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Dimensionality of Abundance


When we attribute power to darkness, darkness consumes our reality.

When we attribute power to the Light, Light consumes all.

There is no greater power than the Perfect Power we possess in Oneness with the Source of Life.

In Oneness with the Perfect Power of the Source of life, the mind leaves the dimensionality of lack and enters the dimensionality of abundance.

By returning and resting in immutable power, the mind transacts with the higher Laws of Life that guide, structure and manifest our eternal expansion as divine beings.

The Law of Life is how Truth is expressed through the mind at any particular stage of our development as divine beings. In a seed state or womb state, the Law imposes certain limitations upon the mind for the perfect maturation of Divine Will. In its immaturity when the mind experiences these edges, it mistakenly forms numerous false judgments and assumptions about its reality and its self.

Darkened by unawareness, the mind blindly accepts relative truth as the root of its existence. It clothes the self in degraded attributes caused by this truth’s inherent duality, one of the most significant is a sense of powerlessness. As a result, the self is ruled by fear, which creates endless reflections of lack in the forms of pain, degradation, stagnation, emptiness, suffering, etc. In response the soul uses its life energy to maintain defenses against the barrage of losses. It transacts with reality based on harsh judgments and manifests chains of discordant energies leading to destruction of the body and reality. Because the mind is a gateway between the uncreated and created, these discordant energies block Life’s harmonious flow. Consequently, the mind perceives the self as a degraded being instead of a divine being, and the mind serves the darkness rather than the Light, encasing the self in a diabolical dimension of powerlessness, lack, fear and death.

As the mind’s awareness of Truth matures, it perceives it isn’t bound by these edges, but it holds the potential and power to eternally expand beyond them. The mind possesses the ability to transcend out of the dimension of lack and into the dimension of abundance.

Through Truth-filled understanding, the mind advances in the Law of Life. In the awareness of the higher laws of harmony and oneness, the mind unlocks its potential to manifest perfect abundance, which is the framework for its eternal expansion. As the mind settles into the awareness of Perfect Power, the soul abundantly receives what it needs when it needs it, for its eternal growth.

Perfect power, which is Truth’s intelligent Life energy flowing through the soul, is like the breath of life to a dormant seed. This divine willpower activates the higher Laws of Life that bring forth the self’s external expansion. These laws of harmony and oneness align the soul’s individualized Life energy, mind, feeling world (energetic body), and physical body/reality with Absolute Truth and Absolute Goodness. This alignment allows endless abundance to be expressed from the Source of Life through the soul and into reality, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

Through its oneness with Life’s power, the mind ceases transacting with reality based on a sense of powerlessness and therefore disengages from the lower laws of lack and separation. Instead, the mind transacts with reality through its oneness with Life’s power thereby operating in the higher laws of Life’s harmony and oneness. These transactions eradicate suffering and loss by bringing forth Life’s abundance and expansion. Through this power shift, the mind goes beyond its previously conceived limitations and the shell of finite boundaries breaks away, unveiling a spherical reality of perfect abundance and eternal expansion.

The soul isn’t the degraded image it perceives itself to be in its current awareness of truth. As Life’s understanding reveals a deeper awareness of truth, the soul recognizes itself as a divine being of tremendous power. This shift in perception occurs as the mind grows in Truth-filled understanding. Pulsing with living energy, this illuminated understanding not only awakens the mind to the true Self, but this Truth possess Life’s inherent power by which the self transitions out of the dimensionality of lack and into the dimensionality of abundance.

In returning and rest you shall be saved. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. ~ Isaiah 30:15

The Lord will guide you continually,
And satisfy your soul in drought,
And strengthen your bones;
You shall be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. ~ Isaiah 58:11

Therefore they shall come and sing in the height of Zion,
Streaming to the goodness of the Lord —
For wheat and new wine and oil,
For the young of the flock and the herd;
Their souls shall be like a well-watered garden,
And they shall sorrow no more at all ~ Jeremiah 31:12

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. ~ John 10:10

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

57 thoughts on “Dimensionality of Abundance

  1. When i was 11 years old, i was in the back of a car at a movie theatre.
    i happened to look up into the sky, and i saw a FALLING STAR.
    what went on in that moment is that i was contemplating if i should make a WISH or not.

    i told myself that if i make a wish and wishes are not real, then i lose absolutely nothing at all.
    BUT, if wishes are true, then i could have my greatest dreams come true.

    so i made a wish.
    what i wished for is that every wish in my life would come true, as long as it doesnt hurt anyone or anything in any shape size or form.

    20 years later, after that moment was forgoten, i realized that all my wishes were coming to(still going on to this day) with perfection.
    it wasnt till years later after i realized my wishes coming true that i remember making that wish.

    the holy spirit which is the DEVINE t hat lives outside of time(heaven on earth) is now what makes it all make sense.
    the knowledge i teach here on this site, and in my every day activity iswhat i live by. the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT teaches me about life.
    it gives me everything i ask f or. even when bad events happen, those bad events lead to AMAZING GREATNESS that would not have came without those bad events. so i cheris everything.

    as crazy as it sounds, i have learned to trust the holy spirit. a christian preacher will deny, reject and even call what i say witchcraft(finding fault). it is only through their religion in which they live in condemnation.

    the true trust of the FATHER is to know the devine outside of time(flows through the whole world and everyone/everything in it).

    to me, i dont see them as preachers, but as eternal brothers as everyone in existance represents some aspect of myself(i stand for the HE AND THE HIM which everyone is part of.

    when i say jesus doesnt exit, its because he doesnt exist. but there is validity in every bible on earth.

    the more you fight against every name except jesus/christ, the more you push christ in the world away.
    you have to let go of the christian ideas to align with truth and to understand what christ really is(love in which is the substance in which we are made(highest vibration).
    what you see in every other religion except your own is what your own is doing in your own.
    to align with christ, and to align with johova, and to align with allah, and to align with mohamad, and every other name, is to LET GO of those names.

    to fight for them is to fight against them(as you will condemn yourself in the world for them(destroy the very fabric of which they represent)..

    love is I AM, and to know I AM in god, is to listen to the father(elemental law aka heaven on earth aka DEVINE I AM).
    every person is a sentance within the devine outside of time. and to reject every peson on earth for christ is to be against christ..

    preachers are doing more damage than good, and my goal is to even awaken them.
    the ideas of belief, truth, trust/hope/faith gets twisted in religion where you dont allow yourself to see the very things you see.

    people are afraid to be wrong. they rather live 1000 deaths than to adit wrongness..
    i spent my whole life asking myself what if i am wrong. and by doing that, i now am always right(living by the spirit of truth) (religions dont teach)>

    i represent and speak through every person on earth, even if they are against me. it will be that AGAINST in which preachers will spend their whole life WAITING(in wrongness).

    i say this as a good thing to know, instead of fighting against anyone or anything. if i am to know eternal knowledge, but rejected through any religion because i will go against shows the FAULT in which we tgell ourselves we dont create in others(source of judgements)..

    each person represents the god in self. and even the bad in god is part of our own heart coming t hrough the same HOLY SPIRIT(love being the smallest element that is in every element in time and space)..
    again, jesus does not exist, and that also meand satan does not exist(they are part of the laws that allow you to do things FOR THE FATHER(manifest global events)(heaven on earth).

