CONTAINS. Each PROMISE stands forever in the eternal, dynamic POWER OF GOD’S eternal COVENANT of fulfilment to all who will only LIVE THE LAWS pertaining to it. “THEN IS GOD BOUND!” AND THE FULFILLING IS SURE!

  53. EVERY PROMISE IS A COVENANT, Unbreakable, eternal!

    A Covenant is a sacred, binding contract between two or more. No PROMISE or COVENANT could possibly apply just to one individual. And it is binding upon both parties. In this case, God and man. Therefore HIS PROMISES belong to us! They were HIS to give and ours to fulfill! And the rewards of their fulfilling is OURS!

    “There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven, before the foundations of the world, upon which every blessing is predicated; and if we receive any blessing (or promise) from God it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.” Or put it this way: “There is a COVENANT IRREVOCABLE DECREED IN HEAVEN, (upon which all blessings are predicated) and if we receive any blessing from God it is by OBEDIENCE TO THE COVENANT or LAW or PROMISE upon which it is predicated. Thus stands the eternal word of God. And it cannot fail! Neither can it return unto Him unfulfilled or void!”

    In every PROMISE is contained the power of God’s eternal COVENANT of fulfilment, if man will only LIVE the laws pertaining to it.

    Take any of God’s dynamic PROMISES, select your own, and LIVE it! And as you fulfill any one of those glorious PROMISES you will naturally grow into the perfection of LOVE. And no matter which Promise or law you select to live by you will discover that in perfecting yourself in its fulfilling you will have perfected LOVE and then you will discover that every PROMISE leads to the same end — PERFECTION and Eternal Life!

  54. The fulness of the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” is the KNOWING, or EXPERIENCING of His dynamic, everlasting PROMISES as they become one’s own. As His PROMISES are accepted, through FAITH, one begins the transformation of himself into that majestic LOVE of all perfection. This is the Kingdom in which “all else is added unto him,” every righteous desire is fulfilled and every blessing is bestowed. It is where all knowledge is revealed and all power is granted. This is the “FULNESS OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!” It is that holy, divine contact with God. And it is not in WORDS. It is a vibrating reality of living power.

    It is not made manifest through demonstrations or proclamations. It is manifested silently as the cells of the carnal flesh are gradually transformed into flesh divine. It is manifest through perfect love, expressed in every word and thought and act as the “mind and lips lose the power to hurt and wound!” This is the “Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fulness!”

    It is not a Kingdom of words or preaching or haranguements. It is a Kingdom of joyous understanding as the doors of one’s mortal intelligence opens the gates to his own spiritual nature. Then such a one is prepared to “COMPREHEND ALL THINGS!” It is the manifestation of God’s POWER being brought forth in the fulfilling of His Holy PROMISES. “For my kingdom is not in word but in POWER saith the Lord.”

    To make it more comprehensible, let us turn to Christ’s own words; John 14:15-17, as follows: “If ye love me, keep my commandments!” And His Commandments were entirely of Love perfected.

  55. As you marvel over these higher truths, questioning within yourself the possibility of them being fulfilled in you, turn to the true Witness and ask that It reveal the actuality of these things fully to your soul. As you do this humbly and sincerely the “holy Spirit of Promise” will bear witness to your intellect concerning the truth and the power of this work so that you need never doubt.

    Whenever questions of doubt arise, seeking to undermine your hope of fulfilment, turn anew to that “Holy Spirit of Promise” and accept Its unfailing testimony. As you do this Its voice of promise and power will increase within you until all will be made clear and so be fulfilled in you. This “Holy Spirit of Promise” truly “promises all things — and fulfills all things!” This “Holy Spirit of Promise” is the very voice of God as it bears witness, through that glorified Light of Christ within, that every divine promise can be fulfilled in YOU.

    That “Holy Spirit of Promise” is God’s voice of faith echoing its unfailing, pledged assurance into your own open heart. As you listen to Its voice you will receive the hope-filled promise of full accomplishment. The gifts are already yours. But you must lay claim to them. As you be and live according to the vibrant Life force within you, you will receive the fulness of LIFE — or the “Fulness of the Father!” Then it will be that all things will be fulfilled in you.

    As one learns to cast out the doubts and the darkness and the fears, that seek ever to thwart his progress, he will find he is truly “exercising the great and mighty faith,” enjoined by the scriptures.

