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Gathering vs. Giving


Gathering vs. Giving

Mindsets of Divinity


These words are a reflection of one of my many lessons from the Spirit of Truth …

Mindset of Divinity

A mindset of divinity is one in which, among other identifiers, has every aspect of it connected to and driven by divine love. Every belief, desire, thought, and emotion is directed and governed by this pure love. Thus, there is no fear, but complete freedom and beauty in your individualistic expression. As your soul starts to become fashioned for divinity, you undergo preparations to possess this mindset.

In the endless flow of love that this mindset manifests, one attribute of this love is its giving nature. Thus, as your soul is prepared for this mindset of light, you learn and draw near to this truth in understanding and experience.

Gathering vs. Giving Mindset

One of the seemingly contradictions of truth is the relationship between giving and abundance, and gathering and lack. Yet here is why it isn’t a contradiction. True giving comes from an abundance mindset that inherently believes there is enough to share. This thinking, when in ALL areas of your life, creates an abundant soul state. A gathering mentality comes from a lacking or poverty mindset for it inherently believes there isn’t enough so you focus on gaining or getting, or succumbing to lack. This thinking creates a wanting soul state.

First, a gathering mindset can take on various perspectives, for example it can think in terms of entitlement, deserving, needing to be first, above others, and served, but it also can think in terms of being helpless, hopeless, in self-pity, stingy, giving only to receive, or not having what you “should have” or what others have. It’s a mindset of lack trying to gain or yielding to lack. A giving mindset doesn’t thinks in these constructs. “True” giving is done without any expectation of something in return. This authentic giving simply wants to give because it is a joy and delight to “increase” others’ lives in a way that nurtures them, including your own. Yes, you also give to yourself, and when it is of a true giving, thus in love, it is in balance and harmony with others. The only driver of the thoughts of a true giving mindset is love, pure and simple.

A gathering mentality spawns from fear and is perpetuated by fear. Where fear exists in your life is where gathering exists and each person has different fears. Thus, fear binds you to a gathering mentality, and fears can be very deep and pervasive in your consciousness. The only “force” or energy stronger than fear is love. Thus, overcoming fear is the work of your Spiritual Parent’s love in you. As awareness of his love for you expands, fear flees.

A true giving mindset comes from being connected in love, on the inside, to the infinite Source of all that is good, your Father, a Source that never runs dry, an everlasting wellspring. It isn’t about being “nice” or “moral”. You can be “nice” and “moral” by the world’s understanding and still have a gathering mindset. It’s about how you view your interactions with the elements around you.

It’s not the elements, whether physical or spiritual, in themselves that are “good” or “bad”, it is the energetic flow that your mind applies to them. When you try to gather or draw elements to yourself, you create an inward energetic flow that creates an insatiable black hole within your soul, like a light that is unplugged and not being a light at all, thus giving no light. However, when you give, you create an outward energetic flow in your soul that is an extension of the wellspring of your Source, like a light connected to a power source and radiating outward and providing light to those in its proximity.

You are either drawing elements to yourself, which is the expression of lust, or giving to others, which is the expression of love. Some areas you give and some you gather; it depends on your fears. So whether it is love, value, acceptance, money, possessions, security, family, friends, power, influence, importance, attention, personal “goodness”, knowledge, time, basically anything, a soul can either see as wanting to gather to itself or give to others. The energetic flow, whether inward or outward, determines whether you have satisfaction and contentment in these areas or not. For example, you can have more possessions and less satisfaction in those possessions than someone who has fewer possessions yet more satisfaction in them because of the energetic flow ascribed to them.

Thus, gathering creates a black hole in your soul that takes from you and everything around you, versus giving creates a wellspring that nourishes you and all around you. If you continue to gather then you’ll always lack in some way, if you give then you’ll grow in greater awareness of the abundance you possess through your Source who only loves, thus constantly gives. Because one is an energetic flow toward you and the other is a flow outward from you, you can’t do both at the same time. As you learn and experience this mindset, you discover the equilibrium and contentment that comes from it in regards to your material world and your world within.

As you begin to understand this dynamic AND as you increase in a sincere love, you begin to experience a transition into this giving mindset. The transition is not always immediate or easy because of your fears. Yet, if you desire to love, thus desire to give, your awareness of love will grow and pull you through your fears, by facing them head on and consuming them until they are no more. Without fear to stop-up the wellspring inside, it starts to flow and that in turn helps you to overcome the next fear until there are no more fears. Fear is fully extinguished when you are in a complete oneness with the love flowing from your Source, your Creator, your Father of Lights.

If you feel “wanting” in an area in your life, it is revealing your fears, thus also where you are trying to gather. Also, you try to control where and when there is fear because you are trying to avoid certain outcomes of fear. As you experience these preparations in the various areas of your life, you see this dynamic touches all areas of your life and its preparatory process is an individual one. Everyone starts in a gathering mindset of varying expressions. But as you go through this transition, you slowly begin to shift until your preparations become promises fulfilled, and you are one with your Source; the wellspring of life.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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    • I’m repulsed… This is beyond insanity. Demeaning and then playing nice.. The same old manipulative tactic truly thier is nothing new under the sun

  1. Hi Rachel!
    E.W. here. I have been relating to your recent postings. They help me to keep a proper prospective of the Father’s desire for man. For, I have a never-ending desire to know God in truth. WESTBOW Press has published a small book of my discoveries called “SPIRIT REVEALING”. I have desire to give a copy to every person that would read it. However, no gain from the book will go into my pocket, but All will go to what God has said to take care of.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    E.W. here, no site yet. I am a caveman living in a cyber world. Thankfully, the Lord understands both! I hope you will ask your book store for the little book that you may see where the Spirit has lead me in study. It has continent that you have never heard before, but the scripture and history is recorded that one may come to their own understanding. For that is the goal of the book: to build a thought process in as many people as possible.

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