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From the altar of Truth, we are clothed with Light as the final judgment is made and we are born anew.

The altar of Truth is the birth place of our divine Self, which is also our awakening into the remembrance of who we are and always have been in Truth. The altar is “the narrow gate” where we enter a world of wonder, lovingkindness, and impenetrable peace, the Kingdom of Heaven.

At this altar, our will is revealed as one with God’s will, therefore limitless and of the present moment. In the union of wills, the past no longer encroaches upon our present. Every moment becomes an expression of our true Source, making the past irrelevant. The past led us to this altar, so we are grateful for its gift, but as we pass through the narrow gate, the present moment is the only time we know. Layer by layer we emerge into the expression of the spirit being we’ve always been in Truth, who is complete, holy and perfect. The timeless Identity of our individualized souls is known and expressed. Now the present, which is created in divine love for us, is seen, known and experienced. As we are made new, all creation is made new with us, because creation extends from within us. 

When our Source changes from the counterfeit to the true, everything changes. Where we once saw darkness, we see Light. Where there was separation, we see unity. All souls have come into equanimity as the expressed Self of God, and in this, all our judgments, which were based on the past, are consumed by our final judgment of ourselves and reality.

Final Judgment

We give the final judgment, which has always been the unalterable judgment of God, that we are the true Divine Self, which is an extension of Himself.

In the dream, we possessed relative truth absent of Truth, therefore all our personal judgments conflicted and created suffering, pain, disharmony and harm. As we pass through the narrow gate at the altar of Truth, all our judgments are stripped from us because nothing but Truth passes through.

In our dreaming mind, ourselves and others appeared to us according to our judgments that were formed from past learning we gained from the world, and not the Spirit of Truth. Our judgments hung upon creation like filthy garments, defining who we believed ourselves and others to be. Over time our garments grew heavy and more tattered as our mind was layered with thought threads weaving a cloak of darkness. Because of our judgments, we responded to reality’s many faces of “attack” in order to defend and protect ourselves, creating endless destruction until we passed through the wide gate of death. Yet, we were only attacking ourselves because we were the source of our dream and the source of all the judgments we placed upon its reality that it in turn reflected back to us.

As we awaken, we give our final judgment, which is also God’s, that ends all other judgments, because it’s harmonious with Truth. It eternally proclaims we are all united as one in holiness, perfection and divine love as the expressed Self of God. In this, our faulty judgments no longer obscure our vision of who we are in Truth, therefore there is no more fear or attack. Our judgments have finally come into alignment with Truth and we are able to pass through the narrow gate at the altar of Truth, the place of our true birth.

With this final judgment, we are “born again” into a newness of life where only Truth emerges. From within, we are ushered into an ever-expanding reality of peace, lovingkindness, and joy beginning with a singular present moment of our will and God’s united as one at the altar of Truth. What we experience is no longer of time, which extended the past into the present, but we experience our true Source which dwells in the eternal present. Initially, our new dwelling place of the present moment seems very small as our mind slowly awakens out of the sleep of time. But every moment our Self expands through emergence into eternal limitlessness. We are no longer bound to time or any of the many laws it placed upon us. The holy eternal present of God’s presence is all there is of time, and his Love the only law.

Because what we see is what we are, we see all as holy as we perceive ourselves as holy. Because seeing is creating, our new vision of our true Self creates an ever emerging reality of peace, harmony and divine love. Those who have passed, are yet to come, and are present are released together from the judgments that hung upon them. In equanimity, we are clothed with Light, the expression of the Self of God. We are one, the selves of God, united by the Spirit of God and the expression of his Spirit.

“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.” ~ Matthew 7:13

“Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.'”~ John 3:3




Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

94 thoughts on “Clothed with Light

  1. So beautiful! ✨🙏🏻✨

  2. When we become inharmonious with the truth, we give our own judgment. We give our own examination which can never be pure unless it is based on the Word of God. Thank God, through Jesus Christ we are led in a new direction which is not mental only, but our judgments become heart based, because God first loved us. Truly our decisions and judgments are baseless, and void, and sinful without the life giving Words of Jesus.

    • Yes .. there is no right judgment except that of Truth and Truth is the perfect expressions of divine love. Thus the true judgment says that divine love is our nature, because only divine love is, as it is the essence of God’s thought of us who is the Source and origin of our being. Only when we believe a lie about who we are and who God is do we hold a contrary judgment. We’ve all held a multitude of contrary judgment of ourselves, others and God .. but as we are taught by our faithful Teacher, the Spirit of Truth that was in Jesus, we begin to know we were wrong and what joy comes with the Truth.

      • I think when you use the word, or terminology, “a lie”, we believe ” a lie “.. I think that is so abstract and vague, that it leads to a page as if it were washed out with water.
        If you look at someone, an individual, as if they believe a lie, you would have to describe that.
        On the other hand if you state what the truth is, that is much more helpful, and the idea of “divine love”, could be interpreted different ways.
        So, we have a source, a source for describing these things. That are not just feelings, or assumptions about other people. So divine love. What is that? Divine to yourself? A good feeling about me, instead of a bad one? Who is interpreting the love?
        Where is this Love leading. Where are you being led to? To me? Away from me? You know a lot of descriptions about love are a psychedelic poster. Did you experience the 60/s.?

    • when we have no light of discernment in the written word of the bible, we are truly baseless and completely of the wall in explaining the spirit of the written word..thank jesus for showing us that divine love has to be activated for his truth to have real impact and transformation…..amen

  3. Very thoughtfully and well said.

    • “Without revelation direct from heaven, it is impossible for any person to understand fully the plan of salvation. We often hear it said that the living oracles must be in the Church, in order that the Kingdom of God may be established and prosper on the earth. I will give another version of this sentiment. I say that the living oracles of God, or the Spirit of revelation must be in each and every individual, to know the plan of salvation and keep in the path that leads them to the presence of God.”

  4. Be sure therefore that the word you read is not just some privately interpreted doctrine of narrow, creed-bound mortals. True revelation contains the exulting “Glory to God” ingredient as it reveals the vision of higher attainment — even the goal of perfection and of divine love.

  5. So, if you look into that, and examine it, you have to examine your own privately held doctrines> True revelation, if it’s God, comes from God, matches the heart of those who, bear witness.
    When you say higher attainment. What are you trying to attain? Higher, is a privately held doctrine. If it is over your head still, you don’t know what it is. So you cannot judge another who holds a doctrine, if they know what the doctrine is.
    So, why are you fearful of a privately held doctrine? If a doctrine is true, it’s true whether it is private, or public. Privacy only has to do with, have you studied it, and been welcomed into it.
    If it’s private, it can be brought to you publicly, but it must be true. If it’s true, it’s true both publicly and privately. So, it is an agreement with a teaching. So, who is the teacher.
    If the teacher made it public, it is only private, if you don’t believe it.
    So, because you don’t believe, isn’t the error of the speaker. That’s why people communicate.
    Communication brings words to Light. Light means you make it public, open, for the hearer.
    So private does not mean, a doctrine is untrue. It means that doctrine has been give definition.
    Definitions, come through words. Words, show truth from error, by comparison.

  6. “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,” is the highest attainment one can achieve for the mind of Christ is in the likeness of His Father, and we are asked to have the same, thus making us three “one” in spirit. “Not in Entity.” There is a difference. God says His truths are of no private interpretation so when we say higher it can only mean one thing and we know there is no higher thing than God…and His likeness…His love.

