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In the name, I Am, we pray. This is our final prayer as the morning star arises in us all as one.

In prayer, we extend our will to God’s will with the hope of transitioning ourselves, others, or a situation from one state of being (or condition) to another. Our prayer life constantly evolves throughout our spiritual journey as our will slowly aligns to the Divine Will. Once our will is fully aligned, prayer as we know it is forever changed because we are the expressed will of God.

In the awareness of our sacred Self, we make our final prayer. Our prayer elevates into a new meaning, creative expression and power. In this awareness, our will is fully united as one with God’s will, therefore whatever we ask is done. Our prayers are transcended and evolve into the outpouring of the life-giving spirit, I Am.

The outpouring of the I Am, the prayer of our true Self, is uniting our present conscious awareness to the spiritual attributes we possess in Truth, so our mind projects their expression into reality. What we hold in our consciousness, in the present moment, is what we outwardly manifest. So, what and who we presently believe ourselves to be, we see reflected back to us from reality. The Prayer of I Am is the mindful act of connecting who we are as an immortal fractal of God’s Self to our present awareness. It’s a profession of all we know ourselves to be in Truth as taught by the Spirit of Truth AND manifesting it into reality.

The Prayer of I Am is articulated as: I Am (fill in spiritual attribute). For example, I Am abundant. I Am love. I Am Health. I Am Peace.

Characteristics of the Prayer of I Am

Here are five characteristics of this sacred prayer:

Possessing all Things: Prayer of I Am acknowledges that we possess all the spiritual attributes. Therefore, we possess all things, which are reflective forms of those attributes. For example, when I state with understanding, I Am Peace, then experiences of peace are manifested. When we believe in the perfection and completeness of our sacred Self, who lacks nothing, AND rest in divine emergence by which our true Self is expressed, we experience the reality of possessing all things. (Matthew 6:33, Matt 5:9)

Of the Present Moment: Prayer of I Am acknowledges that we possess the spiritual attributes NOW. It’s not a request for a future attainment, because in Truth the present moment is the only time there is. Therefore, the prayer is stated in the present, I Am

All Inclusive: Prayer of I Am professes that the spiritual attributes we possess are for ALL and given to all through us. When we state, I Am Peace, we state this for everyone, no exclusions. (Universal ForgivenessI Am is the name of oneness, the name of us all. (James 4:3)

Rest in Emergence: Prayer of I Am allocates all trust to God by resting in divine emergence in order to manifest spiritual attributes into a reality of forms. It doesn’t trust in effort or striving, which denotes lack and separation from the spiritual attributes. Also it isn’t according to our expectations, because we are not consciously aware of how the highest good for all in any one moment would appear in the reality of form. This prayer recognizes we are open gates to the supra-consciousness (Christ mind) that creates through us as we rest in emergence. Because it is the name of oneness, in this prayer we speak in unison with the Spirit of God (Christ) and not just of ourselves. Therefore, it is infinitely powerful and nothing is impossible through it. (Matthew 6:25-32, John 5:19)

State of Gratitude: Prayer of I Am extends sincere gratitude for what we already possess and therefore know will be reflected in reality. This acknowledgment of gratitude confirms we know the Truth, and our creative consciousness manifests it into reality. (Phil 4:6, James 1:6)

The Prayer of I Am changes the landscape of reality. It unites our consciousness to Truth, so that Truth can be manifested where there once were illusions. A mind of Truth (righteous or right-minded) is indeed very powerful. (James 5:16)


 “If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.” ~  John 14:14

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

29 thoughts on “Prayer Remastered

  1. When Eve made a mistake and spoke to the snake in the Garden of Eden, it had legs. This is what the Bible tells us. Now scientists have described what they say is the first known fossil of a four-legged snake (which was hidden for decades) that stunned scientists (of course)—and is definitely igniting controversy. The world’s first 4 legged known snake discovered in Brazil, proves that snakes walked on foot, instead of crawling on their bellies. This is exactly what the Bible declared in Genesis 3:14, that snakes had legs.


  3. In the name, I Am, we pray. This is our final prayer as the morning star arises in us all as one……THIS IS A MEMORIAL OF REVELATORY PRAYER,,,,,TO THOSE THAT GOD HAS REVEALED HIS WILL AND PURE UNDERSTANDING TO….AMEN

  4. And it is true that ALL the church doctrines, rules, regulations, dogmas, teachings and laws, even the prophets are fulfilled by perfecting that divine law of LOVE! When LOVE is perfected and fulfilled, none of the church rules are necessary or required, for it fulfills all the laws.

