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The soul began its formation as an individualized fractal of the Mighty I Am Presence within the darkened womb of unawareness. With the potential of Life not yet expressed, it was connected to eternity, but not a part of its timeless expansion. With its first self-awareness, it recognized its individuality in “I am”, yet without any other awareness of Truth it believed itself separate from the One Life. As a result, it perceived the self as endless fractured pieces, or isolated selves. This neophyte understanding was the genesis of relative truth.

When an individualized soul is unaware of its true I Am Presence of Oneness, its mind’s eye is closed, which produces a dormant energetic state. The soul sleeps. It possesses Life, but that Life is not yet expressed. Because of this inner duality, the mind experiences an illusionary dreamworld of opposing forces, which forms a belief-system of relative truth. As the soul matures through the understanding of Truth, the mind begins to perceive there is only one “I AM”, of which it is an inseparable, individualized fractal. The increasing understanding of its I Am Presence creates an energetic frequency that begins its Life’s expansion, like a growing seed. The soul begins its awakening as a creator within the Creator.

As an individualized fractal, the soul is like a spherical gate connecting the infinite with the finite. In the infinite space between the two halves is the realm of understanding. There are seven interconnected areas of understanding, seven sacred truths, that cause the soul to function as a gate. When the mind’s understanding is illuminated with these sacred truths, it awakens, opening a connection with Absolute Truth’s Timeless Realm, enabling its unexpressed Life to project into reality. This open gate illuminates reality with Life’s energetic frequency, by which ever-expanding Perfection is expressed. In this illuminated state, the soul gate becomes a shining star.

During its dormancy, before the soul possesses SELF-awareness, the mind maintains seven opposing beliefs to these sacred truths, the seven unholy lies. Void of the Light of Truth, these darkened perceptions are based on the soul’s faulty paradigm of separation. When the mind accepts these unholy lies as true, the soul’s gate of oneness to ever-expanding Life is sealed shut. Derived from relative truth, these lies create a “lifeless” vibration because relativity’s opposing qualities cancel one another. As a result, the soul’s energetic field projects an illusion upon reality’s spherical canvas. The soul isn’t creating anything real, but is lost in a world of lies it believes are real, projected from a lightless star. The occurrences within this illusionary world deeply ingrain the unholy lies into its belief system, thus into its energetic field.

Within the energetic field, these unholy lies produce ten discordant energetic states that inhibit eternal expansion: fear, anger, self-pity, selective and special love, depression, apathy, lack, unworthiness, control, and pride. These energies fuel the soul’s desires and drive its will. Despite fleeting highs, the soul manifests endless expressions of disharmony, perpetuating a fractured reality cloaked in suffering, pain and isolation.

Because the illusionary world reflects the unholy lies, the soul must look elsewhere for the Truth that will set it free and must turn within to the Source of its I Am presence. As the soul begins to turn inward to Truth’s Living Voice, the mind’s understanding grows. Through divine revelation, the seven sacred truths replace the unholy lies. These truths unseal the gate within the soul, producing a metamorphic effect upon the mind, its energetic field and its reflective reality.

Understanding the sacred truths cleanse the soul’s energetic field from duality, thus from destructive and chaotic energies. As these seven truths become anchored in the soul, the discordant energies are replaced by ten harmonic energetic states: immutable peace, divine harmony, inherent creative power, divine love, ever-present joy, magnanimity, perfect abundance, infinite value, restfulness, and honor. As a result, these harmonizing energies begin to govern the soul’s desires by the working of Divine Will, which perfectly harmonizes the one, united Self.

Through the soul’s understanding of its individualized I Am Presence, the Source’s Radiant Light shines into reality. The soul becomes an open gate, a star shining Living Light in an individualized array of divine expressions, manifesting a harmonious reality that ever-expands into eternity.

Seven Unholy Lies/Seven Sacred Truths

  • Relative Truth vs Absolute Truth
  • Linear Time vs Spherical Time
  • Striving of Self Will vs Emergence of Divine Will
  • Self Judgment vs Divine Harmony
  • Temporal Body of Lack vs Life-Giving Spirit of Abundance
  • Creature vs Creator
  • Separation vs Oneness

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. Open my eyes Lord -The ONE.