    When we are led to think with the spirit it needs no natural interpretation. When our intent is always to find “truth” with mercy, grace and a forgiving spirit as our fusing source, we see things more clearly. When we seek knowledge and a doctrine to divine us, void of love being our guide we are the blind leading the blind and we both fall. It is only in seeking the “highest attainments” of the attributes of our Father can we even begin to understand for if we do not know what to ask for we remain in darkness to His will…and love. If our desire and goal is to love and forgive all, and this is in parallel with the Father’s will and likeness, we will come to know all things for God will reveal Himself to us. The kingdom of heaven is at hand…let us walk in it…the higher attainment.

    • awesome!!

    • The proceeding scripture should be burned into the heart and mind of every human being, for just to believe is doing not one whit better than the devils are doing. Grace only comes after one has hungered and thirsted after knowledge, then with all his soul sought, with an open mind, to appease that hunger and thirst by continued study, opening his mind and soul to the divine direction of the Almighty, toward truth, not just one passage, not one narrowed, bigoted belief, but ALL truth — which is the growing from grace to grace, then having done all he may be sure that the grace of God will not fail him, and he will be led into all truth.

  7. Love is a doctrine, and every doctrine that the Lord taught was a discipline, that God requires of His people to be able to experience love. When we are without doctrine, we are without the Lord Himself, we know that the world is in rebellion and we were not reliable sources to follow doctrine, but by putting His love within us, through His Son, to be son’s ourselves, we are followers of doctrine, by faith.
    All people of all kinds follow doctrines, whether it be a doctrine, of rebellion against God, and His ways, or whether, we are invited into sonship, which is a full volume described by His own Word.
    We can never say we have love, if we are in rebellion against the sonship of God.
    Sonship requires obedience, and we choose these things by faith, which makes us strong. We can never have love, without following God into obedience, which is not of ourselves but through Him.


  9. God wants it. Your love has turned to hate.

  10. sometimes love is rebuke to those that love to twist the truth to there own agenda… SIR!!

  11. You said you didn’t respect the truth. That’s why God sent me to you. If you had love, you would love those whom God sends.


  13. You don’t have to admit anything. If you are willing to admit, that’s different. Yes, you’ve laughed at God for a long time.



  16. “It is written, That man shall not LIVE by bread alone, but by every word of God.”

    “Most assuredly, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he shall never see death.”

    “And this is the promise that He has promised us—eternal life.”

    “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.”

    “And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.”

    “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.”

    There are two ways to exit this dream. One is the wide gate of death, which is eventually found by all. The other is the hidden, narrow and arduous way of life, found by few.

    If you have seen your holy place full of light, then you have been led along the narrow path and awakened to recognize Christ. You have learned to hear God’s word as translated to you through his Spirit, and have been prepared by his teaching – for only the spirit can prepare a finite mind to convey eternal thoughts.

    And in the light of these eternal thoughts you desire to put an end to your individual will, not in sacrifice, but joyously because you see the perfection and beauty in God’s will and desire to express only HIS will at all times. And you recognize God’s will is ETERNAL LIFE – and to unite with it is to receive his promise of eternal life in the only aspect of time that is real: NOW.

    Those who have received the promise of eternal life while still in this dream of death have a sole purpose – to awaken those who still sleep. These living ones are also given the ability to express his will AT ALL TIMES, which is the POWER to give LIFE through the God act of emergence. It is in the power of emergence that the Kingdom is revealed.

    This is the second coming of Christ into this dream, and the power by which those who sleep can be gently awakened into truth, so that they can also spread LIFE. We are called to take the FIRE OF LIFE from our Holy Place – and kindle an unquenchable fire that will save all.

    And by giving LIFE, we will forever close the wide gate of death.

    • absolute amen..

    • So, if I have the ability to express His Will at all times, then my words, and sayings, would prove true. I believe that a conversation that would lead into the true nature, of God and the true teachings of God and the presence of God, would be a blessing to anyone who is pursuing and identifying the truth about love, and the truth about their fellow man. I don’t think any doctrine, or relationship would be offensive to someone, if they were relating things they know about God.
      You seem to be saying that the story of God is important. I believe there is much more to the story than awakening from a dream state.
      The story of God goes back into history and time, and there are many things to be shared about God.
      God has not been hiding himself from man, but is asking men to come forward to meet Him.
      I would have to assume that emergence, would include the message that God gave of Himself throughout history, through out nature, and through those who know His name.
      Yes, God has been emerging through messages given to men and the recorded acts of His power.
      All times are real to God, and every generation has been given keys to birth awareness.
      To enter into sonship is the beginning act of emergence, and then we are brought to an awareness of who God is, and his given laws, and his ways of acting, which align us to sonship.
      Being a son, in the kingdom of God we must abide by the principles written in His Word of which you were saying, If anyone keeps my Word.
      The written Word of God are the teachings of the Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus, to whom all men will one day bow. We have the honor of walking with Him, of which we become sons, and then are birthed into the kingdom. Awakening is more than just awakening from slumber, but awakening to sonship in obedience to God, in the kingdom.

  17. It takes the left hand to wash the right hand, and when God has used the “carnally” minded left hand to cleanse the “Sons,” of the right hand through much tribulation, and these Sons are made whole and in His likeness, then it is the work of the “Sons” to turn and cleanse the left hand. This is an allegory of the hands representing where a person is in their life and their order of calling in God. What this is saying and meaning is that the “very elect” (Sons of God) will be processed and cleansed from carnality by overcoming all of the carnality that is within them by being subjected to the those who have carnal knowledge of the scriptures but are lacking in spirit. These are people such Paul started out being , ready to kill (literally and with the tongue) every one that is good and accepted of God.

    These left handed people are non distinguishable from those on the right by an outward observation, for they speak the part, look the part and act the part, however these are full of words and pretentiousness and their heart is far from God. However these left handed people (figuratively speaking) are only in this realm of understanding until the right hands are completed from these left hands cleaning them. How did Christ, Peter, Paul and John overcome everything in their life and what did they overcome? They, as we will all overcome as we are called and chosen to fulfill our destiny by the negativity of the left.

    What I am saying as bad as people can be toward others of being in a left handed position, it is the work of these left hands that produces the experiences and situations that the right minded people must be subjected to, to overcome. A left handed “spiritual” person is only a babe in Christ just as in the natural and these “adolescent teenagers” give the matured adults much grief in “knowing it all” and in thinking their knowledge is superior to the spirit that is within the “aged.” We are all going through the left hand, right hand transformation to our personal transfiguration and “both” hands have their place in time that both the left and the right hands are eventually cleansed for both hands are of the same body. To those who have ears to hear let them hear what the spirit teaches. When the one hand cleanses the other and then the other cleanses the first….”all” are clean. Unconditional love and forgiveness makes both hands “one.” In time.

  18. a parent knows when a child is being a brat okay!!..and a good spanking is in order ..amen..

  19. and plz stop making up stuff as you go along ..plz its so lame as useless..

