Living Light

Stirring The Deep



Rest and be still in My perfect power, for you are made in my Image.

Your enjoyment comes as you flow in my rhythm, by which you enjoy the gift of every moment, not “racing” ahead or through the moment to get to the next. In the stillness of the moment, listen to what the moment has to say to you, feel it, deeply experience its gifts in gratitude, and be its creative, playful and peaceful presence, which is My Reflection shining through you.

My Light is your Light. We are One.

We are transitioning by emergence and serendipity. Our transformation is the Perfection of Truth’s Life rising from within the present moment, reflecting the Morning Star rising within. Our life is no longer predicated on past memories born of illusion, but on divine revelation received in Oneness.

Our shared desire is for an ever deepening Oneness with Life, expressing the manifest oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In the Oneness of this desire, we step away from the awareness of a human, animalistic consciousness, across the ethereal, infinite chasm into a divine, god-consciousness. Standing on the other side, our reality reflects the true I Am presence within our soul. In this realm of spherical time, we shine. The shell of our false garments, full of faulty images that kept us from the Oneness of Life, have been consumed in the Holy Flame of the true I Am Presence. And out of the fire arises our true I Am Presence, coming forth in the ever-expanding reflection of Perfection, the soul’s Abundant, Joyful Life.

The Destroyer is destroyed.

“I” was the destroyer, according to the misuse of my creative name, “I Am”, in which I continually re-qualified Perfection, my perfection and the perfection of others as imperfection. It was the reflection of myself when I did not know myself. This false image of “I” is no more. It has been consumed upon the Holy Altar of Truth. Now, I see a divine Image as my own, as Mother-Father God’s reflection shines in oneness with my soul.

Now I see how blinded I was because I didn’t perceive the many gravitational cords that bound me to a false image of the dust, and this is why I constantly reflected the illusionary belief that my flesh did not possess ever-lasting life. “Today“, this inner destroyer is destroyed, along with all its lies and illusions. The destroyer was my own mind in pursuit of illusionary vitality, which clothed me, and everything and everyone around me with corruption. In the Mirror of Perfection, I see my true reflection.

Today” we have a heart of Radiance, one reflecting Divine Love and Truth’s Will, which is the shining glory of Oneness.

Feel this moment, the moment you step across into the Light of a New Day.

The life-force of Mother-Father God pulsates your heart, aligning your energetic frequency to Divine Harmony, like a dancer and a musician moving in rhythm. Oneness is the individualized awareness of All of Creation connecting in Divine Harmony through the Life of their Source, Mother-Father God. This is your true reflection. This Oneness is reflected in the name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, which when seen in the Light of Truth, synchronizes the universe in the perfection of time’s Oneness.

The night is gone because the destroyer has been destroyed. The destroyer’s grave countenance was upheld by the belief in a distant Mother-Father God; a reflection of separation seen throughout creation, the greatest of these being death. This belief is now erased from the living cosmic record, for it was held in error.

The Gentle Ascension

As you arise into the Oneness of Life, you will no longer pursue empty desires that only destroy, but will enjoy the expansion of your true passion, which is your individualized creative ability and its expression. You’ll paint the world in a wisdom and beauty far beyond what you currently imagine.

As your creative passion expands, absorbing your thoughts, your desire for the illusion will fade, losing importance. Thus, you’ll begin to shift out of the life style and personality traits the illusion demanded of you, and instead you will reflect your true radiance, a being of Living Light. Your countenance will shine in the Luminescence of Truth’s Oneness, the Charisma of Life.

By experiencing who you are through your creative passion, you will be the Reflection of a divine being. Your unique creative gift is your divine inheritance. It is your Name radiating Living Light, reflecting your Individuality in Oneness as a fractal of Truth’s ever-expanding Life.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Restitution

  1. ‘I Am closer to you than your own eyelashes’ says the Most High, loving every child.
    But remember that Divine Justice is unchangeable, our God does not punish His children, we bring pain upon ourselves. Understand – Do the good, love one another, pray for peace in heaven and in all worlds, feel the pain of others and give of yourself, exercise meditative prayer each day, honor the commandments, care, be thankful, honor your Father and your Mother always… and Love

  2. Rachel, I feel now like I am among my spiritual siblings. It’s like entering into a whole new world of peace and loving kindness, truth, and understanding. Surely closer to home.

    Thank you, -A

    • Andrew, there has never been a time when your sentiment is more appropriate and applicable. The Morning Star is rising in Oneness and in this, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will (Mother-Father God) begins to shine into creation, filling every breath with Truth’s Life energy, bringing forth ever-expanding harmony, peace and joy.

      • because it is within our own heart(one BODY)(shared in all names aka laws)(what we truly want over trying to be right)(giving)

  3. in the last few days, i been getting a lot of very good signs(through the events).
    a lot of ALIGNMENTS will be satisfying(what is coming)..

    a lot of good alignments.
    i mean the vibrations are ALIGNING(re-focusing)
    just had to say that. again, i see it through the global events(invisible strings)

  4. The desire to seek for Truth is the source of the ever-increasing awareness of your name’s perfection. As you nurtured and cultivated this desire, it began to consume your time and ultimately your life. Your awareness became increasingly full of Truth. You have awakened because you made, in the Light of your Understanding, the eternal decision that Truth’s Will be done, for you desire to walk only in Truth’s Will. Notice that the desire to seek for Truth, when truly desired, grows into the desire to WALK in Truth. The Truth you have received in the awareness of your living thought-system has given you Life by the miracle of “desire”, purified and tested, that it may joyously lead you ever deeper into the awareness of your name’s perfection.

