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Be still and go deep beyond the illusion and be grateful for the Truth that dwells in the eternal present moment, the Truth of your true Self. Focus on all the attributes or choose a few to meditate on and let their Light fill your mind.

When these Truths are spoken for ourselves, they are simultaneously spoken for all, because all share the same Truth. When they are spoken with gratitude for the realization of their eternal presence in every present moment, then their energetic power and impact upon creation is limitless.

Meditation of Divine Gratitude

I am grateful for my true Self, which is the expressed Self of God. As I see my true Self, I see the true Self in every soul. As I hold the holy vision of my true Self in gratitude, my mind becomes an open gateway to give expression to my Self through emergence.

I am grateful: My mind is translucent Light, as it is shared with the Mind of God. My Spirit is a fount of living waters, as it is an extension of the Spirit of God. I am grateful for my true and only Source, God of absolute Truth and divine love. In oneness with my Source, I possess ever-present peace, tranquility and serenity. In this vision of my Self, I am a peacemaker. I am right-minded, holy, innocent, and pure. My true Source, God, guarantees my holiness as I am an extension of His Holiness.

I am grateful: My true Self is untouched by the illusions in my dream and held by divine love in eternal perfection. I am a fount of divine love, the life force that gives eternal life to creation from my Source. My divine love is unconditional, unwavering, and ever-present, therefore I am loved, lovable and loving kindness. I am eternal beauty as divine love’s vibrations flow through me.

I am grateful: I am present-minded, timeless, and immortal. I am strength in gentleness, invincible vitality, and invulnerable as all I create is of divine love, therefore all I experience is love. I am complete, perfect and whole. I am abundant, generous, and mindful.

I am grateful: I am emergence of the divine, therefore I experience the perfect unexpected wonders of my true Source, God. I am grateful for emergence that manifests my will perfectly for my Self and all without sacrifice, compromise, conflict or loss. I am ever-expanding, limitless, and free because my will is God’s will. I am perfect in my purpose and expression. I am of one Mind, one Vision, one Voice, one Divine Love, one Will, one present moment, and one harmonious emergence with my Source and with all my brothers and sisters, no exclusions.

I am grateful: I am undisturbed joy, happiness and bliss. I am greatness held in true humility that enables my divine thoughts and love to extend into eternity and touch all with life. My thoughts communicate and connect me to all others whether they are present, yet to come, or have passed as I am unlimited by space and time. All I am, I give. I am a life-giving spirit for others and they are to me. I am grateful for all as they are God’s expressed Self back to me. I am grateful for every step of my journey that brought me to this awareness of my true Self.

I hold all these attributes of my true Self in gratitude along with the God act of emergence by which they are extended into reality. In emergence, these thoughts expand and fill the present moment covering all in grace, love and freedom from all that is untrue. I overflow with gratitude for all who together reflect the expressed Self of God. Gratitude is my true praise. Gratitude is my love returned back to my true and ever-present Source, who is my Creator, the Supreme divine Spirit of all, and my beloved Father/Mother.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

15 thoughts on “Meditation of Gratitude

  1. Thank you for this great post. Focusing a meditation on things to be grateful for is an excellent approach.

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  3. In the mastery and release of this great power of gratitude one must lift his vision completely above his lacks and even his possible destitute circumstance. He must not look at the things he does not have, nor concentrate his vision upon his deficiencies. He must lift his eyes to behold the things he does possess and give praise and thanks for them. The gratitude must issue out from the innermost center of his soul for every tiny gift and blessing. He must learn to rejoice in every meager comfort and for every mouthful of food. He must be thankful for every necessary holding entrusted to him to take care of his needs. As he gives thanks he will soon begin to receive the benefit of luxuries. And if he will but continue in this release of heart-felt gratitude all his physical wants will be supplied and the spiritual ones will follow. He will automatically grow into the richer blessings of divine fulfilment.

    “He who is thankful in all things shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him an hundredfold; yea, more!”

    The prayer of thanksgiving contains the law of plenty.