  20. this site is new age christianity and there are tons of sites that has this kind of information..its not holy spirit based ….thats why the energy is so up and down…it has good ideas indeed ..and it has merit some what…but in the real world it has very little effect…in transforming a soul for the GLORY OF GOD!!…AMEN

  21. One may know the written word well with all of its knowledge and “doctrines of beliefs” however since such was the case with the “church leaders” in the days of Jesus walking this earth, such knowledge and understanding did not reveal any real truth to these religious sects. Paul was one of the most learned in “the church” and “religion” of his day. We need to understand correct terminology and in what context words and phrases are used in. Which spirit, which word, which doctrine, which knowledge are we referring to…and understanding? It all depends on what level of understanding God has gifted to us as to what we can see. We have a carnal mind and we have a spiritual mind and we either see from the holy place of the soulish realm or from the spiritual realm of the holy of Holies…or at a place of transition from the one to the other. Judas was one of the twelve, knew the law, and followed Christ, yet his level of understanding of his knowledge was not enough to save him from his poor decisions.

    The object of this discussion is to say that when we think we know something by an outward knowledge and observation, we may not know the truth enough to save us for our own ditch we have dug that we can fall well as those we cause to fall into our understanding who would believe our erroneous carnal religious…good sounding…rhetoric. Yes the devils do also believe and just as the highest attainers of the synagogue, the Pharisees and the Sadducee believed, these were steeped in “traditional” doctrines. Yet can we not understand why their synagogue was called the synagogue of Satan?

    John 6:70 Jesus answered them, ‘Did not I choose you–the twelve? and of you–one is a devil.
    19Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

    We must be careful how we say things in just wanting to to be saying “something,” in believing we are safe just because we name the name of God and His Son while speaking without thought using God’s name in vein. Using God’s name in vein is not saying a curse word although there are instances when this can be part of it, however using God’s name in vein is using His name for building ourselves up in the eyes of others, for gaining wealth by using a false concept of His plan to build fear in people’s hearts and minds so that they will be obedient to this vanity.

    When the devil that controls us from within manipulates the tongue of man which is more religious in nature as was the Pharisees , it has the religious person fooled into thinking just because they preach Christ they are one of His. The allegory of the five wise and the five foolish teaches such wisdom. We must cease to believe our enemy is “out there” somewhere and see him for where he is…and acknowledge it…and ask God to remove this man of sin from where he sits on his throne…so that Christ can take His proper place on the throne in our being…within. It’s all within.

    So we need to be careful not to dissent just to be as variance with another because they may see things in a different light than we do. The scriptures do say that devils “do believe.” Let us instead learn to respect the views of another regardless of whichever this one is right or wrong…for a mutual respect and love for the other is what God requires of us in spite of our own doctrinal beliefs. It’s not in the knowledge of a thing, it’s in the attitude of the beatitudes in a person.. which approves one to God.

  22. New age is said to have a form of western occultism in it which formed in or around the seventies as well as a form of Western esotericism during the same period, revived from being developed in the 17 and 1800’s. It has elements of the religionists ufo movement of the 1950’s in it. The new age movement seems to have a few facts from many different religions. New age has many different meanings as to what it actually is and there is no one concise definition that can explain it. Just because one may believe one thing that is found in a religion or movement does not make these believers a member or a follower of this sect.

    For example some of us believe in universal salvation but this belief alone does not make us a member or a part of any other religion or movement. Esotericism and occultism is also found in the new age movement but many adherents to these movements do not claim the new age movement when in fact they are lumped together by many. I’m sure that many of the elements many of us believe can be found to some point in any and all movements, however we are not to be defined by any of these religions or movements.

    Those who’s eyes have been opened to see a higher truth in the high calling in Christ do not belong to any religion, new age movement, sect or occult. This is because these are divisions, factions and parties of whole church of Christ which has no boundaries. When one says “I’m of Paul or Apollos” or of this religion or that religion, these have not yet came out of the part of her in which they adhere to because as all religions, they are members of the “true way” defined by a name…and not a nature.

    It’s ok to be a part of any religion one chooses for until one is called out of it they will remain I the understanding of their choice or the one they were born into. Religion is of the 60 fold calling and it has its reward from God as any other order or calling. It’s not for one to decide or judge where God places or establishes another. As we may see elements of various beliefs on this site or on any other, or in any religion, we do not judge a person as being unfit as a result of their factional, in part understanding for we know that each of us are a work in progress and it is God who will bring each of us to our own calling and order for we stand or fall to Him, not to our accusers.
    A sincere love and a respect for all takes the blinders off of the traditions and Judgements of men.

    • The Son of Man speaks explicitly against the theories, of universalism in explicit detail, and is calling all men forward into access to God through the message of the Messiah.
      Without the light of the Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus, one cannot find or know the truth about God, which our Lord has sent forth in the form of His Son.
      The esoteric, hidden knowledge of occultism, and religions have been adorned from ancient times through evil spirits, of which Jesus, Himself spent many hours casting forth and out of people, and well as the foundational warnings of the Apostle Paul, we learn that God takes no part, with those who follow messages that mix, His Word with the ancient occultism and spirits of Egypt, and the sorceries, which are mentioned, in Revelation as part of the satanic opposition, to God, through Demonic Oppression.
      Deliverance for men, in power can only come when all religions, and disobedience to the Lord, is renounced in the Human spirit, and this ultimate act accomplished on the Cross by Jesus, is the power and ultimate ultimatum against the kingdom of Darkness.
      Through sonship and adoption of the teachings of the Messiah, we are expressly forbidden to eat at the Altar of Demons and teachings of esoteric, spirituality. This if any is the higher teaching, to know that only through Christ are we in any way able to defeat the demonic presence that is attached to world religions which at there root are founded in the underworld.
      Any people seeking light will find these teachings that have seduced the world to be the anti Christ spirit that inhabits those who are oppressed spiritually, and will find deliverance in the very message that Christ spoke, bringing freedom, to the whole man.
      God is at all times calling people out, and away, from any influence that is blinding men from the salvation of Christ, and to see the root, and foundation, and the remedy for all things spiritually the Word of Messiah.
      This is the call to sonship, and is a call to denounce the world and World Religions, that will one day culminate in Anti-Christ worship.
      We can choose deliverance through Him that loved us, because it all started with Him.
      And He is the Founder and maker, Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and The Glory.
      The devil, and HIs rebellion against God are the purveyors of all moral impurity, and lies.


      • Mishai – You obviously have a passion for God, its evident in your posts. Any passion for God comes by the Spirit within you – so I want you to know that I see that light in you.

        You said that we are called into the knowledge of God through the message of the Messiah. What message is this? Do you understand this message – and if you do, would you share it with us?

        The Bible says that Jesus preached the Kingdom of God – is this the message you’re describing? If so, are we not doing the same? And if we are, why do oppose our message? Maybe you could tell us what it is about our message that strikes you as wrong?

        Why don’t we start there and discuss this. We all want to know more.

