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Divine Trust facilitates the individualized soul opening into Oneness.

An “Individual in Oneness” is the expression of Truth’s Divine Will. Through Truth-filled understanding, the soul recognizes there is no separate “free will”, instead the soul’s individualized will is a fractal of Divine Will.

The concept of free will stems from the belief that the soul is an “individual in separation”. According to this belief, each individual soul claims its own truth and its individualized will brings that truth into manifestation. Because what the soul is conscious of being it expresses, believing it possesses a free will creates a reality of constriction and limitation. Individualized truth in separation manifests conflicting wills, creating destructive energetic patterns. In this dimensional atmosphere, distrust is a mainstay because good is arbitrarily defined by each one’s relative truth. Distrust is a mental and emotional state that alters the soul’s core harmonic vibration, creating an energetic environment of constriction and contraction, which creates disturbances in energetic connections. Therefore, distrust prohibits the soul’s continual expansion. It’s like trying to build a building while constantly tearing it down. As a result, the Life in Truth doesn’t expand in the soul, and the soul remains in a dormant, seed state.

As the soul’s awareness matures in the understanding of Absolute Truth, it recognizes the sovereignty and singularity of Truth’s Divine Will, because only Truth is. As a result, it disregards the concept of free will and embraces Divine Will, which is the power to bring forth expressions of Truth’s Abundant Life. Divine Will is the energetic momentum of perfect power, infinite intelligence, divine harmony and divine love moving through an individualized I Am Presence and creating its outer expression. Divine Will is perfect power individualized in the soul, manifesting the Life in Truth.

Through Divine Trust, the mind transitions from operating according to free will to Divine Will, until Divine Will is fully individualized as the soul’s will.

Divine Trust is a mechanism that connects the mind to Divine Will’s sovereign governance prior to the mind being fully aligned to Divine Will. It draws upon the Divine Will’s sovereign power to lift the soul out of the destructive operation of free will. The mind possesses Divine Trust when it deeply perceives the sovereignty and singularity of Truth’s Divine Will. This light-filled awareness allows the mind’s creative power, or will, to be governed by Truth, as well as be ubiquitous and ever-present within the soul’s mind, making it divine. As a result of this trust, all that concerns the soul is governed by Divine Will, making it the only governing presence in its reality. Any happenings in the reality of free will serve the soul’s highest good as reality transitions from the illusion of separation to the Oneness of Truth’s Life. This level of trust removes constrictions and limitations seemingly imposed by other wills because there is no other will. During this transition, even the soul’s residual and/or habitual thoughts and actions can not impact Divine Will’s perfect orchestration. Divine Trust makes Divine Will the only governing authority in the soul’s reality by enabling the soul to disengage from its belief in free will and fully engage Divine Will.

As a result, the mind gains the qualities of being trustworthy and trusting, which matures the soul’s seemingly free will into an individualized, divine will. Divine Will serves the highest good for all, and the mind that engages it is trustworthy. And, a mind able to perceive that Divine Will serves its highest good becomes trusting. The qualities of trustworthiness and trust allow the mind to transact according to Truth’s higher laws of harmony and oneness. The workings of these laws transform chaotic and destructive energy created by distrust into structured and harmonious energy. The soul then enters into the dimensionality of continual growth, signifying the maturation of its individualized, divine will.

When the soul’s will matures into an individualized Divine Will, it experiences Oneness. Oneness is created by Divine Will flowing through the individualized soul in harmony with perfection, manifesting the highest good for all, which is divine love. It’s the individualized soul’s divine will manifesting the highest good for all and reality reflecting this absolute goodness back. As the soul energetically enfolds reality in divine harmony, its reality reflects the divine attributes of beauty, peace, honor, abundance and joy. Oneness is the experience of the soul’s individualized divine will in all its perfection.