    This “exercising of faith” is no more or less than using one’s power to believe as he eliminates doubting and darkness and negation from his mind under the guidance and power of that “Holy Spirit of Promise,” yielding himself fully to Its virtue of completion and fulfilment.

    Such are your gifts and powers. And such is God’s “Holy Spirit of Promise” inviting you to partake of all the unutterable promises of Life and Eternity — that all might be fulfilled in you.

    God bless and sustain you until you have proved these things in your own divine fulfilment. Yes. “Prove all things” is God’s urgent request to all men. And God’s laws can only be proved by the living of them. “Live the laws and you will KNOW of their truth.” And the reward and the power will be your own forever and forever!

  56. To KNOW the truth one must LIVE it! One may know about truth even as he knows about God. But to actually know truth or know God, one must go beyond the initial, kindergarten stage of belief into the pathway of fulfilment. One must step out beyond the voice of “hear-say” held forth by mortal teachers as they display their feeble “arm of flesh” in their powerless, unfulfilled ideas and precepts.

    The Path Christ trod is the path of complete fulfilment for everyone who will travel it. It is the Way which He IS. This is the Way of Life. It is the Way which is your own, eternally lighted by the glory of the Savior of men as you follow Him in triumphant, victorious overcoming.

    Rejoice evermore! Rejoice as you clothe yourself in Light Eternal! Even the Life more abundant!

  57. Those who are lost in the sins and weaknesses of the flesh have never even comprehended that there is such a Light given to abide right within themselves, hence they have never contacted It nor brought It forth. It is because man has refused the invitation to “ask, seek and knock” that he has remained in blindness, consequently has not been aware he was being led by those who were also blind. As one’s understanding is expanded by the Light, the one great sin remains visible in all its heartbreaking simplicity, the rejection of the Christ Light as each individual has in his ignorance permitted the darkness.

    With this higher vision no man could possibly criticize or condemn his brother. Instead he will realize that except for the divine mercy of God he himself would have remained blind and not been given a view of the Great Light and the issue involved. Humble and love filled, he will reach out to enfold his still erring brother in Christ’s forgiving love, for as he comprehended the Light and brought It forth the power of divine love was bestowed. And it is such love, sent out to one’s erring brother, that that brother can be healed.

    The most surprising TRUTH of all will be revealed fully when one begins to use the developed, glorified Light of Christ, brought forth and perfected right within himself, in this manner. It will be noted then that often a humble, broken “sinner” may be more easily reclaimed than one who has seated himself upon the lofty pinnacle of the temple to be seen of men.

    As each man begins to believe in and to comprehend the great Light of Christ that has been given to abide right within himself and to bring it forth, he will be purified and cleansed from all sin. He will also “Be filled with Light and comprehend all things”. And in this clear vision and purified love he will be healed. Then with his own expanding love he will help to heal his brother. Thus the great healing of mankind, and of the nations will commence and be carried to full fruition.

    Every individual who accepts the Light of Christ, which is given to abide right within himself, will automatically leave the little mortal “self” behind with its weaknesses and errors and blundering, heartbreaking mistakes. This is how the redemptive powers of Christ work in a man’s life. This is how one goes beyond the great condemnation and becomes one with the Light as he is enfolded in Its exalting, purifying glory of divine healing.

    It is as simple and beautiful and as powerful and as eternal as that. The truths of God hold no great mystery. And a knowledge of the Great Christ Light, given to abide right within man, is the great TRUTH that will make man free. It is not impossible to KNOW THE TRUTH, that one might be free. The great TRUTH is the knowledge and contact with “The Light of Christ that has been given to abide right within oneself . . . . . . . “KNOW this TRUTH and you will be free indeed.”

  58. Unconditional love.

    There is a fine line between living a Spirit Filled Life in Christ and living with a religious attitude that brings judgment and condemnation upon others just because they are not at the same level of relationship as is others with God the Father. A son of God has the responsibility to intercede with unconditional love for others, not to ridicule, condemn or to destroy them. To have unconditional love for all means absolutely “all.” We cannot obtain to this level of Christ likeness by not understanding that “all” really does mean “all.” One cannot truly love in an unconditional way if the condition of eternal torment is fixed in one’s “judgement seat” for this is completely outside of God’s unconditional love.