  2. 1.11pm and exactly so true. What a threshold to try and push thru. I never believed in the word try before. But yes. I am ~


  3. Fractured What an amazing topIC~

  4. Relative Truth vs Absolute Truth
    Linear Time vs Spherical Time
    Striving of Self Will vs Emergence of Divine Will
    Self Judgment vs Divine Harmony
    Temporal Body of Lack vs Life-Giving Spirit of Abundance
    Creature vs Creator
    Separation vs Oneness

    Once we recognize the LAWs that flow through our own LANGUAGE, then you WOW to all the creativity that the HUMAN HEART(through everyone) displays within our own world(which represents our WHOLE HEART).

    Reletive Truth vs Absolute Truth lives within the laws(law of opposing forces).
    Linear Time vs Spherical Time again, LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES..

    even within that ONE LAW, there are many laws(such as LAW OF DUPLICATION. these laws even live within the OTHER LAWs.

    The Best way to describe how to see t hrough these laws is to IMAGINE what a HUMAN would look like from an ELEMENTAL POINT OF VIEW. this is a different LENSE in comparison of how an ELEMENT would look like from a HUMAN PIONT OF VIEW.

    when we SWITCH our MENTAL TOOLS(see through the eternal rather than man), the VIBRATIONS CHANGE(effects everyone on earth).
    through the ETERNAL LANGUAGE(what a human would look like from the ELEMENTAL POINT OF VIEW, everything becomes WAY MORE CLEAR(empty your mind and let your heart flow(VIBRATION)).

    When you look outward at night towards a star, you see a bright light, but that light represents all the LIFE you have given to all ELEMENTS through the laws.

    that STAR(ARC OF THE COVENANT), shows us from an ELEMENTAL POINT OF VIEW, what we are creating from a DNA point of view.

    each LIGHT shows our own VIBRATIONS within a FROZEN STATE(that MOMENT consists of SO MUCH LIFE)..
    the light represents our own GIVING, as their are many WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS(dna)..

    • Two different states of consciousness one of opposing qualities and one of absolutes … the journey of enlightenment awakens us from one to the other. In the process how we perceive (see) everything changes.

      wow … so powerful “the LAWs that flow through our own LANGUAGE” – thanks for this.

  5. Also, Time is Weighed by Events.

    the more events attached to an event, the faster time becomes(vibrations)

    space represents LOGIC(through the laws), our vibrations change, therefore our LOGIC changes..

    (Time:direction = Creativity:MIND)
    (Space:Purpose = Logic: Heart)

  6. Even through these laws, does the virus we just experienced came from. the world has a way of fixing itself(through the same laws in which BIND us to each other(eternal laws)). The virus represents a faulty logic in which our PURPOSE(heart) shows DIRECTION(path) of our own futures(created in present and creates future in the past)…. as each person turns against the other, the LAWS produce SPIRIT(source of our heart) onto every event on earth(created by self))..

    the CURRENT SITUAATION shows outcome of our own PATH in heart…NOTE: no experience is bad, it is actually good, because being healed consist of a trusty SPIRIT in I AM(the world)…

  7. We have earlier stated that in order to enter the Will of Life you must lay down every belief gathered from the world. This is because you have forgotten who you are in truth and have made for your Self coverings of belief in order to define what you are. You believe you are these outer garments, yet as we have also said, you are not what you believe your Self to be.

    You mistakenly believe you are finite, limited in countless ways and therefore seek continually to gather outer garments that would make you appear as large and powerful as your desire allows. You have forgotten that you are a branch of the infinite and confused your finite expression with limitation. And having accepted that this belief in limitation is true, you remain unaware that what you accept as truth, be it with or without understanding, is projected outward to create the reality you experience. But now, if you are willing, we will remove these garments, which have covered your eyes in the heaviness of sleep so that you may awaken in the knowledge of your True Self, that you are an ever-expanding, finite expression of the infinite because Life flows through you.

