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Like becoming a mighty tree, we are a seed pushing through the shell of our false self to reveal the Light of Life within, which possesses infinite power and eternal creative potential.

The spiritual awakening into who we are AND how we create truly changes the world. We cease the insanity of trying to outwardly change our reality in ways that can only be done by our inner Mighty I Am Presence. If we try to establish outer Peace while our consciousness streams discordant thoughts generated by a false image of the self into reality, it’s like trying to organize grains of sand in a sandstorm. However, as we harmonize our inner world by the acceptance of our true Self, then the outer reality will reflect this harmony.

Thoughts are the source of our feelings. Feeling is the rhythmic language that governs the energetic structure of reality which defines its appearance in the physical realm of space/time. A false belief in who we are manifests a perpetual state of inner disharmony that energetically shapes reality in its likeness, thus conflict never ends and peace is fleeting, which isn’t true Peace. As we awaken to our true Self, discordant thoughts are transformed by the Peace inherent in Truth, ending discord and manifesting Divine Harmony. In this transition, our hardened shell breaks open to reveal the Light of Life within.

When we believe a false image of the self we make erroneous judgements and these discordant thoughts enslave our mind. This inner conflict generates discordant energy and projects an outer reality of disharmony. We then react to these outer appearances with discordant feeling/emotions which in turn create more disharmonious appearances, and so the cycle of discord continues encasing us in an illusion of conflict.

Within the continuum of time, this cycle of discord creates a seemingly unescapable past, because it’s continually projected into the future. We mistakenly accept reality’s past as the cause to our present disharmony, instead of our current state of mind. As a result, we deny ourselves the limitless creative potential and inherent power we possess as the Self of God. Our Holy Light remains confined within a hardened shell of illusions we accept as true and unchangeable.

To break this cycle of discord, we call upon our true I Am Presence, which is consciously recognizing and being an open door to the Presence of God within us, the Source of Divine Harmony. By accepting our oneness with the Mighty I Am Presence of God, we deny the false image that encases us. Because what we are conscious of being we outwardly manifest, this quiet yet all-powerful recognition of who we are enables us to break through the shell of the false image, regardless of its appearance of strength.

Because we gave life to this false image, it resists and fights our acceptance of the true Self, because both can’t be true. It tempts us to maintain its life through illusions of conflict that cause us to accept discordant thoughts, which perpetuate the cycle of discord. Yet, victory is certain. Our true Self possesses the Life Force of the Creator, the Divine Strength of our eternal growth (the life within a seed). Though there is resistance, like a seed pushing through a shell, our ever-present I Am rooted in Truth is infinitely more powerful than any illusion of a false image supported by the past, no matter how engulfing and strong it may appear.

By calling upon our I AM Presence, our thoughts return to Truth. The Divine Harmony of these thoughts stills the turbulence of destructive feelings and dissolves the cycle of discord ultimately experienced in our outer reality. The disharmonious effects created by disturbances in our mental and feeling world are transitioned into harmony by Truth, activating our inherent Divine Strength. Life-giving energy begins to flow from our Source, through our sphere of reality and into others, breaking through the shell (cycle of discord) of the false self.

Like the seed of a mighty tree, all we will ever be is inherent in us, along with the divine Strength to bring it into expression. We tap into this Strength when we are conscious of being an open door to the Mighty Spirit of God that flows as our own. In this, nothing is impossible for us.

We aren’t a shell, we are the Holy Life within. The call to this true Self within is how we push through the apparent insurmountability of the outer world. This is the true birth of our Self and Creation.

“For assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” ~ Matthew 17:20

“You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” ~ 1 John 4:4

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

16 thoughts on “Pushing Through

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  2. Jesus Racheal. Ya know ~


  3. If Woman is Love, and has neither given that Love nor recieved that Love, then pour her double back of what she has given you into her own Cup.

  4. It is all good, every experience we experience is because of the love of God.

    Everything we think say and do must be driven by the intent to find love at it’s conclusion. If this is not our
    only intention in our doings we remain…in captivity to fear.

    Finding those who agree with us in a certain community, whether it is in thought of agreement or in a physical setting such as a label, sect or religion this desire for the support of the smaller community actually keeps us from participating in the larger community of the all inclusivity of our life in God.

