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Identity of One


With the awareness of Divine Will’s governing authority through Divine Trust, the mind no longer is concerned or focused on the operations and manifestations of free will. Instead, the mind rests, becoming a powerful divine gate to the perfection of Truth’s universal will, manifesting peace and goodwill for all of creation. In its eternal creative role, the mind’s identity transcends into Oneness.

The mind’s eye is the inner realm of awareness. Awareness is the mind’s current understanding of truth which shapes the mind’s inner vision, which in turn determines its outer observation. It entails the vast network of all the mind understands to be true about who it is and how it creates. The mind’s truth is made visible and experiential by the soul’s will, which is its life energy that materializes its truth. Essentially, the mind’s eye projects its inner awareness via the will, manifesting a spherical dimension of experience within and around the soul. If the mind’s eye is full of darkness, the soul is in bondage to a world of illusions. If it is full of Truth’s Light, the soul experiences boundless freedom.

When the mind is enlightened through the awareness of its I Am Presence of Oneness, it engages Divine Will’s singularity and sovereignty. Every reflection, thought, emotion, and attribute spawning from free will becomes inconsequential to the awakening mind, thus ultimately powerless and meaningless. The mind’s creative faculty of attention, which causes anything it focuses on to grow and manifest, pulls away from all of free will’s manifestations and as a result they cease to expand and begin to contract. Instead, the mind’s attention travels beyond the shadow of outer appearances to Truth’s Divine Will, perfecting all that concerns the soul. With its creative power set upon Truth’s Light, the mind settles into divine emergence, where its desires are perfectly fulfilled by Truth’s universal will, which operates for the highest good for all. Perceiving free will as powerless and meaningless is the beginning of the soul’s freedom from free will’s oppressive reign over its mind, emotions, body and reality.

When the mind disengages from free will, its identity is no longer centered on a body and what it does or doesn’t do. It no longer sees “I” as a separate self, but the universal expression of oneness throughout all creation. The soul’s perception of its identity received through the realm of timeless perfection is grounded in the essence of Truth’s Life that is beyond all forms. Here it finds perfect meaning.

The soul recognizes it is an individualized fractal of the energetic essence of Truth’s Living Light, which is governed by Truth’s Universal Will in timeless perfection. The soul is a light being, projecting a spherical dimension around itself, creating individuality by the mind’s individualized awareness of timeless Truth. This awareness travels through the mind in specific thought forms and desires, which manifests a spherical dimension of experience. Divine Will’s energetic vibration raises the soul’s vibration to divine love, which is Truth’s harmonic creative action. With the soul’s identity grounded in the fullness of Truth, this higher vibration is perpetually sustained and alters the atomic structure the soul’s reflective body and reality. Decaying forms and appearances transform into reflections of Truth’s incorruptibility and immortality. The soul experiences itself as pure, energetic waves of Living Light, reflecting experiential form.

As a gate to Truth’s universal will, the mind fully awakens from a dream of free will in which it witnessed the self bound in separation, duality and conflict, and is enraptured in a spherical dimension of abundant life. The mind’s eye that once cast shadows of darkness is fully illuminated with Truth’s Living Light, and free will’s manifestations descend into nothingness. What was chaotic becomes structured, and what was disharmonious becomes harmonious, causing the soul to shine with reflections of incorruption and invincibility.

I Am incorruptible. I Am invincible. I Am One in the Fullness of Truth.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Identity of One

  1. This post is made from the one who is truly awakened and enlightened and entered into the new realm.

  2. Prior to the light of understanding, your individualized mind believed it was one of many other minds. Your concept of oneness became the notion that one exists in the midst of many other “ones”. In the darkness of your own imagination you believed oneness could be broken apart and separated. To shake free from this false belief, imagine you stand in a field before the edge of a great forest, where a line of mighty trees stretch out across the horizon. There appear to you many trees, each unique and clearly differentiated from the other. And there also appears one great forest, stretching out as far as the eye can see, composed of these countless trees.

    This simple picture represents the belief that frames your world, in which the oneness of anything is composed of the oneness of smaller things, which in turn are composed of yet smaller things and so on. It is a world where what is seen to be one is filled with separation. What the mind believes is oneness is instead a belief in separation. When the mind believes that separation is oneness, it creates a darkness in which it is unable to “see” the oneness of God and therefore stumbles in the darkness, imprisoned and powerless in a world of physical appearances.

    If the belief in separation imprisons the mind in physical appearances, it can be reasoned that the contemplation of oneness frees the mind. This is so because the understanding of oneness grows in the Life received from Truth’s living voice and this is why it is said that Truth shall set you free. True freedom is greater than you presently imagine, for it is the power to transcend every perceived limitation you have ever experienced in the world of outer appearances. The contemplation of oneness is no less than the revelation of your eternal glory.