    You were purposely created in “forgetfulness”, believing in limitation so that you may experience never ending joy in the continual revelation that you are presently more than you previously believed your Self to be. Every amazing detail that your infinite Self will ever experience pre-exists in Life and in forgetfulness your individualized mind experiences a never ending rags to riches story as Divine Will ensures you continually grow into the pre-existent perfection beyond your current awareness of perfection.

    To help us begin to see our true Self, let us look more deeply into the analogy of the vine, which we now imagine as the Divine Mind, or what can be rightfully considered the essence of God’s timeless Life. The mind is Life because its thoughts create reflections of living light, creating the reality we experience and without thoughts, our reality would not exist. The Divine Mind is above all created things because every created thing is but a reflection of the thoughts within this mind. This is a critical understanding and though we have alluded to it earlier in this writing, it must be emphasized that the source of all creation is thought, and the source of all thought is the Divine Mind.

    As you awaken in the understanding that you are a branch of the Divine Mind, you will let go of the belief that your thoughts are powerless and recognize that you are the creator of your individualized reality because divine thought flows through you. However, you must understand that the Divine Mind is incomprehensible and its thoughts are not like human thoughts. It may be difficult to comprehend initially, but a human thought is “created” and therefore, though it is nonmaterial and fully able to convey the timelessness of Life, it is still a created thing. This is because what you perceive to be your mind is also a creation, and what is created is finite and unable to comprehend that which is infinitely higher than creation.

    However, the human mind is exceedingly special, for though it is a creation, it possesses an open door, so to speak, to the Divine Mind, so that the fullness of Life may flow into it, just as a branch has an open door to the life of the vine. And it is for this reason you are one with God, the Father of all creation, the Mother of all Living and are rightfully called sons and daughters of the most high.

    • So it is now, at this point in your journey, that you must learn who the divine mind is. For as you stated, being a created being and having a created mind, it is all too clear that you were created to come to know who the creator is and who it is that formed the intellectual word and the creative word that you are now, investigating and researching.
      Even as God, as you said, is infinitely higher than creation, His will is reaching out to you from that realm of preexistence, but also in the infinite now.
      This person, God, the creator of all, in a personality who has entered our world in the form of flesh, the word of God the person of God wrapped in flesh.
      This is how he came to present Himself to our senses, and how he came into identification with us in our sleeping stage, which in spiritual terms, is sin.
      In order to break the spiritual slumber of sin, and awaken the sleeping soul, He took upon Himself that sin which is an eternal circumstance of failure which none of us could solve, or heal, or integrate away from in our personalities, and in our mind, nor could our souls eliminate the sleeping darkness ‘completely’, we can only “imagine” ourselves to “be free”, when in reality, like the night sky that darkness still inhabits and you can only see the light of the stars.
      However, having come to Jesus, we receive the Son of God, Knowledge of the infinite nature of God, the healing of our mind and soul, through His Light, which is His Divinity.
      He Jesus, laid down His flesh ‘as’ the penalty for our broken minds was laid upon him, he took the blast of it so that our Souls, and minds can receive the complete light of God, and our flesh can hold the treasure without a leakage into our sin, as we are broken humanity. He Jesus is pure God.
      His soul, Jesus, went to Hell in our place, and He took back the keys to Hades, and Death.
      He paid the price for Our transition. He then gave those who believe in His regeneration~ His Spirit, to heal our broken Spirit and mind. He had to Stand BETWEEN Us and God, to present us Holy
      At this point in your journey, you must come to know Him, to complete the process of your search.
      The Author of the Universe is Jesus.
      You must go beyond your past religious acceptance of Christianity, and give yourself instead to Jesus as your Lord, as your Saviour so that His Habitation can be made in you.
      You must become His Temple.

    • When we use the label “Divine Mind” it is to convey the idea of eternally living non-materialism, or that which is above all creation. You can understand that your mind lives, and yet has no existence in creation. You can also comprehend how no created being can know your mind, or comprehend the depths of your thoughts. This rough example creates a thought-form to help you imagine the way in which the uncreated divine mind is unknowable because it is infinitely above all that you will ever know as your created mind.

