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The mind’s eye is the realm of understanding, perception, interpretation, judgment and present awareness. As the mind’s self-awareness, it’s the door by which understanding enters into the mind. It’s also a projector so whatever it accepts as true, it conveys to the mind, which then forms the energetic blueprint that shapes reality.

When our mind’s eye seeks for understanding within its own faulty projection of the outer reality, it’s closed to the Truth that is beyond reality, where it’s held untainted by faulty judgments and perceptions. In the darkness of unawareness, the mind forms its own relative truth by judging what it outwardly perceives as good or bad, engaging the thought-system of opposites (Tree of knowledge of good and evil). As we turn to the Truth’s Living Voice that conveys Absolute Truth through revelatory, divine thought, our mind’s eye begins to open. It becomes increasingly aware of Absolute Truth and eternally expands in oneness with the living thought-system (Tree of Life).

Each thought-system flows from a different source, and produces a different reality. The thought-system of opposites denies the self’s true source, Truth’s Living Presence (God) because it maintains the belief in an opposing self-will, which creates a dualistic reality, manifesting an energetic atmosphere of guilt. Because of dualism’s unpredictability and the guilt it creates, the mind fearfully serves the outer reality, which it created by its belief in opposites, trying to avoid bitterness, pain and suffering that are relative truth’s ever-present potentials.

Conversely, the singular nature of Absolute Truth manifests immutable peace. When Absolute Truth is the mind’s source of Truth, therefore the source of its reality, reality can only reflect immutable, divine attributes. The mind whose source is Absolute Truth rests in peace, because there is no wavering between opposites, only Goodness’ gifts. The mind doesn’t serve reality, but remains as its sovereign, benevolent creator within the Creator.

Step by step, Truth’s Living Voice diligently establishes the living thought-system within the mind, revealing the soul’s inseparability with the Divine Will. In this oneness, the mind’s understanding (eye) is singular so that it perceives only Absolute Truth and therefore projects no duality or judgment. Instead, it radiates Living Light, bringing about the experience of Truth’s ever-present and immutable attributes.

We are God’s living thought. Thoughts reflect their source, thus our true state is perfection. Being an immoral fractal of the Creator, we are a creator who possess inherent creative power, which is expressed through the Divine Will. During the soul’s embryonic state, in which the life within the soul begins to grow, its will matures into the Divine Will through the understanding of the two trees. Once the will is prepared, the self begins its metamorphic transformation, in which it transitions from expressing the thought-system of opposites to the living thought-system’s oneness.

The mind can’t perceive both thought-systems as true because belief in one negates belief in the other. Through the borderland these two thought-systems come head-to-head as the outer reality presents sensationally real situations that oppose our inner awareness of Absolute Truth. As a branch of understanding of one tree encounters the other (for example, loss/gain versus ever-present abundance), the mind digs deep into the absolute truth it knows, yet doesn’t outwardly perceive. This activity of mind engages Truth’s Divine Will, producing an energetic friction within the mind and in reality. This friction severs the mind’s energetic cords to the tree of good and evil and strengthens its energetic union with the Tree of Life. As a result, the mind becomes anchored in the Light of Truth, which brings about its expression.

We’ve come to the borderland because we chose the Light, therefore though we experience the friction between the inner Light of Truth and the “realness” of the illusion, the assured outcome is victory. In response to the friction, we are grateful, for it brings forth expressions of Living Light, and our gratitude catapults these energetic vibrations into being. In the Light of Truth, the voices of illusion can do nothing. If we don’t surrender our mind to them, they can have no effect. This friction ignites the Light in our mind’s eye into a sacred Flame (the Light of Truth infused with our divine will). As we rest in divine emergence, Divine Will’s consuming power works through us in Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love to radiate Truth’s immutable qualities through the Self and into reality.

When our mind’s eye is full of darkness, projections of fear fill the screen of reality. When it is open, it projects the Light’s immutable peace. The time of listening to the illusion demanding allegiance to fear, division and attack/defense has come to an end. Today, for victory is ever-present, we listen to the deeper call from beyond that speaks of the singularity of Truth’s divine love, unity, and peace. Let every image be cleared from your mind, be free of judgment and only entertain thoughts of absolute goodness.

“The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good (singular), your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness.” ~ Luke 11:34

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. ~ James 1:17

His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. ~ Revelation 19:12

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  2. Thanks, Rachel.

      • Greetings Rachel

        Rev. 18.4 “ come out of Babylon “

        Having come out of Babylon … Now in freedom and ALL Truth. Its time for the bjg “ push “ Time to be Walking in correct Sabbath Day as correctly in Torah Instruction of which Our Messiah Yeshua followed. No better instruction than that

        of: Book of Isa. 58.12:14
        New KJ version

        (ALL those assemblies practicing SUN worship under the directorship of Rome Now fully the synagog of Satan and all agents of evil ) This gross deception which continues weekly And rapidly widening the path to destruction with continued apostasy.
        The continued false bible translations These worsening Sodom n Gomorah activities viewed without any government or church control. Centenaries of Deception with pagan rites of false and interference to the The TRUE Torah Festival Days not the pagan December 24th day or In the Fourth Month bunny eggs four days . Plenty more to say on issues but best to be aware so can AVOID these paths of destruction and damnation. thanks to the explosion of rapid communication knowledge one can be informed so as to share the Good News in these ‘ urgent times’

        Time to decide. Everything you need to consider starts in taking up the full spectrum of instruction and faithful promises of sound simple following of the

        True Sabbath as in Isa.58 12-14 Following the footsteps of Yeshua Chrrist who ALSO obeyed the true day and the Torah Feasts. So much to grab hold of now in these “ end of days “ timing

        Would be happy to extend and exchange communication The Feast of Purim coming upon us Then soon our Passover Victory Feast Days Blessings Rachel
        Soon Cake celebration day 8th 🎂


      • Thanks Phillip. 😀

        Yes and how important … the true rest, which is the understanding of what I’ve described as divine emergence, is an essential component to the Living nature of Truth being expressed through us and therefore experienced.