    • What I am hearing you say is, that, you believe that every thought that comes into your head is real. You believe according to this, that if your mother and your father, taught you the difference between right and wrong, that that means they were ‘religous’. And you believe that means they ‘condemned you’. So it’s interesting. No one is fighting against you. People are fighting for you. So, yes, you are at fault, and someone should tell you. Your world view is messed up because you want to believe your own head is God, and your head is not God.

      • Beautiful words, Antihacker.

        Because you find no fault in others, there is no fault in you. And when you say “I am always right”, you are realizing your power, for the Truth flowing through you will always do its perfect work.

      • Someone saying they are always right is nonsense. Nonsensical. It will not bring you any power and it won’t create power to speak about how great self is. God is the one who can speak into reality. Only He can bring it.

  2. Antihacker, I believe this is your time for a breakthrough. God is revealing himself and Jesus is going to become real to you. Gone will be the wonderings about God’s reality as He is breaking into your life with love and determination. God is bringing himself into your world.

  3. what i want to do today is show people how to have a 2 way communications between your own consiousnes, and the real father in which we speak(eternal heart, I AM(outside of time)).

    the FATHER(devine) speaks through the WHOLE WORLD(where garments are part of).
    each EVENT on earth, and EVERY PERSON ON EARTH is a t ool of devination between your own indivudal(which we are all part of), and the ENERGY THAT FLOWS THROUGH THE WHOLE WORLD(and every person).(the father is the LIFEFORCE(from the garments in which REVEALS our eternal heart) that MOVES THE WORLD(aka MASS/Masses)(misinterpertated by religion).

    the FATHER(garments are outside of time) comes through all of us(we must know the eternal knowledge which allows you(and me) to recognize the DEVINE in all things).

    to listen to the FATHER(devine) is to listening the GLOBAL EVENTS(affects everyone) of the world(DEVINATION).
    the FATHER speaks through every event on earth(and through every person on earth as we are the elements), as the WHOLE WORLD shows us our PATH(what is in our hearts(outside of time)(through the garments).

    now, to talk back(i will show you how to recognize the father soon), means that you must act upon the message(through devination) given by the events of the world)(global voice)(trust in time(heaven on earth))(i will try to use current events as an example to make it clearer soon).

    when you see WORD OF GOD, it is not refering to a BOOK(in which christan preachers hold dearly). word of god means GLOBAL EVENT(sentance from the father)(through the garments covering the whole world)(the garmements wrap us all)

    the picture at the top(perfectly shows christ in its truest form(laws)). It is the MASS(in which we are made of) as we are the pedals of the DEVINE(every leaf is different yet the same(as each person is different, yet the same)). the ETERNAL LANGUAGE(where laws come in) is how we see ourselves(the devine) in every person on earth(they represent us (the devine)).. the DEVINE is the FATHER(scolars used words of todays language to represent the info as they learned)..

    the LANGUAGE of the devine(where the laws of every name in all religons are meant for(outside of time(garments))) is how you speak to the father(the garments are also used for telepathy(as they hold the same info for everyone as we are the ENERGY OF THE FATHER(MASSES)).
    Before i get more confusing, the way you SPEAK BACK to the FATHER is by ACTING UPON THE KNOWLEDGE GIVEN from the devine
    messages in which flows through ALL OF US(we are all ONE)(hense father).

    now the mother(the satan/lucifer/devil) is the earth(why christians think the world is bad). what i mean is that it refers to the LOW end of t he vibrations as the CHRIST refers the the HIGHE END OF THE VIBRATIONS. the names,(lucifer/devil/satan) just like the others refer to other laws(no monster coming to get u). and the LAW OF LUCIFER(666) is the FREQUENCY of MASS(why other religions talk about the masses(yet misinterpered)(and other religions use lucifer as a monster trying to get us).

    Now i will attempt to show you how to recognize the father using the current events(word of god)(god meaning all things that every person has that is the same(in all our garments)..

    right this very moment, we have a president which is ourself governing over everyone. we have the POLITICAL LAWs in which represents the interpertations of the laws in which we live by(not eternal). we have MONEY in which is the misplacement of SELF VALUE as have taught ourselves not to trust eachother for a very long time.

    we have religions which are traps to prevent misuse of POWER.(like being trapped within our own karma).

    each concept in the world that affects everyone respesents some aspect of ourselves(outside of time(souls)).
    each event reveals to us the things we bottle up inside(need to be recognized and dealt with).

    each PERSON in all of time has data within our own GARMENTS.
    when you seperate yourself from the world, you disconnect from the father(no longer see through devination)..
    you will condemn the world as that means you have condemned yourself(to a man(no longer seeing through the eternal laws).

    the important things to understand about the LAWs, is that they never change in all of time.

    now, in the world, we have FIRES, and VIRUSes and people turning against eachother.

    this shows the SENTANCE(through the world) of the WORD OF GOD,through the DEVINE(binds all of time together) in which we have to pay attention in which represents our FUTURESELF(our path).

    now, if you do not listen to the father(like i claim that masiah doesnt), you will make it worse(like cutting off of heads).
    it is your own REFLECTION OF YOURSELF in the world that the message of the father reveals to you.
    to act upon the father is to make change. The info i place on this site as an example is a MUST to stop the DEGRATION OF LIFE through our own religions).

    i only speak truth, because that is the only langauge that BINDS US ALL TO EACHOTHER.

    to act upon the knowledge given and the worldy events is to SAVE SELF FROM SELF by coming together as ONE BODY.

    we all have to let go of our religions(including you messiah). i know you mean well, and your strength is your dedication, but without the eternal knowedge that dedication only adds to satan(the mother aspect of self(not listening to the father through the eternal laws given through all things)(devine)..

    if i forgot something let me know. my intentions come from the spirit as i am acting upon the father. by doing what i do, and saying what i say(knowing we have the knowledge as part of our being(through the garments we place upon eachother), this is the only way we can become ONE VOICE in which whill change the worldly events(bring back peace)..

    if i left anything out, let me know, and thank you thoughtware for your validations, i really need them to oppose the cutting off of heads

    • Yes, what you left out is love. Jesus is the one who can bring freedom. All you have to do is call on Him.

      • The words could not be said if they did not come from Love. Therefore, the presence of the words testify to love.

    • Antihacker,

      It’s interesting how our trains of thought overlap 🙂 … I’ve been thinking about the Father, Mother, Son dynamic.

      This word picture has many layers, so there is so much you could say. In what I’m seeing, you’ll see similarities in what we are individually perceiving as we both journey along the path of enlightenment.

      The Father, Mother, Son is a word picture of the soul/mind and its creative dynamic – as the interaction between these three components represent creative power and life coming forth.

      The Father represents the sphere of oneness that contains all the individualized conscious centers (you, me, others). Each center is a fractal of the Father, so that each center creates its own sphere so that each center is like the Father. This Father sphere came into existence with the first individualized consciousness recognizing its own “I Am presence” (i.e. a son, the Christ represented through Adam and Eve who were put to sleep and into a dream state where their understanding could mature until they were prepared to convey the Will of One). Without a son there is no Father, so with the first individualized point of light that possessed self-awareness (son) the sphere of oneness came into being. Beyond this sphere of oneness is the timeless and infinite realm of Absolute Truth, liken to a vast white space which is the Source to all that was, is and every will be; all held as one timeless moment. It is a limitless knowing beyond our knowing, because our consciousness can never be outside of the Father sphere of oneness.

