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Spiritual Training Wheels


Spiritual Training Wheels


In my opinion, there is nothing more important than our soul development, for our soul is the only aspect of this mortal realm that we take with us when we journey to the next realm.

This is a bit of a playful analogy, yet quite enlightening for a maturing mind  … we are all children, after all.

Remember your training wheels and how you loved them when you first got them? How proud you were of them? You thought you hit the big time. In a sense you did, they gave you experiences of growth and achievement, and they trained you for the next phase, a bicycle, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. But what was once the greatest thing in the world, in time became a limitation. You were ready to take them off and ride like the big kids as they zipped around the neighborhood in an even greater freedom.

Religions, their labels of personal identification, and their manuscripts that identify their belief structures, like Christianity, Christian, and the Bible or Islam, Muslims, and Qur’an, can serve as our training wheels in our soul’s development. I say “can” because we can possess them but not grow through them, like letting our training wheels gather cobwebs in the garage, or trying them out a little here and a little there, but not going very far. But if we really use those training wheels, in time we experience their limitations and move onto the next stage. In case your wondering, my particular wheels were Christianity, Christian, and the Bible.

As our souls develop, we lose our dependency on training wheels. We are naturally loosed from these spiritual attachments that we once “couldn’t live without” because they prohibit the needed expansion of truth that an advancing soul requires. They don’t allow us to go into truth where we need to go and in the way that we need to go. Thus, we transition from a system without to the Spirit within telling us what our truth is and who we are. And in letting go, we simply are who we are, no more labels. In the transition to the next stage we experience an immense exploration as we learn from anything and everything, thus extreme growth. Yet, like our training wheels, it can be a bit fearful at first because we think we lack support, but we discover a greater support flowing from within that not only gives us what we need but also allows us to go and do what we couldn’t before.

A defined religion is by its very nature is full of boundaries and limitations, for its particular limitations and boundaries are what make it that particular religion. As we grow, we discover that beliefs aren’t meant to be concrete and static, but rather flow in an evolving rhythm. Like our training wheels coming off, our spirit out grows the confines of concepts sown in a finite understanding. Though our understanding is always finite, it is expandable and if it isn’t expanding we aren’t growing. To grow we need to allow our awareness and understanding to grow. Thus, we are loosed from foundations of belief defined by the outside and our foundation becomes the immortal Spirit of truth and love. This Spirit carries and supports us forward upon our soul’s journey. In this transition, our beliefs become living because they are no longer confined to static formulations. By their growth, they advance our soul toward an immortal state, which is of a continual expansion.

In our spiritual youth, we cling to our wheels very tightly because they are our points of references for truth, which form our foundation of truth in which we find stability. They serve to anchor our wayward minds bumbling around in the darkness. Like our training wheels, they stabilize us in the whirlwinds of relative truths that lack a common point of reference. But we aren’t meant to keep them. They are only meant to be an assistance to our soul journey, not the goal or end of our soul journey. In time, we learn to trust the Spirit of Truth, our new point of reference, and let this Spirit that extends from our Creator guide and lead us. Thus, he alone becomes our foundation, and with his breath of life leading us as he wills, our souls travel to new places of truth that expand our awareness and enable us to continue to change into his likeness; one of a simplicity and purity of truth and love. We need nothing to “identify” us, we simply are who we are of his reflection. When we feel “ready”, we let go of the training wheels and we find new experiences awaiting us. When the Spirit is our foundation, anything and everything is used for our continued growth and expansion. For those not yet free of their training wheels, it’s hard to understand how one can function without them. We only truly understand once we do it ourselves.

Some may ask, how will people know what we believe? How they always know, by our life. Our life reflects our truth. It is and always has been our greatest testimony because it is the most honest reflection of our truth.

This transition deepens our relationship to our teachers, like Jesus Christ and others. We’ve learned to be taught by the Spirit of truth that was their source of enlightenment. Thus, our transition from the static to the dynamic actually draws us in closer relation to them because we are attached and growing by the same Source. Thus, we find even a greater connection and communion with them. This transition is the movement toward what they desired us to learn; we are to become one with the Source of life by allowing his spirit of truth and love to govern us from within.

Some of us go through several pairs of training wheels of different types. Some use them longer than others. It all depends on our purpose and rate of development. We don’t judge our training experience, but if you are still using them, know that there is more, much more that is only truly discovered by trying to ride without them, which you will do when you are ready.