        I wrote in the post above, “As we rest in divine emergence, Divine Will’s consuming power works through us in Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love to radiate Truth’s immutable qualities through the Self and into reality.” … This rest is what is symbolized in the true “sabbath”. Through my understanding of what resting in divine emergence means, the verses you mentioned, which have always stood out to me, become much more clear. As you said, it isn’t a day but every day, it is a state of being by which we function as a creator within the Creator.

  3. “Let every image be cleared from your mind, be free of judgment and only entertain thoughts of absolute goodness.”

    Amen, for all things, (both trees) work together for the good of all. When we see the plan of God in its fullness, all we can have is gratitude…and all we can then be is appreciative for a plan that brings us to a greater awareness and into a completed likeness of our Father. So when we observe the chaos around us in these perilous times in all that is outward, we can come to have a complete peace within because we understand that absolute good comes and is in it all. We therefore with patience wait for His appearing…within. It is all good…because God is only good.

    • As we pass through this incredible transition of awakening as the united Self of God, everything is for the highest Good for all, which is the expression of Divine Love. Every “discordant and trying” situation or present condition is being used to bring about Truth’s expression. Like a birth, when we understand that outer conditions are being used to create the necessary friction to bring forth the Light of Truth, we can be sincerely grateful for those situations. Instead of succumbing to fear, defense/attack, complaining or the like as we would without this awareness, we actually experience a flow of gratitude. And the energetic nature of gratitude advances the expression of the divine attributes. It’s a gift to see the inner working of all these dynamics. And, because we are one Self that is emerging, every individual “push”, is a push for all, which further enhances the gratitude we feel.

      • Hi Rachel, I came upon your YouTube channel today and watched several videos, what amazing content. I felt the fruits of the Holy Spirit in your videos.

        A little about me; I grew up in religion and was brought up strict and read the bible several times, but in my early 20’s I left and did my own thing. After several failures, I started seeking the Truth and looking at myself for my issues. Around 2012-2014 I started having spiritual experiences, so I sought more of a new age style and became master trained in many modalities and started coaching, After all the work and studying I did and all the experiences I was having; I noticed it was the blind leading the blind. Then after a major wake up call from Jesus, I started asking the Holy Spirit what it wanted me to do and I repented and started my change, this occurred August 2020 and I haven’t been able to stop studying the bible and listening to the Holy Spirit since.

        I notice a shift in your comments and content after 2018, what happen? Are you still in God’s Word daily?

        By the way I was told to stay out of church buildings for now, but I have been guided to people that are truly Seeking God with their whole heart, mind and soul. I also see there is a season for things and I have been told not to judge where anyone is at.

        I do feel in my spirit and from what I have been guided in, that the appointed time of Christ manifestation on earth is fast approaching and that would mean judgement, I’m curious how you see this?

        Thank you again for your amazing YouTube channel content.

      • Let me give you a little background that I think will answer your question. In 2001 when I started my journey of learning from the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit), the Spirit taught me using the Bible, because at the time I looked to it as my central teaching tool. Over the years, as I learned to better hear the Spirit and trust the Spirit’s voice, the Spirit began to use many other venues to teach me, my life, nature, other inspired books. So a shift happened in which I wasn’t dependent on the Bible as the only teaching tool. This really opened up the Spirit’s ability to take me deeper into Truth. With that being said, verses in the Bible are constantly being brought to mind that reflect what I am learning. Because I spent over 12 years daily pouring over the scriptures, the Spirit can easily bring verses to mind that reflect what I’m learning, so that I understand those verses on a deeper level. Truth keeps getting deeper, fuller and more rich, as we look to the Spirit of Truth as our teacher, who is one with our spirit, and nothing outside of us (something I talk about a lot in my videos). We don’t learn something then walk away as if we know it, we learn something and though we are seeing rightly, we aren’t seeing it in its fullness. So our understanding deepens and grows more rich.

        As we continue to grow in our understanding, it takes us to whole new levels. So though it is the next step on our journey it is like we are entering into a deeper or higher echelon of understanding. I’ve gone through several of these throughout my journey, and 2018 was one. Truth always builds layer upon layer so what we learn today is established on what we’ve learned previously and that supports what we will learn. It’s the most incredible network of understanding.

        This leads to your final question, religion has cloaked the ideas of “the end,” “Christ”, and “judgment” in so many symbols, stories and ideas that are very misleading, if we aren’t learning from the Spirit. Christ (the likeness of our true Self) manifests in the earth through us (reflected in Jesus’ teachings). As our minds are transformed by the Light of Truth, we recognize who we’ve always been, fractals of the Living Presence of Truth (we are all “born of God”, for there is no other. Truth is absolute and singular). In this we recognize there is no judgment as taught by many churches and religions. We are the ones who have incorrectly judged ourselves and others as something we were not (sinners, corrupted, everything opposite to a son of God) and believing we were this false fallen image, we lived out our beliefs. We reflect and live according to what we believe is true. So the end is a removal of this false image by bringing about our true reflection, which I write about a lot now. The end is an end to the judging/condemning mind (mind unaware of Truth) as the “mind of Christ” (mind of Truth) awakens in us through understanding.