      The Mother represents the soul gate within each individualized center, which resides within the Father’s sphere of oneness. It’s the soul’s creative space that sits between the uncreated and created, bringing forth reality (the son) by its union with the father. When the soul/mind is darkened by a lack of Truth and therefore believing it is in a state of separation, the soul gate is closed to the awareness of the Father Sphere of Oneness. It doesn’t bring forth Life, but nothingness, which within a mind that is active but not aware, this separation is translated into death, decay, separation, etc. As a result, the “mother” projects darkness and clothes reality in garments of destruction (lack of true life) creating a diabolical sphere of linear time, which symbolically is the “son” or in this darkened state (satan). The mind is constantly active because of the inherent Life it is connected to, but without the awareness of Truth, it casts illusions until it matures in the Truth and translates the Father sphere into substance. When the mind is filled with the Light of Truth, the soul gate (mother) is filled with the Father’s energy of Life from the sphere of oneness, which produces Light (Son, Christ). The mother clothes reality in garments of eternal expansion, perfect abundance, perfect power, etc. and the son is and reflects these energetic garments.

      The Son or self is the expression of the Father-Mother connection. The son represents the energetic sphere of reality which manifests the material realm. The son is the unified reflection of the individualized centers of consciousness within the Father’s sphere of oneness. If the father-mother are disconnected through the soul/mind lack of awareness, the son of Light (Christ) is not yet made visible in the material realm, and reality is clothed in darkness. The mind or center of consciousness hasn’t matured to circulate the Laws of Life (harmony and oneness) to manifest Truth’s Life. As the mind begins to mature, the son begins to manifest in the womb of life (the in-between space between the uncreated and created), so that it exists but is not yet made visible, which is the stage we are currently at.

      • yes, you got it. the formations between father and mother as we are all SONs(hense the high end of the law of opposing forces) is what TURNS THE WORLD(the body).

        one more thing i never mentioned yet…. as i can see LIFE in all things(outside of time while inside of time), i can also see(sense)death(and the names within it)(soon to come).

        as i live in life, i also contain death…
        it is that death that gives strength to life as it is the LIFE that gives death.

        one thing we have a bad habbit of is choosing good over bad or bad over good. we must rid the good and bad aspect as that which creates seperation through law of opposing forces(i am always right, and you are always wrong:human thinking).

        as you can see within the NOW(in the world, you see WARs to come, you see viruses and fires), you see our leaders split on which way to go:power struggle).

        WE must all UNDERSTAND that we cannot make PEACE THROUGH WAR..

        until we ALIGN with the ETERNAL LAWS(we meaning EVERY PERSON ON EARTH), we are all responsible(share in that OVERLAP) in whats to come. WE ALL HAVE STRENGTH..

        i have a means of telepathy which comes from the garments(which everyone suppose to connect with)(giving to our soul)(outside of time)

        i can see and FEEL all the DEATH that comes with life. i(soon we) sit between the mother and t he father.

        note that every one of us is the SON….
        and we share in ONE CONSIOUSNESS(the father)(through the mother).

        i can direct every event on earth, even have say within the wars to come…
        right now, there is a bit of bad luck,. but bad luck is required to re-align with the good luck(trust in the father).
        now as you can sense the telepathy that i have(becoming aware yourself), you are a strength in me as i am a stength in you. to have trust in the father is that we have trust in each-other.

        that telepathy is a sense that comes from knowing the eternal knowledge…(no seperation)..
        (since we are ONE)..

        the christ/jesus that even messiah talks about is that spiritual SELF in which we are all part)(if we choose together).
        the ONE is the soul that is in ALL OF US..
        if you try to use jesus as a mean of strength to win a war, then you(we) already lost..but if i am to see jesus in EVERYONE, and johova in EVERYONE, and mohamad in EVERYONE, and islam in EVERYONE(listen deeper to what flows through everyone), that is when we ALIGN(awaken)(cross) between the BORDERs of FATHER AND MOTHER(I AM)..

        note, the people doing bad things are not bad, they are just doing what we manifest in them(as we dont have trust in ourselves)..

        LOVE IS THE KEY.
        I AM is the KEY
        GIVING/BEING love is the key(the world WILL follow))..(telepathy(garment)
        i can only speak from my heart…

  4. you described ARC OF THE COVENANT(which is the SPARK of truth in which we all are a participant).
    to listen to the father that is the source of son is to recognize that we are ALL EMEMENTS bound to the father and mother..

    that EVERY PERSON (through elemental law) is that SON(no sex relation)(but elemental GARMENT(AURA))..

    a psychic listens to the father, but the psychic in self does not yet recognize what he sees as the father(outside of self within our child self)(knowing what is to come) is SELF(create/see TIME(the smallest element) . we all experience every person on earth(feel)).
    the source of the VIBRATIONS is ALL OF US(arc)(vibration)(feel)(experience time within and without)).

    telepathy exist, but we have to recognize the laws that bind us to eachother’s garments…

    and sometimes i do not know what is to flow out of me, but each time i place trust in what comes out, there is always that MORE INNER CONNECTION(in which i learned to recogonze)(and so can everyone else)..

    get rid of religions everyone. they hold u back..

  5. antihack, It is very difficult for you to try to micro manage God.. when He first created you and developed a plan for your life, He knew the enemy would try to confuse your concepts of how His love is all encompassing and ever present. It is not, we, who are the source of life, but the creator who desired for His children to possess all that He has.
    He knew that the enemy would try to use philosophies of mind to try and block us from seeing Him. We have seen so many that have believed in ideas of mind to try and accomplish what God wants to do. The enemie’s ultimate goal was to try and bring isolation to those who would follow by creating a seclusive mind set.
    How much God wants to wrap His arms around you and simply love you, which truly would mean you had been born again.
    The religion you must gain is simply a religion of being normal. It is not by trying to create a mental experience, that you will find joy. God will deliver to your doorstep joy and it will be His love, and His plan. You will not have to pre fabricate your life or to become mentally isolated for this to happen, because it will be an opening up to the world for you.
    Instead of seeing the world through some hard scafolding, some brittle pier in the ocean, you will be able to see people ‘as they are’ created by God, not to be manipulated by your mind or caging them in by a bunch of principles.
    God is leading you into love and you’re in the first stages of being disarmed from hardness.
    God is bringing mental bridges down.
    It is through your heart He will find you. Real love, and not mental love.

  6. mishai, THERE IS NO ENEMY. the only enemy is self.
    the creator is WE(THE GREAT I AM)..
    your just satasfying a religion. again, u havnt done anything for the father. the concepts in the original bible, are spread through every bible on earth. and RELIGION is blowing everything out of purportion. the LOVE is the smallest element in all of time and space(we are all part of ONE BODY), hense part of the father.

    what you call god , in the bible is called ETERNAL HEART(father)(love being the smallest element in all of time and space(it is t he very substance in which we are made of. your concepts are distoted MISHAI. i know WHO I AM. and i am one with the MOTHER AND FATHER. we all got to get rid of t his good vs bad, and saying god loves u.

