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Our mind is capable of creating worlds.

At the altar of Truth, which is the gateway to the Divine Mind, the living Word of God untouched (untranslated) by human hands infuses our thoughts as we awaken to our true Mind, which is God’s Mind shared with us. The remnants of our illusionary thoughts that clung to us throughout our seeking journey are methodically consumed by the magnificent living thoughts of Truth. One Truth that becomes undoubtedly clear is: we engage our true creative power with our thoughts.

Every soul is fashioned with equal power of mind. What makes us different is what we choose to put into our minds. What we choose to put into our minds is what we create. Thoughts are one of the most powerful modalities we possess. They are the mind’s translators from the uncreated to the created. Our will is the life force in a thought, and the intensity of our will determines a thought’s creative strength.

The realm of thoughts is infinitely more powerful than the reality of forms, because thoughts create the world of forms. However, the sleeping mind mistakenly attributes power to created forms, like money and external force, and gives a trifling power to thoughts. This dissociation blinds us to how we are truly creating. This is where the belief created through our past “learning” deluded us. It proclaimed a source other than our thoughts created our experience.

Past learning involves discovering what we believe to be the source of everything we perceive. To the sleeping mind, when something happens in the past, that past occurrence becomes the source for future creations of something similar. The identified source establishes our thoughts by infusing them with belief, and they in turn create our reality. If we believe a thought has no true source, we let it go and it has no effect. Because all a sleeping mind knows are illusions, the sources it “learns” from the past are illusions. No matter how real it appears, the past doesn’t exist. It’s reality is only sustained by belief in it. Thoughts based on illusionary sources create more illusion, causing the past to continually repeat itself into the future. This is how the dream is sustained. However, the only true source of an illusion is erroneous belief. Therefore, it can be dissolved.

To further diminish the power of thoughts, the sleeping mind believes bodily separation means thoughts are also separated until physically shared. The dreaming mind believes it can think without affecting its reality. Therefore, it has no problem giving its mind to all kinds of thoughts, images, etc. it would never want to create. However, thoughts transcend our physical body and our belief in a thought sends it out to create. Yet, more importantly, in this transcendence of time and space, our thoughts can touch the realm of the Spirit, beyond the physical senses, so we can consciously connect to our shared divine Mind, the Mind of God, and undo all we created in error.

The journey into Truth gains infinite worth when we realize how creation is constructed through the mind with thoughts. When we choose to learn from the Spirit of Truth, we choose to fill our mind with words of life, thoughts that create experiences of divine love: eternal peace, vitality, abundance, creativity, purpose, and joy. If we don’t choose this path and instead walk the path of judgment, then all we know are the effects of our erroneous past learning, where illusion is the source of illusion.

When we come to the altar of Truth, the consummation of universal forgiveness, ALL our thoughts gain a new Source, Truth received directly from the Mind of God. Truth frees us from our past learning and translates our present moment into peace and joy through emergence. It lifts us above all illusions into an awareness of our true Source so we take on its likeness, the divine Self of God.

Understanding the power of our thoughts isn’t “positive thinking”. As long as our thoughts are sourced by the illusion, we perpetuate the illusion no matter how positively we judge the outcome. Only the Spirit of Truth gives us living thoughts endowed with Truth that manifest ever-present peace and joy. As we are illuminated with Truth, our thoughts are freed from illusionary sources of imagination. The inflow of thoughts from our Divine Mind extends the living Words of Life into reality and manifests the Kingdom of Heaven, the only real reality, from the inside out.


“For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” ~ Luke 17:21

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ~ John 8:32

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

19 thoughts on “Illuminating Our Power

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  2. THIS IS PRICELESS..Understanding the power of our thoughts isn’t “positive thinking”. As long as our thoughts are sourced by the illusion, we perpetuate the illusion no matter how positively we judge the outcome. Only the Spirit of Truth gives us living thoughts endowed with Truth that manifest ever-present peace and joy. As we are illuminated with Truth, our thoughts are freed from illusionary sources of imagination. The inflow of thoughts from our Divine Mind extends the living Words of Life into reality and manifests the Kingdom of Heaven, the only real reality, from the inside out…..UNDERSTANDING OUR THOUGHTS FROM THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH IS SUPERNATURAL THINKING AND IS THE GLORY OF POSITIVE DYNAMICS..VALUABLE POST INDEED …

    • To see that the thoughts of Truth are completely different in their source, power and creations from any thoughts of the world/illusion – no matter how “positive” is a tremendous gift, because seeing precedes creating. The thoughts of the Divine Mind manifest the eternal. It is so powerful.


