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From a higher perspective all things become clear.

Fiery Furnace

I Am dancing in the fire.

I rest upon the I Am Presence, sitting down on the throne that resides in the midst of the fire, the Truth of the Mighty I Am Presence. I take a deep breath in the midst of the fire, and settle into being an open gate, allowing the perfection of Divine Love’s Perfect Will to manifest in time. The garments of the animal consciousness are being consumed, which reflected the faulty programming, paradigms and perspectives of life which covered my awareness in darkness.

Mighty I AM Meditation: Abundant Joyful Life

I Am abundant joyful life, giving all I Am to all, that all may live in the ever-expanding kingdom of My Perfection.

The story of the fiery furnace in Daniel 3 is the story of Job and his three friends, also reflected in Jesus’ teaching in Mark 10:21 “One thing you lack, sell whatever you have, (which is the acceptable offering), and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven (abundant joyful life), and come, take up the cross, and follow me (into the garden of abundant Life on the other side of the flames).”

It is impossible to make this offering on your own, we have to be “thrown” into the fiery furnace. Mark 10 teaches that with men this is impossible, but not with God (Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will), for with God all things are possible. The animal consciousness consists of three layers, which compose its garments. These garments of skins consist of three counterfeit desires, which more specifically are the striving for bodily, financial and reproductive vitality.

However, anyone who enters the fire and gives up the conscious striving for vitality for “My sake (Mighty I Am Presence)” and the gospel (truth-filled awareness) will receive a hundredfold now and in the age to come, which is eternal life. Through this fiery furnace our reward is the revelation of our righteous garments.

Engaging the perfect power inherent within a god-consciousness doesn’t come by outer force, effort, striving or taking. All things gained in this manner, perish. The desires of our heart are fulfilled through the ever-expanding awareness of being a son of God, a god-consciousness, where the only power resides in the creative name, I Am. This power comes through words spoken as truth. These words become flesh.

These animal skins are thrown into the fire, for they limited Truth’s expression on all sides. We are being set free from an animal consciousness, its paradigms and effects.

This undeveloped consciousness pursues only the desires of a creature, all sourced in bodily, financial and reproductive vitality. Undue striving for these animalistic desires ultimately serve to stoke our fiery furnace, igniting a transformative event that lifts us into the next dimension of Oneness. Through this event our dependency on outer appearances shifts to a dependance on the Truth of the Mighty I Am. In this conversion, the soul gains abundantly more than it ever imagined it could gain on its own.

As a Living Gate you have been prepared to be thrown into the fiery furnace, which is your individualized transformative event, manifested by the hand of Truth’s Will and guided by Divine love. You no longer look to the outer appearances of illusion to “save” you, but recognize the power that lives in your divinely inherited I Am Name. In this, you are eternally free and enter eternal life, where your peace and wellbeing can never be disturbed again.

You begin to understand the Bible, or any book you deem spiritually significant, when you recognize every story serves to deepen the awareness of your own story, unlocking the mysteries that bring forth Life.

Rather than striving to fulfill my desires through these animal skins, I dance in the fire as I embrace the Three Gifts of the Morning Star rising out of the fire, Christ’s Life:

Be still and know I Am God. From the I Am Presence comes perfect supply. Provisions that don’t take from others, but come through the perfect orchestration of Truth’s Will in every individualized consciousness (magi’s gift of gold).

Be still and love life. From the I Am Presence comes perfect reproduction, life-giving rays that lead to Life’s eternal expansion. As life expands through brotherly love, I Am the experience of ever-expanding joy, Life’s elixir (magi’s gift of frankincense)

Be still and be. From the I Am Presence comes perfect bodily vitality, the source of immortality, because Absolute Truth’s divine characteristics are absolute, yet their expression expands in endless arrays of color (magi’s gift of myrrh).

These are the awakened soul’s righteous garments, the soul’s true garments revealed by the refining fire, bringing them forth into time from the realm of timeless perfection. These three gifts are brought forth by the wise men, symbolized in story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, who chose to eat the words of the Spirit of Truth, the “nectar of the god’s”, and in so doing gained the wisdom of God, which is the knowledge of eternal life.