    This is because before there was any sin, before the world was, the plan was finished in the mind of God from beginning to end with no loss of any as this was predetermined by God. God cannot be the God of unconditional love and a God of eternal punishment and torment all at the same time. Religion teaches man made doctrines teaching traditions of men because they can only see and understand the scriptures on a carnal level. The understanding on a surface level of the scriptures is often different from the depth of the spiritual understanding once one is enlightened to the truth. The natural reading or understanding of the scripture may seem horrible on the surface but once the symbol is interpreted correctly, it put God in the most favorable light.

    Any scriptures which put God in an unfavorable light has not been understood properly. This is because all that God destroys and “kills” is of the carnal mind within man and once this death takes place the only thing that will remain in Christ and His ways and His likeness. One must understand that all that will be destroyed in the symbolisms of the scriptures is the carnal mind of man and when this “death” of the carnal, the old man in the first Adam, is destroyed the veil will be rent and taken away which will reveal the Christ that has “always” been within us.

    We are spirit and have always been spirit and having this carnal experience does not change who we really are in Christ. We must “come up” to the understanding and identify with the “mind” of Christ and not with the old earth man that is dead within. As the man of sin died with Jesus on the cross, the spiritual man simultaneously rose and resurrected with Christ. So let us identify with the risen Christ through living within the grace of the beatitudes where we condemn no one and do not compare ourselves to them as less or more righteous. The highest form of love which is unconditional love does not operate but in bringing others to the likeness of God without looking at any fault or mistakes that others may make, but instead seeing them “as” finished in the love and likeness in Christ of which we are all predestined to come to, each in our own calling and order.

    Unconditional love does not look for fault and failures in others even though they may be obvious. Unconditional love restores one in a humbleness considering one’s own lack. Unconditional love has absolutely no barriers or boundaries nor is there any sin that one may observe in another that will keep it from functioning as though no sin existed. Unconditional love sees saint and sinner alike for as one understands the process of reconciliation they also must understand the destination is the same for all and we should not judge neither the pace nor the level of accomplishment in another.

    The greatest and highest attainment of the seals being opened in Revelation and revealed “within us” is that of coming into the mind of Christ to the full stature of this unconditional love. There is no higher attainment in this plan of God. If one views God in any other way, they are yet carnal and bound by a religious judging of the flesh. These who reach this level of unconditional love are the elect of the elect. This is because they have sacrificed on the alter within all that is not of God, having acknowledged and coming to the understanding the difference of what is carnal worshipping by the letter and what is spiritual worshipping by living under God’s grace until the full attainment of the Christ is established within. When we reach this love, death has been defeated and is no more for the only real death is only to be carnally minded.

    When we rise above our differences of “opinions,” doctrines, and unrighteous judgment of others, we “enter in” to that third heaven which is above all others. We have the “sea” of humanity which includes all of mankind in the instability of the carnal mind where we begin our earthly journey. Then it is the earth realm of religion where we are between the foaming seas and the heavens above, yet still in our carnal interpretation of who God is and what His true word means. Then we have the heaven above the sea and the earth, the highest realm of the three. This represents the place where we walk and live and exist above the natural carnal mind as God gives us of His increase of Himself.

    We must come to the place in our hearts and minds where we see all as we see Christ, for to see one as lost, we remain lost ourselves but seeing all eventually complete in Christ we live without harboring any ill will toward any…for we see all in the end in Christ. The elect of the elect cannot see but with one vision and one mind…and that is with the mind of Christ. “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

    Judge (condemn) not that you be not judged. Love all and desire to be at peace with all men, not taking any offense from them into account, but instead having a quiet compassion of understanding that they as we as we, will one day be free from any desire to judge another unrighteously. The righteous judgement of God is to see one’s lack of His spirit and “correct” one until they are restored to His nature of love. Do not harbor any ill will or resentment toward any for anything, for it only keeps ourselves from being all that we can be. To be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

  59. We have now reached the time the ancient prophets told about — the time when all men would be able to “discern between the righteous and the wicked”.

    The righteous are all those, who through their developed power to believe, contact that Christ Light within and begin to bring it forth in their own lives until they become filled with It, and Its power. “For My Kingdom is not in word, but in power,” saith God. It is the time when all those who only profess such divine contact with the powers of God, yet preach their empty sermons of words or live their mediocre, unexalted lives devoid of His Light and His power, will be instantly recognized. Often the shame of such, with their empty hands and their vacant souls, will be greater than the shame of those who realize they are lacking and sinners. The sinners make no such false claim upon righteousness, hence there is no hypocrisy in them. But whether a man is a professed sinner or a falsely professed saint, he will be recognized for what he is. His light and his darkness will both be plainly discernible.

