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As a creator within the Creator, our mind’s function is to transmute the energetic vibrations of Truth into Utmost Good, in which all of creation continually expresses and experiences Truth’s divine attributes.

We are an integral part of creating the Utmost Good. Without the active engagement of our mind, which sits as a gate between the uncreated and the created, Absolute Truth’s Perfection remains unexpressed potentials.

Our I AM is the way Truth’s Utmost Good is expressed.

We may desire to manifest the Utmost Good for all, which is to divinely love, but until we ascend the primordial staircase and enter into the borderlands, “how to perform what is good we do not find.” A mind overgrown with a thought-system of opposites continually manifests opposing attributes that cause disharmony, creating a continual stream of destructive emotional/energetic qualities. Even though we don’t desire any form of suffering, the mind’s eye outwardly projects what it inwardly perceives as true, and when it possesses a belief in suffering it projects discordant vibrations into reality that manifest suffering in endless ways. Bound in a destructive belief system, it’s impossible for a discordant mind to express Absolute Goodness, thus divine love.

When the mind accepts relative truth and denies Absolute Truth, it denies creation the expression and experience of the immutable, divine attributes. Conversely, when the mind accepts Absolute Truth and denies relative truth, it gives creation the experience of divine love, manifesting Perfection’s reflections. Therefore, through the mind’s metamorphic transition from relative truth to Absolute Truth, we find the ability to bring forth the Utmost Good that defines Perfection.

As the mind’s understanding of Truth expands, the living thought-system established on constructs and laws of Absolute Truth, illuminates the mind with Living Light. As Living Light, which is Truth-filled awareness directed by the Divine Will, fills our mind’s eye it energetically endows the mind with divine harmony and infinite intelligence. These harmonizing energies of the Divine Will govern the mind’s thought energy. As a result, we experience harmonious thoughts that support the Highest Good for all.

This thought energy engages the outer reality as we rest in divine emergence, which allows the all-knowing Divine Will to manifest the perfect potential in every moment for the collective whole. Through emergence, we are a recipient of Truth’s harmonizing energetic vibration, and we are the way it’s extended into reality. As a result, Living Light energetically fills creation, which is a deeper understanding of God being ALL in ALL. Living Light harmonizes the energy in things, events, people and creation, which brings forth healing and renewal, revealing Perfection’s reflection.

Through the borderlands this understanding of how we manifest the Utmost Good becomes active in our mind. As our mind fully integrates into the living thought-system, we go through a conscious exchange of thought energy. Our mind shifts from thoughts stemming from relative truth, which propagate duality and disharmony, TO those reflecting absolute Truth, which manifest singularity and harmony. This exchange is our mind’s daily activity as it makes its metamorphic transition into being the way by which Living Light is expressed. Therefore, we cease to judge what is good based on outer appearances as if we were subservient to reality. Instead we increasingly possess harmonizing thought energy that through emergence manifests the Utmost Good in the realm of outer appearances. As a result, our mind no longer subjects itself to its mis-creations, but begins to govern reality as a conscious creator.

Our mind is lifted into oneness with our Higher Self (Spirit of Christ) by which it has creative power over all things. Our I Am presence becomes one with the I Am of God, so that it functions as the Mighty I Am, which is the way Truth’s Perfection is expressed and experienced. Through this oneness, our emergent words, choices and actions support the Utmost Good, leading to immutable peace, harmony, joy and every divine attribute.

Our mind’s purpose is to extend Truth’s living vibration from the Creator into creation. Through the mind’s metamorphic transition from relative truth to Absolute Truth, it becomes a ray of light radiating Absolute Truth’s harmonizing action of divine love into creation, revealing Perfection’s reflection.

For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells; for to will is present with me, but how to perform what is good I do not find. ~ Romans 7:18

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” ~ John 14:6

My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you ~ Galatians 4:19

Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

17 thoughts on “I Am the Way

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  2. A bridge I cherish. Thankful for you~


  3. Thank you! ________________________________

  4. to fine tune our awareness a bit more, and bring in greater depths of awareness, id like to show you the life that is within EVERY CELL of existance.

    to do that, what i do is compare the whole world, and how it moves to a very small tiny cell(DNA).

    first ,think of the planet earth as being one gigantic cell. within this cell we call earth, we have so much consiousness interacting with eachother. we have people, and bugs and animals all with their own consiousness, just as great as our own.
    there are holidays and cycles of life that we all share within our own different and similar ways.

