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Manifesting a Divine Reflection


Manifesting a Divine Reflection

The Kingdom of God


Reality reflects the attributes that create it.

As the soul becomes united to the divine consciousness, its reflective reality begins to alter in beautiful and magnificent ways. As the soul is no longer self-determining anything, the divine attributes governed by the divine consciousness begin to methodically determine the soul’s expressions. The soul transitions from being a dormant and image bound creation into a living and divinely free creation.

Our reality assembles itself by conscious observation. Until we observe it, it remains waves of potential. In this simulated and projective nature of our reality, our state of consciousness determines what we see and our experience of reality. Thus to change our reality, our consciousness has to change, which is what Jesus Christ came preaching and teaching. The Kingdom of God, governance of the divine consciousness, comes from within. It comes through a change of spirit or consciousness (new birth), which alters the outward reflection or experiential reality, thus manifesting the Kingdom outwardly.

Formulation of Consciousness

Our core attributes defined by their relative truths that make up our soul’s foundation flow through seven expressive soul elementsThe unique combination of each element defines our particular expression in any moment. Assimilating in various qualities and proportions, they interpret and create our conscious experience and shape our reflective reality in a vast array of expressions.

  1. Judgment. Our evaluative capacity to make a decision.
  2. Time. Our perceptual location in the time and space dimension.
  3. Emotions. Our affective expression of our assimilated truths.
  4. Desires. Our creative intention or response to our current awareness.
  5. Words. Our cognitive expression of our assimilated truths.
  6. Perception. Our level of comprehension based on level of awareness.
  7. Will. Our internal combustion to create.

Depending on our soul’s foundation, these elements can be self-driven or divinely driven. A divine soul projects the fulfilled promise of immortality represented by the energetic vibration of the seven colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV).

Image Bound Creation

Images, physical or abstract, are a directive force in the self-determined consciousness’ creative process. Being image driven is why visioning or visualization is a popular technique in trying to change one’s life. However, within the self-determined consciousness, the soul is bound from creating the fullness of its desires. With a foundation of a lack of divine love and its corresponding attributes, the soul tries to create a reflective reality of desirable images; often images reflecting attributes counter to its foundational attributes. For example, it tries to create a loving family image out of a soul of fear and control, harmony in its relationships out of its disharmonious emotional expressions, and acceptance of self out of its inherent sense of rejection. So from the foundation of discordant attributes, the soul strives for the likeness of the “perfect” career, spouse, marriage, family, home life, lifestyle, physical appearance, and religious or spiritual appearance all defined by particular images that are pleasing to the soul. It doesn’t work. Though it may obtain aspects of the image, it experiences the attributes that manifested it; its discordant foundational attributes. To change the experiential reality, the foundational attributes have to change.

The experiential reality including the emotional atmosphere of the soul isn’t based on what the image seems to reflect or promise, but it’s based on how the soul goes about obtaining the image. Images themselves don’t produce the desired states that they appear to project. They are empty. There is nothing behind them; but the image itself and the soul’s desire for that image because of what it believes it will create in its life.

The experiential reality is crafted by the soul’s foundational attributes and what it does in pursuit of an image. As the self tries to gather a certain image from the world to be a part of its image, a “successful” career, often its emotional state is compromised; overworked, neglected, ignored, suppressed, withdrawn, dishonored, etc. The soul constantly forfeits its emotional wellbeing for obtainment of the images it desires. It’s driven by its core attributes of fear, control, false-judgment, conditional love, vindictiveness, anger, self-pity, self-righteousness, selfishness, and in the process of trying to obtain the image it creates its reality based on these attributes. Thus, the soul’s experiential reality contains these attributes, again whether it achieves aspects of the superficial image or not.

This outside in mentality creates a lifeless image-bound soul-life. This is why people can achieve the images and still feel empty. Thus, they pursue more images as the pursuit itself masks the void.

In this image mentality, the soul strives to connect to God through images. Through rituals, ceremonies, sacraments, and religious settings, the soul seeks a connection to God by obtaining the likeness of being connected to Him through manifesting images of what it thinks it means to be connect to God. Thus, the soul pursues the image of him, and in this illusion doesn’t possess the truth of him. This fundamental disconnect keeps the soul bound in darkness. When the soul seeks to know God in spirit and truth, it begins to step outside of this image bound mentality and finds the path of enlightenment, which begins its journey to becoming a divine soul.