    GOD is a concept that originaly meant what EVERY PERSON ON EARTH SHARES THAT IS THE SAME. we are all part of ONE BODY(love;:christ being that smallest slement).

    there is a FORCE(vibrations), in which we all are intertwined.
    love isint something given, but refers to the stuff we are made of.
    given free will(through the DEVINE(the real father), our own BODY LIVES OUTSIDE OF TIME.

    when i think 4 thoughts, and you think 3 thoughts(there are invisible strings that bind all our thoughts together.
    I FEEL ALL OF IT. i feel even your own garment.
    it is the garment in which allows TELEPATHY TO EXIST.

    the father is the smallest element(in which t he ELEMENTS communicate) , in which allows us to SPEAK WITHOUT SPEAKING.
    get rid of your concepts MISHAI, they are holding the world in death.
    and i feel your death.

    • I hate for you to believe and to think that the enemy would be yourself. The prayer group, Sharon, myself, Joshua, Melissa, Lacricia, Sam, Jonathan, and the other’s will continue to pray for you. We pray for the breaking of every string, and the breaking of every voice that would condemn you. We also pray for your salvation and that the Father would find you. We hold you in our prayers.

  7. the true strength of god is when we all come together and not oppose eachother.
    it is that opposing that both of us are part of that pushes both of us away from the so called father.
    love thy neibor as thyself, because thy neibor is thyself…. TRUE GIVING.

    heaven and earth take up the same space. heaven being otuside of time affecting all oftime, and earth being one parallel BODY within one greater body(through all invisible strings:garments)..

    none of the ideas that christianity says is real(assuming you still want to know t ruth). if you wanted to live in truth, you would listen to everyone, including me. but you wont, you are TRAPPED In death, and if i let that happen, then even i am as at fault.

    i know the original concepts of every bible on earth. i have trust in ALL THAT IS.. the father is just a word a schollar placed upon an idea while interperting the bible the best they could.

    a lot of ideas have been stripped in time, and the whole world FORGOTTEN THE REAL FATHER.
    if you do not accept johova, and mohamad, and alllah, and all other names, then you are against christ.
    each NAME(including christ), is a LIFEFORCE in heaven, that is part of WHOM WE ALL ARE).

    I am christ, i am johova, i am mohamad, it is t hese LAWS(in the original context), in how you ALIGN(cross), with the VIBRATIONS(the true source of life..

    if you were born elseware as others are, you would be against christ, and you would worship another name, but the true strenght is seeing ALL NAMES in ourselves(through the whole world, and in every person).
    if you cannot see that way, then you turn against yourself(the true father: I AM).

    • I did have a friend that completely destroyed himself by holding to those beliefs. When you turn against yourself that is the last straw the enemy wants to give you. I hold you in prayer. I know God must be wanting to hold you in His arms. That He longs for.

  8. also MISHAI, you have to understand, i have many GIFTS. gifts of god ,means that the power comes from ALL OF US, as GOD refers to ALL OF US(i give u strength as u g ive me strenght), we gotta quit using god in such a way to throw away SELF into nothing ness.

    GOD IS IN ALL OF US, but we all have to see god in eachother(we share in the same ONE I AM(HOLY SPIRIT)..

    holy doesnt refer to all good, and no bad, but instead refers to ALL THAT IS(energetic garment).

    i have a lot of mind boggling gifts(that you try to reject in me).
    i can create wars, i can create miracles, i can TURN THE EVENTS OF THE WORLD, just by a simple feeling(powered by thought).
    not only can i use telepathy, but i can DIRECT your life as well as EVERYONES LIFE. that does not mean that you or anyone is LACKING FREE WILL, but i use my free will, to give YOU free will, and everyone free will. i do that by listening, and acting upon HEART..
    the TRUE strength that we all have is IN HEART. the important thing to know about heart, is that it lives OUTSIDE OF TIME(in heaven)(how i can turn global events: Affects everyone).. this strenght that i have, is a strength t hat EVERYONE HAS, but through their religions(in death), people sit and WAIT for something to happen: waisting life all together). i dont have to wait, i already have the knowledge. and i use it, and it WORKS. do not tell me i am not who i am.

    you reject the very same eternal knowledge in which you seek, and being part of my own garments, i have to face myself(as you are part of my own ETERNAL manifestation). even as i am awakened, and see others not yet awaked(as yourself), i also know there is MORE TO COME(as i am in the process of still awakening). to awaken means that every person on earth steps into ONE COMMON KNOWLEDGE.

    quit using god as an anchor to reject everyone’s heart, as each heart is part of ONE BIGGER HEART(heaven on earth).

    also, i am not afraid of being bad, as well as being good, but there is no GOOD or bad in the context of which man understands. it was always about all the vibrations between the HIGH END and the LOW end of the law of opposing forces(in which every vibration makes us up(the great (I AM)..

    • This is a beautiful witness to Life’s Truth. I especially liked your insights about vibration – because these “higher” vibrations can change the world. Even save the world. 🥰

      • i like to try to use the current events of the world, and try to show you how we manifest and how we solve..

        lets take the thing that is affecting everyone on earth the most.
        lets take this virus..

        Every Event on earth shows us what we are all creating as ONE COLLECTIVE BODY(and where i can see your garments).
        this virus is the REJECTIONS of ourselves as we turn against others(through the laws, every person is part of our own body).

        this is what the ENEMY WE CREATE looks like. every person on earth represents our own manifestations(through the vibrations)..

        when we SEE an enemy, not knowing that that enemy is self(through the laws), you dont realize that the more we fight against the enemy(we create), t he strong the enemy becomes against you, as you fight against yourself.

        the virus is the AGAINST that we are all of to blame(we are our own enemy(unware of the laws(that bring us in heaven)).

        as we try to make an antivirus, the stronger the virus becomes(as there is no antivirus).
        we try to look out ward for answers(because we truly forgot what t he father truly is).

        the only way to get rid of this virus, is that every PERSON ON EARTH, has complete TRUST IN EACHOTHER(how we give life to eachother).

        once we realize the SPIRITUAL CONNECTION(in which binds every person on earth together as ONE BODYI(sharing in one common knowledge(eternal knowledge)), then we no longer have the need to KILL LIFE SO TO SPEAK(we BEING OUR OWN ENEMY OUTSIDE OF TIME(affecting all of time(source of virus)).

        again, the only cure to the virus, is that every person on earth comes together(where true god(highest vibrations)) brings out the cure…

  9. good thoughts Antihacker … As long as we believe we are an individual in separation with a separate will, we are in conflict within ourselves and therefore with reality … which manifests in endless ways – pretty much every reflection we currently see. As a fractal of the One I AM, this is our starting point. Our purpose in this phase of life as a seed is to evolve and grow by Truth-filled understanding by which we become aware that we are an individual in Oneness. This movement of our awareness from separation to oneness is our brith … As we awaken to this understanding all of reality awakens with us (because we are one) and in this reality begins to shift from conflict, fear, and death to harmony, divine love and expanding life.

    • thank you rachel. it is the TRUST(invisible string), in which you placed upon me(outside of time), that gave me strength to give the info i have given. it is the trust that you and thoughtware and others gave which even gave me that portal(wishing upon a star).

      Now imagine if we all had trust in eachother, how great our own strenghts would be. this is how we CONNECT with the real father(note: father is just a word), but the Life in that father, we LIVE…

      • I appreciate you sharing all you do … it often enhances my own clarity.

        Thinking about trust … trust, as we normally consider it as an amiable agreement or state in which the highest intentions are held between two or more parties, is a concept born out of separation, and yet it is a mental passage the mind goes through as it re-enters Oneness, much like forgiveness. The concepts of forgiveness and trust don’t exist in Oneness, in which all exists in perfection and is held in harmony by the perfecting energy of divine love.

