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Mercy and Miracles


As our mind seeks to express the true Self, it comes up against all its darkened beliefs about the false self. Awakening to its timeless nature, the mind can no longer concurrently hold opposing attributes of the self as true like it previously did when they were separated by the illusion of time and justified by relative truth. In the borderland, the mind makes the mental passage of Divine Forgiveness, by which the true Self’s timeless qualities arise as the self’s true reflection.

Divine Forgiveness is the process of revealing and releasing false judgments that formed darkened beliefs about the self, and instead accepting the self’s true, ever-present state of divine perfection. Divine Forgiveness and the miracles of healing it creates are neither aspects of the temporary realm of illusion nor the eternal reality of Truth. They only exist in the borderland as operatives that transition the mind from the thought-system of illusion to the living thought-system. They purify the inner and outer worlds from all that isn’t, with all that is.

Divine forgiveness is only possible by the living thought-system (Christ Mind), in which we see according to Truth and not illusions. It isn’t pardoning a wrong, making the wrong and the loss/hurt it created real, and then trying make it right by “letting it go”. This concept of forgiveness stems from a belief in opposites (relative truth) that upholds an illusionary reality.

In an illusion nothing exists as it appears, even though it’s sensationally experienced. An illusion dissolves when the lies upholding it are revealed. The quintessential work of Divine Forgiveness is revealing lies that present themselves as true, and replacing them with Absolute Truth. It’s a mental purge in which the Light of Truth encounters our erroneous beliefs and their effects head on, so that our mind is purified of their destructive dominance.

Opposites don’t exist within Truth’s living-thought system. A mind governed by this thought-system doesn’t create errors, wrongs (sins), or their corresponding effects of loss. As our mind transitions into Truth, it moves out of the past where all our darkened beliefs dwell and into the Present Moment that only contains Truth’s Living Light. In this timeless space free of past judgments, the mind sits as a living gate to the divine potentials for the current present moment, so the next moment is born of Truth and not past judgments. As Truth’s Light expands through the mind, consuming all darkened beliefs, it dissolves the potential for error. As a result, our energetic atmosphere begins to harmonize into its true state of perfection, manifesting a comprehensive and irrevocable “healing”.

Divine forgiveness is a challenging passage. Because the mind continually operated by darkened beliefs, it strengthened its judgments about the self and the loss they created. These beliefs manifested endless destructive outer appearances that served as a cloud of witnesses to the mind’s beliefs so that it became bound to its judgments. As a result, the mind believed in an illusion of the self that never existed in Truth, yet because of its belief it made this self experientially “real”. As a result, the mind kept the self in an energetic atmosphere of guilt, whether being a martyr to its own guilt or to another’s, which created the continual need for healing.

As the Light of Truth grows brighter through its interlocking logic, the mind clearly discerns its only error was believing the self was something it wasn’t. Though we outwardly experience an illusion of the false self’s attributes, the Light of Truth manifests a deep knowing that usurps all darkened beliefs. We are the shining of Truth’s Living Light. This knowing is the beginning of creation’s awakening. In this awareness, we recognize outer expressions reflecting the false self, whether they are our own or another’s, aren’t our true expressions, but reflections of imagined self-concepts. As we accept who we are in Truth, we extend the Living Light within us to others, and this mercy begins to decorate our reality with healing miracles.

Divine forgiveness purifies every thought with the recognition that there is only Truth’s Pure Light. When this Absolute Truth is experienced, we are no longer overcome by the effects of past “wrongs”. Instead a rejuvenated reality enfolds us in a magnificence beyond our mind’s ability to imagine. Through divine emergence, what we once judged as loss becomes means to greater gain. In Truth there is only divine abundance that perfectly serves our ever-present perfection and purpose.

Divine forgiveness brings a depth of renewal that rewrites our story from one of judgment to one authored in Divine Love.

Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

8 thoughts on “Mercy and Miracles

  1. the Main purpose for Mercy and Forgivness is to kill the deamons that HOLD judgements within the whole world.

    when we have Mercy and Forgivness in the way it was intented, then there wuold be no reason to forgive or to have mercy.
    in its place, each person is of highest honors as we become UNITED(god) through the BorderLand(the perfect BALANCE within the HOLY SPIRIT(spirit of truth) aka Greatest I AM(in all)..

    The STAGE would be set for Heaven on earth(consiously)(through all of us), as that is how every child is BORN IN HEAVEN(consisting of all SOULS)).

    • well said, “when we have Mercy and Forgivness in the way it was intented, then there wuold be no reason to forgive or to have mercy.” — that is exactly the point.

      • thank u for allowing me to be a doorway.
        we have both been giving eachother strength. the TRUST(devine) that was given gave me eternal strenght to share what i know..
        when we have TRUST also through the spirit(manifested to everyone), each person becomes a doorway(gift) within our own identity(the best comes out).

        even the most critics was asked to be here through devine as i cannot only satisify those who think like me, but for me to trust the most inner askpect of self(allows me to connect to everyone).

        my own thoughts, and your own experiences are ONE AND THE SAME event.
        it is much more than just thinking and doing what someone else says(no such thing as cooincidence), but know the HEART within it(as god glues us all to eachother).