        We are worms becoming what we always have been but didn’t perceive, butterflies, and because we didn’t know our true Likeness we made all kinds of false judgments about ourself. During this transformation the false image falls away, therefore it has to be revealed as false so that the mind lets it go and no longer outwardly manifests its reflections. This is reflected in the Bible in stories, symbols, which have been misinterpreted by those not listening to the Spirit’s Voice. Very simply put, the end is about exposing the lies, which is Truth’s “righteous judgment” upon those lies, that the Truth may fill our minds so that we manifest our true Reflection as the united son (self) of God.

        I know this was a bit long, but I hope I answered your questions.

  4. i guess its time to connect the final dots.
    i see a lot of people saying give things up for god. and i see people saying god comes first.


    when the GOD does its workings, it comes from YOUR(our) heart.
    so to please god is to please ur(our heart).

    what that means is that what is on the other side of god(actually THE ETERNAL), is our own heart(we are bound to eachother).
    when we do things according to the SPIRIT, we are LIVING OUR TRUE HEART given by god(to all).
    whe we do bad things and reject god for a god, we are fighting against our own heart(singular)…
    there is only 1 human heart(consisting of every human being),
    threre is only 1 god consisting of every human being.
    there is only 1 eternal spirit consisting of every human b eing..

    what that means above is that you cannot reject eachother for god. you place god first by placing each person first(as each person is a manifest of the god) source being our own heart.

    what u are doing is trusting your heart, you have faith in your heart, you have trust in your heart when you place trust in all of mankind(and see the world as manifest of spirit(heart)).
    if you cannot trust the whole world, and you cannot trust each person in existance(past/present/future), then you do not trust god, and you have not placed god first..

    if you are in a religion, you fight for god, but at the same time, you are REJECTING GOD(through the world).

    to have FIRE LIT EYES is to see LORDSHIP in ALL MEN(bring out god so everyone can see).
    the chirst/johova/yawaeh, mohomad and all other names is the understanding of the true laws that bind us to ALL SOULS(we are all givers) within god.

    when the world goes wrong and way off path, its only cause we keep fighting against ourselves to satisfy our own religions(a bad thing). to align with the true nature of god is to give up ALL RELIGIONS as religon is just a way of interpering the spirit(but way off true path)..

    Love is the SMALLEST ELEMENT that is within EVERY ELEMENT(source of vibration).
    to get rid of satan as an example, is to LOVE SATAN UNCONDITIONALLY(turn satan back into christ in all men).
    the satan is the parts of SELF that we reject through the world(not aware of our heart being true source).

    when u align with the true god which the holy spirit is the ETERNAL HEART, you can then communicate with your heart and have a 2 way communications(trust in global events).

    the SPIRIT is real, and we are all awaking together.


    • “what that means above is that you cannot reject eachother for god. you place god first by placing each person first(as each person is a manifest of the god) source being our own heart.”

      This goes along with saying “As you do unto the least of these you have do done unto me,” saying whether another is a friend or enemy (least) they, as we, are becoming one with the other…with God. In the inner spirit of our being there is no true separation as separation is only a temporary carnal thing we all have entered into upon our earthly birth and as we are “redeemed” from this “fall” our spirit which has slept will emerge from this sleep into a more perfected “new creation man.” By you saying one cannot reject another person is very true for forgiveness and unconditional love keeps the one from rejection another.

      If we are to let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus ( while on the earth) are we not also to do the same as He by “forgiving them for they know not what they do? ” Our enemies are only our enemies to us because they do not yet have the understanding that this oneness that we “all” belong to is only a path delayed by some while the “first fruits” are being completed first and when they are, then these first fruits will then bring their once considered enemies into this all inclusive life giving force of the oneness of God. It’s just all a matter of timing for “all” will awaken into the same oneness of light as “all” are called in our own order.

      To see life as in this ” future perfect tense” where all are included in this oneness of spirit is a blessing albeit first to those who are first awakening in these “first fruit orders” only so that these firstfuits are not the only fruits, but only the first for all the harvest will eventually be gathered just as the first were. It is only that the first fruit order will help to bring about all the other orders until all are one. So no…no one as you say can be rejected in reality, for rejection is only feared by the ones in the later harvest. But…all will be harvested. This is wonderful to see and to share these truths with others who can also see this true reality of “oneness” coming to all. “The least of these” are only least until their “lessor” status has been swallowed by the greater stature of Christ likeness.

      When we each understand the one true priority of 1 Corinthians 13, we don’t have any differences with another that really matters to “us” for we see all growing toward maturity. Nothing we know matters very much at all until we understand the priority and know what love is. All things created are done so for a good outcome because God is only into good outcomes.

      • YES, you got it (and always had it)

        when we all come to this understand, we will all lay down our religions. we will SEE SPIRIT in all things. Our Language will change. and each name(law) will come into alignment with all other names(highest vibrations).

        our own Identity is within ALL THAT IS, and through the laws, we are all ETERNAL BROTHERS(always have been)(our langauge will change back to the eternal language).

        again, when in this state(vibration), we are in the BORDER LAND(langauge of the TRUE EGO)(the good/natural ONE)..