Through Divine Trust the soul’s will matures and transitions into an individualized fractal of Divine Will, giving it the expression of an individual in Oneness. In this, the soul experiences its ultimate freedom for in every moment, for all of eternity, it expresses the Fullness of Truth’s abundant Life, individualized as its own perfect, unique expression.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Opening to Oneness

  1. Each of us in an individual(through human heart) form, are also in ETERNAL(I AM) form…

    what you see in others, is the spirit speaking to you through the world..
    sometimes, we try to bring out good, while suppressing bad.

    the Eternal within us always REVEALS(through the world), every detail of what we try to hide within us as well as the miracles we have within our own identity…
    (you cant escape yourself)

    what we see in others, show us what we are GIVING to the world(stance)….

    most people use a 3 letter world(god) as a means to impose their religon. they do not understand the HONOR and TRUST that we should have for eachother(as that shows true trust in G O D..).
    if you do not trust every individual(as we all represent god), then you have not placed any trust in god.

    god is a 3 letter word thrown around like a baseball, and is abused in means outside of the true understanding(original content)..

    what people call god, is really called ETERNAL HEART(as we are the ELEMENTS))..
    that 3 letter word represents the highest honor and respect that we all suppose to PLACE ONTO EACHOTHER(as that how you trust god in all)..(and bring out the best within YOURSELF(ourself)…

    • Good thoughts …

      Reality is a reflection of what we hold as true … ultimately what we hold as true about the I Am presence (what attributes we append to it), as it sits at the center of our reality. Regardless if what we append to this name is of Truth or not, if it is our truth reality will reflect it. Our creative power is displayed in this dynamic of what we accept as true regarding the I Am presence and therefore what reality reflects.

      Thus reality is showing us what we hold as true. When we begin to move out of the dimension of separation and advance into the dimension of oneness, we first see the I Am Presence of Oneness with our inner eye ( our understanding) while still outwardly seeing the divided I am presence. But as our attention becomes fixed on this enlightened vision, the outer will reflect the inner.

      When we begin to see with our inner eye the Truth of the I Am Presence of Oneness that is in all and is incorruptible, then our vision acts like fertilizer in bringing this Truth’s reflection into reality. When we continually give it our attention and thought-energy to the Truth, and not the false image of our imagination, then its reflection shines.

      In accordance to this vision, Divine Trust brings forth the sovereign authority of Divine Will in our life and negates the operations of the separate will, therefore bringing the separate, free-will and its reflections to nothingness. What we give our attention to grows and expands, what we take it from becomes nothing.

  2. yes, you got it. any negative energy destroys itself, as when an energy falls apart(as an enemy as ourself in seperation does), the space gets replaced with the NEW SEEDS…(the life that gives)(GIVING refers to seeing LIGHT IN ALL THINGS(hense god is all of us combined)(one mind)..

    in our NEW SEEDS, we are ALWAYS GIVING. so if negative energy destroys itself, and positive energy(high end of the law) creates life, then LIFE(spirit) always wins over the negative(matter:earth)…

  3. one more thought came to mind, that i want to add. since EVERY ELEMENT is in direct connect with every other element in all of time and space, through our own GIVINGS(as every person(collectively) as one BODY), we also INTERACT with our own WEATHER…

    even the HOLY SPIRIT(through the laws) shows us through ALL THINGS ON EARTH our own GIVINGS(manifesting through the frequencys(our connecting is our feelings)(affecting the elements(from our eternal connection with heart)).

    It isnt just about recognizing your own BEING in all things, as it is to INTERACT WITH THE VIBRATIONS(love aka christ allowing us to HEAL(so to speak)).

    when every ELEMENT is in direct connect with every other element in all of time and space, there are things that stay with us from birth to death(as we think of it)..

    that HEAVEN(state of mind that never changes that binds you to the soul), is also the doorway for telepathy(how i can see your thoughts(so to speak))..

    i can interact with the elements(as we all have this ability). our own consiousness AWAKENES OUT OF DEATH, and we recognize that there is so much more to LIFE…

  4. When we learn to walk with God, we can then walk with all while none changes us. This is oneness, this is peace, this is love.

  5. It is impossible for the human mind, no matter how well intentioned, to convey the understanding of God to another individualized mind. God is one and the mind is individualized oneness, which means it is a finite creation of oneness. This is readily apparent in the mind’s awareness of “I AM”, by which it rightfully declares “I AM an individual.” Therefore, because the mind has been created as an individualized expression of oneness, it initially knows of oneness only as it knows its Self, and the understanding of oneness it desires to give another will be a picture of God framed in the understanding of its Self.

    To say this more simply, because the mind is a finite creation, it is only able to convey a finite understanding of God. Since the understanding of God is infinite, the finite understanding given from one mind to another is incorrect in the same way that a single point incorrectly describes infinite space.