    NOW, each living cell that moves throughout even just your own body, hold within it, just as much LIFE…
    each cell within the ALL THAT IS, is so much FULL OF LIFE. even the emptyness of nothing ess of which you call space has so much life flowing through it..

    Your own IDENTITY brings all these intertwining lifes together. again, LOVE is the small est element that is within ALL ELEMENTS.
    there is LIFE in everything. when u come to the understanding of everything being alive, then u can further understand the true laws hidden beneith what you call COOINCIDENCE..
    and also know how all of time and space is happening all at the same time(definition of WORD is GLOBAL EVENT).
    the purpose of WORD, is that everything we all do, affects eachother and also the LIFE within every cell(why its important to connect with the devine).

    instead of destroying reality, we must allways give, as it is that GIVING(Through te devine(eternal father), that allows even YOUR OWN LIFE to manifest through…

  5. Electric shock from static electricity shows christ and satan in their original form before religion came about(through law of opposing forces in action).

    law of opposing forces is what allows that shock to draw items towards us before that electric spark(there are no people in the bible).

    in my own home, when i place on steel toed shoes and walk around, i constantly get static shocks.
    One day, i chose to experiement with that shock. and instead of becoming shocked by static electricity, i get close without touching.
    before that spark, Items tend to move towards us(preshock). when i make the static charge bigger and stronger, then i can pull items from a distance(maket things move).

    this awareness, shows what christ and satan really are(law of opposing forces). Before religion, everyone lived by Eternal Laws.
    it is these laws that u can see within a static spark(same laws also followed by MIND ENERGY). two charged items has a SPIRITUAL Layer of energy. It is called spirit because our HEART is bound to our mind through the energys.

    every Concept flowing around EARTH is bound to the TIMELESS and TIMED state.

    our own identy is seen through the world(from heart) in every person and event on earth.
    when u live within these laws, you know longer live as man, but as eternal BROTHERS..

    each of us is part of one SPIRITUAL BODY(we share in ONE HEART(having foothold in the MAN world(timed), a nd the ETERNAL world(timeless aka heaven on earth)..

    these laws can be seen and understood t hrough that electric shock(if you truly know the laws)…
    you dont have to get shocked by static electricity, but CHARGE Your AURA(so it can constantlty GIVE TO THE ELEMENTS)…

  6. Imagine the VIbrations and the SPINING of your own Source. how these sources interact with all that is(outside of time).

    as we charge our own AURA(so to speak from kenetic energy), each VIBRATION is like a doorway as you are alligning with MANY doors(of the mind).

    your true self lives in spirit as you are just an alignement of your own heart(glues everyting together(forms the earth)),.

    there are MANY LAYERS to our own identity, as u awaken to recognize your spirit(in things around u(the spirit plays things out in time))..

    • rich thoughts peeking into the depth of our oneness as the one SELF … thanks Antihacker. Vibration like a doorway … very thought provoking perspective.


    Recall that timelessness is preexistent and can be considered the formless realm that contains every potential for Truth’s expression in the moment prior to its reflected form. To help your finite mind understand the infinite, timeless realm of Truth, imagine you stand outside the door of an enormous warehouse. The door, being closed, prevents you from seeing what is contained within it.

    Imagine now a guide, who standing beside you says, “This is a very special warehouse, for it contains all things that were, are and ever will be.”

    “My dear friend,” you reply, “surely you are making a joke, for though this warehouse is the largest I’ve ever seen, I know it is not near large enough to contain all things that ever were, are now and ever will be.”

    The guide smiled and said, “You perceive the warehouse has dimension because you stand in the realm of time. All that is reflected in time possesses a finite dimension and it is for this reason that the warehouse appears to you as a large structure of definitive size. Beyond the door, the warehouse exists in timelessness, where only potentials exist, having no form and therefore no dimension. Thus it is not size that is needed to contain all that ever was, is and will be, but rather timelessness”.

    “My good sir, you are indeed a baffling fellow, for what you say now is even more odd than what you said at first. Explain yourself!”

    “Quite right”, the guide affirmed, “it is difficult to explain the infinite nature of timelessness to a mind which knows only time. It is far better to demonstrate, in order for you to learn through experience.” And with that the guide bids you come closer to the door where you see a large red button. “This button will open the door so that you may look inside and see all that ever was, is and shall be. But first, think for a moment and tell me of a thing this warehouse could not possibly contain.”