  5. Thank you for your response Rachel, it is what I understood you would respond with. I agree with a lot, however I went the other direction, I was brought from reading, studying, practicing and living other spiritual teaching, back to the bible, I see how it is alive and constantly revealing deeper truth and connections between Old and New Testament and tying into my experiences through my 43 years. I have listen to about 20 of your videos and I see the Truth in a lot of it. I understand from my visions and the teaching through the bible and life, that Christ is about to manifest in the “sons” of God soon in a large way, and many will come to righteousness.

    Daniel 12:1 “Now at that time Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people, will arise. And there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time; and at that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will be rescued.
    Daniel 12:2 Many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting life, but the others to disgrace and everlasting contempt.
    Daniel 12:3 Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.

    I see how patient you are with the comments and how you remain loving even when attacked and I say may God The Heavenly Father, creator of all things bless you and your family in Jesus mighty name.


  6. True Sabbath as in Isa.58 12-14 Following the footsteps of Yeshua Chrrist who ALSO obeyed the true day and the Torah Feasts. So much to grab hold of now in these “ end of days “ timing

    i want to give add ideas on what that means above if u dont mind. i can see through the eternal..

    first, Yeshua Christ is a spirit of truth(law). when all laws are obeyed, we can DIRECT EVENTS INTO THIS WORLD BY KNOWING OUR HEART THROUGH THE laws…

    end of days refers to an event coming to pass(consiously manifesting).

    when u obey the laws(understand the eternal knowledge), you can interact with DEVINE STRINGS(deviniation).
    every person on this planet has this ability within them, but they have to wake up to the strings that bring their consiousness into their own creations……

    again. feast means your manifest has came to pass..
    end of days refers the the GLOBAL EVENTs which is the feast..
    Consousness that flows through ELEMENTAL LAW(the holy spirit the holds the whole world together:representing our HEART(in physical form aka spirit to flesh(the whole world)))..

  7. also when u use your abilitys to give to others, you bring out the holy spirit in all(gratitude)

  8. another idea is coming to output…

    i always want to say this, but never the situation arise to say it.

    i want to show you how we decieve ourselves.

    if i was to ask each and every one of you if you have given gratitude to someone else. the answer would most likely be YES.
    but then i can ask. when u look at the whole world and all the things that everyone is experiencing. is everyone else feeling that gratitude. and what vibe do you get from everyone in the world.

    if for any reason , you see the world not having that same gratitude, yet we tell ourselves that we have g ratitude, you cannot lie to your heart, as every event represents the holy spirit (of what is in our own heart:through the whole world)(spirit of truth).
    its called spirit of truth for a reason, cause you cannot lie to yourself. you have to face yourself(face the world).

    if ur mind says yes, but the world says no, then the answer to your own questions will always be no.
    hope that makes sense(understanding the true laws)

    • “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” “Let” is the key word here. The mind of Christ is for everyone as our Father draws each of us and opens our mind. As our minds are opened to our Father’s mind, will and ways we become increasingly appreciative and grateful for these truths. For example when one believes the law on the lowest level of believing in the symbols of the natural it is impossible to say we love God and our fellow man as ourselves when we believe that others are less than ourselves because of our present false beliefs in a geographical heaven or hell where all will eventually be placed.

      Gratitude comes when we see God bringing all of mankind to the image of Himself. I am most grateful for this understanding because this teaches me the unconditional love of the Father. One of the things I am most grateful for is God revealing to us that we must look at the world just as He looks at it regardless of the present nature and events of the world. This is because nothing that happens, happens that was not planned before the world was. If God looks into the depths of a man’s heart and mind and measures him by his lack of the fullness of the spirit which is to be in his mind..eventually…and creates a situation to further provide growth to this immature one…we should come to this same ability…without condemnation at all for any.

      We are all a work in progress so when we see lack whether in ourselves or in another, the prayer should be the same…again…without condemnation. We must not confuse a well placed corrective word for misplaced judgment or condemnation. Christ was greatly misunderstood because of some of his words and actions He placed toward the Pharisees, priest and merchandisers..yet His intent was always the same…what He gave, He gave toward one conclusion and that is that “all” will bend the knee and come to the image of Christ. Gratitude comes as the truth is revealed to us and as it is revealed we think, speak and do…as He our example which is Christ.

      This likeness will eventually come to all alike and we should look at all and persuade all to encourage one another with a good and positive outcome even though it may come through many trial and test…and corrections. However, no matter the path one takes (or our Father takes us on) our Father has only one destination for the prodigal for the obedient, each in their own time, and order of calling. There is a lot to be thankful for.

  9. you got it(and as i always say(always HAD it )…
    i always wondered why my spirit name is PROVE. and at the same time, made it to my awareness(strictly) that my name is not PROVING, and my name is not PROVED. just PROVE..

    the spirit told me why. and the reason my spirit name is PROVE is because the past/present/future is all ONE AND THE SAME(why an event is WRITTEN IN TIME).
    each event reveals to me, every aspect of what im creating t his very moment.

    my past requires a past and my future requires aq future(the only reason why past and future exist).
    in the PRSENT MOMENT, the SABBATH is already created(from our COLLECTIVE HEART)..

    i have already PROVED to myself as i am PROVING to the w world. so my spirit name is PROVE(again, your spirit name is to complex to understand how it was g iven(before and after birth).

