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When our inner eye is illuminated with the Light of Absolute Truth, our feeling world is energized with Divine Love, the holy vibration of Truth. As this vibration cascades through our being, it awakens the Life in what once appeared lifeless.

When we spiritually awaken and universal Oneness is revealed within us, we recognize that each individualized “I Am” presence is a unique expression of the Mighty I AM Presence, thus our presence is the expressed Presence of God.

As expressions of the Mighty I AM, we are all united within one Presence, yet each self is an individualized expression of this Presence. The name “I Am” we all share reflects this oneness, and yet it also reflects our individualized expressions because no one knows our particular experience of “I Am” but us, thus we each hold a unique position in the expanse of creation.

Individualized selves housed within the Mighty I AM Presence comprise the expression of divine love, which is the experience of the Spirit of God. Divine love is the harmonizing, energetic flow of Truth’s life-energy from the Mighty I AM, through an individualized self, to all other selves, then back to the Mighty I AM. It’s the beautiful movement of the Mighty I AM’s energetic life force moving throughout creation perfectly orchestrating it in divine harmony, thus oneness.

Divine love, the expressed power of absolute Truth, is the harmonizing action that enfolds every thought in its timeless perfection, creating divine harmony in the present moment. Therefore, divine love is the experience of the inseparable and immutable divine attributes (peace, joy, abundance, strength, beauty, etc) for each individualized self in the present moment, in accordance with the highest good for all. This height of perfection manifests as the mind surrenders to divine emergence, in which it resides as an open gate to the Living Presence of Absolute Truth, God.

Therefore, Divine love is expressed through a mind prepared to convey absolute Truth. As our mind shifts from relative truth to absolute Truth we become a receiver and giver of Divine Love’s energetic movement. Because divine love is timeless and has no opposite, it isn’t a whimsical feeling that comes and goes. It isn’t for some and not others, given at only certain times, or expressed in varying degrees. These are characteristics of “relative love”or “special love” that are derived from relative truth, in which the mind believes opposites co-exist, thus opposites must be expressed. Relative truth is governed by duality, time and personalized judgments making any giving of “love” inconsistent, thus relative to the giver and receiver. The specialness of relative love can only be perceived when it is withheld from others.

When our mind no longer holds relative truth as true, but instead absolute Truth lives within our mind, we are enlivened with the holy vibration of Divine love, the life force of the Creator. As a result of the harmonizing action of divine love, the mind’s thought energy CREATES harmony, peace, lovingkindness, appreciation, gratitude, goodness, understanding, and wisdom, without any opposite. Therefore, divine love doesn’t favor one over another, it’s ever-present, and it’s always expressed in its fullness, like the sun’s life-giving rays that fall upon all of creation without selection or judgment. It’s the power sustaining eternal Life.

Thought energy is the silent creator of reality. To the slumbering mind that mistakenly attributes all power to outer forces, thought is viewed as meaningless mind chatter that is sometimes expressed in words. However as we awaken to Truth, we recognize thought energy is the power of creation, and is the conduit of Living Truth being expressed into reality, thus divine love being experienced.

In the budding awareness of our inner Life, this living vibration of Divine Love appears as a little light within our true Self surrounded by illusions, like the first bud of spring among creation’s winter sleep. As our mind transitions from relative truth to absolute Truth, we recognize what the outer appearance world of duality, including our bodies and its feeling world, suggest as true are illusions and therefore we give our thought energy to our emerging inner Life. As we continually focus on our true I Am Presence within, its Life begins to awaken by the Holy vibration of Divine Love. Through Divine Love’s harmonizing action, our individualized self is revealed as a life-giving spirit of perfect abundance, conveying the divine attributes into our sphere of reality.

Divine Love Meditation: I sit in the beautiful radiant Light of absolute Truth, Divine Love, and it flows through me like a mighty current of which nothing can hinder or stop. There is nothing more powerful, for its the life force of the Mighty I Am Presence of God. In this awareness, I charge my feeling world and all my reality with divine love that Truth may be expressed creating a landscape of miracles.

