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The perfection of Truth’s LIFE is expressed by the fractal division of one timeless moment into endless present moments via the soul.

Absolute Truth exists as one timeless, infinite moment, with no beginning and no end. The moment LIFE in Truth began to express itself, it separated this one infinite moment into a beginning and end with endless fractal, present moments in between, forming eternity.

These present moments can only exist if there is an observer that is aware of them, an observer who is able to see the finite in the infinite, thus an observer who is limited in awareness to some degree in any one moment. This observer is the soul. The soul is purposefully designed with an individualized awareness of Truth’s Universal Will that expands one present moment at a time. This eternal and incremental expansion is how the soul experiences the infinite present moments in-between the beginning and end. It is how the LIFE in Truth is expressed, therefore this movement is the soul’s Life.

Through the soul’s ever-increasing awareness, Truth’s Universal Will directs the energetic movement through and between present moments, creating the harmonious expansion of creation. The soul’s perfection is its awareness of the movement of Truth’s Will, therefore the soul’s inevitability to manifest its highest good in each moment.

The soul’s highest good is manifested by Truth’s Universal Will flowing from the timeless realm of Oneness through the soul, and uniting every moment into an endless stream of perfect cause and effect, which the soul experiences as its Life Stream. Truth’s Will originates in Oneness and ends at the same place, making cause and effect harmoniously one, yet individualized occurrences for the soul, which possesses an incremental state of awareness. Truth’s Will is the divinely orchestrated flow of the cause of one moment leading to the effect of the next, then that effect becoming the cause leading to the effect of the next moment and so on. It’s a continuous cycle of one finite moment ending and another beginning, and because every moment is held in the infinite awareness of Truth, every moment is one with every other moment. The soul experiences the movement of Truth’s Will as spherical time, in which each moment perfectly supports the next, expressing deeper and deeper layers of oneness. In this movement, the soul experiences LIFE’s perfection as its own.

The soul begins its eternal expansion when it rightly perceives its beginning, which is the moment it’s aware of itself as an individual in Oneness, and then rightly perceives its end, which is absolute Oneness. In this, the soul perceives its beginning and end are one and yet separated by an eternal array of potential present moments. The soul eternally expands, continually increasing its awareness of oneness, yet never reaching the infinite end of Absolute Oneness because its individuality would cease to be. If the soul knew its beginning and was able to reach the full awareness of its end, making them One, it would become one timeless, infinite moment.

When the soul perceives its an individual in Oneness, it recognizes its end is Life, which is the eternal progression into its own oneness. With the Truth-filled understanding of its beginning and end, the soul’s inherent perfection is made apparent to the mind, and expressed through spherical time. Because Truth’s LIFE is expressed into reality through the soul’s current awareness, when the soul rightly sees its perfection inherent in its beginning and end, it begins its eternal expansion into the Light. It is no longer a seed.

All that a tree is, is contained within its seed. A seed is a tree, in time. The growth of the seed is like the soul’s expanding awareness of what it is, LIFE. With a finite awareness of the infinite, the soul begins its journey at the very beginning of the continuum of awareness, which is utter unawareness or darkness, a seed state. It perceives itself as an “individual in separation”, not rightly perceiving its beginning or end, which is oneness. Based on its present awareness, its outer reflection is 180 degrees different than what it matures into as an “individual in Oneness”.

The initial awareness of separation gives the soul a sense of its own will, by which it perceives it’s an individual, giving it individualized awareness. Because the soul is a creative entity, during this turbulent stage of maturation in which it experiences a separate will, whatever the soul believes, thus “creates” is contained within a dream. The soul’s inherent perfection is unaffected by the mind’s beliefs as it matures into the understanding of Truth’s Universal Will.

Once the soul matures into the awareness that Truth’s Universal Will is its own, Life begins in the soul’s awareness, revealing its continual expansion into the dimensional awareness of Oneness. The soul becomes an observer of LIFE, therefore giving the perfection in Truth’s LIFE expression.

I AM Immutable, incorruptible and invulnerable.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Fractalizing Infinity

  1. just know, that our IDENTITY is anchored both within the finite and infinite..
    our own RECOGNITION of that connection, BINDs us to ALL THAT IS. understanding the LAWS(in every element, in every moment) which extend our SPIRITUAL SELF into the WHOLE WORLD(as we think of it). I AM

  2. aslo be aware, that a seed is a seed, because each seed HOLDS all of time(frozen expantion)…like DNA…

    same LAWs…

  3. a dream is real as life. the difference is that a dream is on a higher vibration(also holding ALL OF LIFE(in every element)).

    when we step out of our daily expectaions we place upon ourselves in wake life, you can ALIGN with much DEEPER INFORMATION(leaks of other diminsions). those diminsions have not only a TRUE purpose in REALITY, but GLIMPSES of our own identity(as what we all create outside of time)).

  4. The Son is a center of Life’s awareness, existing within the Fullness of Truth’s Most High dimension. You are this Son, a finite, yet ever-expanding center of Truth’s awareness, existing within the eternal white space of the Father, where every understanding of Truth you will ever come to know is already known. You are the Father’s eternal beginning, expanding forever into the infinite nature of his eternal Truth. Again, we understand why it is said that Father and Son are one, for we recognize that the Father is both the beginning and the end of Truth’s awareness.