    Let us now return to the field and the great forest that stretches out before us, full of countless trees. How then do we properly understand this vision in oneness? Notice first, that understanding is like “seeing”, for we could just as easily ask, “How do we see the forest in oneness?” Thus when we speak of understanding, we mean to imply what the mind can see in Truth’s light. You can imagine that what the mind receives in Truth creates the light by which it can properly see. Without light, that is without understanding, the mind only imagines it sees because in the darkness all it imagines is without Truth.

    Now notice that we do not attempt to see a different forest, or to change the nature of our perceived reality, but instead desire to see the same group of trees as before, but this time in the light of Truth, which is to say, in the understanding of oneness. It is as if we originally observed the trees in the light of the moon, each appearing in various shades of darkness, leaving us to imagine what their colors might be. Now we desire to look upon the forest in the sunlight, such that the same trees appear in the sun’s reflection, revealing the myriad of harmonious colors as they are in truth. The light of your understanding does not reveal a different reality from that which you perceived in the darkness of separation, but instead allows you to comprehend your world as it is in Truth, which means in the oneness of divine harmony.

    How then is the oneness of the forest revealed in the light of understanding? Imagine that while looking into the line of trees comprising the edge of this great forest, you were given a pair of special glasses. Putting on the glasses allows you to see what was hidden, revealing the roots of the trees beneath the earth. Where before you had assumed that each tree was separate, growing from its own roots, you now see that there is only one, continuous root, like an enormous vine stretching as far as the eye can see, and what you believed were separate trees are actually branches growing up from the ground and into your awareness from a single, hidden root.

    • Looking more closely, you notice that while each branch appears as a unique tree, some branches appear so different that the appearance of its tree seems as a different species, yet originates from the same root. The special glasses reveal something more, something beyond the physical appearances of each unique tree. You see Life as an energetic field, pulsing and flowing through the roots and up into every branch-tree. It is one life, filling the entire forest, moving constantly throughout and seemingly pushing upwards as if to extend each branch-tree into a larger version of itself.

      When at last you remove your glasses and the solidity of the ground returns, bringing with it the appearance of separate trees comprising a singular forest, you are struck by a singular thought; had you not put on the glasses, you could have never imagined the oneness of what you had always assumed were separate trees.

      Now, put on the glasses of understanding and see men as trees. Where they had always appeared to you separately, see them now as one, as branches originating from the same root, full of the same life. Just as the glasses allowed you to see beneath the surface, revealing what was ever-present but hidden from the outer appearance of the forest, so too does the Light of Understanding allow you to see that which is hidden beyond the outer appearances of all things. In order to accelerate the growth in the understanding of truth, we shall create thought-forms that reveal what has been hidden from you by the belief in separation.

      The understanding of oneness can not be discerned from the outer appearances of things, which is why we have earlier stated that truth can not be gathered from the outer appearance world. Oneness is Truth and Truth is ever-present. Therefore, to grow in understanding is to become increasingly aware of the one root from which all things appear, the hidden source of all you experience in reality. The concepts of oneness and separation are differentiated by the definition of source, or what can be imagined as “the center”.

      To believe in separation is to accept that there exist separate centers for all things. This idea of center can be considered the “source” of the thing, in that its appearance is said to radiate outward from its center. When you imagined the forest, your mind perceived countless, separate centers, resulting in what appeared to be separate trees. When you considered a single tree, you assumed its life originated from its separate center and thus the life in one tree was separated from the life in another tree. When you put on the glasses of understanding, giving you eyes to see the oneness of Truth, you saw through the veil of outer appearances and recognized that every tree projected from the same source.

      What you initially believed was a separate instance of Life, radiating from the center of each tree, was now seen to be one Life flowing from a singular center, expressing itself as individualized trees. One root, hidden beyond the veil of outer appearances, gives life to its many branches, which in the outer appearance world appear as “separate” trees, yet in the light of Truth are but the single expression of the source, individualized in oneness.

    • Individualization is a foundational layer in the understanding of oneness. In order to properly conceive of individualization, we must introduce the concept of “dimensional awareness”, in which individualization exists. In its basic understanding, dimensional awareness can be considered the level at which something appears to exist relative to an observer. This means that an observer is unable to discern the existence of anything beyond its current level of dimensional awareness.

      As a rudimentary example in the physical world, imagine your dimensional awareness was limited to two dimensions so that your reality existed as an infinitely thin, infinitely expansive sheet of paper. Although the two-dimensional awareness of yourself could spread far and wide, you could observe nothing of the third dimension and would therefore possess no awareness of height nor depth. You would have no concept of up or down, observing only that which exists in your two dimensional awareness. The awareness of yourself would be intensely limited, perhaps being aware that you are a kind of living pattern existing upon the surface of reality, yet never able to observe exactly what kind of pattern you were. In two dimensions all that can be observed is an awareness that you are a surface, and therefore nothing more can exist beyond this current level of dimensional awareness.

