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And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Mystery creates what it is, darkness. Truth creates what it is, Light.

When we accept the belief that Absolute Truth can’t be increasingly known, we resign to the darkness of mystery. Mystery is an integral aspect of communal belief, masked in symbols and ceremonies, requiring acceptance in blind faith. As a result, a truly abundant life is a distant hope. Mystery shrouds the mind in darkness, keeping it unaware of Truth. Consequently, lies pose as Truth and remain active in the mind, creating a destructive effect on the self and reality. With Truth hidden beneath mystery’s mystique, the way to abundant Life remains unknown. Therefore the mind blindly continues to be the source of its suffering. Truth sets us free from all forms of suffering because it opens the way to Life within the mind. In Truth’s Light, we become a conscious creator within the Creator who is able to manifest Absolute Truth’s reflections of immutable peace, harmony and joy.

Knowing proceeds being, thus we must know the Truth in order to be reflections of the Truth.

A sincere desire to know who we are and how we create takes us on a transformative journey that unravels the mysteries that prohibit the mind from expressing the Self’s true reflection. In stillness and quiet surrender, this voyage leads us beyond reality and into the realm of Truth untouched by human judgment, qualification, perception and emotion. Through this inner communion, Truth’s Living Voice illuminates our mind with the Living thought-system, making it a powerful transducer of Truth’s Living Light into perfection, the highest good for all.

When Truth is revealed to the mind it’s obvious, logical, ever-present and magnificent in its perfection. Because of the living nature of Absolute Truth, the Living thought-system grows within the mind layer by layer. Initially, it’s a slow grow as false beliefs block the ever-present Light of Truth. But through our persistence and patience and the Spirit of Truth’s individualized instruction, the Light enters through cracks in our faulty belief system and our mind becomes increasingly aware of the ways of Truth.

Through this inner illumination, what was once shrouded in mystery becomes plain Truth. In this lucidity, the mind readily accesses Truth and creates according to Its laws that produce perfection. Without Truth, the mind defaults to create according to what it physically perceives. It simply creates reiterations of past expressions and experiences, so that “history repeats itself“, and “nothing is new under the sun“. Conversely by Truth’s Living Voice, the mind comprehends the Truth it doesn’t yet outwardly see but knows is true. As the mind reaches a functional understanding of Truth, it begins its passage through the borderland in which it manifests a new creation, the timeless and divine Self.

For those who answer the inner call to make this journey, when they begin to outwardly express the magnificence of Truth’s Light, all creation awakens. Their shining dissolves the mysteries that kept the way to the true Self’s expression hidden. Thus, this inner journey is never for one, but for all, for all are one. In the end, all express Truth’s perfection as one, united Self.

“The thief (mystery) does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I (Truth) have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. ~ John 10:10

“Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. ~ Mark 5:15

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

26 thoughts on “Unmasking Mysteries

  1. Wow Sister, very nicely delivered. Pure and clean as the Bride. There is a ‘Way should the soul wish to find it! ~Sonne&Yael

  2. Thanks, Rachel.

    Praise God!

  3. i have a mystery to some to unlock…
    now that we understand that through the borderland, all of time is happening all at the same time, you will tend to UNLOCK NEW LAYERS of the mind.

    what i mean is that some events you experience in your past and future, may not make sense till some other moment in time, which every moment may be that moment.

    the pieces come together(as thought) in mind. knowing that each moment affects all monents, you tend to create(live) new strings.
    those string will affect GLOBAL EVENTs as each person becomes an element of your own story.

    to create new LINKs to the LIVING HEART(the world), you understand the TWO WAY COMMUNICATIONS(devination)(listening)..

    • Anti, your insight is very good.

    • so interesting …I was thinking along similar “lines” just yesterday .. Because of this idea of layering of moments and timelessness, our physical eyes may not perceive the good that a moment or event holds until they perceive a greater fullness of that moment’s reflection that is known in timelessness.

      • knowing that through the true laws, that every moment affects every other moment(time/space), and you know that all things through the eternal are happening all at the same time. and u understand that LOVE is the smallest element that is within all elements(I AM), then through the Greater alignments, through the ELEMENTS, you form a type of telephaty.
        the only difference is that you can see the messages through the global events(every moment in time is made of love)..
        forms a form of telepathy(the Highest Vibration is made of many much smaller vibrations).