    The wicked are all those who are still lost in the darkness of the little mortal, physical, ego-filled “self” with its prides and prejudices, its fleshly desires and intense likes and violent dislikes. Wickedness can be either a degree of rebellious defiance or its opposite, the inflated idea of self-righteousness. Both are conditions caused by the great ignorance of not comprehending or contacting that Divine Christ Light.

    From the higher realms it is surprising to note that the sinner and the over-inflated minister on the exalted pinnacle of the church may be equally engulfed in the darkness of “self”. In fact, the minister, or he who professes to be the most enlightened, may be even more engulfed in that darkness than the other. The weakness of hypocrisy, the inflated, deceptive works of the religious acclaimants may be as great as or even greater than the transgression of the sinners. Both are a lack of understanding of that divine, holy Light of Christ. The difference is that one professes to have all knowledge, though he has it not and is without power, while the other may inwardly realize he is only a failure, a sinner, or however else he may feel about himself.

    Many who profess to hold the very keys of heaven in their hands will, in their moment of great revelation, be completely overwhelmed in an almost overpowering, crushing, devastating humiliation. If they can, in that moment of severest trial, not seek to cover their shame by self-justification, they might still have the ability to be delivered and redeemed from the tyranny of that little ego-filled “self” as they let go of all pride, all self-adulation, self-importance and instinctive self-justification, even while they are being invited down from the highest seat to take a lower one. And may God’s special love enfold them in its healing mercy at that time. Criminals have often been reclaimed in an instant when they have reached the bottom and drunk of the bitter dregs of life. Locked in solitary confinement, criminals have sometimes been given the power to behold the loving rays of Christ’s enfolding light and have changed. Others have picked themselves up from some filthy gutter and walked right out of their unholy environment and its impossible evils. And there are also those who have suddenly found themselves in some vile dive with manhood, funds and life completely spent, who in an agony of engulfing remorse found their lost souls. There are thousands more of those who have been classed as sinners who are but awaiting the gentle touch of Christ’s Light to submerge the little evil “self” in a complete letting go of utter surrender as the Light takes over with its healing.

    “Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself; ‘God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican. I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all I possess’.

    “And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me a sinner’.

    “I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” Luke 18:10-14.

    He that humbleth himself will never need to be humiliated. Only the proud, self-righteous man can or will be humiliated as he is invited down from his exalted position to take some lower seat.

    Sin is only the little mortal “self” in complete expression. The “self” contains the darkness, the evils and the powers of transgression. It contains the prides and selfishness that separate a man from God. It is the separation from God that is the great sin. It is the separation from that divine Light of Christ within that holds all the powers of sin and error. And it is the acceptance of the Light of Christ that holds the power to overcome sin and the power to redeem one from its effects and influences.

    It is not just the little faults and failings in a man’s character, not his erroneous actions and mistakes or even his great sins which will bring his judgment. Neither will any man be condemned or judged for his weaknesses, nor by what the world has termed as “sin”. Man is only condemned by his rejection of that Light of Christ that has been given to abide in him. Each individual’s failures, mistakes and transgressions are in themselves only the effects of the great cause. Each man’s own rejection of that divine Light of power and eternal glory has been the great cause of all sin. Sin is but the result of the engulfing darkness that takes over when that divine Light is not accepted. There is only the one great sin which is the cause of all the evils, weaknesses, mistakes and errors. This one great sin is the rejection of the Christ-Light. This rejection alone holds the power of condemnation. This rejection is the one great cause. The weaknesses, failings and all consequent evils are but the results of the one great sin, the rejection of His Light, which is given to abide in every man who comes into this world. In this great rejection the “self” has been permitted to take over and to rule in its blindness and selfishness and physical lusts. This has been the cause of man’s separation from God. It has been the little mortal “self” that has not only refused to acknowledge this glorious, redeeming Light of Christ, but has determinedly fought against It. And it is His Light that holds all power and glory and fulfillment in its scope of purified exaltation….