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. ~ John 6:63

As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness. ~ Psalm 17:15

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “The Vibration of Truth

  1. hi, today i want to tell everyone how to notice the vibrations and know when ur on the right track with the SPIRIT OF TRUTH(eternal HEART)..
    when ur on the right track, everything around you will always fall into place(like magic repeativly).

    when u understand the laws, you BECOME the laws. you can interact with GLOBAL EVENTS and ELEMENTAL LAW.

    when i want the spirit to show me something, everything is always placed in its proper position that plays out in time,.

    the spirit of truth refers to the ETERNAL HEART which is source of spirit that MOVES THE WHOLE WORLD.
    this WORLD(spiritual world) belongs to everyone(heaven on earth).

    each name is required for all the laws to work. christ(high end of law of opposing forces) cannot work without law of unity(islam).
    the power of unity that islam plays out has strenghts when everyone shares in the SAME KNOWLEDGE(eternal language).
    no matter if u have pain in ur heart, or greatness in ur heart, the power of unity allows ur heart to come out into the world(in everyone and everything).

    Imagine everyone as a marble and each marble has a light in the center.
    from space, ONE SINGLE marble could not be seen from a distance, but if there is 2 marbles, then the light is increased in both, and if there is a million marbles, each marble amplifes all the other marbles. and when every marble is together(sharing in same knowlege), then every marble is at its brightest.. each time one marble is moved away, the lights become a bit dimmer in all marbles. but when we are all on the same page, there is a HOLY SPIRIT that we connect with. that spirit MOVES THE WHOLE WORLD(source being the light in all the marbles).

    when u live in the spirit, you will recognize the spirit in all of your life from birth to death in the whole world through I AM.(spirit is seen through the LAWS only)
    christ is not the spirit, johova is not the spirit, allah is not the spirit, but when you combine all these laws together, you gain the spirit.

    NOTE: no one person can gain the spirit of truth. it takes all of us, or none of us.
    to have complete faith in god(using ur terms) is to have complete trust in everyone in the world, as the spirit moves everything.
    when you give trust to the spirit of t ruth in everything around you, you are ONE WITH THE SPIRIT(takes everyone together to connect) and you are one with everyone and everything in the whole world(we all are).

    AGAIN, all my words come from spirit. when i am angry, the spirit is angry, when i am at peace, the world is at peace.
    when bad things happen, its only cause the spirit is showing u ur own future(through the events being heart).
    when u listen to the events, there is always a 2 way communications between your own I AM(which we are all part of), and the spirit of truth which is called ETERNAL HEART aka ETERNAL FATHER, aka HOLY SPIRIT aka HEAVEN ON EARTH..

    when we say we do things through christ as an example. it has nothing to do with what any religion is saying,. to do t hings through christ means that we see as christ sees(we all give to eachother as we are all from spirit aka heart). when we can see christ in others, we bring christ into this world, and we bring christ out of our own BEING.

    the spirit wants me to to tell you what STEALING A SOUL really means.

    stealing a soul is a good thing. it refers to a law called LAW OF DUPLICATION..
    when ur stealing a soul, it means you are duplicating. you are turning 1 into 2, and 2 into 4, and 4 into 8 and so on.
    to see law of duplication in action, look at space and the planets, then look at the elements through a microscope and know the even our own mind energy and heart energy follows these laws.
    to steal the soul of christ is to be christ and see christ in everyone.

    dont see christ as a person, but a spirit shared in all men…
    the elemental force(vibration) is the importance of the laws..
    it is the vibrations(feelings) that bind us to every event on earth(timeless)..

    • Good and rich thoughts … thanks for sharing.

      When we believe in a world of relative truth, thus duality and time, it is difficult to see the oneness in all these areas, as you shared. But as we begin to perceive absolute Truth, we perceive this oneness you speak of, and we understand now significant we are as a creator with the Creator. Our thought energy has an impact on the whole as we are the whole.

      As we begin to see without the limitations and boundaries of relative truth that creates an illusion of separation between everything, we no longer see the Christ as a separate being but the Spirit of God that moves through us all, from our Creator, so that together we are all Christ and also individually. It is a powerful understanding and as our mind awakens to this understanding and its thought processes assimilate to it, this Spirit is expressed through us and among us like an ever-expanding Light.