  4. This is very well said and it simplifies the truth. As I read down through the lines and gathered your perspective it reminded me of the differences of approach posed by Peter to the Jews and Paul to the Gentiles. Since the Jews were so steeped in the law Peter had to use the law to show them that all that was in the law pertained to the simplicity of which was in Christ whereas Paul simply taught the simplicity of Christ to the gentiles without the law.

    As 1 Corinthians 13 correlates with “Unmasking Mysteries” as I understand it, this is distinguishing between those who worship under the law as opposed to those who desire only the spirit. It is called the difference between law and grace. It is when we have not gained the vision of true grace that we seek to justify our righteousness by the law of do’s and don’ts, rituals, and all outward appearances of religious tradition of outward followings.

    When as children we speak as children and take pride in what we know instead of how we are…as compared in stature to that of Christ likeness…which needs no understanding of the law for us to succeed. This is why Paul simply stated to the gentiles that they did not need to go under the law of the Jews because they were being brought into “the way” of Christ simply by “faith” of believing in and by the beatitudes.

    We find ourselves using the law (as did Peter) in some instances to those under the law simply to explain to them that all the law of mysteries and shadows do nothing but reveal the end game of the life of Christ to be accomplished in all people alike, whether coming from the law or from grace.

    Even in our day there is a mixed bag of tradition which must be addressed as we address each individual “according to where they are.” As one who understands the difference between law and grace and prefers the message which is under grace we must be able to speak both the language which is under the law and the preferred which is by grace, the kindness of God. Both Peter and Paul had much controversy with the Jews on the importance that grace does not come by the understanding the law because the law was only a shadow of that which is to come in Christ. “Christ” is a “way” of becoming in substance as He is, whereas the mysteries are just explanations of the truth which is to come “in” all people.

    Even though we may understand the law (in part) and it’s purpose we cannot find any consolation in just knowing about it. To be as He is… our only goal in Christ and as you say and I agree, dwelling on the letter of the law and defending it over what it only foreshadows is a life lived in futility. It would be nice to live without any reference to the law but so much of the world is still so much in bondage to the first level of the natural understanding that love has not yet had a chance to convert these from the law to the law of forgiveness, kindness and grace which is above the first heaven experience of the outward natural law.

    However, all being considered…and said…both those still under law and those freed of its shackles will eventually all come to the same conclusion…in Christ. Each in our own order.

    As we become as He is, we will have nothing to prove to anyone, neither by the letter of the law or even that of overcoming all of self by God’s good law of grace. We may be able to speak both languages of law and grace but the knowledge (shadow) of a thing can never replace the possessing of the thing itself…which was and is the greatest mystery in the Bible…and that is that the coming of Christ was never intended to come by an outward observation or by a tradition of rituals but only by understanding that both the resurrection and the second coming of Christ…”all” come from His appearing “within.” This is the greatest of all mysteries.

  5. Through our desire to know the absolute truth, this desire has little baggage attached to it of desiring only of having the knowledge of it, and of knowing what the mysteries, symbols, allegories, parables, types and shadows, and the revelations all mean within themselves as these are only mere symbols of the truth. Within themselves these various understandings are only shadows and explanations of what the reality of the truth is, which is in simplicity, the likeness and character of our spiritual Father. If we were to pray for the revelation of all the meanings of these “outer” things the end result would be that of a quite inner peace of having a quiet and unassuming relationship with our heavenly Father. After all is said and done, and all knowledge and mysteries are revealed they reveal nothing but the oneness with God and with one another. I can find no passage of scripture of any hidden meaning, that once revealed that does not lead us to this same truth. Whether it’s a journey in the Bible, a battle of good vs evil, the sacrifices, etc., etc., the revelation of all of them lead us to understand what the simplicity in Christ is. After all when we reach our full maturity in Christ none of these “things” will be required or needed. This is because we will have obtained all that these past events could only describe as a dark shadow. When we arrive at the conclusion of a natural trip, we no longer need the map nor the instructions from it. The imaginations, the visions and the dreams will no longer register with us because by being at our destination the knowledge of how to get there has no value. Men debate, argue and fight over what is “right” but these actions prove nothing of the love of God. Of all the 66 books of the Bible it can all be summed up in a couple of sentences.