  60. Often those in high places are even more engulfed in this great sin than the recognized sinner. But regardless of who is involved it is only the great ignorance of His Light that has caused all sin. It is only the separation from God, in consciousness, that condemns into outer darkness. It is only the little mortal “self” that can possibly separate man from God and keep him in the great vortex of evil, for all darkness is only a lack of the Christ Light which man himself has rejected, whether he be a sinner or a professed prophet. It is only the mortal “self” that fulfills the great hypocrisy of self-righteousness as it usurps the power and authority of God in its pride and arrogance. And it is the mortal “self” which contains the ability to wallow in the realms of either hidden or open sin. The “self”, in every individual, is but the complete expression of everyone who remains under condemnation for having rejected the Light of Christ. These have consequently remained unenlightened, hence unredeemed. Those who have not rejected that divine Christ Light will have It plainly manifested in their works of power. When this Light is comprehended and brought forth, “all will be able to discern between the righteous and the wicked.” There can be no possible mistake. When that Light is fully brought forth even the blind will be able to behold It in those they meet — and that Light will heal their blindness, so they too will comprehend It and glorify God by bringing It forth within themselves.

    All of mankind’s errors and mistakes, its weaknesses and transgressions have been bred and fostered in the little mortal “self” as it has blundered through life without the Light.

    All negative traits and conditions are but the results of the one great sin — the sin of Separation from God — the sin of “self” as the Light has been rejected. “But your iniquities have separated between your God, and your sins have hid his face from you.” (Isa. 59:2).

    As one comprehends the great truth behind weaknesses and sins he will never again judge nor condemn another for any fault, failing or transgression. He will view the cause of such conditions with divine understanding. He will realize fully it is only a lack of knowledge which has caused that erring individual to travel his lost road, alone and desolate, bereft of the Light. That one has been blind and has not known it. The one who understands will become aware of God’s goodness and realize that but for His grace he too would have remained blind.

    Those who are lost in the sins and weaknesses of the flesh have never even comprehended that there is such a Light given to abide right within themselves, hence they have never contacted It nor brought It forth. It is because man has refused the invitation to “ask, seek and knock” that he has remained in blindness, consequently has not been aware he was being led by those who were also blind. As one’s understanding is expanded by the Light, the one great sin remains visible in all its heartbreaking simplicity, the rejection of the Christ Light as each individual has in his ignorance permitted the darkness.

    With this higher vision no man could possibly criticize or condemn his brother. Instead he will realize that except for the divine mercy of God he himself would have remained blind and not been given a view of the Great Light and the issue involved. Humble and love filled, he will reach out to enfold his still erring brother in Christ’s forgiving love, for as he comprehended the Light and brought It forth the power of divine love was bestowed. And it is such love, sent out to one’s erring brother, that that brother can be healed.

  61. The most surprising TRUTH of all will be revealed fully when one begins to use the developed, glorified Light of Christ, brought forth and perfected right within himself, in this manner. It will be noted then that often a humble, broken “sinner” may be more easily reclaimed than one who has seated himself upon the lofty pinnacle of the temple to be seen of men.

    As each man begins to believe in and to comprehend the great Light of Christ that has been given to abide right within himself and to bring it forth, he will be purified and cleansed from all sin. He will also “Be filled with Light and comprehend all things”. And in this clear vision and purified love he will be healed. Then with his own expanding love he will help to heal his brother. Thus the great healing of mankind, and of the nations will commence and be carried to full fruition.

    Every individual who accepts the Light of Christ, which is given to abide right within himself, will automatically leave the little mortal “self” behind with its weaknesses and errors and blundering, heartbreaking mistakes. This is how the redemptive powers of Christ work in a man’s life. This is how one goes beyond the great condemnation and becomes one with the Light as he is enfolded in Its exalting, purifying glory of divine healing.

    It is as simple and beautiful and as powerful and as eternal as that. The truths of God hold no great mystery. And a knowledge of the Great Christ Light, given to abide right within man, is the great TRUTH that will make man free. It is not impossible to KNOW THE TRUTH, that one might be free. The great TRUTH is the knowledge and contact with “The Light of Christ that has been given to abide right within oneself . . . . . . . “KNOW this TRUTH and you will be free indeed.”

  62. Spiritual intelligence is the rarest of all spiritual things — and the least valued. In God’s sight it is the only true wealth. How rare has true spiritual understanding become! The trouble with God’s people today is with their ears and eyes. Like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day they insist that they do hear and they do see. But they do not understand what they hear and see! Neither do they know! The worlds exist all about us — the natural world and the spiritual world. The natural realm is the realm of man, but the spiritual realm is the realm of God. The carnal mind cannot understand the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned. The greatest need among the saints today is for God to send forth into our hearts the spirit of wisdom and revelation to dispel the darkness of the natural mind that ever hangs as a veil about us, that He may reveal to our wondering eyes those supernal things that pertain to HIS REALM.