    • Yes, if you have love you have fulfilled all things. If you have the full love of Christ in your being, all mysteries are fulfilled…for the mystery is Christ within us and as us. The anointing (the meaning of Christ) when it has reached its full maturity in our inward being, there is nothing else to do for all knowledge, understanding and wisdom has been fulfilled in the likeness and charter of God. Love is the fullness of God’s nature, His attributes. We will one day say the same words as our lord and savior; “It is finished.”


  6. To those who do not understand that with a greater desire to love to the fullest, greater sorrows also must accompany these precious requests. The greater the calling, the greater the trials of life.

    When we pray to be more like our Father in like mercy, compassion, patience, etc, and especially of having an unconditional love and forgiveness in all things and for all people…as…does the Father what we must know and realize that these things do not come but through many trials test and tribulations. It takes experiences of being subjected to all manner of evil to learn how to deal with the evils of this life. It takes opposition by the adversary to strengthen one’s character and to establish one’s loyalties. There is much truth in the statement “more known, more required.” When we ask in sincerity and in a truthful and loving manner, according to God’s will, we will receive likewise. However when we pray and ask for the greater gifts we in effective are asking for the greater trials of life to come our way to establish us in this greater way. The higher orders and callings to the mind and to the taste is sweet to the imaginations as was the vision of John in eating the whole book, however when we have to digest the trials, test, and tribulations in the whole book to make the sweetness our reality, it will come with great sacrifice. So we should think it not strange as says the scriptures when these things come upon us. If we can pass one test we can help another that has been through this one thing, however to be of the most help, we must be subjected to all things to understand all things…and be able to help in all things. It is a great sacrificial way in giving up all of self to become as He is, and we must accept that our life will be one of continual experiences to make us as He is. We must understand God’s plan in order to stand the fiery test of time. However with these experiences of His revelation, comes a peace within and a comfort in knowing that all things do work together for those who love God. When we see that God’s plan is all inclusive and completes and returns us all to Himself, we can love all as He loves all…seeing this is a redemptive process. When we are pressed on every side it is to measure us to Christ Himself and when we are judged as to our present completeness, His righteousness will supply the correction we need to become more as He is. Our suffering is for our own good and growth. Without the pain, there can be no we accept that where we are in our straights is where we should be…else it would not be happening. We will come forth as Job, tried in the consuming fire in which God is. Nothing done to man is for naught, for all things we each experience is for the ultimate good that we all will come into one harmonious way and will of God. There is only one will and one plan of God and we are here to learn it, some with a few stripes and some with many, yet every knee will bow to the one will of God. The sooner we learn to give up our will and accept His will , the sooner we will enter into His rest…

    • Prophetic words.

      Rachel and I were talking just this morning about the very same thing – and she provided insight into chapter 3 of Daniel. She observed that when we refuse to accept anything that is not of truth, no matter how “real” it appears, we are refusing to worship the world’s false images (lies). When we stand against the world and make a stand for the TRUTH, the delusions become “seven times hotter”. Saying this another way, we face significantly stronger temptations to attach a LIE to “I AM”, which is to blaspheme the name of God.

      But in his name, we prevail, for his name is truth and in His name we recognize our oneness with truth.

      Are we, who comprehend the increasing tribulation, not breaking forth? In the light given us to know the truth, can we ever be overcome as we break free from the world’s bondage? If, for example, we know the power inherent in the proclamation “I AM Peace”, can our peace ever be disturbed? No! Likewise the same can be said for I AM Life, I AM Limitless, I AM Love, I AM Holy, etc. Since truth can never fail, no lie can touch those who profess his name in TRUTH, no matter how “hot” (realistic) the lies appear. And is this not what Jesus meant when he said “be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world?” Will we not also do the same?

      No longer will we cover the sacred prayer of I Am with lies. No longer will we blaspheme God’s name. Instead, we will dance and joyfully express our oneness with him in the midst of the firey furnace, knowing his truth NEVER FAILS.

      Much love to you Sonny, from both of us.