    There is one Father of us all, and one way that all must follow to acquire His likeness, it’s a simple love for God and all of His offspring alike. It’s a desire to see a friend or foe eventually in the same light, and in the same awareness of God’s love. If we follow that small quiet unction of the spirit within and wish for others to come to this same “place” then there is no letter of the law or any revelation of any mystery that can accomplish this. The law is only a witness of the true but when Christ has fully come in our hearts and minds, the law is fulfilled, it is finished just as Christ declared. I know we spend a lot of time in study and in the sharing of our understanding but how can one really explain “truth?” I don’t think that you really can, for the best witness is a life lived before others. Christ spoke a lot of parables and mysteries to the masses and it changed nothing until the time of Pentecost came where the actual spirit itself was placed within a person that they and we can come alive.

    When we pursue the truth which is the very likeness and character of God, we no longer put very much importance in only the description (the law )of God’s love. Man defines God in thousands of different ways, but God is only one in spirit.

  6. Rachel, I did not mean to send both of these messages as I wrote one last night and one today. When I hit send it did not post for quiet awhile so I resent it from my notes…and as you can see it was not the same one as intended. Sorry and please forgive me for the large footprint. 🙂

  7. I divinely Love you. I do ~


  8. also, the definision of CHURCH is telepathy.

  9. It has been written “I AM the vine and you are the branches and he who abides in me will bear much fruit.” We can now recognize that the vine is the LIFE by which the branches, or individualized living thought-systems full of understanding, are sustained.

    Consider that each branch is of itself a tree of life, while every tree is one by means of the singular life that joins them. And the fruit is the living light of understanding by which we recognize our true reflection as an ever-growing tree of life. It is also apparent that lacking understanding, there is no living light by which the mind may perceive its true reflection as a tree of life and will be therefore unable to recognize its Self. It is for this reason alone that life remains a mystery.

    Again recall that there is no mystery in truth. If the mind accepts life as a mystery, the life it processes is without truth’s living light and this is why the mind sleeps in darkness, yet dreams it lives. Therefore when a mind is able to process the life in truth, it shall awaken and live, which is the better understanding of salvation.

    To more deeply comprehend the nature of salvation consider the seed. One seed falls upon fertile soil and receives life giving rain, whereby it begins to express the potentials of life within it, growing into maturity. Yet another seed may fall upon the rocks, without soil and without rain, unable to express its life. One seed grows into a tree, the other does not and remains dormant. One day a wind blows upon the dormant seed, carrying it to fertile ground, where it receives the latter rain, that its life may also find expression, becoming a mighty tree. How then was the dormant seed saved? Was it not by receiving the latter rain, rather than the earlier?

    There is no difference between the two seeds, but only that the life giving rain awakened one seed before the other, which, while lacking rain, remained asleep. Had the seed that fell upon the rocks also received the early rain and awakened, it would have experienced a form of life that led to death. With no soil to support the branching of its roots, its life can find no permanent foothold. Its expression appears for a moment, weak and frail, before the fiery heat of the life giving sun destroys it.

    Never again can the seed express its life, for receiving the early rain would have caused it instead to express death in the sun’s light. However, as long as the seed remains asleep while upon the rocks, the sun does it no harm. Until the soil has been prepared to receive the roots of its inherent life, the seed is protected by its dormancy, and this by the salvation of the latter rain, which only awakens the seed when it is on fertile ground, so that it may live and not die.

    We have earlier described the sleeping mind as a seed, which we can now recognize as a mind not yet ready to put down the roots of its living thought system, by which it may become a tree of life. Thus it remains asleep, until inevitably and in the perfect moment, the breath of life blows upon it and carries the mind into fertile soil, where it may be awakened by the latter rain.

    • We are again reminded that there is no mystery in truth, for truth is plainly seen once it is understood. Since truth is absolute, it is not subject to the mind’s interpretation, and therefore can not fail to be understood properly. Truth is not a fact to be judged right or wrong, good or bad, by the mind’s assumed authority. Truth is the energetic fullness of Life prior to expression in the mind. Truth is alive and its living voice is the rain by which understanding begins to grow and branch out into a Tree of Life, forming the mind’s living thought system. This Tree of Life gives truth individualized expression as the mind’s growing understanding increasingly illuminates the conscious awareness of its own perfection, which is the better understanding of the Self.

