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Enlightened to our bodies new purpose, our understanding into universal forgiveness goes deeper. Constructs of Truth interact, as we go deeper in one area, we go deeper into another. This forgiveness is one of our main functions in the dream because its the release out of fear and into divine love, out of the dream of illusions and into the reality of Truth. What we loose is loosed, what we bind is bound. Our will is powerful.

Universal forgiveness is the key which opens the door to our divine Mind. This ubiquitous forgiveness unlocks our ability to see through the worn and tattered skins of every soul as it removes our mental hold on erroneous past learning to see according to Truth. In divine forgiveness, we perceive all souls as extensions of God’s holiness because they are his holy thought, which can’t be tainted. In seeing others’ holiness, we see our own because how we see others, defines how we see ourself, and vice versa. This holy vision of others is the Spirit of God looking through us in Truth upon creation, therefore its power to create all things new is unlimited.

The teaching of divine forgiveness within our minds is like walking through a long corridor in which we push through many layers of illusions created by our faulty belief system. As our false beliefs are challenged with the Truth we know but don’t yet see, the illusion seemingly closes in around us. However, with the Spirit of Truth’s perfect guidance that cannot fail, we prevail to awaken to our true divine Mind, from which arises the kingdom of Truth (Heaven).

Through divine forgiveness the four pillars of the illusions of the dream are replaced by those of the reality of Truth. 1) Truth takes the place of all erroneous past learning, 2) the true divine Self replaces the false image of ourself formed out of past learning, 3) the eternal present replaces time, which extended the past into the future, and 4) emergence of the divine life force replaces striving to control the future because of fear created by past learning.

When we are unaware of Truth, we strive to control the future because of the many forms fear created through our past learning. When the past teaches us we are weak, vulnerable, limited, little, rejected, and finite then fear is created along with a desire to control our future to mitigate the fear. In this control, we attempt to manipulate the effects of time because time is the past extended forward. As long as we engage these four interworking dynamics, the gate of heaven appears to be locked. From this perspective, we are separated from heaven, which is the immersion of divine love into all our being, expression and life. In the perceived absence of divine love, fear abides and blinds us from entering the present moment, created in ever-present divine love. This holy, divine love is the life force of creation. It’s the essential characteristic of God that is the sum of all other aspects of his character. It’s the Cause to the effect of us experiencing the attributes of Truth: invulnerable peace, transcendent joy, eternal beauty, invincible vitality, perfection, wholeness, perfect abundance, freedom, strength, timelessness, and love.

The teaching of divine forgiveness leads us to the resting place of the eternal present as it frees us and others from past learning and all it projected into the future. Being present-minded and free from past learning, our mind engages the Truth that dwells in the present. Our past learning and its projected fear no longer create our current state, but the living Truth unfolds each perfect present moment through emergence. We are Truth’s extension, which is divine love’s expression.

In stillness and listening to his voice above all others, the Spirit of Truth gives us the keys to the kingdom. The four pillars of Truth are revealed through the Spirit’s teaching of universal forgiveness. When we can recognize the pillars of Truth, the Divine Self, the Eternal Present, and Emergence, we possess the key and open the door to the eternal present, created for us in divine love. Through this open door, the eternal Light shines through us, and equally upon all.


The Golden Key

“And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

~ Matthew 16:19


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

16 thoughts on “Be Free and Set Free

  1. Thanks be to GOD for HIS LOVE 💞 and FAITHFULNESS through Jesus Christ our Savior!

  2. So true and as always gives seed to deeper thought.

    Forgiveness is unconditional love…of which…there is no law. It is a wonderful awakening to come out of the darkness of the dream and enter into His light. To see that “all” reality is light and that all of this life is but a dream is darkness. To “see” reality is to see all eventually complete in Christ and that this dream life called reality by the human nature is what shall perish and be done away with. As you allude to, to see forgiveness as a “love” which will cover and dismiss all sin…is a great gift to be given by God. To see the love of God for “the least of these” and to be able to understand that as Christ was slain before the foundation of the world, that forgiveness for all sins “to be committed” in this life was also the “predetermined” will of God.

    We must participate in the forgiveness of all sin for this forgiveness to pertain to us equally as well.

    • Absolutely!! As we give – so do we receive. How incredible a gift for us to be able to give the light and life to others through universal forgiveness. What was gained through our labors along the narrow and difficult way can now be freely given to all.

      Acts 20:35
      “I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

  3. Surely, forgiveness is and can only be found in the Light–Jesus Christ— whether of man by God or man to man. One often needs to forgive himself

    • To forgive oneself is tied to the ability to forgive all for all offenses, for forgiveness is the ability to love all without conditions of the degree of our sins vs the sin of others. Sin is the disobedience which is found in self governance and when it fails, this failure brings us to the realization it is better to be in obedience in Christ. When we take on the mind of Christ and begin to live in it we see the love of God in “all” things..for God creates nothing that does not manifest and teach us of His nature…His likeness..His character. If we see things any other way we should pray for a healing of our sight, our hearing, and to have an understanding of who He is.