    “I do not need a moment”, you reply hastily, “for I am certain this warehouse does not contain a live hippopotamus.”

    The guide smiled and pressed the large red button, opening the door to reveal the contents of the warehouse. Peering inside you see not a single hippopotamus, but a good number of them, including little ones. There are no interior walls, but rather a large river flowing through an endless landscape of hills covered in trees. Birds fly in a clear blue sky and a host of other animals appear to make their home in this strange world beyond the door.

    The guide again pressed the button, closing the door and leaving you once again standing outside the mysterious warehouse.

    “Do not be alarmed, for remember that I told you that the door opens to the timeless realm of potential, where all that is, was and ever shall be, currently exists. You witnessed but the choosing of a single potential. Choose again and let us take another look inside.”

    “But…how can this be?”, you say after a moment when words finally return to your mind. “I see that this warehouse is large, but it is surely not large enough to contain the entire world I just now saw within!”

    The guide stood smiling, saying nothing.

    You look at the guide for a moment, his calm smile seeming to imply he could not be shaken. “I do not know what any of this means, but let me now see a fully inflated, hot air balloon.”

    The guide pressed the large red button and it seemed as if a window in the sky had opened. Looking within you see nothing but clear blue sky, and the outlines of distant clouds. Your gaze seems to draw you inward and you recognize the faces of several friends. “Have you ever seen anything so marvelous?”, one of them says to you.

    “What?” you reply in surprise, “you can see me?”

    “See you?” your friend says, laughing, “why would I want to look at you when I can look at all of this!”

    You are suddenly startled by the loud roar of flame, feeding hot air into the gaping mouth of an enormous hot air balloon. You are suddenly aware of the large basket in which you and your friends are standing while you float high above the ocean shore, the sun setting gloriously behind shimmering orange clouds. You look out to see a multitude of other balloons that seem to hang in the sky all around you. You place your hands atop the thick edge of the sturdy basket and soak up the beauty of the moment, feeling the breeze across your face.

    “You’re right, it’s marvelous!” you say to your friend as you turn back around. But instead you see the smiling face of your guide, and find yourself once again outside the closed door of the warehouse. “Sir,”, you say, now smiling even more broadly than the guide, “you have outdone yourself! That was truly remarkable. I didn’t just see a hot air balloon, I experienced it! It was beautiful in every way and I even shared the experience with my closest friends. It seemed like a perfect moment!”

    “You are quite right,” said the guide, “for all that is created in the timelessness beyond this door reflects the perfection of its source.”

    • thoughtware, i now see your gift. i always seen it, but now, i can describe it.
      the way i see a gift in a person, is how that person connects with its surroundings(thourgh their(our) greater self)(the holy spirit)(the spirit of truth)(the ETERNAL HEART).

      what i see in you, is that you take the deepest of every being, and you BIND them together. you form an art that even BRINGS OUT our own CLARITY(multidementional THOUGHT). you say to me, what i say to me, but with rachaels ideas added, and sonny’s ideas added, and everyone elses.. you do this to others, and you give life to the elements as there are many worlds and elements. this is a GIFT OF GOD. (notice god is not the same as religion god). GOD is all of mankind. and the HUMAN HEART is what binds us to eachother through god . t hrough YOUR(our) HEART, you GIVE LIFE TO THE ELEMENTS when you bind us as one EXPRESSION(consisting of all PRABABLEs)…


      “Sir, I no longer doubt you. I am convinced that this is no ordinary warehouse, but did I not simply observe that which you revealed behind the door? Why then do you say it was created?”

      The guide stood silent for a moment, his face looking somewhat serious for the first time. “Ah, but you have asked one of the most difficult of all questions because no answer can be found on this side of the door.” Again, the guide paused, as if contemplating before saying, “Come and see beyond the door one last time and observe timelessness as it is in Truth.”

      The guide pressed the large red button and the door opened to reveal what appeared to you as a wall in the most perfect shade of white, smooth and without blemish of any kind. But even more, the wall seemed luminous, as if a light shone from within it.

      “But, I don’t see anything…” you say, your voice trailing off in disappointment, “there is a wall that glows with pure white light and it prevents me from seeing inside.”