  2. We can now visualize the seed state of the mind more fully. We recognize that the mind’s “seed state” exists at the origin of self-awareness, where darkness represents unawareness, or that which does not yet exist for the individualized mind. Truth is the awareness of the Self that its light has revealed to the mind. As the light of truth grows brighter, it reveals to the mind more of its Self, which expands self-awareness. Because self awareness is limited to only that which is revealed by light, the mind perceives itself as finite, which is to say “individualized”.

    However, because the entirety of self is hidden in the outer darkness of the mind’s unawareness, the light also reveals that the self is pre-existent and extends beyond the mind’s finite awareness. Since that which the individualized mind is unaware does not exist, the self extends beyond its own existence, which is to say into the realm of the timeless infinite.

    We can now see a very interesting picture: The self exists within the finite boundaries of the individualized mind’s awareness, which awareness exists within the light’s infinite expansion. We can then rightfully consider the self as the mind’s finite, yet infinitely expanding awareness of light’s revelation.

    With this picture in mind we can now increase our understanding of perfection beyond perfection. Since the self is pre-existent, hidden in the outer darkness until it is revealed by the light, how does it also exist? How can the self be both pre-existent and existent concurrently? And if nothing exists outside of the mind’s awareness, how can “nothingness” contain the wholly perfect, infinite expanse of self which is increasingly revealed to the mind?

    To put it more simply, how and by what is the self created that the mind may become aware of it?

    We have often said that the mind creates its reality by the outward projection of the truth it holds, even if it is but a false idea the mind believes is true. We have also described truth as “alive” because it contains the Life of God, which is the light by which truth is known. Thus, that which the mind believes to be true, though it be without life, still goes forth to create a “lifeless” reality that the mind believes is full of light.

    To the mind there is no difference between suppositions of truth upheld by the mind’s belief and absolute truth which is known by the life within it, for each resides in the mind as true. Illusions the individualized mind believes are true therefore BECOME true, and in this we recognize that the individualized mind is the source of the truth it projects.

    Yet this is the perfect functioning of mind, for its purpose is to project truth into expression, which it “believes” it does faithfully. And though the mind harbors illusions, it believes them to be true and therefore functions righteously, even as it creates a corresponding reality of illusion. The mind is perfect, and has no means of KNOWING that truth exists in a perfection beyond all it believes to be true until the LIFE OF GOD reveals it.

    • When truth first appears in the mind it gives birth to conscious awareness by the life inherent in its light. The mind recognizes the light’s truthfulness and therefore gains the KNOWING of its existence by declaring “I AM aware of light”. Thus, as we have previously stated, in the inner realm of mind, life manifests in the awareness of light, which is radiated by absolute truth. The mind’s source of life is the absolute truth that it exists, and what the mind recognizes as “I AM”.

      The Self is the mind’s conceptual awareness of its existence as an individualized being. When absolute truth’s light bestows LIFE to the Self, the mind becomes aware only of the knowledge “I AM”. Thus the Self is created in the perfection of absolute truth, which source is “I AM”.

      This again represents the “seed state” of the mind, which source of existence is the absolute truth of “I AM”, represented allegorically as a pinpoint of light in the otherwise pitch black outer darkness of unawareness. Why then does the light not reveal anything more about the mind’s I AM presence? Why does the light give the mind the awareness of its source of life, yet leave it in the darkened unawareness of what its “Self” actually is, causing the mind to speculate about “what I AM”?

      Consider again the physical seed which, when given “life”, grows into the perfect reflection of its Self. Each seed grows according to its kind, becoming exactly what the Truth directs it to be. Each physical seed, barring minor differences of individualized outer appearance, reflects a “predictable” self-expression. Thus the physical seed’s self expression becomes finite at the moment it is given life.

      A finite self-expression is typical of living things in the outer appearance world. Though the seed state of the living thing is given life through the same “I AM” presence of mind, what its “I AM” shall be is encoded into it as a finite set of POTENTIALS. Imagine that a living organism begins its existence with the appearance of light, yet the light it receives is but a “drop”, containing within it all the seed shall ever be, defined by the specific potentials of its Self-expression. In the outer appearance world, living things are just that, “things” which express the finite limitation of their predefined potentials contained with the “single drop of life” they received at birth.