    • in the PRSENT MOMENT, the SABBATH is already created(from our COLLECTIVE HEART)..

      When we reach this “ borderland” experience and proceed beyond it by entering into the realm of “ becoming” and become we enter into our sabbath “day” because we have left the natural sabbath behind and have entered into His rest which now has become our like rest. The sabbath day as you apparently understand is becoming into His day of light which has no beginning nor end for we have left the natural explanation of the spiritual and have become the “day” or the sabbath. The sabbath is the seventh day which is the consummation of all the days before it, it is complete and we will be complete in it. We do not have to wait for this sabbath to come in some future “time”:for perfection is not related to time, it just is and when we cross the border back into reality the sun will never set on our light for we are the light as He is the light. Darkness and evil only can last until it has done it’s “good” work, then it is no more for it has established beyond the no border of what light is. God and His likeness is the spiritual sabbath and when we enter into His presence, leaving the “night” behind we will then rest in and with Him in His day.

      As each individual is collected into the collective whole the collective heart continues to increase until “all” the hearts are collected, then we are past the borderlands of the in part realm and we have become of one and the same spirit where we walk in a new awareness where there is nothing to prove anymore, we just are and are just like all of our past friends and enemies. It is good to see the love of God that is to come to all people where there are no borders between us, just likeness.

  10. We now close the door behind us, shutting out the reality of time and entering fully into the borderlands of transition. We are like the caterpillar, which after hanging itself on a tree, encapsulates itself in the womb whereby it may be born again as something entirely new. So too does our thought system transition into life, which is not merely an improvement of the old, but something entirely new and able to convey living light by the circulation of its thoughts, even a living thought-system.

    A living thought system is able to circulate “life” throughout the mind in a way that can be imagined similar to the body’s circulatory system. As hemoglobin within the blood carries life giving oxygen throughout the body, thoughts carry absolute truth’s life into every aspect of the mind’s reality.

    Consider also that oxygen does not express life, but rather contains within it the potential to enable life’s limitless expressions in cells, organs and organisms of every kind. It can be similarly imagined that absolute truth is life without expression because its potential enables a living reality which then expresses life in limitless ways. Just as a body that circulates oxygen is said to be alive, so too is the mind that circulates absolute truth full of life, or divine, becoming what has been called a “christ mind”.

    We can now begin to understand that the way that leads to life can be considered the womb of preparation and the manner in which the carnal mind of relative truth transitions into the divine mind of absolute truth. It is also apparent that as the mind transitions, reality’s experience is energetically enlivened by absolute truth’s living light. The christ mind is an open door by which living light shines into reality, expressing its perfection so that its truth may be reflected into sleeping minds through the body’s senses and awaken them. What the sleepers could not find within shall be freely given them from without, and all shall know the LIFE IN TRUTH.

    • wow .. so good. Another great analogy making what is beyond form more clear to the mind’s understanding.

    • These words are life, for they have emerged from life and are able to create thought-forms of living light within the mind. Yet, life itself is timeless and therefore words of life have no effect on minds that sleep in the darkness of time. This is another way of saying that more than words are needed to awaken those who sleep. Words spoken or read can not awaken a mind from its eternal sleep because their living light can not be received with understanding. At best words create a mystery in which some may believe.

      There is no mystery in truth, and a mind that believes in mystery is without understanding and remains in darkness. There is no power in a mystery, no matter how strongly it is believed, because there is no life in it. Truth is LIVING and its understanding branches out in the mind, establishing truth as an eternally growing tree of life which abundant fruit radiates living light.

      Truth creates a living tree of ever-growing understanding in the mind, the fruit of which shines living light into reality and creates life’s expression. Therefore it is not words that will awaken sleeping minds, but rather the actual experience of life’s expression created by the living light shining into their realities from the fruit of those who inwardly possess the tree of life.

      You might now ask, “If words of life are powerless to dissolve the mysteries of darkness because they can not be understood by sleeping minds, what then is their purpose?” The answer to this question has many layers. Consider first that it is not the words the sleeping minds can not understand, but rather the life within them. Instead of increasing understanding, the life in the words clouds the mind in mystery, which people mistakenly believe they understand for the sake of the words.

      Recall that we have repeatedly stated that truth’s understanding can not be gained from anything received through the body’s senses, and this includes words. But living words can breathe life into awakened minds already possessing a thought system capable of processing the life within them, or what we have called a living thought system. It is the life in the words that increases understanding, not the actual words, which are but created things.

      When an awakened mind receives the life carried within a specific string of words, the life flows through its living thought system and creates thought-forms which are perceived by the living light they reflect inwardly. These thought-forms can be better understood as revelatory thought because they instantly appear as a fully formed layer of understanding, seamlessly integrated with countless connections to multi-branched understanding already rooted in the mind.

      Now look carefully, the understanding of truth is not “created” through the use of the mind’s judgment or intellectual assessment of good and evil, but grows by itself, in truth’s living light. Truth is alive and words of truth can deliver life to another’s living thought system, which is able to process the life by which understanding grows. When understanding has matured, its fruit will radiate living light, creating outer experiences sleeping minds will realize exist ABOVE the laws of their current reality.