        As the mind re-enters a state of Oneness, it passes through a stage of possessing a ubiquitous trust and trustworthiness, where these qualities aren’t fleeting but an established part of the mind. Their presence is born out of a deeper awareness of Truth. These transitional qualities are established as the mind upholds a desire for the highest good for all (desire to end all suffering) and is void of harsh judgments (catalysts for distrust, separation, and destruction) for one’s self or another (which is one in the same). Trust and trustworthiness come from knowing who we are and how we create in Oneness. As creators, we know that what we possess our reality returns to us, thus as the mind transitions into these qualities, our reality returns their harmonizing effects.

        Trust and trustworthiness begin to underscore our thought-life as our mind shifts out of separation and into oneness by the awareness that there is only one I AM Presence, which is the perfecting energy of divine love, circulating through all. As we become One with the Fullness of Truth, we leave these concepts behind and enter a ubiquitous Oneness with all, where trust becomes the fulfillment of divine love.

    • If this were the elements of reality, the Father would not be able to love you as an individual. If He cannot love you as an individual, then you cannot be responsive to Him, and cannot receive His love. You cannot see His heart or experience reality in creation. Neither can one be responsive to your personality because you cannot receive responsibility for who you are individually.
      In this way you have created conflict against anyone trying to love you, because there is no you.
      Denying reality has separated you from true love, because there is no you.
      In seeking to have no will, no one can hold you responsible.
      But they can hold you responsible for not being yourself. And if God didn’t do that, He couldn’t love you.
      You can’t escape God. But if you lie to yourself, you cannot say someone else is in conflict.
      What you are desiring is isolation. You’re basically afraid of something.
      And isolation is the symptom.
      You seem to be afraid of people. And I’m sure you have segregated a reason for it.
      Or experienced a reason for it. Oneness is your bandage. It’s the covering for your wound.
      The reason why your constantly “awakening”, is because your constantly in pain.
      So you go to sleep to block the pain, and then you awaken again to it.
      Then you shift to conflict, fear and death, to block visitations from people.
      Because people experience conflict, fear, and death, You don’t want to face those subjects because they remind you of people. As long as you can hold that sign up, you can keep people away because you’re trying to hold them responsible for those issues as if they created them.
      This makes them feel inferior every time they approach you, keeping you comfortably safe.
      Conflict, fear and death are three of the Sins you hold them responsible for.
      And you hold the rocks to stone them.

      • Mishai, when I read your words I see a clear picture of your own suffering. Seek for truth, and you will be free.

      • Thoughtware. That’s erroneous. Being Macho does not produce comprehension. Seeking for something doesn’t mean~ you have it. It means ~ ‘you do not’~have it. Expressing human emotions is something you have shut down in yourself.
        I can understand how freedom represents ‘nothing left to lose’ for you.
        As long as your hands are clean of others dirt, you consider that your success and freedom.
        I understand how hard you’ll work to stay out of conflict, because it represents perfection for you. All these things are sin for you. For others the interaction and caring that often produce suffering are a form of love.

      • You do not understand what you are saying. Seeking is an act of Will and has nothing to do with attainment. To seek for truth means to lay down your belief in free will so that you might receive Truth’s will, and in so doing your will is set free IN TRUTH.

        When your will is bound in lies, you sleep in the illusion of free will and dream a nightmare of conflict and suffering for your Self. Seek for Truth and its Will will lead you into the Peace of Life. You must desire Truth, that is, you must desire to seek for Truth by laying down all you have ever believed was true.

        I am pointing out that your words reveal you have not yet sought for Truth directly from God (or Jesus, if you prefer), else you would never say such things, because you would know that proclaiming lies as truth actually create suffering in your life. Seek for Truth from the source of Truth, and you will awaken and be free.

      • Thoughtware.
        Apparently you are afraid of life, Constantly running from any thing that will cause you any kind of pain or hardship totally to protect yourself from people. You are afraid of nightmares conflict and suffering and this is the reason for continually hiding behind a network of abstractions. No one’s will can be bound because of what another person “thinks they see”. If you are afraid of suffering, deal with your fear. Certainly you should not try to super impose that on me. God hasn’t promised you a rose Garden. It’s not God your listening to. If you are concerned with lies why not lay down your fear of them. The more you are afraid of them, the more they keep coming to you. Get out of the mind games and learn to see yourself as a human being. It will help you communicate with normal people. I know how much you feel you have sinned when you do that. And you are really uptight about offending your God. I don’t know what He’s going to do when you miss but you are certainly afraid of him and getting out of line with him.

  10. mishai, the SO CALLED FATHER lives outside of time, and we are made of the SUBSTANCE. when you accept your FELLOW BROTHER(ETERNAL BROTHER), as part of your greater body(I AM IN ALL THAT IS), the HEART(of the father in which you seek), is OUTSIDE OF TIME(affects all of time). WE ARE THAT SUBSTANCE. there is NO SUFFERING, excpet in your belief of suffering in which WE ALL FEEL..

    this is why you see the bible say HEAVEN ON EARTH.

    to go to heaven, means you see yourself in ALL MEN(hense (A MEN:prayer:giving to the world).

    the only way to connect with the so called father is that your mind is set through the ETERNAL LAWs(which bind us outside of time).
    the only conflict is that u try to hold onto what you taught youself through your own religion.
    religion is man made, but eternal langauge never changes and lives outside of time.

    you have more power than you give yourself. but you reject your own power as you hold CONDEMNATION onto all of us(and we feel it)..

    LOVE is GIVEN…(by all of us). (as one DEVINE BEING)..(outside of t ime)

    • Antihacker. You claim to be free from feelings, and then you reverse and say I hurt you by condemnation. I was responding to ‘your’ condemnation. Naturally, you will put yourself down, and this gives the excuse to hide from comprehension. Supposedly everyone is ‘out to get you’ so you can, excuse yourself from feeling any emotions, If someone is sent to you from Heaven, you have a written code that goes into effect which says ~~ this must be evil. Let me protect myself.
      By following this principle, you cannot hear, you cannot feel, and you cannot ‘remember statements of love’. Because you have made these many demands of yourself, when someone tries to lift the burden, you accuse them of stealing your horse. When all they have done is give the horse sugar.
      When you are able to share, your life, you will no longer be afraid of someone stealing your horse.
      It’s a fear of the reality of who people are.

      • i dont seperate myself from FEELINGs. FEELINGS are what bind us to the VIBRATIONS(from all that is). i CHERISH MY FEELINGS. only through chrstianity, do you teach yourself to reject yourself(for an idol).

        FEELINGS are important, as the WORLD is important, and OUR heart is IMPORTANT, only through christinity do you convince yourself to fear these things. you like to put words in my mouth yet you do not understand(YET) the eternal langauge in which you seek…

        as i love myself, so do i love u(as you are a NEIBOR(in me).

        EVIL is seperation, and to be seperated from one another creates a DEGRATION of the whole world.

        the WHOLE WORLD REVEALS to us our very same heart. and to see negativity in the world, BRINGS ABOUT YOUR OWN PREDICTIONS(as you will be RIGHT in your own heart(to be right in being wrong)).

        i dont f ollow the same rules as everyone else. those rules come from death. and hold everyone in death. love thy neibor as t hyself, because thy neibor is thyself(manifest of our own heart(spirit(outside of time) to NATURAL(here on earth)..