    The fear of being rejected causes us to in fact…to be rejected… from the greater all inclusivity of the one love of God’s nature. Fear is divisive, that is why there are so many religious divisions, factions and parties. (Galatians)

    Let us intend to leave the realm of the lesser community of self and seeking only to fellowship those who agree with us and our little group think where our fear to love “all” keeps us separated from the larger community…where there is no division in God’s reality. This is the realm we will all pass into eventually. In this larger community where all of the inhabitants of the world are seen as our completed family…in our order of Our calling and His coming… in us. Then will we find the utmost freedom to love..unconditionally. There are no borders or boundaries in the larger community when we have left our division, and of labeling others by this or that name to differentiate others from ourselves. We are no different except in our progress into Him.

    Love cast out fear. Fear divides us where love makes us all as one. Fear, because of the differences we see in others keeps us from loving them by the unconditional love we will all eventually arrive to. It matters not the false and delusional appearance of division of our lesser being for it is the experience of fear which brings us to have the opportunity to love. All negative things were created to teach us the principles of the there really is no loss to be had in reality by the things we are exposed to. All things lead to an effective good ending by the cause leading us to the effect.

    We will only lose what was never our eternal self to begin with. We will only lose what we were given to lose…as tools to teach and to see. We were given fear in order to be able to see what fear is teaching us…and when we grow in love, fear loses its grip by His loves appearing.

    Let our every intention of all that we think say and do cause us to come to the same end effect…of love, God’s likeness. For every cause there is the effect. The cause of what fear brings loses to the effect of love. Then…”It is finished.”

    Then the wonderful reality of all of this life’s experience of our blessed hope; “I AM” now as you are in all of your wonderful glory.

  5. Hey Rachel, Hey Everyone
    Its Tony again. : )

    As I apply the revelations I receive, the character I created in conformity to the world, slowly dissolves. Relationships that were created in association with that old character also began to dissolve because the character that some had created a bond with, was fading away. I realized that most of the relationships I had, was nothing more than simply pleasing, agreeing, and disagreeing with the characters we created on the stage. Most of my connections were not bound by the Universal Love that was the Source of all things. I came into a harsh reality that my connections was simply agreements of trying new restaurants movie nights and external joys that seem to dissipate as my vision of truth broadened. Even though there is nothing wrong with those things, I had a desire to “drink waters from my own cisterns.” I had a desire to go inside and rearange the temple to find joy in every angle from within so that I would never be reliant on anything external. I wanted “living waters” to spring up from inside so that I may never thirst again. Sacred texts read, “What God has joined together, let no man tear asunder.” I came into realization that my relationship was not two vessils reciprocating in Love and Truth through One Spirit; but simply two vessels sharing external similarities while only discussing spiritual things! So unknowingly, I was slowly detaching from every connection I made outside of the yoke of Love. I even cried sometimes, not understanding what was happening. I was being taken. I was being changed. This lead me to sacred texts which said, “Two will be under one roof, one will be taken and one will not.” I remember Jesus also saying that, “His family are those who do the will of God.” This was beginning to be my truth. Now that I was not born of the flesh, but of the Spirit, my family was those of the same vibration. Even though I still Loved all as I became Love. I was entering the kingdom!!! I talked to Father to see if it pleased Him and I was led to the sacred text that says, “Anyone that has to forsake people or things for the sake of the kingdom with inherit eternal life.” This speaks of a detachment in order to inherit the unconditional. I slowly detached from people who nourished the old man. They were unconsciously being frequency anchors.

    Fortunately, I began to love the people in my life in a real way, aside from what the world calls love which is simply adhering to character’s conditions and agreements. Some don’t understand it because it is not what the world calls Love. This Love is pure unbiased, and unconditional, not according to anything temporal. I am willing to go all the way, as deep as it goes! As I grow in Love and climb the mountain, the fewer people I see. Yet it is so much Love.

