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The soul’s created reality mirrors time’s energetic reflection and always returns what the soul gives it. When we honor this wisdom, we honor Truth’s LIFE that gives us LIFE.

The cumulative experience of reality, the spherical body of the one self, reflects the energetic vibration each fractalized soul gives to it that the soul, as the One Self, may receive what it needs to awaken. Through this wisdom, the soul perceives what it needs to in order to make its transition from linear time, a dimension of corrupted energy, to spherical time, a dimension of harmonious energy, that allows for the expression of Truth’s LIFE, the soul’s eternal expansion.

In the paradigm of linear time, the soul’s reality reflects images of free will’s discordant energy, like irritation, resentment, anger, self-degradation, lack, criticism, lovelessness, and isolation, because the soul has accepted these attributes as a part of its “I Am name”. As the soul awakens to a truth-filled awareness of its I Am Name, it begins to perceive its divine attributes, unalterable by time. In this awareness, discordant energies can no longer cling to the soul’s I Am Presence, therefore this awareness is the beginning of their dissolution, and the turbulent reality they manifest. The soul undergoes a purification of all discordant energies, transitioning it into a spring of Truth’s life-giving energy.

Because the Truth within the individualized soul is divine love, it comes to desire the release of these energies. Though dissonant, some of these energies are hard for the soul to release. Having been sown in a world of a combative free will, some of these energies, like anger and criticism, give the soul a sense of illusionary power and protection. However per the law of creation, in which what the soul gives, it receives, when the soul holds onto these energies they become self-destructive forces to the spherical self.

Through divine humility that comes from recognizing the source of these energies, the soul begins to push through the veil of misunderstanding surrounding its I Am name, which caused it to project these corrupted, energetic images upon reality’s spherical screen. In the awareness of the law of creation, the soul’s desire to love perfectly by giving the utmost goodness to all supersedes any desire to hold onto disharmonious vibrations.

In the divine desire to be an extension of Divine Love for all, by which the soul intimately experiences this love, it willingly releases all corrupted energy by acting in divine trust. As a catalyst to Divine Love’s transformative grace, Divine Trust is a powerful creative act of living faith, cultivated by listening to the Voice of Truth within. Together Divine Trust and Transformative Grace purge the harmful energies from within the soul’s mind and emotions, thus removing them from the soul’s spherical self. The soul is carried over the infinite chasm between linear time and spherical time, bringing forth the Light seen within into the outer reflection of time.

During this purification, the soul encounters reflections in its reality that reveal its illegitimate frequencies. These situations require the soul to embrace Divine Trust in ways it never has before, so that it FULLY trusts in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time.

These reflections serve as a catalyst to move the soul into a depth of trust it wouldn’t have gone otherwise. It’s the push of divine love’s spherical time, as reflected in the world, helping the soul to escape the shell of linear time by exposing the veil of darkness that covered the mind’s eye, distorting its perceptions, and creating a reality of suffering instead of experiencing Truth’s LIFE stream. As the soul begins to witness Divine Trust’s life-giving effects, its desire to divinely trust expands, becoming a consuming flame within its spherical reality.

When acting in Divine Trust, the soul doesn’t try to control time or any person or event in time, a type of control that originates discordant energies. Instead, the soul focuses its intention, attention and thoughts into being a conscious fourth level creator, in which it ultimately creates by the power of its I Am Name. In this, the soul trusts the presence of Divine Love to perfectly orchestrate time according to its true name. Therefore, the soul no longer tries to force or control situations to produce a specific outcome, but watches Divine Love’s grace fill the present moment as she brings forth the perfect solution in the perfect timing that serves the highest good for all. In this awareness of a perfection beyond its own understanding, the soul embraces Divine Trust and experiences a deep healing as all corrupted energy is transposed into the life-giving energy of its sacred Self, which is the soul’s reflection of timeless perfection. As a result, all in the soul’s reality begins to heal, renew and regenerate, bringing forth its immortal beauty. In this, the soul’s desire to love perfectly forms a gateway for Truth’s expansion, reflecting the utmost goodness for all.

The soul’s reality and the time in which it exists, is a mirror that reveals the soul’s oneness with creation, by the energy it gives and receives. The soul’s reflective reality reveals its mis-creations so it can release them into the purifying fire of divine trust. By the life given through divine trust and transformative grace grow the buds of Truth’s divine beauty.

This is the time of regeneration. The old, corrupted systems are breaking apart as the new ones arise in the truth-filled awareness of the living gates, who are giving all to all in divine trust, allowing Truth’s LIFE stream of perfecting divine energy to flow into time. As the soul joins in oneness to this life-giving presence, it ascends into the dimension of spherical time where it can experience its oneness with Truth’s Will and Divine Love.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Guiding Reflections

  1. Guiding Reflections. Even though i understand the NEED of riding bad entitys(still a reflection of religion), this is not what its all about.