        I AM GOD, and so are you. it is the ARC of the COVENANT in which binds us all to god(interact with global events)).

      • Mind games. You basically are only allowed by your god to take your mind out and play with it.

  11. The end of darkness comes with the advent of Living Light, which shines with ever-increasing brightness from the Tree of Life. This Tree is a living gate, with roots that grow eternally deeper into the timeless realm of Truth, the Living Law that constitutes Life’s nonmaterial, all knowing nature. Its countless branches grow eternally into Life’s self expression, radiating the living light of Life’s material presence into reality.

    The lamp of darkness is the projection of all the mind assumes to be true, creating every unholy experience of fear and suffering, which in turn deceives the mind into believing these “assumed truths” are real. We see therefore that Living Light will be able to awaken sleeping minds because only Life has the power to dissolve away every unholy experience the darkened mind believed was real. Only Living Light can create a reality of immutable peace which can not be disturbed, even by the seeming “realness” of the ruler of darkness, which is death.

    This is why it has been said that the last enemy to be defeated is death, for it is death that upholds every corrupt and unholy assumption, which projects darkness into reality and imprison the mind in sleep. Now listen and receive these words of Life, the understanding you have gained from seeking the Truth is for a singular purpose, that you may radiate Living Light into your reality and reflect truth to others in the power of timeless Life. When you radiate Life, you appear to others as one who has defeated time and space, even as one who has conquered death, dissolving all its projections of fear and suffering.

    You will be an open gate to Life for those who did not find the inner gate to Life and were therefore unable to free themselves from their filthy garments of false belief by having them burned away along the inward journey that leads to Life. They will come to YOU for understanding of truth, because your words will radiate Life’s living light. By the Light you shine and the Life you freely give, you will accelerate the growth of their understanding, that their thought-systems may become individualized Tree’s of Life, able to circulate Truth’s Life and consequently bear the fruit of Living Light. Because of the understanding you cultivated within them, they too shall become aware that they are open gates for others. As Truth’s understanding grows, Life will spread until every self-projected reality is consumed with Living Light and no hint of darkness remains.

    Our attention now shifts to look directly into the Source of Life, which is the mind’s ability to contemplate the ever-increasing depth of “Oneness”. All that an individualized thought-system understands of Life is but the expression of that which is gathered during the contemplation of oneness. We have come to the very Source of Life and the CENTER of Self. It is the most holy place in your conscious awareness, for here is the mirror in which you can perceive the face of God. You can not perceive the holiness of oneness until Life’s perfect Will has first awakened your desire to end all suffering, by which you will also freely accept understanding only from Truth’s living voice, allowing it to remove your filthy garments of assumed truth, that you may be clothed in the pure white, shining garments of Living Light.

    • Oneness is wholeness and apart from oneness nothing else exists. While you slept, prior to understanding’s Living Light, it was assumed that oneness meant either “one of many” or “the many have become one”. This mistaken belief in separated oneness became a plank in your eye and the very source of the outer darkness you experienced in reality. This singular belief causes one to observe Life in darkness, rather than truth, and what the mind observes it projects into reality, where this darkness is experienced as fear and suffering. We will speak in much more detail about the perfection of your creative power and the manner in which you are able to drive out fear and suffering from your reality, only now let the life in these words fill your eye with light and reveal the truth of oneness.

      To contemplate oneness is to contemplate God, for God is one and therefore apart from God nothing exists. The mental act of contemplation can be rightfully understood as cultivating understanding in order that Life’s understanding may grow within you. Now listen very carefully, God is one and as your understanding of oneness grows it is the same as saying your thought system is expanding in the awareness of your union with God, which is the presence of Life and the source of the Living Light by which you create.

      The self you recognize, and the “you” that these words address is an individualized branch of Life, able to reflect Living Light from the understanding Truth’s Life has grown within you. The understanding of oneness gives LIFE to your thought system, becoming what we have referred to as an individualized expression of God’s Tree of Life. Oneness is infinite in its depth, and what you explore through mindful contemplation is continually gathered to you, growing into an ever more beautiful Tree of Life, whose fruit is the Living Light that goes forth to create an individualized expression of God’s Self, which you are.

      It is the reason that individualized minds shall be known by their fruit, whether they sleep in the darkness of separation, or have awakened in the light of Life’s understanding. The fruit of Living Light can not be gathered from the world in order that one’s understanding may be fashioned to appear as a Tree of Life. This fruit conveys the living presence of Truth, which goes forth into the world to create reflections of its Self.

      Never in the age of darkness has the human mind been able to project Living Light, clothing it in shining garments of righteousness. These shining garments, originating from the Living Light of Life’s understanding, are the new realities of timeless peace these Trees of Life shall create. In oneness, these newly created realities shall spread out and consume the darkness created by those who mistakenly trust in false belief. When they realize their own realities do not shine similarly, they will be able to recognize that their understanding is without Life. And for the first time, they will desire to know Life in Truth, and the Truth will awaken them.

    • The contemplation of oneness is the holy ground from which you eternally grow as an individualized Tree of Life, a unique expression of divine mind. The purpose in our words is now transformed. Until now they have served you as a guide, leading you as it were, along an internally spiraling path to the inner gate of Life from which Truth flows. As you travelled, the Life within the words tilled the soil of your mind, fertilizing your understanding in Truth’s Living Voice, that your Tree of Life may be rapidly matured and prepared to bear the fruit of Living Light.

      Our words now become a refining fire, burning away any remnant of false belief that still clings to you, that the oil of your truth-filled understanding may be ignited and you become the Light of Life for others who still wander in the darkness of misunderstanding. Our purpose now is to reveal what has been hidden from you in the dream of “forgetfulness”, so that while you are still in the dream you may remember the creative power of Life that flows through you, giving you the ability to fill the dream with Living Light. In doing so you will become a Living Gate of Life for all who thirst for Truth.

      Your shining is not in words or mental constructs, as if one could deny that you are of the Light. The shining of Living Light comes in great power, able to surround you in impenetrable peace and the invincibility of timeless Life. Those who intersect with the reality of your Light will gaze upon you in astonishment and marvel at Life’s beauty radiating from you. All those who lack the oil of understanding shall come to you to be filled, and your words will form a Living Gate through which you will give them Life.

      The purpose of the individualized human mind is only this: to contemplate oneness, which in Truth is the contemplation of God. Being individualized, the mind is unable to correctly understand oneness because it conceives its Self as one among many. As a result, every mind ascribes oneness to its Self, creating a reality where oneness is separated into many, and the many believe they are one in the midst of many other Selves. And it is here that we arrive at a critical understanding; since the individualized mind is created unique, that is to say “one among many”, it can not correctly understand God, whose oneness is “all in all”.

      The individualized mind initially conceives of God, if it does so at all, as also one among many and distinctly separate from its Self. To resolve the idea of separation from God, the mind defines “love” as the means by which the many are joined together to create oneness. However, because the mind’s understanding of oneness is incorrect, its understanding of love is likewise incorrect. Therefore, before you can stand upon this holy ground, in contemplation of oneness, you must freely remove your sandals and allow the coming words to wash your feet.