    I spent so much time in character bonds or as we call them; relationships. There are so many conditions:
    If you didn’t do this, we won’t argue but if you do this for me, we will be fine! I left the principles of, “this is good or evil” and came into Life. It feels so good up here! I have to lay down my life, but it is worth it to become the Love that I seek. As I grow closer to God, who I am is revealed! I just wanted Love!!!!!! I had no idea, years ago that it would go this deep. Lol

    • Tony, all

      What a nice testimonial and sharing. I think we can all identify with your thoughts and words as we all come through this same prism of realizing life. I agree that we must come to that place where we no longer fear the “what if’s” of life for all what if’s are situations placed in our life to encourage us in a direction which God has “already” determined for us. There is love in which we come to understand that it is
      God’s nature, His character….And the opposite of this love is the fear of this same love. When we delve deep into our fears we see that all of our vanities are some form of fear. Jealousy, hate, unforgiving, blame, anger and and underlying resentment that we fail most often to recognize for should we not, not like how we are treated by others when we love them? It is this resentment that is a mild case of anger found in fear and when we address this we can see what fear has taught us. Fear is to be afraid of love which is God and when we learn how to overcome this fear it will not be from praying it away but by receiving that which will cast it away for; “Love cast out fear” or God cast out fear. All He ask of us to do is to be honest with ourselves and to recognize our fears, our sins, and mistakes and not only acknowledge them but to embrace them and appreciate the lesson learned from having had them. Do not ask why me nor even why not me but instead be grateful for being able to have this experience in order to be giving a life even more abundantly than that we had before coming to this school of learning. I see by your sharing you know these things as well, as all others will cross these dimensions of learning. Our course is written and our end is secure so let us be appreciative and grateful for what is coming as though it has already came and gone. We just have to be patient and long suffering to for His appearing…within. It is a promise to all of us.

    • Hi and welcome. Yes…what a strange experience to discover a journey into the oneness of Divine Love often leads to the dissolution of relationships you had hoped to strengthen and foster. This continues to be the hardest part of my own journey.

      • T.W.

        Yes, I agree with you and I took the following out of a longer article which complements and addresses this very sentiment for it addresses this in us all. I also think it is the hardest part of our journey “until” we understand and come to the place where it is not about “them” and whether we agree with others or not, but how we look at others from God’s Point of view…which should be ours.

        It is our INTENTION behind what we think, say and do which carry us through to the end of our journey on this earth. In developing a relationship with God and man, our priority cannot be focused on a relationship only with man but first with God. If our intent is to eventually find ourselves in God’s likeness and character we must know we will achieve this by seeking and pursuing a “relationship” with Him “first” and not trying to please the flesh in man. We can have a relationship with others only to our highest degree of achievement in the character that God has allowed us to achieve, not decided by others. If we look for reciprocation from others on the same level in which God may have given to us, we may have to wait a long time for God to change them to have that relationship that we envision to have with them. So we have to change our perspective to God’s perspective.

        For us to have the best relationship with all others, we must come closer to the place in God’s nature where we become closer to…as He is. We must see that we cannot take into consideration the level that another person is on in order to accept them, to love and “tolerate” them…this is because as God accepts them just as they are…so too must we. We must see as God sees all others, as a work in progress, having no ill judgment or condemnation for them in their unfinished state.

        We, as God, must see all of His creation in the future perfect tense, looking above the lumps of coals before us, knowing that when we, as they, once finished we will all alike shine in the same likeness and character of God. It is not time to have a mutual, reciprocating, loving relationship with all others at this time, for if we expect reciprocation from the immature, we will have to wait until “they” have something to reciprocate with. This is not God’s way for He works with us on the level He Himself has brought us to…and accepts us where we are, as we are. We must come to the place in our character to a level to where God is, to where He gives to us “until” we can likewise give the same respect and love in kind. God knows that any one of His children cannot reciprocate His love “until” He has given them of His “unconditional love” to give.

        We can rest assured that, that day of redemption will come just as surely as the sun rises. We have to understand in the process of our redemption, that our flaws are part of the journey and when we can see the purpose in our flaws, we will be appreciative and grateful for them because we see that they are given to us in order to contrast the love and life we are to be elevated to.

