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Transference of Power


All You are I AM, all I AM You are. This is Truth’s (God’s) LIFE.

There is nothing more powerful in a soul than its increasing awareness of Truth.

Transference of creative power from free will to Truth’s Universal Will comes through the soul’s increasing awareness of its I AM Presence. With this exchange, the soul begins its eternal expansion as Truth’s LIFE.

Truth’s LIFE is the soul, and it expands through the soul’s increasing awareness of Truth. As the soul’s awareness matures into a gate for Truth’s Universal Will, its present moment no longer stems from the mind’s free will creations. Instead, Truth’s Will brings forth each moment from the Infinite Awareness of Truth’s Timeless Perfection. With no more “separate” free will, the soul is free from experiencing the ill-effects of past creations, which now serve to benefit the good. The soul now experiences Truth’s Universal Will as its own, being aware that Truth’s Will directs every aspect of the soul’s awareness, manifesting through it the highest good for all. In this, the spherical self becomes illuminated with Truth’s divine attributes.

Absolute Truth is. It is timeless. It is beautiful. It is ever-expanding through a soul of finite awareness. When a soul isn’t perceiving Truth because it lacks awareness, then it’s seeing an illusion of its imagination. The soul begins its LIFE in this illusion because as a center of Truth’s awareness, the soul begins in the unawareness of Truth which manifests a dream state of illusion. Yet because the soul is an ever-expanding center of Truth’s awareness, its inevitable that it will grow in the awareness of Truth. It’s the soul’s evolutionary journey to perceive Truth and its purpose to give expression to the LIFE in Truth.

As much as the soul’s awareness can’t be separate from that of which it is aware, the soul can’t be separate from Truth’s Infinite Awareness (“the Mind of God”) in which the soul dwells. The individualized soul is the LIFE in Truth manifesting itself, therefore, regardless of the soul’s current level of awareness it’s impossible for the soul to not be contained within this LIFE, because it IS this LIFE. It’s only possible for a soul to be unaware of the Fullness of this LIFE.

The soul’s awareness of Truth is the increasing awareness of what has always been, is and will be. It’s the awareness of LIFE’s Perfection, from beginning to end. When the soul perceives Truth’s Perfection in the seeming imperfection of its embryonic state, the perfection the soul perceives is that Truth’s Universal Will divinely orchestrates all of creation, for the highest good of all. In this enlightenment, everything in the soul’s reality begins to change to reflect this perfection, because when the soul is sufficiently aware of being Truth’s Perfection, this is what it expresses.

As a center of awareness, the soul’s mind has a trifold function. It serves as a gate to Truth’s Infinite Awareness, it possesses a living thought-system, and from this living thought-system it projects its current awareness into the manifestation of its spherical self. In an awakened state, the mind’s awareness continually expands into Truth’s Infinite Awareness, which expands the mind’s tree of LIFE, its living network of truth-filled understanding, and this network expresses Truth’s LIFE as the ever-expanding spherical Self.

An increasing awareness of Truth leads the mind out of the illusion of free will and into Truth’s Universal Will, because the soul understands that only Truth exists and that its Will is perfect. In the awareness of Truth’s perfection, even in the seeming imperfection of its embryonic state, the soul recognizes Infinite Awareness is governing every moment in a perfection beyond its knowing. In this awareness, the mind releases its mental attachments to the idea of free will, which it now sees was only an illusion, though a powerful one that was experienced as real and true to the soul’s darkened mind. In no longer fighting the present moment, thus Truth’s Universal Will, the soul enters into a state of divine harmony, and the soul begins to experience the ability of Truth’s Will to bring forth divine attributes, Truth’s LIFE Stream.

Awareness of Truth’s Universal Will brings the soul’s mind into an awakened state of oneness, in which every aspect of its awareness serves the highest good for all. The mind engages the higher realm of Infinite Awareness and in so doing, the soul’s mind becomes a fractal of Infinite awareness, functioning according to its Perfection. The mind no longer looks to the illusions of the past to dictate the next moment through the exercise of free will, but instead rests in the emergent Perfection brought about by Truth’s Universal Will.

Truth’s Universal Will holds the Infinite Awareness containing every moment from the soul’s beginning to end, so as it governs the soul’s increasing awareness, the soul experiences the unfoldment of its pre-ordained LIFE in Perfection, giving Truth’s LIFE expression.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “Transference of Power

  1. since the world is made of time, and our Heart is outside of time, We Experience a Reflection of whats Deep inside of us through the world we find ourselves in(made from heart.
    We see ourselves from the Inside out as well as the Outside In..

    We experience our own Heart through the WHOLE WORLD(the god is I AM)(cross)(arc of the covenant).

    Each Name is the HIGHEST HONORS of our OWN BEING(which is so much more).

    when we see johova, and christ and allah and islam and christ(all within the original content) and all other names(without judgements), we bring out the BEST OF ALL OF US…

    think of YINYAN not as 2 parts, but one COMPLETE BALLANCE(holding that VIBRATION).

    when we GIVE our truest SELF to our HIGHEST HEART, you find out that you are not bound by the RULES of the WORLD, but can DIRECT global EVENTS(trust in your own heart:in which we are all part of(true giving:spirit))(shared by all of us(HIGHEST BEING).