      The guide continued, “This is the realm of timelessness as it can be best imagined from your perspective within the reality of time. It is not a wall you observe, but rather the infinite white space of living light’s potential. It is the preexistent realm of Truth’s reflection which can be understood as the Truth of all that was, is and ever will be expressed in perfection.”

      You stare blankly at the guide. “I hear you talking, but what you are saying I do not comprehend. Please do your best to help me by explaining this another way.”

      Again, the guide smiled. “Your confusion arises because you attempt to understand timelessness from time’s perspective, in which all that is believed to exist is that which has already been. But in truth, there is no concept of time as you currently imagine it, instead there is either the expression or non-expression of potentials and the perfect order in which potentials are expressed. It is by the perfect ordering of potentials into expression that you perceive what appears to be the linear movement of time. But it is more properly understood as the working of Life.

      “Your mind interprets expressed potentials as the physical, or material state of light. When light’s potential is unexpressed, light is nonmaterial and can not be discerned by the mind. Thus light can be properly understood as the reflection of Life which preexists in both a material and non-material state. It is the Life within the light that determines light’s current state of being in any given moment, be it material or non-material, determining therefore whether your mind will be able to interpret light’s reflection or not.”

      At this point you reflexively interject, thinking out loud, “This means light is alive!”

      The guide nodded, “That is somewhat correct, in the way that characters in a movie could be said to be alive. Yet the actual life of the actors is eternally outside of the movie in which the characters appear. The movie is better understood as a finite reflection of the actor’s life during the moments in which the movie was filmed. Light can be similarly imagined as a photograph of Life, representing a finite reflection of that which is infinite and without form.

      “When Life assumes a finite expression, the mind perceives it as light and experiences it as time. When Life is non-material and its potential unexpressed, it is timeless and can not be experienced. From our actor’s perspective, the idea of timelessness can be imagined as the preexistence of every movie the actors have not yet filmed.”


      The guide continued, “Now let us test your understanding. When I opened the door to the warehouse the third time and you imagined you saw the infinite, self-luminous white space of timelessness, what did you actually perceive?”

      You pause for a moment, thinking about all the guide told you before saying, “It must be that I stood in time, looking through a door into timelessness, to see life as it is in truth, before light had taken its picture, so to speak. Yet, because life is timeless, this means its true state is non-material and therefore cannot be observed nor experienced. It seemed I observed a pure white, self-luminous wall, which you called the infinite white space of pure potential. Thus, I saw what I believe is my mind’s highest understanding of life’s true nature, an infinite expanse of living light containing every potential for light’s expression, which to me appeared as a white screen upon which anything could appear, but has not yet appeared.”

      The guide, ever smiling, again nodded. “Quite right, and now you more clearly understand my meaning when I initially told you that this warehouse contains all that is, was and ever will be, for such is the nature of life’s timelessness.”

      “This is remarkable!” you exclaim, before realizing a piece was still missing in your understanding, “But when I looked through the door other times to observe the hippopotamus and the hot air balloon, you have not yet explained how these things were created. This I still do not understand.”

      “Ah yes,” the guide’s voice now seemed to rise in excitement, “Now that you comprehend the infinite white space of living light, you are now able to understand your role as a creator. True creation is not as it appears in time, where all that is created is made by assembling together that which is already created. True creation has its source in timelessness and can be better understood as that which springs into existence out of that which previously did not exist. It is the conversion of Life’s nonmaterial potentials into material expression, which then appear as reflections of light.”

      The guide paused, his smile dissolving and said, “Now listen carefully because this is the crux of the matter, true creation is the generation of light. In timelessness nothing is experienced because every potential for expression is nonmaterial, or if you prefer, unexpressed, which in Life’s perfection means all that is, was and ever shall be is eternally in a state of pre-existence. This can be imagined as the infinite white space containing the entirety of Life’s pre-existent, unexpressed potentials behind the closed door of the warehouse. Nothing behind the door, that is to say ‘in timelessness’, can be experienced because Life exists in a nonmaterial state. Now consider carefully and tell me what changed when we opened the door?”

      “I do not know what changed,” you answer hesitantly, “only that when the door opened I observed the most amazing things.”

      “Ah, but you have answered correctly,” the smile once again appearing in its familiar place, “When the door opened you exercised your limitless creative power of observation! Without a conscious observer, Life’s potentials remain unexpressed. But introduce an observer and specific potentials are transformed into their material state, becoming finite reflections of living light, which the mind is able to interpret as the experience of Life. You see, Life needs an audience so that its timeless, non-material nature can be experienced!”