      It is here that we arrive at the mystery of your divinity, impossible for the finite mind to perceive in the darkness of sleep, yet made possible by living light’s revelation of your mind’s oneness with life. The Divine Mind, being above all that is created, has no means to experience anything, not even that which you experience as thought. Experience requires creation. Even more, an observer must first be created in order that there may be an awareness of creation so that an experience may also be created.

      Without an observer there can be no experience because it is always the observer that creates the experience. Because the observer is a created thing, it is finite and therefore in order for the Divine Mind to experience anything it needs to become a finite observer, while also retaining its eternal, infinite being. In so doing it is able to create an experience and participate in its pre-existent perfection. This finite creation of Life is what we call the “soul”, an individualized extension of the Divine Mind, which becomes the observer of the Self and thus the creator of Self experience.

      In creating the soul, the infinite Divine Mind formed a branch of its timeless nature, which is a finite creation that retains the fullness of its infinite Life. From the higher perspective of non-materialism, this branching can be understood as the Divine Mind creating an individualized awareness which inwardly affirms “I Am”. This “I Am” presence is both the observer and the creator of all the Self experiences.

      Now look carefully so that you may recognize a very important understanding regarding the nature of your being. Your true nature is this individualized I Am presence, made in the image of the Divine Mind of Life, which is the uncreated, timeless mind of God. God created you as an individualized I Am presence which we have labeled, “your soul”. Your soul, which is your I Am presence, having been made in the image of God, also creates your Self experience by observing that which Life projects through your individualized being. Oneness with Life has made you a creator within the Creator so that God, who is Life, may experience the finite Self you create through observation. You are made in oneness with eternal Life, which is to say divine, so that God may experience Life through all your Self experiences.

      You can imagine that life created an infinitely extending branch of its infinite Self and you have become this branch. As you experience Life, you branch out according to the perfect will for Life’s individualized expression, which has become the individualized Self you experience. And in oneness with the Life that flows through you, your Self is also Life’s Self. And although the Self experience your “I Am” presence creates through observation is finite, it is also infinitely expanding. Consider the wonder and majesty of understanding that your finite, individualized Self expression is also Life’s infinite Self expression!

      The moment you become aware of the “I Am” presence, Life becomes finite in the sense that you have also become aware of all “I Am” not. And it is the finite nature of your “I Am” presence that defines your individualism and creates the uniqueness of your experience. This is also how you became the creator of a world in which your I Am presence is seemingly always in the center of your Self experience.

    • We earlier described the nature of musical harmony as a finite array of laws which contain infinite potential expressions by which these laws can be experienced. These laws are the truth by which harmonious music is experienced. Harmony’s truth, while finite, is simultaneously infinite, containing all that was, is and shall be experienced through the expression of harmonious music.

      Looking more closely we see that harmony’s truth is timeless, while its expression appears in time, defined by a rhythmic cadence of notes, as they appear measure by measure, seemingly giving life to harmony’s musical expression. We also see that the timeless nature of harmony’s truth defines the sequential manner in which specific notes appear and are experienced in time. In order for harmony’s expression to be “heard”, the listener must be finite, that it may experience the sequential appearance of sound waves in the construct of time. Harmony can not “listen”, or otherwise experience the truth of its law because it is timeless. In timelessness it would be as if every note, of every musical composition created or yet to be created, was played all at once, in a single flash of sound.

      In order for harmony to experience its truth, it must make itself finite and appear in time in order that a sequential expression of notes, as its law defines, may be experienced and enjoyed. This is another way of saying that Life must form a branch of its Self, individualizing its law through the creation of a finite soul, by which it can experience its Self as an individualized expression of its harmonious truth.

      The analogies of the vine and the law of harmony help us to grow in the understanding of our True Self. You are not what you believe your Self to be, for you are not the Self you experience, but rather an individualized branch of Life which OBSERVES the Self from an individualized perspective. As a branch of Life, you are endowed with Life’s creative power, which you employ through observation. What you observe, you create, and being individualized, what you create is an individualized Self experience.