  63. Another view on the greatest of Revelation.

    Luke 17:20-21, “And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or, lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”
    Romans 14:17, “For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.”
    1 Corinthians 4:20-21, “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power (unconditional love.) What will ye? Shall I come unto you with a rod, or in love, and in the spirit of meekness?”

    Our whole attitude toward God and others should start with the above premises; that the kingdom of heaven is within us and all that is necessary as far as “works” are, can be obtained and carried out in our temple within. When it says faith without works is dead, it means the works that originate within the temple in which we are, are the greatest of works which is “unconditional love” for there is no one greater achievement of any works than this one. This is because the cumulation of all works are brought to fruition in this one work of becoming “as He is” and this one greatest attribute that one can obtain is unconditional love.

    This is revealed in the parable of the seven churches. The seven churches reveal the level of maturity in each of the seven churches (means complete church for seven is a symbolic number which means complete or perfect) which is a lesson to us as individuals as to where our maturity level is at and what we lack in maturity. What the church in Philadelphia had of which the others lacked was the right attitude toward everyone in and “out” of their particular group. These people still had sin in their life, made mistakes, and were incomplete in their maturity , however what they did have that God wanted to see in all the other churches was an “unconditional love” for people, saved-unsaved, Jew-Gentile, etc. They did not let anything hinder their love for other. They forgave until 7×70 and continued a love for one another that no sin could break.

    These people had learned to love in spite of any fault or sin they saw in another. They loved in spite of doctrinal differences, one’s opinion and put no one in a less or more esteem in the church. They saw all as God’s children. They had surpassed ridicule, unrighteous and condemning judgment, and comparing one’s sins to another. They simply came to the place where they surpassed the rules and regulations of the religious realm, the do’s and don’ts of the law. They had not only received the grace of God as they and all the other churches had also received, they were now able to let this grace and unconditional love flow out of them without any hindrance by the sin of judgment.

    The church in Philadelphia is not so much about a group of people but an attitude of the individual which made up a group of God’s people. The church of the elect is taking one person from here and one from another place to make up His true church..that does not come by observation just as it says the kingdom of heaven does not come by outward observation either. If the religious people that put Christ to death could have seen the true church within Christ “that didn’t come by observation” they would not have put Him to death. They were so engulfed in Solomon’s temple that they could observe by observation that they could not see the truth of the true temple staring them in the face.

    We must come out from the shadows of the parables, allegories and mysteries to see what the natural can only represent. When we read the scriptures with only the natural carnal mind we can only see the natural representation of the true spiritual meanings. As horrific as the natural imagination may carry one in the book of Revelation with all of the described natural horrific events, once the full spiritual meaning is revealed to one it leaves the full Revelation of Christ exposed as His true identity. The book of Revelation’s greatest revealing is the “unconditional love” that God has for “all” people through Christ Jesus. There is no greater revealing in the book Revelation than this (Nor the entire Bible). As it says in the very first sentence of the book, it is what the whole book reveals and that is the full nature of Christ…His unconditional love, not judgement, for all. It is the Revelation of Jesus Christ….which is to also be our revealing when we leave judgment and enter into grace, which is the grace to become “As He is.”

  64. Will, it is as you say…it is happening and…it is coming together.

    • Yes, the awakening is happening. And it appears there is much more power flowing through an awakened Self than we ever imagined.

      The Self (Christ) is shared by all and can rightly be called “our self” and even “my self”. Though I stumble at using words to describe what is essentially “beyond words”, we can look to symbols in nature in order to help us understand the Christ. For example, consider a lightning strike that begins at an origin (alpha) and continues for eternity (omega). The lightning bolt as a whole would be Christ.

      Now, if you were to examine the first branch of the lightning bolt, you could also call that a “Self” and “Christ” because it would also have an origin (alpha) and an eternally distant (omega). In fact, except for the origin, the branch would be identical to the whole. Though the self is “individualized” (meaning with its own origin) using this analogy you can understand that it still the same self, it is still Christ and possesses every attribute of Christ.

      Look further, even to infinity and you will see that every branch, no matter how far along the lighting bolt you traveled, would always be an exact replica of the original having both an origin (alpha) and an eternally reaching omega.