  4. To be grateful and appreciative is the cream of our awareness rising to the top. It takes a lot of churning (adversity) for “emergence” to emerge, however through this process does the separation of the greater good do it’s rising. Gratitude is the attitude of giving back to God for the unconditional love and forgiveness we have received from Him. What brings gratitude to its fullest measure within is when you can share in the thankfulness for what another receives that is equal to your own gift. Being grateful in that “we” have received is an understanding that makes the definition of “joy” complete. There is nothing more joyous than it is to know that there is no divisiveness in love, and that God is “all” and in “all.”

    Is there really a way to describe the very love and nature of God or must we enter in to that which is indescribable to become the meaning? We receive knowledge which encourages us to pursue the nature of God but the sweetness of possessing something is something that is hard to explain. Yet, we encourage one another to keep entering in…

    Love covers our differences as though we have none until..we don’t. There is no sin which can defeat love…for love cast out all that is not of itself.

  5. When these Truths are spoken for ourselves, they are simultaneously spoken for all, because all share the same Truth. When they are spoken with gratitude for the realization of their eternal presence in every present moment, then their energetic power and impact upon creation is limitless……..THE METAMORPHOSIS OF THE LIVING WORD…

  6. Gratitude is the thankfulness of seeing reality.

    In speaking about gratitude, and leading a prayerful life, we contemplate what we are to be grateful for and what our prayers should consist of. How do prayers and gratitude connect and what is the perspective of how one relates to the other? The scriptures record that we in our carnal state of mind do not even know what to pray for and how to pray. Do we pray for the consummation of God’s plan when we already know it will be accomplished by His sovereign decree, “that every knee will bow to the will of God,” and that “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, each in our own order?”

    When we read and understand that we all are going through a process of redemption and resurrection without the fail of even one being lost, we then ask ourselves why should we pray for something that is going to happen anyway? So what is prayer? In the Lord’s Prayer, it is more a declaration of facts of “participation” in His plan and not of an appeal to change a course of action that was already determined and set in motion before the world was. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven,” is a statement of what “will” happen and not what “may” happen “if”….and to make this happen the next thing that is said is to, “ give us this day our daily bread,” as we know our growth depends on Him giving us of His daily sustenance to grow us into His likeness. As we digest the daily bread of life, which is Christ, we become as He is.

    “Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever.” Amen.

    This prayer is a statement of a course of action that God has established for “all” men to follow. It is “a way” that will be established in all men when God determines the time of one’s beginning to come forth in the calling of their particular order. If it is established that all men will be saved, then what is the real purpose of daily prayer? Prayer’s are not demands placed on God to change His plan nor to plead His plan into existence, for it is already put into motion by His long ago decree of “Let us make man in our image and likeness.”

    A matured prayer is of a matured mind that walks with God according to His will, and not to that of our own. Our prayer becomes also a statement of fact as is the Lord’s prayer, of what “will” happen as we conform to His will. Our prayers are a belief of faith and an acknowledgement to God that our prayers and our life will become as one thought and of one like substance…until we stand in His likeness. This is what it means to lead a prayerful life. A prayerful life is not a chain of verbal events but developing into a character of substance. Our prayer must become our life and our life our prayer. Hope must transition into and become reality.

    It speaks of man’s corrective process coming by the means of only a few corrective measures or for some others…more. The son that stayed within his father’s house and the prodigal son who came back both ended up “back” in the same place eventually. The choices we all make in life are choices that will awaken us to what we had and what we will have when we come back to the will of our Father in obedience to His will. Our sins and our self determination will correct us…in time.

    Since our beginning as well as our end was predetermined and established by God (before the world was…) through Christ, what is our role in the determination and in the completion of ourselves? It is therefore evidently not to determine or to change the outcome of a pre determined plan but only to come to conform to that which has already been established. When we pray it should be in the form of an acknowledgement that we understand that we should be in agreement with God’s will and not opposed to it in any way. It is saying that we understand the difference in the tree of life and in the tree of knowledge where one tree is “living in the way” of God and the other is only living with a “knowledge of facts” without the substantive life of God within.