      Now we arrive at a critical understanding, observation is NOT of the eye, but of the mind. What your mind observes in Life is the living light radiating from your current understanding of Truth’s oneness. Truth’s understanding is not gained through the efforts of intellectual pursuit, as if it could be assembled by hand. Truth-filled understanding comes only from its living voice, by which the harmony of oneness is revealed. As truth’s harmony is revealed, understanding grows and illuminates your mind with living light, by which you begin to “see”. When you are able to observe your understanding of Life by the presence of living light, you are also able to create an individualized self-projection of this understanding onto the screen of your world, by which you also observe the experience of an individualized Self at the very center of this projection.

      What then is the “you” that does the observing of an individualized Self? When we state that you are a branch of life, what does this mean? And if you are a branch, how is the experience of self created through observation? To answer these questions we must describe the indescribable.

      • A better question might be “where” is the “you” that does the observing of an individualized self? Are people able to find you, amidst the noise of your music? When you are able to “see”, are other people able to see You?
        Until people are able to See You, communication can never be said to be musical.
        There must be a denial of self examination ,so that all of your functions become normal.
        When you become normal and are not trying to escape from self, this is when you become actualized, and other’s can see you.
        As long as you “hide” in the light, you become a “blinding beam” to others.
        Once you capture the light you will become your plain self.

      • the You is within that smallest Element(that is within every element in time and space).
        our own identity reaches into ALL THAT IS(as you live inside ur heart(the whole world as the living flesh representing the spirit).
        the SPIRIT is with the LAWs that bind our indentity to the world From HEART.
        you live WITHIN YOURSELF(and outside yourself).(as u think SELF TO BE).

        the love in which we all seek is our YOU(HE)(I)..
        for HE means from the point of view of the OBSERVER…
        through ARC of the COVENENT, every person(through the eternal laws) is a strenght within t he YOU.
        when you can see strenghts in others, you help awaken the god in self(which is that smallest element(outside of time)..

    • To follow now, where these words would lead, you must walk humbly and desire to lay down every false belief about God you consciously hold. Pride is the lifting up of false belief as if it were the fullness of truth. Humility simply states, “Truth is infinite in its depth and my current understanding is finite, therefore I do not yet see as I should, but desire to see rightly.” You must desire that Truth’s living voice remove your filthy garments of prideful delusion so that you may be clothed in the pure white garments of humility. Only in these garments can you enter into Life and grow in its understanding.

      Pride covers you in darkness because it declares, “I have the Truth you seek”, and since Truth is eternal pride actually declares “I Am the source of Truth.” This lack of understanding creates an unholy belief resulting from a perceived separation between your individualized I Am presence and Life, which is the only Source of Truth in Oneness. Now, listen carefully, it is perfectly normal to hold such belief because you are one with Life. Do not feel that as an individualized branch of Life you have erred in saying “I Am the Source of Truth”, the only error is pridefulness, which is an unwillingness to accept that what you currently believe to be true may be premature and not yet reflected in the light of understanding.

      You are the Source of Truth, because you are a branch of Life, but until your understanding has grown to sufficient maturity, it will not bear the fruit of Truth’s living light, and the way into Life’s power will be closed to you. To enter into Life you need only inwardly confess that you may have believed pridefully, as child might believe, and desire instead to mature in faith, which is to grow in the understanding gained solely from Truth’s living voice. When you are ready to seek for understanding continually, seeking to hear the voice of Truth in all things, you are ready to enter into Life’s limitless creative power.

      Before we enter into Life, revealing the mystery of God and the nature of your soul, it should be noted that these words serve a singular purpose; to light your lamp that you may shine Life into the world and in so doing save all from death’s rule. Death is but “living darkness”, which is the projected belief of Life without the light of understanding. Death, like darkness, is invincible for the singular reason that there is as yet no light. But the decree has gone out, “Let there be Light”, and YOU are this light.

      Remember, there is no mystery in Truth, because it comes by hearing, and this by the voice of Truth. What Truth reveals is always full of understanding, appearing logical, harmonious and without any shadow of contradiction. These words are Truth and full of Life, which can, by the living voice within them, rapidly remove your filthy garments of delusional pride and clothe you with the Self luminous garments of understanding. The Living Light in your understanding will go forth to drive out all fear from reality. Your light will dissolve the darkness of death and reveal what has been hidden, the Kingdom of Life.