      • Thoughtware, I hope I have pushed the right button, to respond to you. (meaning, to find your posted message).
        Thanks for your comment.
        When we speak of the Kingdom of God. We are referring to human beings, as they are.
        The issue, the connection to this world, meaning the Kingdom, is not a bizarre, strange, ethereal presence.
        In any of my comments, I am usually, in most cases, speaking to an individual.
        That is, you as you are, or one person.
        Not to a group, of whom I shatter their concepts, or deny their rights.
        Alright, the Kingdom is about individuals, as they are. Created by God, but not necessarily understand God correctly. I think you yourself, as an individual, have made many similar comments. You speak of being in an illusion.
        So, we do not differ their, and you have entered into the same motive.
        Concerning the Kingdom of God. In God’s process of dealing with us and speaking to us, He is not merely asking us to change. Many are focusing on this ideas of changing to be acceptable to God, To be more Holy. To be Higher in Consciousness. To be more Relevant to others.
        Ok, in my sayings, not all, but concerning your concerning your question. It is important to God, for people to grasp and understand, that He is not engaged, with, a program to bring people into a state of perfection. Perfection in the Kingdom, comes from His acceptance of who someone is, who you are, not because of a ascending state of being.
        So, He, God sees you, in reality, this reality, as you are, not sleeping.
        However He is a God of laws, teaching, and understanding that come to us, in the same way that laws, and teaching and understanding come to us normally.
        It is not all about a present spiritual moment, because God works with us based on our past, and also our desires, for the future. Our plans and goals and His plans and goals.
        No one can understand The Kingdom of God, without taking into account the past of mankind, your past and the future, because God is a revelation to all men, but also, specifically you. You the person He knows. He knows everyone, but it doesn’t mean that everyone will know Him. He has ordained people to “share” about HIm. Because of misunderstanding.

        Now, I am politely answering your question. This is only a discussion to reveal the idea, that God is not this Uptight individual, this Holy conglomerate, that many people seem to believe that Discussion or interaction, about teaching, doctrine, debate, sharing, communicating, is some foreign distraction for God, The kingdom of God is exactly about these things ideas, concepts, and basically good communication.
        The ethereal idea, that some people here have alluded to, that God is only perceived through a gauzy, ethereal, feeling of good nature and good will, are not the Kingdom of God.

        Again, I am pointing out in this long discussion, that You, personally are known by God.
        Because You, enter into dialogue, with me, and interact, and share feelings and emotions, does not mean that you have violated the Kingdom God, and some Holy Sphere, that God supposedly, dwells in , (of which some have said). Some have said here, that the Kingdom of God, is this place, sphere, where any dialogue discussion, and sharing of truth ideas wisdom, knowledge, or debate, conversation, about differences, experiences or other communicating, are an unholy act, as if the Pope must come in to police God’s Kingdom between us, who speak.. God is not a paranoid, peace freak. He is well aware of our weakness, and the fact that we, are endeavoring to find knowledge about Him, which requires all of the above interactions of dialogue.
        Some have suggested that this human part of His plan, communication, through shared participation is somehow Evil before God.
        The Kingdom of God, is a natural, part of our lives today, not a dream state, that God has to fight to get through. He knows us like the back of His hand, and desires this type of communication. Anyone who suggests that God cannot perceive, and cover our mistakes as we communicate, is grossly misled, and a very isolated, religiously, induced individual into a corner, of confusion. To suggest that people communicating between each other, is a sin.
        How far could that be from the Kingdom, of God. Very Far.

        Ok, I am just sharing, Just sharing some ideas with you. God has many more, but this breakthrough in communicating must be achieved, for the sake of love.
        Interaction without this holy paranoia.
        I hope I am getting a breakthrough here, The Kingdom of God is a natural, communicative world, and issue. And issue of sharing, talking, and communicating. Not about isolated holiness as some have suggested, and not meaning you in particular. I don’t think you have done so, or said so.
        So individuals, talk to individuals. Kingdoms don’t talk to Kingdoms.
        These are just a view starting points of a discussion, Not meant to be every ones world view, or meant to fit people who do not desire a true relationship among people.

      • Thanks for helping this (for now) small community get on track regarding “communication” – I think you established a good framework. Well said. A few ideas came to mind as I read your comment and I will respond with the same courtesy you displayed – but will do it a bit later, when I have the time to respond thoughtfully.

      • Sonny, you have a gift for words and hope you will also share your thoughts in this conversation. Maybe we can engage in a positive, uplifting and constructive dialog that enables us all to grow more aware of the coming the Kingdom.

      • As I thoughtfully read your response I wonder how a discussion about the Kingdom could begin and what would be the desired outcome?

        I think to begin, we can only discuss our own ideas, disregarding anything that others may think, say or believe. We should also disregard what others have said on this blog (excepting the blog’s author) – as they may or may not align with ideas that we (in this conversation) hope to convey.

        Also – it is very possible that my words my not make sense, and I apologize in advance. That is why I hope Sonny will comment, because he is much better at translating concepts into words that can be better understood. Bear with me.

        I’ll begin with the idea of both LOVE and FEAR – as any Kingdom is ruled by one or the other. If we are talking about God’s kingdom, I think we would both agree that LOVE is the rule and law of the Kingdom we seek.

        Therefore, in order to understand God’s kingdom, we would first have to understand the nature of LOVE which would help us understand the laws by which the kingdom operates. And we should not be deceived by the love we see vainly attempted in this world, but seek only to understand DIVINE LOVE, as given by God, who is the very source of this love.

        Since God is the source of divine love, to learn of it correctly we must go to the source, God himself. And we must trust that he can teach us. We see therefore that to learn about the Kingdom, we must first learn about DIVINE LOVE and to do that we must go directly to God in the faith that he is able to teach us.

        Secondly, if the Kingdom of God is ruled by his DIVINE LOVE, there can be nothing of FEAR associated with it. In fact, LOVE drives out fear in the same way that light drives out darkness – they can not coexist. Consequently, if any aspect of the kingdom reflects fear (or its many faces such as vengeance, attack, punishment, etc.) it logically has no place in any proper understanding of the kingdom.

        If then we see any form of “fear” in this reality, we know we are not in the Kingdom now. Yet, if Jesus himself declared the Kingdom was at hand, there must be a way to enter it – and be forever free from all forms of fear, including death, suffering, decay, lack, and every other aspect of darkness.

      • I totally disagree with your thoughts on your ability to communicate. You have greatly underestimated your own nature, and I would suggest you not compare yourself with another, your assessment there is not accurate.

        All of your comments are good. Very good and I would agree with them, in most every case in the way you have defined them. To the extent that you place any importance on that agreement is another question, and one you would have to access and share, because I think it strikes at the heart of one’s seeking and how you view the involvement of others in your life.

        Ok, Down at the end of your comments, I think there are some definitions there, that are not completely logical, in the format, or the link you are making with the kingdom, from my point of view.
        I think what I feel is not logical, it does not fit, with the description you are making, and I am not saying your expression of it, I am referring to the meaning you are ascribing.
        The root disagreement I would have to suggest is this idea of Perfection.
        In your last several comments on the page, the whole idea is associated around a “perfect” world, or a perfect kingdom.
        I think fear, the presence of fear does not equate with a lack of love.
        The theological idea about God in that instance is saying God is not personal.
        I think an individual could be acting in love if they were in fear, love has not disappeared when fear is present. I think fear would put love under pressure, in an individual.
        We certainly know that the kingdom nor God, has disappeared on us because we might be in fear. The Bible says that “the fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom”, and Jesus said, “fear him who has the ability to cast into Hell”. I am not asking you do define that, I’m just pointing it out, that God doesn’t want us in fear, but we are not “perfect” individuals in the kingdom. Fear, does not mean the Kingdom of God is not Present.

        Yes, God has power over death, decay, lack, and etc., and He has given believers power, but one must come to understand, that these are also, products of satan, and you have no power against him, satan, without Jesus.
        Satan, will play you, and give you rope, to deceive you, give you peace, and use you till the day he ties, the knot, and throws you away. He uses people and will betray them.
        These are not statements of fear, they are just reality.
        Jesus, is the one who has the power to break fear. Jesus also, said, “Fear Not.”
        So, one must keep a proper balance and understanding in these sayings, and not isolate them to one assumption or meaning, which requires, learning and patience, and time.