Transforming Consciousness

During the soul’s transformation into a divine soul, the soul is led by the Spirit of Truth to let go of its empty images and to begin to live in faith from the divine attributes. This creates an undoing of its reality, because the soul built a life on images. As the soul lets go of the obtainment of the images and this manner of creating its reality, the images fall away as something far more glorious takes its place; a manifestation of the divine attributes.

Divinely Free Creation

The divine consciousness is driven and directed by the divine attributes (love, honor, compassion, humility, forgiveness, gentleness, integrity, equanimity, magnanimity, etc). Thus, the divine soul desires to express the divine attributes, versus obtaining some particular image, to fulfill its purpose and desires. It leaves the creation of its reflective reality to the Spirit’s craftsmanship through those attributes. The divine attributes are reflections of truth that manifest divine potentials in creation. The reflection or image is a by-product, not the driver. It grows out of the attributes. When a reality is created this way, it’s an abundant multi-dimensional living reality directed by the Spirit of God from within the soul. Because the soul isn’t determining the image or reflection but simply living by the attributes themselves, the soul becomes a witness to what the Spirit of God through the divine attributes manifests through its soul in its reflective reality, which creates a magnificent reflection of perfect cause in righteousness.

As the divine consciousness layers one moment of perfect cause upon another it creates ripple after ripple of harmony. This layering of each moment defined by the divine attributes manifests a beautifully rich and expansive experience of those divine attributes. Instead of possessing a lifeless two-dimensional likeness created by empty images, the soul experiences a living multi-dimensional divinely free reality. It’s infinite and limitless in its expressions as its governed by the Spirit of God.

In this the soul begins to interact with its reality in an authentic and living way. For example, when the soul creates by the divine attributes, it truly sees itself and others. In this perspective of light, it connects to others according to divine love. This transition feels like the heart opening up to be a fount of divine love. In this reality, the soul doesn’t have to sacrifice anything to get everything. The soul creates out of joy, harmony, divine love, and every magnificent divine attribute and this is what the soul experiences and its reality reflects.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Manifesting a Divine Reflection

  1. This is so good. It’s amazing the clarity you can express in your words.
    Again. Not only the what your saying but the exact example I was trying to express today. By the grace of God my words were understood but this right here you have posted just makes me speechless.
    I just want to say for others, it may feel as if this may not be the divine words or just its just ones opinion but just give it time for things that may seem confusing. As I witness this is just so helpful and beautiful.
    It really puts today’s conscience to the current. I mean it’s like your surfing the leading edge of Gods mind. It’s just heart warming to me.
    I just want to say These recent posts for me really help me glue the light.. I just don’t know anybody who expresses the remix like this. I know we have unified field boys and so many other philosophies from watered down prophesy but your flow is divine and in real time. Thank you.
    That’s what’s so cool about divine truth. Everyday we will be amazed.

    • Hi Travis – your words really warm my heart … I’m so grateful that you can see into the depth of these things as I seek to share them because they are beautiful to behold and powerful in the understanding they bring to our lives, journey and understanding. How the Spirit of Truth blesses us in these gifts of “seeing” and “hearing”. The more I learn of truth the more beautiful it becomes, and wouldn’t this be the case of when we are seeing into the reflections of our loving Creator?.

  2. My comment about it may not seem divine is only for someone coming in on this completely new to the site. No disrespect to anyone its just how strongly I feel about the post on the level of understanding being expressed. I just love the it. thats all