  8. This person, God, the creator of all, in a personality who has entered our world in the form of flesh, the word of God the person of God wrapped in flesh.


    flesh isnt about a man or individual. FLESH refers to the WHOLE WORLD.
    the WHOLE WORLD is the LIVING SPIRIT(love being the smallest element in all of time and space:in every element).

    there is no JESUS OR SATAN OR CHRIST OR ANY OF THAT in the t erms that religion teaches.
    again, the BIBLES in the world, were written through the SPIRITIAL LANGUAGE called ETERNAL LANGUAGE aka ETERNAL HEART aka FATHER aka I AM…

    jesus doesnt exist, never existed. but there is something greater.
    what you call IN JESUS CHRIST is what the bible calles(through the HIGH END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES..
    only through jesus christ aka LOVE BEING THE SMALLEST ELEMENT in all of time and space withing EVERY ELEMENT(source of VIBRATION). only through GOD(aka the life within ALL THAT IS(in which we are all part of ONE BODY)), can you truly even understand what even YOU are saying. we are all GOD’s CHILDREN(but within a GREATER LANGUAGE(eternal langauge)).

    sin = not bad
    the DEFINISTION OF SIN = Living in seperation.

    it is a SIN(living in seperation), that we trick ourselves into thinking we are ALONE as INDIVIDUALS instead of BEING ONE WITH EACHOTHER(through the langauge of the eternal)).

    we are all ETERNAL BROTHERS through heaven(highest vibration aka outside of t ime aka I AM in all things)).

    • This is a good example of the religion that you have built around yourself. Jesus spoke about who He is and it’s up to you to believe or reject His Words.
      God will always love you. Always want you to come home to the Father, but only He can draw you.
      It comes when you lay down your religion that you have constructed in trying to make sense of the World.
      If you do not believe in the testimony and love of Christ Jesus, it’s no wonder you would go to these lengths to build a religion for yourself. It’s all you can do, to try and understand the World, without knowing the true God you have to try and create some way of understanding.
      Those of us that know the living Jesus are in conversation with Him today.
      I pray that you will have your eyes released so you can see.
      You can find him through humility, but you must admit you are a sinner.
      You must see that you need a Saviour.
      I will be praying for you. That your eyes can be opened.
      For now, all you have is a religion. In some ways you’re hungry for God,
      and He is the only one who can give you bread.

  9. when u live by these eternal laws, a FORCE flows through you. when u understand the ELEMENTAL FORCE within THE high end of the LAW(opposing forces and all the other laws), you interact with both SPIRIT(Understanding the ETERNAL LANGUAGE) and NATURAL(world of flesh).
    the RESULT is that u can see YOUR OWN HEART(through everything, manifesting itself around you). you(WE) (only through the HIGH END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES(removing the seal), can you DIRECT the events of the whole WORLD(manifest of spirit:our connection from heart)..

    we eather live on earth as man, or we live as ETERNAL BROTHERS in heaven(outside of time while on earth).

    the rest is just RELIGION FEAR.(source of voices against truth)…..

  10. Satan has told those lies from the beginning.
    But the Father will reveal Himself to those that ask.
    Satan is the opposing force that is controlling you.
    But God is the loving force that seeks your healing.
    He never asked you to create a religion.

    • There is no satan. Satan refers to the LOW END OF THE LAW OF OPPOSING FORCEs.
      it is here where everyone on earth lives in seperation(the birth of man).

      Love aka God aka jesus, aka christ is the HIGH END OF THE LAW in which WE ARE THOSE THINGS(hense christlike)..
      it is only through the religion of christianity, in which you learn to FEAR YOURSELF.

      god is the SUBSTANCE which which makes our I AM(through the HOLY SPIRIT aka LOVE BEINGT HE SMALLEST ELEMENT IN ALL OF TIME AND SPACE(highest vibration)). Christ is BUT ONE LAW in which is required by us all to understand what we are truly saying..
      LOVE BEING THE SMALLEST ELEMENT which is connected to every other element(source of holy spirit) is what is is really all about.
      i am not afraid of myself.
      and i have god in me, in which (as an observer), i even give u life, even as u give me life)(through the same holy spirit).

      it is within our own hearts that we see GOD IN ALL THINGS… the ONE LORD IS THE LABEL WE PLACE ON EACHOTHER as we no long see ourselves as MAN, but ETERNAL BROTHERS.