        Which is another point of reference I would like to make.
        We cannot assume the kingdom only has certain meanings, unless we have weighed them with the teachings of people who are knowledgeable.
        For instance, the term death is used in the Bible different ways.
        But Jesus said, “He who believes in Me, will never see death”.
        However, you can be sure, you will see natural death because we all dol.
        Notice, He said, ~ He who, Believes in Me”.
        So it’s obvious, that there are some who will see death (Hell) because they do not believe in Him.
        In these sayings I am trying to point out that the Kingdom of God is broad, and even the way you are using the word “death”, seems to me, that you are afraid of the Word.
        Ok, no one has to be afraid of death, unless they don’t have Jesus.
        Then, Yes, they have every reason to be afraid, because “they are not in the Kingdom”.

        So, I am putting these ideas out there for you to consider, Just look into my sayings.
        And feel it out. See, if I am speaking logically.
        Have my ducks in order.

        Now, about love, you know love is something you have to learn to walk in, and I’ve been following Jesus since I was young, though I backslid and got into drugs, and became an unbeliever, atheist, and then came back to God.
        So, I have a history of understanding what God’s love is.
        Now, watch this statement. ~~ Did you know ‘you can be afraid of love’.?
        Yes, some people are afraid of love. And those people cannot, accurately access, what someone is saying to them, about anything Because every time you speak about Jesus, who is the author of the book about love, they interpret that as condemnation, because their spirit is in a state, of spiritual death.
        Once your spirit is alive, through Jesus, only, you area “New Creation”, but it is only in Jesus.
        If you are not, a believer, and follower of Jesus, your love will always, die, because your spirit is dead.
        But the Bible says that Jesus, is a Life Giving spirit.

        So, here, I am not holding back on you, put the pieces, of this together and see if I am making sense. There is a lot more to these subjects than meets the eye, and I could go on, but I know you have to be considered to have patience for it.
        So, if I talk about these things, does that make you fearful?
        It doesn’t make me fearful because, I know who the Author of my Faith is.
        God’s package has made provision, through Jesus for every subject you mentioned, and you have a good understanding, and have a very expressive, logical approach to thinking that God gave you. Please do not ever discount your abilities or suggest another is better.
        You are You. That’s all God wants. You be you processing Him, seeing Him, and communicating about Him, I don’t think we have to be paranoid, about the kingdom, but just venture into it.

        Probably enough. for this moment.
        Sorry for going so long.

      • Ahh…so it appears our Kingdom journey has stalled almost as soon as it began. For already we have encountered fork in the road. I said that we must choose between one of two paths by which the Kingdom is ruled, either Love or Fear. You see a third path, somewhat in the middle, in which love and fear coexist. Which do we take?

        Before moving forward we must ask ourselves if we can agree on a common criteria for selecting between these and any upcoming forks in the road we might encounter on our journey. What criteria will we use to determine whether or not a path will lead us to the Kingdom of God?

        In order to understand our criteria, we would first have to agree on what we are seeking. Unless we have an understanding of our destination, how could we ever attempt to properly discover it together? And if we are both looking for different things, would we not desire different paths? Is it safe to say we are both looking for God’s Kingdom and not for anything other than this?

        If we are in agreement that we seek the same destination, we must also agree that the only criteria we can properly use would be a better understand of God’s attributes by which he administers the kingdom. If we do not find agreements on the attributes of God, then again it would be revealed that we seek for different kingdoms. Our understanding of God’s attributes therefore determine our understanding of the Kingdom we seek. How much more important if the Kingdom will be our home for all eternity! Shall we commit our eternity to a King whose nature and power we do not know? Or, shall we first seek to understand the manner by which we will exist under God’s rule. I think the latter is a preferred way to begin.

        Back to our current fork in the road.

        You mentioned that it isn’t logical for God’s Kingdom to be perfect. I can certainly understand your comment in the context of the very imperfect world in which we currently exist. But if we accept that God’s Kingdom also isn’t perfect, it would imply that what God makes is imperfect. Since that which creates something imperfect, by definition is also imperfect, if we believe the Kingdom is imperfect we must also admit that God is not perfect. And don’t we read that we are to be perfect as God is perfect? I think it would be more logical to believe that perfection can only create perfection, and that God and his creations are perfect.

        In my belief PERFECTION is an attribute of God – and I seek his perfect Kingdom of God.

        You also mentioned that you believe love and fear can coexist. Also that love can be fearful. Again, I would agree if we were discussing this world where love is certainly tainted by fear. We can’t really discuss the nature of God’s love because it can not be learned except as taught directly to you by God.

        But we can discuss the idea of a PERFECT love from a PERFECT God. If we accept that God’s kingdom has both love AND fear, this would mean that God’s kingdom could create fear in the hearts of those within. And if one is in fear, it would mean that the peace and joy of the kingdom had somehow failed and that God had failed to protect the one in fear. Yet it is written that love never fails.

        Further, if there is love, can one be in fear without another not being sad about the torments the fearful one endures. Are we then accepting that the perfect love of God could produce torment and sadness? No, we certainly would be on the wrong path because it is written that there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear.

        Therefore, in my belief another attribute of God is PERFECT LOVE which drives out all fear from his kingdom.

        So it appears, if we are to continue our journey together, we would need to agree that we BOTH seek the same kingdom, one ruled in perfect love such that there is no fear. If we agree, these two criteria would be the light needed to assess any future forks in the road we encounter.

        There is much to see – and I hope we can continue onward!

      • I’m sorry I am an imperfect person here. My comment was to say, that people in the kingdom are not perfect.
        And secondly that God himself is in control, not the kingdom itself.
        God, is the one who is the motivator behind the Kingdom.
        His will may be higher than ours, an is not responsible for our need to understand, totally.
        I also, did not say love could be fearful’
        I said, A fearful individual can be in love, until their love is healed.

        I am not saying God’s kingdom, has fear, I said these things come from satan.
        These two kingdoms, affect how people have been wounded.

        None of my statements are meant to be scientific, I am speaking in human terms.
        You have often called this a reality. These things are part of life,
        The kingdom is given to those who have faith, but control of the Kingdom is not.
        Control of the Kingdom is in God’s wisdom.
        I think this is displayed in the Bible, fairly clearly.

        Did God’s love produce sadness when Jesus was crucified? Yes.
        You may be seeking Utopia, by Thomas Moore, and not the Kingdom of the Father.

        Hope this redirects the desire for perfection, I don’t think you will find perfection
        until we are in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is Heaven.
        These subjects you are referring to are subject to satanic activity, by evil spirits which I think you may have overlooked in my comments.

        The need to “fully” understand, is probably not a motive that God gives.
        It’s a desire for us to be in control.

        All of the gifts of God are not given to one, man. They are divided, so no one person has the ability to control the gifts that are given to me, it is by interaction, that men succeed in the kingdom, not by understanding all, and will power.
        The Spirit of God divides up the gifts.

      • I see we are at an impasse. You make a lot of bold statements – and you obviously have strong belief in them. I have no ability or desire to oppose your beliefs.

        May you keep seeking and growing in wisdom, my friend! I hope you will share with us what you discover and may you find peace and revelation along the way!