~ Looking from my perspective, and given in grace.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “Spiritual Training Wheels

  1. Love this… “training wheels”… Yes, we go through several pairs till we are ready. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This reminds me of Paul’s calling by God to go and teach the Gentiles while Peter was sent to the Jews. Paul often did not go deep into the law when teaching the Gentiles while Peter taught from the perspective of being under law. Paul taught faith by the hearing of his teaching by grace. He used the law when necessary to combat the Jewish teachers or those under law who were trying to bring his new converts to Christ under Jewish law. Paul and Peter both taught coming out from under the law of religious Jewry to the law of grace which there was no law. Paul taught from the perspective of living and being brought to Christ bypassing religious works altogether. Paul had a mixed group of Gentiles and Jews but he was predominately sent to the Gentiles.

    Peter being sent to the Jews used the law to show his converts that the law pointed to the messiah which came as Jesus. These were two totally different perspectives. One coming from a world respective and the other a very ritualistic religion. Peter taught that the types were all fulfilled in Christ. Where the training wheels as Rachel puts it were taken off in type and now we are asked as then, to live walking in the spirit of the anointing, the same anointing that was given to our example and pattern, Jesus Christ.

    Both Peter and Paul were teaching others to come out from “her” for her is not only the religious but the world of Babylon( means confusion) itself.

    in agreeing with Rachel, we have to learn the types are behind us, they are no longer required when we see the end of their purpose. They “held us up” as in Rachel’s analogy until God has brought us through the support systems (training wheels) of man until we learn to walk only in His light. Not all will give up their training wheels because going it alone is for the high calling in Christ Jesus. This is the 100 fold we speak of. There are other callings as the deciples taught. This is why we should be careful not to criticize and speak out against those bound by religion though we do speak out against what has them bound. There is a difference.

    Yes, we then learn to move amongst the world, but not of it, greeting all people with one attitude, not requiring to know anything about them nor what they believe or disbelieve. God has provided us knowledge of the end of all people so we do not catagorise any into “good and evil” for we see only the good and glorious end in each person’s life we meet. We may not know their particular calling, nor we need to, we just know “As in Adam “all” die so as in Christ “all” SHALL be made alive, but every man in his own order.

    Rachel, most often when I read your sharings my mind goes to the parallel in the scriptures. I do share your views of coming to the place where we take our direction from one spirit, leaving all the different voices of all the types we find in the bible. Once we understand the types in the “law” we are free from the law until one by one we have left ALL the types where the law does not pertain to us at all because we have learned to walk in the light of God without having to rely on the law of types.

    Biblical types (truth explained) only describe what our true walk in the spirit is to be like so when we walk in what is real (the antitype) we no longer need to be under the the law of ritual. We are now free to walk out of the shadows of the law. I hope this makes sense because in agreeing with what you say and lending from more of a “biblical perspective” it helps and gives perspective to those who may still be bound by the law which are trying to step out and as you say “take off the traning wheels” and leave the milk of the word and eat the true spiritual food of life.

    Paul’s teaching was pretty simplistic as it was from a perspective of grace without the law. The Gentiles were never under the law so the types and rituals were never taught to them. This is why it was said he only taught Christ and Him crucified meaning his teaching involved only doing away with the crucifying of our fleshy traits on a daily basis. We die out ( are crucified) to our “vanity” daily. As Paul put is “I die daily”.

    I mentioned the two teaching methods because one was absent from coming out from the religion of the Israelites. In other words we come from where we are called, whether we are in a religious system or out of one, we must one day learn to remove all the “props” and learn to walk (or ride) following the oneness of the spirit void of all the noise of rituals and types.

    I know it seems you are “far out” there to a lot who read your articles. I know you (pretty well) and understand where your coming from and to be honest these are not written for all to understand. I’m not saying that you know it all by any means , this we know and accept of the other 🙂 but we know the importance of loving inspite of our differences. We are tested on this …right?


    • Hi Sonny,

      This is a bit of what I’ve learned from my journey in relation to what you are saying …

      As we learn to be taught by the Spirit of truth that extends from our Creator and trust his leading above all else, thus he is truly our “Sovereign King/Lord”, then we begin a transformative learning that changes our soul. It seems his main objective in his instruction to us is to prepare our soul for an oneness with Our Creator, our eternal Father, which is our immortality.