    When one first becomes aware of the Light of Life, recognizing that the source of this light exists beyond the oneness of its I AM presence, its is natural to believe that the source is another “one”. The world labels this other “one” God and the mind, believing its Self is one, logically assumes that God must be separate from its own oneness. The mind concludes that “I AM” and “God is”, individualizing God in the likeness of its own individualism. The mind creates an image of an individualized God, and it is always this creation that the human mind conveys to another. Thus the human mind can only convey its current individualized understanding about God, but never the living truth-filled understanding of God.

    Oneness has no image because it is the nonmaterial source of all individualized images of Self. The highest and best thought-form one can hold to approximate the concept of oneness is to consider an ever-expanding sphere of light, with the source of its light being an infinitely small point at the very center of the sphere. The idea of this source being infinitely small would be similar to traveling at the speed of light toward the sphere’s visible center, yet seemingly never getting any closer. Though you travel at the speed of light, you would appear perfectly still. The source of Light creating the ever expanding sphere of light is unapproachable, yet nevertheless always visible.

    Imagine now that the infinitely small and unapproachable point at the center of this ever-expanding sphere of light is like an open gate from which light pours out in all directions all at once. The source of the light is no longer the infinitely small point at its center, but rather that which exists beyond the open gate. To help you conceptualize this source in a deeper way, imagine an open gate to timelessness, from which the Truth’s light pours forth in every direction. The constant speed of light flowing from this open gate creates the finite dimension of time, and when the open gate to timelessness is observed from within the finite realm of time, its Truth appears as a blazing sphere of light at the center of an ever-expanding sphere of light.

    This is why we have earlier said that one’s first recognition of Living Light, which is the call of Truth’s Living Voice emanating from timelessness, is like a distant star, initially dim and indiscernible, yet clearly visible in the midst of the surrounding darkness.

    • When we speak of contemplating oneness we desire to convey the idea of turning your face to the source of Light streaming from the center of your reality in a sincere desire to better understand what exists beyond the open door, in the infinite whitespace on the other side of time, where the oneness of your spherical, ever-expanding reality originates. This is a very useful thought-form that we will refer back to as we reveal the Truth of God, the nature of your reality, your role as its creator and the manner in which your truth-filled creation expands in divine love to become a beautiful, radiant light for the world.

      Having taken off your sandals, leaving behind your human beliefs of God and Love, which are garments your individualized mind fashioned in its perceived state of separation, we are now ready to commence our growth in the understanding of oneness. We begin with the foundational truth that God is one. Thus when we contemplate oneness, we mean to grow in our understanding of God’s nature, which is oneness. God is the very oneness we contemplate, and as the understanding of oneness grows, our minds fill with the substance of God, which we recognize as Truth and experience as an individual awareness of Living Light. The understanding of God is not a belief about God, but rather the very Life of God and the meaning of Faith. This is why it is said that Faith is the SUBSTANCE of all that is hoped for.

      The human mind is an individualized extension of oneness, divinely created to be an individualized, ever-expanding expression of truth through the continual growth of God’s understanding, which is the Life you recognize as your “I AM’ presence. This is the image of your true self as seen in the Living Light of Oneness. You have always perceived the image of your Self reflected back to you from the darkened belief in separation, believing you were one of many and that God was another “one”, even the supreme “one”. Now understand why this creates a false image. When you contemplate God through the lens of separation, you actually elevate God’s oneness above what you perceive is your own oneness, that is to say higher than your concept of Self. Again, this is natural, because even in the darkness of perceived separation, the perfection of God’s Life is known. However, the image of God created in separation is always limited to that which the mind can first see in its Self and then extend into what it believes is perfect.

      This is a critical understanding because it reveals that the mind creates its own idea of perfection and then fashions God in that idea. For example, when the mind contemplates God’s Love, it first considers what it believes perfect love to be, and then ascribes this image of love to God. Likewise, what the mind believes Truth to be, is then extended into its imagined state of perfection, which then becomes God’s Truth. The reason for this is as follows: Whether asleep or awake, the contemplation of God is always the contemplation of oneness, yet in the sleep of separation, in which the mind believes its oneness is distinct from the oneness of others, it creates a false image of God as the highest imagined extension of its own oneness, separating it into the supreme “one”. To say this more simply, the mind imagines what its perfect Self might be, separates the image from its Self, and then beholds the image as God.