  24. “The book yea are gods has only been written to point the finger of light to the things that have already been revealed. There is no new revelation in this work. If the things that have already been revealed are rejected, or not understood, then how can more possibly be given?” In various chapters of the book of mormon Annalee quotes from the book, Ether, to make a point that she is revealing nothing new. She pointed out that the ancient prophet Moroni said long ago to rend the veil of unbelief with a broken heart and a contrite spirit in order that the great and marvelous things that have been hid up from the foundation of the world can be revealed to you. Yes, these things written by Annalee Skarin are nothing new – they have been around from the foundation of the world. The only reason they have been hid from our understanding is because of the veil of unbelief. And a veil is such a delicate and airy thing. How hard can it be to take a finger and push a veil aside? Lift a finger of belief today, and begin to understand the things which have previously been hidden because of hardness of heart and blindness of mind – components of unbelief.

  25. Sight. It is our means to comprehend the Truth.

    If we desire to SEE God’s love, it means we have chosen his love and in this manner all shall be seen in love. And what is love but the LIFE that upholds all in divine harmony. Love’s feeling is JOY and its expression is PEACE.

    We are born again. When once we walked in weakness, now we walk in the power of oneness with God’s will. When once we believed that God’s will could be overruled, we now live in the truth of its immutable power.

    What then is this power? And why has it been given us?

    Power flows as the River of Life…through the open door of its very source and into the conscious awareness of our Self. No longer are we deceived by this illusion, where God’s will appears to fail. No longer do we recognize a will other than the oneness of God. And in this understanding we also recognize that as his will flows through us, so too are we his Sons and Daughters – perfectly made and divinely orchestrated.

    Yet it is not our awareness that gives us power, but the SIGHT this awareness bestows on us. For we see according to the will of God and our power is in our sight. Not of our physical eyes…but of the light our eyes project, capable of recreating reality in accordance with God’s will.

    God wills that his love go forth and multiply, that his Fire of Life consume every illusion of a contrary will. And so too are we empowered, with eyes of fire, to see all in the divine love of God, which is to see all as he created them, holy, perfect and incorruptible.

    As we exercise this power, by the creative God act of EMERGENCE, so too will we see only reflections of his divine harmony in our life. Our sight will drive out every illusion, it will dissolve all fear and every form of suffering.

    Our sight is the power to create PEACE.


  27. Truth is not found in a debate or in an argument above one’s personal views, it comes from another source, participating in the Holy Spirit regardless of another’s understanding. We must be at peace even amongst the storms that rage within those who differ.


  28. It is the listening heart that is so much needed among men. It is the listening heart that is prepared for the full outpouring of the gift of light. It is the listening heart alone that can hear the voice of God……When the art of listening is cultivated, then it is, that words become sacred, and one’s spoken word begins to go forth endowed with divine meaning. They need not be shouted to give them force. Neither need they to be propped up with oaths or flowery phrases to make them emphatic and to clothe them with power and great emphasis. For such a one his “Aye” will mean “aye” and his “nay” will mean “nay”. And there will need to be no profane emphasis to substantiate his remarks. None will doubt his words. The world itself will feel the impact of his speech and give an ear unto his message…….

  29. Thoughtware,

    Rachel has been gifted to see beyond the letter and has been enabled to see into another heaven (level) of God’s character than the masses. And I see a great gift she has shared with you and your contributions to her growth is of God. When I first ran across this blog I was actually looking for examples of “how to” set up a website, blog or forum and as I read Rachel’s words, they resonated with the understanding of my spirit. As I never really cared much for “knowledge” per say because it was my desire to have a relationship with God that was really absent of any intellectual defining of who God is through the doctrines of men. There was a spirit of truth given to me that caused me to seek God without wanting to be entangled in endless debates of whether some fact of doctrine was correct or not. The law really did not appeal to me all that much because I understood spirituality was far superior to the law.

    The simplicity found in the beatitudes is what intrigued me and it was these instructions which guided me in my search for God. Yes, I studied the scriptures like there was no tomorrow but I knew that what I was looking for was not to be found in them. I learned something early on, and that was we are not under the law but under grace. It was also revealed to me that if I pursued the simplicity to love, all things of the lesser realm of knowledge and wisdom would be added to me “because” I desired the greater instead of the lesser. From my experience throughout the years this simple desire to be as He is has guided me into all the truth that I have. I do not claim completeness but I know I will ne completed , not because of any virtue to be found within myself, of myself, but only because I “finally” came to believe that His promise was to me as well as it was to others.

    As you shared your lack of once not being able to love as you thought one should, I saw it only as a protective barrier that God had placed around you and as he brought you to a place of growth, this wall was gradually taken down course by course. All lack that is given to us in our early growth is to cause us to appreciate His likeness when we receive it. The greater the absence, the greater the appreciation of the presence when we acquire “Him” in our life. Life is a life of lessons learned often through being deprived of the preciousness of life…to teach…the same preciousness of life.

    So to answer your question of establishing what this blog is all about and contributing to it, it already has been established and rooted in the quest for the higher calling in Christ Jesus and even though it may not be seen as such by all who come across this site, it does not take away from its purpose nor its intent for its intent is far above the law of learning about facts and knowledge of the law. It is all about the simplicity which is to be found in seeing that we were all one, are all one and will be all one…in the likeness and love of our Father.

    It is not my goal to teach another of what they should be doing but to share with others what has been my experiences that has led me to where I am. We should have absolutely no desire to be thought well of for what we say or do…and this is just as well…for we know where telling it like it Jesus. If we please the Father, we do for all, whether they know it or not, and as we are accosted for speaking truth to fiction, we must remain true to the love of our Father.

    God will open the minds of those who He desires to see in a hundred foal capacity and we should not get upset when one cannot understand “the way” of this calling. When one enters and leaves behind the realm of condemnation, these are ready to encourage and share with others a way where there is no conditions that prevents the greater attribute of love from working its best under the worst cases of adversity…for we have been there..and have experienced what we share.

    I see what you and Rachel, as well as what many others want to share and this is a good thing. Does Rachel, you or myself know it all? No but one thing I know we agree on is its not in the knowing of a thing but in the substance in being the thing itself and this is finding ourselves in the presence of a non condemning, unconditional loving Father that holds no sin in perpetuity to any who trespass His will. All things work together for those who love God…and all will come to love God as He says “Every knee will bow to the will of God…and His will is that all will come to know Him…in the order of His calling and choosing.

    It is…all good.


      • Love, being higher than the letter and the religious masses not understanding this “yet” is saying God grants clearer sight to some before it is given to others. The small number of disciples and apostles were given this in-spiration first and then they in turn taught the masses as God drew them to hear. My words are not given to flatter the ego of any, but to encourage all to keep “walking” in a heavenly direction. There is no natural walk or natural direction that will lead one to God, it is a spiritual walk of “fulfillment.”

        A message given with a spirit of love as its base registers in another’s spirit, and a message given in such a spirit far exceeds one giving a message from the dead letter of the law. I’m saying that I may not agree with all another has to say in doctrine or in understanding as I myself may understand it, however when we see the spirit in which the sharing of the word is shared in, we see one operating from a higher place….

        He who has ears to hear let them hear what the spirit is saying to the masses…….
        It’s just the way I say things. 🙂

    • This blog is a witness to the awakening journey of a soul – and if one were to read each blog, starting with the first up and through this one, a very accurate picture would be revealed. It can not teach, but like the trail markers in a deep wood, it can be used to encourage that what one is learning is of truth – and the correct path is underfoot.