      It is by living light’s power to transcend all the sleeping mind ever believed to be true in its outer appearance world that the sleeping mind will be awakened, and their own tree of understanding will begin to grow.

      • I get you completely, and what our latest shared words have in common is that truth comes from that profession and progression of spirit toward the truth as we are drawn by the this spirit of truth…which is God Himself.

        What gives any verbal word life is the “spirit” and the intent behind them. Christ being the actual word in reality explains why the words He spoke had life in them. When we think, speak, or write we must ask ourselves why we do so each time we do. We will come to that place where what we think, say and do will be by that same example that Christ left for us…and that is to become one with the spirit in eventually that all we become to speak and do…comes directly from the Father’s ways and will. Isn’t this the only purpose for making this journey?… to become as He is.

        Thoughtware, this writing and these “words” you have just shared are and should be the foundation for thought for all who are moving toward that promised land beyond the border. There is no greater mystery than this, and I can’t say it any better than you just did, it is the spirit without the “natural” word which will accomplish all things.

        Words written on pages do have their disadvantage but it is only to those who are still trying to find their way through the jungle of words thinking, as the scriptures record, that they “think” there is life in them. We who have moved beyond putting any faith in the written word know full well it is now who we “become” “of” the spiritual word that has what we seek. Even the Bible itself as the work of art, as it is penned from the finger of God Himself, no longer shines any light from the holy place of the soul for we are now getting our light directly from the Holy of Holies, where God dwells…and that’s within our hearts and minds…where God dwells…and converses with us. We as children, young adults, and adults have moved and are moving through each level of heaven until we stand face to face with God as looking in a mirror and it’s the same same one looking back at the other, now one in spirit. Now not to displease our Father by prematurely claiming stature because we have knowledge let us agree with Paul, it’s not though we have obtained but with the vision we have been given let us move toward it in the simplicity and humbleness of the anointing.

    • We now see that a living thought system, characteristic of an awakened mind, is able to process the LIFE in Truth, by which understanding GROWS. When one awakens, it can be said that their mind is now ready to receive life and grow in understanding, like a seed planted and watered in fertile soil. The sleeping mind can be better understood as the seed that has, for the moment, fallen by the wayside, unable to grow because instead of the truth’s inherent life, it prefers the lifelessness of its beliefs.

      But once the mind turns from all it ever believed to be true, to seek the LIFE in truth, its thought-system awakens and begins to process truth’s living light. What was once a seed, becomes a seedling, full of life, forever becoming a tree of life eternally growing in understanding.

      Recall that we have said much about the desolation created by belief, for it stands in the place of Truth, shining a false light that deceives the mind in thinking it has light. There is no life in belief, and those that refuse to allow these filthy garments to be removed have willfully alienated themselves from life, preferring darkness over living light. These are minds that sleep, yet dream they are awake. They are but seeds, minds whose trees of life have not yet begun to grow because the darkness of belief prevents the living light from shining upon them.

      Words of life can not convey living light to a sleeping mind because it has willfully chosen the darkness of its beliefs instead of truth. We see therefore that light can not overcome a mind that wills to sleep in darkness, and thus the words fall to the ground, incomprehensible and without power. Although words of life have no effect on a sleeping mind, they nevertheless play a very important role in awakening these minds, which leads us into a truthful understanding of the mystery commonly referred to as salvation.

      What is salvation? Have you considered this question in the light of truth? It is a symbol commonly used, yet so full of mystery its truth has been completely obscured, yet accepted as light. There is no mystery in truth, and before we can better understand how words can convey life and the purpose these words might serve, we must first dissolve some of the mind’s great mysteries that would otherwise cloud the mind in darkness and prevent us from traveling further along the way that leads to life, the source of living light.

      • i have done many experiments with many people. and i can share that data now which goes with what your saying.
        there are some people that spend their lives doing drugs. others that are angry all the time, and many variations of people t hat make bad choices.

        what i chose as an experiment to do is place FAITH in those people. KNOW that they will make better choices.
        the results after doing this for so many specific people is that in the EXACT moment i place faith in them, they just automatically start making good decisions and further themselves from the things t hat destroys their lives.

        the bad news is that i cant focus on then 24/7. and as they tend to make good choices(for the time being), then end up later on falling back prey to their old habbits.

        this is where the spirit of truth can help.
        as i speak of many vibrations. it is when everyone in the world shares in the ideas at the same time consisting of the same faith(into the worst of us). it is then HELD in postion(between everyone on earth), that all of us will make that better choice(and always because between everyone, someone will always hold that highest vibration.
        when anyone of us becomes weak, it takes all of us to keep eachother above water..

        a lot of concepts of religon which is part of our identity, hold us back from the original truth.
        i may not know enough at this moment about what salvation is(as how it is used in religion), but i know what it is, when it comes to the original knowledge(without the word)..

        if i ask the spirit, it will tell me, and it will if you truly want to know what it is(from heart)..

        if a preacher tells u what it is, it isnt truth, because a preacher holds logic only to his religion(while rejecting all others).

    • Mysteries are formed in the mind when truth is blindly believed instead of understood. This is a very important understanding because it reveals that those who are blind have seen the living light of truth, but then covered the light with a garment of belief they constructed through their own judgments. When living light is covered in belief, the darkness created appears as light because of the life these garments cover. It is “living darkness” appearing as light that creates significant delusion in the mind, for by it the mystery is believed to be true. Thus, in the false light of mystery the blind believe they see the truth.

