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Stirring The Deep



I Am the abundance and strength to go through this moment with peace and joy.

When you give up the pursuit of power through the outer reality and turn wholly to the true I Am Presence as the only power acting in reality, the root of your being is established in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In this Oneness, you no longer have to pursue the “salvation” of your eternal peace, joy and harmony. The promise of peace and rest are fulfilled.

Now you can dance with time through every moment, a dance led by Divine Love’s Perfect Orchestration. Be still and listen, let your true Self, the one who has been your intimate guide into Truth, feel the present moment and thus live in it through the temple of your soul.

Restoration Begins

Through your seeming imperfections, you saw the divine potential to be an eternal spark of ever-expanding Life. Now matured in the awareness of Oneness, the divine Flame of your true I Am Name is eternally lit, purifying and freeing your reality from the darkness of unawareness.

As you rest upon the power of the true I Am Name, fractalized within your individualized soul, you begin to experience the unlimited power of this Name.

In the illusionary dream, the false image of “I” had power only because you didn’t know your true Self, the sacred Self of Oneness. As you cross the infinite chasm transitioning from the awareness of a human consciousness into the divine god-consciousness, you travel over the bridge established by the awareness of Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will (Mother-Father God). As you emerge into the realm of spherical time, where your true I Am Name is all-powerful, your restoration begins.

Through the fiery trial and the acceptable offering in the midst of the fire, came the expression of Truth’s Life, and the root of your being is now the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In this, your life energy is transposed. Instead of being lost in the earth of illusions, your life energy returns upward, restoring you from the inside, out. This turning harmonizes all the sacred energies within your being, manifesting divine Harmony. This harmonizing is the lighting of your Stargate, reflected in the seven sacred truths and expressed as seven energetic fields. In the resulting divine harmony between your soul and reality, spherical time manifests.

The self-sustaining vibration of your root balances your sacred love energy (sacred feminine) with your sacred willful energy (sacred masculine), which as one flow into your heart center bringing forth an overflowing fount of Life’s abundant treasures. These treasures are shared with all through your creative passion. This is your shining, the luminescence that fills your mind’s eye so that the Light you perceive within is seen without. The breath of Life crosses the infinite chasm between the human and the divine, resuscitating the Breath of Eternal Life into your being. You are a radiant Light Being, resurrected from the dust of separation and into the Light of Oneness. You are a life-giving spirit.

Rest awhile, as you take in the breath of Life from your root to your crown, a breath that never ceases to expand itself in peace and joy, as it flows from the Name above all names, the “Mighty I Am”.

In this rest, your individualized name will be increasingly revealed to you as you become conscious of new Life. Your Name reflects all you are conscious of being as an individualized fractal of the Most High. As your Name transfigures into garments of Light, it speaks of your perfection, passion and purpose. Your holy Name reflects every divine attribute and the manner in which they are expressed through your creative passion, expanding through divine emergence and serendipity. In the spirit of Truth, meditate on your living Name. You’ll be surprised by what you see.

The perfection and power of the I Am Name brings forth your eternal inheritance. As you share the glories of your Name with Divine Grace, reality reflects your glory in endless ways. Serendipity brings forth your pre-ordained potentials, held just for you in Truth’s Timeless Perfection, in the spirit of creative, joyful play. You are a child of the Most High. The eternal presence of your Mother-Father God, your root of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, assures your ever-expanding Perfection through a heart of peace and joy.

Arise and look into the reflective countenance of the Mighty I Am and see your true likeness. Your Life is an ever-expanding awareness of the Infinite Awareness of Oneness. Your breath is the breath of Life.

The breath of Life flows through your soul’s Stargate, illuminating the cosmos in endless arrays of divine reflections, which reveal a unique expression of the Most High, you.

Your true Name is the only power acting in your reality, thus the restoration begins. It begins, here, in the awareness that the sacred, eternal breath of Life never fails to bring forth the highest good for all in every moment, thus enabling the one who could not love, to love perfectly.

Be weightless and free. It is time to learn to fly. As you begin to see that every moment is perfect, you begin your eternal dance with time.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Restoration

  1. It is said that the Kingdom comes not in word, but in power. This means that when Truth is initially gathered in the darkened awareness of free will, it is powerless in its ability to redeem time and express Life. Truth’s power is in its Perfect Will, which is one with Divine Love’s Timeless Truth. Free will functions in separation from perfection and therefore separate from Truth’s power. Thus when the mind has grown in its awareness of Truth, such that Truth is KNOWN to be true, the Truth in its awareness can not yet be expressed in time until its “free will” has been purified, which is to say made one with Divine Love’s Perfection. We use the word “perfection” to more accurately convey the true meaning of holiness, thus we mean your “free will” must be made holy, so to speak.