      I see a very great power growing in those who are able to understand the emerging new world of God’s love bestowed on all. Why is the narrow path of life found by few – because only the few need find it, for they gladly give to all what the path revealed. For those who have been called by LOVE itself, our journey is that the love we find may be expressed like light in the darkness.

      I see a new world being revealed – and I am so happy that you can also see this. Truth is amplified as it is shared – and as we share we realize, much to our great amazement, that we are a part of God’s plan.

  30. In 2 Corinthians Paul spoke of knowing a man which was caught up into a “third heaven” which is not to be taken literally but spiritually. As there are 30, 60, and 100 fold callings, and each higher calling requiring an increasing understanding of the one before it, is in keeping with Paul’s explanation of the “third heaven.” Heaven in not geographical nor is it a place one can point his finger to, for heaven is the mind of God and those who progress to this mind will progress through the stages of development until they reach the calling chosen for them by our Father. As we grow from the carnal mind to the spiritual mind we will pass through stages of spiritual development and as Paul, one can assume the “third heaven” is the high calling in Christ Jesus.

    This life was created to be a progressive journey from one place to another place and although there is the journey from Egypt to the promised land recorded in the scriptures, this was and is not the promised land in reality. This natural journey only depicted the spiritual journey which we all will take from the carnal mind (Egypt, the flesh) to the spiritual mind (promised land) and it is a progressive awakening from the one to the other. The third heaven is the full attainment of “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus” and we must travel to this destination through and to the mind of the Father, the highest or third heaven.

    As we all understand the number 144,000 is used to depict the high calling in Christ, we understand it is not a literal number but it represents the government of God. Although not all will be called to this “number” this number will understand the high calling in Christ and what it means to be an overcomer before the rest of the masses. We must come to understand that different callings and orders are not made up of people who are above or below others in spirit for there is only one spirit of one God for all people. This is why we must progress from the understanding of what is recorded in the scriptures as natural “events” to the spiritual “character” of reality.

    Yes, we must journey far beyond the understanding of the natural letter of the “written word” and come to understand the mind, character and likeness of the “Spiritual Word” hereby partaking of the heavenly mind of our Father…and perhaps some will attain to that third heaven of the high calling in Christ Jesus. We are not here to obtain the gift of eternal life that was given to us before this world was created, we are here to attain the awareness of what it means to have this life and appreciate it with a gratitude that has been established through Love first being lost, then found. We are here to learn from a process of realization of what love actually is so that we may enjoy this love to it’s very fullest. It’s “fullest” when “all” are complete.

  31. From Psalms:

    Merciful and gracious is Jehovah, Slow to anger, and abundant in mercy. Not for ever doth He strive, Nor to the age doth He watch. Not according to our sins hath He done to us, Nor according to our iniquities Hath He conferred benefits upon us. For, as the height of the heavens is above the earth, His kindness hath been mighty over those fearing Him. As the distance of east from west He hath put far from us our transgressions. End.

    Is not His mercy, kindness, and forgiveness far above those who seek justice for “another’s” transgressions? When we seek justice we are not seeking love and forgiveness for another, we want punishment instead of correction. Let us thank God that all sin and remembrance of sin is to be a thing “not remembered.” God is a loving God and all things end in love, and “all” of this life’s pains will not be remembered. If there is an eternal hell of torment we make God a liar because of “our “ misunderstanding of His word. He can not be a Father of unconditional love on the one hand and a father of myths on the other.

    Let us put away childish beliefs in myths and traditions of men as we pray for the spiritual revelation of His word…and see God as He Is.

  32. Justice was wrought on Jesus, on the Cross. This shows, and is the pure evidence that God IS a God of justice. Jesus is the one who sought Justice for another’s transgressions, namely yours.

    If you receive Jesus’ punishment, Your sins are forgiven.
    This is not universalism.
    This is substitution received by faith. Grace can only come by Faith.

  33. You spoken with merit.. just let me add this… to be lead by the very Spirit of God is a joy so exceedng in being alive …WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A METAMORPHOSIS ….OVERCOMING DEATH ..THE NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS ..NOW!!


    • Yes, Teresa. Saint Teresa. Saint Teresa of the Masses. Teresa of the Flowing Seas.
      Do not forget the Roses brought to you by the children.
      They carry the tears of God, in bottles of perfume.

      • God has intoxicated me with his love , the masses always tell me that … so true…

  34. To stand face to face with truth; to arrive, after innumerable wanderings and pains, at wisdom and bliss; not to be finally defeated and cast out, but ultimately to triumph over every inward foe—such is man’s divine destiny, such his glorious goal. And this, every saint, sage, and savior has declared.

  35. “Words” can grow into a contest amongst those who’s trade are in words, however the fruit of the spirit cannot be contested, argued, debated or proved to another for the fruit of the spirit is not found in the abundance of words whether penned or spoken. Fruit is one’s spiritual likeness to their Father and this spirit is given spirit to spirit. It’s just as we tend to share what we understand on this blog or any where else using language, for language does have its limitations. We can speak or write words to others and they may mean nothing to another unless the meaning of the words we speak are revealed by the spirit of God Himself, for we do not have the power of revelation. We share and if the message is true and of God then it is God who does the revealing.

    Whether we whisper or we shout our understanding with all the best of intentions, it is God who opens and closes our minds to His understanding. If one does not understand what we are saying and if they want to debate or argue a meaning of a word for arguments sake, then we should move on to another topic or another person. I have no problem with another’s beliefs and I respect them whatever they may believe, however it’s like the Jews who followed the disciples around discrediting what they had to say and teach. These imposters had the law practically memorized and they were very convincing to some, however they lacked the fruit of the spirit. Some who lacked the fruit of the spirit within the church were led astray by these divisive people of the synagogue of Satan and they separated themselves into divisions, factions and parties and became a doctrine unto themselves, void of any meaningful fruit.

    These who were led astray from the true church continued on in arguing and debating what the law and words meant….while those who remained in the church understood that they were to live and respect the others in the church regardless of their opinions of meanings on things. The reason the church of Philadelphia was approved by God was because they understood that their differences of opinions should not cause a division and separation amongst the saints, for they understood how they were to conduct themselves. They understood that living by the spirit of the beatitudes was far superior to judging another’s beliefs so they were patient, kind and forgiving toward all. They suffered one another’s shortcomings, they forgave the sins and mistakes of others and were kind in keeping the “flock” together. It’s not that they were prefect, it’s just that unlike the other churches, these understood the meaning of unconditionally loving one another. They understood that they were to be merciful as God is merciful. They understood the difference between words and fruit. The law judged, their fruit was full of grace as they understood they were not bound by the law………of…….words. We shall be known by our fruit, for two can speak the same words and preach the same sermon, however can be wise and the other foolish. God knows our heart and what our intentions are and whether we speak from our fruit or from our vanity.
    It is to God we stand or fall, not to the other so we should be careful in how we direct our rebuke and challenge others. Anything can be discussed in the right spirit with a love and a respect for the subject and for the person. It’s not what we say, it’s how we say it.

    • Sonny plz, try to keep it short and simple …being a woman in the mormon church years back i can remember sermons galore, and they always put me to sleep ..

      • Were those not your writings just as long? Or longer. I won’t tell you what to write, how to say it or how long it should be…or short..this is up to you, not to me. If yours…or mine…is to long for others to read they should just skip over them.

        Or were those long sermons you posted someone’s else’s?