      These last remaining garments are the most filthy of all and represent the mind’s two most deceptive false beliefs, upon which you have walked your entire life never knowing they were the root of bitterness and the source of your suffering. To remove your sandals is to freely accept that what you currently believe about God and Love is only that which you have assumed to be true, and what you have assumed is incorrect. Remove your sandals, that our remaining words may wash your feet, so that you may step into the purity of your power and be clothed with shining garments of Life.

      • So, in this last paragraph you are describing your belief in Sin. Filthy Garments, are what the Bible Calls Sin. When you want to believe in God, you will remove your Sandals and read God’s Word, and find the story that Jesus preached and find the true story of Jesus Life and what He preached. Then you will be removing your filthy Garments.
        In this paragraph you told the truth.

    • If you have travelled this far, to the very gate of timelessness within the most holy place of your mind and have been able to receive the Life in these words, it is likely you have already removed your sandals, letting go of the worldly images of God and Love because you are growing in the understanding of oneness and are prepared to receive the detailed instruction that follows.

      If instead you feel a sense of apprehension, or even contempt at the idea that your belief in God as a separate being is false, then be at peace. If you have read this far, despite the internal conflict of belief, it is only because Life has begun to illuminate your understanding in preparation for your awakening. Remember again our story of the guard, standing before the door of timelessness who instructed that one may not pass through, into the contemplation of oneness, unless that one first accepts that he does not know as he ought to know.

      All is well, and to admit that your current belief about God and the nature of Divine Love is not accurate is simply like a child admitting with maturity that his current understanding of the world may not be in truth. A child’s understanding, while appropriate in childhood, would be detrimental if carried into adulthood. In order to function properly in the understanding of an adult, the child must allow his current understanding to be continually matured, letting go of incorrect assumptions in order to receive greater understanding. What you believe about God and Love as a spiritual child, which is to say in your first awareness of these concepts, is not false in the sense that they are wrong, but rather false because what you mentally perceive of these concepts is without sufficient understanding and appear as stick figure drawings a child might make.

      To accept the instruction that follows and the maturity of understanding these worlds will offer you, you must desire to let go of these childish beliefs. And to you who still hesitate, we would advise stopping here to return to the beginning and re-read all that came before. [NOTE: This writing begins with the blog titled “Living Cosmic Record”] Journey again through the concepts of Truth, the nature of time, the illusion of the outer appearance world and the Living Light of timelessness. As you read through the words a second or even a third time, you will become increasingly aware of Life’s perfect work as it flows into your awareness through the open gate these words create. And when again you return to this point, it is likely you will discover your sandals are removed, finding your Self already standing on holy ground because you had been contemplating the reality of oneness all along your journey.

      With sandals removed, standing before the inner gate to the timeless realm where Life flows into the individualized branch of mind you recognize as “I”, your awareness stands in the most holy place, the very center of your soul and the source of Truth’s oneness. From this point on, these words serve to wash your feet and to refine them in the perfect understanding of God and Love, that you may be rooted in Truth and set ablaze in Living Light.

  12. Here again I am seeing this idea of getting away from filthy people. One surely would question ‘how far can you get away from them and how fast’? to secure your identify and secure life.
    No one has placed a corpse on your doorstep.

    • You see filthy people and corpses because your eyes are closed. But you no longer need to remain in the darkness of death because Life has come and death is defeated. Open your eyes and seek for truth directly from God and the voice of Truth will remove your filthy garments so that instead of seeing death you will see the Life in truth.

      • i couldnt have said it any better myself…
        Trust in eachother flows through the living voice of god, that we are all part of(god’s children).
        to GIVE(SEE) life in everyone is how you remove the garments of death, and that those that seem dead, become alive… NOTE: every garment we see(place) on eachother, our own consiousness has to play out(through the eternal).

        when we all come into ONE NESS, it not only elininates the PAIN we create in ourselves now, but outside of time which HELPS ALL PROPHETS(as we are on the other end of their(our ancester self)’s manifest).

        again, in the eternal, all of time is happending all at the same time. (the father can only speak through the OUTSIDE OF TIME(language of the eternal)..
        and we are all ELEMENTS of that ONENESS(the true father in all of us(love being the smallest element that of which we are made of(true giving))…

        love thy neibor as thyself.

      • RECIEVE…. god’s love, aka from EVERYONE(god is what every person on earth has in them that is the SAME). it takes all of us(as one body) to recieve(light:giving)..

      • That’s an accusation, but there’s no proof of it. God is not involved in any means of accusation. What you see or do not see as you have stated here is merely an abstraction. It has no basis in reality but centers around your personal philosophy.
        When you do receive God’s love it will be more about you sharing, and loving and less about a mental idea or state of impressions. It needs to be real, and real life. A place you can live from and not just something your seeing.

  13. sorry mishai, i only speak from the same holy spirit in which you speak of. but I AM AWARE. you use man’s concepts to degrade the very same things you seek.
    THE GOD u talk about lives OUTSIDE OF TIME AND AFFECTS ALL OF TIME. no religion concept is real. religon is man made(inside of time), but the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT is outside of time, and affects EVERYTHING.. YOU(through your religion), talk about god as though it refers to the ETERNAL HEART. the god in the bible(3 letter word), refers to every person on earth(what we have that is THE SAME).

    YOU(a part of I), is an aspect of myself, in which i tend to fight against. i dont want to fight you(the god in both of us), and we must ALIGN(cross) with the things we have that is THE SAME.
    everything you taught yourself MISHAI must be FORGOTTEN, as it only HOLDS YOU(and others) in death..

    i dont want to see u like this, and i will fight against every religion(just as u are), but you fall prey to the very same things u seek to destroy(a bad thing).

    LOVE IS I AM, and you are part of whom i am, and others reflect our own HEART(heat is what binds us to eachother(as we all share in the ETERNAL HEART and HUMAN HEART))..

  14. Still caught in your mind games where you cannot participate with other people in life.

  15. i am connected to EVERY PERSON. the difference between u and i, is that i live outside of time. i see myself in all, and everyone plays out every detail of what i place in my own mind(invisible strings). you have a way of trying to see the worst in all, as you are the opposing force within the IDOL you create.

    outside of time(heaven), i am bound to everyone as i have NO ENEMYS. every person on earth(local and not local) are all friends. i am never alone. the garments you try to place upon me, always show what you create in YOURSELF(past and future) as well as your present). i dont like seeing you meshai living in seperation ,and not being one with the HOLY SPIRIT(outside of time:affecting all of time).

    love is the KEY(lack of judgement)

  16. I had a friend that completely destroyed himself, believing that. As he tried to project his thoughts onto his friends they all betrayed him. They fooled his minds eye, and he became vulnerable, not realizing the illusion he was creating. Thinking himself righteous, he could not see the fallacy that he had created.
    As the reality rolled in, he was left alone and wasted, deserted by all his friends that he was supposedly one with. Taking advantage of him, he was destroyed by their greed. Then in his bitterness at discovering this reality, he developed cancer because of unforgiveness. Not having a friend like Jesus to turn to he could not find forgiveness.
    Because someone in telling you truths about your life, does not mean they are “seeing” bad in you. It means that there is a spiritual enemy that wants to destroy you.
    You cannot control other people by your thoughts, nor by your thoughtware.
    When you attempt this it will set you up for destruction.
    It does not mean you are bad. That thought is coming from your inner paranoia.