      The true self can now be properly imagined as an individualized reflection of Life’s ever-expanding perfection. This critical understanding shines more light on the soul’s inherent divinity and its trifold oneness with Life. It is the soul that gives Life expression, and therefore the trifold soul can be better understood as an individualized, or personalized reflection of God, the presence of Life.

      Before we can properly understand the purpose served by words of life and the manner in which they are formed, we must first unpack the soul from the mystery that surrounds it.

      Again we are reminded that these words describe that which is eternal and without form. Therefore, we use certain word pictures to create thought-forms within your mental awareness, which can be internally translated by truth’s living voice. The words used are but labels and symbols and have no truth in them, but they do carry Life, which of itself can reveal truth to a mind so prepared to receive it. Attune your “ears” to the revelatory thought these words create by the Life within them, rather than the symbols and labels that form the words.

      We have repeatedly stated that you are not what you believe your Self to be, yet your “belief” has made the false image of your Self appear real. Your mind cannot deny that which appears real and therefore we must now shine light on the true nature of Self that your understanding may grow and your faith in the truth can be established and rooted in Life. Belief can be best understood as a creation of a developing, yet embryonic mind, formed in the womb’s darkness. As the developing embryo is not the mature human, so too you are not the reflection of belief your embryonic mind has out-pictured.

      What you now experience as your Self is better understood as the conscious awareness of your existence BEFORE your true birth. Just as a fetus is not yet able to breathe the air that sustains life in its true reality, so too is the developing mind being prepared to receive the breath of Life in its upcoming reality of light. The mind, in effect, can not be born until Life has properly fashioned it to circulate truth’s living voice, by which faith can be established in the growing branches of understanding and bear the fruit of living light. It is living light, radiating from an individualized mind, that creates the self’s true reflection in the mind’s awareness.

      Looking closely we recognize three distinct entities that function in unison to create the true Self. There is first the presence of Life, second, Life’s voice of Truth and third there is the individualized mind which circulates this living voice by which it radiates living light into expression. This trinity can properly understood as a personalized soul, and the true Self is a reflection of the soul’s trifold oneness in reality, which is the expression of LIFE.

      We see therefore that the soul is that by which Life is given a personalized reflection, and without the soul life has no expression. What then is this impersonal presence of Life, that becomes personal by the working of the soul?

      • Truth vs mysteries in knowledge.

        There is no mystery in the truth when we “become” the truth. Truth is a mystery to the carnal mind and to the soul of man until God has brought us into His likeness and character. Mysteries are of the undeveloped soul, truth is God and we become the truth when we have received the full indwelling light of God. It is a journey, a parable, an allegory, a mystery until we “become.” All knowledge is a description of the truth that is “to be” in us. Until we “reach” we have faith and hope of leaving the natural word with all of its descriptions of the truth and transitioning from a knowledge of only knowing into being by becoming. Pride comes with only knowing about things but there is no pride of knowledge in the truth. And as the natural man fades with his self importance of knowing things he comes into the light of not being offended by the truth which is God, and of God. There is no offense, jealousy nor pride in the simplicity of sharing God’s love. Love is not vein nor is it intimidating to those who seek to be known only by God’s love but to those who seek love in a form of wisdom have not love but only an expression of it. We understand these things in this area of transition, the thing you call the borderland.

        The greatest mystery that all of the prophets of old wished and prayed to know was locked up into a mystery. This mystery was unlocked when Christ appeared first on the physical earth during His 3 1/2 year ministry and in the spiritual earth (of our being) after His resurrection when the spirit was taken from the natural temple and given directly to us, the true spiritual temple. The mystery was the fact that we were to receive the spirit of God Himself in a degree as man had not seen before Pentecost. It’s was the end of the mystery and the ability in us to “become” in every way as He is. With this becoming we will be as He is and the vanity in man’s wisdom will not possess or own any truth…for as you say and I agree…truth is not in our differences but in our likenesses that we share with our Father…and then with one another. Truth does not offend one who possesses the truth, for truth only offends the one possessing the offense.

        A lenient and forgiving spirit takes all things said into consideration and considers the love for the brethren regardless of their position. Let all things have only one purpose in what we think, say and do. We do not share nor speak to steal anyone’s position or glory for this desire does not come from seeking a mutual love but a following and as we know we can follow no man but Christ. There is a fine line between wisdom and that of which it speaks, but until we mature in Christ we can only find our strength in the letter. We do not condemn any for the path of us all is from the natural man to the spiritual man…so we with patience wait for it to come to us all in our own order. Let us wait on one another without judging where another is on the path to the kingdom.