  4. As one lifts his vision to behold the glory of God he “Becomes filled with light and there is no darkness in him. And that soul who is filled with light comprehends all things. And God will unveil His face unto him. It will be in His own time and in His own way and according to His own will.” In God’s Will is the great perfection held. When His Will is permitted to complete its work then will the results be fully accomplished. The time is established as the time when man lets God’s Will fulfill its perfect works.

  5. The LIFE contains the power to rebuke and to overcome death. The SPIRIT contains the power of KNOWING AND OF UNDERSTANDING, and is the fulfilling glory of achieving the fullness of the pattern held forth. And the POWER IS THE DIVINE ELEMENT OF FULLACCOMPLISHING. It is the creative power of God in action. And to those who bring forth these divine attributes will have ALL THINGS BECOME SUBJECT UNTO THEM, BOTH IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH AND NOTHING WILL REMAIN IMPOSSIBLE.

  6. “THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW WAY” is the PATHWAY OF TRUTH. And only those can travel it who desire with all the intensity of their souls TO KNOW THE TRUTH. “SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND.”“BE FREE AND SET FREE”INDEED…

  7. “As man is, God once was; as God is, man may Be”..hallelujah..

  8. As one enters through that door or portal, his understanding is quickened, and he will comprehend all things. He shall receive a fullness of joy as he is filled with the boundless triumphant glory of those unspeakable, unimaginable wonders that no mere human mind can possibly conceive of. These promises are verified in various passages of scripture. There is the invitation of Christ to all who only accept it. It is: “Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest, which rest is the fullness of MY GLORY. TAKE MY YOKE UPON YOU, FOR MY YOKE IS EASY FOR IT IS LOVE! AND MY BURDEN IS LIGHT!” (see Matthew 11:28-29, see also Matthew 11:29-30) It is light in weight and it is light in the divine outpouring of eternal truth and power. Such is the eternal promise of Christ. And because of errors and deliberate carelessness, occasionally it was buried down between verbiage which concealed its fullness and its power……

    Ask, and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” (see Matthew 7:7, 21:22, )This very asking, seeking and knocking to KNOW TRUTH IS THE only possible method one can use in order to reach the glorious, divine power to WALK WITH GOD or TO BE TAUGHT OF GOD, SO THAT THEY WILL NEED NO MAN TO TEACH THEM. This is the only possible way to KNOW TRUTH. Otherwise, they are being taught of man, and man can only voice his own, often erroneous opinions. And when one uses this method, he will learn that no two of his chosen mortal counselors have the same answers, the same opinions, or the inspired words of God to bear witness of their teachings.
    Yes, those who are taught of God certainly need no man to teach them —- And “THEY SHALL ALL BE TAUGHT OF GOD.” (see John 6:45)

  10. Divine forgiveness is letting go of our false judgements created in response to emergence of the present moment.

    Again, I would say that when considering the true nature of forgiveness it is NOT like the forgiveness of this world. In this world when one thinks of forgiveness he thinks to take a “higher” position and absolve the one who has done him harm, as if he is bestowing a pardon on one in a lower position. This is not the form of forgiveness I am speaking about.

    Divine forgiveness can only be understood through the concept of Emergence. This is one of the four pillars Rachel described (with the other three being: Truth, Timelessness and Oneness). Only by the spirit’s teaching can we understand these four pillars – which together form the proper understanding of DIVINE FORGIVENESS, and its ability to transition us out of darkness and into the Kingdom.

    When we forgive divinely, we forgive our own creation. We forgive our false judgements of the present moment, specifically our desire to change it into something we judge would be better. We forgive our own “attack” thoughts. How? We acknowledge Truth and trust that truth abides only in the Present (Timelessness), and never in past learning. We realize in our Oneness with the Father, that he alone is the source of Truth and that we (in Oneness) would never create a present moment that violates the very Truth in which it abides.

    Therefore we let go of our false judgment of “criticism and attack”, which is to disagree with the present moment, or to believe we have been harmed because of it, or that it is not in some way helping or caring perfectly for our best interest. We let go of judging that we have been harmed by the present moment because Truth ensures it must “emerge” through us for the divine harmony of oneness, which is the growth, betterment and joy of all.

    Divine forgiveness is therefore the recognition that our present moment only helps us – and could never violate the governance of truth by creating harm. In understanding that we are never harmed – we forgive “others” who are only “actors” in our present moment created by us through the God act of Emergence. Since we were never harmed, forgiveness is a therefore a call to see the Light (Father’s love for all) behind the darkness and “dismiss” OUR faulty judgement of the present moment rather than “pardon” another.