      A vine and branches could also work as an analogy, of course. 😉

  65. Ask any Christian on the earth if he believes in Jesus Christ, and he will most emphatically answer, “Yes.” Ask him to prove his statement and he will fail utterly. “If you believe in MY NAME, ye can ask anything and it will be done unto you.” Is that statement false? Is His promise or word, a mistake, or a lie where He declared, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, that if you believe on me, the works that I do shall ye do also — and greater works than these shall ye do — because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the son. If ye shall ask anything in my Name, I will do it.” Not for one instant are these statements or promises false. They are the most true promises ever uttered. It is man who has failed — failed to understand or believe in THE POWER OF THE NAME.

    The name “Jesus” is the Greek derivation of “Joshua” or according to the ancient Hebrew “Jehshua” or “Yehshua.” “Jah” or “Yah” means literally, “I shall be.” and “shua” means, “powerful.” This Jesus is a promise — the promise, “I shall be powerful.” And the word “Christ” means “Anointed” or “Anointed with light” thus completing the promise and power of the name. “I shall be powerful when anointed with light!” Or in its complete fullness: “I shall be powerful when I am anointed with light!” Do you believe in that name? Have you ever believed in it? Or has any man ever understood or believed in the powerful name of Jesus Christ? If he has believed in that name then he has fulfilled that name within himself, and can do the works that Christ did. But most emphatically mankind has not understood its meaning and has not received the powers attached to it. They have believed the great Personage who symbolized the fulfillment of that power is the One who is to lift them into glory while all that is necessary is to sit weakly back and let Him do it — all of it — not realizing that each man must fulfill that NAME in his own life. He must follow that voice of light, faithfully, diligently, until all weaknesses and mistakes are eliminated — and until he can, through his own faithfulness, also be “anointed with light.”


    Chapter VIII

    One is not born of the Spirit because he has espoused some religion or had certain ordinances performed over him and for him, as mankind has been taught to believe. These ordinances are beautiful and impressive and certainly not without merit but they are only the symbols of the true reality. They are often but the infant pacifiers of the searching soul.

    The earthly ordinances are but the symbols used to gain admittance into some church that belongs to this earth. There is a higher church than any earthly organization. It is “The Church of the First Born” and consists of the great “Brotherhood of Light.” This church belongs to a higher realm and in order to gain admittance into it one must go beyond the symbols and partake of their true reality. It is only the full Truth that can bring the fulfilment of so great a promise as that “spiritual birth.”

    One is born of the Spirit only when “The divine Light of Christ, which has been given to abide in every man who cometh into the world,” is brought forth in its fulness. Only with the completion of this divine reality is one truly born of the Spirit. Then it is that one is so filled with Spirit he becomes Spiritual — or is Spirit. His physical being is exalted into a spiritual vibration that is eternal and divine. In this new awareness and exalted condition the flesh and all its weaknesses and desires are transformed and one becomes a new person — a literal son of God.

    Within this birth of the Spirit is contained the dynamic fulfilling glory of the released Christ Light as it fills the individual with Its eternal Light and everlasting power.

    As one prepares himself, through love and compassion and inner devotion he grows into the vibration of Spirit and Its boundless Light and eternal Truth become a very part of him. One is only born of the Spirit when the great Christ Light so fills his being It becomes a permanent factor. When this happens it becomes as impossible for him to return to the dark, mediocre level of mortal living and thinking as it is for a chick to return to the egg, “Or for a man to enter the second time into his mother’s womb to be born again.”

    It is only the TRUTH that will make one free — the great Almighty Truth of God Himself and the unutterable glory of His vibrating power of Eternal Light — or Spirit — of Life. As one steps into the fulness of this Light, or divine knowledge, he steps into a higher phase of existence. This is not just a cherished membership in some church organization. It is a spiritual birth that is a divine reality. It is as literal as one’s birth into mortality. And with this birth of the Spirit one is admitted into membership with the Church of the Firstborn, the Great Brotherhood of Light.Christ, personally, does not redeem any man. Man is redeemed as he brings forth that Christ Light contained within himself. In that Light is his redemption held, and Christ is its source. To bring forth that Light man must learn to believe on His Name. And His Name is the great Unspeakable Name of ineffable power. It is a Name that is unspeakable because it is not contained within a word. It is a Name that is held in the dynamic powers of an unutterable vibration — unutterable because it cannot possibly be spoken. No word or sounds can contain it. It is a vibration of exalting, limitless power. This unspeakable Name of promise cannot possibly be the spoken word of His Name, but the true reality of His Name as it is sent forth on His own vibration of Light in singing, triumphant, unutterable glory. This great Name, in which we are admonished to believe, cannot possibly be spoken in word — not in any language. His great ineffable Name, in which man is admonished to “believe” or “BE-LIVE”, is the vibration of His holy Light as it is developed and brought forth from within through awareness expressed in tenderness and love.