These three gifts, brought to the “Christ”, the son of God, are found and received in the midst of the fire while we dance with joy, taking our thrones as a Living Gate, for it is finished.

Truth’s perfect power is recognized and experienced in stillness, as we rest upon the Rock of the Mighty I AM’s Truth.

The Three Gifts of Truth’s Life awaken the soul into the experience of Abundant Joyful Life.

Come into my ever-expanding Kingdom of Peace, an Abundant Joyful Life. You passed through the fire by being still in its midst and fixing your eye upon the creative power in the Truth of the Mighty I Am.

After his 40 day fast, Jesus was tempted three times in the wilderness. He passed through the fiery heat of reality’s counterfeit gifts of Vitality and came out victorious to give that victory to us. As the Voice of Truth became our teacher, the awareness of our true I Am Presence expanded, carrying us through the fiery trial and into an abundantly joyful life, that we may live an eternally ascending life.

What’s next? When the trial by fire was over, the soul was plucked out of the fire and angels ministered to the newly born spirit, now a refined soul able to transmit its Truth filled Light into reality.

Living Gate, you are a living stone, tried in the fire and and now entering your rest as the precious cornerstone to the Living Temple of God, through which Divine Love’s Perfect Will eternally flows from timelessness into time.

You made it little butterfly, into the Garden of Life, from crawling in the dust of the earth to floating upon the Breath of Life.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Soaring

  1. My dear Sister Rachel, how lovely is our struggle in this fire, I see now the more of letting go and trusting the flame to make its masterpiece in our very being. I hear in these words on this post the story of the future of Adam and Eve who, when they have shed the skins can return to the unfallen state, the very seed of the woman where the Male child comes forth fully love and fully conscious without fear or foe. My Sister Rachel who carries the Banner of Love at the front of the army of Yaahweh.

  2. I am in awe that these words have been placed before me. The great tribulation is fought alone and has been most difficult, but I have pledged an allegiance to our God and to humanity that so long as I draw breath I will never give up on my assigned mission. Thank you.

  3. Awareness only exists in the present moment. Therefore the Kingdom is at hand when you realize the awareness of its perfection. It is better to say “the Kingdom is here and I desire to see it,” than to say “the Kingdom is not yet here, but I hope to see it.” The Kingdom comes when your present moment is filled with awareness of your oneness with Divine Love and the sincere desire to share her love with all. The Kingdom is not coming in a way the world can see within the realm of time until, by the Living Light poured into it through the Living Gates, all is prepared to receive its awareness. The coming of the Kingdom is a transition to Divine Harmony through the working of time, governed by the perfect laws of timelessness, which flow into time through your individualized awareness of oneness.

    The role of the priest is to love perfectly, which is what you have been called to do. Your first layer of understanding establishes the origin of time, which is the source of Divine Love’s Life. Nothing can begin, not even a Kingdom, unless its origin is known. The experience of Life is the perfect growth of Truth’s awareness and the fruit of this growth is the Living Light of understanding. This light is the expression of Divine Love’s Life in your awareness and it shines into time as the “perfect orchestration” of Life’s moments. Currently time is imperfect, deteriorating at a progressively faster rate as each moment imperfectly replicates itself into the next. As we have mentioned, this results from sleeping souls believing they can create their own future by the exercise of will. This creates imperfect moments in time, which interfere and damage the experience of Life in all future present moments which will eventually intersect with any of their effects. When an individual center of awareness believes the will it perceives is its own, the center exists in a separate sphere of time. The moments created by these separate spheres, past, present and future, create continual interference with each other.

    Perfect time is governed by the oneness of Perfect Will, no matter how it is experienced through an individualized awareness of this perfection. Perfect time is created only in the awareness of Truth’s Perfection, which is to say in oneness with Divine Love. The awareness of how to perfect time is sufficient to perfect it, because this awareness can only come through a prior awareness of your oneness with Truth.