  3. This is a new day, a day of glory, of mental and spiritual progress. This is the time of preparation for God’s day on earth. It is also our day — and day in which we are to leave the dark shadows of the past and light the future by the spiritual desires of the present….

    • Absolutely. A new day. Dawning now. By the light emerging from the present.

      What will truth-filled thoughts create?

      • the Greater works of Jesus Christ its the revelation of the bible…….. IN THE NOW!!

    • We enter the New Day that always dwelt in the present moment through our awakening at the altar of Truth. A Day made by God and not one of our imagination.

      The Day of Grace is upon us ….

      Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.”



  4. Remember… SEEING proceeds creating. Seek for the source of light, the gateway to the divine mind, and you will be able to SEE the truth and then PERCEIVE it in your reality. You co-create your reality as a conscious observer of what God is doing through you. You are not separate from God – but ONE with him. His love can only GIVE – and all he has, even all he is, he freely gives to you. Pray for understanding.

    Are you expecting the Kingdom to come from OUTSIDE yourself? The Kingdom is within – you will first SEE truth with the inner eye of understanding and then that truth will be extended into creation and make all things new. God creates the Kingdom through you – through your understanding of what is happening. This understanding is inner SEEING that must happen before you can PERCEIVE the kingdom outwardly.

    We are all awakening from a dream of TIME, in which the past dictates every potential the future contains. Yet, the past has no source but itself – and deceives by teaching you that if something happened in the past, it will always happen in the future. Even if this “something” violates the will of God. Wake up and stop believing this lie!

    God’s will can not be overruled – and his will is governed in the life-giving power of divine love. God’s will can not fail. Only in a dream of darkness could God’s love ever fail to save and protect.

    The new day is the dawning as the light of Truth fills the minds of those who slept. As we awaken by this light we recognize we but slept and dreamed of a reality in which God’s will was powerless, even non-existent. This is a DREAM, meaning AN ILLUSIONARY REALITY CREATED BY US – NOT GOD. This world is not real – and we must stop allowing the past to deceive us into believing that the horror and suffering this world continually experiences is real.

    We must stop giving our belief to the Father Time – and instead give it to the True Father. The past is not real – only God’s will is. Let us awaken and no longer be deceived by the signs and wonders of Father Time!

    Seek for truth. Seek for understanding. Seek for how you can create in truth through the present moment and be used as a light for those who sleep in darkness.


  5. My particular thoughts and beliefs are of a message that at the end of the “day” all sin will be removed from us all in that we will all be redeemed… each of us in our own order of being called. In believing this I see that any person is not to be looked at as a lesser being or as a “sinner” but as a child of my Father just as I also am a child of my Father. In seeing God’s plan pertaining to all being redeemed in our own order, we should tend to look at “the other” person in understanding that in time we shall all stand together as one in spirit before God in the very likeness of Him. In understanding that we will all pass through the process (gradients of evolvement) we call time, let us embrace and desire the workings of God’s likeness not only in ourselves but in “all” others just as well. When addressing others let us keep in mind that one day we will all be freed from these shackles of the carnal mind, the mind of this dream world. Dreams are not reality but the time we spend here is a time to be taught of what life would be like if we did not become obedient to the one will and to the one way of our Father.

    We have never actually lost contact with our Heavenly Father as the allegory of the tabernacle in the wilderness teaches us. We are instructed to study the natural creation to understand the spiritual world from which we came. The natural tabernacle that Moses built was nothing more than a replica of us, the true tabernacle where God dwells within. We have a Holy of Holies and a holy place within us as the outward tabernacle explains…and teaches us.

    The two compartments represents our spirit and soul and the “room” which housed the place where God dwelt… no sin was allowed in this place for sin cannot be a part of or dwell in the Holy of Holies. If it is true in the type it is also true in the anti type. This is how the law of types and anti types work, as in the natural so it is in the spiritual. . Sin is dealt with in the realm of the soul or the Holy place. This is not where God dwells in His perfection. This explanation let’s us know that although we are as yet carnal beings we were not allowed to peer into the Holies of Holies for the veil prevented one’s from “seeing” into the place of God.