      He uses everything to teach .. including texts like the Bible. When he is our instructor and we aren’t just looking to the words themselves, then he can use what lays within its pages to teach us. So many times verses I’ve read over the years come to mind with a clearer understanding of them, and the understandings gained fit together in a perfection and beauty. But without the Spirit of truth as our guide, our understanding gets muddled and full of contradiction.

      It’s the same with our life. As we put the voice of the Spirit of Truth over our own ego’s voice, the voice of others, society’s, etc. we learn what our experiences and others are there to truly teach us, instead of not learning and remaining in the same cyclical soul gyrations.

      Finally, as we are taught by the Spirit of Truth we recognize his instruction in others. But if not, then we can’t understand what they are saying. His teaching comes through “revelation” … meaning it comes to us from his spirit directly to ours in a manner that is beyond words. Our words are reflections of that revelation and therefore if we haven’t yet received the revelation that another has we can’t truly understand their words.


  3. Living in spiritual truth is so simple its hard. I just want to say. Make sure to break routines. the Lord speaks to us that way. Different dots to connect if one is aware. When I read Training wheels above, I am already in because the Lord speaks to those who listen. Very small and infinity example is yesterday.

    I walk down this newly built Pier to these three man made islands that happen to spell God in child like crayon feel. Which I have know idea who really knows this. Besides the point. A couple walking off while as I walk on over the midpoint over the beautiful water. Out of the blue as they pass I pat my hand briskily on the rails as i walk by with a smile and say ” Good pair of training wheelS” They smile,
    I smile. it was a micro second in time.

    Why did i say that lord? Reasoning would be because its hard to walk on water? LOL but wait for it wait for it. Rachel Training Wheels.
    Thank you Jesus and God

    Imagine that happening all the time. A flowing river. A nice day!

    Love you Rachel. your bro! 303 out…

    • Hi Travis – A profound poetic writing. 😉

      Living in spiritual truth is difficult, impossible. It will only be possible when we are fully governed by God’s consciousness. But in our desire for his likeness that comes from the understanding of his love, we push on. Knowing it is even more of his desire that we come into his likeness, for then we are eternally one.


  4. The Spirit of God,
    the Holy Spirit of the Father,
    never leads ‘away from’ the Bible,
    because He is the author,
    of the Bible.
    The Bible, and your faith, if you
    have come from this point,
    is not in comparison to training
    only, but follows the rule and
    way of Life.
    Jesus said, I am the way and
    the truth and the Life.
    The Bible, is more like a charting
    system, on a ship, which you will
    need to continually chart your path
    by, as a sailor does the stars,
    in order to find True North.
    When you loose this system that
    the Holy Spirit has given,
    you are lost at sea, and become
    vulnerable to shipwreck and loss
    of life.
    God, is the one who has warned us,
    not to wander away from him.
    By going our own way and creating
    one’s own system, we become a god
    unto our self, and become deceived.
    I pray for you to awaken.
    Awaken into the times of God,
    and to what the ‘stars’ (days) are
    telling you.
    This is not a time to be deceived.
    These are days to find God again,
    and to live for him.
    Not unto ourselves.

  5. How about you Sonny?
    Do you consider yourself,
    or understand yourself, as
    seeking after God?
    This is how I understand you.
    Or do you consider yourself
    as your own God, as Rachel
    says she considers herself?

    • I am not perplexed why one asks such questions when there are none. It reveals many things. Patients and understanding reveals…