      • As “hot” as the testing can be…we must know and understand it’s not one bit hotter than it takes to burn out the dross of our carnality, thus leaving the gold tried in the fire which is the spirit of God within us. The fire will burn all that is not of God’s character which the scriptures teach is the wood, hay, and stubble. These things are our vanities, the workings of our carnal mind. God is a consuming fire and He will burn the hell out us so to speak, leaving the kingdom of heaven within. The spirit of God that God gifted to us before we were introduced to this testing place is depicted as gold and at our natural birth this gold was placed into our earth (in which we are) where it has to be redeemed, mined from the earth where in “our” creation it was mixed with the impurity’s of sin. Before we came to this earth we had been given life eternal, and God announced an expansion of His plan which included us, and according the scriptures this is when the morning stars sang together. This life as we know it is not an end to eternal life for any as some would believe, it is but a preparatory place to accept the greater gifts from God. Salvation is a gift that is given expecting nothing in to return. We are here to prove ourselves as to where we fit in and whether we can stand the test of our individual calling. Where we read in the scriptures is not whether we will “make it” as far as our salvation goes as the New Testament and Revelation is written to all the different callings and orders. Eternal life is the gift to all, we are trained and disciplined to our calling. All is good.


      • It seems like we have been on the same wave length lately with our simultaneously thoughts on the verse in Isaiah about there is only right judgement for the correction unto righteousness. It is a blessing indeed to see that all of God’s directives toward His creation are remedial and redemptive. And now as we discuss that to love unconditionally and to be equipped to stand in the forefront of all things, we must understand all things and these “all things” will only come through the fires of God’s proving us. To understand and to be able to deal with all the wisdom and deceit of the carnal mind, we must be subjected to it and be the recipient of the evil thoughts, words and actions from others. Sympathy is a good attribute to have as we feel bad for those who go through the hardships of life but to be empathetic means we have already tasted of their sorrows and pains of life. Sympathy has not travelled this road of experience that empathy has and to be of the in Christ realm of the firstfruits we must be able to succor all who will come after in the later harvest. God and Christ understands every thought, word and deed of man because as it is said, Jesus suffered in “all” points as we do, so that He may feel our infirmities and succor us in our time of need. The firstfruits company of believers must experience the trials and tribulations of this life if they are to be of the same mind of Christ and help all in the time of need. With some experience…we can help some…with all testing complete, we will be able to help all. So, if we look at it in the perspective that we are being equipped to love as He loves and do as He does, then we accept the reproof as a condition of obtaining this love. So…we must understand and know there is only love in every trial and test. As Job sat in his sackcloth and ashes depicting his mournful state of being, he knew everything that happened to him was for his own good for he said that when he came forth he would come forth as gold tried in the fire…and even though God would take his very life in his testing he would still praise God..knowing that God loved him and would do nothing but good for him. He knew the true Father. To love as we say we want to love and be as we say we want to be, we must no less be of the same mind of Job. When one reads the book of Job, one should place a small sticker over the name “Job” with their own name on it and this is how the book should be read for this is not a history lesson about a man named Job but it is a story about each of our lives and about our testing and how we “should” see the trials, tribulations and test of this life. Everything is for our good and there is nothing done to us that is not corrective in nature. Yes, judgement is unto righteousness…for all. Each in our own order. We started out in God’s love and we will never leave it. Our vanities we were temporarily given to teach and to discipline us will be removed from us in this life’s redemptive process. There is no loss of our God given spirit, our only loss will be what was never to be a permanent part of our nature to begin with, our carnal nature. We were given a “what if” carnal nature for awhile for us to come to the understanding of the chaos we would experience if we were to do our own will. The “dream” is a magnificent experience for we have but to look around us for the world is full of the “what if” story of building our own kingdoms and governments and taking what does not belong to another, whether corporately or individually. We are here to re-learn the oneness of God and how love will work for one and for all..the same. We have to experience the “what if” story, the dream of failure, to know not to go there, as did Eve. We must understand as did Adam and Eve when they came to their senses that it is better to trust and obey God, knowing that we have been provided for without us having to add to or take away anything from the foreordained blessings of God. We must understand that what is good for me, the same is as good for the other just as well. We are all of one Father and we are all of one spirit to have all of the same character traits as our Heavenly Father…after the “what if” dream has been dreamed…and we awake to a blessing of knowing it is better to live in voluntary obedience to a Father which has provided for us freely and graciously. Let us be no less appreciative and grateful by showing our love in return to God…by doing no less to others.

