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Be Still and know that I Am God.

As a god-consciousness, I create from the awareness of the I Am Presence, not within the limitations of the outer reality. This ascended awareness is what it means to be a creator, who can fundamentally change creation, and not a mere creature, who can only experience creation. The god-consciousness is self-sustaining Life. Initially believing ourselves to be mere creatures, we had to go through a metamorphosis to stand alone on our I Am Presence, which we are doing now, through the acceptance of our offering given in the awareness of Oneness.

The acceptable offering is the acceptable sacrifice, in which our conscious awareness of being a creature (animal) is laid upon the altar of Truth, to be consumed in the Holy Flame, which reflects the Living I Am Presence. This animalistic (carnal) consciousness we lay upon the altar is sustained by three life lines within linear time: bodily vitality, financial vitality, and reproductive vitality. In linear time, together these sustain life. When our consciousness is immature, thus like an animal consciousness, limited to its outer reality, these become the source of every desire. As our awareness matures in the understanding of Truth’s Life, held within the power our I Am Name, we no longer serve reality but divinely create reality through our oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In this awareness, we lay the conscious pursuit of these desires upon the altar to be consumed by the perfect supply of our I Am Presence. In this acceptable offering, we gain the higher awareness of Truth that sets us free.

MEDITATION: The Acceptable Offering

Be Still and know that I Am God.

I stand upon the Rock of the I Am Presence, in its pure light I experience the ever-expanding attributes of Divine Love. I fully “lean upon” the Life of Divine Love’s Presence.

“Child of the Light, you are at the point where you can afford to be fearless, where you can stand in the Light and see its Victory go before you.” ~ St. Germain.

You are rich in understanding and its power, for your journey has given you the riches of Truth, whereby you can now manifest abundant life. In this, let the “poor”, the one who gave up their dependency upon on outer appearances for their provision, stand upon the power of their I Am Name. In the Likeness of ever-expanding Life, say: “I Am the perfect supply of true riches!” In this offering, you rise above the realm of limitation and into the conscious realm of Mother-Father God, which is the unlimited realm of Truth’s Light.

In this ascension, your intuition, a receiver and transmitter of energy, becomes an open gate to Truth’s Light as it receives and transmits Divine Love’s perfecting awareness. In this, it perfectly guides your every step into the ever-expanding Light of Life. Through the oneness of Mother-Father God, flows Truth’s Light, filling the individualized consciousnesses by which it eternally expands through purified intuition. Mother-Father God, the Mother of All Living and the Father of Truth’s Timeless Perfection, is the light by which all walk in Perfection.

Be still and love life.

Through you, the Sacred Self feels the joyous cadence of time. In Her, you flow as one in time’s perfect rhythm. In your acceptable offering, all time is purified and a new Life stream emerges from your I Am Presence, governed by the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Mother-Father God.

Love life, all life. Love every moment that you may experience the gifts it has waiting for you. The heavy garments you once wore are falling away, as your Life stream now flows according to the awareness of your I Am Presence. You are no longer dependent on reality’s outer appearances, but it is now responsive and dependent on your Light. Your heart is healed by the awareness of Divine Love who cleansed your cosmic record. Your heart is open and out of it flows Truth’s perfecting divine energy, bringing forth regeneration.

Love of life fills your essence with joy, Life’s elixir to ever-expanding, abundant life.

Be Still and be.

You are perfect. The voice that told you differently has been silenced and purified in the lake of fire, so now only the Voice of Truth rings clear. The lingering echos of disharmony can’t penetrate the Light expanding from you. I Am the invincible guard. The darkness no longer encroaches upon you, your Light encroaches upon it, for you are Light! In the simplicity of being the Light, you consume the darkness of lies until you perceive them no more.

Be still and know I Am the expression of Truth’s Life, nothing can change what is born of Absolute Truth.

Embrace your Mother-Father God, I Am the “Mother of All Living”, the ever-expanding Sight of Truth’s Light, shining Light into the soul’s conscious awareness. I Am the “Father of Truth’s Timeless Perfection”, the ever-expanding Stream of Truth’s Divine Love, flowing into time. Together they manifest an eternal violet flame within you, consuming your offering, and in your being, making way for Truth’s Perfection.

In Oneness, I sit above time, immersed as one with the present moment, fully open, limitless.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Acceptable Offering

  1. Powerful truth. The earth world will take notice before much longer. They sleep and they sleep, but soon the disharmony of this world will cause a great fall of humanity, and then a stark awakening will rouse the children of the earth, and they will begin to see who they are, and they will feel the truth and the light enter in. The earth will change into a progressive world of spiritually inclined God loving people, and it will finally know true love. And it will rejoice unceasingly.