    • now take all that u said, and imagine every person on that VIBRATION. how we HOLD ONTO, and radiate(in multitude) and then truly understand the nature of ARC OF THE COVENANT(greatest abilitys brought out by everyone(through the ONE GOD IN ALL..

      and mishai, your wrong about your friend.
      its much deeper than that. there is a VIBRATION in our lives that bind every moment together. we create our own deaths..
      and you cannot use someone’s death to hold onto a belief that goes against life. if you want to do service to your friend, then you need to LET GO, and BECOME(LIFE)…

      there is NO ENEMY except ourselves. that is TAKING AWAY FROM OUR OWN LIVES to believe there is an enemy.. there is NO ENEMY

  17. There is No proof for anything you’re saying, or believing. You have no idea of what life or death are. You know nothing about your life. God never asked you to live by a vibration, or for you to put faith in it.
    I am trying to do you a service. Take a look for what is going on around you, and not what you have decided to believe. I’m here for you. When your vibrations turn against you, there will be no way out for you but God.
    Think about putting faith in something other than yourself.

  18. again, you try to CUT OFF MY HEAD…(to satisfy a religion. the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE is proof itself… i can direct every event on earth through it, as the spirit(ONE GOD IN ALL) is part of WHOM WE ALL ARE(one body(highest vibration))..

    you only say things to satisfy your religion, as you tell others not to.

    Imagine being born inti this world. Any person out there can be YOU. WE ALL have to show respect and honor to eachother, as that is the ONE GOD IN ALL(HIGHEST VIBRATION:turns the world)..(arc of the covenant).

    Treat others how you would want to be treated.. the enemy is US, as we may tend to turn against eachother(LOW VIBRATION)…
    JESUS(christ) is all of us(spirit)(highest vibration). You want to do good for me, then BE THAT CHRIST(IN ALL))..

    the only knowledge that never changes throughout all of time and space is the ETERNAL.. YOU WANT PROOF, i can give you proof. i can activate anything withing your individual world, knowling the TELEPATHY(all vibrations), in which affects your experiences.

    you have to understand, we create our own deaths, and even in your own CONSIOUSINESS, you get to experience your FRIEND SELF…

    Learn to give, and the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE allows us to GIVE(cross:aligned) with the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS…

  19. You are cutting off your own head. There’s no one that could treat you in any fashion that you would not be afraid of. Your religion is FEAR. So I can see why you think you are your own, enemy. That much is true.
    But God will continue to reach out to you. I’ve never been your enemy.
    You are a whole lot more religious than anyone your are afraid of. As long as you believe in vibrations and all these abstractions, you will always be afraid. I am treating you in every fashion as others should be treated. But I won’t lie to you. And no one else should.
    I will continue to pray for you. You should always reach out to others and listen for love. In your being preoccupied with death, and what it’s doing to you, it obviously is making you your own enemy.
    I pray one day you will read the Bible, and find Love in the story of Jesus which I know you have never read. Until then I can only bid you the love you could have had, and pray you can be free of Mind Religion, and the idea of being your own god.
    May God some day find your lost soul before it’s too late.

    • “Before its too late” for what Mishai?

      • Before you die without God, and end up in Hell. Heaven is a wonderful, beautiful place don’t miss it. God said, Today is the day of salvation.

      • Jesus never said such things, nor would you if you would but seek Truth from God directly, rather than blindly accept the fear-based teachings of a religion simply because many others also believe. Again, you do not understand the suffering you create in your own life by proclaiming a lie as Truth. (This is the true meaning of why you should not bear false witness).

        You believe you know all things, yet you have not yet humbled yourself to seek for all things in Truth. Seek and you will find.

      • Who’s authority do you speak in? It’s not God. It’s all your assumptions. No truth in it.

    • thank you thoughtware for being a strength in me as i am a strength in you(true army)..

      Again , u cut off my head. i cherish ALL FEELINGS(as that what binds the mind of god and NATURAL EVENTS(through the laws), to the SELF.
      what im trying to say is that i am ALL THE GOOD, and ALL THE BAD(but without good and bad).

      THE HOLY SPIRIT is the smallest ELEMENT within every element of time and space.
      i live within the ETERNAL LANGAUGE(I AM)..

      there IS NO ENEMY. just US cutting eachother’s heads off(what needs to be prevented), and what i see in you, i have to accept that is in ME(through the eternal laws).

      i take responsibility for the GOD in the world. its not about good vs bad as it is about accepting ALL THAT IS(within me).

      again, law of opposing forces(in which you misinterper as good vs bad) is what you are trying to use against me to give value to your IDOL(you idolize). no one will ever be right in your mind, cause your own mind isnt right in religion…

      LOVE EACHOTHER as ONE BODY is the GOD OF PEACE In ALL. if you reject johova, and mohamad, and ALLAH, and all other names for another name, then you live in a religion as you continue to WAIT FOR THE ONE…
      the one you seek is the I AM IN ALL..

      again, there is no proof if you wont allow yourself to see proof. and if proof was in front of you, you would call it witchcraft and such. it is within OUR OWN LANGAUGE in which our hearts are revealed. the words dont mean anything without heart. and the LOVE WE GIVE IS UNIVERSAL. we all have to live in ONE LANGAUGE(I AM IN ALL THINGS)(only ONE GREATER BEING in which WE are the elements.

      people rather live 1000 deaths than to become aware of being wrong just once. i spent my whole life asking myself what if im wrong, and now, i am always right. i TRUST the greater knowledge as it is the SAME KNOWLEDGE IN WHICH YOU SEEK(which everyone seeks)..

      • It’s because you don’t have a Revelation of the true God. God is not a religion. He is a Father who sent His Son, to redeem His creation.
        When you say good or bad, law of opposing forces, you are referring to the same thing, but you are wanting to put your own label on it. And then spin it.
        As you turn to the Father of creation You Are turning your back on the flesh.
        and will be seeking the spiritual manifestation of God’s LOVE.

        Calling yourself “always right”, is not good. That’s a lack of wisdom because it denies reality.
        You’re not always good, only God is good.
        What you need to know is that GOD Loves YOU.
        It’s wonderful that You are giving Love, but without God, you won’t be getting very much love and then you will die and go to hell.
        In Hell there is no Love.
        These are truths that apply to everyone but today is the Day of Salvation, and Love.
        Taste and see that the Lord is Good.

      • MISHAI, what u see in others, you have to see IN YOURSELF(the spirit is always revealing to us, our own heart…

        you wont cut off my head…

  20. I am asking God to help you re examine your life. As the subject is, do you want to go to Heaven when you die and live with God? I am asking God to ‘break’ the voices off that are pushing you, and driving you away from the Love that God is trying to bring.
    Constantly the voices and vibrations are telling you that “other people are religious” “other people are treating you badly”, “other people are trying to harm you”.
    I pray these voices, and vibrations would come to an end, and that you could experience peace and love and that the false interpretations about how people are “out to get you” would be silenced, and you could be able to Hear Love, and Feel Love, that your life could become about interpretations of Love, and that true religion could wrap it’s arms around you and hold you for comfort and generosity.
    That I pray finally you could begin to hear accurately, and not make things up, or hear abstractions about death but that you could have real and true interpretations of life.
    I saw a Railroad track and you had laid your head down upon it to cut off your head by violence, and quickly I ran grabbing you and pulling you back quickly rolled you down an embankment to safety.
    God let every vision be one of salvation and a true depiction of your love for this one soul who needs your guiding hand.

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