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Moving into the Light:

A Life-Giving Reality


Here are some of my contemplations of late that are so powerful and life-giving I had to share them with you. This exposition is brief as I’m in the middle of a lot of transitions with my move, but if you are ready, it will resonate deeply and spark further instruction from the Spirit. If not, it serves as a future signpost as to where you are headed as you continue to seek in truth and spirit.

All is consciousness. There is only God’s consciousness.

Any thought that there is separation from his divine consciousness is a lie; for separation in divine love (the core attribute of the divine consciousness) is impossible. However, since all is consciousness, if the lie is believed, then the mind creates an illusionary reality around that lie. As a result, we experience and live the illusion instead of the truth. This is the manifestation of the “darkness”.

To dwell in the light is to see God’s reflection (the divine consciousness) in every pixel of reality; in all inanimate and animate objects, people and situations. When we perceive our reality in this way, then our reality reflects back to us the divine consciousness because it is flowing through our consciousness, thus we are manifesting it.

In this perception of light, we believe thus experience a reality that comforts, supports and helps us. We no longer disdain ourselves, others, or anything of our reality but begin to infuse every aspect of our reality with the attributes of the divine consciousness, thus it begins to reflect those qualities. We believe thus experience our reality and all it contains is for us and not against us. We believe thus experience the “I” in us is for us and not against us. Small alternations in our beliefs alter our experience, and our new experience enhances our belief; one feeds the other. The more we see our reality supporting us the more it does and this in turn increases our belief. By this cyclical pattern, our beliefs thus consciousness change and begin to grow in the light.

The initial step into the light is one of a living faith; a faith crafted in us by the Spirit of Truth. We believe what we don’t yet see. When this faith is matured, it begins the initial creation of a reality of light.

Like a seed, the darkness is our starting point. But when our season of growth comes, we begin to grow toward the light, then we grow in the light. The darkness is a necessary part of our journey, but our life is in the light.

In this dynamic, we begin to perceive the divine consciousness working in every detail. When the eye is full of light, so is our whole reality…

“If therefore your eye is good (clear) your whole body is full of light.” Matthew 6:22

In this shift of consciousness from darkness to light, our reality begins to bless us and we leave the desert and enter the fertile land where life grows.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “Moving into the Light

  1. Hi Rachel, E.W. here. If you are saying, “God posted and we accepted”. Then I am understanding.

  2. Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  3. Gods plan from the beginning of our soul sleep state was to awaken us from our slumber in darkness, to his marvelous light of loves perfection. giving us a supreme experience of a living breathing divine reality of his glory in us …. and trust me its just the very start of us being co creators in his unspeakable wonders of wonders amen .

    • Hi Amos …

      Truly amazing. Just this morning I was thinking about the significance of us being creators and that creative quality being a fundamental reason we go through this soul journey of experiencing what we create at various levels of awareness. I also see how belief is at the heart of what we create and again the depth of what Jesus said in John 6:29.

  4. Creators? All that our pattern and example “is” what we willalso be “if” we are called to do so. The sons of God are many and many can do much more than one. This is why Jesus said “greater works shall you do”. Put another way many sons can do much more creating and expanding th Father’s kingdom than one son. The allegories throughout the scriptures says just this. To see what the “sons” will be doing all we have to do is to look at what “the ” Son “”has” done. We should not belittle God’s plan by not accepting what we can be. Let this mind be in you worship him is also in Christ Jesus….also a creating mind. An example is an example pe what is to be.

    God is an awesome and loving Father.

  5. You say:

    “We no longer disdain ourselves, others, or anything of our reality but begin to infuse every aspect of our reality with the attributes of the divine consciousness, thus it begins to reflect those qualities. We believe thus experience our reality and all it contains is for us and not against us. ” end quote

    This is because we see nothing but the love of God in everything and in everyone that exist with no thought of separation into classes of good and evil because all will be ultimately good. When evil has served it’s purpose nothing will be left but a oneness of all things…including ourselves with all others that has ever lived.

    When we are given the ability to “”see” we see God’s completed plan and will disdain nothing as you say. We will love all the good and evil people for what we do not see in others that is not good in the now we can and will see the potential love, likeness and character in all, in each person’s timing and calling. There is nothing lost in reality for evil is temporary and fleeting but the love of God is without end…and a gain for all.

    It is impossible to love as we should without knowing just how good our Father is. He “is” all love. It is a pleasant knowing to know the love that God has for “the least of these”, ourselves included.

  6. Seeing that “all” things are of God is a blessing indeed.

  7. Just beautiful. God have mercy on us. It is today again. Thank you with love.

  8. This moving into the light was so clearly illustrated in the dream I shared with you, wouldn’t you say Rachel? It’s so thrilling to know there is so much light ahead for ALL of us created beings, each in our own and beautifully planned out perfect timing. My heart bursts with joy just thinking about it. 🙂

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