      Taking this further, if you were individualized as an observer in the second dimension you would be entirely alone, for you could not recognize anything but your existence as a two dimensional surface, because your surface would be the entirety of your dimensional awareness and therefore would comprise the entirety of your reality. Yet, even though you can not observe dimensions beyond your current level of dimensional awareness, this does not mean higher dimensions do not exist. It simply means you can not observe them. Truth always is, yet what one observes in truth is limited by the observer’s current level of dimensional awareness.

      To understand this more clearly, imagine now that your two-dimensional self began to grow stronger, eventually gaining the awareness of how to create a simple “fold” in your surface. What would happen? Prior to your fold you were only aware of your surface because your consciousness was limited by the dimensional awareness of your being. In essence you were an infinitely thin plane lacking the dimensional awareness of anything but yourself.

      But now, in the process of folding yourself, you have become free of the limitations imposed by a two dimensional awareness, entering into a higher level of dimensional awareness in which you observe yourself with height and depth. You now become aware of up and down, front and back. Even more, you can consciously observe that which is above and below you, to your left and to your right. By the simple act of folding yourself you have attained a higher, third level of dimensional awareness, becoming an observer of additional truth present in a three dimensional reality, which truths could never have even been imagined as an individualized observer of the second dimension.

    • As you grow in the truth of your new reality, you become more aware of your power to create self experiences you could never have imagined in the limitation of your two dimensional awareness. By skillfully folding and refolding yourself, you can become any shape you desire, just as one can fold a piece of paper to create a ship or a swan. The sense of freedom and power is exponentially greater in the higher dimension you entered with a single fold. But there is a revelation even greater than this.

      Your folding has given you finite edges, by which you know yourself possessing height and depth, top and bottom, back and front. You are now aware that there is “space” around you, and objects appear separate from you. The Truth of this higher dimension has revealed that you are no longer alone. The finite edges of your three-dimensional self have revealed the existence of other selves, which exist above and below you, to your left and to your right, which have always existed but could not be perceived from the solitary nature of your two dimensional reality.

      Dimensionality teaches us that as one moves into higher dimensions, infinitely more freedom results. To understand the critical concept of how infinity can be multiplied, let us imagine dimensionality in a new way and consider the first dimension as a center point. This center is infinite in that it can be examined as an infinitely smaller perspective, becoming in a sense, infinitely smaller. Similarly, it could examined as an infinitely larger perspective, yet never being more than a center.

      Thus, in the first dimension, freedom can be considered the infinite contraction or expansion of a center’s perspective. However, if the center point enters the higher freedoms of the second dimension, in addition to becoming infinitely larger or smaller in its perspective, it now has awareness that it can move its center in any direction within an infinite plane. Notice that the infinite freedom of the first dimension has been infinitely increased. Thus the freedom of perspective a center experiences moving from the first to the second dimension can be defined as infinity to the second power.

      In addition to infinitely increased freedom, moving to a higher dimension enables a center to expand its concept of Self. For example, in the first dimension the center had the freedom to know itself as either larger or smaller. In the second dimension, the center could know itself as being here or there as it moved anywhere along an infinite plane. However, though the center could know itself as larger or smaller, and being here or there, what it could not do was know its Self as anything more than its existence as a center.

      This is another way of saying that the center’s reality is limited to its Self, because nothing but its Self exists within its reality. Now imagine the center entered the higher, third dimension in which it could freely move along any number of planes, radiating outward from its Self. Now instead of only knowing a reality of its Self as the center of a single plane, it gains the awareness of infinite planes and comes to know its reality as a sphere, radiating infinitely outward in every direction, its freedom again increasing by a factor of infinity.

      In its third dimensional reality the center can “intersect” with the planes of other centers, which it could not do when confined to the singular plane of its lower, second dimension. When the center moves to this higher dimension, its reality has infinitely increased to include the potential interactions with infinitely more Self-created realities originating from other centers. The existence of one Self has become the existence of many, and this is the nature of individualization.

  3. thoughtware .. In your words and the thought forms they create, I hear the Voice of Truth speaking through you, to you, to me and to all, for Truth is one and when it is shared it is given to all, for all is one. The understanding these words reflect are the soul’s riches and through them creation is bountifully blessed.

    Separation is an illusion, a belief held by a slumbering mind that is not yet awaken to Truth’s Living Light. There is and only has been oneness, one Life Energy moving through all. Its been hidden by the mind, which has proclaimed separation as true and the illusions its professions have made, which your analogy beautifully describes.

    I AM grateful for your words and life that has made sharing them possible.

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