        We are to bend to one another in the degree of truth one has in and of God for we are all a work in progress and until this work is completed in us, we will lack in our true presentation of the truth in reality for it can’t be accomplished by the greatest of words of wisdom that was and us hidden in the mystery of godliness in the old law. With the coming of the dispensation of Christ, all of the letter of the word, whether in the wisdom of words or in the revealing of their meaning, they no longer have meaning nor allure when the natural has been swallowed up of the spirit. When we become of the same anointing as our pattern brother, then we will only see that which is good. God has shown me that if He gave me all of the hidden meanings in the Bible that carnal men seek after and if I did not have the simple ability and capacity to love as He loves, I have nothing. I have came to know this for nothing in this world nor all of the explanations one may have to explain the “truth” has nothing for me, for you cannot explain truth unless it is given by God to one who possesses it themselves or God has placed the vision strongly before them, for we have to have a vision to become as He is and then it is when we can share in the substance of our Father. It is when we participate in His likeness it is then that we care nothing for the word correctness nor even wisdom itself. This is because love “is” the explanation and conclusion of all of the seven hundred thousand plus words in the Bible. So love can be accomplished without wisdom for one does not need to be wise to be loving and kind. Love is the consummation of “all” things.

    • Life can properly be considered the preexistence of all that will be expressed in perfection. This is the same as saying that LIFE IS PERFECT WILL. Therefore, to grow our understanding of life we must consider more deeply the correct meaning of perfection and the will that creates it.

      Pause now and make a sincere effort to contemplate your present understanding of perfection. What thought-forms does your mind observe? What words might you use to describe perfection? If one were to ask you to set those words aside and describe perfection’s meaning with different words, could you do it? And again, discarding those words for others, could you yet again describe perfection differently? Most assuredly you could, even doing it countless times, for there is no end to the manner in which your mind beholds perfection when it so desires.

      Yet how is it that the mind can so easily recognize the singular nature of perfection in what is seemingly a limitless array of different reflections? Moreover, how can perfection be reflected in limitless ways and still remain singular?

      As we consider these questions it can be noticed that perfection exists as a “reflection” inwardly observed by the mind. This reflection may be carried to the mind from the outer appearance world via any combination of the body’s five senses. However, without a reflection, perfection does not exist and therefore the mind “creates” perfection by the inward observation of its reflection. The mind instantly recognizes perfection because it is created the moment the mind observes its reflection.

      This critical understanding reveals that perfection only exists when an individualized mind observes its reflection. As a result, perfection can be properly understood as an individualized reflection, specific to the mind observing it. Recognizing the mind’s ability to create individualized perfection by observing its reflection reveals the mind’s limitless power as the creator of its reality.

      We see therefore that the mind can only recognize perfection by its reflection, yet what is it that is being reflected? What is the mind inwardly observing in perfection? To help us understand this question from its timeless perspective, consider the reflective power of a mirror. When you physically look into a mirror, what do you see? Do you see your face? Or do you instead observe the reflection of your face? Is it possible to observe your face apart from its reflection?

      Just as it is not possible to see your own face without a mirror, the physical eye cannot observe itself because its purpose is to collect reflections of light, and without reflections the physical eye does not see. When the body’s eyes observe reality, it is as if they gaze into a mirror, by which all manner of differing wavelengths of light are reflected into them, which the mind interprets as the appearance of a world.

      In the absence of light, for example when the eyes are closed, the eyes can no longer receive reflections and therefore the mind is unable to accurately interpret its world. It is not the world the eyes behold, but rather the mind’s interpretation of the limitless, individualized reflections of light. Yet light is far more than simply reflections the physical eyes perceive. The nature of light is timeless and without form; it is only light’s finite, physical reflection which the mind observes in the time-based reality of outer appearances. And although it is the eye’s primary function, these individualized, physical reflections of light are carried to the mind by all of the body’s senses.

  10. not only are we each a SEED, but we are also the WIND and the RAIN… and the SOIL..

    • Yes. The collective we is awakening to the understanding (and glory) of oneness. I am finding this to be a very difficult transition in my own experience. But we press on, knowing the work at hand is necessary.