    So in the end of our searching for “the way” and upon awakening to this awareness of life, we develop a deep gratitude for what has “already” been established and given to us. Gratitude is a thankfulness for this life only being an illusion and a dream of failure to show us what it is to like to live life outside of the will and pleasures of God’s good will. Gratitude is in knowing the truth about God’s unconditional love for all people and where no sin has ever interfered with His plan. Gratitude is a realization that love is the consummation of all people, and that sin is a means to an end and not the permanent end or true substance of any man. Sin is only a temporary character flaw that will be eventually consumed by the consuming fire of which God is. All inclusive true gratitude is a character of not only having the understanding of what it is for we ourselves, but in knowing what it will be for all of mankind.
    The dream is about the what if of living outside of God’s will, gratitude is in understanding and knowing reality.

    • Had we not dreamed of darkness, could we have ever known the the Lamp of the Most High by which the way of life is illuminated? 💡

      • That’s the purpose of dreams, to only show what could be but not what is in reality. Dreams can be nightmares and when we wake from them we are so glad it never actually happened. To be created in God’s likeness and image we have to have our “independent” power to create…”in His likeness.”

        This kind of life’s freedoms must come with a self discipline to learn to stay within God’s will… “voluntary.” So we are stripped of light for a season to understand what it is like to be without…so that when light is returned to us we have such a gratitude for life, we wouldn’t think of doing our own thing…..outside of the boundaries set by God. To be as God is, in His likeness we have to operate from the freedom of choice…we therefore need to know before all power is given to us, what could happen as a result of wrong choices? We need but to look at the world we live in today to see and feel the other side of light. All the decisions man makes in this world out of inconsideration for others, and the lust for power, greed and fame at others expense…are we not experiencing the pains of life as a result?

        This life is not reality, not by any means, it’s simple a lesson in what if…we do our own thing and go our own way at the expense of others. This dream must last long enough to accomplish its purpose…and its purpose is to teach us by the “contrast” of living in accordance with His will to that of doing things outside of His will. We are experiencing the results of disobedience in this life and we will until we understand the value of us all being as one and living as one… ring disciplined to one will. We will all enter into this temporary dream of darkness and we will all exit back into the light. In a new likeness.

      • Absolutely. The prodigal son is the “better” son (if there could be such a thing), because he developed gratitude for every aspect of his father’s love, believing he was separated from it. The prodigal realized following his own will created suffering, not just for himself alone, but for all creation. And he came to understand, with sincere gratitude and joy, that his father’s will was perfect in love for all…especially himself. Without the prodigal journey this gratitude and joy for who he always was as his father’s son could have never developed…and obedience to the father’s will would forever seem to be a sacrifice.


  8. We are all that prodigal son, and because we have done without we will then appreciate life from having experienced the lack of it. Absence does make the heart grow fonder and the return of that which was lost brings an enhanced and magnified appreciation of life.

  9. Gratitude of the Prodigal Son

    Father, it is as if I’ve looked into a mirror for the first time. Your altar possesses the ability to reflect ourself to ourself, that we may recognize our true being.

    Though out this journey I’ve come to realize my ego created a false idea of myself, continually layering upon me false images such that I grew weary in its heavy garments. I despised this reflection of myself, which became increasingly dark. I began to hunger for your light. The ego tried to stop my journey back to your Holy Place by attempting to create the belief that I was so filthy I could never be clean enough to enter in. It used its heavy garments to convince me I had become a monster, guilty and full of sin. And when these lies failed to work, it tried to kill me with death, and the beast attacked me, digging its claws into my back and its teeth into my head.

    But my soulmate helped me. And together, despite the filthy garments, heavy and thick.. and with the beast upon my back, I entered the holy place and found it full of light! In amazement and wonder I looked, for the first time, upon my true self reflected in the shining light…and saw your face smiling back at me.

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