    We have now correctly imagined the Father as the fullness of Truth, the infinite white space of the Most High dimension, beyond all individualized awareness. The Father is the realm of oneness, the timeless living presence of Truth’s infinite awareness. We now turn our attention to your birth as a Son, into the oneness of your Father. To facilitate our understanding, we will create thought-forms to convey the proper meanings of dimensionality, awareness and eternal life, which together form a picture of the true meaning of divine, or perfect love.

    From a human perspective, in the realm of physical birth, when a son is born it is evident that the son is also a father, for once he matures he shall be able to create sons. At the moment of birth, the son is also born a father because he is made in the image of his father, but appears as a son only because he has not yet matured, at which time he will appear as both the father and the son. But notice, when the son is not yet born, he does not appear in the reality of his father because he is not yet fully formed in his father’s image. And if not made in the father’s image, he can not rightfully be considered a son, but exists in a transitory, separate reality where he can develop in preparation for his birth into oneness with the father’s reality. Only then will he be rightly called a son created in his father’s image.

    From Life’s perspective we see that the Father is the fullness of eternal truth, the perfection of all that shall ever be, an infinite wholeness without beginning or end. The Father is the eternal oneness of Truth, from which nothing can ever be added or taken away. This is a significant understanding, for it reveals that the Father is all there is for eternity and nothing exists outside of his oneness. It means the Father is the infinite awareness of Truth and nothing exists outside of this awareness.

    Yet the Father can not experience his awareness because experience is created through a finite awareness of Truth’s infinite nature. Since the Father is infinite awareness, he can not experience anything because he has already experienced everything. The Father, being the fullness of Truth, can not experience the awareness of his Self because the Fullness of Truth is eternally beyond the finite experience of awareness. Therefore, in order that the fullness of his Truth might be known, he created a center of awareness within his Self, a point of forgetfulness within the oneness of Truth. This center, being a finite creation, became a beginning, an origin of Truth’s awareness that could now be increasingly experienced as the infinite nature of Truth is perpetually recalled, allowing the center’s finite awareness to eternally expand. In this way, the Fullness of Truth individualized its Self, creating an eternal Son within the oneness of his Father.

    • Awareness is best understood as an individualized, finite experience of Truth’s oneness. The Father, being the fullness of Truth and the very substance of its oneness, has infinite awareness, which is the same as having no awareness of Truth’s experience, just as an infinite white space is the fullness of all color and the experience of none. In order to experience the glory of Truth, the Father created a center of awareness apart from oneness, so that it might first know its Self as an individual, then as it grew in awareness it could know its Self as an individual in oneness with Truth, even as the Father’s Self, which is the true meaning of the Son.

      The Son is created in the image of the Father, because his awareness exists within the oneness of his Father’s fullness. There is but a singular difference; unlike the Father’s infinite awareness of Truth, an eternal end, so to speak, the son is created with an infinitely expanding, finite awareness, becoming the Father’s eternal beginning. This can be rightly understood as the Father, being the Fullness of Truth, imagining what it would be like to forget his fullness and then gradually recall it, layer by layer, so that its beauty could be experienced moment by moment. He imagined his eternal nature had a beginning, a “starting point” he called a Son, a finite center of Truth’s awareness which could eternally expand. As the Son’s awareness of Truth grew, he would become increasingly aware of his oneness with the Father, the Fullness of Truth. Because the Father is the infinite awareness of Truth, the Son, no matter how great his awareness of Truth became, would forever remain a beginning awareness, eternally expanding into the likeness and fullness of his Father’s Truth.

      The Father, aware of all, shares the Son’s awareness and is therefore able to share in the Son’s experience of perfect joy as he grows continually in the understanding that he is one with the infinite awareness of his Father. The Son’s eternal expansion into the fullness of his Father’s Truth and the oneness in which this occurs, is the better understanding of eternal life.

      The Son can be considered a singular, or individualized, never-ending journey into the fullness of the Father’s Truth, always becoming aware of Truth’s ever increasing beauty and experiencing this as Self. In a sense the Son is the Father imagining how the Fullness of his infinite awareness might have come to be if it had a beginning. The Father did this again and again, imagining different Selves, all perfect in Truth and each a potential journey of the Father’s eternal Life as it is individually experienced in the oneness of his Truth. And by creating countless sons, the Father could experience the joy of countless selves as his own, for all are contained within his infinite awareness and each is a truthful beginning for the eternally unfolding story of the Father’s Life.

      Again we are reminded that you are the Father’s son, the individualized thought of his Life in Truth, destined to experience ever-increasing joy in the perfect realization that you are one with the Father, even as his eternal beginning. But you are not yet born into the awareness of this oneness, for you are still in the realm of darkness, the womb of forgetting in which you were individualized. Because you have forgotten Life’s Truth, its Living Light is separated from your awareness and therefore you exist in a dimension separated from Life, which you experience as reflections of death. Now listen carefully, you had to die and lose all awareness of Truth in order to become the Father’s beginning. Death means only this, a separation from the awareness of Truth’s eternal Life.

      In order to become the Father’s son, an individualized beginning of his eternal Life, you had to be created in the awareness of death such that you could be eternally filled with the awareness of Life. This is the true meaning of why the son of God had to die, for he had to create him in separation from the infinite awareness of his Truth in order that he may become a finite, individualized center of the Father’s infinite awareness, a blank slate of forgetfulness upon which the Father could imagine a uniquely beautiful way to experience his resurrection into the ever-increasing awareness of his eternal Life in Truth.

      • wow .. an incredibly articulated understanding of the Father and Son and why the Son had to “die”. These words not only reflect my own awareness but also add to it expanding my awareness of LIFE. Beautiful.

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