    We settle back into BEING…into the rest we have entered and look upon every present moment in the Light of Life, which is the same as saying in the Joy of Divine Love.

    And in so doing, we will see light where darkness was.

  11. At the end of our seeking journey, having trusted only on the Spirit of Truth for guidance, the key of divine forgiveness is formed within. This key is the understanding of the four pillars, or the four corners of our inner altar to the Source of Truth. The altar is actually a door, or gate within, that is opened through our conscious recognition of the 1) Truth, 2) Timelessness, 3) Oneness and 4) Emergence that we share with the divine mind, or Christ.

    The altar’s four corners form the key, which precepts must be taught to us by the Spirit before they can be understood and the altar perceived as “open” with its “flame” ignited. This awareness of the altar’s open door is the understanding of the fire of living light, flowing through the door and consuming the altar. It is this light that now goes forth in power, through us, dissolving illusions and creating a new projected reality.

    Without key’s light, the altar can not be understood and instead appears in darkness as a closed door. The darkness is illusion, yet formed out of our belief that light (creative power of life) is absent, which is the same as believing we exist in a reality somehow separated from the power of divine love. Even that we possess a will capable of transgression.

    The altar within is the source of our projected reality. Or belief in the absence of divine love’s power shrouds the altar in darkness, creating a source that projects fear and death, which then reflects a reality reflecting the absence of divine love. Without the light of divine forgiveness the altar’s door appears closed and covered with darkness, thereby projecting our reality through darkness. This is why fear and death are perceived, experienced and believed in this reality. When the door is open, you will be full of light, you will know the source of your projection and therefore no longer believe that fear and death can be created in your reality.

    The altar is also akin to our inner eye. If we lack understanding, we are simply asleep and dreaming because our inner eye is closed. God’s laws do not apply in our dream because our eye is full of darkness and we experience a “dreamed” reality of fear and death. All appears very real because we do not know we are dreaming. Yet, when our inner eye is open, the altar is full of light, and projects a reality full of light. The light of life is consciously understood as the source of your projection – and your reality will reflect only that projected from its source, divine love. This is how the kingdom comes to you.

    Yet how is a true, divine reality projected from within – and how does it become OUR reality in place of the one we have dreamed? If we are conscious of the open door, are we then consciously creating reality? No, not at all. As we transition, we must “be still” and practice divine forgiveness.

    As the word indicates, the kingdom is within and does not come through observation. The kingdom is projected through us, but not “by” us, where “us” is defined as our individualized self (soul). Rather, through our open connection with the divine mind, each present moment is illuminated with light and projected through us for the betterment and love of ALL. Since all souls possess this altar, all souls are a fractal of (one with) the divine mind with each projecting individualized, yet “intersecting” realities. Therefore, it is the “supraconscious” aspect of our divine mind, (or Christ mind which is always above our understanding and connected to the mind of all) that now projects/creates our reality. In so doing, our realities are created in perfect harmony with every other reality. The Christ mind supports all individualized realities as each grows and extends, ensuring a kingdom of peace and ever-present divine harmony.

    As each awakens and practices divine forgiveness, their open “eye” will fill their reality with light. When this happens, reflections of light will appear in the darkness as “miracles” to those who sleep. By these miracles countless others will awaken to truth.

  12. Divine forgiveness is the inspiration to listening with the whole soul .When the art of listening is cultivated, then it is, that words become sacred, and one’s spoken word begins to go forth endowed with divine meaning. They need not be shouted to give them force. Neither need they to be propped up with oaths or flowery phrases to make them emphatic and to clothe them with power and great emphasis. For such a one his “Aye” will mean “aye” and his “nay” will mean “nay”. And there will need to be no profane emphasis to substantiate his remarks. None will doubt his words. The world itself will feel the impact of his speech and give an ear unto his message…BEING FOREVER SET FREE IN CHRIST JESUS!

  13. This gift of listening is very sacred, and sometimes more useful than the gift of speech.

    It is this gift of attentive listening that develops one’s “ears to hear.” These ears that must learn to hear are the ones deep within the soul. It is first only the power of learning to “feel.” This power to feel or listen, develops also deep understanding. While the divine gift of understanding opens the fountains of mercy and compassion, which hold the keys of forgiveness and unspeakable love.

    It is this gift of deep listening that one has to develop in order to become a member and be of service in the greater work. The very power to listen holds the keys of divine service, for service is given according to the needs of mankind, the urgency of the occasion and the desires in men’s souls. As it is true that the greatest sermons are not always preached in words, so it is true that the greatest needs, the most earnest desires are not always put into uttered prayers. If God never listened what hope would there be for mankind, ever? If the great, noble ones did not listen what possible service could they render, and if man cannot learn to listen how can he possibly be taught by God. Those who do too much preaching, too much teaching, too much talking can never be taught and they will remain in their kindergarten state or grade of existence.

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