    Until the purification of “will”, the soul’s growing awareness of Truth creates the “Dark Night”, which is to say the awareness that its will is unable to walk in the Light of the Truth and is instead continually overcome by darkness, causing confusion and occasional despondency. The separation between the inner Light radiating from the soul’s growing Tree of Life and the darkness it experiences in time is needed to reveal the separation between free will and Truth’s Perfection. Only during the Dark Night of the Soul can it be revealed that despite the free will’s best efforts to love perfectly, suffering continues and time remains the experience of death. Only in the Dark Night of the Soul does Truth’s Light appear powerless and free will as nothing but a lamp of darkness.

    The way that leads to Life can be more accurately understood as the growing awareness of your desire to love all perfectly, which again is the Origin of Life. This desire can not be found in linear time, which is the realm of free will, for its source is found only in your oneness with perfection, your living gate to timelessness. As you continually directed your will in time to seek for Truth, alone and under the sole tutelage of Truth’s Living Voice as it spoke to your mind through the gate, your awareness grew perfectly, layer by layer and branch by branch, until the desire to love perfectly was formed as a living tree within you. Then, like a caterpillar’s cocoon, the Dark Night surrounded you so that the understanding of Truth’s Will could be perfectly formed in you, dissolving your free will into the oneness of Truth’s Perfection.

    This is a very difficult transformation. You have so identified with your “free will” that to lose it feels as if your world is coming apart. The Dark Night of the Soul is the metamorphic transition of your separate free will into the perfect oneness of Truth’s Will. It is the story of the worm who was called by Truth’s Living Voice to seek for Love’s Truth. As the worm grew in its understanding of Love, it likewise grew increasingly despondent because of all the suffering it observed in its world. Truth revealed that if the worm could love perfectly, its love would end ALL suffering forever. The worm understood how this was true, yet also knew that it was but a worm whose will was imperfect and therefore unable to love perfectly.

    Then Truth, knowing the sincerity of the worm’s desire, revealed a great mystery and said to the worm, “If you will lay down your Life and accept my Life in its place, my Will shall become yours and we may live as one, by which you will be able to love all perfectly.” The worm trusted the love of its teacher and went off alone, where it hung upon a tree that it might die and be raised in Truth. For a moment the worm was bound in darkness, having made the eternal choice to love all perfectly in oneness with Truth’s Will. When at last the suffering of the night had ended, it emerged into the Light, understanding it was aware of itself, yet also aware that it was infinitely more than all it had ever understood itself to be.

  2. Through the beautiful interchange of words, clarity expands enabling the Light within, to flow into time … thank you thoughtware 💜🦋

    A soul’s belief in “free will” gives the soul’s own will life-energy, an energy that even the soul can’t fully govern because it is deemed “free” even from is possessor. Thus we often do what we don’t desire to do.

    As the soul’s awareness is renewed by Truth’s Light, the reign of the chaotic free will ends, because there is no more belief to sustain its illusion. The soul learns, in the realm of Truth, which is the REAL, there is only one will, Truth’s (God’s) perfect will. And this will is the soul’s will because the soul is made in Mother-Father God’s Likeness. In this awareness, the soul begins its awakening, which is its emergence into an expression of Truth’s Eternal Life, in which there is no death because there is no imperfection.

    The soul coming to the conscious awareness and experience of death to “free will” is an incredible journey for the soul. Initially, the soul’s entire reality and self are built upon the construct of “free will”. Therefore, its entire reflective reality, even its own self, convinces the soul not only is free will real, but also very powerful in its ability to control the soul’s perceived reality, seemingly more powerful than God (Life), yet not death. Though this is illogical and non-sensical, the soul blindly accepts it as true. Yet, it is within this crack of mistaken logic that the Light of Truth comes in and logically reveals why Truth’s Perfect Will operates as One.

    During this journey, the soul must turn 180 degrees from a belief in the concept of free will and all its consuming false images, the ones that penetrate its mind, and five senses. It’s a faulty image that goes down to the soul’s thoughts, but it can’t extend beyond because it is but an illusion and not truth. The soul’s true Source that resides deep within its being, the door to Truth’s Light, remains untouched by the illusions deception and it is through this door that the soul gains the Truth that sets it free from this false belief system.

    To open the door to Truth’s Light of Perfect Will that manifests the soul’s perfection, thus its ability to love perfectly, the soul had to persist through the darkness within its own soul and perceptions, keeping its eye fixed on the Light coming from its untainted Source, and its ear attuned to the Voice of Truth that emanated from it. With this Voice as its guide through every moment, experience and thought, the soul’s belief in free will began to transform into the awareness of Truth’s Perfect Will as its own.