      Throughout we have used the label “living light” because of the mystery that surrounds the word “God”. As with all mysteries, the term God has been so corrupted with belief it has become meaningless. For all that is believed to be God we prefer the label “living light”, so that our minds may better understand the infinite, eternal source of life.

      When one first sees the living light within, it has an irrevocable impact on the mind, creating the knowledge of life, to which one might declare by faith “I know God exists”, so to speak. At this point two doors are revealed, one wide, standing open and another closed, so narrow as to be scarcely perceptible, with each promising understanding of the living light the mind now recognizes.

      The wide door leads into the outer appearance world, where the voices of many proclaim, “The light you see is a mystery we call God. Come, feast with us and we shall feed you all aspects of understanding that you may believe in the mystery of God as we do. Our way is easy, for look how many of us believe in this mystery, and the great number that shall walk alongside you ensures that our understanding is in truth. Come and dine with us, and we shall rejoice in the mystery of this light together!”

      Yet also there is another way, through a door barely visible. The way through this door leads inward, away from the feasting and celebration of the multitudes, with no clear path or signpost to guide you. It is a path you must discover alone, as you make your way through what appears an untrodden wilderness.

      As you stand looking, the multitude calls to you from the great door of belief saying, “Be careful, my friend and do not go through that door, for you will find yourself alone and lost, with no one to help you find your way to truth, and you will be worse off than before. Instead come this way and you will not lose your way, for a great multitude have gone before you and made the path wide and easy to follow. We have the understanding you seek and we shall reveal to you the great mystery of God! Besides, if the way through the wilderness led anywhere useful, the multitude would have discovered it by now. Enter by the wide gate, my friend, and join us in our belief.”

    • It is by the reasoning of the multitudes that many minds enter through the wide gate, hoping to be fed the truth about the living light they recognize internally as the living presence of God.

      But you remain before the wide gate, silently contemplating the narrow door, when there is faintly heard a steady knocking on the other side. You reason that someone has surely gotten lost, as the multitudes warned, and now seeks to find their way back, unable to open the door from their side.

      “Fear not, my friend!” you say, “I will open the door for you,” only to discover that you too are unable to open the door. The knocking continues and you wonder at what kind of door this is which cannot be opened from either side. “Who are you and tell me how to open the door that I might let you out,” you call through the door. Just then the knocking stopped.

      In the silence that followed something like a voice was heard, seeming to speak from many directions all at once. “I am your life, and you are my expression. Do not heed the voice of the multitude who clothed me in mystery and ceremony, honoring what they believe to be a great being far off. They call you to seek the glory of their own imagination, deceiving many with their great numbers. Behold, I am not far off, for I am the very life that beats their hearts and thinks their thoughts.

      “And so it is that all see me, yet none recognize me, for the life they see within is lightly esteemed, and as nothing in comparison to the great mystery of God they proclaim me to be in the darkness of their own belief. Though I call to them, none hear my knocking because of the noise from the multitude coming through the wide door.

      “But you”, continued the voice coming from everywhere and nowhere, “come and see what kind of door this is. For it is never closed that you can not learn of me, nor is it open that you may pass through to search for me as if I were far off. I am your life and you are my expression. Understand, therefore, that you are a reflection of life and by the living light you project into this infinite mirror, you shall see me as I AM.”

      “I know you speak the truth”, you reply. “But this is very curious, for there is no reflection and what you call a mirror appears as solid darkness, like a closed door without handles of any sort”.

      “You are correct in that I speak the Truth”, the voice responded. “And you see me as do all who begin the way that leads to life. For your knowledge of me is covered in mystery and you lack the living light of understanding. But come and dine with me daily and I shall feed you with understanding, which will take root, branch out and become a tree of life, bearing the fruit of living light.

      “And by the light of my ever-growing tree, your understanding of life shall be reflected back to you with eternally increasing depth of clarity. As you gaze upon me, in the light of the understanding I have caused to grow within you, we shall see each other face to face, in the reflection of your Self. I am your life, and you are the ever-growing reflection of my Tree.”

      • This story is amazing in how it conveys the Truth of how one comes to know the Truth and what is revealed along the way. Very powerful. It brought to mind the verse …

        1 John 3:2 Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.

  11. also note: When anyone of us gets closer and closer to the center of all the layers(eternal knowldge), it makes every one of us get smarter. and our knowledge becomes more fine tuned..

    • Yes. This is exactly why sharing our understanding is so important. It’s not the words specifically, but the life in the words that can carry life into the one who desires for their understanding to grow. We do not share to edify ourself, but to GIVE LIFE to others in a manner that can ACCELERATE the growth of their own understanding. The understanding of one, when shared in words, supports every other because we are all of the same source. What very few realize is that nothing can prevent the spread of understanding once it has taken root and begun to grow. And it is the light of understanding, which is the substance of divine love, that will rescue the world from every form of suffering.

    • What you are describing is a very powerful understanding when we understand all is energy and know that our mind qualifies and directs that energy. As one united self, our individualized mind plays a significant role in directing the energy in things, events, people and creation. What thought energy we extend whether of a harmonious or disharmonious nature either enhances the duality or darkness in these entities or enhances Truth’s absolute nature or en-LIGHT- ens. Therefore, we never want to accept outer appearances that don’t reflect peace as what is, but instead direct them toward healing and renewal by extending the Living Light within us through harmonious thought energy that through divine emergence works for the highest good for all.