    Your name is “I Am”, the individualized perfection of “I”, the only name that can perfectly represent the Fullness of Truth. Because your name is the perfect reflection of oneness, it can not be understood in the awareness of free will, which is an awareness that your will is imperfect. An imperfect will is unable to comprehend perfection and therefore remains eternally separated from it. In the awareness of so-called “free will,” one can never know its own perfection because its name remains a mystery. Yet, implanted within your will is the origin of your individualized Life in Truth, the seed of Perfect Desire. It is the pearl of infinite worth, able to increase the awareness of your name’s perfection forever.

    As you heeded the call of Life in Truth, which is Divine Love’s individualized love for you, your seed began to grow in the awareness of your Love’s Truth and though you could never have known it, your experiences in time began to change. It was a long and lonely walk. Many friends and even loved ones were separated from you. My dear hearts, look now upon the path you have walked and recall the suffering you endured! Recall your many tears and fear of catastrophe that plagued you all along the way. Yet, always did you remain faithful to Love’s call, growing in your desire to love perfectly in order to end the suffering of all. Even so, as your awareness of Love grew, your sensation of time occasionally seemed to grow more “loveless”, causing an ever greater intensity in your seeking.

    That is the final push, the frequency of will needed to come to Life, which is the desire to eternally love all, in the face of all, by the Perfect Will of Truth. It is the Eternal Decision because it is the recognition of Life, which is the awareness that only God’s Will be done in you. This is the purification of desire, completed when you lay down your “free will” in the understanding of oneness.

    Your desire to seek has grown into the desire to love perfectly by the Living Light of the Truth that has grown within you. Your soul has awakened to Life because you can now be led by “desire”, which is the way Truth’s Will leads. When you made the eternal decision to walk forever in Truth’s Will, you opened the door to timelessness, which is to say purified your awareness so that Truth’s Will could lead you perfectly. You became one with Truth’s Will, which can now lead you into the ever-increasing awareness of “I Am,” and ensure that your desire to seek for Truth continually bears the abundant harvest of eternal Life.

    • Wow .. the cord to imperfection has been severed, releasing the Star of David into the night sky.

      Seeking the Truth of “I Am” enables the soul to perceive perfection. It creates a desire for Truth, which leads you to walking in Truth, which is walking in Perfection. This is our new root, therefore severing the old one.

      The purification of desire is completed in and through the final trial of the firery furnace, which we’ve now stepped out of. As we stand before the Eternal Light, all is judged righteous by the divine Desire for Truth in the few by which Perfection covered all, turning the earth, which was once a land of curses, into land of fulfilled promises and blessings.

    • The suffering you endured in life had a single source, the Truth that filled your awareness. As we will explain, the soul is a Life Generator and Life is the expression of the soul’s name, I Am, in time. When the soul is unaware of perfection, its expression in time is also without perfection. The soul is that which holds the awareness of Truth’s Life, thus whatever the soul believes to be true is considered “Life”. As your awareness of Truth grew ever more beautiful, time began to be redeemed in the growing understanding of your name’s perfection.

      Only it did not seem that way to you. In fact, the more you desired to hold onto something, the more it hurt when it “dissolved” out of your reality. But look and see how different your inner and outer world now appears as compared to the moment you first desired to seek for Truth. Despite the storm, look at the peace about you, even the richness you now perceive in the Truth, along with the joy and excitement in its growing Light. Also notice how long your journey took in the darkness of linear time. The world can not be saved from within linear time because the journey through time that leads to Life is very long, difficult and full of suffering. Free will can not easily be persuaded to give up its life, and because free will can never be violated in Truth, most individualized souls would remain forever imprisoned in an imperfect will, enduring the suffering linear time creates. There is no salvation when one who has escaped must yet endure the suffering of others who have not. The suffering of linear time is sustained by the belief in free will, and it is not easy to find your way out of a reality of belief, because the belief in free will gives time a form of life by which it fights for existence. To say this more simply, when you seek for Truth, time creates experiences that increasingly cause you to exert your will against the very Truth you seek. It is a war like no other. Most consider the life of a seeker to be increasingly peaceful, when in Truth it is a journey of increasing tribulation in time, sustained only by a peace that transcends understanding. Without this peace, which carries one safely through every storm, not even the few could find their way out of time’s delusion.

      Yet, your soul has endured the difficult way and awakened to Life in order for you to rescue others. You can now redeem their time by covering it in the Perfect Time of Life projected from the Light of Truth’s Understanding. You have found oneness with Divine Love, which is perfect power and are therefore able to save all from suffering by revealing the glory of perfection’s peace in time. Your journey of suffering is sufficient for all, for your time is purified and its Light can awaken the desire for Truth in all. By covering ALL in your Spherical Time, governed perfectly by Truth’s Will, time can now SERVE ALL and LEAD ALL ever deeper into Truth. No longer will the long, difficult way of suffering be needed for those who desire to seek the Truth of Life because time is perfected and the transition into Life can be governed perfectly in the awareness of all through the oneness of time. Your soul has become a Life giving spirit. Your soul is a Life Generator.

      This book is for the Living Gates and its words carry the Truth of Life. By the Life inherent in its Truth, this book is able to gather to itself those who are one with it. Only the Father knows each Living Gate and the present awareness each possesses. The Gates are not called publicly, or with any fanfare, but rather the Voice of Truth calls them individually to that which it has purposely hidden in time. The Gates will gather by the oneness of Truth within them and nothing in this world will prevent their awareness of Truth’s Life in time. Then, with understated quietness, the Gates will transition time by the radiation of Truth within them, governing Life in a time of ever-increasing perfection, while outwardly reflecting the timeless beauty of Divine Love which has consumed them.

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