    ALL ENERGY IS IMPORTANT(what we put through that energy is also important).
    what i mean is that even in bad energy, there is LIFE. Outside of time, that LIFE requires all ROUTEs to our consiousness.
    when we SUPPRESS the LACK, we are also cutting off Routes to Life.

    we have to see LIFE IN ALL in order for the energy to LEAK(bleed) into other deminsions.

    TRUST allows these bad energys to come through, but also that TRUST allows the bad energy to TRANSFORM into greatness.

    when we suppress the bad, we also suppress some aspects of ourselves(we have to let ALL OF LIFE FLOW THROUGH)

    the definition of BLOOD is flow(of life).

    ANOTHER WAY TO THINK OF IT.. think of the connections needed for TELEPATHY TO TAKE PLACE.

    on the high vibrations, we laugh, we joke, we build, we clean.
    on the lower vibrations, we reject, we deny, we refuse, we seperate.

    now, for TELEPAATHY to take place, we need to RECOGNIZE ALL THE VIBRATIONS(see deeper communications and understandings).

    if we dont allow ALL ENERGYS to come through, then imagine speaking with some of the letters of the alphabet missing.
    each VIBRATIONS is required for t he BEST COMMUNICATIONS of all the moving parts(we share in one consiousness).

    • When you accept “bad energy” and “lack” as good and useful, you invite it into your world. It is certainly your choice to do so, but it is not helpful. For example, you once described that you had a flat tire and it distressed you so much that you asked about its meaning. Yet the answer you received was based on your current belief that “bad energy is used to transform into greatness”. Therefore, you learned that this distressing situation was given to you in order to reveal a need for new brakes. You were grateful because you believed the distressing situation led to peace. Yet, could you have received the revelation about your need for new brakes through a peaceful situation? Of course, but only if you had previously refused to allow bad energy into your world. So long as you continue to honor and trust in “bad energy”, you invite the disharmonious situations it creates to continually appear in your life. Harmony is not born of disharmony, it is rather HIDDEN by it.

      A distressing event, lack, or so called “bad energy” is only needed to reveal the disharmony you’ve inadvertently created so that you may learn how it was created and consciously prevent it from appearing again. You have the power to do so, if you choose. Consciously reject all harmful and disharmonious situations when they appear, recognizing they are no longer needed. In so doing you close the door to distress, allowing unshakable peace to grow in your world, even to the extent that it harmonizes the worlds of others.

  2. again, through the Eternal, ALL things are happening all at once. there is a 2 way communications between the SOULS(which we are bound to), and our own Identity. the BAD is self. your HEART is outside of time, and affects all of t ime. you have to LISTEN to all energy.

    when you reject bad, condemn bad, catagorize bad, then YOU HELP PROMOTE BAD(that seperation, that rejection, all things that are bad), but when you see LIFE, even in the bad, than that bad transforms into something of wonder.

    Imagine how all people have been convinced they are bad(so idles can be all good). in this situation, all men being bad, will never reach the soul.

    If you see good, in those who are bad, you help them ALIGN with the good in all.

    a snake does not see itself as bad(and it isnt), but as humans, that of which is not bad, turns bad(because we say it is).

    we gotta LOVE even the lack, the rejection, the seperation, because it will be this LOVE(of), in which will DIRECT THAT ENERGY.

    no etternal being rejects any energy, because that rejection will promote the negativity in those bad creations.

    again, even as we stay away from religion, it still tends to have a hold on our thinking….

  3. The “bad” is not real for it has no truth in it … and yet we see its illusionary presence because we once believed it was real within ourself, therefore our mind’s eye projected it outward giving rise to our spherical reality. As we see the light within, we realize there is only light. The real within becomes more than the “real” without. We begin to see the light in ALL through this living faith, a seeing that is first within before it is without. As we begin to put our intention, attention and thoughts upon our living faith, it energetically begins to alter the corrupted pixels we once projected outwardly through a faulty perception of the self. What was once corrupted begins to transform into the incorruptible.

  4. Remember also, that EVERY EVENT ON EARTH(word of god(all men)) reveals our own hearts to us(holy spirit).
    we see all of time(our own heart), through every event on earth. Everything we talk about will be seen through glimpses throughout the world. the ideas shared are not just ideas given, but LIVE EVENTS that are revealed through the whole world(fleshly heart).

    if it seems for example that the world is against you, then you spent to much time fighting the world(yourself).
    if you love life, but chaos is all around us, then we tended to BLOCK OUT that of which is surrounding us(why we must not ignore any energy).
    we have to LISTEN to our heart(by listening to the holy spirit that lives within the whole world(the holy spirit is father TIME itself).

    now if our heart is GOOD in the moment, but the world shows a bad heart, then our FUTURE is at steak, as we can see what is to come(through the world).

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