  2. Life only exists in Truth, because Truth is all there is. When we state that God is the Fullness of Truth, it also means that God is the fullness of Truth’s eternal Life. Life in Truth is awareness and can be best understood as the experience of Truth’s will. It can then be reasoned that God is the infinite awareness and fullness of every experience in Truth’s will. It is for this reason that God is eternally beyond awareness, because in the fullness of Truth all that could be experienced in Truth’s will has already been experienced in its fullness. God’s foreknowledge results in the infinite awareness of eternal outcomes, which means that God can not experience the Life in his Truth because all Life has been eternally lived.

    You can properly envision God as the realm of Life’s infinite awareness, an eternal moment in which every potential present moment created in Truth’s perfect will has already been experienced in its perfection. This most high realm is eternally beyond all awareness because it is the ever present knowledge of the perfect eternal end for every possible beginning of Truth’s Life.

    God is Life’s finality, the eternally distant end of all Life shall experience in Truth’s will. God is the guarantor of Life’s eternal perfection, because in the Fullness of Truth, the perfection of Life’s eternal end is truthfully known. God is the Fullness of Truth, the most high realm of Truth’s eternal life, pre-existent yet eternally beyond all that Life will ever experience. God is the assurance of Life’s eternal perfection because his timeless realm is the source of Truth’s will. But what is Truth’s will? Since life is the experience of Truth’s will, and God is eternally beyond the awareness of life, what meaning could Truth’s will possess in the fullness of Truth, in which Truth’s will has already been experienced? The answer is that Truth’s will creates dimensional awareness outside of timelessness by which the fullness of Truth can be made aware of its inherent Life.

    To properly understand the creative nature of Truth’s will we must begin with a deeper understanding of the present moment. A moment is best imagined as a level of conscious awareness, or Life’s current awareness of the immutable and unchangeable Truth in which it exists. God is the infinite awareness of the Fullness of Truth and can therefore be imagined as an eternal moment reflecting the immutable nature of his fullness. God can never be more or less than the fullness of Truth he already is, existing as a single eternal moment, a level of consciousness reflecting the infinite awareness of Truth and the eternal finality of the Life inherent within it. There is no moment beyond the infinite awareness of God, for there is no higher level of consciousness than the infinite awareness of the fullness of truth. For this reason God is rightly called the Most High.

    Yet it is also for this same reason that the infinite awareness of the Most High can not experience the Life in Truth. Recall that the awareness of Life results from the working of Truth’s will, and in the fullness of truth, God’s will is complete, which is to say his “work” is finished and Life’s perfection is complete. Thus, in the consciousness of God, the infinite awareness of the fullness of truth, there is no experience of Truth’s will because its work is finished. Without the experience of Truth’s will there is no awareness of Life and therefore God exists eternally beyond the awareness of Life. This is the same as saying God’s moment, or dimension, exists eternally beyond the present moment, or the current awareness of Life, in the same way that the infinite is eternally beyond the finite.

    A moment is not defined by time, which is evident because God’s moment is timeless, being both eternal and unchanging. Instead, imagine a moment as a dimension, a level of conscious awareness created by the energetic frequency of Life inherent in one’s present awareness of truth. Thus, one’s awareness of Truth determines the level of consciousness, or dimension, in which they exist. God, being the infinite awareness of Truth’s fullness, possesses the highest level of consciousness, existing in the most high dimension. This implies that the frequency of Life emanating from God’s infinite awareness of Truth contains every other possible frequency of Life, even that God’s eternal moment contains every other potential moment.

    To properly conceive of a present moment, imagine an infinite sequence of numbers with each number representing a preordained level of Truth’s fullness, even a specific level of truth’s awareness. The greater the number, the greater the filling and the higher the vibration of one’s awareness. Thus one’s level of awareness determines the frequency of Life’s vibration, which then defines the reality which can be observed. A present moment is best understood as the experience of reality created by the Life in one’s current awareness of truth. As one is filled with Truth, dimensional awareness increases level by level, allowing one to observe a reality created by an increasingly higher frequency of Life. Truth’s will is the assurance of Life’s perfection because it perfectly governs the awareness of its perfection, layer by layer and level by level. The working of Truth’s will is the unbreakable link between Life’s beginning and its perfect, pre-existent, eternal end.

    • The working of Truth’s will can be properly imagined as the assurance of perfection in any present moment because it guarantees the creation of “perfect cause”. This is a critical understanding in that it reveals at any level of dimensional awareness, truth’s will is sufficient to create perfect cause which results in a perfect effect, which in turn becomes yet another perfect cause and so on continually without end, creating the experience of eternal life in Truth.