      These words I believe are not my own but they had auto flowed thru me. i was co creating some lyrics for a song and then it just became this in minutes. All the power and glory are His. He has the copyrights on this. I feel very led to post this to you Anon. Anon can be anybody. There are many. Even in the Bible it speaks of listening more than speaking. ProVervbs is awesome. I believe every son and daughter should and should have read this at an early y age with the love of a parent guiding them. I could of used proverbs at an early age. Sometime were just born into things we had no choice of. We do have a choice to change that family vine from in the dark to into the light. Just by being in the light and not forcing one into the light. I believe my perspective and what I offer to some is living examples. My son thought Jesus was just as real as Santa Clause at the age of 18 at the time. So he was my journey into the real. He was very loved but I also did not no the truth because there was no one around to give it to me but in the religious context. Not by example but by facts and school and man made religion that I see does help some but most of the time makes one turn the other way. So Jesus yanked me out like a spark plug and i saw it. To make it clear. My parent are wonderful people and had giving me everything they could. i was way to much and spiritually immature but now i realize was a blessing to my family. they got slaughtered and pretty crisped up by the flame the Lord had me burning.LOL looking back they didnt stand a chance…. Thank you Jesus. Hey I didnt know better but I was used for a biG dose of awesome!!! –side note.. i lay low now. iam nothing.— It still burns but in the Proverbs way. As God trust you with his wisdom he will show you more and send you people to help because you take what he has given you without revealing iT as what you know and others don’T. In that case H3 put ones self on pause. Then you learn that you will receive more gifts (wiSdom) once you have learned how to take those previous gifts with you in the way Our Lord has shown you. Writing like this to me is so linear compared to the conscience thought that is given. Coming from the living word of the bible these words may mean many different things to many different people. It can be draining and consuming to others to take the time to try to make one understand the perspective they are coming from, but they just do it.(like Nik3) There comes a time when there is pain(good) and then there is stupid pain (Useless) Unless I have not experienced the most Stupidest pain ever!(LOL) I might be wrong!!! Anyways. I pray that you will pray before you read words that have already been set in your mind how and what they mean. I pray to God to show me what it is in the words. Opening oneself to the good in others. A process that works for me and also keeps oneself less defensive and this is for everybody. Let anybody say what they want to to you. The words that dont pertain to you or are totally aimed at you and are not true in your spirit, (because one can change in a second) let those words just fly thru your Holey net. Depending on how holy your net is (whUt it) is up to oneself. There will be at least one thing they say that hits you between the eyes.(thank you JeSus may I have another) Instead of defending all the words that passed thru your holy net to the attacker. Lets say just for example tHat 99% of it was not true (One reason is that most people know you from yesterday, what could possibly be different about you now?).(some things change, some things never change, i believe that was in a matrix movie somewhere)ANY WAYS!
      Take that 1% that hit you between the eyes and make that the 100 percent truth of what they said to you. They said it. One can respond with amazing love to truth. Both will be engaged and be better for it. Or don’t respond. (Choice. mmm.. good choices are full of gOOdness) Hopefully we can have beautiful discussions and hurtful ones that at least are operating Obove zerO.(good for Us) If this does not pertain to anyone just let it pass thru the net, no sense in getting tangled in the webnet. Sometimes its Just(ice) not about you. One thing that does burn. When One dishonors Our father you can bet there are going to be flames. Its not anger. IT IS PASSION! Once burned to a crisp one need not burn them anymore. Useless. Wow. I just wanted to post the poem so here it is.Ill post it on the next post. Take a break and drink some water. Dont push post dont do it no no OK i will!!!!! LOL Love you all.

  6. OH…

    Witnessing space and time that intersect my very line and my brothers

    The organization of chaos refines as I see design that can’t be from anything other.

    Complicated streams underneath that make the simple all possible.

    Exposing the truths not loving is destructive.  Have the will to be thoughtful.

    Understanding not one is the same, ones unique seeds have been planted.

    Adjusting the optical flow to another with love thats not canted.

    Not forgetting ones self and 3 keeps you standing.

    Transparently serving not knowing until

    the puzzle reveals you witnessed  the real.


    Its a multidimensionalhumanisticquantumLoopingPieFuniStic

    spiritual madness thru the sleeping sadness that wakes you up from your dream imagined.

    The equal lateral force that keeps you growing, is from your dream making  glass mirrored buildings that reflect the ones near you

    back to themselves, as they become who you are to them as they are to you.


    As you walk your day proud and loud exposing your brothers 

    Comparing who you are to them, your not exposing the other

    with the reflecting light that can be measured so easy.

    Helps the loving see clearly who needs help to recover

    the memory cleared from the place where you started.

    Before innocence was lost from this world you discovered.

    O oh!

    Feb 14th 3.37 pm 2014 traVis CooK

    Sent from iCloud <—-of cOurse

    Just do whut you Do yaLL. If I can call you Betty you can call me AL

    N3 3e. 3b. Ic. Cc.3c. We. Me n. S in

    Settling in at the business at (R)HanD

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