        We must search deep within what our “intent” is and not where we are or where another is in our unfinished journey of our character building. Our intent can be many things…and many false intents and desires will lead us astray (for awhile) until God places us back on the right path. Our “intent” must be to follow wherever the spirit leads us only to find His likeness and character. Our intent cannot be for fame, fortune or for to be thought of as some one above, but only equal to. The highest degree of a relationship that we can acquire with our Father at any given time is only the highest relationship that we can have with any another. If we let the flaws we see in another or the differences we have with them, determine our love to or for them, then we are therefore accusers of our brethren for righteous judgment does not see or look for the lack in a man to fault them but only to see what good word may be needed to turn them from their fault…if so the opportunity presents itself.

        When we find ourself in a meaningful relationship with the “one” that matters…all others will or will not fall into place by default. Whether or not two can have a relationship with another is determined by the unconditional love and forgiving spirit of the whichever one who possesses it. The greatest attainment of any relationship is to learn to love in spite of being loved in return. Is this not this the way of God? If it is, and we agree, it must be ours as well. Differences are (or should be) just forgiven differences until love closes the gap.

        I understand where your coming from, for my experiences have been no different in my past, bit since I have learned to see beyond my differences with all. Christ spoke to many a multitude that understood very little of what he was saying, even from His twelve. He did not have a reciprocating relationship with any on the level at the time…that He had only with the Father. So, I came to understand that I must also keep reaching for the higher calling and let nothing deter this “intent” to overcome the only enemy that can keep me from progressing. It is only within ourselves. I think you agree. Good thoughts to think about.

      • Thanks for sharing Sonny. I was specifically referencing family relationships. Although I still hope for resolution, watching these relationships gradually disappear over the years, despite continual prayer, has been both difficult and confusing. Now I send them light and love, such that they will receive they joy I desire for them even though I am not present.

  6. Thank you ThoughWare.Though Warehouse. Thank you Sonny for the wonderful words of wisdom!!!!

  7. Good thoughts here … When we set out on our journey we hold certain expectations about what, how and when things will outwardly change. Often these expectations related to the outer reality are wrong because they come from a mind still unaware of its true Self, purpose and how it creates.

    In our spiral ascent into the Light of Truth, our mind is illuminated with Truth step by step, and our projected reality reflects these steps, but again often in ways we didn’t expect. A caterpillar going through a metamorphosis into a butterfly is totally separated in a cocoon and even appears dead, and yet arises into the incredible creation it was intended to be.

    Through the infinite wisdom of the Spirit of Truth, we are methodically set free from all the false perceptions and their projected reality, which causes disruptions in the status quo of our outer reality. This liberation from our “seed state” or “false image” or “worm-state” begins in our very core which puts us on an unexpected path as our mind makes a monumental shift from darkness to Light, but it’s the perfect path for its purposed end – to be as we are created to be, creative beings of Light.

    Though we may be apart from some so we can continue to grow as we need to, on this path, our love for them and for ALL only grows and expands, which is one of the testimonies we are advancing into Truth that expresses itself as divine love (the highest good for all). Divine love knows no “special relationships” where we love one and not another, were we give our kindness and peace to one and not another. It is all-inclusive, a central aspect of the Divine Mind.

  8. Thoughtware,

    “Relationships” and the good and bad of them are the very reason we are experiencing this journey in our earthly school of discipline…in that we are here to learn how to get along and learn to respect all. I think the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” pretty well sums up in a simple statement of the main reason for our journey here. We were blinded to our prior life and given a carnal, vein mind, darkened from the life we had with God before in order that we could learn to be content with our portion of our “inheritance” without desiring and interring with the gifts of another.

    Often in our dialogue what one shares can immediately bring things to mind of our own like experiences. I certainly can relate to everything you and Rachel share. I may not see all things of knowledge in the exact same way but I recognize the desire and the “intent” of what we are pursuing as far more important than any differences of the lower realm of knowledge. As it says, knowledge will cease to be but the love we acquire will remain with us and live on within. there will be no further need of the knowledge which will cease after its work is done. When we can see the plan and the goal of it, it makes little difference to us about the method of training or the severity of it for we understand that God subjects us only to that which is good and instructional for us.

