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As we move into the Light, we become the Light.

The false idea of our self covers our mind putting us into a deep sleep. Like a dense fog, this false image distorts all our thoughts, perceptions and ideas of what is true and what is real. When our source of truth is past learning, then we look to the world to tell us who we are and we believe it. It’s speaks numerous lies that we accept as our truth, that we are weak, frail, vulnerable, sinful, forgotten, abandoned, limited, unloved, unworthy, little, insignificant, finite, bound to the past, and the list goes on and on. Lost in this darkness, our minds construct a false image from which we project and perceive a reality reflecting similar traits. The voices of our illusions speak loudly, convincing us we are sick, bound to decay and death, victims of fear, and destined to suffer.

When we begin our sacred journey into Truth, all we once believed as truth becomes unraveled. As we sit in the power of stillness and go deep into the present moment, we hear the gentle Voice of the Spirit of Truth telling us we are nothing like the image of ourselves we imagined. As he breaks through our layers of darkness with revelations of Truth, he calls us out of the mist of meaninglessness and madness, and into the perfection and peace of our true Self.

As we listen to the Spirit of Truth, little by little we leave the lies of the illusion and advance toward the Light of our true Self. This Light is hidden in the darkness created by the fearful thoughts our false image creates. We continually run from our frightful false image and cover it with anything the world tells us is desirable and acceptable. The Spirit leads us right through these false coverings and our fears, giving us peace and strength to face our most challenging and seemingly unshakeable illusions. After persistence down this winding prodigal path forsaking all we once learned in exchange for the revelations of the Spirit, we begin to deeply comprehend the nature of our true Self. This awareness prepares us for the passage through the narrow gate, the borderland of universal forgiveness, through which all the illusions are stripped from our mind leaving the shining revelation of our true Self.

By giving divine gratitude we release the lingering distortions of our false self and joyfully accept the perfection of emergence, from which our true Self arises. All the voices of the illusion we once heard become distant echoes as our minds ascend to the reality of the Real. These voices which once told us who we were have no place or power in the Light of the True and Real.

As we approach the Altar of Truth, its Holy Light is like a sacred looking glass that reveals our true reflection for the first time. Lost in the darkness with no true mirror, we only saw ourself according to the reflection of our imagination. We believed ourselves to be all sorts of things and accepted those imaginings as true. Now, we marvel as we gaze into the face of Christ, which is the true face of every soul. In the Light we know we ARE the Light, and we become a looking glass for others to see their true Self. As each one looks upon their beautiful reflection, the Light of Truth expands into creation revealing what has always been but our sleeping minds could never perceive in the darkness: we are the glorious likeness of our Father.

As the Light of Life shines into creation, peace is restored to the souls which God created as His Self, His temple, His eternal joy, His ever-present love extended into eternity, and wholly one with Him. All fear is senseless and unreal in the divine presence of our true Self. From this moment of seeing our true reflection a new reality begins to emerge, one flowing from the divine thoughts of our true Self, who is the Self of God.

As the dreamer slept, the Christ came in one, because the one were many.

As the dreamer awakened, Christ came in many, because the many were one.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “The Sacred Looking Glass

  1. You are God’s Living Decree of Good to this world. Let your light shine. ” Thou shall decree,” See this as a commandment, as imperative as any one of the Decalogue. And God said, Let them have dominion over the earth. The hour cometh, and now is, when divine man, he that overcomes, takes to himself his mighty preroga- tives, and whatever he wishes he brings to pass by pronouncing the magical words All Things are Possible to He that Believes!

  2. If we believe that God is not only love but unconditional love, and if we believe that God forgives all for all things, then we must believe that this state of being we have found ourself in, is a life designed by God, through Christ to give us an illusion of what it would be like if…..this evil, chaotic life was actually reality. All of the false images we have of ourselves have a time stamp on them, and when we have learned there is only one way, one will and one love, sin and death will cease to exist.

    The illusion or the dream of fear, chaos and failure is only to teach us “what if” we behaved in such an evil way in the great expanses of the universe, wreaking havoc by not considering the perimeters set by God? By being confined to not only this speck of dust hardly distinguishable in the Milky Way which is one of billions of galaxies , there is little harm to be done in the great expanses of God’s kingdom(s). We are confined, not only in a small area, but far away from reality “in spirit.” It’s like a boot camp on the backside of nowhere and when we are disciplined to the point of approval, we are released from the illusion, woke from the dream and with a new found level of gratitude and appreciation we are most happy to oblige to operate within the perimeters of God’s will.