  7. And…our rest .


    • There is a need to care about what others believe, because it means you love them.
      Love of the world squeezes out love for the Father. The scripture is
      saying that practically everything that goes on in the world — wanting
      your own way, wanting everything for yourself, wanting to appear
      important — has nothing to do with the Father. It just isolates you
      from him. The world and all its’ wanting, wanting, wanting is on the
      way out — but whoever does what God wants is set for eternity.
      None of this will prove that the I Am is in you.
      The term I Am was spoken by the Father as a sign to those who
      do not believe. Simply saying I Am will not change your stature, or status
      because one’s status can only come from the value that the Father
      assigns to you through His Son Jesus.

  9. There is no need to be concerned about what “others” believe. To awaken in the name (image) of God, is to understand the oneness of self. Only your belief is important.


  11. To be free is to be free from our lower self, the carnal mind. It is not so much to be free from the lower self of others but that which is within our own carnal selves. Once this “freedom” is reached…within.. of and from what others think, say and do, it is a mute point of what others think for we are to pease the One, not the many. However, as we each individually come into this oneness in Christ, we become one with the corporate Christ, until all one by one..become one…in Him.

    Our growth is between God and ourselves and we grow as He gives us the increase of Himself. If we were able to “prove” that what another believes is not in agreement with what we believe or see…or is not even of the “truth” what is that to another? It is to God we stand or fall. When one stands up and interjects and tries to orchestrate the flow of information between another and God they in effect expose their lower self for they attempt to come between God and another. This is the lower self thinking of the realm of the false way of man wanting to rule over others..this is the 60 fold realm of the masses controlled by false teachers, prophets and ministers of the “In part” realm.

    Freedom is the exercise to worship God without interference nor permission from others who think they know the truth better than another. The saying in the New Testament that we should not “cover” our head is speaking to those who understand what freedom is. To cover our head is to appoint another over our way of worshipping God. If we cover our head and make another man our “cover” we err for we have missed the mark of making God our center. In our weakness and in our inability to see clearly as infants or the young in Christ, we should keep our eyes on the goal of becoming one with Him and not at the direction of another. The religious realm, the 60 fold earth realm is not accountable to this higher calling of being directly connected to God, however we who have been set free to see this truth do not attempt to do anything to another except to also set them free from these same conditions. To “come of of her” is to come out of this “church woman” who wants to rule over others which is not her power to do. This is why we really are asked to come out of the system which would attempt to “cover” our head with themselves, denying others the direct access to God, as God requires of us. We would do better by living the example before others and sharing our beliefs with them and let them choose “and confirm” what God has revealed to them. We should remain immovable in our love towards others whether they see this way to freedom or not because we who have this freedom to think for ourselves (without our head covered) want it for all others just as well for this is God’s way.

    With understanding and much patience we, as Christ will believe unto the saving of “all” souls. True and unconditional love covers all sin until it is completely done away with and unconditional love permeates into all of the heavens in which we are. This is freedom.

  12. Unconditional sin is not covered by love The wages of sin is death until there is repentance. To walk with Jesus is a wonderful experience that is acquired only by faith. All who sin unconditionally will be forever lost. When Jesus came he preached the conditions that must be met for anyone to be saved, and he mentioned the conditions that would lead to purgatory, and loss of eternal life. Those who have experience this conditional love, will be busy preaching those conditions and busy loving all who want to acquire it. Those who have come out of the church, have come out of salvation, and out of everlasting Life. The Word is call all into the body of Christ, and Jesus is saying the gates of Hell cannot prevail against it. Yes love is conditional to the blood of Jesus, and the Cross. This is the only road map to love, and how beautiful upon the mountains are those who preach it.


    • That’s beautiful. But, you must often share it from yourself, and from what you are believing. To even understand what you do know, you must often put it on the table God is not asking you or I to be perfect but to be pure hearted followers. The Holy Spirit will reveal to you if I know what I am speaking of but only if I am glorifying Him. You must have confidence in the Holy Spirit if He is to ask anything of you. His demands come to those who have a pure heart. A pure heart has a legacy. A legacy will speak from it’s history. If this is not true, there would be no confidence to support God’s work in the world, for men and women are his work in the world. When one, is, His work, he bears his workmanship, and God cannot be ashamed of those He loves The Holy Spirit bears witness to the truth. It shows God’s story, and God’s point of view. The story is either true, or not true, and it is not the witness to the story that is to be judged pure, but the story itself. The story is His story. When the pieces come together it will give a picture of the Royal truth of God, and God bears witness with a miracle. One must desire the miracle or it cannot manifest. If we neglect the truth, we forfeit the miracle.

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