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Dream Weaver


As the Spirit of truth and love shapes our souls, he weaves his will and desires into the fabric of our being. These become our dreams, consuming passions, callings, and life purposes. Thus, he accomplishes his purposes through us.

Woven into the fabric of my soul is the dream for all of creation to abide in immortal harmony, which is created by the governance of divine love.

The human soul suffers for a lack of divine love, thus all of creation suffers. This divine love is always present as a guide and counselor to our weary souls. But to BE this love, its likeness, it expression, and its very substance isn’t easily manifested, for it comes in unison with divine will (perfect judgment), which requires a relinquishing and nullifying of our self-driven “free”-will.

I long for all of us to be of divine love’s likeness; souls of divinity and not souls of depravity. And for me this hope lives for this realm, not for or only for the hereafter. I understand some of the essential reasons for our soul’s journey through this land of illusions in the shadows of death, but that doesn’t diminish my hope and pursuit of what this love promises for and to the human soul.

Divine love draws me continually closer to it, and gives me hope that its workings will accomplish what it set out to do. It will not fail. So, I keep preserving and persisting into the hope that has been knit into my soul’s perceptions; perceptions that have become more real to me than the reality I face each day.

To BE this love of divinity is the true freedom of the human soul, thus for all of creation.

Above is a glimpse into what the hand of divinity has woven into my soul. Therefore, my perceptions and understandings are shaped by and around it. I share it with you, because it establishes a framework and foundation for my posts.

In this mortal realm, the human soul reigns with an absence of divine love as a part of its character. Daily my longing grows for divine love to reign in and through the human soul, which means that we have an oneness with our Creator, who is love.

Over the years, I’ve come to give everything for this calling upon soul, and gladly. Though giving everything for what has not yet materialized is a difficult place to reside at times, and many times lately. Yet, at the precipice of reality, in the space between the unseen and seen, is the place where dreams are made. We must press into this unseen point of inception for our hopes to become a reality. And for me this edge is found in the private chambers of the innermost soul where the only One who can manifest this dream is found and encountered.

Though the promises of divine love continually encourage my soul, I feel trapped in this in-between place; a place between a world of illusions and a world of beautiful concepts that words aren’t fit to express. So currently, I feel like a prisoner of hope. Because of my hope, my life is a seesaw. On one day, my soul soars at the magnificence of these beauties I perceive with my soul. These concepts of love are so sublime that they alter my desires, my longings, how I spend my time and how I live my life. Yet, on another day, my soul wallows from my outward experiences that only reveal the same old illusions and shadows. On these days I feel lovesick.

The essence of my dream is simple; love. Love is simple in what it is; but not simple in how we come to understand it, or to be it.

The more I learn the more everything comes back to this defining attribute. The attribute that defines every other characteristic of eternity, for God is love. To understand that God is love to any depth we have to understand a bit of the nature of God as well as his divine, perfect, pure love. In both of these areas we only gain hazy understandings through revelation in conjunction with personal experience, but this is our starting point. To know God we have to become a part of him, therefore a part of his defining attribute; divine love. This is why to know him is eternal life, for when we know him it is because we are a part of him, which is immortality. Thus, one reason the statement, God is love, has minimal impact in the world is because its not intimately known by the soul.

Interestingly, though we may not understand his love as it is further masked by our false self-judgments, it’s interesting to me how we yearn to be embraced by a perfect love; unconditional, unwavering, consistent and constant. This longing is the “calling” that we have within us … our Father is calling us back into himself to be an extension of his spirit and no longer wanderers in the deserts of the self “free”-will.

When we are this divine love, then we perceive God as he is, though our perception is always expanding. Thus, the journey of our soul is to become this love. Not just live by its counsel and guidance, which we can do now, but to be it through and through. So we start here at the beginning, before life, in the land of the shadows of death learning by contrast, what love is and what it is not, pushing into the love that is our souls’ resting place.