    When we see God’s plan with a single vision with one single loving purpose instead of looking at His Kingdom divided into good and evil, love and hate, and the big I and little you syndrome, then we see a plan that is clearly of one purpose. The dream of being a failure with a guilty conscious of not measuring up to God’s will is like leaving our home, going to an acting class and dressing up and playing the part of the devil, only to be glad it’s nothing more than a play and that we’re really “not” that character in reality. We learn a lot by having played the part and especially if we have been hypnotized to believe that we are actually who “they” say we are.

    We are so glad to return “home” now understanding we were just living in a play, a dream of a false way. It was a good play on the assumption of it being real but we find it was only based on a higher life. So when we awake and our soul is reunited to its higher self of the spirit, making us complete again, the dream will have served its purpose in teaching us all how to be one with all and one with God. When we awake we will be so happy we just awoke from a pretty fearful and terrifying experience and to be happier still, we know it never “really” happened. Nothing has been taken away, it’s just to teach us there is nothing wrong with the reality the way God designed it to be and for function together in one likeness and of one spirit…sticking to the “real” plan.

    Looking through the lens of unconditional love reveals truth as nothing else can.
    Gratitude is what comes to mind in knowing God is one and His children are one with it has always been…and always will be. And when we see…there is the praise that comes from gratitude and a thankfulness that “all” is well.

  3. As we listen to the Spirit of Truth, little by little we leave the lies of the illusion and advance toward the Light of our true Self. This Light is hidden in the darkness created by the fearful thoughts our false image creates. We continually run from our frightful false image and cover it with anything the world tells us is desirable and acceptable. The Spirit leads us right through these false coverings and our fears, giving us peace and strength to face our most challenging and seemingly unshakeable illusions. After persistence down this winding prodigal path forsaking all we once learned in exchange for the revelations of the Spirit, we begin to deeply comprehend the nature of our true Self. This awareness prepares us for the passage through the narrow gate, the borderland of universal forgiveness, through which all the illusions are stripped from our mind leaving the shining revelation of our true Self…..THE LIVING MIRACLE OF TRUTH I AM…

  4. This life here on earth that we have been subjected to is a transitional place coming from a good life going to a better life with greater freedoms and privileges. We lose nothing of the life we had before coming to this school of higher learning, just as if we go further in education in a natural school. We add to what we had and know, we add to our abilities according to how we score, some 30, some 60, and some 100. With God it is always an expansion of Himself, a giving and not a taking. This dream of taking or losing is nothing more than a successful class in if you want greater freedoms, with it comes greater responsibilities. Thus we are presented with this course in learning to respect what God gives and does for us as well as to others and we are neither to be envious, jealous or unhappy for them…as we expect no less to be treated in the same way.

    Sometimes a loss of a prized possession or a special relationship will carry one to greater depths of thought where one analyzes the importance of that loss and what one must do to either relieve the situation or to take this experience with them into consideration in their future decision making. How do we know and understand these things? Because we are but to observe our interactions “as they are” in this life we are living in and therefore try to understand the situations we find ourselves in. God created “all” situations and things for the purpose of advancing and training us up into “the way” we should go. Therefore God created a situation where the “appearance” of loss is as real as He could make it, a dream and an illusion of loss. Thus the need for this small detour on earth for a short time to establish and to stabilize us. It is a situation we will feel the suffering of disobedience from being blinded to His way. (Is it not said that Christ learned obedience through the things in which he suffered and is He is not our example and light bearer to show us the way?)

    It is written that we cannot understand in this place of time what good things God has in store for us when we are finished in His likeness. This is is the purpose for the deep sleep we were placed in where we dream things outside the realm of reality, that are just not so, so that when we awake from the suffering “in the dream” we are most thankful and grateful for having had the experience, yet it being not real, “not lasting.” This is why we are taught to give thanks in “all” things for all things that we are subjected to are things which help to bring us to our completion in the very likeness of our Father. There will be no loss of the spirit of God that He gave to us in the long ago before the foundation of this world was set in motion. When God reveals His plan to us in its reality, we see all souls being improved upon in this plan of redemption. To redeem something it had to be yours at some time in the past for you to be able to buy it back or to “re” deem it. We are all being redeemed from being sold into the slavery to the carnal mind and when we have been owned by this slave master for a time, God will redeem us through His Son, the Christ.

    This life is a journey of a perceived loss only to teach us the wonders of reality when we are awakened back into it. A lesson that is well learned having truly lost nothing for God has always been right here within us, behind the veil, in the Most Holy Place. God is not a failure and does not make plans to fail, but plans to succeed in His expansion of this universe. So when we look at our situation here on this earth with much heartache and pain let us realize this is not eternal reality but only a place to teach us and to prepare us for something far greater than that we had before. Remember Job, his end was much greater than his beginning…and only after much trials, tribulation and testing. Let us see this life’s real purpose in its intended way…and this understanding will bring a peace and a contentment and a love for all, nothing being lost, but everything being gained by gradually being awakened to His likeness.