  3. Rachel,

    As we grow from the ruled to the ruler (in our hearts) we learn to rule over our spirit, thus we rule. We may convey who we are, our journey and all that we are now able to see, but it will only register with another to the degree they see as we see. As well meaning as the person is on this journey, we make mistakes in “doing our best”. It is our fear of being mislead that we often mislead by rejecting that higher truth when presented to us. When we seek out others to substantiate what we see and therefore form a group of consensus we wall ourselves off from God for we look for our approval from who and what we see in the natural. When we leave one word to become another we leave the outward to become the spiritual. I think this is something we must all do in time, however we respond as we are called to do so. As your friend Miranda, as well meaning as was her comment, she walks in the world of “the bible says” and this is a good attitude to have as we seek we want to find what is. So…we study the bible…”Search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life”. This is saying to those who study the scriptures (as do I) look beyond the rote of lines and symbols and allegories for each parable, each allegory and each meaning of the written word “must” one day be transformed from the earthly thoughts to heavenly thoughts. We must become what “is” without any influence from the secular religious realm. We must move from the ritual of reading something that is outside of ourselves to becoming what is on the inside of the temple, in which we are.

    This is the “transition” we often reference about the butterfly. When I happened upon your blog it seemd it was at the time of you understanding we should react and give forth to the spirit from within, that spiritual word which is Christ likeness. As Christ reacted and spoke from who he was and is in spirit we also must make this transition from the natural to the spiritual or from the written to the unspoken. We love because of that is who we are not because it is a commandment. As long as it is a commandment we are natural seeking that which is spiritual. When that which is spiritual comes we do away with childish things. It is immature and childish to think we should not become that we seek. This observation is not criticism for those who cannot see this, however these comments are a confirmation to you and to those who see beyond the letter.

    There is little that I think that I can “add to” what you say and how you say it for this transition is a wonderful thing that happens between the individual and God through the plan of Christ. As much as I knew and know where you have come to in your journey I “add to” to confirm the way in which you have been led as I also made this transition from thinking from the letter to reacting by the spirit. It is not to disparage the written word in any way (for I still read many hours a week) but this written word describes a better hope as it should and as is it’s purpose. The outward or written words on an exterior book or page must take second place to the spirit in priority. As we become more spiritual in our daily walk we cease to think about what the scriptures say and we simply react or speak from a place of substance within, having left the law of words. We start out in the natural but we are not to remain in the natural. We are to grow. As we converse about these things on this public blog there is going to be much criticism from the ones of the law. This is the natural course of things and as you responded and was thankful to Miranda for we could see she meant well, she did step beyond her authority and level of understanding and criticize you. It would not have been criticism had not it been with a false warning of being in fear of a judgement she has seen from the law…and not the spirit.

    I am not in anyone’s camp ( except the Lord’s) so to speak and I know you understand this for our understanding to be understood by another if there is truth in it, must come from connecting to God and not one from and in another, no matter how much we agree and see as another sees. We are to go on and follow that one lone voice from deep within. When we enter in to the upper room, having left the confines of the soul, we follow what cannot be seen or observed with the natural eye, unlike the ritual of the law.

    Although I feel you need no confirmation from me for you follow another spirit which is beyond the letter, I do add my comments as I am led to do. I must admit sometimes I just do not want too for we do not like to be seen as from another place or mistaken to be so….but we give what we have. I know that sometimes they have been given when we didn’t see exactly from the letter’s point of view but because the inward is and was much stronger than the letter the comments survived our friendship because we both understand the priority of the letter and the spirit. I point this out because of the audience and not necessarily directly to you. I must say from reading back when you spoke using the bible as a reference more so and then seeing you leave the letter it gave me great joy to see this transition in another. It is not as some would say we left the letter but it did it’s part and it became “swallowed up” by the spirit as it should and will in all people…in their own order.


    • Hi Sonny,

      I wholeheartedly agree with you … Being in the physical we start out trusting in something outside of us, for we are very physically minded, like the Bible. And as we begin to trust the Spirit of Truth to teach us in this particular venue that we are comfortable with … he moves us to have complete trust in him so that the BIble as well as everything in our lives because his tools of instruction. (my point in my blog Beautiful Transcendence) Though the Bible is a very special and unique tool for in the way it was written, serving some very specific purposes, without the Spirit of Truth teaching us … it remains the words of man. The Spirit teaching us makes them the words of God. Thus, only when we trust the Spirit of Truth to teach us what the Bible means can we receive an understanding of truth, otherwise we interpret it in error, and thus not the words of God. This is a hard thing for young spirits to understand as they’ve not yet experienced the personal teaching of the Spirit of Truth and thus don’t know what it is to fully trust it or put it above all other words. They lack the discernment between the physical and spirit, for all they know at that time is of the physical, thus they put their trust in the physical – the actual words in the Bible .. instead of the living words that comes by the Spirit of Truth through the Bible. But if one persists in seeking truth with a desire to learn from the Spirit they will. The word of God only comes through the Spirit of Truth. Thus to get the words of God from the Bible we have to be learning from the Spirit of Truth.