I set out fourteen years ago to know God, and my soul seeking has led me to a God of divine, perfect, holy, and pure love. And my deepest yearning is for all of us to intimately know to him, thus become children of his likeness and for him to no longer be the “unknown God”, but the One intimately known and loved by all of Creation.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

21 thoughts on “Dream Weaver

  1. Your words are true and profound, Rachel. I must consciously make myself aware of the invisible presence of GOD, who is always with me, beating my heart 30,000 times each night as I lay unconscious and helpless to sustain my life. I especially make myself consciously aware of the invisible presence of God the Saviour, who is called “The Word of God,” as I read The Word of God. Consequently, deep insightful understandings of the verses are placed in my mind, by virtue of my faith that God will so deliver supernatural understanding. Once, for example, I asked God, with confidence in His answer: “What is the meaning of the paradoxical verse, ‘Many are called, but few are chosen’?” Miraculously, the thought lit up my mind: “Many are called, but few are chosen” to hear the call ! Then — to verify that miraculous thought gift — these verses of God’s Son came to my mind: “those who have ears to hear . . .” So, relax, clear out random thoughts, and simply imagine the reality of God’s invisible presence, and, with patience, you will be rewarded with the supernatural marriage which has always been silently beckoning you: to wed with God, in peace, serenity, insight, and love.
    Rachel, I will forward your message to my mailing list. JD

    • Such a beautiful love story. Harmony to my soul. ❤

    • Johndinardo, you say:

      Once, for example, I asked God, with confidence in His answer: “What is the meaning of the paradoxical verse, ‘Many are called, but few are chosen’?” Miraculously, the thought lit up my mind: “Many are called, but few are chosen” to hear the call !

      It is a wonderful thing to see the light in this verse.
      Many think that this statement is referring to salvation for “some” and a loss for others and being sent to a place of endless torment. This choosing being referenced to is a choosing for the high calling in Christ Jesus as you are alluding to. It has nothing to do with whether a person is saved or not for as it says “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive but Everyman in his own order. ”

      This is saying all will be saved but each in his calling and the order in which they are called. Salvation was a given before a person is born. Where a person is placed in this salvation is what is determined here on earth.

      The seeming contradiction of the scriptures for most people is that they are mistaking salvation for this high calling in Christ Jesus, the 100 fold, 144,000, overcomers, sons of God, etc. (All the same calling with different names) there is a hundred fold, a sixty fold and a thirty fold. So…as you allude to…it is true, many are called to the high calling in Christ Jesus but few are chosen. This is because most are not willing to “give up” all of their earthly ways. To give up and to lose all is not talking about worldy goods “necessarily” but all of our carnal ways. We must sacrifice “everything” that is not of God, the anger, jealously, un forgiveness, etc. ( all works of flesh) but most of all “blasphemy” which few understand what it actually is and how it prevents them from moving on in to this high calling.

      If you will notice the only times Christ really confronted others in a forceful way was when He was talking to the Pharisees which sat in the high places where only God was permitted. They took the place in people’s minds where only God should dwell. In the true temple in which we are and where we should only recognize God and not another “human being” which usurps the place of God drawing men unto themselves…or ourselves.

      When people begin sharing and teaching they tend to gain a following and if they are not careful they fall into the same pit as the Pharisees…they like being recognized and draw people to themselves…instead of teaching, as Paul, do not look at me, but look at who I am teaching about and follow Him.

      1 Cor. 1:12
      What I mean is that each one of you says, “I follow Paul,” or “I follow Apollos,” or “I follow Cephas,” or “I follow Christ.” Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?

      Paul is teaching do not follow the man, including Jesus Christ in the flesh…but follow Christ and His “ways”, then we become as He is. If we look to the flesh and look to the Jesus who walked the earth we will never see the Christ where He is today…in our very heart and being.

      The bible does seem contradictory in the natural real of understanding it but once we are enlightened to “see” the spiritual meaning of the natural, the natural means no longer what you thought it meant, for example, fire. Seeing the fire in the wrong context paints God as a cruel task master but once we see God as a “consuming fire” and that he will burn all the wood, hay and stubble (vanity) from our lives, thus leaving only the pure gold (spirit) of His likeness we see “fire” in the right light, a good thing.