    • Wonderfully said…Mercy and forgiveness is the spirit that we should be living “in” before the event requiring them ever takes place. It is like the love that mercy and forgiveness are a part of, it should exist without beginning nor end…as we come to be the existence of the I AM that we are continually defining. What’s good about understanding that we exist within God’s love is that we are forgiven before the event of needing forgiveness…with mercy. If we are to let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus ( while in the body) are we not to come to that same place of mind where we have already forgiven our brothers and sisters who are offensive and slight us? When we see the end of another, in Christ, all we want to see them as, is one with us. Love has no class and no judgement for any earthly class…for we are as we agree…all alike in the future perfect tense. When time ends in our thoughts, it is then we begin a new and ressurrected life. There are those living today who are living a ressurrected life for the dead body (carnal way of thinking and doing) is given no power for these have overcome…with…much mercy and forgiveness. Let us pray for friend and foe alike, that we become one in spirit.

  2. The mind’s creative power can be likened to that which is inherent in the eye. Consider that when the eye is closed it imagines that it sees, filling the mind with images and visions. With the eye closed the mind is able to use its imagination to create anything it desires, which in dreams appears real and full of light. But when the eye is opened, a reality is created, upon the screen of its vision, which is established by predefined laws, rather than the “will” of imagination. Thus with the eye closed, the mind sees that which it wills to see, and this by the power of imagination.

    When opened, the eye reveals a reality created by “laws”, in which case the mind observes that which the law wills it to see. When the eye is closed the mind sees dimly by the false light of imagination, while the open eye is full of light and reveals a reality that, in comparison, the mind readily recognizes as “real”.

    Consider now that what the mind “observes” becomes its reality. If the eye of the mind is closed, the mind sees that which it wills to see, and this by the belief that pervades its imagination. Its belief radiates a “false light” that the mind accepts as truth, which then reveals a dream the mind accepts as real. If the mind’s eye is open, it fills with truth’s light and observes a reality which reflects that which light’s life wills it to see.

    It is important to again remember as we move forward that we are using LABELS to create mental pictures of that which has no form. When we use the word “belief”, we mean to imply that which the mind has judged, OF ITS OWN WILL, to be true. This so-called “free will” always directs the mind to seek its truth from the outer appearance world through the use of bodily senses. Let us not misapply the word “belief” to mean “faith”, which is better understood as KNOWING.

    When the mind recognizes living light’s call and accepts its will to seek truth from God, its source, it grows in the knowledge of truth (or faith) by the mental recognition of truth’s living voice and the observation of revelatory thought. The mind has no need to judge the nature of this voice in order that it may believe whether it is true or not. Instead, the mind immediately recognizes the life within it and knows it to be true. As we have seen, your mind does not use belief in order to uphold the truth of its own existence. Though the mind has no form or appearance which the body can detect, it knows it exists because of the LIFE in this truth. Belief is a very deceptive, false image of Truth, created by the mind’s supposed “free will” judgment of its outer appearance world.

    The narrow path that leads to life is initially very difficult because it requires that the mind releases the belief that it possesses a “free will”. Of all the beliefs the mind uses to uphold truth, the belief in “free will” is the most cunning and deceptive, for it sits as a crown upon the mind, causing it to believe that it is the judge of what is true and what is false. And because judgement requires the body’s sensory interpretation of the outer appearance world, it is free will that asserts truth can only be found in the reality of time which the body inhabits.

    Yet life calls deep within, from the timeless, or so-called “spiritual”, realm. To travel this inner way, where the mind’s eye may be filled with living light, the mind must lay down its crown of “free will” and completely turn from its believed reality of time, populated by seemingly separate outer appearances.

  3. in the global bible, to lay down beliefs and aligning with something new is called Cutting off of heads(same as cutting off of fingers).

    when the head is cut off, then we no longer think/see the way we use to. EVERYThinG CHANGES.

    we see in a new PATH(direction:time) a new form of LIFE..

    when we change direction in mind(cutting off of heads), we no longer do the little things we use to do(cutting off of fingers).

    (you can see how reading in literal terms allows religious people to do bad things they wouldnt neccessarly do without it.

    Every bible on earth originated from ONE BIBLE SHARED BY ALL..
    each NAME is a law(and is important to understand: reached beyond t ime to be here).

    In short, there is still MUCH MUCH MORE(becoming the knowledge)

  4. Our “old man” must be beheaded, our carnal nature must receive the final death blow, and as we die, we die to Christ as our true selves resurrect in Christ. There is a natural parellel to all that is spiritual. One of the greatest revelations is that we are being awakened from our sleep, to remembering who we “are” and “were” and that we lost nothing when we went into this deep sleep, only to be awakened to who we were and are…with the freedoms our Father promised to us before the world was. There is nothing to lose but everything to gain when we see with our spiritual eyes, having the veil pulled from our face to “now” see and be seen as He is. Heaven is awareness of our true relationship with God and to all of His children as we all come forth one by one until all 100 sheep are in the fold. What a wonderful life and a revelation ( to wake up) of the life we never left. God is so good at hiding His true self in the natural, but as we wake up from the natural mind, we awake to that understanding that our spirit does not exist in time but in our eternal self in which we have never departed from our beginning before the world was. Love reveals all truth as we behead the ego and resurrect in Christ Jesus…to be as He is. How can words describe the indescribable, as we try to write down the vision?

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