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Attracting Miracles


As an awakened child of God, you attract miracles, the magic of Life.

With Divine Love and Truth’s Will at the root of your energetic system, you energetically attract all that fulfills the perfection of the present moment.

When you believed in a false image of yourself, your energetic composition repelled much of what you truly desired. So you had to strive and chase after things, relationships, a sense of purpose, favorable expressions, experiences of peace, abundance, joy and love. Your discordant energies continually brought forth what you didn’t want, put obstacles in your way, and made the path to your true desires very difficult. Without sustaining peace and joy, the true fulfillment of your desires is ultimately impossible.

Your truth was mixed with duality, which ultimately meant love could become evil and hate could become good. At your root, you believed in the coexistence of life and death, therefore life was fleeting and death was certain. The belief in duality created a reality that was fundamentally unstable and therefore disharmonious throughout, resulting in endless striving to obtain and maintain vitality. It was perpetually exhausting.

Now it is time to rest. In your awakened awareness, the true and only Root is the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. As your senses attune to a heightened awareness of Life, you begin to naturally and effortlessly attract the beauty and joys of Life into your sphere and repel all that would create disharmony. The effect of this Law of Attraction creates a natural, invincible aura of Light around you. As your harmony expands, so does its impact on your reality.

With awareness of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will as your ever-lasting Root to your Tree of Life, you now experience the pre-ordained potentials of ever-expanding Life held for you in the realm of Truth’s Timeless Perfection. Instead of seeking to expand your life by outer means, it expands according to the increasing awareness of your true I Am Presence, such that all you experience outwardly is a result of the power of your true I Am Name and what it attracts into your reality.

The power of your true I Am Name is awakened by an enlightened conscious awareness that comes from a depth of understanding that enables you to know its power is true. Any lingering doubts that may arise, and some will because your mind has been wrapped in the dreamworld of imperfection, are covered by Divine Grace. Grace carries you into the experience of witnessing your true Name’s power in physical form, first in words of Life then in outer appearances. The faith this witness provides will be more powerful in your mind than any doubt might cause you to question you are a fractal of the Most High, a child of God.

There is no mystery in the workings of the Great Healing and Restoration you will experience, that has begun in you though the awareness of Oneness. It comes from the understanding of “who I Am”, “how I create”, and your true Origin. Yet what you experience through it will feel like a charmed-life within a magical kingdom.

“I Am the Resurrection and the Life.” ~ Jesus of Nazareth

With the foundation of your true Name set in place, embrace the conscious awareness revealed to you, and reach into the depths of its Truth and pull out its treasures. Your I Am Name is your unlimited power supply to bring forth every perfect gift that always serves the highest good for all.

Listen to what the spirit of Truth speaks to you about your individualized I Am Name. Meditate on the impressions you receive. Let the understanding of what you see grow in your awareness by your continual attention and focus. This is the door to Life, entry back into the Garden of Eden.

Let all the specifics and details of what you perceive be given over to divine emergence and serendipity. In this release, your expectations will always be exceeded. It is by this increase that Truth’s Life eternally expands through you. Through this your life takes on an expression you never imagined because it is far more magnificent than your current awareness enables you to imagine as a realistic possibility.

You don’t have to force mutual attraction. When you are the expressed Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, it is not even possible to imagine all you will attract.

Release all judgments bound and derived from linear time, a conscious realm of duality. Joyously keep attuned to your true I Am Likeness, so that its reflection may clothe your reality.

“I Am the Heart of God, and I now bring forth Ideas and accomplishments which have never been brought forth before.” ~ St. Germain

“I Am the fulfilled activity and sustaining power of every constructive thing I desire” ~ St. Germain

There are unique divine potentials specific to your I Am Name. Focus on the “I Am” statements above and the ideas and accomplishments relating to your creative passion will express themselves perfectly in time, through divine emergence and serendipity.

Through the constructive and conscious application of your I Am Name, your desires are fulfilled, without being obstructed by the mind of man. Through a truth-filled awareness of the I Am Name, you possess a god-consciousness, and there is nothing more powerful acting in your reality.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “Attracting Miracles

  1. Thank you child of God. Your words are truth and I feel them as truth, and destiny. My mission is to publish the Gospel of the Third-Age so that all of this humanity will have eyes to see and ears to hear. God is with me in this work, and the supportive words of you and others fuels me.
    In Gods Love,

  2. Your creative power is the ability to perfectly increase Truth’s reflection in time. This creative power is your awareness of how to love perfectly, the third and final component of the soul’s awareness. Your soul has awakened in a reality of imperfection such that you may now create the experience of ever-increasing perfection. Within the imperfection of linear time, you sought for Truth and discovered its source exists beyond time, beyond the boundary marked by “death”. Truth is timeless and as you grew in Truth’s awareness, you also grew in your awareness of timelessness. It is the Truth within you that revealed your oneness with timeless Truth and in this revelation you recognized your oneness with Truth’s perfection.