      It is up to each of us right now that will determine in which EVERY NEWBORN CHILD will be born into.

      when i die, i want to be born in heaven(which is always in each now), so we must SET THE STAGE of reality to align with the ETERNAL LAWs.
      so we got to wake up, get rid of our IDOLs(idol means u idolize). christ and god is used as idols through a religon instead of the FORCE that we are made of(through truth).

      i place onto YOU, as u place onto me. this creates a cycle in time which we all will suffer if we end in SEPERATION…

  11. If you want to be born in Heaven you will have to have Jesus in your heart.
    He is the Only Door to Heaven because of His sacrifice for your Sins.
    Jesus is saying ~~ Don’t Allow Satan to take you to Hell.
    Only the people that didn’t believe there is a Hell, are In Hell.
    Jesus is saying ~~ Come to Me.
    Jesus is reaching to you with His Love.

  12. first, there is no jesus or satan, they are part of the SAME LAW(Law of opposing forces).

    when we t urn against eachother as we are doing(the other is satan because our book says so), we are only creating satan in the world(from the GOD within us all). the trickery is that we think we are different from eachother, when there are things t hat we have that is the SAME.

    LOVE is t he SMALLEST ELEMENT in all of time and space, this is the source of christ, and this is the source of the HOLY SPIRIT..
    it is within OUR OWN I AM in which both christ and satan exist.

    the trickery is when we see nothing but the devil in others(because our book said so)…
    when you succum to religion as to use jesus as to validate SATAN everywhere, you HOLD it within your own heart to VALIDATEA(give strenght to) satan(which is seperation in us all).

    all that this will accomplish is that you will become a MASTER OF YOUR OWN DOMAIN. as long as u got your religion figured out, everything else becomes SATAN(but the trickery is YOUR OWN).
    i dont say this so smite you. but i know truth beyond a book.

    CHRIST is all around us(smallest element in all of time and space aka HEAVEN, aka HOLYSPIRIT, aka I AM).
    the is NO SATAN, and the only time to experience HEAVEN, is RIGHT NOW IN LIFE(there is much more to life).

    you cant see satan in the whole world, or even in me, without being its source(the observer).

    love is what we are made of, and it is the I AM in christ in which our own heart is manifest into the world(what we all have in us that is THE SAME).

    dont become a master of your own domain(imprissioned in your religion as jesus is part of). but look at the world around you, and turn that satan back into heaven(right NOW)..

  13. Father, i pray today for this one who is trying, and searching for You, through his laws, as his opposing forces continue to obscure his view and block the love you gave, as he continues to create a pathway for satan and tricks his own mind, he only is able to see a religion, let your love, dispel that darkness,, we see Christ all around him and yet still he is not able to experience it because he cannot experience Jesus’ love, because he does not believe he cannot experience your love, he believes “he is you God?” and I know how laughable that is before you, and so I pray that you would grant him grace to find you, grace to find your love. I pray he could come to you and find you, call to you and find you. Let him at once begin to experience true love, Father I pray you would give him the true story, the true man, of Heaven, Jesus, let this be the time he finds true Love.

    • True Love is I AM…. I know that i am devine.. DEVINE is how you pull(annointed) Souls into this world(outside of time aka heaven).

      heaven is NOW, not when u die.
      i know love, i use love, and it works. i can direct every event on earth, without even moving a finger(through the holy spirit aka LOVE BEING THE SMALLEST ELEMENT(highest vibration))…

      • “i can direct every event on earth, without even moving a finger”

        Yes, you absolutely can. And as you do so, by the shining of your light, you will help rescue the minds still imprisoned within the darkened worlds they unknowingly created in ignorance. Arise, shine! For your light has come!

  14. i thank THEE thoughtware for the army is rising..(love inside us all)(the light)

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