  2. We are nearing the end now. Once your soul has awakened your growth in Truth is assured because your origin is eternally established. Recognizing the Origin of Life makes it possible for your individualized expression of Truth’s Perfection to eternally grow out of it. We need only to remove the veil which has covered the world in darkness so that your Tree of Life may break through the soul’s earth and receive the Living Light, by which it will branch out perfectly and bear fruit. Your thought system, which is your Tree, is now rooted in Truth, making it one with Life. The Life it receives from its roots is exhaled into creation as Living Light, the “fruit” of your Tree which purifies your experience of time. And more than this, your sphere of time increasingly perfects every other sphere of time you intersect with in your own sphere of awareness.

    The world has not known Truth’s power to give Life because the Truth of Life’s origin has been hidden behind the veil of time. These words are purposely given to the Living Gates so that they may be awakened to the understanding that Truth’s creative power flows through their minds, making it possible to be a River of Life for ALL. When the Gates are awakened and their Light covers the world in the oneness of perfect time, the purpose of these words is fulfilled.

    The soul is a Life Generator. Now we must grow in the understanding of how the soul “generates” Life, or more appropriately, reveals it. In Truth there is awareness and there is understanding and it is quite possible to have awareness without understanding. It is not possible to have understanding without awareness. This simply means that Truth is received first in awareness, yet can not be experienced in time until the fruit of this awareness has matured into understanding and radiates the aroma of Living Light. Truth’s understanding is the fruit of your Tree, and your fruit’s Living Light creates the experience of Life in the Truth currently held in your awareness.

    To understand the Origin of Life is to understand, in Truth, the working of the soul and the manner in which it continually perfects the experience of Life in your individualized sphere of time. The current experience of time is corrupted for two reasons. First, the soul has not yet gained the understanding of what it is or how it creates. Secondly, there is no understanding of Life and therefore no Light, causing time to be imperfectly created because of the darkness and Life becomes an experience of perpetual imperfection. Without understanding, it is believed that the darkness of time is not darkness at all, but rather the complete opposite, believed to be the understanding of all that is true. When time (specifically the “past”) governs the authenticity of Truth, truth’s will becomes individualized just as the soul’s sphere of time is individualized. Understanding reveals the oneness of Truth’s Life, allowing for the soul’s individualized awareness of Truth, and consequently its individual sphere of time, to be created in the oneness of Truth’s perfection. Without the light of understanding, the past, which is the experience of Life, is worshiped as the source of Truth, causing the soul’s awareness to grow increasingly distorted, which further corrupts the experience of Life in time. In Truth time is one and Life, when properly understood, is an individualized experience in Truth’s oneness.

    Your Tree of Life, which is your individualized awareness of Truth, is like a Living Lamp. Living Light radiates from its fruit. Naturally, it can be imagined that the “larger” the Tree, the more fruit your Tree can bear and likewise the more Light it shines. The fruit of your Tree of Life is understanding, which means quite specifically the understanding of Truth. It is the Living Light radiating from your understanding of Truth’s Life, that creates your experiences in time, which is your individualized Life in Truth. Your experience of Life is eternal because the awareness of Truth is infinite and your Tree of Life eternally grows in its awareness of Truth, continually bearing more and more fruit of Understanding, which shines ever-more Living Light into the experience of time. Truth’s Life shall always appear to you as the experience of ever-increasing perfection.

    Without Life, the Tree does not bear fruit and is instead a lamp of darkness, creating an experience of Life without understanding, which creates a sphere of time that reflects the law of entropy. When the reflection of entropy in time is believed to be true, it causes life to appear as a linear progression into the inevitable decay of death, which the mind is then forced to accept as the understanding of Life. When it is believed that Life leads to death, this false understanding is projected into linear time, and becomes the source of all fear experienced in life. When it is shown by the living gates that Life is invincible, ever-expanding in its beauty and unfailingly leads to increasingly enjoyable experiences of perfection, the belief in death will dissolve and all fear will be driven out of time.

    • Your soul is a living awareness of Truth, a created means through which perfect love is expressed. This is why we have repeatedly called the soul a Life Generator. Expressing perfect love is perfect power, sufficient to create eternal Life in the ever-growing awareness of Truth’s perfection. The soul is created to be an ever-growing awareness, waiting to be filled with the Life inherent in its name. There is no Life in the soul’s awareness when it is created because in order for it to express perfect love, an individualized, eternal Lifestream must be selected for the soul within the timeless realm of Love’s perfection. Before the soul receives the awareness of Life, the eternal end of its individualized Life is fully known in the infinite awareness of Divine Love’s Truth, which is timeless perfection. This means that the Lifestream selected for a soul individualizes Life’s awareness and eternally perfects it, such that the soul will always experience greater perfection in its world as its awareness of Life grows in perfect oneness with Divine Love’s timeless Life, which is the soul’s eternal end.