      In the brief silence that followed the guide realized your desire for additional clarity. “Consider that the door to this warehouse was instead an enormous movie screen in a very old theater. If you stood outside the theater and I asked you to tell me what movie currently appeared on screen, how would you respond?”

      “I would tell you the question was ridiculous and cannot be answered.”

      “Fair enough,” the guide replied, “I shall make the question simpler. Since the theater is quite old, tell me whether it is an old movie that has been seen before, or is it one brand new?”

      “But sir, these are strange questions and unanswerable. For it could be any movie at all, new or old.”

      The guide, ever smiling, nodded, “You have answered correctly. As long as you stand outside the theater the screen could presently display any movie, new or old. This is the same as saying that in any given moment, as long as there is no audience before the screen, it contains the potential to display any movie ever made, or yet to be made. The screen is the appearance of the luminous white space of timelessness you imagined behind the door.”

      “Imagine now that I went inside the theater”, the guide offered, continuing the analogy, “while you remained outside. After a while I returned to you saying, ‘That was a fine movie! Now tell me what movie it was.’ How would you respond?”

      “I would answer as before, it could have been any movie, new or old.”

      The guide somehow managed to further broaden his already broad smile. “Now you are getting it! You see, the power of observation is specific to the finite mind which does the observing. When I entered the theater and observed the screen I caused specific potentials from life’s limitless array to become material, which my mind recognized as finite reflections of light on the screen and interpreted as a specific movie.

      “For you who remained outside, unable to observe the screen, no potentials became material and therefore the movie could be anything because it remained nonmaterial. In order for Life to be experienced, its potential must be observed by a specific mind so that it can become material. Again you see, the experience of Life requires an audience!

      “This is remarkable!”, you say after a moment to consider all the guide has told you. “So when I looked through the warehouse door, I actually observed the working of Life upon the screen of timelessness?”

      The guide nodded.

      “But I am still puzzled. This seems to explain the hippopotamus, which appeared as a lush landscape on what I imagine could be a three dimensional screen, but what of the experience in the balloon? This seemed more than looking at a screen, for I floated high above the earth, looking all about me. I interacted with friends, who could both see and hear me. I felt the texture of the basket and the warmth of the breeze flowing off the enormity of the ocean. Did I not enter into the experience, rather than simply observing it on a screen?”

      “To observe life is to experience it, the guide answered,” his gentle face revealing that you had come to the heart of the matter, “Observation and experience are the same thing. The screen of timelessness does not appear outside of your Self, as you imagined when you looked into the white space beyond the warehouse door. It is within your mind, and this makes your mind very special indeed. You see, within it you possess an open door to the timeless realm of Life. But this is no ordinary open door, for it has no form of width or height, but rather encompasses you like a sphere, as if you were in it very center looking into it all around.

      “What your mind interprets as finite, be it sight, touch, sound, taste or smell, are but reflections of living light upon the spherical screen of timelessness that surrounds you. These material reflections of Life’s potentials are interpreted by your mind and translated into experience, with you always at the center.

      “When you interact with another, it is not a body with whom you interact. It is more accurate to understand that the experience playing upon your sphere of timelessness overlaps with the experience another individualized mind currently observes on their screen. This is why you can always share an experience, but every finite mind possesses an individualized perspective, which is observed from the center of their respective spheres. And it is by the working of Life, in the governance of its Truth, that all spheres shall interact according to the highest joy of all, creating a oneness of experience that all minds singularly interpret as divine harmony.

      The guide paused, his face gentle and being satisfied he had revealed the gift the Timeless Warehouse was intended to offer, concluded by saying, “And it is here, in the mind’s interpretation of Life’s divine harmony, that you are able to recognize the oneness of perfection in your experience.”

  8. when we SEE this range of creativity from ourselves as the OBSERVER, and know t hat every other person is an OBSERV ER WITH YOU(in ONE I AM).
    then you understand the SOURCE of the VIBRATIONS.. when there are many moving parts within the elemental world, there is a 2 way communications with all moving parts.

    ITIS WITHIN OUR OWN VIBRATION in which the INFINITY requires your INPUT/OUTPUT(definition of CHURCH is telepathy)

    One day, you wake up to it, and then one day, you step into it, and then one day, you direct it(as you(I) are so much more..

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