    We will “all” be healed each in our own order, in the time of God’s choosing. Let us see all others as we would choose to see ourselves, as being one with God…and treat others as being one with us…each eventually in our own order.

  5. We will “all” be healed each in our own order, in the time of God’s choosing. Let us see all others as we would choose to see ourselves, as being one with God…and treat others as being one with us…each eventually in our own order…..THAT S VERY BEAUTIFUL..THE UNFAILING PROMISES OF ALMIGHTY GOD ARE TO EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL ON THIS EARTH WHO WILL ONLY LAY HOLD OF THEM —- THE BEST GIFTS.

  6. And every promise is based on the price required for fulfillment. Christ said, “Buy of me the gold tried in the fire that thou mayest be rich.” (Revelation 3:18) Yes, the invitation to receive is always based on the required price to be paid. Every promise has its price and that price is never changed. It is not in dollars and cents but in requirements of one’s own growth and inner perfecting….

  7. Yes, well said, and if I may “add to” what you say for others…the gold is God’s likeness, His ways and His spirit which are found in the list of the beatitudes. When we buy something we sacrifice one thing for another such as money for merchandise or trading one thing for another. Our gold “likeness” of God in us, is to be tried in the consuming fire of which God is. When we stand in the fire (test) of God and we remain in obedience to Him amidst the flames of adversity, we are making payment in receiving of His character…for this is the riches that outweigh all others.

    When we study and meditate upon these things we realize a lot of the things we are to give up or sacrifice are the very things we would rather be rid of anyway. When we are to give forgiveness for a fault rendered, we are giving up or sacrificing an unforgiving attitude. We sacrifice “our beast” as did the children of Israel, however where their beast was natural, ours is spiritual. The more we study the natural, the more we see the parallels in the spirit, however it is not the literal word of God we are to put our trust in, it is the spiritual Word which is Christ. One explains where the other remains.

  8. If some gifted clairvoyant or divine prophet had the ability to place his or her hands upon your head and reveal the true pattern of your individual life and divine wonder of the importance of your calling in life, there would be no one able to keep you from seeking to receive such wondrous knowledge. Yet this knowledge has been awaiting each individual down the centuries to seek it and to accept it and so to receive the almost unspeakable powers held forth….The great and mighty PROMISES OF ALMIGHTY GOD HAVE REMAINED UNFULFILLED BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN PLACED IN “THE AFAR-OFF” EVEN BY THE ANCIENT PATRIARCHS..In the eleventh chapter of Hebrews is given the key to the new gifts. However, new gadgets, new conditions, new love affairs, new exciting conditions become less and less animated except through false prodding. And since excitement is the mainstay of existence, life itself becomes as drab and boring as those who foster such a condition. Only in alertness, an awakened appreciation of the great living panorama of existence can anyone become or remain interesting and vibrant. Vibrancy is itself the power of life and progress a living glory of achievement. This road is one which must be traveled in an awakened awareness. No one can just drift along it. It is a way of choosing and accepting or desiring because it becomes even more perfect and beautiful as one follows it to its glorified ending. No one can travel this road for another. Neither can anyone travel it for the “wayfarer or seeker” as Isaiah proclaimed. And from this exalted path one can look down upon the “Broad Open Way” and behold it with a clarified vision and with increasing wisdom and understanding. “The man” or the groups or the church organizations or political heros or lodges or social societies are traveling unknowingly that “Broad Open Way” that leads to death. In fact, the churches of the past have been the graveyards of the ages. They still are, more or less. Even the foremost Christian Churches are only prepared to teach men how to die —- then to give its individual prescription of soothing syrup to the sorrowing. There is not one church or club or organization that teaches its members how to LIVE AND NEVER DIE, as Christ taught. Christ never once taught anyone how to die, but only how to LIVE. “If ye believe on me ye need never die. Believest thou this?” (John 11:26)

  9. They did not believe it then any more than they believe it now. Nor do they understand the words as repeated: “DEATH SHALL BE THE LAST ENEMY TO BE OVERCOME.” (see I Corinthians 15:26) (Emphasis added) Yes! And man himself has the right and the power and the potential to overcome it…..

  10. We must “each” come to our conclusion in Christ Jesus, and we will in our own order. There is no doubt in rhe reality of it, the doubt is from an immature mind. This is not a criticism but an observation, for as we must all grow through the obstacles of the carnal mind. It is no one’s place to criticize, condemn nor to point out the faults in others…until…as in Christ…everything we do is not in condemnation, but in love for another. We do not find fault as in a comparison, however as we observe a fault, we overlook it, and forgive it. If there is a way made to discuss it, it will come at the invitation of the one in need, and if it should not come we should continue to love this person as though they were already perfected, for we see beyond the temporary into the eternal where “this other” is completed as we are ourselves. Love should take us to the end of our carnal selves, as we include “all” in our destination, for ours is as their’s. We are only to build up, to encourage and to lead the way if at all possible, for we have to see and most of all, “to be,” to give any beneficial direction.