      With thousands of denominations in Christianity, we can see that many have their own spin on the Bible, thus most aren’t learning from the Spirit of Truth. When we learn from the Spirt of Truth, we learn from the same teacher and find harmony in our understandings, as you and I have found. We may be in different understandings at different times, but the harmony is there.

      The depth of our understanding of the divine attributes determine our ability to receive and hear the words of God from the Spirit of Truth. The greater our understanding the clearer our reception. Those attributes manifest a light into our lives that reveal truth to us whether in a particular situation, a relationship or the Bible. The state of our soul determines our ability to receive and comprehend the words of God .. thus the greater the maturity the more we receive. The words are God aren’t bound to the Bible, they are spirit and living and are of the Spirit of Truth. Yet, when we trust the Spirit of Truth to teach us, we hear the words of God through the Bible, as well as elsewhere.

      • An innocent desire to love all irrespective of rules, rituals and sects is from the heart of God. True love cannot be received if we place conditions on it such as “I would love them if they loved me”, or “I just can’t forgive the injustice done to me from them”. As understandable as this hurt may be and however “unjust” it is, these feelings of resentment, anger, and ofttimes bitterness are but roadblocks to the high calling in Christ Jesus.

        This is because in our “youth” we do not understand the “purpose of evil” and attribute and desire it to having to be dealt with by justification instead of mercy. If we all received justice and were sentenced according to the rules of a secular hell, there would be no one standing alive for all are sinners. So…we desire mercy for others as well as we do for ourselves. Justice might be what is deserved but it is mercy which we desire…and…receive from our Father. Sure we will receive punishment which literally means “correction” in the more rightly applied interpretation of the word punishment from the law but it is a “correction” with the applied intent to heal one’s ways and ones direction…toward The Kingdom.

        When we narrow our view of the whole picture of reconciliation down to “love thy neighbor as thyself” and “love God with all our heart”, we see the plan of God in the basic and most simplist of purpose. We study many years to “know” when if we just started out desiring to love others as ourselves we would reach our destination much sooner. Since love is the end of knowledge do we not think if we desire the end we may not need so much “means”?

        If I truly love you I don’t have to be told to love you, I just do. I don’t have to read it, study it, or pretend it. I do not need knowledge to love, I need knowledge to correct me from my unwillingness to love. So the law has it’s place, just as it says “the law is written to the unrighteous and not to the righteous”. This is because we love from inside our temple and not through rules of do’s and don’ts established from the law…which was written for the disobedient. Love and obedience comes from within and not from the law.

        So many seek to love us by correcting what they perceive as our warped view of the law when in effect we love aside from the law for we love from a righteous point of view which is not governed by law. Youth in God continually try to climb up this other way, through the law, and who knows more and who is more accurate in their view of the law. This type of thinking leads to judgemental debates and quarrels instead of merciful thinking of what is more important…ones view or one’s love of and for another.

        So…we choose love. Love is not observed emotion, nor is it bought and sold, as to be seen by giving from abundance. Love cannot be faked by the giving of things. Most times love goes unnoticed because most times the lack of words and “correction” are not given because they would not be received. This is by discernment of the lack of love in another. We simply let it pass because if we said what was needed for them “before their time” we can do more harm than good. When we see a strength in and of love in the other we can share a view with them that they may not have considered before. We do not these things because we want admiration and praise but it is because we desire them to be our equal and have love without conditions of having to have a certain “knowledge”.

        I love our exchanges because I know that you know as I do what it is that is important. We should love all inspite of their knowledge for all knowledge will cease but we and they will remain…in the love of the Father. This is a wonderful thing to have and to behold for there is much peace and contentment in “knowing” Him.

        Peace to all

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