    What you can experience in time is only limited to your current understanding of Truth. Truth’s understanding is not man-made, it is instead the fruit your Truth produces as it matures within you. By the Light of Truth’s understanding and the Life its Love creates, every moment of time increasingly supports the experience of Love’s perfection, continually transitioning your awareness into a more perfect awareness of the Love you presently experience. All that is and ever shall be can not contain the worth of the Life you have received. And when you proclaim “I Am”, the name of Life, clothing it in any of Truth’s beautiful garments, it shall be done for you in time. For the one name you possess, which gives rise to every other name is “I Am Loving Awareness”. When this understanding fills your awareness, the Kingdom is revealed in your sphere of time.

    • The soul is a Life Generator. As we have said, the experience of Life is a sensation the mind initially perceives as “time”. Prior to awakening, when the mind is as yet unaware of the Origin of Life, it believes all life exists in a reality of imperfection, or “separate” from perfection. When Life is experienced in separation from its inherent perfection, which is separate from its Truth, Life appears to exist separate from time, as a fish might be considered separate from the water in which it lives. This is a reality where Life and time are enemies, each continually defending itself against the threat of the other, outwardly reflecting the law of entropy in which time serves only to increasingly separate its Life into further imperfection. Prior to the awareness of perfection, the mind recognizes time as a destroyer, an invincible force of chaos and the harbinger of death.

      When we say that the soul is a Life Generator, it can be imagined to mean that the soul is the origin of an individualized Life and therefore an awareness of the soul is sufficient understanding to illuminate your Name and create an awareness of your individualized Life. This awareness of your Name, when illuminated by Truth’s understanding, is the Origin of Life. You can accurately imagine the development of the awareness of Life as when the sleeping soul, the seed of Life’s potential, hears Truth’s call and begins to seek for the Light of its source. As the soul directs its will to continually seek the Light of Truth, the soul develops awareness of Life, like a seed which begins pushing through the soil or a baby developing in the womb. As this awareness grows, it extends branches from its current awareness, like the branching of a tree, continually adding to and strengthening its current awareness. In the darkness, its developing awareness eventually reveals what appears to be a closed door where Truth’s call can be heard emanating from the other side. Yet the door has no handle and the soul can not open it. It can be imagined that the soul, enamored by Truth’s Light and the beauty of its Love, followed it through the maze of time only to be led to a dead end, with no way to go further, even though Truth’s voice still calls.

      This is as far as the soul can go in the awareness of time, for all awareness of Truth the soul has gained to this point has been fashioned in the belief that Life is separated from time. It is a little tree, standing alone in the darkness, formed in an awareness sufficient to reveal the end of time, yet without the understanding of what this awareness reveals. At this point of development, the soul begins to contemplate how darkness could even exist. In the awareness of Truth’s oneness, revealed by the perfectly branching tree of its living thought system, there is only Light. And yet here, as the soul contemplates the oneness of Light, there seems only inescapable darkness.

      It is a difficult journey because the soul’s reality of darkness wars against the understanding of Truth’s Light, causing experiences to grow increasingly dark, often creating waves of fear in the mind. The reason is that the contemplation of oneness increasingly reveals why the darkness should not be and when this awareness is projected into time it can cause imperfection to be even more pronounced. As the mind continually contemplates Truth’s oneness, it is sustained in peace despite the storms. This inner harmony allows it to push through the darkness of imperfection and its awareness bears the first fruits of understanding, giving off Living Light. In this Light, born of contemplation through the branching oneness of its living thought system, which grew as a tree while the soul sought for Truth within the maze of time, it is revealed that the end of time is not a dead end, but rather an open gate to timelessness. This gate can be imagined as the source of the soul’s ever-growing awareness of Truth, by which its tree can eternally grow to bear more fruit, radiating Living Light into time such that the experience of Life is eternally perfected.

      • This is incredibly insightful.