      When we see God as only good and “all” His purpose as only good then, and only then can we see a oneness and purpose that is not divided. As some want to believe “one goes “up”here and one goes “down” there but this is the punderstanding of those who have not moved from a “thirty fold” (or natural) level of understanding. This is because God’s purpose for “all” is only good but “everyman in his own order.”

      When we “see” as He sees we see “one” plan where all benefit as having salvation…where in this salvation is where we may ask…to what calling are we called? To make our calling and election sure we must simply obey all that we know within the confines of what we are given.

      I hope this helps to confirm what I see you saying.

      In Christ

    • Hi John, Your comment is timely and interesting … as I was writing this blog .. when I wrote about the “call” on hearts is divine love calling us into itself and leaving our contrary will behind … those verses of Matthew came to mind .. many are called, but few chosen. Verses speak to each one of us differently at different times … but at this time it reminded me of how we must “choose” love for love is voluntary and when we do we “hear” the truth it speaks to us; the truths that change our desires and cause them all to serve love.


  2. I feel you are growing in stepping up to the utmost desire of a soul.

    • Hi, I reminded of these these words …

      “And who can say if your love grows
      As your heart chose, only time”

      I know divine love will have its perfect work in all our souls, for it is its nature.


  3. EW here. Rachel this is a great perception in knowing God. For, He does not want well programed-robots, or legalistic-bonded people. But, people that want to be in constant obedience to Him, simply because their love for Him is greater than love for one’s own life. — Thereby, I am beginning to see that I must love what He loves “people”! 

    • Hi EW, how true. I find that we learn the most about his divine love through the journey of developing a sincere eternal love for others. If he were a part of us, in us as we so often speak of, we would be loving every person in truth and sincerity of heart, for that is what his love would do. So, I find on our journey into this oneness with him, we learn what his love looks like and from the beautiful reflections we perceive, we desire to be this love. But currently, my desire is there but the capacity to love in such a way is not yet manifested. But I see that what is occurring in my soul and life is pushing me toward the capacity. 🙂

  4. Great exhortation. As always thanks for sharing Rachel! It so wonderful that through God’s Divine Love (Incarnation) , we now can be united with Him. To God be the glory forever!

    • Hi, As challenging as this experience through the shadows of death can be .. I’m thankful for the lessons learned in this place of contrasts, that we might be able to have a honest oneness of love with our Father who is love. To possess a bond of true love is to have a love born out of choice.

  5. i feel a kindred spirit. Love you Rachel with a divine love (cant explain) I feel connected. I see you progressing/ transitioning from the dis-harmonic 3-4 plain to the 5 dimension of Chrst-conciousness. Pioneer I say in mankind’s immortality! ” Take us there O’Great Spirit; Move us into other frequencies; bring more light into our souls – for Your Glory according Your Great Plan for the Ages’. Blessings . . .

  6. Our Father! This is where it begins again. Tears. Love. Wow. Woe.
    It’s travis. You re the symphony. You are real time IRL. Thank you. I …
    You have leaped frog-ed many or me for the first time. Just keep being nothing. You are doing his work when you don’t even know. Love. Wow. This reflection is deeper than anyone has been able to reflect back. Of course it’s who I am
    Thank you for letting it flow… Eternity has always been~ more on more. I hope you walk LIVE to the people live one day… your wortrh every penny. That penny flows thru you for even more amazing. no power no knowledge no money kept for the future. It just flows in abundance to the ones who need the light which flows thru you to others. a conduit.
    Documenting and teaching has the sacrifices of yourself lifting of the launch pad in that rocket. You are documenting the smoke. You are on the tip of the rocket. Launch Launch Launch. Dont look back the ones who see who are many many many will follow the one who does not take the credit. The leading Edge of God’s imagination~
    anyways. besides all that. Hope your doing good. LOL peace sis

  7. My (our Father) God. I will read this many thimes. Truly divine. Each sentence and word and letter~ There are many who may have more questions but I believe there are many more than that who have received affirmation from~ ty

  8. a see like Charlie Browns Clothes. He helps us smooth out those tangents. He for simpler terms. swEEt dreams

  9. Revelations of the Cross Stumbled on this one again~ wow Don’t erase this set of videos. They are a symphony that work in harmony for many…

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