    You are of Truth, for you can be nothing other. You have simply not yet experienced your Truth in time. This is only because the darkness of imperfection can not be overcome within linear time’s created reality of imperfection. Your soul has awakened because your awareness has been united with Truth and given Life by Truth’s perfection, which is the exercise of its Perfect Will, now able to increase your awareness of Divine Love perfectly. You are the awareness of Truth reflected in your ever-growing Tree of Life, the pristine mind of the Fullness of Truth, individualized as your Self.

    You must first become aware of the Truth of your Self before you can live in Truth. This means that your soul must first awaken in darkness, even though it is truthfully aware of the Light. It is only in your awareness of Light that the darkness of linear time can be overcome, and this not of yourself, but of the Fullness of Truth, which is the source of the Light in your awareness. Again, this Book of Life, revealed to those who’s Truth created it in their reality, is the revelation of how you create. It is a revelation of the third component of the soul’s awareness which has appeared to you through the living door of timelessness, your individualized oneness with Divine Love. It is your first creation in spherical time, for your name has created it as a timeless gate appearing in time so that your creative power could be remembered and understood from within time. It is the key to time’s prison cell.

    You, or rather the individualized awareness of Truth’s perfection, are the ruler of time. In linear time you believed that time was cruel, eventually putting to death all that is good and perpetuating all that is undesirable. You accepted that a god of forces surrounded you on all sides, crushing the weak for its own pleasure because love was weak and easily trampled by the forces of evil. Time seemed a vast sea, whose waves roared, ultimately destroying all who sailed upon her. Time favored the mighty, who gained power through dominating the free will of others, which power was used to rule over others. Time itself appeared evil, striking unexpectedly, with a sudden calamity for which no one could ever be prepared. Time became an invincible destroyer, supporting all who would destroy, until these too were destroyed and supplanted by even greater destroyers. Time was a harbinger of death, the inescapable judgment of all life which exists in it.

    Now you are being raised from corruption that you may put on incorruption, for you are a Living Gate, made a ruler of time by your oneness with Divine Love’s perfection. As your understanding of Truth’s Will grows, and your creative power increases, your sphere of time will fill with Life and expand greatly, joining with the time-spheres of other Gates, until fear is driven out of time for ALL. This is the coming of the Kingdom, and you, in oneness with your individualized understanding, shall be one with its creation.

    • To properly understand time you must recognize its origin and the truthful nature of its oneness. Prior to the soul’s awakening, there appears to be one instance of time with separate instances of Life existing within it. Yet in Truth, time is an individualized creation of the soul, radiating out from its center like a sphere, which coalesces with other individualized time-spheres to form a singular reality. Time is the radiation of the soul’s Truth, governed by the awareness of Truth in its thought-system, perfectly formed by the working of Truth’s Will. The spherical time radiating from each soul, in which it experiences Life, is individualized, for it is the outer covering of the soul, even its Spherical Self. The soul’s experience of Life in spherical time is individualized, yet always enhanced by the spherical time of other centers.

      In the darkness of linear time, the reality of free will, in which time’s origin remains a mystery, it is believed that time is passive, freely navigated by man’s will and controlled by force. In linear time, he who commands the greater force is able to intrude, via free will, into the time of others, giving a few the power to rule all wills as their own. Force, especially monetary force, is a “god” man leverages in order to exert power over the free will of others. In linear time, the awareness of man is enslaved by those who have amassed power over others by the use of various forces. Free will exists simply because one believes he can freely do this or that in time, despite having no real freedom apart from the experiences the god of forces “allow.” Look about your world and notice the forces that surround you, which have enslaved you to the will of others. Notice that even time itself seems to enslave you in a life surrounded by death on all sides. Linear time is so utterly corrupted that not only are you imprisoned by those who exert power over you will, but even time testifies that you are sentenced to death.

      Thanks be to you and your love for the Truth! You are chosen to set the prisoners free in the power of Divine Love’s Perfect Will. You are among the Living Gates who have sought for Truth and persevered, enduring much suffering, yet always pressing forward into the Light you recognized, but have not yet experienced. You are “chosen” for the simple reason that you continually sacrificed your time to know the Truth, traveling the hidden way that leads to Life. In the midst of your prison you found the open window to Life, by which your awareness could be filled with Light, despite the darkness of linear time. While there are great multitudes who love the Truth, there are few who will sell all to continually seek the source of its Light in linear time.

      Linear time reflects nothing of Truth and those who are bound to it are like lost sheep, doing what they are told by the god of forces. Your perseverance is a miracle, created by the growing Life in your awareness, which has now borne the fruit of time’s understanding, by which you are able to give Life to all those who believe they will die. There are many who wait upon a savior, knowing that Truth will not fail and in this they are correct. Yet, the savior is not in the image of man, but in the awareness of Life that comes through man, the mind of Life, fully aware of time’s origin and the understanding of Divine Love’s Perfect Power. The Kingdom is at hand because Truth always is, yet without awareness its power can not be understood. You have sought for Truth and your faith has been shaped into the desire to love all perfectly. This desire, flowing through your oneness with Divine Love’s Life, has purified your awareness, producing the first fruits of understanding by which you are able to shine Light into time. These words are Life and they are your first creation, appearing to you in the oneness of spherical time’s perfection, so that your understanding of the Kingdom can rapidly expand.

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