    • Oneness is wholeness. Oneness can not, in any way, be separated, else there would be something more than one. God is one and there is nothing more than God. Until now you have only believed in separation, resulting in a world in which everything is seemingly separate from you. Every subsequent belief you have ever held was fashioned in this separation. You believed God was a distinctly separate being and that love was the means to resolve this separateness, creating oneness between God, your Self and others deemed separate from you.

      These images of God, Love and Self are false because they were shaped by the mistaken belief in separation, rather than the understanding of oneness. There is no separation in oneness and everything of which you are aware, be it your concept of Self, a seemingly distant mountain or even your inward image of God are ONE. Repent now from the erroneous belief in separation, no matter how real the concept of “many” may appear to you. Turn away from every image seemingly separate from your Self and look inwardly to see your Self reflected in the Living Light of divine harmony and the timeless oneness of God.

      Initially you will see nothing but a blazing white light, for your awareness has only known the darkness of separation and oneness is the pure Light of Life, eternal and ever growing in its clarity of Truth. But do look into it. Desire, with all your heart, to know the Truth of God and be filled with the understanding of Life’s perfect Love. Hold no image in your mind and allow the Voice of Truth to paint its thought-forms, by which your understanding of Life will grow. The correct and perfectly painted image of God’s oneness is that which will be reflected in the Living Light of your understanding.

      The initial understanding of oneness is as a “filling”. From here the understanding of oneness will grow to become a projection of that which has filled, such that all the mind perceives are but reflections of oneness. And then, in the awareness that oneness is all in all, your eyes will adjust to the light and you will perceive rightly and your understanding will begin its eternal growth in the oneness of God’s Life. This is your shining and the awareness of your limitless power to create in divine harmony.

  6. Oneness is when we are all redeemed back into the spirit from which we came. All that happens to us in this “journey of the soul” while we are in the confines of the carnal mind any is what teaches us this “oneness” of mind. Everything that we experience that is less than this oneness while we are subjected to this fallen state is what teaches us the contrast of God’s love, “His oneness” to each of us as individuals…and then corporately…where we all are matured back into the oneness of our Father. While we go through our experiences in this life which teaches us that it is better to obey than it is to go our own way and do our own thing…we are met with many challenges and temptations while we pass through this shadow of death experience. Therefore there is only one God, one spirit and one “way.” In contrast within us there are many carnal perspectives, philosophies, opinions, and faults…etc., which we are all born with through no fault of our own..for we were subjected to our faults and vanities with the ability to make mistakes…though unwillingly…our inherent faults also have their good purpose believe it or not for God designed our every ability to sin (Isaiah 45:7) and to make our mistakes a very important factor in our journey back into the spirit world from which we came. We are fraught with a mind full of self but even in this, it is good for we learn the clarity of righteousness by the darkness by being only able to maybe see the world revolving around us. When we enter into the realm of being able to see this oneness, we see each other as we “shall be” when we all have laid down our pride of self and wanting to stand out and be something great in the eyes of others…instead of just wanting to be no more or no less than another. This is true oneness, it is a love that desires to “not” stand out above their fellow man for if we do this is not oneness. We must make our speech plain and easily understood as best we can for we speak to promote our Father and not ourselves. There are different levels or different heavens if you will…and each carry with them their own maturity and straightforwardness of speech. We do not speak to children with their inability to comprehend the same as we do to the mature in Christ however we “unconditionally” love them just the same for we all as children grow through all the stages to adulthood… or…the full maturity in Christ Jesus. Whether we speak to babes in Christ or to the more mature….as they…and we…grow there can only be one desire for the one as for the other…whether they be words of admonition, correction, or disabling pride…we should do so with every soul as we would want to nurture our own child to become the best they can be. Our children always get offended by well meaning and well placed words and whether one gets offended or offends in a word, offense only registers where there is a need. Oneness is where we are growing to, it is not where we are necessarily at, at the moment. The path from here to there is not without difficulty and as we speak and share, it can only be with one purpose and mind…and that is to come to the place where we think, speak and do as our Father does. Offenses do not register with the mature for when a man does not get offended by other people’s perspectives, philosophies or understanding…the same is a perfect man. So…we…keep maturing until there is nothing left in us that can be offended for the spirit of Christ endures all things in perfection . There is nothing in this plan of God that has Him at any perpetual ill will toward any of His children …for “all” things work together in that we all eventually come to the same oneness n God….each in our own order…as we enter in to the state of unconditional love…which again…is the oneness we seek.

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