  11. a soul lives outside of time(eternal) and affects all of time(in all of us).
    there is LIFE that lives within what is known as ELEMENTAL LAW…

    it is within our own identity that all souls flow through all of us(higher purpose)(through the elements)..
    when we set ourselves free, we then dont become inprissioned within our own creations(through all souls).

    there are laws within laws, where we find(while searching) our own path(to the eternal(we become the knowledge))…(written in all soul(logic of i am))

  12. Perhaps the story of the prodigal son may help us to understand between law and grace. In us, we possess the character of both the older and younger son. Before the younger son left his fathers house he thought as his older brother that by his “good works” he was justified and deserved to spend his inheritance as he wished. His father knew that in order for his younger son to learn of his unconditional love for him…he must let him go in order to learn the difference between the law of outward observances and of inward grace…or said another way of wanting credit and payment for his good works in his foolish thinking that his father’s love for him was based on any works that he could possibly do for he did not realize that all he could do was a result of all that he was “already” given to him by his father and nothing originated from himself. The prodigal’s life itself and all that it contained was the result of an unearned gift.

    We are all the prodigal son in that we live separated from our Father by not understanding God’s “unconditional love” for both the older and younger son within us. In being of the older son, do we judge another by their works or the lack thereof thinking that our Father’s love is based on works or what we can do for him? Or are we of the younger son who, with the father’s love and understanding permitted his son, who he loved as much as the older son, had to let him go so that he could learn that he could do nothing and no sin would never separate him from his unconditional love. We must all learn by the receiving of this love which has no conditions whatsoever and be so grateful for having received it that we are eager without judgment to give the same. Condemnation is now nowhere to be found from our Father to us or from us to another, any other.

    When the younger son was reduced to a humbleness by his wasteful and arrogant opinion of himself, and of having performed all of his self described good works by the outward “knowledge” of the law so to speak, he now returned to his father with an inward understanding of what grace is. The prodigal, as we all will learn, that when we have been placed in a place where we have nothing to give and deserve nothing that has been given, we then can learn that “all” good things come from our Father in heaven. We and what we have is a gift.

    When we have received all of our Father’s mercy, grace and unconditional love and realize it is all a gift, we at this realization, can also give what we have received by also placing no conditions on the love we have for “all” others. We are to freely give of what we have freely received. This life is a journey of being the prodigal to learn “everything” that we were, are and are to become is a gift from God, and that it cannot be earned. What we are here to receive as far as our calling and order is, is to be gifted according to our obedience to how we give what we have received in kind. Being let be the fallen prodigal is itself a loving gift from God, for the journey of our prodigal self, again is to let us realize the depths of his love, without conditions and understand that nothing can and will never separate us from His love. And now we are to emulate all that we have been given by giving the same.

  13. I think what many of us need to understand is that our words can be seen and understood as “works” or they can be of grace. As we come to understand grace we realize our words are like the burnt wicks trimmed from the candlesticks in the temple. The fire that gives the light also burned off the carnality from our candlestick and the priest which is Christ must trim and take away these spent words of yesterday so as to give more of the same today. Let our estimation of ourselves and the words we speak be honest and without offense. We all have our perspectives, our weaknesses and our strengths and as God trims our light within, we will be able to share more light because we are given more light.

    Speaking of differences of perspective and opinions, if our words become a contest of who knows more and better, our words are not of grace nor love but of a subliminal judgment which cannot be hid from God and these words of “wisdom” do not produce life. Had we not much rather have mercy than justice for us being out of sync with God until our life is consumed in Him? I think this is the desire that is instilled in all of us and we are each waiting to be delivered from ourselves. We with patience wait for our redemption. In Matthew chapter 7:1 the standard we judge others by, is the same standard we are judged by…and it is our own standards we impose and expect of others which keep us from God. Let us learn of the standards of God and then apply them to all equally. Who owns God’s truths and where are the boundaries and who can set them? Man has places he calls his kingdom, his domain and some go by many names and labels separating God’s children one from the other. If we use our knowledge, understanding and wisdom to separate one from another by wanting dominance, we will do nothing but create another kingdom of self. The world is full of this spirit of division. It comes as this discussion alludes to…from one thinking they have superior truth for having superior knowledge. One is the object, one is the shadow. Love establishes no boundaries by facts of knowledge. However when one is in this lower realm of heaven, we are to have patience for as one has born the image of the earth realm with its limited understanding these same will come to know know and see God face to face in the spiritual realm of heaven. Let us not sweat the small stuff, grace will come to all.