      The analogy of computer software can help increase our understanding of “life” as it exists in the outer appearance world. Imagine that during the “seed state” of every living thing, it is given a computer program which defines the potentials for its allowed self-expression. Within the program are certain instructions that define the organization of its form, yet also randomizations that allow for uniqueness in its outer appearance and individualized behaviors. And whether a flower, tree, animal or even the human body, each is encoded with the specific, finite set of instructions that will govern its entire Self-expression.

    • All “life” in the outer appearance world are “things”, living robots governed fully by the finite instructions given them at the origin of “life”. Because “life” is given to the seed in a finite drop, just as software instructions are contained within finite lines of code, the living thing is also finite, reflective of the finite drop of life by which it was created. Look now at the outer appearance world and you will more fully recognize the finite nature of life pervading every aspect, from the specific boundaries of form, to the predictability of behavior, to the temporal existence of the living thing’s outer appearance.

      The outer appearance world is a creation, and all that exists within it are “things”, with some appearing to have life solely because of their potential to die. The entire outer appearance world is defined by a finite set of potentials and expressed within predetermined parameters. It can now be imagined that the outer appearance world’s entire expression, from the characteristics of every living thing and the interaction between things, could be contained within a finite set of instructions, much like a software program which allowed for elements of randomization. The entirety of the outer appearance world is an interacting, created thing, that could theoretically be encoded in a software program.

      Continuing with our software analogy, if the outer appearance world can be imagined written in software code, how is the code written? It is apparent that in addition to the outer appearance world, there must exist that which “writes the software” by which the outer world comes into existence. The creation must have a creator that exists OUTSIDE of the reality it creates, just a programmer exists outside the executable program.

      We have said that Truth is life without expression, which life is the very presence of God. God is Truth and also Life, and we see that Truth is therefore God without expression, and life is therefore the expression of God’s presence. We know that Truth is eternal, for there could never be a moment when Truth is “false”, else Truth would not exist. We now recognize that God’s life is also eternal because it is the life inherent in Truth. But what of expression?

      If Truth is life without expression, and Truth is eternal, does this mean that life eternally exists without expression? Yet, how can that which is eternally without expression ever become God’s expression and remain True? To help us understand this seeming paradox, we will look more deeply into the idea of potentials.

      Consider a writer, sitting before a computer screen, about to begin a new fiction novel. In that moment nothing exists but the potentials which swirl through the writer’s mind. Looking more closely we see that these potentials are governed by the rules of grammar and the finite assortment of letters allotted by language which when combined, allow for the limitless expression of imagination. Thus potential is better understood as the manner by which the finite is used to express the infinite. Truth is analogous to the laws that govern grammar and language, whereas the writer’s imagination seemingly gives “life” to these rules. Soon, in the written words chosen from among limitless potentials, there appears a singular world, populated with living personalities and replete with emotion created in the life given the words by the writer’s imagination.

      We can now better understand that while Truth is life without expression, life is the expression given truth by its creator, God, the source of life. But what of mind? What is the mind’s role in the transformation of potentials into expression? How can the mind hold Truth, which is life without expression, yet also BE life’s expression in that it exists so that it may hold Truth? It would appear that mind exists as a finite expression of conscious awareness, yet is also without expression.

      And this is exactly so.

    • The mind is the transducer of truth into expression and therefore the giver of life’s expression. Truth is life without expression, and it is the mind’s purpose to give the limitless potentials of life, inherent in truth, a finite expression. The mind can rightfully be considered the mechanism by which truth’s limitless, unexpressed potential, is given life as a perfect finite creation, expressed in a manner the mind can experience.

      The individualized mind, being finite, can not experience the infinite. Instead, the mind gives the infinite a finite expression and receives back a perfect reflection of the infinite. This is similar to the idea that one can not know the limitless imagination of a writer until a potential is expressed in the finite reflection of a completed novel. As more potential novels are given life through expression, the more clearly we perceive the writer’s limitless imagination.

      The mind gives expression to truth’s potentials and receives truth’s perfect reflection. In this we realize a significant understanding; the mind can not receive unless it gives, for giving is receiving. Thus, if the mind does not give expression to truth’s life, it will not receive truth’s perfect, finite reflection. Saying this even more simply, if the mind does not give truth, it can not receive truth because it will remain an unexpressed potential the finite mind cannot fathom.