      • Sonny ill say it like this…if something is very long it better have my hearts message in it and ill know it instantly…..some sermons have the inspiration of JESUS in them and i can listen to them over and over and over….and sometimes we are just writing for ourselves..but still with the best intentions..

      • Or it could be that the message wasn’t meant for you – but for another. If we write as we are inspired to write, the words given us will do their proper work. Let us all write as we are inspired – sharing as we feel led.


      • Sonny (plz dont get me wrong)you are indeed a very cool dude….iI GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YOU..

    • Yes Sonny. By their “fruit” they will be known. And when they are known, they will be heard. And by the hearing, they will awaken.


      • “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” When the heart is completely pure then can the great love of God be so perfected in it that God will be revealed. This is a promise that automatically has to be fulfilled as the conditions are met.

    • Hi … I see your dedication and passion to Annalee’s writings but your numerous comments quoting her texts disrupts the flow of conversation and dialogue that is intended for the comment section. I like to read your personal thoughts but ask you greatly minimize the extensive quoting from her books. Have you considered creating an outlet, like a blog, to post her words and offer your thoughts?

      • absolutely….i hope the others do the same when there debating and trying to prove there point in you comment sections concerning the topic at hand..GOD BLESS..

  36. the only then i can truly see thats disrupting the flow of any topic your posting is a JERK!! telling everybody there wrong and got a demon inside and they need to be saved!!

    • Its not in your best interest to label anyone a jerk…ever. It doesn’t matter what other’s believe – its your own belief that creates your reality. Your outer reality is a reflection of what you believe and hold true. Believe that all are helpful – and you will find yourself in a reality of helpful people.

      Just trying to be helpful. 😉


      • In truth we are always the ones that judge – and then label/separate others based on our judgement.

        If someone disagrees with us, it is not the disagreeing one who has labeled himself/herself a jerk, but we have done it, clothing them with an unworthy label by our free will choice. Rather than forgiveness, we judged him/her guilty.

        Instead, we can freely choose to see that the one who disagrees simply walks in darkness and stumbles in his/her expression. By our light we can realize that God has not yet opened their eyes and ears – and as a result they can not see what we can see, nor hear what we can hear.

        Instead, if we perceive them though OUR open eyes and OUR hearing ears, we can truthfully choose to judge them innocent (which is the essence of divine forgiveness).

        Let us practice forgiveness by giving others the light we have received.

  37. It is within the mind that the undeveloped, all-seeing eye is contained. In most individuals this great divine, Spiritual eye has remained completely blind. This is known as “blindness of mind.” Those who are afflicted with this blindness have no way of comprehending the things of the Spirit, at least not first-hand. These are those who must follow leaders, not realizing that their leaders are also blind.

  38. This site is about accepting people as they are whether Jew or Greek (in the church or out) , bond or free (carnal or spiritual) , male or female, etc., etc., etc., for we understand that no matter our social standing in this life, we are the creation of our Father. And understanding this, we should respect others as His children and see all as equal to ourselves. We also believe conversations should be carried on with the utmost respect for the other. If one thinks their understanding of knowledge is so superior to that of another to give them the right to scoff, ridicule and speak offensively to another because of a doctrinal issue or from having a different perspective on things, these infants in Christ have much to learn.

    One should study the fundamental principles of decency such as is found in the list of the beatitudes and lay upon this foundation their study of the scriptures. When one thinks that what they know about the Bible is more important than how they conduct oneself in a conversation about bible topics is childish, immature and blind to the purposes and will of God. The saying “As a man thinks in his heart so is he,” is not a saying about whatever a person wants to “imagine” about themselves is who they are, it is a saying it is the intent and the direction of a person’s heart and “how” and what they may think about and how…one addresses others is who they are.

    Does one think of oneself as being superior in stature to another because of a storehouse of knowledge or because of having a specific doctrine? Does one’s speech and attitude towards others reflect this feeling of loftiness?
    If so this kind of thinking is not of the mind of Christ, it is of the carnal self and this self is using the word unwisely and inappropriately. These are of the allegory of the children in the market place piping words back and forth as though their words are righteousness…when in fact it is just childish nonsense. Taking on the mind of Christ is “how” we interact with others which is manifested by our choice of thoughts, words and actions toward others…our ripe fruit.

    Maturity is not to be defined as a contest of the smartest or of being the most eloquent speaker or the most knowledgeable. Though “if” one were to possess a wisdom equal to that of Solomon and understand great mysteries and revelations of “Revelation”……and has not a simple humble unassuming love for their fellow man…this “knowledgeable” person has nothing of any Godly value.

    All these “things” of the intellect are just that but being smart or wise is not the goal that God has in mind as His priority for His children. We must “cross over” that great wide gulf that exist between the carnal and the spiritual mind. It is a great divide between the spirit and soul and one is often mistaken for the other amongst the unlearned and unskilled in the word. Yes, we may be able to understand the natural symbols and be able to explain them in great detail but without knowing the purpose for this natural knowledge we are a ship without sails…going nowhere.

    This site’s purpose is to teach that although knowledge, wisdom and understanding the mysteries are very good things to know about however there is something much greater to “know” and that is to “know” Him. To know in the natural sense is to know knowledge and facts “about” things however to “know” God is about having an intimacy of a relationship with our Father..knowing He does everything for our growth in…and to…His nature. (The Hebrew word for “know” is an intimate word about a close relationship we have with another such as in a marriage, it is about love.) Whatever we write, say or do it should only be with one voice and one accord and that is to reveal the fruit God has cultivated in us.

    Again, it is not knowledge or intellect we seek, it is Him, the “I Am” of the eternal presence ..meaning that we are to come to the understanding that we are to grow to where He is and the eternal presence “is” the “I Am.” We are to put away childish ways of thinking that our ways are superior enough to scoff and insult and ridicule the beliefs of another. Even if others are dead wrong, that gives us no reason to over step our boundary.

    When ones do not follow after the principles of the beatitudes (fruit of the tree of life) what do these have but the arguments of the written word of the carnal mind “or” the tree of knowledge? All scripture is given to reveal who God is from Genesis to Revelation. It is all a “revealing” of the “spirit.” Our purpose and intent when we speak or write should be for one purpose only…and that is to edify others and to reveal the fruits of the spirt of God…within.

    Eve (our soul) intellectualized and reasoned with her own carnal mind represented by the serpent…and her “brilliant” reasoning landed us all in the land of nought. It would have been better for them in the garden to have just simply followed and took in the tree of life and avoided the intellect of the tree of knowledge. Just as in our present condition, we stand in our garden, reasoning and debating and arguing because we had rather eat of the tree of knowledge than to eat our daily bread of the tree of life…which the beatitudes are the fruit thereof. Knowledge is good but when the spirit comes and takes its place within us….knowledge will cease for when we arrive at our destination…we no longer need any directions.

    1 Corinthians 13:8 The love doth never fail; and whether there be prophecies, they shall become useless; whether tongues, they shall cease; whether knowledge, it shall become useless; end verse. This is saying that all the gifts that teach us love will cease when love if fulfilled within us. We each have our purpose and we have been given our talents and gifts from our Father as He wills…so let us use these things to further His kingdom, not by “knowing” the knowledge of the law but living in the essence of the Holy spirit. Love does not see sin as defining a person, love sees past the sin to the fulfillment of the Christ within…”all.”

  39. you must be trying to convince yourself I AM NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOUR MANY WORDS WITH NO FRUIT ..


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