  14. one idea i must share, is that eachtime we think of god, we must think of “every man on earth”(SPIRITAL COMMUNICATIONS(vibrations)).
    it isnt as though god is seperate from self, but that the flesh(the whole word) forms in the shape of the SPIRIT(of every person as one body)(yinyan)(polarity).

    The Importance of Christ is the ELEMENTAL COMMUN ICATIONS. Grace works because its something you hold OUTSIDE OF TIME(heaven)(we are alll givers).

    We tend to still think of christ as the end result, but its just a SOUL that is in every one(with every other name as SOUL)(outside of time)

    definition of FATHER is “Eternal Heart”
    When we fall off our path(which comes from SPIRIT(which BINDS OUR HEARTS TOGETHER as one HEART), the spirit will GUIDE US, as there is NO RANDOM EVENT on earth(source of COOINCIDENCE).

    the Definition of WORD OF GOD is GLobal EVENT(affects everyone).
    how religion uses god, is that they misinterper the ETERNAL HEART(spirit of ABSOLUTE TRUTH) with god(HIGHEST HONOR OFEVERY PERSON ON EARTH AS ONE BODY).
    when god is used in the bible, it refers to EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(which is important in the law).
    how preachers us it, is as though it is the ABSOLUTE truth(which actually is the ETERNAL HEART( the father).

    the purpose of saying this is to remove the confusions and stay aligned with the knowledge in a way that things will eventually make sense to its readers(the HE and the HIM).


    • You say:

      “one idea i must share, is that eachtime we think of god, we must think of “every man on earth”(SPIRITAL COMMUNICATIONS(vibrations)).
      it isnt as though god is seperate from self, but that the flesh(the whole word) forms in the shape of the SPIRIT(of every person as one body)(yinyan)(polarity).”

      To help clarify this understanding that we are one with God and have never left being one with Him I would like to say a couple of things about this that may help those scratching their head right now over your comment concerning what we understand oneness to be.
      This also goes along with the fact that we were created perfect and whole and in God’s likeness and image eons before we were ever given a body in this human form. “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness” was declared long before there was the fall of Adam. If we read carefully in Genesis the time frame of Adam’s body being “formed” it was long after Him being created a perfect spiritual being long before the world ever was. What I am saying is that we were perfect and one with God before we ever experienced this world and the experience of sin in it.

      Sin is not and cannot be an end to eternal life as some suppose for we were given the gift of life without any conditions placed on it in obtaining it. Gifts are given with no thought of receiving anything for them. God gave us a gift of eternal life and He will never take it back. There is nothing we can do or say to change this fact as the prodigal sons behavior changed nothing of His fathers love for him. How can we repay God? We can’t but we can come to be so appreciative and thankful for this life once we understand that as the father accepted the young prodigal son back home after sinking so low into sin, we also have a Father which accepts us back home from our rebellious and riotous ways. Did not God plan this falling away only to teach us of His absolute unconditional love by his grace and not by any merit? Did He not shut us all up in destruction that He may later show mercy to us all? It says just this but have we ever stop to contemplate why this is? It is.. to show us that His love for us from our beginning before the world was is absolute and there “IS” nothing that we can ever do to change His promise to us.

      The first Adam was a perfect being before his being put into a deep sleep. As he was so are we in this world. The only reason we do not understand that we are already complete in God is that we have only forgot who we are (for a time) because we were all put to sleep as was Adam..but only to one day wake again. We are regaining consciousness as our soul is being reunited with our spirit. This is the awakening we are anticipating. This is also the resurrection for as the seed of Christ is growing within us it is like the root of the seed is consuming and spreading its roots into all the earth that we are until all of our earth is consumed by all of the inward man which is Christ. As the seed of Christ grows within us all it will eventually come to its full maturity and as it says…He must increase and we must decrease…until our carnal man is no more.

      In your statement above the reason we must see God in every man and every man in God is because we were already made exactly in His likeness and character long before we were born into this world and into this body. And unbeknown to traditional Christianity we were upright and perfect before the world was “BECAUSE” God made us like just like Himself for His pleasure and enjoyment. You see we have never been separate from God since the moment of our being, being given and created an individual entity to have life within ourself as He has life within Himself.

