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Be still and know that I Am God. 

Through the doorway of the present moment, we connect to the riches of the Divine Mind and extend them out into reality.

Beyond the craziness, chaos and disruptive dreaming mind, there is a haven in the eternal present moment. Through the present moment (a doorway into eternity within this dream), we connect to the Source of Truth. By quieting our thoughts and re-directing our minds, we go beyond the illusion into the eternal. We enter an undisturbed place of tranquility. In the present moment, our minds tap into the gifts of the ever-present attributes of Truth: peace, joy, limitlessness, absolute divine love, vitality, completeness, and abundance.

We come to know and connect to this sacred place within the Divine Mind as we learn to receive Truth through revelation. Truth dwells in the awakened part of our mind that is one with the Divine Mind. It’s within this aspect of our true Self that thoughts, impressions, and guidance of Truth pass via the Spirit and into our awareness. Through mindful, conversational meditation that quiets our mind from the noise of disruptive thoughts, we learn to be still and focus our thoughts.

This stillness becomes our superpower. It evokes the gentle power of Truth to dissipate ripple effects created by the dreaming mind through its interpretations and judgments, (i.e., fear, guilt, weakness, littleness, lack, chaos, insanity, anxiety, depression, aggression, and anger). The dreaming mind attempts to gain peace, or any likeness of a spirit attribute, through external calculated effort. Instead of succumbing to the dreaming mind’s strategies in order to gain peace, the Spirit instructs us to do the opposite: “Be still”. In this stillness, we connect to our eternal peace and it’s presence calms the crashing waves within our minds and infuses peace into our reality.

When our minds are prepared to make their final push from dreaming to awakening, this stillness becomes our infinite power. In this transformation we go through situations that try to disrupt our peace as our mind challenges our new thought-system of Truth. As we mindfully focus on leaving the realm of finite thought and re-focus our mind on eternal, present-minded thoughts, divine attributes gain entrance into our reality. In Truth, we are the spirit attributes. They don’t need to be obtained, but only expressed.

Expressing these attributes is the true purpose of our minds. As we give our present to absolute Truth/divine love and not to the judgments and interpretations of the dreaming mind, our expressed reality begins to reflect Truth. Here we find the birthplace of miracles. Where once our judgments dictated a “predictable” outcome, the emerging eternal attributes, translating through us, create the best possible outcome.

This place of stillness within the present moment is our final resting place. It’s an eternal connection in oneness with the Divine mind through which our spirit attributes emerge into reality and create the “Kingdom of Heaven” in and around us.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “The Power in Stillness

  1. Rachel the value of the elect when expressing “the new birth changes are beyond worth” and only those truly on that path would greatly agree ..because they in perfect alightnment with your heart and mind..REVELATION WISDOM IS ABSOLUTELY ON FIRE AND SUPER TRANSFORMING TO THOSE THAT ARE RESONATING..AND NEEDS NO FURTHER EXPLAINATION..ITS THE PLAIN TRUTH..REJOICE AND BE EXCEEDINGLY GLAD!!!

    • I’m so grateful for your words … and the confirmation they hold! We are so blessed to “see” as we do and even more to know that what we “see” blesses all, whether it is recognized initially or not, for we are all one.

  2. the power of stillness is such a powerful topic when spoken in the fullness of spiritual truth..its a vibration of majestic change into the kingdom of heaven on earth..and to becoming THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD..GOD BLESS ..

    • As I deepen in awareness of this power of stillness and connection, it is beyond incredible – we are engaging a power of eternity and it amazes me now such magnificent and gentle power is found is such simplicity.

      • so true and oh so profound….THE DIVINE CONNECTION!!



    The way of inner promise and lighted instruction is the path Christ followed in His exalted life of supreme service. He proclaimed that He spoke no word save His Father commanded it and performed no act except God revealed it. This was not only the point of His high attainment but the point He coveted for all. When He spoke of this degree of inner directing he was not boasting about something He alone could achieve or had achieved. He was revealing the way of possible attainment for every child of earth.

    Christ, through perfecting the ability to “be taught of God,” had advanced so far He would have automatically been transformed into the fullness of His divine stature and heritage and would have thus been exalted beyond the vision and physical reach of His followers without them in any way comprehending what had happened. For that very reason Christ chose and accepted the way of the cross. He desired that all should see and comprehend the higher laws and possibility of perfection and the power thereof — even the power over death itself…..HE IS OUR SUPREME EXAMPLE..AMEN!!!