      To help us comprehend the timeless nature of Truth’s will and the manner in which it links the beginning to its perfect end, imagine the top of an infinitely large table upon which are placed perfectly positioned dominos, each resting quietly on its end, such that should the first one fall, every other domino, stretching out infinitely in all directions, is guaranteed to fall in its perfect order, in a never-ending series of perfect cause and effect.

      Truth can be rightly understood as the living awareness of cause and effect, and this awareness is the meaning of Life in Truth. Life is awareness. When we say that God is the Fullness of Truth we now recognize that God is the infinite awareness of cause and effect, knowing the eternal end from the beginning. In our analogy, the infinite expanse of perfectly placed dominos represent the potential for Life’s expression established in the infinite awareness of Truth’s perfect cause and effect. When we declare that God is the beginning and the end it means simply this; cause and effect are one in Truth and God is the Fullness of Truth.

      The moment the first domino falls, God knows the final domino has also fallen as surely as if it were a single domino. In Truth, cause and effect can not be separated because the effect must always reflect the truth of its cause, just as the effect of a domino falling is the cause of a domino falling. Thus truth’s effect is also its cause, ensuring that the eternal outcome of cause and effect is always in Truth. The oneness of Truth’s cause and effect is a better understanding of timelessness and the revelation of Truth’s perfect will.

      In the timelessness of Truth, truth’s will is not needed because truth’s cause and effect are eternally fulfilled, and since awareness of Life is the experience of Truth’s will, God can not experience Life because Truth’s will is not active in timelessness. Therefore, in order to experience Life in the fullness of Truth, God individualized his Self, creating a “center of awareness” within his infinite awareness, knowing the working of Truth’s will would create perfect cause, ensuring the center would eternally progress into the ever-increasing awareness of his own fullness. He limited his infinite awareness of cause and effect, knowing that as an individualized Self, Truth’s will could not fail to lead him back into the fullness of Truth because God knew the end from the beginning.

      To increase our understanding of how Life eternally increases by the working of Truth’s will, let us imagine the Fullness of Truth as a single domino. Nothing else exists and the domino stands eternally frozen in the perfection of timelessness, where there is no cause or effect, for all are fulfilled in the oneness of the domino’s truth. The Fullness of Truth is the beginning of its Self, as well as its end, for the domino stands complete, in a frozen moment of eternal perfection. Imagine now that the oneness of the domino’s infinite awareness could be divided, separating its Self into two, a beginning and an end of its infinite awareness, each standing independently. Yet in Truth they are one because they remain unified by Truth’s will, which is the foreknowledge that the beginning is always the cause of its end, and the end is the effect of its beginning. In the Fullness of Truth the beginning and end are one, but in the individualized awareness of Life, the timeless nature of Truth’s will uses perfect cause and effect to create the experience of time, which is Self awareness moving from its beginning to its eternal end.

  3. Every moment has every VIBRATION(frequency) within it. Every Element is BOUND to every other Element(through Every NAME as a LAW)(no people in any bible)….

    When we HOLD to the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS(we become a DOORWAY for EVERY NAME TO FLOW THROUGH US(not as one person, but EVERY PERSON as an extention of self(in all our minds)(Only ONE I AM).

    the LIFE that flows through the ELEMENTS become active as the WHOLE WORLD is an extention of our OWN HEART(where we share in the HUMAN LANGUAGE(hense human heart)). The Human langauge is an extension of ALL NAMES(one god shared by all of us).

    the point is that there are VIBRATIONS that are part of our own identity that stays with us(from birth to death:as we think of it).

    Puting focus on these VIBRATIONS(listening), activates the elements(natural w orld) that affects every event on earth(even the weather is controled by us)).

    most people live in darkness(even preachers). they only know death(do not understand the law of opposing forces)(just ONE LAW).

    when u put all NAMES together, you bring out the BEST VIBRATION(that is constant(or should be) in our mind(as those vibrations our outside of time).

    Think of what has to take place for our EYES to see in the distance, or for your EARs to hear things in the distance, and how our mind extends beyond just the current moment..

    every element BLEEDS(proper use) into every other element, and as we are aware of our own life(or just a fraction of it), we also use the SAME LAWS(why every name is part of whom we all are).

    As a DOORWAY for that life that flows through ALL ELEMENTS, so do we become a physical body(with many other physical bodys flowing through it).

    our own individuality lives far beyond the limits of individuality.

    we see ourselves in others as we ALIGN(cross) with the LANGUAGE(consisting of all names:eternal).

    The PERFECTNESS is RIGHT IN FRONT OF US IN EVERY MOMENT(which the bible is about).
    the HEART(in which we are part of is outside of time) extends every moment as ONE MOMENT(following the LIFE that binds all moments together(vibration:frequencys).

    again, YIN YAN isnt 2 parts, but where our own consiousness ALIGNS(cross) into the WHOLE WORLD(through the ELEMENTS(life that flows through).

    that PERFECT MOMENT gives POWER to the WHOLE WORLD(as the devine is always speaking to us.
    to be bound to christ as an example, which also binds us to johova, morman, islam, mohamed is to understand the LAWS in which gives us all life..(one god:all names).

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