      Consider the mind like an open door by which unexpressed truth flows in and finite expressions flow out, radiating a perfect reflection of truth. On one side of the door is the storehouse of Truth’s infinite, unexpressed, living perfection, while on the other is a limitless stream of expressed perfection which the finite mind experiences as truth’s perfect reflection. Thus the perfection experienced is but a finite reflection of the infinite perfection, which exists unexpressed, beyond all the mind ever experiences as perfection. This is the better understanding of perfection beyond perfection. We now begin to comprehend within this “inner world” the faint understanding of the tri-fold union between the Self, Mind and God, the source of all Life.

      Return your mind back to the “seed state”, or the origin of life within the mind. At this point the mind becomes aware of its Self because of the sudden appearance of light, like a distant star. Though the light is faint, even barely discernible, it “breaks” the darkness of unawareness such that the mind can rightfully proclaim “I AM aware of light.” In this the mind also proclaims “I AM”, because it recognizes the individualized existence of its Self. And though there is as yet no awareness of what this “Self” might be, the mind now possesses conscious awareness.

      At the moment of birth we recognize a tri-fold oneness, the source of light, the mind which is now aware and the Self of which the mind is aware. And we see that it is the light that gives awareness, which is life to the mind. Yet, the Self is still without life, for the mind is not yet aware of it, except to know it exists as a potential expression. At the origin of life it can be understood that the mind exists (because it has awareness of its Self), yet also does not exist, because it is unaware of potential Self expression. Thus the mind sits as a GATE with existence on one side and pre-existence on the other.

    • When the light appears it brings awareness to the mind, thereby giving it “life”. Prior to the light, the mind lacked the awareness of existence, which is analogous to lightlessness. Much like one who, coming out of darkness, can not bear the full light of the sun, so too with awareness. For a mind that has only known nonexistence, the sudden coming of full awareness would destroy its finite nature, rendering the mind once again into the state of non-existence. Therefore, awareness must be introduced in a gradual, finite manner such that the mind can receive it, remain finite, and expand in the awareness it has received. The mind’s ever increasing awareness is the manner of its eternal life.

      Without “I AM”, there is no existence. Let us look more carefully at this statement so that we may grow in the proper understanding of the mind’s relationship to the Self, and to the Light which is its source.

      Imagine the mind in its state of unawareness, just prior to the moment when light appears. Awareness does not exist and all that can be imagined of the mind is the endless darkness of nothingness. Now we see a difference between non-existence and awareness, for the mind must exist that it may become aware of the light. Yet, without light the mind can not become AWARE THAT IT EXISTS. And though it is difficult for the temporal, finite mind to comprehend, the mind preexisted in nothingness.

      Prior to the light’s appearance, the mind existed as “nothing”, which is better understood to mean as a “potential” in the light. Until there is the command, “Let there be light”, the mind is aware of nothing, and therefore nothing exists. Nothingness is not non-existence, but rather utter unawareness. Nothingness is existence without light. Thus it can be considered that nothingness is life without expression.

      Remember that we have already discovered that Truth is life without expression, and now we can conclude that prior to the appearance of light, the mind exists as Truth without expression, which is to say Life’s potential expression.

  3. the difference between being expressed, and not existing(yet living in truth) is TIME…

    a second ago, you were in a million other expressions of creation. on the other side of those expressions is the FINISHED EXPRESSION.

    Within TIME, you are expressed and not expressed at the same time. EACH ELEMENT(as a person) move together in such ways that you do not percieve.
    Each person is a Potential of our ETERNAL HEART…. (the TRUTHI(THE I AM). if you look around the world u percieve, and know that each person is a POTETIAL of your own heart, you can see the finished and unfished at the same time(through the INSTRUCTIONS)..
    (your TRUTH LIFE is ongoing). and every person(to the president and to the young is our ongoing CREATIVE ENERGY…

  4. in a sense, we live within a FROZEN SEED…
    the world has so much potential as a tree has so many branches
    the strenght of each branch comes from our heart(we are collective(the elements)).

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