    When the veil was rent from top to bottom at the crucifixion of Christ, this typified the time of making the two rooms, one again. The separation of our spirit that happened in the garden in giving us a soul along with our spirit, a way was now being made for the reconciliation of the spirit and soul. There are many parables as to this “reunion” however what they all represent is our ability to be made one again within as being one with God. God has always been with us, has never left us and this rending of the veil of fleshly blindness is a symbol and a parable of this truth.

    This is a story of God returning us from our prodigal journey, redeeming us to Himself through reconciliation. To be “re”conciled we had to have been with God in His completeness in our past. These are not stories, allegories, parables or explanations that have no meaning but are in fact telling us a simple story about the love of God and how we are returning to His love. The purpose of any of our speaking, writing and sharing should have this thought foremost in our mind for the purpose of the law and the stories in the Bible are a guiding light to us being returned to the likeness and presence of our Father. There is no other purpose for the scriptures than to reveal to us what is reality…and to return us to it.

    We are to return, to be reconciled, redeemed and to be made once again whole in the completeness of one will, in one likeness in the oneness of our Father. The law is just history lessons, rules and rituals, and meaningless parables to a lot of people, however to those who search for love, the Bible is a book of love…and everything in it is a revelation to uncovering this “lost love.” Love was never actually really lost, however reality being placed behind the veil of flesh (carnal ego) we were led to believe we have been absent from God. This is the dream or the illusion we refer to that is not our reality for God has never left us or forsaken us.

    The law of knowledge and its instructions are a useful witness, however knowledge is not spirit nor is God to be found in it nor is His presence. The Bible is a description and an outline made up of many forms but God is not to be found in the letter of the law for He is spirit and we are to connect to Him spirit to spirit, not law to spirit. As getting back to the use of the law to describe the returning to our reality from this dream state; Let us never speak condescendingly and disrespectfully to another for in so doing we lower ourselves to the place of our own demeaning attitude. We really do reap what we sow.

    Let us choose this day whom we will serve. Let it not be from our pride and ego of our carnal nature…Let it be of and in the love of God, our Father. Let us accept all as we come together before God “today” in understanding that we will all be like Him in the “day” of the Lord. The “day” of the lord is when become “all” of the light as He IS. If one would do a study of the word “all” in the scriptures, it would change “all” of our prior traditional beliefs. It truly is a blessing to “see” a God of “unconditional” love. It’s a good thing.

    • This reality can only be a nightmare in which the sons and daughters of God dreamed of entering death and “took the prodigal journey”. And though we may dream we wandered far away in our expression of independent will, it is impossible for us to ever leave the loving home God created for us. We are all of the sonship, and therefore of the whole. We are all being created into living sons and daughters.

      Sin could never have actually been committed by any “son of God”, for God’s will is sovereign. Only in a dream could we believe it’s possible to violate God’s perfect, sovereign and loving will for all. Yet, it is possible we have believed this dream is “the real world”.

      How very wonderful to discover, as you say, “love was never lost”. In truth we never went anywhere – but remain always in the love and innocence by which God created us.

      And as no loving parent ever desires a child to suffer the fear born of nightmares, I believe those who first to awaken will shine light within the dream to awaken others. This light is not of words or even faith – but of perceptible changes in the laws of the dream itself. The light will transition this nightmarish dream of death by creating reflections of “life”.

      And as others respond to the light and awaken into the awareness of who they are in truth, they too will shine and life will spread like an all consuming fire. We cannot fail in our purpose because we do only what we feel led – and emergence will do the rest.

      The world has believed they are a kingdom of worms. The first butterflies will enable them to believe they are something more.

      • One of the most precious gifts that one can receive and know… is to understand…that love given, is never taken back or lost. God only expands His love…so the only purpose of “dreaming” that we “could” ever lose it, is to have us to realize just how precious…love is…or…who God is….

        As we so often have wondered why the need for the harshness of life, it becomes clearer that as we grow, we realize within this growth that adversity pushes us to realize our fullest potential in God. Without this life of contrast to teach us the preciousness of God’s likeness we would not or could not appreciate what we have been given. Could it have been another way with less bruising? Perhaps, however if there would have been a better plan to make us more aware and complete in His likeness, would God not have done less than His best?

        So, in understanding and trusting that God would only devise the very best plan for us to become as He is; we therefore have to believe and trust that every trial, tribulation and test that comes our way is a very carefully placed chisel against the stone that when the blow from the hammer falls, it chips away all that is not of the image of God. When the last stroke of the hammer falls, and all that can be taken away is taken away, what is revealed is a beautiful image in the stature and semblance of our Father…and what is even more beautiful about this understanding is that the word “all” does mean “all.” It is time to leave the traditions of man’s thinking God can be a failure behind is. God is a Father of love…and love cannot be divided, separated or diminished and if one thinks as such, they have not love.