    Knowledge does come before substance so it is easier said than done, however this is the purpose of hope, to want to be that in which we see…and the greater love of this understanding is to want to share this love with “all” that exist, no one excluded regardless of one’s present blindness. It is quiet a different reality than the one being taught in the religious world, however we cannot blame any in the systems of man, for all that is in bondage to traditions will be released from them…as God releases each of us from the bondage of the systems of carnal man. We must remember it is said as we rake on the mind of the carnal, we “will” take on the mind of Christ. We should never condemn another in bondage for if we do, this is an admission that we also, are still in bondage to the carnal mind of the flesh. It is the goal of a son to see all freed from bondage with a love for all.
    To be one with God is to be one with “His” will and that is as assuredly as there is a bondage to the carnal mind, there will as assuredly also be a release from it…in our time…in our order. “Hallelujah”

    So what should be our attitude toward “all”? Our attitude should be a love for another, any other, as they also are brought to their completion in Christ likeness, in the Father’s image. We should take every opportunity to give, to build, to encourage, to edify, to tear down the walls of separation. When we are allowed to see the end of this journey for all people how can we continue to condemn even the “least of these?” When the meaning of “unconditional” love is opened to us in its utmost reality and meaning, and we partake of it, how can we ever see any as beneath us? One may be the worst of the worst in the present, however to see them in the “promised” future perfect tense of themselves, we overlook the present, looking forward to God being “all” in “all.” This vision of reality brings such a joy and gratitude that it is hard to define in words. There is no word for the feeling of gratitude, for we must enter in to its substance and likeness to truly understand it…and when we become, then we are to encourage others to partake of this same kindness which only God can give. Hope will become reality. As we see this present world in factions, parties, and divisions and rooted in evil, we will as well see the outcome of it in the likeness of God. To see the reality of the outcome is a blessing indeed. God is love…period.

  11. you are speaking from ur own un enlightenend mind..and you have not words of fruitly truth …..

  12. God expects us to live in the light He gives to us as we are opened to it. . Not all will and can see the same until we each approach the pinnacle of God’s likeness. Life is like a pyramid where at its base it is broad and wide, however as two from opposite sides (views) climb to its summit, they become closer and its not until each is standing together at its summit that both see as one in all directions. Until this “time” we are to practice our fruit of tolerance, patience, forbearance, and forgiveness toward others who climbed up the other side not understanding what fruit is. Knowledge, whether right or wrong is not the fruit of the spirit. One can be wrong in their facts of knowledge, however one can be accepted of God in their presentation of themselves as they interrelate with others. It is in “the way” that we respect others in our disagreements of subjects which proves us. We should be able to maintain enough “fruit” about ourselves while disagreeing with what another shares instead of always telling others how wrong or how unenlightened they are. It may be that this continuous accusing of another’s light or lack thereof, reveals our fruit of what sort it is.

    The scriptures say,” knowledge will be done away with,” however the love that knowledge will bring you to, will remain. We must not confuse what we “know” with who we are.

  13. Captured light massively building up in a blackhole thats the whole can esc/ape. ITS NOT JUST SOMETHING IT IS WONDERFUL~ a global convergence of the ones like you on this day that affirm divine truth ~ Sept //// a day that deserves the attention with patients and love thru an expression I have hope in. It happens. go>>> only if…


  14. No matter how deep one’s thinking or personal beliefs and opinions are, he is but traveling that BROAD, OPEN ROAD OF THE MULTITUDES, THE ROAD THAT LEADS TO DEATH. IT IS NOT THE PATHWAY OF NODDING FROM A DISTANCE WITHOUT CHANGING ONE’S LIFE TO LIVE ONE SINGLE, GLORIOUS SPOKEN REQUIREMENT. This living or actually traveling that most sacred Path requires a “SURE KNOWING” or feeling which may be but an inner conviction of unshakable FAITH. And with that sure knowing is the very power of “FAITH MADE PERFECT.”

  15. It is not just by accepting of the teachings of the scripture mentally, IT IS IN THE LIVING OF THEM that one becomes perfect.
    This higher way is not a path of encumbering, creeded doctrines or even memorized scriptural platitudes. It contains an enlightened, inner awareness as one determinedly holds his footsteps in a straight line of progressive, wondrous, joyous advancing as ever new and higher vistas of attainment are reached…..

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