  12. also note, i dont have to speak a word from mouth or mind, but to truly have faith in HEART(to bring out a WORD:global event))
    since we are all of ONE ENERGY(father aka LOVE), the true nature of love comes from all of us as ONE BODY.

  13. Law of opposing forces VS Yin/yan(polarity)…

    the Main part of the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES is the CENTER of both the forces(flesh/dna).
    both forces PUSH into one CELL(spinning).

    each time i have to make a choice, each chose comes with a GIFT and a CURSE.

    No matter which CHOICE i choose, the fact is that the choice exist. that is what is important. If i choose choice A over choice B or B over A, the choice not chosen, still EXIST.
    even as you have chosen choice a over b, both B and A both still affect eachother.

    when i pull upon the stars, they start to align and allow greater awarenesses to our own identity, but at the same time, floods accur, and unexpected details come into event as an example.

    now, all the energy that forms our consiousness comes within ALL CHOICES WITHIN CHOICES(so to speak).

    the HIGH END(unity) of the law(the christ end aka giving end overides the LOW END(seperation)(the satan within).

    the polarity also known as yin/yan provides the Direction(spinning) of where the events we experience GO..

    if you KNOW YOUR OWN HEART, then you know all the variations of self(can predict the future(affects many people)

    NOTE: if you follow a religion, you will reject this, but if you listen to the spirit of truth, you already have the knowledge within u(the spinning)

  14. Words in the Bible are meaningless if they’re taking by its literal meaning instead of spiritual. To see the truth, you must open up yourself first, cast away your carnal Earthly mind. But many have lost their way, they’re basing truth on everything that they see, hear, taste, smell, touch or through their senses. These are the senses or what your Bible refer to as the snakes. If you listen to the snakes, you’re listening to your outer self, not the inner self. However, we cannot survive for a minute without the outer self, it is needed to grow our mind (soul) and our soul is needed for the spirit, without one or another everything will collapse just as your body will not survive without your head or your head would not be able to anything without your hands/feet. Your outer self is the foundation of a house, removing it and the whole house will collapse. Our body was created in a pattern of the Divine in which there are two kingdoms, the heavenly kingdom and the spiritual kingdom. It was created in the image of the spirit but in the likeness of love for which spiritual correspond to the spiritual kingdom and love correspond to the heavenly kingdom. Together they manifest into what you called the Earthly kingdom. Your head correspond the heavenly kingdom which is your seated LOVE. Your body correspond to the spiritual kingdom, it is your WISDOM. Together, they act in unison to carry out the act in which your FEET and HANDS move. Whatever you do in this world, you first will it from your LOVE which causes you to move and whenever you speak, you think first from WISDOM. These two gifts that God have granted to us is what make us human. Without one or the another, you will not be alive. Love without WISDOM is meaningless and WISDOM without LOVE is blind…like a dog following its master on a leash or a sleepwalker walking into the night only to fall into a hole without guidance. Similarly, any man that bestow themselves as the most intelligence or wise is meaningless without love. Ultimately, their intelligence and wisdom will fall down to their level of love no matter how high they climb intellectually. Love is the ultimate ruling factor in all of creation because God is Love and nothing else. If it were not the case, why are you still alive when your lungs stop breathing but your heart still beating? But died when your heart stop beating? It is because your heart ruled over your lungs or love over wisdom. Wisdom is only Love manifested and anything manifested is not real but rather serve as a receiver or vessel of the light. Similarly, your body is a vessel from above which it receives instructions from your head…and it will into act and move based on your love and speak words it discern based from your Wisdom. However, this is only a top down approach of the human body designed in the pattern after the divine. To form a cross, there is also an horizonal pattern in which there is an innermost, interior and exterior. And this is also how your mind correspond, innermost correspond to your internal mind and exterior correspond to your natural mind and your rational mind being seated in the middle making all the decision whether to accept the internal mind in love or the external mind in love…but ultimately it is the decision to accept either the love for the Lord or neighbors or love for yourself or the world that matter. Why? Because your work and deeds are what matter, not your words. To the extend that your work involve love for the Lord and neighbors, you’re in heaven and to the extend that your work involve loving yourself or the world, you’re in hell. You’re “LOVE” ITSELF! You create your own love and you will become the love that which you created, whether heavenly love or hellish. Yes, heaven and hell is a creation of mankind. To the people that are evil and love themselves more than anything, they reside in the back of hell, you called them the devils. To the people that love the world more than anything else, they reside in the front of hell, you called them Satan or evil spirits. To the people that love the Lord more than anything else, they reside in the heavenly kingdom, you called them heavenly beings. And to the people that love their neighbors more than anything else, they reside in the spiritual kingdom, they’re spiritual beings. Like a house that will collapse, heavens depend on a foundation and that foundation is the humankinds. And humankind without heaven is dumb, lifeless like dogs that operate out of instinct without the ability to rationalize. Likewise, your outer self is an illusion. It is lifeless and only serve as a receiver of light from within. It moves because your inner self tells it to move, otherwise it will drop dead like a car without its driver or a bird flying high above only to plunge straight down without its wings. So don’t be deceived by the snakes, it is written in the Bible. Your woman (outer self) ate the apple and believed in the snakes (senses) and the man (inner self) does the same. So don’t be wise like a snake, it is limited. Be Love for God is infinite.

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