    • As one concentrates his energies on loving God with all his heart — the great, living heart-center (not just the heart organ) he will find that holy center of peace, “The peace that passeth understanding.” This is a heavenly place to enter into, even for only a few minutes, in these days of hectic, wild, anguished living.

      As one enters that heart center with all the love he can possibly generate flowing out from him, he will realize it is a realm of unfolding, breathtaking power. Within this divine heart center is contained the “Holy of Holies” of his own inner soul, in which he can commune with God. This is the place of “Holy Communion!” It is “the secret place of the Most High!” Here one can close the door to the whole outside world and its conditions of strife and know that he is being bathed in a purity of Light and Love such as he has never before known. He discovers his own great center of love and thus he can open up within himself “The fountains of living Waters,” which Christ promised. They could also be designated “the fountains of eternal youth.”

      As one continues to enter into this sacred precinct of his own heart he will realize that as he sends out love the love of God will begin to be poured out through him. And this “love of God which is shed forth through the hearts of the children of men, is the “FRUIT OF THE TREE OF LIFE!” He will know that he can partake of that Fruit every day of his life and those divine life-forces will increase within himself. He will be able to exchange an aging, worn-out, sickly body for one vibrant and alive. And in his increasing devotion his heretofore hardened, blinded heart will melt in a love so graciously tender he will know, that in Spirit, he is kneeling at the very throne of God. And God is shedding out His love through him.

      As one sends love through his heart he discovers that this love, which he releases, contains that which is required “to buy the gold tried in the fire,” mentioned in Revelations 3:18.

  6. It is the covenant that every man who seeks God shall find Him. It is the covenant of God in the promise, “Seek me early and ye shall find me,” or “Seek me diligently and ye shall find me.” “Every one who seeks finds, and he who asks receives; and he who knocks shall have it opened unto him,” or have the veil parted, the blinding veil of his own mortal understanding. Yea, “Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you,” “Abide in me and I will abide in you,” “For ye are the temples of the living God.” And the covenant stands forever and it is new for each man who learns to silence that clamoring, mortal, ego-self and listens with his inner ears to that guiding voice of Light which will lead him to the full knowledge of God. Thus they learn to hear His voice by listening to that Light of Christ right within their own souls as it directs them into all righteousness, assisting them to fulfill all the laws of the kingdom, and perfecting the great, divine gift of love. And those to whom this voice comes, those who have learned to listen and to obey the unfailing word of God begin to fulfill their highest destiny: “And they are called Gods unto whom the word of God came.”

    Thus the search for God is not a search into infinitude — nor a search into far distant spheres, nor a search into foreign lands. Neither is God found by going from place to place, city to city, nor up one street and down another, in and out through buildings, nor by rushing from one church to another. If one undertakes to find God in this manner he will only get lost himself, as so many have. The search for God must be right within man. It is in the depths of his own soul he must seek for the “Light of Christ” or the “True Way” that will lead to God, and the Way is the continual unfolding or increasing of Light within, which is the advancing from grace to grace, which is the gift of God to all men. It is this advancing from grace to grace, from knowledge to knowledge, light to greater light that will bring the outer being, the mortal self into complete subjection to the enfolding glory of the Light of the Spirit of Christ. Such is the redemption of man as he is redeemed from his low, mortal concepts of existence. It is when one has truly crucified the little, proud, bragging, discordant, ego-self with its inherent darkness, its fears and its confusion by holding himself in the purifying rays of the glorious vibrations of Living Light that all things shall be added unto him, even the power to comprehend God. This is heaven. And any one who can attain unto this condition of perfect, unruffeled peace, glorifying, Christ-like love is abiding in heaven.

  7. This is the glory and power of the New and Everlasting Covenant, new because it is new to every individual who fulfills it. Everlasting because it has always been and will always be. It contains a new revelation of utter glory to any individual who partakes of its unspeakable power and who receives of its light — it is truly and everlasting covenant in that it existed before time began for God made it before time was, and it shall endure forever and forever for those who will accept of it and live by it, following the Light of Christ until it leads them to the Father that he might be revealed, and His glory comprehended, and His power made known to those who purify themselves and cleanse themselves from all sin. This is the covenant of Almighty God to all men.

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