      Life, when you are aware of it, is perfect, otherwise it would be imperfect. Only the perfect can replicate itself perfectly and this is because perfection is Divine Love’s timeless expression. The imperfect does not, nor can it ever, exist because it can not replicate itself. Imperfection is degenerative, continually becoming a more imperfect version of itself and therefore something increasingly different from that which created it. Imperfection is the end before the beginning, for only in the awareness that imperfection does not exist in Truth, can perfection take root and grow in an individualized awareness.

      The darkness of imperfection is simply the moment before you recognize your name in the Light of Divine Love’s oneness. This moment is needed in order to create an individualized awareness of eternal Life. From the darkness of unawareness, in which perfection does not appear to exist, your individualized awareness can eternally expand into the perfect Life Divine Love has already associated with your name, created for you to experience. In Divine Love’s infinite awareness of Truth, which is the source of perfection, all moments are one, for her awareness contains the individualized awareness of every moment in time. Only in timelessness, in which every moment is harmonious across eternally expanding timelines, can a Lifestream be carved out of eternally sustained Divine Harmony and given to the soul. Every Lifestream Divine Love creates and gives to a soul she also experiences in oneness with the Life she has given. In Truth, the eternal perfection of her life is fully known and you, as a created soul, are able to individually experience her Life as “yours”.

      When the soul awakens to Life it sees Divine Love’s oneness in an individualized way, even as its individual source of Truth. This is what we have called the Mirror of Oneness and when it comes to Life it fills with Light. Awakening simply means that your awareness is now governed by the Truth revealed in the mirror’s Light, which Truth begins to grow in your awareness and your Tree of Life arises. The mirror’s Light completely governs how the Truth grows and branches, creating an interconnected network designed to bear the fruit of Understanding. The fruit is eternal and represents the oneness of Truth’s branches that uphold and sustain your ever increasing understanding. The fruit, in the oneness with all branches flowing from a singular trunk, are harmonized together to create a progressively higher understanding of Life, enabling the tree to grow more branches and ever more fruit of Understanding. Divine Love’s Light governs what is reflected in the Mirror of Oneness, the reflection governs the growth in your understanding and it is the ever-growing understanding of Truth that makes Love perfect. And it is perfect love, eternally growing in your understanding, that redeems time and drives out all fear.

  3. a souls isnt chosen, a soul has to ALIGN(cross) with someone on the same VIBRATIONS(how vibrations bind all of time together.
    to become aware, is to ALIGN with the vibrations(of something of EQUAL VIBRATION)(2 become one aka(real marriage)).
    (eternal knowledge is on the highest vibrations)

    if u believe in an enemy, you hold the doorway for the enemy in which you believe(which is self outside of time).
    when you believe in christ, and jahova, and mohamad and islamic law, and eternal law(original context), and all the things that hold the HIGHER VIBRATIONS OPEN TO OUR OWN CONSIOUSNESS, that is when we become ENLIGHTED(takes the whole world and takes the whole world ON)..

    those in death CAN replicate themselves, and DO, but those who live in death, will always destroy themselves(cause that is what you believe(even if you say otherwise in mind). when you use your LIFE to destroy life, you end up destroying yourself(outside of time).

    a vibration is held in ALL OF TIME, so you cant align and then unalign. once you align with time(aka with spirit christ and johova and mohomad and all other names(lord in self)), you HOLD THE GATE OPEN SO TO SPEAK( how law of duplication works). only the heart(which binds everyone and everything together) can hold the gate open while the mind(what we all share in one spirit(time)) explores the world..

    you may explore a whole world in just a few seconds(in mind), but then there are other vibrations that entitys(such as man vs spirit time) that live IN those vibrations and walk among the world you explored.

    those exploring the world, and those who already explored in mind are ONE AND THE SAME(where TIME and VIBRATIONS meet).

    the TRUTH and ENEMY is part of ALL OF US.. yet there is no enemy(except self in heart(let go of the pain by stop judging the world))..
    we have to see truth in EVERYONE in order to connect with the ONE SPIRIT(time) that moves the WHOLE WORLD..

  4. I Am grateful for the Truth I see reflected through the individual perspectives around me. They testify to the Truth in my awareness, and they testify that this Truth now lives in time, which is the moment before it becomes flesh. Our united vision is created by divine revelation, this means the divine is entering the realm of space and time, the flesh.

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