    To bring forth this great vibration of Christ Light is how one takes upon himself the Name of Jesus Christ, which the sacramental prayer designates. One takes upon himself the Christ vibration of Light and glory, even the Unspeakable Name when he develops that vibration within and brings forth Its everlasting Light of Eternal power. Celestial powers are released with the bringing forth of that holy Christ Light. As one is filled with this Light of Christ he is truly born of the Spirit even as the tiny pattern of an infant is fulfilled when that pattern is filled with flesh. Then it is born.

    Those who bring forth this Light are actually doing the works which Christ did. And the greater works will follow.

    The holy Light of Christ is but a small pilot Light lying dormant in the soul of man. One is only aware of it at first through that uneasy voice of conscience, or through that inner proclamation of divine approval that is bestowed through meritorious actions. This dim, flickering Light holds within It the divine Seed of God Himself. This Seed, that has been placed within the soul of every man is the “Holy, Immaculate Conception.” It has been spoken of in awesome reverence down the centuries as the greatest mystery and belonging to Christ alone. None have comprehended that It belongs to every man. This precious, divine Seed is the very Seed of God Himself. And God implanted It in every man in the very beginning — even before the world was. It has always been man’s to bring forth and to glorify. He who glorifies It and brings It forth will be glorified by It.

  67. The whole works of man have been backwards, each trying to convert, instruct, and purify or perfect everyone else – without first purifying himself. No one has the right to try to lead others who does not have the power to do the works of God to heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, cause the deaf to hear, the lame to walk – to do all the works that Christ did, even greater works.

    Christ sought to teach us that God belongs to all – to you – to His own followers, to everyone, showing plainly that even He did not have a monopoly upon the favors of power of the Father, for He so often said, “To my God and your God” – “To my Father and to your Father.” The moment you turn to Him, no matter who you are or what you have done – God will turn to you.🌹🔥🌈

  68. Yes, THOUGH I SPEAK WITH THE TONGUES OF MEN AND OF ANGELS and have not charity, I am but sounding brass and clanging cymbals.”

    Only in, and through love does God work. All the gifts can be demonstrated and performed by unholy ones seeking to impress others with their own powers and personalities as they place themselves upon the “HIGHEST SEATS” to later be invited down. Thus it is that the righteous are not recognized by their gifts or acclamations. But “BY THEIR FRUITS SHALL YOU KNOW THEM!”

    And with the FRUITS the manifestation of Love and Humility are always made manifest as they bear witness of God’s acceptance and approval, not in words, but in POWER.

    “God will not be mocked!” And those who VAUNT themselves, or behave themselves UNSEEMLY are but mocking the majesty and the glory of God’s sacred gifts and of God Himself! And these will stand under great condemnation at the last day.

    As the Fruits of the Spirit alone can bear witness of one’s true status it must be known that only as love is developed within the soul of man can he begin to bear these precious Fruits of holiness. These Fruits are gentleness and love and humility, and the precious attributes which Christ acclaimed, as He designated Himself as the Vine, and God as the Husbandman, and Man as the humble branch. It is only from the branch that the Fruits can be brought forth. And that bringing forth of the real Fruits of the Kingdom is always accomplished in a joyous ecstasy of selfless service for the glory of God and for the benefit of man. And Joy itself is the second Fruit of the Spirit. Without it nothing can be made perfect. And joy is not an hysterical, uncontrolled display. Joy is the glory of God flowing out from the depths of the soul, in perfect control and glorious humility.

    Glory be to God for a privilege so great as being permitted to live upon this wonderful earth! And to live in this most dynamic age of all ages is an honor indeed! It is beautiful! It is glorious! It is divine!

  69. Very few christians actualy know the blessed reality of what Faith sincerely is….its power is the awakening discovery of a souls entrance of a realm of creative wonders beyond words,its divine enthusiasm on fire,,,THE GLORY OF GODS NOW!

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