  4. We read, study and meditate on the word of God and when these thoughts align perfectly with the truth in the one true purpose of God, we call this faith, for faith is the substance of things hoped for. Our faith starts from an idea, a spoken word, or a written word and as these “form” within our mind and hearts as truth, we become a new person in Christ…for we have let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus.

    Faith is the birth of truth from righteousness or right thinking, pursuing Gods ways no matter where they may lead us. It requires, as all things do, a sacrifice. However the sacrifices we are to make to come into our faith are the things we desire to give up anyway such as the works of the flesh which is of the carnal mind of self. Who really wants to hate someone? So we give it up for love to take its place. Who does not want forgiveness for all the things they have ever committed? So to receive these things by faith, we do so by also doing the works of forgiving all others for every trespass ever committed against us.

    We receive an “advance” (Pentecost) of the spirit and as we reinvest these “talents” of faith we grow this faith unto receiving the full image of the Christ within. So the saying..”Faith is the substance of things hoped for.” This substance that comes by faith comes incrementally by being obedient to what has just been given to us to become..and as we become, by obedience we become even more. We increase in faith, therefore we increase in substance.

    Knowledge, wisdom and understanding, are not the substance of things hoped for, because they are the “beginning” ideas or the “tutor” that brings us to establishing our faith in Christ. These things of the knowledgeable realm bring us “hope of receiving” the true substance which is Christ likeness. As we share our understanding of things let it not be with an attitude of requiring another’s agreement or of comparing by judging another’s point of view to ours. Let us share without requiring anything of anyone in order for us to perform the substance of things hoped for. It is not the knowledge of the thing we should judge another by for when we “obtain” the thing hoped for there is no unrighteous judgement in it..for love doesn’t condemn.

    Let us leave the rudimentary principals to the beginning thoughts of faith…and move into the substance of faith. Faith is participation in truth..and truth is the love which binds all people together. Let us not stop at knowledge and worship the shadow of truth but let us go beyond to that which cast the shadow. Love is simply everyone living under the same obedience to “the” faith. All the heart break of the dream is covered and cured by the reality of participating in God’s unconditional love. This is the “day” of the Lord…when we enter in to His rest.

    In closing these thoughts I would like to say a word to those who may read from this site, and never comment on it as to its purpose. Rachel and Will would never be but gracious and humble to all who visit and accept all as they are, for when one understands that we are all a work in progress, we should let the process work in all from the “least of these” to wherever God has allowed another to be. As many have shown and expressed their appreciation of having a meaningful place of exchange without judgement because of a vision of the end in sight…let it be the destination we focus on and not just being pleased of having a knowledge of it.

    What we should see in participating in a discussion such as this one provided by Rachel and Will, is that it truly does come from a desire to share with others without requiring others to believe the same as they do, as all individuals it’s individually find their footing in finding their way, for there is an understanding that love for another is not based upon a set of rigid facts nor does it require adherence to a certain doctrine for admittance into one’s company comes from a place of immaturity. True friendship comes from God’s doing by allowing us to come together collectively into a oneness of His spirit as we mature in His likeness and character. To those who are enlightened to understand what unconditional love really is, it’s not about condemning others of having varying views, it is about being completely free from just such condemnation of having an argumentative, divisive and resentful spirit. Truth cannot be proved by words, it must be lived through the allowance by the grace from God. Truth cannot be proved by words alone, for truth can only be revealed and made apparent and witnessed by those who “share” in its possession.

  5. I see via the “sense of knowing” (?) the LIMITLESS POWER inherent in emergence. It is a “pre-creative” power that flows out of the present moment and into creation. Since it is “pre-creative” it has no appearance of power, but its effects in creation can be EXPERIENCED. Emergence is a higher power (law) than exists in our created reality.

    When we rest in emergence we “still ourselves”, which is to recognize our oneness of will. It is this singular will that goes forth, to create according to its likeness. What will be created we can not know, nor would we desire to know beforehand as we would much more choose to “unwrap” the gift each present moment brings as it arrives.

    But we do know the characteristics of each present moment before it arrives, for its experience will always reflect the will that created it. Each moment, though unique in experience, will deliver INCREASING joy, peace, health and abundance, all aspects of God’s love and life extended to us. As we walk in emergence, God’s will is done on earth, and God can show his love for us in power. In our gratitude for his precious gift of emergence, and in our comprehension of its source, we give our love back to God and our oneness is restored.

    Walk in emergence and you will walk in limitless power – and continual praise. It will not feel like power – until you walk in the experiences it creates.

    May your light shine.

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