    It seems like our life’s journey is predominately all about relationships. Our greatest displeasures and pains come from the strains of relationships. What’s not about relationships? Even in the best of exchanges where a high degree of respect is shown for the views of others, there is still that human nature which keeps some of us in the realm of “dueling” about knowledge, however love in the manner in which Rachel described above is where we must all come to regardless of any differences of opinion that may prevent us from seeing the higher attributes we are to seek in God. Once we cross over into this understanding that we all have had to share in this corruption and blindness to where we understood we were whole in God’s love at one time and in knowing that we will return to the full awareness of it in due time. God’s love has actually never left us for a moment, we have just dreamed that it has. Feeling the (temporary ) absence of God!s love will certainly make us grateful and appreciative of it’s awakened return.

    What gives me great joy and hope is that I know that from our birth to our departure from this earth, God has given to us the fallen character we possess to experience “having NOT done unto others as we would have them do unto us.” This experience is given to us in order to discipline us to be able to accept His greater gift of life that lay in store for us. This universe is so vast we cannot comprehend the size of it. God will use those who overcome to expand His universe…and limits and borders have to be respected by all who will participate in expanding His kingdom. We are but to look at the mess man has made of things on this earth by not adhering to the rules God has provided for us to relate to others with. It doesn’t take much thought to understand that God would take a small planet called earth and confine us to it until we could learn what love, respect, and doing unto others is and is established well within our being. It’s better to be trained and disciplined in a small space than in the greater expanse of the universe. It’s better for God to let us make a smaller “mess“ here, learn obedience, before we are turned loose to be creators along with Him.

    So experiencing sin is something we are subjected to, to simply teach us to respect God, and to learn to be grateful for the experience. God created all things, both good and evil (Isaiah 45:7) and there is no sin and thought that God put into our being at our birth that He would not again take from us through His grace, mercy, and forgiveness. It is all just a dream with a false sense of fear of loss in order to sear into our consciousness a “right way” to live on equal terms with all. Once God delivers us past the lower realm of self and we see His unconditional love for each and “all” of us, peace and calm will settle over us, only then to be able to say with our Christ, “it is finished.”

    Love to all.

  9. Without the light of Truth the mind is unable to “see”. The physical eyes of the body give only the illusion of sight which deceives the mind into believing it “sees”. Consequently, the mind believes its outer appearance world is real, and this belief makes it so.

    What is believed to be real can not be escaped, for how can one flee to the “unreal”? And since the mind instinctively knows that Truth is real, the outer appearance world becomes the Truth that governs the mind. It is therefore evident that all authority over the mind is consciously given to the outer appearance world, which is transformed into the creator and everything it creates accepted as truth.

    Thus when the outer appearance world is “seen” through the physical eyes to create destruction in the body, the mind accepts that weakness and vulnerability are true. When the outer appearance world creates experiences of death, so too does the mind accept the truth that it can die. This is a deeper meaning of the concept of “sin”, which is to accept darkness as light, blindness as sight and evil as truth.

    The illusion of the outer appearance world can not be escaped, for it is made real by the mind that accepts it. And with its acceptance, so too does the mind give up its authority to all it perceives “outwardly”. Light can not be found in darkness as truth can not be found in illusion, and anywhere the mind looks through physical eyes, always will it observe outer appearances it believes to be real, leading ever deeper into the darkness of illusion.

    But Light can be found within, for the Spirit of Truth can be consciously called by the mind for instruction in Truth. If the light is desired above all it currently believes to be true, this Voice for God can reveal that the mind mistakenly gave its creative authority to the outer appearance world. The light reveals that the conscious mind can be fully governed by the divine mind of God when it consciously reclaims its authority over the outer appearance world and then gives its creative authority back to the Father’s most high mind.

    Light reveals that we are not helpless in the face of a relentlessly attacking outer world, but rather a projector of sorts, shining the light of Truth we received from the Spirit into a reality that reflects this light back to us. Our mind, in the awareness of our divine oneness with God’s mind (our I AM Presence), infuses reality with the divine attributes of wisdom, love, peace and perfection. And by this shining the outer appearance world is created in a way that reflects these attributes back to the mind that projected them.

    The light of Truth reveals that we are masters of our world, creators of the Kingdom of God by which the Father, in oneness with our minds, receives joy though our experience. We do not concern ourselves with outer appearances, but only in the conscious shining of our light into reality, and all that is outwardly created is done through the emergence of our divine energy.

    We are lights. And our light is all powerful to create joy and peace.

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