      Also, the seed of Christ was planted in every person before there ever was an earth for this earth has nothing to do with our beginning….nor our end. This life does have something to do with rewards in that rewards is quiet different from a life without end. Being “made whole” (saved) is a certainty but our rewards will vary according to our obedience to do His works…which is obedience to taking on His ways ( Mathew 5). God could just as easily have asked us as He did Job, where were we when God hung the moon and the stars? And the answer would all be the same, we were with Him. Being that the creation and purpose of sin has not been understood by those that sleep, some people believe sin can be a cause of permanent banishment from God’s presence but this is as far from the truth as the east is from the west.

      We are all a prodigal son and the allegory of the father who waited on the younger son to return from his wasteful life is in truth us all returning to our Father’s “home” when we awake and come to our senses. The reason this is so is because God designed our life to be just so. He wanted us to learn of his unconditional love and grace after we have lived and squandered our inheritance by turning our back on God and trying to go it alone. By letting us go so far into the depths of hell by our sins, one reason is to show us that His love and grace always remains the same no matter what we do. There is no sin that is not “already” forgiven. God placed within us a boundary and a limit to how far we could go and what we could do. He planted a “homing” device within all of us and it is called the seed of Christ and it is destined and programmed to return to from whence it came.

      So as, you say and I confirm, we were, are and will always be one with the
      Father and with one another. Nothing can separate us from the love of God so we need to quit thinking that it is up to us to “save” another for it is already determined that we will all be “made whole” which is the proper translation of “salvation.” We will all be made whole, however it is in the plan of God that God will use the instrumentality of man to accomplish this. Christ the first fruit”s” will be made whole first and then these will spread the message to all others as we all will come forth in our order of calling.

      The reason when we look at all others and see God in them and them in God (as you say), is because we are all made of the same one spirit which God is. God is perfect and He made us no less than Himself. And nothing that we will ever experience in this world will ever change His perfect love for everyone of His children of which we are one. I have come to see Christ in every person and I no longer worry about my words offending those who do not see as I do. This is because I have come to understand that a person who is easily offended by the words of another lacks mature characteristics they should otherwise be well established in. If we want to have control over “our” territory it’s called a religious organization whether we label it that way or not. Is this not what Paul spoke about in Galatians about where divisions, factions and parties arise from? These immaturities arise from wanting to stand out and “not” remain as one with the oneness in all people. Carnality called by another name wants to exclude a brother of difference where Paul taught this arrogance is not of God’s way or of His character. Our words may define oneness and love but God will prove them as of what nature they are. Have we not all learned these lessons by trial and error?

      So regardless of what we share and what we believe, it is how and why we share our views and beliefs that really matter. As I see you struggle sometimes to find those perfect words to get your point across and understood, as we all do the same, it is when we understand the “destination” of the words being used, we immediately get it.

  15. Definition of Sin is Seperation. This is why chirst(as law) is important(through our godly Perceptions).

    in CHRIST(the opposing force of satan), we live in UNITY(man doesnt exist, but we live in a new langugage(spirit).(we are eternal brothers)
    in Satan((the opposing force of christ),, we live in SEPERATION(source of sin)…(both christ and satan(elemental law) push on a center point(flesh aka world begins)…(they are one and the same on opposite ends of the law). the law works with all the other laws(eternal laws).. these laws are how our Mind Energy and Heart Energy push and pull on the whole world(nothing is random).
    to push on the world, it takes a very bright light(full of life that we give). it takes every person as ONE BODY(collective), to RECONNECT WITH GOD aka EACHOTHER AS ONE BODY.

    both Christ and satan is part of the ETERNAL HEART(the father), and the ETERNAL HEART is the source of big bang(binds us all to eachother through the ABSOLUTE(the father).

    the point is, the to rid all sin(source of deamons), we must DECLARE ourselves one with EACHOTHER(each person is a BIG BANG of our truest heart). the CHRIST end which is the UNITy END, in which we all see ourselves as ONE BODY(elements of god)..

    when we do this, we change the POLARITY of god(yin/yan)(giving life instead of t aking life away(being aware aka giving)).

  16. also, a GIFT is a label in how we see eachother(another person), knowing that through the Eternal laws, that each person represents some spiritual aspect of our own heart.

    when WE become whole, we will see each person as a GIFT from our spiritual heart(through I AM).
    the world will CREATE amazing things, as again, you cant escape your own heart.

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