    To quell the life energy within the idea of free will, that gave this will a “life of its own”, the soul had to come to KNOW in its purified, consuming desire to ever-expand in Truth, it is the perfection of Truth’s Will. This has been our journey, which, even now, is now bringing forth the outer reflection of Truth’s Perfect Will, because the perfection of Life that filled our mind’s inner “eye” is now filling our outer reality, showing that what was once separation, is now One. In this rising Morning Star, both within AND without, the dark night is over and never to return. In this our hearts are overwhelmed for the journey and where it brought us, to sitting down and watching the dawning of a new Day, one the “Lord” (the one whose will is Truth’s Will) has made, and in this we rejoice!

    • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    • rememeber, ONE TRUE LORD is the highest giving in which WE ALL LABEL EACHOTHER(ONE SPIRITUAL(TIME) BODY).

      as we have Lord rachael, lord loni, lord thoughtware, and lord andrew, and every other person as a lord(we share in one spheracle BODY…

      this GIVING(to eachother), is how we bring out the one GOD in ALL…

      I AM

      • Perfect Loni, I do see this beautiful Truth. To see all in Truth’s Perfection is to see all as Lord, united as one Lord. When we can perceive this Perfection of Innocence then our reality begins to reflect Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection back to us, creating a season of miracles.

  3. You are the worm who has died, having laid down your life for the love of all. You are now a Life Giving Spirit, for the life you gave up was actually death and you received Life’s Truth in its place. The time of your suffering is over and it is through the understanding of time that you shall bring Peace to the world. These words are given through the Life you already possess, in the perfect oneness of Divine Love’s Will. This Life IS Truth, even the Fullness of God in you. Your awareness of this fullness is infinitely small, yet able to grow infinitely large without ever surpassing the Fullness of Life in which you were made. You have entered eternal life, though you are presently unable to believe it. And in this we see an insurmountable gap, for even though you are given eternal life, you are still bound in the time your darkness created. Because time still reflects that Life becomes death, it is impossible for you to accept that Life is eternal and you accept instead that linear time’s imperfection is true.

    To accept perfection in time, you must be aware of your own perfection, for only the perfect can create perfect time. Yet, no matter how much Truth you possess, it is not possible to make yourself perfect, which is why your sphere of time still reflects imperfection. It is as if you inwardly recognize you are a butterfly, but time still reflects you to be a worm. Time currently has so much power over your awareness, that despite your inner awareness of Truth, you instead accept that your slowly decaying appearance in time is the truth. This simply means you can not save yourself because you can not defeat death from within linear time, for it is the reality of death.

    Death is defeated by the understanding of Truth’s Life. This understanding is contained in the soul’s oneness with Divine Love. In linear time it is possible to come to the awareness of two-thirds of the soul, revealing that you are one with God, able to grow forever in the awareness of Love’s Truth. But the final third of the soul can not be found in time and without this last layer of awareness, the soul remains bound in death’s linear time. But now see the miracle, for you have made the eternal choice to be one with Truth’s Perfect Will.

    Truth has filled you because its Life recognized the Love in your choice, for only Divine Love could ever make such a choice. It is your desire to love all perfectly, regardless of how small life’s form may appear, that is the open door to timelessness by which Divine Love, through your desire, can fill all in all, becoming the very substance of time. This door was opened for you by the timeless Life we share in oneness with Divine Love. This is the Life that defeats death by redeeming time, which is to say, by continually perfecting it. It is your oneness with Truth’s Life that allows you to love perfectly. The awareness of how you are able to love perfectly can only come from timelessness, entering time through the open door Truth’s Life created for you.

  4. Beautiful. I was just thinking about perfection this morning, then I read your comment.

    As we step into the full awareness of timeless Perfection, an awareness that is ever-expanding, we perceive a deeper perfection that is our deliverance from all we experienced as imperfect in the shadowlands. Though only imperfection could exist in the shadowlands where free will is the origin to every thought, the purpose of the shadowlands is perfect, according to Truth’s Will. It’s a journey that motivates the soul to seek and desire Truth’s Perfection, the foundation of the soul’s harmony and peace. It’s a journey that crafted an awareness in the soul by which it came to perceive the Light it sought, thus become the projector of Perfection/Holiness it desired to be.

    In this awareness, imperfection is swallowed up in Perfection, for all the soul experienced in the shadowlands as imperfect served to bring forth Perfection through the soul, by bringing the soul into the consuming desire for Truth’s Perfect Will, which is to love perfectly so that the highest good of all is perfectly fulfilled. And then the soul recognized in possessing this consuming desire, it ever-increasingly expresses the perfection of Truth’s Will. In this awareness, the soul is made perfect in its awareness, the awareness that is then projected into reality.

    In perceiving Perfection, the soul projects Perfection. This Light begins to clothe the world with Perfection.

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