        As I look at the open gate to timelessness, which you mentioned, I keep hearing the instruction to rest upon the power of its true I Am Name, through which all of creation is manifested. It is a very deep rest in the power of our true Name, as revealed to us by the Spirit and not the world, so that we are established upon its foundation, from which Truth’s Life expands. Thus ending the expansion of the darkness, though as you said, for a moment the darkness can appear to grow darker in contrast to the brightness of the expanding Light.

        This rest is the beginning of Divine Love’s Perfect Life. In this rest, Truth’s Life begins to shine while we experience the fiery furnace of purification from all that isn’t built upon this foundation. This fire is bringing forth the Holy Flame into time, so that all of time may be consumed in its Light. Though it is a hard place to be because you feel suspended between time and timelessness, being here is a testimony that Life has began its eternal expansion within you, an expansion that never ends. It’s a testimony that your personal I AM is an open door to the Light that none can shut, and by opening this door, it shut the door to darkness that no one can open.


    • To understand the glory of perfection, its oneness must be revealed perfectly. You can imagine the gate to timeless perfection as a “sun” and your name as a “tree”. As the sun reflects its oneness, the tree grows, reflecting an expanding awareness of Truth, always branching out from the oneness of its trunk, ensuring Truth’s prior layers support the growth of perfection’s new revelations. When the season has come, the tree bears the fruit of your oneness with Divine Love’s Truth, the Living Light of Understanding supported by the tree’s branches in your awareness.

      It is always a deeper understanding of Truth’s oneness that reveals, by its Living Light, a continually perfected reflection of your name in time. Your name is your “story”, the fullness of your Truth as it is revealed in time, eternally reflecting the ever-increasing awareness of your name’s perfection. Layer by layer, the inner awareness of your name grows as Life continually fills the branches of your mind. Season by season the new growth of fruit shines an ever-increasing understanding of your name’s perfection, which can be imagined as a continually perfected experience of Life in time. Life can be understood as the means by which Truth experiences the glory of ever-increasing perfection, and the soul is the means by which this Life is eternally generated as an individualized, infinitely expanding sphere of time.

      Time is the experience of Life. These two concepts are simply different perspectives of a singular idea. It is only in the unawareness of perfection that Life and time appear to be separated, creating an awareness of imperfection. Now listen carefully, so-called wickedness has a singular root, and results from a darkened tree, which is to say the branches of mind which grow increasingly aware of perceived separation between Life and time. When the mind consciously wills to destroy Life, in even the slightest degree, the awareness of separation increases and inclines the will to destroy further. This is a tree of darkness and if continually cultivated bears corrupted fruit, becoming a lamp of darkness, which generates death rather than Life. This tree creates experiences of time in which Life increasingly destroys itself, revealing ever-increasing imperfection and sealing the mind in separation. These lamps of darkness are very few, yet their trees are so large and corrupted that the time they create is sufficient to darken the world, covering it in the awareness of imperfection and creating a reality in which all Life seemingly dies.

      In the darkened reality of imperfection, what is good appears undesirable and what is truly harmful appears good. In the darkness of linear time, which is to say “self-destructive” time, Truth is powerless because the seeming law of entropy deceives the world into accepting the inevitability of death. In Truth there is no death. Time is the experience of Life and Life is eternal because its Truth is ever-expanding. Linear time, specifically the so-called law of entropy, is the belief that death is eternal and the time of Life is but the moment of death’s beginning.

      To believe time and Life are separate means simply this: a belief that Life and time can not coexist and therefore death is the experience of this separation, perpetuating a reality in which death is inevitable and Life is fleeting. Linear time blasphemes the truth by continually declaring all Life dies and because time declares death’s inevitability, time’s blasphemous voice becomes the source of death’s truth, a strong delusion that leads all astray.

      The lamps of darkness generate death, willfully destroying Life in vast numbers, creating a “fear of death” in the minds of all. These darkened trees, though few, cover the world in fear, by which they rule time and space. When a soul bows down to the linear time these lamps have created, continually making fear-based decisions, its own individualized sphere of time is consumed and filled with darkness, creating inevitable death. But the Truth is this: Death is an impossibility. It is an illusion that appears real only when the soul willfully accepts that its death is inevitable.

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